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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 18, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and mild variable cloudiness tonight with Low near 50. Partly Cloudy and Little temperature change on saturday. Yesterdays High 74, Low 47, today at i . 53. Sunset 8 37, Sunrise 5 10. The stars in the Constellation scorpion Are from 52 to 520 Light years from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday june 18, 1985 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,789 to cents puts . Ahead fire wrecks Kivi k Street House Bennington firemen fight a Blaze that started mysteriously late thursday night in the two family House at 221-223 River St. Henry e. White in Check ered shirt used the Long wooden pole he is holding to remove a live wire that sparked dangerously near the spot where firemen were working. Two families routed in River Street fire two buildings on River Street were damaged and two families left homeless by a fire of unknown origin that broke out suddenly late thursday night and raged for about an hour before it was brought completely under control. Bennington Village police reported late this morning that they Are questioning an arson suspect in connection with the fire. No charges had been placed against him by noon however. A number of buildings in the North Street River Street area have been damaged by mysterious fires in recent months. A two family House owned by Clyde Peck at 221-223 River St. Hornbill Quot attack not too effective Saigon Ipi a Twenty seven . Air Force b52 bombers from Guam dumped tons of explosives today on a suspected communist stronghold North of Saigon. But the first combat use of America s deadliest warplane apparently failed to inflict heavy casualties. A v. S. Military spokesman reported that Only one Viet Cong body was found in the Jungle area when government forces moved in after the massive attack. Two b52s were lost in a collision Over the Pacific Ocean in route to the target area and one crewman was known dead seven others were listed As missing in storm tossed Waters near the Philippines while the b52s attacked North of Saigon other american planes pressed the air War against North Viet Nam. The biggest raid was a strike by 18 air Force jets on the son be army Barracks 125 Miles Southwest of Hanoi. Returning pilots said three buildings were destroyed. Although the massive Long distance attack by the b52s failed to achieve the hoped for heavy casualties it served notice on Aslan communists that the United states is prepared to use whatever Means Are necessary to Stem the tide of red aggression. The b52s bombed a Small Jungle area 25 Miles North of Saigon and obliterated it. But ii soil w ants Biu Ltd or race government troops combing the strike area after the raid found Only one Viet Cong body. An american spokesman said Large communist units were known to be in the area prior to the raid. A we Don t know yet whether they were in the area when the bombs struck Quot the spokesman added. The planes flew All the Way from Guam 2,600 Miles from the target area and returned to the Pacific Island. And Halls cafe at 219 River St., owned by Charles Hall were damaged in the Blaze. The two families were both occupants of pecks House where the fire is believed to have started. Or. And mrs. Charles Val Well and three children lived in the upstairs apartment and or. And mrs. Gerald Bort Al i and their four children lived downstairs. Bennington fire chief Richard Hollister called a representative of the state fire marshals office to the scene. The two men were looking for the causes of the fire until 7 . This morning but their Only report is that the Blaze is a still under the fire apparently broke out about 11 15 . In the rear of the two family House. The entire Back Wall of the Wood Frame Structure was immediately engulfed by flames. The two families were awakened and managed to leave without suffering any injuries. Firemen arrived shortly after see fire loss Page 14. Col. 4 Cape Kennedy up a a new triple barrelled super rocket called the Titan 3c shot a record 21,000-Pound payload into orbit today to take the worlds rocket Power Lead in a spectacular launch debut. The giant Booster producing the greatest show of Power Ever witnessed at this Cape raced into the sky on the awesome fury of two solid rockets and reached its orbit 12 minutes later. The Brilliant Success was a big boost to America s plans to use the super Titan to develop a military capability in space. The rocket already has tentatively been assigned the task of orbiting a manned space station in three years. Besides setting a record for rocket Power and payload weight orbited the Tltan-3 c at too tons was the heaviest boost elections Bill hits snap a Iii Assembly j Montpelier up a the House today recommitted a Bill to rewrite some of Vermont selection Laws to meet requirements of court ordered reapportionment. There was no debate on the actual change to the Laws caused by reapportionment but the House members became involved in a series of amendments aimed at changing the Laws dealing with eligibility to vote in town meetings. Rep. Edward Conlin a wind Sor irked that the important special election Laws Bill was sent Back to his state and court expenses committee said he is a in no hurry to get the Bill Back out. It May be several in other Assembly action the House today beat Down by an overwhelming voice vote a Surprise move to end the legislative session sine die without Day. The motion was made by Emory Hebard a Glover chairman of the House reapportionment committee. Hebard calling the session a a comedy of errors Quot said the Only real function of the legislature a to re apportion itself had been accomplished thursday by the signing of the realignment Bills by gov. Philip h. Hoff. Action by Hebard came after a move to set up a committee of conference on the massive biennial appropriations Bill. Hebard said the House should concur with Senate proposals to expend More than $92 million and a Send this comedy of another hot session Manchester evidence to motels add tax gripes Amu Iii i is i ii Montpelier up a a Bill calling for expansion of the state racing commission to five members and strengthening the group was introduced in the Senate today. The commission presently has three members. The Bill was brought in by democratic Sens. Robert Wilson of Bennington county and Harold Raynolds of Windsor county As an outgrowth of the yearly fight to change formulas for sharing betting proceeds at greed Mountain Park horse race track in Pownal. By Nancy la Otis Manchester a the music was still sour Here thursday night As nine More tax appellants came before a serious faced and full Board of civil authority. But there was a difference. The tone if not the tune had changed. No one was off key or out of control these musicians a had seen the score before. Eight of the nine complainants were Motel owners All of whom had appealed to the Board in 1964. Seven had put in even More hours of a a practice by taking their troubles to a county Board. Last night they came armed with evidence a charts graphs lists a and each unfaltering by presented his Case. Nearly All gave information on 1963 and �?T64 listings How they had been reduced by either the Bra or tile county Board then How they had been raised by the listers again this year. They reiterated the damage that a inequitable assessing a had done on their Industry but this was an almost subordinate theme. The main blast was saved for the listers and it was All the More deadly for its Cool clarity and Calm. Richard Bartholomae of four winds opened with a Salvo against Board member Earle j. Fowler who was a Lister last year. Fowler said head already disqualified himself in hearing the motels appeals. Bartholomae said he was of the political persuasion that liked to keep government a close to Home a but a when we default or allow things to go on that should not we Are begging big brother to come there is a negligence of duty and a misuse of Public office in this town now a he said pointing out that a in our political system we can to seem to see and clean up our own problems. If a government on a Caribbean Island was functioning like our listers the papers would be full of it and wed be full of he challenged the Board to a take charge before we surrender our local the listers Job on the grand list this year is a an attempt to torpedo the Knowles system before it has a Chance a Bartholomae claimed. When asked if head run for Lister the Motel owner said his business was a 24-hour Job. A however there a one thing about this town that has always bothered me a he commented. A we have lots of talented people with some Leisure who Are interested in such things but they re made to feel they should keep their Cotton picking nose out of town deplored the nine or Ever launched by the United states and it used the largest known operational solid fuel motor. The strange looking Booster 127 feet tall and 30 feet wide roared into life before a National television audience at 9 00 . Est with a tremendous blast of Bright yellow flame and White smoke. Within one third of a second its two giant solid fuelled Booster rockets had built up to a total of 2.4 million pounds of thrust�?900,000 pounds greater than any other . Or soviet rocket. The use of the 85-foot Long solid rockets made the Tltan-3c the first of a kind and gives it the ability to loft Large manned military space ships. The solids Are strapped to the sides of a liquid fuelled Titan-3 rocket in the Center. The huge Booster rising on the twin fury of its solid rockets gained momentum quickly and within five seconds had cleared its 175-foot umbilical Tower bathing it in flame. An air Force officer reported that the rocket s initial course was a slightly High and slightly to the four minutes after the firing the air Force said the second stage of the liquid fuel rocket ignited As planned. The second stage ignited and shut Down on schedule and seconds later the third and final stage fired right on time. Sends deficit Down Washington up a president Johnson predicting a $2.5 billion drop in this years estimated budget deficit says the american economic climate is continuing to improve. Johnson unleashed a Volley of facts and figures to show the Economy a condition thursday during a Long news conference which ran the Gamut of topics in the news both foreign and Domestic. The late afternoon conference with newsmen gathered around the desk in the presidents Oval office evoked memories of the late president Franklin d. Roosevelt a informal chats with reporters. The presidents statement about the budget deficit was based on government estimates that revenues for the fiscal year ending june 30 would be higher than expected and that expenditures would be lower. A instead of revenues increasing by $1.4 billion above our budget estimate As it appeared earlier we now anticipate a $1.6 billion Revenue improvement a Johnson said adding that expenditures will be about s900 million lower than the january estimate. A we expect revenues to be $92.8 billion and expenditures $96.6 billion. The budget deficit therefore will be Only $3.8 billion which is $2.5 tour Marks opening of Globe Lunion Plant Bartholomae again the fact that eight of Motel owners had received no notice from the listers of an increase. He pleaded again for the use of comparability As a yardstick in determining assessments. A in my opinion and in our attorneys opinion a he said a comparison of parcels is very clearly a constitutional right. The tax Bills Are a result of the relation of properties within the by putting a tax Burden on the motels Bartholomae declared Manchester has devalued All its motels. He offered a comparison of property taxes per unit on area motels based with the exception of those in Dorset on 1964 figures four winds $152, Avalanche $148, chalet $148, Montclair $124, weather vane $124, Palmer House $119, Catamount $115, four seasons $111, Manchester motor court $103, Stamford $93, Marledge $92 Dorset erd Many a Eyrie $73 Dorset Sunderland $65, Darling Kelly Bennington candlelight $49 Arlington knotty Pine $46 Bennington. Most of the Motel owners expressed thanks to Clyde h. Bryantsr. Who again was the sole see Manchester Page 7, col. I local and state officials and civic and business leaders this morning toured the new Globe Union Plant in the second of three Days of events formally marking completion of the facility and the Start of manufacturing operations. At the completion of the tour the visitors were to move to the Paradise restaurant where the company will Host a luncheon. Top company officials will address the group at that time. Saturday from to .to3p.m. Flood Waters on rampage in Colorado Denver up a flood Waters triggered by pounding Rains in the mountains and Foothills rushed into Low lying residential areas of Southeast Colorado today bursting Small dams smashing Bridges and shoving Homes off their foundations. An emergency flight of five helicopters was shuttling stranded residents to High lands near Ellicott Raymond and Fountain not far Lorn Colorado Springs. A spokesman at it. Carson army base where the aircraft were based said the pilots were plucking persons off of rooftops and Bridges. It was the third consecutive Day of serious flooding in Colorado. A Tornado swept through Fountain earlier thursday 25 Miles from where previous twisters had set off 20-foot flood crests on the South Platte River wednesday causing the worst natural disaster in Denver history. House unit okays Baise for legislature Montpelier up a the House state and court expenses has voted to give members of the re apportioned legislature a pay raise. If the House and Senate concur with the committee lawmakers salaries will be raised at the special session next january to $120 a week with the House speaker getting $240 weekly. Now legislators Are paid $80 per week plus expense Money for a round trip once a week Bredeen the Capitol and their Homes. The committee pared considerably the requested increase to $175 asked by rep. Thomas Salmon a Rockingham. The Bill provides $60 in salary and $60 in expenses. Billion less than the $6.3 billion estimated in our january budget. A i know this is Good news to All of you who look Forward As we do to a balanced budget in the years turning to optimistic economic signs Johnson said that 15 major economic cities had Fri by n of Vin Levin 171 a. I isl becomes to bid the Plant will have an open House at which All interested residents Are invited to inspect the 132-oog Square foot Plant where automotive storage batteries Are to be produced. Thursday the company held a a a preview open House for its employees and their families followed by a Buffet supper at the Plant. Preceding this mornings tour corporation and local Plant officials held a press conference. In reply to a question about How the company came to locate in Bennington . Hottensen general manager of globes Battery division and a corporation vice president noted first that the company needed a Plant somewhere in new England to serve its markets in the Northeast. The company first decided on Vermont a because there were Many things we liked about the state a Hottensen said. After contacting the Industrial division of the Vermont development department he continued the company was immediately drawn to Bennington. The final decision to locate Here he said was based on a number of considerations a the availability of water and Power roads Railroad and a Community he noted at a later Point that the Bennington Plant is replacing an older Battery producing Plant near Boston where he said there Wasny to room for the see Globe Union Page 14, col. 4 been taken off the labor departments list of areas with a 6 per cent or higher unemployment rate. The 22 centers which Are still above the 6 per cent Mark represent the lowest total in eight years Johnson said. He said that a new the Campaign to Cut nations report on Down the payments overseas programs cent or for hoist soul with the Ink barely dry on Vermont a new reapportionment Bills the first candidate for one of Bennington s six seats in the new Vermont House announced his bid today. Reuben Levin former Village attorney said he would be the first candidate for that office. He would not disclose however just which party Label he would run under. Levin has served under five governors As a member of the state boxing control Board of which he is now Secretary. He said his qualifications would also include being a Veteran of Many Law cases a persistent investigator in the 1946 Paula Welden disappearance an organizer and founder of Green Mountain Park Racetrack and a Long time Moderator of the Bennington graded school District. Levin said he would run on a platform of a pay As you go on the inside Vermont Senate turns Down Belmont Pitkin nomination a Page 2. A feature on miss Eupha Bonham Beni a a English teacher extraordinary a Page 3. Bennington College to Grant degrees to 64 seniors on saturday a Page 5. Shaftsbury selectmen to form a town planning committee a Page 7. Balance of deficit shows that costs of Federal dropped 23 per $635 million Over the last two years. He said they Are expected to decline another 13 per cent to $290 million by 1967. Johnson said he did not want to be a Over optimistic a but that a we Are pleased with the balance of payments and it is exceeding our the excise tax Cut approved by Congress thursday Johnson said will increase purchasing Power about $1.75 billion this year and add a similar amount beginning next january As a further boost to the Economy. On other subjects t h e chief executive a flatly rejected any negotiations with the communist Quot Viet Cong in South Viet Nam because they do not represent a government. He disclosed that a source who talked with North vietnamese leaders in Hanoi had reported a they Are not now interested in any negotiation of any a denounced the violation by rebel forces of the ceasefire in the dominican Republic. In Ore Marc Rio lits Liers arrested United press International More arrests were made thursday As civil rights demonstrators continued their attempts to March on the Mississippi Capitol at Jackson. It brought to 755 the number arrested in the last four Days. Six demonstrators sauntered up to the Capitol and five of them unfurled a sign stating a mississippians for they started marching and were arrested. The sixth demonstrator walked into the Capitol lobby and started shouting Freedom he also was picked up. The group was arrested under a Law signed 15 minutes earlier by gov. Paul Johnson prohibiting demonstrations on Capitol grounds. Police also arrested 21 other demonstrator who gathered on a Corner of the Capitol grounds in an Effort to March to the building. They were charged with parading without a permit. The demonstrators Are protesting a special session of the Mississippi legislature which they contend was illegally elected because of voter discrimination against negroes in the state. Rapport Ion of it realized gov. Philip Illioff puts pen to paper in Montpelier thursday and signs historic Bills that will re apportion Vermont a House and Senate. Seated at left is House speaker Franklin s. Billings jr., and at right la gov. John j. Daley. Standing is rep. Emory Hebard a Glover chairman of the House reapportionment committee. The Federal court will determine which of the three Bills becomes the Law. Space race rocket launch Economy a upswing /

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