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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 18, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Compare All others and you la buy color to e. T. Williams Opp Osil e old soldiers Home phone 2-6858 springtime revue 15th annual dance recital presented by the Ducharme studios sunday june 20th a 8 . At the Bennington High school auditorium an evening of color music youth amp dance student tickets a 50c adults a $1.00 6-Pennington Banner Friday june 18, 1965 another Kremlin shift by Henry Shapiro Moscow Upo a Moscow a diplomatic Colony is speculating again whether the Kremlin is planning a shift of its top rulers including party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev Premier Alexei n. Kosygin and president Anastas i. Mikoyan. There is no reliable evidence to support persistent rumours from abroad that a reshuffle of the soviet leadership is imminent but the guessing game nevertheless revolves around the following possible decisions. A Mikoyan will retire sometime this year and his place As chief of state will be taken by former president Brezhnev. But Mikoyan will remain a member of the communist party Sall powerful presidium. A Alexander Shulepin vice Premier and one of the Central committees to secretaries is the most Likely candidate to succeed Brezhnev As party chief. A Kosygin will remain chairman of the Council of ministers Premier. There is no incontestable evidence to support the speculation of impending changes in the upper Kremlin Hierarchy. The collective leadership which succeeded fallen Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev appears to be working harmoniously. No serious disagreement on Basic policy has been reported. Please pop Rocker Recliner i 434 main St. So Bennington in dial 7-7133 Over trained Memphis Tenn. Up a Smokey a police dog was trained to protect h i s master and he did it to a perplexing degree wednesday. Deputy sheriff j. T. Stone was knocked unconscious when his car swerved into a tree after something went wrong with the steering mechanism. Smokey refused to allow anybody into the car to Ald Stone. The stalemate finally was broken when mrs. Stone arrived and coaxed Smokey into permitting officers to take her husband to a Hospital. Chicago s new archbishop succeeds late Cardinal archbishop John Patrick Cody chosen by the Vatican this week to be archbishop of Chicago the nations largest Catholic jurisdiction to succeed the late Albert Cardinal Meyer reports to a press conference. The archbishop of new Orleans Cody said he was pleased with the Trust placed in him. He is known As a Leader in the area of integration. National window this picture shows 9 causes of every 10 Forest fires can you find them careless people cause nine out of ten Forest fires because they done to hold matches till cold they done to drown All fires they done to crush cigarettes cigars or pipe ashes dead out they done to follow local burning regulations they done to make sure fires can to spread they bum on dry or Windy Days or they leave fires unattended so compared to careless people natural causes of Forest fires like lightning Are almost harmless and our word for you is done to be careless. Please Only yay can prevent Forest fires. . About to write off 5th deficit fiscal year by Lyle Wilson United press International twelve Days intervene before the . Government writes off the 1965 fiscal year with another disgraceful Treasury deficit. It will be a big one. The . Government has not operated within its income since 1960 when there was a surplus of about $1.2 billion. Under presidents Kennedy and Johnson there have been five consecutive deficit years including the 1965 fiscal year which ends june 30. As of june i government had overspent its income since 1960 by about $30 billion. The Treasury reported that As of june i the Public debt was $319.5 billion. The Public debt will be much More than that before the Johnson administration brings government spending within income. There is no Assurance this will happen at All. Colombia president rules tragic nation by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst in colombians 16th Century Adobe and Stone presidential Palace in the heart of Bogota a charming Man with a greying Leonine head of hair is presiding Over a National tragedy. The Man is president Guillermo Leon Valencia and the tragedy is the greater because it is so unnecessary. Colombia is one of the most richly endowed nations of South America. It has Lush agricultural lands Gold Platinum and emeralds. Vast areas remain still to be exploited. Once it was hoped that Colombia would provide the Alliance for Progress with its finest showcase. Yet today the colombian Treasury is almost Bare its credit exhausted. In Bogota factories Are closing Down for Lack of raw material. Colombian businessmen carry pistols or sub machine guns with them in their automobiles As protecting against a terrifying wave of old Narings. Families Are being sent out of the country and Are staying out. Pesos value plunges capital is fleeing the country and the value of the peso has dropped steadily. The ruling conservative and Liberal parties which traditionally pass the presidency Back and fourth every four years Are themselves hopelessly split by factions. This in a country which Only two years ago seemed to have one of the brightest futures in All latin America. To say that president Valencia a a presides Over a National calamity is putting it too strongly. Valencia is a courtly Man the son of one of colombians greatest poets. But he is a chief executive More interested in the Charm of his companions than in the rigorous duties of government. Unpleasantness is a thing to be avoided. When he took office in August 1962, he had the parliamentary Senate passes smoking Hazard Labelling Bill Washington up a the Senate has passed a Bill to require health Hazard warnings on cigarette packages. The House is expected to approve similar legislation next week. Senators voted 72 to 5 in favor of the measure wednesday after a three hour debate in which they turned Down several amendments aimed at giving the Bill More Teeth. As passed the Senate Bill would require that All cigarette packages carry a Label Reading a caution cigarette smoking May be hazardous to your it also would put off for three years a similar requirement for cigarette advertising. Much of wednesday s debate entered on amendment by sen. Maurine Neuberger d-ore., which would have required warnings in advertising in one year. The Senate voted 49 to 29 against the amendment by mrs. Neuberger an ardent campaigner against smoking. Riot penalties Iii nil Bill Concord . Up a a Bill that would impose Tough new penalties for mob and riot disturbances will have a legislative hearing today and will be seeded toward passage. The Bill is an outgrowth of a report from the special Hampton Beach riot study commission. Gov. John w. King has asked legislative leaders for their cooperation in pushing the Bill through. The measure would provide for arrest of bystanders with a possible $50 Fine if they refuse to help police break up a disturbance. It also raises the penalty for disorderly or mob conduct from $25 to $500. Majority to pass any needed Reform. The budget worked out in cooperation with the International monetary fund was balanced. Within succeeding months funds allocated to Colombia by the Alliance for Progress came to More than $600 million. Wealthy reap benefits but tax loopholes continued to Benefit the wealthy. An inflationary spiral touched off by devaluation of the peso coupled with a general wage increase for City workers hit hardest the Man most in need of help the Small Coffee grower. Instead of a balance the budget showed a deficit of More than $100 million. Colombia drifted to its present state. This year Valencia agreed to economic reforms suggested by the International monetary fund and the United states. They included new taxes and better methods of collection and a further devaluation of the peso but with adequate safeguards against new inflation. A colombian delegation came to the United states seeking help. But then Valencia changed his mind about the reforms and the delegation went Home empty handed. Now Valencia is struggling to remain in office until his term expires next year. The communist he says Are plotting to assassinate him. But his troubles with colombians handful of communists seem less than those he has brought on himself. Hex air chief would w isl nuclear strike Washington up a for Mer air Force chief of staff Thomas d. White says that he would make the first attack if he was a reasonably sure an enemy was about to launch a nuclear attack on the United states. The retired general wednesday told a Senate subcommittee studying National Security policy that evidence might be conclusive from intelligence and other sources that an attack was imminent. He said the United states should not under All conditions let the enemy strike first. White also commented on suggestions that chinese atomic installations be destroyed by missiles or bombers. He said this would a Only be a temporary palliative and its Long Range implications Are completely unfavourable. The record of the Republican party on government Economy is better than the democratic record but not much. Neither party will accept leaders with the courage to measure proposed spending projects against the Standard of what the United states can afford. Spending Standard the Standard by which politicians do measure spending projects Are not necessarily in order a is the project desirable b will it lose the party any votes c will it gain votes for the party if the project is desirable and a vote getter it is Likely to be in afford it or not. These free Wheeling spending habits have been politically profitable to the spenders. Gets them re elected. Habits which return such Good dividends Are not Likely to be broken this raises a question which president Johnson or the Secretary of Treasury might be Able to answer. The question a if the United states cannot pay its Way during the greatest Boom time Ever when is it Likely to be Able to do so this question is accumulating muscle As the politicians spend and the Public debt increases. This accumulating muscle is expressed in terms of what it costs in interest charges to service the Public debt. In the current fiscal year the Cost will be Well above $11 billion. It will be greater the following year and still greater the year after that As the debt increases. Interest runs second this interest charge is the second largest item in the Treasury spending program. National defense is no., i at nearly $50 Bil a lion. No. 3 is agriculture at $6.8 billion followed by health education and welfare at $5.7 billion. Hew might be a Good place to look for some government economies. The department was established during the Eisenhower administration. Its first year Cost fiscal year 1953 was just under $2 billion. It topped $2 billion in fiscal 1956 and hew was on its Way. That is an upward trend characteristic of government spending. In fiscal 1960 when the Eisenhower administration turned in a Treasury surplus of $1.2, Ike had Revenue of $77.7 but spent $76.5 billion. Treasury Revenue was $86.3 billion in fiscal 1963 and lbs spent $92.6 for a deficit of $6.2 billion. The next year Revenue was up to $89.4 billion but Johnson s deficit was up also to $8.2 billion. On the basis of the Treasury s june i figures it appears that the deficit in this fiscal year will be about $5.5 billion. And next year More red Ink flood idol double checked Van 1963 Pontiac 4 door Hardtop Auto. Trans., Rah Power steering other extras. 1962 is $2195.00 Pontiac door Hardtop Auto. Trans., Rah Power steer $1795.00 Pontiac rempe8t lemans 2 door Rah 4 Speed trans., bucket seats sporty. $1175.00 Pontiac on Vert Hie full Power Auto. Trans., other extras. $1695.00 plus other makes and models. Choice of new Pontiac and bricks for immediate Del Ivory let us make you a Sweepstake de a1. Walter l Barber my. Pontiac Buick authorized soles amp service 114 North Bennington Rood Bennington it. Above listed cars arranged on time payments. A open evenings till 9 . Sect Sty Prfu Xcvi Quot demand those Quot inny Quot be Attles tomorrow night at the Bennington armory dancing 8 to 11 15 a a admission 99 a a

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