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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 9, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner wednesday March 9, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials voting rights guaranteed this year for the first time in history the negro vote in the South will be significant. Nearly a million negro voters have been registered and in some counties in which the coloured population is greater than the White Long oppressed negroes May finally gain political Power. The Day May not be far off when Mississippi has a negro congressman. The Way to the ballot Box for thousands of disenfranchised citizens has been cleared by the voting rights act of 1965. The constitutionality of the act which prohibits literacy and other tests for voting was reaffirmed this week by the . Supreme court. Enforcement of the act has touched off what has become known As a a voting Southern politicians Are discovering that their election can no longer be assured by appeals to the this week is for Cirl scouts everything from doughnuts to mattresses has a week dedicated to it these Days. There Are so Many weeks for so Many things most people done to care much about that some of the More important weeks get lost in the shuffle and Are completely overlooked. This week is girl scout week and be forgotten. For 54 years girls who got their first taste of cooking camping and Community service As a editors notes the controversial Highway Bill which if passed will provide the funds to accelerate the reconstruction of . 7 into a four Lane Highway has been meandering quietly lately from one Senate committee to the next. According to news reports this morning however the Bill has received the endorsement of the appropriation committee and should be acted on by the Senate this week. Better highways Are finally in sight. have Long since become accustomed to the Barefoot girls with tangled hair who make occasional appearances on our Village streets while Bennington College is in session. The first group to stroll Down main Street after non resident term though always shocks us into the realization that Spring Days filled with laughter and Sunshine Are just around the Corner. The girls will be Back in full Force tomorrow after completing Tours of duty in the workaday world. Its just another sign that Winter has ended. Spring is also the time when major construction projects that have been in the planning stages for Many months Are finally started. The ground in North Bennington has apparently thawed out sufficiently to permit the groundbreaking this week for the big new addition to St. John the Baptist Church. The Rev. Walter Miller and his parishioners have been dreaming about the two Story Wing for some time and this year it appears their dreams will come True. What a shame that the state boxing commission has refused to let Cassius Clay fight Ernie Terrell in Burlington. The bout might not have done the prejudices of the segregationists Alabama democrats even went so far As to discard their White supremacy slogan. An entirely new political Force has come into being in the South. The negro vote May not decide the outcome of any important races this year but then Only an estimated 40 per cent of the eligible voters have been registered so far. As the registration drives continue and the negro portion of the electorate grows it will become More and More difficult for the White politicians to ignore the needs and demands of their coloured constituents. It is shocking that a Law guaranteeing All americans the right to vote was so Long in coming. Now that it has been enacted it must be made As effective As possible. Members of the scouts have been growing up into wives mothers Community leaders and career women who have been influenced by the girl scout Promise to help other people at All times and the girl scout tradition that there a Joy in contributing to the Well being of others. Bennington area scouts deserve our support and we Hope most local citizens will remember that when the Young ladies come around to sell cookies. The cookies Are really delicious and the Price is certainly reasonable when one considers the importance of the organization the Money supports. Sport much Good and might have resulted in bad publicity for the state but it would have been such fun for those of us who live Here. Does t the boxing commission Ever think of that we could have watched the fight crowd Speed up . 7 in big Black cars. We would have had somber Black muslims in our midst. Cassius would have written a Lovely poem about his visit to unspoiled Vermont. Surely our eternal Hills could have withstood that much nonsense. Unfortunately reason and Good sense have triumphed. But reason is so tiresome sometimes. Not All of Bennington a resident artists move Here from new York. Some of them Are actually Home grown. One of the most successful is Gary Harbour son of the Alden harbours of Woodford. At a Grange meeting Here saturday Harbour was Given two awards for a Watercolour painting that he entered in a National Grange Competition. Our local civil defense group acted quickly the other night to minimize the danger resulting from the crash of a truck carrying radioactive material on . 7. Luckily the crash was Only on paper but this periodic exercise at least reassured us that the cd folks Are on the Ball and prepared for a real disaster. Times have changed. When there is a marital argument the husband now goes to his club the primitive Man just reached for it. The Houghton line. Time is what permits you to remember the goodness of country butter without remembering All the churning. A Wall Street journal Fischetti Pierrat half mkt of wizard Soa in dec Ltd it contempt of cow amp 0 if Heus of Cutti Ahyou a taunt in in. Us Wackt stank of his Hino leu Ano Speaks up flt membership ill Dej. I Don t know what i m Ooin Ltd Here. W Normal says you cant take it with you syrup Salt amp vinegar lbs takes milk from our kids As we see it America is a Long term paper Tiger Quot today and tomorrow Are we a containing China by fighting in Viet Nam by Walter Lippmann Washington. There has recently been a report from peking that the chinese government has decided to prevent the soviet Union from supplying North Viet Nam by air and Railroad across chinese territory. The official reason Given is said to be that the chinese railroads and chinese air space Are overcrowded. But surely the real purpose would be to Force Moscow to choose Between abandoning North Viet Nam or sending Many More ships to the port of Haiphong and challenging american sea Power. Of course we must Bear in mind that the report May be an exaggeration or that it May be a neat machiavellian invention. The report has reached Washington from several sources and while i have no Way of knowing what there is in it i had it first from a wholly reputable european source. In any Case the incident brings out into High Relief the most important indeed the crucial equation of Power politics in the world As it is today. It is that the containment of China depends upon whether the soviet Union on the one hand the Western Alliance and the United states on the other can move on parallel lines rather than divergent lines. For when the lines Are parallel As for example quite notably in respect to India and Pakistan the Opportunity exists to bring about a certain Tranquility. When the lines of policy in Moscow and Washington diverge As they do because of the War in South Viet Nam the prospects of International order around the Globe become very much dimmer. For while it is dangerous and arrogant nonsense to think that the United states can alone bring order into the world it is the part of Wisdom to regard parallelism and agreement among the great Powers As the Way to order in the world. For world order depends in the last analysis upon the Chance of agreement among the great Powers. This is not easy for there Are Many rivalries among the great Powers. But it is not impossible because their vital interests in survival outweigh their conflicts. The game of Power politics is a Complex game. But no statesman is Worth his Salt if relations with the other great Powers Are not his primary and Paramount concern. It is a sure sign of immaturity and inexperience to put abstractions and generalities based on obscure and deliberately opaque documents above actual relationships with the great Powers concerned. Secretary Rusk and Secretary Mcnamara believe that what they Are doing in Viet Nam is the highest kind of great Power politics. They actually believe that they Are containing China and they persist in their belief despite the fact that they have alienated the soviet Union spread doubt and division in Japan have no support in Pakistan and India. In the realm of great Power politics in Asia the United states is playing a Lone hand. So the question is How have these Earnest and serious men come to believe that they Are containing China their belief rests on the idea that the vietnamese War is a crucial test of whether revolutionary wars encouraged by the chinese communists will be stopped or will continue. This they Tell us is it. This is where the future is being decided. Believing this they Are engaged in containing China not by dealing with the chinese but by fighting the Viet Cong and the North vietnamese army South of the 17th parallel. For any one who thinks that great Power politics have not been abolished the notion that China can be contained in South Viet Nam South of the 17th parallel is sheer mythology. It is a pernicious mythology in that it has diverted the president and his advisers from the True containment of China which is possible Only As and if her great asian neighbors the soviet Union Japan India and Pakistan Are aligned together or Are at least acting on parallel lines. It does not make the matter easier or clearer for Mcnamara to say with increasing favor that we Are not preparing to attack China. The critical question is whether in the Pursuit of the Victory that eludes us we Are not Only escalating the War in South Viet Nam but Are expanding it to a big War on the Periphery of China. Mcnamara takes great Comfort in a new calculation that while North Viet Nam can enlarge its forces very considerably there is nevertheless a a a ceiling above which it cannot increase its forces on South Viet Nam. Whether or no this is another of Mcnamara s unfortunate Hope Ful predictions it leaves out of account the fact that Asia is much bigger than South Viet Nam and that the War can be expanded not Only in Southeast Asia but in Northeast Asia As Well. Book review by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. Never did i think that Lyndon Johnson would do anything so politically inept As to propose taking milk out of the Mouths of a nations children. Among the Bright ideas dreamed up by the present administration in Washington is a proposal to eliminate the Federal subsidies for the school milk and hot lunch programs. The subsidy at present is applicable to All milk drinkers and lunch eaters in the nation regardless of whether their Papas Are Rich or poor. A on costs and prices May vary among the states but in the area i know about schoolchildren can buy a half pint of milk in school for about three cents or 12 cents a quart if you want to compare it with retail prices to the consumer. Nutritious and Well balanced lunches Are available at prices ranging from 30 to 40 cents per Day. An equivalent amount of nutrition would Cost the Parent twice that of he were to provide it from Home. These Low prices for milk and lunches Are made possible by a subsidy on the Cost of milk to the school and by the surplus foods milk butter meat and canned fruits and vegetables that the school gets free from government sources. The new Bill in Congress As i understand it would eliminate these general subsidies in favor of making free milk and lunches available to those in the poverty brackets. The idea behind this idiocy according to administration spokesmen is that a Large number of children whose parents could Well afford to pay the full Price Are consuming Low Cost lunches and Low priced milk. In its War on poverty the forces of lbs suggest that All the Money should go to provide free milk and lunches to those who can prove that their parents can to afford to pay for them. This is democracy there Are Many children in America whose Only Good meal in a Day. Is the one he gets in school and Many to whom a refrigerator full of milk is an unknown Quantity in the Home certainly in a country As Rich As ours no child should have to go hungry and i am heartily in favor of any plan that will provide a Good lunch and free milk for these millions who would not get them otherwise. At the same time i do not favor making it necessary for these youngsters to be obliged to admit to the teacher or to the class that his parents can to pro vide for him. Many of them Are too proud to admit this fact even very privately to those in authority. The result will be that a lot of the children who need this extra nourishment will do without it. By All Means let us give of our Bounty to these needy children. At the same time must we penalize the Middle class taxpayers All in order to provide for the very poor there Are a great Many people in this country who certainly Are not living in poverty but the struggle to feed clothe and otherwise support a fair sized family of children is not exactly a picnic. The Low Cost milk and lunches their children get in school is a Welcome a and Well deserved a Crutch in the Fil mily food budget. The hot lunch and milk programs have so far As i know worked smoothly and accomplished their stated purpose for quite a few years now. The cynic might be forgiven for noting that this is perhaps the reason Why the bureaucrats Are anxious to make changes. In View of the sorry mess into which some of the poverty programs have fallen the cynic might also have cause to fear that before the red tape and similar snarls get untangled in the new program a whole generation of school children could very Well totter on the Brink of starvation. We Are spending untold billions in this country in a space Effort that May eventually make it possible for a cow to jump Over the Moon. Surely we done to need to quibble Over the few millions it takes to have the cow function the Way the lord intended a providing Good Grade a milk for earthlings. We offer Federal Bounty in the millions for research against disease we build and subsidize hospitals to care for the sick. It seems Penny Wise and Pound foolish to try to save a few millions on Low Cost lunches and milk for All America s children. The Rich presumably Are Able to buy Good nutrition for their children a Rich nation can certainly buy it for the poor. It might be Nice if occasionally All those of us caught in the Middle could get a slight break in the handout department. In vie of the importance of Good nutrition to All children and especially in View of the relatively Low Cost of the school lunch and milk subsidy this is certainly not the time or place to worry about distinctions in income. Change threatens a country doctor fictionalized Medicine in Haddon \ i. Letter to the editor irs a Macao Mac Viet Nam poem to the editor of the Banner this poem was clipped from a military newspaper in Viet Nam. It was written by my grandson up. 4 Kent t. Gilyard of the 54th signal in. He has spent considerable time at my Home quote if the Power and prestige of government is placed behind programs aimed at providing birth control services for the poor coercion necessarily results and violations of human privacy become inevitable. A atty. William b. Ball speaking for the National Catholic welfare conference before a Senate subcommittee in opposition to federally birth control programs. In Shaftsbury and has been on Active duty in Viet Nam for the past six months. A Long night they walk the Jungle in this fetid War with Monsoon Rains soaking into every pore. With Bleak eyes they stare into the moonless night. Hoping to catch Charlie in their sight. For if they see him first All goes Well if not they May be blown to hell. Pun i trap crossbow shot or hidden mine the thought sends chills racing Down your spine. Though it s cold you begin to sweat and crave a Good old cigarette. Four More hours till Dawn s misty Light just four More hours of this routine night. Mrs. Oscar m. Sudler. Shaftsbury. The town and or. Moore. By Agatha Young. Simon and schuster. New York. 382 up. $5.95. Reviewed by am Aid a Hamilton Shaftsbury. From her fascination with Medicine her familiarity with life in a Small Vermont town and her devoted research Agatha Young has written a novel revealing the conflicts and changes wrought in any Small town by the Advent of Industry population growth and new ideas. Miss Young has set her novel in the fictional township of Haddon it. Haddon is peopled by a a typical vermonters a rugged courageous and outdated country doctor an a ugly upright and reliable head nurse a Wise and sympathetic widow town tradesmen and merchants and the poverty stricken but proud people living eagerly in old farms and Mountain Cabins. A of the encroachments of growth and technology on Haddon Are equally typical. Whereas Many of the townspeople Are against any change at ail the realistic town banker is fighting to lure More Industry into the area and to make the town More appealing to the Type of people that any new corporation would bring. The town Hospital privately owned and badly in need of improvement and of newer medical facilities and equipment is threatened by the proposed new clinic a clinic with All the modern medical paraphernalia where group Medicine is practice and the a country doctor is no longer an individual with his private practice but part of a team. A of around this Central skeletal plot of growth and change miss Young weaves her secondary plots of human dramas. Old or. Moore with his outdated ideas is challenged by a Young doctor fresh from his residency in a new York Hospital. Or. Perkins do Moore a associate must go Home every night to a restless and intelligent wife who despises life in a Small town. And or. Perkins son Howie wants to be a veterinarian rather than a surgeon a to his fathers bitter grief and disa it ointment. Then there is Ianthe Norton a courageous and Wise woman who must face the death of her husband whose cancer cannot be cured by surgery. There is also the Romance Between or. Armstrong the Parven from new York and or. Moore a Niece and the marriage of the widowed Ianthe Norton and or. Moore. It is miss Youngs handling of these relationships that does not ring True. Her characters do not explain themselves through their words and actions. Instead miss Young didactic ally and heavy hand edly describes their every thought and movement leaving nothing to the characters themselves. Out of this because of stylistic manhandling and clumsiness the characters emerge without dimension reality or credibility. The situations these persons Are put into also seem contrived and Over dramatic. As is often the Case with a woman novelist the women Are comparatively better drawn than the men. A of it is the research and the Devotion to fact that miss Young has brought to her novel that save it. Miss Young obviously knows a great Deal about Medicine and about the changes forced on old medical ideas and traditions by Federal Aid insurance and corporation medical coverage for employees. Miss Young is also a and perhaps toe much so a fascinated by Medicine and tends to regard surgery with a Layman Sawe and wonder rather than with Complete ease. In fact she finds it proper and necessary to give the Reader a step by step and quite visually merciless account of an entire Hysterectomy. Had miss Young simplified her novel and perhaps made it into a fictional diary of a Vermont country doctor i think her Success would have been guaranteed. It is the abundance of unnecessary and unbelievable plot complications that destroys the Unity or focus the Book might have had. Mrs. Hamilton is a Shaftsbury housewife and Mother of two. A free Lance writer she occasionally contribute s social and literary criticism to the Banner. Humor Man is a Mamma when i give a biology test i usually include a question or two which must be answered in the students own words. I m never tempted to save correcting time by giving tests that Are All multiple Choice or True false questions for no time saved would compensate for the fascinating Reading the students words provide. How i would have hated to miss some of the attempts at a biological description of Man i a Man is a Mamma a wrote a boy who forgot a final an other student intending no humor wrote a when Man eats his food goes from his stomach into his Small others who had the right concepts but expressed them peculiarly endowed Man with a Gaul blotter links Dor breathing and red constables in his blood. A test on conservation produced some gems like a in Forest fires the Woods become hot and one youngster discussing the Well known observation that a predator Dies if it has no food left to prey on put it this Way a it s like the Lynx. This animal ate rabbits so fast that it died of a Ronald n. Rood of Lincoln vt., former biology teacher at Vergennes High school in his Book a the Loon in my i

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