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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 17, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Showers Brief showers developing tonight and continuing Friday. Not so Cool tonight with Low in the 50s. Somewhat cooler Friday. Yesterdays High 74, Low 40, today at 7 . 47. Sunset 8 36, Sunrise 5 10. The planet Saturn rises about Midnight and May be seen easily from then through the Early morning hours in the Southeast. Benning Bennington Vermont thursday june 17, 1965 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,788 to cents sen. Prouty blasts la j on Viet Nam boosts Dirksen a remap Resolution How to make a Crater members of the 86th engineering co., Bennington a own Vermont National guard unit watch from the safety of a ditch while a 40-Pound cratering charge used to blow holes in the ground for Field fortifications obstacles and other military purposes explodes. The guardsmen below then gather around to inspect the Crater. Sgt. William Mccoy is standing proudly in the Center. The unit and other guardsmen from All Over the state Are at Camp drum n.y., for two weeks of summer training. They return Friday. 70 die As heavy firing echoes in Santo Domingo Santo Domingo up a heavy firing echoed wednesday night through the streets of this embattled City where 70 persons were killed and 200 wounded tuesday in a clash Between . Troops and dominican rebels. Two americans were killed and 29 were wounded in tuesdays fighting. No details of the new fighting could be obtained immediately. Rebel gunfire wounded three brazilian soldiers of the inter american peace Force wednesday. Reports that the . Paratroopers who wrested 40 Square blocks of the City from the rebels tuesday were advancing farther into rebel held territory could not be confirmed. Some . Soldiers were seen wednesday at Points beyond House approves end of municipal court system Montpelier up a the House today gave final approval to a Bill abolishing the municipal court system and replacing it with a series of District courts. The measure would go into effect july i 1966. A Senate passed Bill sets the Date at feb. I 1967, indicating a conference committee will be needed to Iron out differences. The Bill advocated by gov. Philip h. Hoff eliminates five municipal courts completely and makes five others full time regional courts to pay judges up to $15,000 a year. The main american line but it was not certain whether they were spearheading a new Advance or merely setting up outposts to protect the territory taken tuesday. Santo Domingo was quiet during the morning and Early afternoon wednesday but scattered firing was heard at about 3 30 . From 4 to 8 ., firing was virtually continuous but it was not certain who was Lodge reports doing the shooting. Inter american mediators conferred wednesday with rebel col. Francisco Calm Anc de no without announced result. The three Man team sent Here by the organization of american states a Ellsworth Bunker of the United states Ilmar Penna Marinho of Brazil and Ramon de Clairmont due Nas of Al Salvador a were to talk with Caamano again today. Many governments with . On Viet London up a Henry Cabot Lodge said today he has found that privately Many governments Are a a glad about . Actions in Viet Nam. A i have made two extensive Tours to capitals of countries and i found that the governments in private Are glad that the United states is carrying this tremendous responsibility a Lodge said before boarding a plane for Boston. A there is a feeling that limited action now May avoid massive mobilization and massive casualties later a Lodge said. A i think these Are the things governments really think about a not what they say in Public but what they Lodge former . Ambassador to Saigon spent 24 hours in England to speak at a a teach in on Viet Nam held at Oxford University wednesday. A there would be great dismay i think if Southeast Asia to con con my mum. Gov. Hoff signs historic reapportionment Bills Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff today inked his name on historic Bills ending an Era of legislative apportionment that began in Vermont 187 years ago. The democratic chief executive held signing ceremonies in his executive Chambers on realignment Bills for the House and Senate that now will need Only formal Federal court approval to usher in a new Era in Vermont legislative government. Hoff called it a one of the momentous Days in Vermont history. It signals the end of one Era. That i would like to pay homage to. And the beginning of another Era. A wonderful Era for the state and its Hoff immediately dispatched the three Bills via state police to St. Johnsbury to the office of . Circuit court judge sterry r. Waterman. One of the Bills Calls for a 150 member House of representatives based on the . Supreme courts a one Man one vote edict. The plan slashes by one third the 246 member House Senate eyes nomination of Pitkin were to fall under communist domination a Lodge said at the Airport. A that would be a catastrophe comparable to world wars i and wednesday Lodge told the students that Viet Nam was important a was a place where communist subversion and terrorism is confident of winning and of using Tjie country As a springboard of Conquest in other Lodge flew into Britain to present his views on Viet Nam As a private american citizen. An estimated 800 to 1,000 students attended the eight hour teach in. And signals an end to both Rural domination and the Vermont constitutional practice of awarding a representative to every town and City regardless of population. The lower chamber has never been re apportioned since its formation in 1778. Also signed was a Senate Bill that merges Chittenden and grand Isle counties and Essex and Orleans counties for election of 30 senators. The upper chamber was re apportioned in 1962 when one senator was taken from Rutland county and Given to Chittenden county. The third Bill signed at the morning ceremony was a measure setting up a Board to periodically remap the House and Senate. Reapportionment was forced by a Case brought by Bennington realtor t. Garry Buckley in 1963. It has been a bitter and drawn out Battle in a legislature dominated by Small town interests since its formation. Signing came 13 Days before the july i deadline set by the supreme court giving the legislature a Chance to change the Bills if the court so rules before lawmakers terms expire. exemption approved by Congress i nit Montpelier up a the Senate this afternoon will act on the highly controversial nomination of Belmont Royce Pitkin to the fish and game Board a selection that has touched off statewide debate. The Senate fish and game committee wednesday refused to recommend that Pitkin be confirmed to the Post and Hoff said he was not optimistic that the nomination would be approved. Pitkin son of the president of Goddard College has come under heavy fire from a variety of veterans organizations who hold that his refusal to serve in Active duty during the korean conflict should disqualify him from state service. But Hoff has attacked this viewpoint As in other action wednesday the House gave final approval to a measure creating a nonpartisan scholarship Board to Dole out $430,000 to Vermont College students. The measure was sent to the see Senate Page to col. 8 Washington up a a Senate and House conference committee today approved an amendment to the excise tax Bill that will exempt the new Hampshire sweepstakes from Federal gambling taxes. The action by the committee Means that the state will receive a $587,000 Windfall in retroactive payment of the taxes it already has paid on its lottery. The Money will go to the states local school districts. The exemption amendment was sponsored by sen. Thomas Mcintyre d-n.h., who hailed the conference committee action As a a great congressional Victory for the state of new the amendment exempts new Hampshire from the to per cent wagering tax and from the Federal $50 wagering stamp act. Until now the sweepstakes commission has had to pay the Federal government to per cent of All Gross receipts As Well As buy a $50 gambling stamp for clerks who sell the tickets at liquor stores and at the states two licensed race tracks. Mcintyre said he was aided in winning approval of the amendment by sen. Norris Cotton and rep. J. Oliva huot. The conference committee report Means almost certain approval on the floors of the House and Senate and Mcintyre said he expected president Johnson would sign the Bill by Friday. On the inside anti Hun Law the Manchester tax listing squabble is an argument for passage of gov. Hoff a District assessment Bill says an editorial Page 4. Bennington listers schedule annual grievance Day Page 5. Londonderry Landgrove Wes ton Union elementary school is approved by voters Page 6. Demise of a North Bennington landmark in photos a Page 6. Tax hassle causes Manchester selectmen to delay setting towns tax rate Page 7. Two new certifications bring the county a braille transcribers to three Page la. Measure filed Montpelier up a the House today received a joint Resolution which would place the state legislature against any Bill attempting to restrict the Sale of mall order firearms. The Senate passed the resolve wednesday and shipped it to the House. It advises the . Congress that the right to a keep and Bear arms is a provision of both the Federal and state constitutions and the Vermont legislature is opposed to any a measure that would place unreasonable or prohibitive restriction on the Sale and Purchase of firearms by reasonable dealers or Montpelier a us. Sen. Winston l. Prouty in a speech prepared for delivery before the Vermont legislature this afternoon charged that spokesmen for the Johnson administration a have issued misleading statements concealed important information ignored the legitimate function of the american press and harassed those who would take Issue with the official Point of View on the Viet Nam crisis. He also told the lawmakers who Are currently wrestling with the problems of legislative reapportionment that he favors an amendment to the us. Constitution that would permit the people of each state to apportion one House of its legislature on some basis other than population. Sen. Prouty said that his greatest fear is that the administrations unwise handling of Viet Nam policy making will revolt and digest the american people and thus make impossible a great National consensus behind a firm policy against the Advance of communism. A if the american people Are told candidly and soberly the True facts on the Viet Nam situation i am confident that they will rally behind a firm policy designed to halt communist expansion in Asia a he declared. A the sooner the administration realizes this and acts upon it the sooner our nation will stand United in the defense of Freedom the Vermont lawmaker attacked the administration for its reluctance to properly inform the Congress and consult with its members in developing Viet Nam policy. A when Congress is not Only ignored in the policy making phase but used As an inanimate stage prop for executive pronouncements the chances for achieving see sen. Prouty Page to col. 4 House approves area vocational training Rill Montpelier up a the House today whisked through a Bill to use $1.45 million of an expected general fund surplus tor regional vocational education centers. Passage was a personal Triumph for democratic gov. Philip h. Hoff who campaigned hard in the Republican legislature against proposed use of the $2.4 million surplus for state Aid to school construction. Before the measure was shipped to the Senate an amendment was tacked on earmarking the rest of the surplus for school construction Aid. 16-21,000 More troops heading for Viet Nam Washington up a announcement that the United states is sending 16, to 21,000 More troops into Viet Nam today pointed up american determination to spare no Effort in its fight against the reds. The buildup of american forces from the present 54,000 to Between 70,000 and 75,000 is aimed at meeting the Viet congas Monsoon season offensive during which . Officials expect heavy fighting. The possibility of further reinforcement was left open. An a a airmobile division of More than 15,000 men specially equipped and trained for anti guerrilla operations is being organized at it. Benning ga., and could be deployed in two months if necessary. Defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara announced wednesday that six army and Marine battalions would go to the Southeast asian fighting zone. He said they would boost combat troops there from 13,000 to 21,-000. There was speculation that these might include two Marine battalions from Okinawa to Complete deployment in Viet Nam of the 3rd Marine dial Montpelier up a the Vermont House judiciary committee voted 8-7 wednesday against a Resolution that would have called a convention in 1966 to rewrite portions of the Vermont Constitution. . Counters infiltration Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara Points to photos showing . Air strike damage in North Viet Nam. Those at left Are the pre strike views. He said at least eight new regular North vietnamese army battalions have infiltrated into South Viet Nam and that the . Will counter by building up its own troop strength to about 75,000 men an increase of about 20,000. Photos depict the Vinh Petroleum product storage area. Aion which already has seven battalions there. Some of the new forces which Mcnamara said a Are now moving a will be held As reserves to be rushed to the Aid of South vietnamese units in danger of being overrun by the communists. Mcnamara told a news conference that the reinforcements were being dispatched in line with . Policy of doing what is necessary to convince Hanoi it cannot win a military Victory and a then to negotiate for the future peace and Security of South Viet Nam. The defense chief said that the new american forces were needed because of the infiltration of at least eight new regular communist battalions from North Viet Nam into the Central Highlands of the South. He said . Intelligence estimated that full time Viet Cong forces now totalled 65,000 men and these were being helped by 80,000 to 100,000 part time guerrillas. Barry can still electrify pm addresses Yagop Miami Beach Fla. Up a Barry m. Coldwater still can electrify the leaders of the National Young Republican organization even As a vanquished hero. They Greet him with the 1964 refrain a we want Barry a listen politely when he praises president Johnson and cheer when he takes a swing at Johnson or at his factional gop rivals of last year. The 1964 presidential nominee addressed the biennial National convention of Young republicans wednesday night. Coldwater first brought the audience to his feet when he said the gop did not do so badly last year in View of the fact that it a had to fight not Only the enemy but some of our own he commended the Johnson administration for action in Viet Nam and the dominican Republic but said its policy in Southeast Asia and latin America was too flabby or aimless to do what must be done to Stop communist aggression. Coldwater said the communists were carrying on an undeclared War against latin american countries and would win it unless it was met by prompt collective action. In Viet Nam Coldwater said the administration in effect had made the communist capital of Hanoi a a privileged without specifically advocating the bombing of Hanoi he urged a the prompt withdrawal of that Promise of

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