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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 18 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 18, 1965, Bennington, Vermont I Bennington Banner Friday june 18, 1985 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials tying up Loose ends the Rush is on in the general Assembly to finish its business so that legislators can pack up and go Home. Faced with the court order that automatically puts them out of business on june 30, the move now to begin tying up Loose ends is understandable. And with the main business of the 1965 session a reapportionment a behind them the Assembly has reason to believe that it has done its Job. Unfortunately a Host of Bills deserving legislative consideration have been thrust aside because of the hassle Over reapportionment and Are now destined for the filing cabinets to await another year. Such appears to be the Fate of the proposed constitutional convention that was to be called next year under legislation that was rejected wednesday by the House judiciary committee. This convention called to consider amendments in the Vermont Constitution could have made some Gigantic strides in reforming the government. These much needed reforms will now probably be delayed. Other legitimate and deserving measures Are meeting the same Fate among them being the proposed Reform in local tax appraisal systems. These last weeks will not be Placid for the Assembly As it is anticipated editor s notes sen. Winston Prouty likes to give a rip snorting speech occasionally and the talk he gave to the general Assembly thursday proved to be one of Prouty a better efforts. His criticism of the Johnson administration s dismaying tendency to withhold information regarding the Viet Nam War is Well founded and he gave Clear reasons Why he backs sen. Dirksen a proposed reapportionment Resolution. A postcard came to our desk this morning from a Reader who lamented our attention to such trivia in the news As the Beni commencement exercises Globe unions open House and the Beni class of �?T15 reunion while we ignored news of a crash of a b-58 bomber in Paris. The postcard ended with a Challenge daring us to print the correspondence but of comments of Arn out theme song Brattleboro reformer former it. Gov. And present Republican National committee woman Consuelo Northrop Bailey recently warned too Addison county Republican women that this country is in a a Toboggan ride toward shades of that venerable a Warner a former congressman Charles Plumley mrs. Bailey complains about a the billions of dollars the Federal government is pouring into the she sees a a controls coming with the dollars. This was Charley Plumley a theme song 25 years ago. And that is one of the troubles with the Republican party in its present state of confusion. The Needle is stuck on its propaganda disc. And the stuck Needle still plays a definition of socialism or even of socialism with the capital s that confuses social Progress with a form of government. In other words socialism is a form of government which Calls for collective ownership through a Central government of land and capital and the a collective Public management of All see Funk and Bagnall s Standard dictionary even England Hasni to the House and Senate will lock horns Over the question of senatorial scholarships which the Senate naturally wants to retain. The House this week endorsed legislation that would among other things eliminate the senatorial scholarships. The Bill allocates $4io, for incentive Grants for scholarship purposes and other features to help deserving High school graduates pursue a College career. We have earlier stated our belief the senatorial scholarships should be turned Over to an Independent scholarship Board that would be better equipped to award scholarships on the basis of Merit. The temptation for a senator to use a scholarship award for political purposes is altogether too great and turning Over these scholarships to an impartial Board of review would remove the taint of politics from an area that should be strictly non political. It is too Early to say yet if the conflict Between the House and Senate on the question of scholarships will jeopardize the entire scholarship incentive program that is the heart of the legislation. But it would be tragic if the two houses cannot agree on a Compromise. Course we because the writer dared not give us his or her name. We done to happen to consider news of Bennington to be trivial and Home town news will continue to take priority in our news columns even if it Means we have to leave out other newsworthy stories. The tiny towns of Londonderry land Grove and Weston have proved to be pacemakers with the vote this week that approved construction of a Union elementary school. This is the first of its Type in the state and experience of the towns in the program will be eyed by other areas considering such a step. Our sidewalk cynic walked in yesterday to ask if the legislation in Montpelier outlawing cockfight is passed will he have to take Down his rooster weather vane. We told him we did no to think so. Made the Grade in that category and Sweden Only partially. The United states Hasni to come within Moon Miles of it and we Hope it wont. But we also Hope that official spokesmen for the Republican party and especially the holdovers from the years before the san Francisco debacle will sometime cease and desist in the performance of poor service they Render their party by crying Wolf when there is no Wolf around. This nation was created by revolution. It has met the inescapable change accompanying each year and each decade in its history by evolution. What has evolved is the United states of America a nation As unlike any other in the world As it was on its founding Day. It has continued to create individual liberties rather than stifle them to bolster civil rights where they have been attacked to encourage private Enterprise and private ownership rather than a government ownership and management a and to respond to its citizens not As a a a collective government but to the collective wishes of the majority of its voters Issue by Issue. Road to socialism Isnit it time to get another theme song Connie Fischetti today and Tonto Roo foreign Aid predicament p by Walter Lippmann Washington. Whether we Are dealing with Viet Nam the dominican Republic or with the foreign Aid program in general there is one common problem which is crucial and Central for All the Many things we Are undertaking. It is to find governments that we can support which Are reasonably honest efficient and progressive and Are trusted by their own people. We Are learning in Viet Nam How difficult it is to defend a country in which there is no government which can rally its own people. We Are learning in the dominican Republic what happens when there is no recognizable legitimate government to receive our military backing and our economic help. A of the same difficulty is at the Root of the disappointment which is so great in this country today at the results of the foreign Aid programs. We Are to be sure much More vividly conscious of spectacular incidents like the burning of a Library than we Are of the quiet successes. None the less there Are disappointments so Many of them that the Senate has now voted another instalment of foreign Aid with the proviso that there is to be a Radical reexamination of the whole policy within the next two years. Without attempting to guess what conclusions will be reached in these two years it is already quite evident that trouble arises when Aid is funnelled through corrupt reactionary or highly incompetent governments. It is not easy to find enough Good governments in All the emerging and underdeveloped countries and if we Are philosophical about it we must not be surprised at the difficulty of finding them. The condition is baffling but that is a concomitant of inexperience and backwardness. Moreover american officials who have to administer the programs Are frequently in a quandary. As a general Rule the most impeccably Anit communist governments Are More often than not reactionary stupid and corrupt As for example the Batista government in pre Castro Cuba or the Trujillo government in the dominican Republic. On the other hand the More progressively minded parties or factions include almost inevitably not Only the left but the communists on the left of the left. It takes a lot More acumen and political courage for an american official to Back a progressive faction that is for him to embrace a rightist faction. This dilemma confronts us continually in our role As Champion of the free world in Asia latin America and Africa. Nevertheless in the task of containing the expansion of communism there is no substitute for the building up of Strong and viable states which command the respect of the mass of their people. The president of course knows this and has frequently said it. But the tragedy of our entanglement in Viet Nam is that we find ourselves fighting what is in fact an american rear guard action to stave off the collapse and defeat of the Saigon government. In this cramped position there is Little opening or Opportunity for us to use our Power and our resources constructively in Southeast Asia. We May leave it to the historians to say How and Why we Are painted into a Comer. Our task is to bring up our resources of Power and wealth which Are intact in order to Cut Down our unavoidable losses to the lowest possible Tost in lives and in influence. A of in our predicament it is a disservice i think to inflate and emotion Alize the stakes in Viet Nam to make it appear that the whole future of America and of the Western world in Asia and the Pacific is going to be fought out and decided in the vietnamese Jungle. It is not going to be decided there and it is not going to be decided in any other single place. Thus for example we must prepare our minds even now for the possibility that Britain will not be Able to carry much longer the whole Burden of her responsibilities from Aden and the persian Gulf through the Indian Ocean to Singapore there looms ahead of us the Prospect of having enormous new responsibilities thrust upon us responsibilities which do not begin and will not end with our entanglement in Saigon. That is Why though we cannot and must not scuttle and run we must use our resources and our wits to avoid becoming bogged Down in a Large land War on the asian Mainland. Sparks from the forge conservation 1864 style by Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. In be got books coming out of my ears for the past two weeks All in be been doing it seems is to read books. But in spite of the quickly passing Days and the slowly diminishing pile of books remaining to be read i have been forced to withdraw occasionally from the sometimes exciting and sometimes Boring world of books for when nature is in the proper mood and the never returning moment has arrived one must get out in the Garden else there will be no Garden. So the combination of an inexorable deadline of Book reviews for Vermont life Magazine and the uncompromising vagaries of the weather which in springtime will not pause and Walt for me has me in a Tizzy. A of now most of the books 42 of them have been read and i have two Days left to get the article in the mail. In the meanwhile i have not got my snap Beans planted yet nor a Good bit of the Small stuff late beets and carrots and this present essay must make tomorrows mail if it is to arrive in time for publication. So i turn to one of the books i have just read As a subject. Undoubtedly the most important of All works i have received for review is one that was written by a very distinguished vermonter and first published just Over too years ago in 1864. George Perkins Marsh was born in Woodstock in 1801, and his career of which the last 21 years were spent As . Ambassador to Italy was All the More remarkable considering the circumstances of life in Vermont at the turn of the Century when Frontier conditions prevailed and society must have been uncouth to say the least. At any rate he became the master of 20 languages and in his person he epitomized the cultured and urbane Man of literature and diplomacy. A of the photograph on the dust cover of a Man and nature or physical geography As modified by human action shows the author seated in his study in Rome i presume and it fascinates me. Over the mahogany desk at which he sits Reading there hangs a magnificent Crystal chandelier. On the floor is a Large and handsome Oriental Rug which seemingly extends from Wall to Wall. On the table behind him is an elegant Marble bust reminiscent of one of Donatello a ladies and around the Walls bookcases Are crowded with folios in shiny leather bindings As Well As with Many smaller volumes. The excellent photograph shows the author seated in a High backed Arm chair with Slipper the lighter Side of feet crossed at the Ankles beneath the desk his left hand lying in his Lap while the folded right hand showing above the White cuffed sleeve supports the full bearded head. I am impressed by this picture for i am certain that the setting with which a person surrounds himself is truly an expression of his personality and character. I am not referring to luxuries or to the accessories of wealth for Good taste needs no busts by Donatello or Crystal chandeliers to make itself Felt. Nothing in our changing world sets value now on Good taste and the trappings which distinguish the urbane and civilized person Are now to say the least considered to be undemocratic. A of but to get pm to the Book. It is a John Harvard Library Book one of a series intended to make available items of Amer ical cultural history otherwise hard to come by in reasonably priced authentic editions a a project of the Harvard University press. The present volume is excellently edited by David Lowenthal and costs $7.95. In a Way the Interior of the Book is As old fashioned As is the scene depicted on the cover for the prose is elegant and slow marching with lengthy quotations and copious footnotes of which the volume must equal half that of the text. Nevertheless the Book is continually Good Reading and the footnotes Are so Lively and interesting that the Reader cannot afford to skip Over them. It is surely the first comprehensive work on conservation and one that has had an immense influence on Many a treatment of his environment. In the introduction or. Lowenthal says a Man and nature is a diatribe not a Jeremiah but one wonders if in spite of the influence it has exerted in Europe the ensuing too years since its publication have not proved that marshes belief that Man would in the end control his environment for Good rather than for evil to be a mistaken one. Chapter five is a fascinating dissertation on the Waters but no where in its 140 Page is the pollution of Waters noted nor is there any mention of the pollution of the air and these two modifications of our environment now constitute the most lethal traps that Man has yet constructed for his own undoing. Quot i wonder what he would think if he could read of what the engineers have done to the Everglades National Park these 1.5 million acres Are now dry and the once prolific Wood ibis May now become but a memory because no longer can it find any water in the nations largest swamp gestures and grimaces important in Bridge letters to the editor it of a Mumm. Of Muon of m me Louse was maw Cut. Sci s try it at am without my Sam Ltd Hal i ii Al Ion to the editor of the Banner in regard to the prison Issue those in favor of a program of corrective centers Are against building the medium Security institution now and those in favor of the institution specifically the commissioner of institutions and the Warden of Windsor prison Are against corrective centers a or during these past several years they would have accepted opportunities to use them. The reason Why most states do now have a medium Security institution usually called a reformatory is because they built them 40 years ago and Are saddled with them. Why should Vermont now spend millions to catch up with 40 years ago there was a time when leeches for blood letting were used for All afflictions dungeons were the lot of the insane. Now we have other cures for the physically and mentally ill. It has been found that behind the High Walls of a prison reformatory offenders build another High Wall around themselves a a convict culture a which shuts out the possibility of rehabilitation. Only in Small corrective centers of up to 25 individuals can a Man change a the keyword is change from an outlaw to one who wants to become a Law abiding citizen. The argument that other states accept Only a a selected offend ers for their Small corrective centers overlooks the fact that a a a selected offender in Jersey City for instance is a run of the Mill offender in Vermont. Our crime rate is among the lowest we have no mafia members no switch Blade gangs no Nylon strange gators. Who Are our prisoners during 1964, 109 were in for breach of the peace there were even 30 behind bars for non support Small corrective centers Are Ideal for our state. It is not unusual for a governor to support a worn out prison administration seeking a new lease on life in a Brand new building. It is even Normal for a town and county to get in Back of $10 million construction a a new prison Combine will end up costing that. But that does no to mean vermonters at Large need to go along especially when they can Forward a modern correction program at a fraction of the Cost. It should be emphasized the Bill which would Start the new prison does not mention All it says is a there is hereby appropriated to begin the construction of a new intermediate medium Security correctional institution including equipment at the site of the state farm in Windsor the sum of $1,250,000.�?� All the rest Are dream words or Nightmare depending on ones Point of View. Now before the House is legislation to substitute As an amendment for the above. It would establish a the most effective Means for preventing and treating criminal behave or a new institutions Board of five qualified members to develop a an integrated correctional system emphasizing maximum use of probation and parole a and a Pilot program of one residential corrective Center. The measure including building Calls for an appropriation of $142,000 for the next two years. It merits the support of every responsible vermonter. Mrs Malvine Cole. to the editor of the Banner Here Are a few thoughts on in Early America nearly everyone was a a poor by today a Money measurement. But almost no one was poor in will to work and get along on his own. To Call a Man a a poor was a fighting word and to go to the poorhouse was a disgrace to your relatives if any survived. But relatives and neighbors helped each other when they were ill or a Down on their practically every family had its and Downs. I shudder now when i hear politicians slapping the word a a poor on people on whose suffrage they Are Riding High. It reminds me of Julius Caesar a when that the poor have cried Caesar hath Martha m. Van nest. Wilmington. By Dick West Washington up a As the author of an uncompleted Book titled a How to succeed at Bridge without really cheating a i feel a Little guilty about the deplorable turn of events at the recent world team tournament in Buenos Aires. Had i been Able to finish the Book before those matches were held it might have prevented the shocking situation which arose when two British players were accused of improperly exchanging information. The British partners Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro were alleged to have used hand signals to let each other know what cards they were holding. It so happens that this was one. Of the main Points i had intended to discuss in my Book. At present Bridge players May legally convey information to each other by Means of bidding a a conventions such As Blackwood the one club opener the unusual no Trump and the negative double. Before a match begins each partnership makes known to its opponents what conventions it intends to employ. This system is All right As far As it goes but it fails to take into account the fact that human beings can make some 700,000 different and meaningful gestures through body movements and facial expressions. The Range is so great that it is virtually impossible to keep players from deliberately passing information by be stimulation if they Are so inclined. They May even do it subconsciously. My wife for example employs what is known As the a unusual eyebrows convention. Anytime her left Eyebrow is tilted out of its Normal Posi Tion i know that i have bid the wrong suit. I myself have rather immobile eyebrows but i do have very expressive shoulders. Therefore i prefer the a negative shrug convention. Since cheating along this line is so easy to get away with i was planning to propose in my Book that the world Bridge federation Amend the rules to authorize Pant mimic conventions. Before each tournament began All the players would have to stipulate what gestures and expressions they intended to employ. Should a player committed to the wrinkled nose convention be detected Curling his lip the other team could Call the judges and severe penalties would be imposed. This plan would go a Long Way toward eliminating secret codes of the Type attributed to Reese and Schapiro. Too bad i did no to get it published in Snag the Young engineering Grad was being interviewed by the representative of a Western aircraft firm. A if i take the Job do i get a raise every year a a it yes a provided your work is satisfactory a the personnel chief replied. A theh a the Young men exclaimed a i knew there was a catch in your a Wall Street journal. Small Solace now they Tell us they have discovered a new cigarette with a filter that also contains a tranquil Izer. You May still get lung cancer but you wont give a darn. United mine workers journal

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