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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 9, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cool variable cloudiness with Little temperature change tonight with Low temperatures generally in the teens. Thursday partly Cloudy in the North fair in the South and somewhat warmer. Yesterday s High 32 Low 6 today at 7a rn., 8. Sunset 5 51 . Sunrise 6 14 a in. Benning Bennington Vermont wednesday March 9, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1811, daily 1903. No. 20,011 to tents a Beauty Bills Given House endorsement defenders outnumbered red troops besiege by Tyler Resch Montpelier a the Vermont House acted tuesday to help justify the a see Vermont Quot slogan. It advanced two Bills that would help clean up and beautify the Green Mountain state. But whether final action can be taken by the House then approval by the Senate can be Given before the March 12 legislative deadline is a subject of growing doubt. Approved for their second Reading were the Bills to Stab immigrant lawmakers rap a Montpelier a a moment of mirth in an extremely Busy Day in the Vermont House was provided tuesday when a move to exclude a is unmanned Quot from membership on a proposed Council was Defeated on a vote of 34-97. The motion came from Arch conservative rep Emory Hebard r-28, of Glover who wanted to Amend the proposed Scenic corridors Bill to prohibit persons who had lived less than to years in Vermont from becoming members of the scenery preservation Council. A i resent the Way newcomers and Sun tanned invariably come into Vermont and want to remake the state Quot Glover told the House with a straight face. A if they want to make it Over like Connecticut where they came from Why Don t they stay in Connecticut Quot he was immediately backed up by rep. Herman e. Hoyt r-10-2, of St. Johnsbury. But rep. John l. Battles d-39, of West Rutland piped up with a it s a i Don t resent newcomers or Sun tanned Quot added rep. Peter Joseph d-50, of Island Pond who noted that his seatmate rep. Theodore m. Riehle jr., r-ll-2, of South Burlington would be forbidden membership on the proposed Board. Riehle has been a resident Only since 1961, according to his legislative biography. A some of my Best friends Are Sun tanned Quot chimed in rep. Peter Giuliani r-9-2, of Montpelier. Rep. George Vansantvoord d-3-3, of Bennington told the House he is a native vermonter but Lias Only been Back Here just under to years. Concluded rep. Sanborn Partridge r-41, of Proctor a ideas know no frontiers. People from out of state have just As Good ideas As the in fact Partridge suggested it might be Good to have outsiders who have travelled around a bit on this Board because they have some basis for comparison of Scenic values. A Check through the biographical sketches of House members disclosed that about a third of them would be ineligible under rep. Heberd s proposal. Lish Scenic corridors along certain routes and to ban junkyards along All Federal interstate and state primary highways. A third measure in the so called a Beauty Bill Quot category giving compensation to owners who retain open areas of land was tabled by House members who saw a threat to the Long established system of assessing land by a test of fair Market value. The junkyard Bill advanced on a Rol Call vote of 118-21, and the Scenic corridors Bill moved ahead on a closer 80-61 vote. The junkyard Bill places Power in the hands of the Highway Board to ban junkyards garbage dumps and sanitary landfills located within 1,000 feet of Federal or primary highways. Owners of such establishments would be compensated for costs incurred either to screen the junkyards or to relocate or dispose of them. Some House in embers objected that there was no appropriation to carry out the Law but Highway commissioner Russell a. Holden later explained to a reporter that he would not expect to need any funds until the 1967 biennium. The Highway department Holden said is now taking an inventory to determine the scope of the junkyard and Roadside sign problem. The Survey would be something More specific on which to base a budget request he said. Rep. Melvin Mandigo r-28, of Glover sympathized with the junkyard owner. A we will be kicking around men engaged in a legitimate business Quot he said. A let s kick this subject around at the next full session of the legislature. A i Don t think we have any right to kick around a Man because we re going to lose Federal Aid Quot see Beauty Bills Page 16, col. 7 special forces Gimp plugs Park plan development commissioner Elbert Moulton plugs for legislative endorsement of a Bill creating a state Industrial Park authority to be used to attract Industry to Vermont. A hearing on the legislation was held in the Senate tuesday. At the rear is Senate president pro tem George Cook of Rutland county. Resch sen. Prouty wins tax rider Victory con con legislation doomed this session Montpelier up the House version of a Bill calling for a 1967 state constitutional convention was further delayed tuesday when House speaker Richard Mallary referred the Bill to the appropriation committee. And As Mallary sent the Bill to committee he said he did no to think there would be enough time to act on it before adjournment this saturday. Mallary also made it Clear he is not a supporter of the constitutional convention. Ironically he referred the Bill to a committee that considers Only legislation with Money requests. The constitutional convention Bill has no Money request at this time. The speaker noted that support for the convention in the House is weak. He pointed to the 80-60 vote against suspending the rules tuesday to take the measure up one Day in Advance of its scheduled House debate. The Bill is expected to be reported out of committee ear Lier than thursday and Mallary said he Felt a majority of the House members May vote to kill the Bill. Other opposition toward the convention came from the committee to defend the Vermont Constitution cd led by its chairman rep. Edward eur Ich a Waitsfield. Eurich made no Bones about his Effort to kill the legislation outright or delay it further until the special session adjourns. As it stands now the constitutional convention Bill cannot possibly be passed in the House before Friday and it would go to the Senate on saturday the last Day of the session. In other action in the House a Bill to establish a Driver retraining program was passed. The legislation also requires motorcycle operators to Wear helmets and authorizes the motor vehicle commissioner to require special skills for operators of the cycles. Four other Bills were passed and returned to the House. These included one to create a judicial selection Board to appoint judges to county municipal and District courts a revision of the state income tax Laws to bring them into closer conformity with the Federal statutes the a lady Bird Johnson Bill Quot to regulate billboards along Vermont primary and limited Access highways As Well As interstate and the creation of a state meat inspection service. All four of these Bills were amended in the Senate and the House must concur with the proposed changes before they go to the governor. Washington up a administration forces in the Senate ruling from a Surprise drubbing by a Lone Republican rallied today to try to stave off further election year additions to president Johnson a $6 billion Viet Nam tax program. In two narrow votes tuesday �?45 to 40 and 44 to 43�?the Senate approved an amendment to the big tax package that would extend social Security benefits to an additional 1.8 million americans 70 and Over not now covered. Ignoring shouted pleas from their leaders democrats joined with republicans to give sen. Winston l. Prouty r-vt., a Long sought Victory for his social Security the leaders had expected his amendment to be Defeated As easily As it was when he proposed it last year. Up for a vote today was another sure fire vote getter sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff a amendment to give parents of College students a tax break. The Connecticut democrats plan also rejected last year would permit a taxpayer to subtract from his tax Bill up to $325 in College costs. The administration Bill As passed by the House also would bring in $4.8 billion through a speedup in corporate tax collection and a graduated president asks support for All out War on crime Washington up a president Johnson today asked Congress to support an All out National War on crime through the trading floor of the new York Stock Exchange is seen in tip tuesday during the first hour of trading after the heaviest one Day dip on monday since president Kennedy Sassas Market Sina Tion More than two years ago. Trading was moderate with Blue chips holding firm and prices mixed in the Early trading. Up Steps ranging from control of gun sales to comprehensive attacks on conditions that Breed lawlessness. In a special message to the House and Senate Johnson set Forth a a three stage National strategy against it would include immediate efforts to improve crime prevention detection and prosecution a comprehensive Long Range follow through program and an attack on a crime at the most of Johnson a proposals called for action on already pending legislation such As a measure for Federal regulation and control of mall order sales of guns. The president also renewed urgings for action to Speed administration of Justice in the courts Reform the bail system so that it will not be unfair to the poor and treat drug addicts As sick people rather than criminals while throwing the Book at narcotics paddlers. on the inside columnist Elizabeth Dwyer comments on lbs and milk for schoolchildren Page 4. Bud Edgerton says goodbye in his column a Page 5. A feature on the new Bennington county gop chairman a Page 8. Income tax withholding system. But Prouty a plan would Cost an estimated $3.4 billion Over the next five years cancelling out some of the immediate Revenue raising effects of the Bill. Prouty argued that his proposal would lift from poverty the elderly who had not paid into the social Security fund during their working years. Among them would be retired Farmers government employees policemen firefighters and teachers. Saigon up a a heavily outnumbered Force of 13 americans and several Hundred vietnamese Mountain tribesmen were reported still holding out Early thursday against Viet Cong troops who Laid siege to their . Special forces Camp on wednesday. The Viet Cong unit moving Down from the Jungle covered mountains to attack the isolated Camp near the Border of Laos were heavily armed with chinese communist weapons. They shot Down one Rescue plane with the possible loss of four american lives and damaged two Supply planes. The Camp is at a Shau in the Rao lao River Valley three Miles East of the laotian Border and 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon astride a communist infiltration route. It is 5j> Miles West of the Danang airbase with which it maintained radio Contact. In Danang a spokesman for the group famed for their Green berets said shortly before Midnight a the situation has stabilized. We re holding the Camp at he said the intensity of the communist fire indicated More than a battalion�?500 to 600 men was involved. Other estimates said As Many As 1,200 Viet Cong were attacking. The Camp itself was reported Low on ammunition despite heroic attempts supplies. He said off during to Parachute in the attacks tapered the night and that the outcome thursday depends on the weather. A heavy forecast wednesday prevented Strong Aerial support and the Hope was for Clearing weather a a but it could sock in and that would be fighting raged throughout the Day at the Camp near the regulations issued for Cable to systems Washington up a the Federal communications commission tuesday issued formal regulations governing the nations 1,600 Community Antenna television cat systems. The new rules most of them effective april 18, Back up the pc cd a controversial order of feb. 15 placing virtually All of the booming cat Industry under Federal regulation. The House Commerce committee plans full hearings into the entire Issue and what role the acc should play. Cat picks up television signals from the air and relays them by Cable into Homes where viewers pay an average $5 a month for the privilege of getting a generally clearer signal and greater variety of programs. One acc regulation issued tuesday would affect burgeoning cat operations in big population areas already served by one or More network stations. It imposed a temporary freeze on cat expansion into the too biggest television markets in the country where the Industry believes 90 per cent of its potential revenues is located. To enter such an area or to extend its signal if already operating there a cat system would have to apply for an acc hearing. Subscribers As of feb. 15 would not be affected. In an elaboration of its earlier decision the acc ruled that a local television station must give a cat system at least eight Days notice of a program it does not want duplicated the same Day by a cat relayed signal from a Distant area. Cat systems Are forbidden to show the same program the same Day As one broadcast by a local station unless it is a color program that the Hometown station chooses to broadcast in Black and White. Another Rule published tuesday requires a cat system on request to carry All local station signals of a Grade b or better Quot in its area or ask the acc to waive the Rule if technical limitations prevent compliance. Other regulations cover instructions to cat owners for filing ownership information with the acc including a list of subscribers television stations carried and a the extent of any existing or proposed program origination a the question of cat originated programs in one of several that the acc last month asked Congress to help Settle. It also suggested that Congress consider whether to deem cat a Public Utility and subject to the same controls As Telephone companies. The acc formerly regulated Only those cat systems about 450�?which used microwaves at some Point to relay signals to Distant areas. It extended its jurisdiction last month to All 1,600 systems including those using Only cables. They serve an estimated 6,000,000 paying viewers. Laotian Border 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon died out at Sunset and resumed during the night As . Planes dropped flares through the Clouds that hampered . Air strikes. Radio Contact was lost for a while and it was feared the Viet Cong had overrun the Camp. Communications were restored later and it was disclosed the americans and vietnamese tribesmen had suffered casualties. An air Force transport plane equipped with flares circled overhead ready to illuminate the scene if the fighting started again. Bad weather during the Day had prevented the air Force from aiding the defenders. A . Military spokesman said the Battle raged around the a Shau special forces Camp near a communist Supply line 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon. It is situated in the Rao lao River Valley three Miles East of the laotian Border and 55 Miles due West of the Danang airbase. The attackers were apparently backed up by 50 Caliper machine guns or chinese communist 12.7 millimetre antiaircraft guns set up in the mountains surrounding the Camp. In Saigon a spokesman for the . Military command meanwhile disclosed that 61 . Servicemen died in Viet Nam during the week ending March 5. He said 177 others were wounded and one was reported missing in action. The . Suffered a record 1,048 casualties in the previous week. Legislature passes unification Bill Montpelier up a a Bill providing for a new unified charter for Bennington was approved unanimously today by the Vermont Senate and sent to the governor. Sen. Salvatore Santarcangel a Bennington a former president of the Village of Bennington reported on the Bill for the Senate municipal corporations committee. The Village president will no longer exist after the charter takes effect. A Bennington has had one of the most complicated municipal governments in the state Quot Santarcangel said As he described the town s nine units of local government. He said the school districts already had merged and that the units of town government had decided to do the same. The charter was the result he said of a year Long study by 25 members of the committee Tom Bannock Reservoir overflowing Tom Hannock . A for the first time in two years the Reservoir Here which is the chief water Supply for the City of Troy is filled to overflowing. The recent heavy snowfall and weekend Rains have filled the Reservoir to six inches Over capacity and the a extra Quot water is flowing Over the spillway. Last year the highest level reached was two and a half feet below capacity which is 12 billion Gallons of water. In reporting the filling of the Reservoir water Bureau supt. John p. Buckley said a a it a More than full now to the envy of All drought stricken communities representing All units of government. It has been a Well exposed Quot the senator said so that a everyone in Bennington knows what s in the Bill last week was approved by the House with the deletion of a reference to the regulation of cats. The Senate approved Santarcangel s motion that the Bill be placed on All remaining stages of passage and messaged it to the House and governor. Daylight time Hill faces House fight Washington up a a House revolt was in the making today against legislation to make summer Daylight time All but automatic throughout the nation. The House Commerce committee approved the Bill tuesday. But several congressmen predicted a floor fight if it should get past the rules committee which must schedule it for debate. The Bill would establish Daylight saving time in All 50 states except those whose Legislatures voted specifically before april i to keep the whole state on Standard time. It would go into effect next year. Most of the opposition focused on the automatic feature starting next year under which a state would have to take action to avoid the so called a fast Quot time. For this year the committee Bill would simply set the last sunday in april and the last sunday in october As the uniform starting and stopping dates for any state or locality going on fast time. David Reed 19, of Randolph mass., hands an envelope containing the charred remains of his draft card and burned selective service classification card to John Donellon draft Board official of Milton mass., As Reeds girl Friend Barbara Clark 21, looks on. Up

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