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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 17, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington manner thursday june 17, 1985 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont to a a a a i \ i editorials Manchester s listing problem the cries of outrage and the lamentations from normally peaceful residents of Manchester Over property assessments in that North Shire Community have whipped up enough emotional froth to be Felt in every Corner of the state. There is nothing so indignant As a taxpayer who believes that he is being dealt an unjust hand by property appraisers and the sad but Ture fact is that Many taxpayers in Vermont not just in Manchester have reason to feel indignant. The current juror which in reality goes Back several years is a vivid reminder of the real need for an overhaul of listing methods and practices in Vermont. The Finger of blame can be pointed at listers not Only in Manchester but throughout the state who have permitted Gross inequities to creep into local listing of property. Yet we sympathize with the listers who in Many instances Lack the abilities and competence to do a Job that requires highly professional skills. Town taxpayers demand such highly professional services from men who Are not paid enough and consequently work Only part time at their listing duties. If no one thinks listing is a Tough Job we suggest they try it for a while and let themselves determine the finer Points in the Art of determining the fair Market value of property. All of this however does not excuse listers from following the Law As nearly As they can recognizing that there is no truly scientific system for determining the fair Market value of property. The difficulties of the Job and the relatively poor pay further do not excuse any Lister for being rude or secretive As to their reasons for reaching a decision on the listing of a property. A editor s notes everyone wants to investigate operations of Green Mountain Park. In addition to cries earlier this year in the general Assembly for a probe of the track. Rep. Jim Lounsbury of Pownal also called for one yesterday. Operations of the track Are supposed to be regulated and closely watched by the Vermont racing commission yet that group has been strangely quiet for the last six months. Perhaps an interrogation of commission members would be a Good place to Start if the legislature is serious about finding out some facts about racing in Vermont. After months of watching construction of the new Globe Union Plant in Bennington from the outside Bennington residents now will have a Chance to see what it looks like on the inside. The open House saturday Marks comment a hollow ring new York times on the theory that it is unsportsmanlike to attack an adversary when Down we postpone our usual coming after demand for the abolition of professional prize fighting. Who deploring beastly brutality could find any fault with the Brief and gentle Clay Liston encounter at which Only the customer suffered any damage not for Many years have so few travelled so far to see so the ruckus in Manchester can be used As an outstanding example of Why gov Philip h. Hoff a District property assessing legislation deserves passage by the general Assembly for it is designed to Correct Many of the problems that now confront Manchester. The legislation paves the Way for employment of professional appraisers who have the know How and the background to judge the value of real property. Employment of such personnel who have no axes to grind or friends to favor is one of the Best ways possible to eliminate Many of the inequities in the present Way towns list property. These professionals would establish ground rules and guidelines in determining the fair Market value of property which would be open to Public scrutiny and if the guidelines Are followed As closely As is possible the grand list could be defended explained and grievances settled without the clamor that has Arisen in Manchester. Unfortunately passage of this measure this year by the legislature is Remote because its introduction came so late in the session and a Reform of local tax appraisal methods therefore will have to wait another year. Manchester voters took a first step toward improving local tax appraisals when they gave overwhelming endorsement to establishing a systematized property appraisal system at town meeting last March but this system will not be fully in effect until 1967. In the meantime we Trust the bitterness bewilderment and anger that Marks the current hassle in Manchester can be ended by open Frank and candid discussions Between the listers Board of civil authority and the aggrieved taxpayers. It seems to us the listers have a lot of explaining to do. Completion of the new Plant and we expect Many people will be on hand to Welcome this new Industry to Bennington. Members of the 1915 Beni graduating class who gathered Here for their 50th reunion must have had a Good time exchanging stories and talking about the Good old Days. The picture of the class 50 years ago and the old grads at their reunion must have stirred memories in Many readers. The Banner s Garden columnist Pete Mattoon had some Good words of advice to the Green thumb aet on How to care for Iris during the summer. We were never aware that Iris needed summer care As it is about the Only Flower in our Garden that seems to Bloom each year without us lifting a Finger to help them along. That a the kind of gardening we like. Little. Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston instead of a murdering each other As the quaint language of the ring has it have presided at the beginning of the end of commercial boxing we Hope. A sport As sick As this one surely cannot survive much longer. Hen pecked husband one who asserts him self by demanding a clean apron. A the Franklin a Tidewater news Fischetti late casualty Washington calling i War Clouds by Marquis Childs Washington. This is a signal from the closed world of the Kremlin in Moscow. It is sent by a responsible Western statesman Long familiar at firsthand with the course of world affairs. Several hours spent with Premier Aleksei Kosygin brought a sense of dismay and alarm. The propaganda intention was there of course a the desire to spread the Kremlin line As widely As possible through the Chancell eries of the West. But with this discounted to the limit the impression was of a Man searching almost desperately for a Way out of an impossible Box. Kosygin talked about the United states for virtually the entire time. Washington was ruining any Hope for coexistence. The policy of the Johnson administration would soon leave the soviet Union with no alternative but to join the War in Viet Nam in full Force. The attack was obviously part of the propaganda. But a major theme that seemed to come out of a genuine and deep seated concern was the Lack of communication Between the two worlds. While he did not say it in so Many words the visitor brought away the impression that the private and personal Exchange begun Between Nikita Khrushchev and John f. Kennedy after the cuban missile crisis and continued by president Johnson with Khrushchev and later with Kosygin had been suspended. A further impression was that Kosygin continued to Hope for some overture from Washington although Hope had almost run out. A report based on this extended conversation is currently being circulated in Western capitals at the highest official level. What influence it will have is Uncertain. But it does tend to confirm the Basic fear of Allied statesmen that communication Between the two nuclear giants has been All but broken off. This could be heard in the letters press ignored the tribute to a. John Holden or. A to clarify Thi Vitt con Sooto to the Square of Tut Monsoon Omoto by political Cupta tits Ano int South a Tina most army Knoub stably a00 up to to Nolner Mort amt rican troops a i think Quot to the editor of the Banner we have heard lately a lot of screaming by the press about the a right to know Quot by the press claiming that the legislature and executive sessions of various committees the Public s right to know what is going on in the world. May i submit the Public has a right to know about events the press for some reason does not feel obligated to report in proportion to the importance some of us feel certain events Are worthy of. Or. A. John Holden or. Resigned As commissioner of education for Vermont after 16 years of service and was honoured at a dinner in Barre by Over 450 people mostly from the education Field but also by Many laymen from school boards and education committees. This event received no comment in the Rutland Herald and in the Banner on the Page 2 column a around Vermont headlined a Cdr. Holden Given Send off under which was printed eight lines of statistics of the numerical attendance but not a line about some of the people of position who were there and not a line on what they said. There was no mention that John was a Bennington Man and his family prominent in Bennington for years not a line on what has been done for education in Vermont during his term As commissioner. Instead of breaking in on meetings to get news the press indicates Why so Many groups feel justified in barring them. Here was a Chance for a wonderful Story of a gracious career of accomplishment. Yet the press passed it by. To interest the press presumably or. Holden should have gone to Reform school instead of Harvard and Columbia universities and received honorary degrees All Over the country. Undoubtedly he would be of interest to the press if he burned Down a barn instead of administering a school building program that has built Many Good facilities around the state. He would have attracted More press by robbing a Bank and shooting its officers than he got for fighting for better teachers and better opportunities for Vermont s Young people. The warped idea of the press As to what is news is Why committees trying to run our governments do not Trust the press with their Confidence. Why print stories of rape and murder in Illinois when Here was a Nice Story about Vermont and Bennington that got eight lines on the second Page you complain about Lack of information yet you Don t cover the obvious. Alexander . Drysdale. Bennington. Not forgotten to the editor of the Banner one of the most important of mrs. Elmer Johnson s benefactions not mentioned in the Banner was the substantial sum toward the finishing of the basement room in the Bennington free Library now used by the friends of the Library and by other groups. Her gifts included a Large share of the amount needed to install heat for the room and also the entire outside Entrance. The Appeal to her for help in making the room usable was met with her usual graciousness and willingness to be of assistance and her continued interest at that time is not forgotten. Mrs Florence h. Moses. Bennington. Congressman s report Federal excise tax tits explained by Stafford background at the recent fruitless nato meeting in London. Certain of America s staunchest supporters had come to that meeting prepared to sound off against the ambiguity of american policy in Viet Nam. They were dissuaded by a plea for patience and understanding. With the exception of a minor outburst or two the nato ministers went through the familiar ritual of meaningless _ the same concern is reflected in the unease in the labor party and to a degree among conservatives As Well in Britain. Prime minister Harold Wilson is in for bad trouble As he tried to hold to the loyalty line. These Are the facts of life that when reported in this country Are taken by the presidents More passionate champions contemptuous of a a decent respect for the opinions of Mankind Quot As a form of Les Majeste. The answer of the top men in the Johnson administration to the plaint of the Kremlin is one often repeated. We have tried and tried and there is no response. They cite the Effort to get a conference going on Laos which was blocked by China and North Viet Nam. A similar proposal on Cambodia with the Hope of having talks on the Side Over Viet Nam was also blocked. When Secretary of state Dean Rusk met soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko in Vienna recently mention of Viet Nam from the american Side met with polite disinterest. Since the formal proposals have come to nothing so goes the comfortable Assumption Moscow must not be too concerned Over the future of the War in Viet Nam. A gloss of optimism that seems to foreign observers at times almost frivolous is put on this aspect of the conflict. At the level of the Kremlin Logiste the answer Given with far less optimism is that nothing can be done about the soviet Union until Viet Nam is out of the Way. A of the optimistic gloss a customarily reinforced by the conviction that Russia and China Are irrevocable enemies a does not take in All top policy makers. There Are those with Access to full intelligence reports who see a grave threat in the not too Distant future. Their reasoning is As follows because of the split in the communist bloc Moscow will feel compelled to Send More and More material into North Viet Nam. Technicians and specialists will go with it. Then will come As american bombing edges farther and farther toward Hanoi a direct confrontation Between the two great Powers. After that anything can happen. It May be too late. It May be the divisions Are so deep that nothing can now be done. For europeans this is a counsel of despair. They Are beginning to argue the need for a dramatic new overture that would not rest on formal proposals. Such an overture might take the form of a High level meeting. Without it the Drift will continue and there Are worried individuals who can hear the sound of the Falls. By Robert t. Stafford . Representative a it. Washington. The Outlook for final congressional approval of a Sharp reduction in excise taxes appears to be excellent following House passage of the $4.8 billion five stage Cut by a vote of 401 to 6. The reduction was Long overdue in my mind and the resulting boost to the Economy should produce sufficient revenues from other tax sources to make up for the loss this Cut will cause to the Federal Treasury. As passed by the House this is what the Bill will do a 3 per cent Cut in the Auto excise tax retroactive to May 15, As of july i the retail taxes on handbags Luggage jewelry furs and toilet articles will be eliminated As will manufacturing excises on business machines sporting goods most Home appliances photographic equipment and coi operated amusement devices. On Jan. I 1966, the Telephone tax would be reduced from to to 3 per cent admissions taxes would be repealed As would the documentary stamp tax and some other manufacturing taxes such As those imposed on Light bulbs and the Auto tax would be further reduced by i per cent. Finally Over the next three years the Auto and Telephone taxes would be gradually reduced each january i until Complete repeal on the first Day of 1969. The Bill also made permanent such wartime taxes As now exist on cigarettes liquor Beer wines and transportation by air. Some respected National journals such As congressional quarterly indicate the Congress has Given rapid approval to new programs but has walked at Economy moves proposed by the Johnson administration. It is True that i and a majority of my colleagues have reversed false Economy administration proposals such As cutting Back certain veterans administration facilities in Rural areas and cutting Back the soil conservation and agricultural conservation programs. But a Check of the appropriation Bills passed by the House through june i does not Bear out the suggestion that we have Given up in trying to reduce government spending. Out of nearly $44 billion proposed by the administration in the appropriations put through the House through this Date cuts of More than $1.3 billion have been made. In what was supposed to be a Rock Bottom budget. In addition i voted against another $1.5 billion in spending which the majority party has approved. A of t As mentioned above the House has refused to go along with presidents proposal to set up a revolving fund in the soil conservation service and to reduce act funds. Vote on agriculture appropriation restoring full funds for these vital services was 354 to 41. House also restored $23.5 million for operation of All present veterans administration facilities. Foreign Aid authorization of Little Over $3.3 billion won 249 to 148 approval. I supported it after joining in losing attempt to reduce the authorization by $131 million on a vote of 178 to 219. Legislation to repeal Section 14 b of the Taft Hartley act is still lodged in committee. I told the Vermont legislature that while i opposed right to work Law in Vermont when i was Gover a nor and still do i shall vote against repeal of 14 b on grounds each state should decide on its own without Federal dictation. Hearings on military pay increase have started before a armed services committee. I support a larger increase than being recommended by the Prest a Dent and introduced legislation earlier this year to bring it about. The Federal gun registration proposal which vermonters Are vigorously opposing by mail is still tied up in committee. Teachers who Are worried about proposed new copyright act seem to be protected by clause which would still allow them to use material in actual classroom instruction. Postmasters in second and third class offices will be Given a five May work week by measure. Approved by the House. The recent trip to Canada As a Delegate to the United states Canada inter parliamentary conference was a delightful experience another reminder that we too often take Friendship Between these two neighbors for granted and need to strive to understand each others views More Toler Antly. I have made my first a a Solo air trip to Vermont and Back. It gives me More time at Home and will be tried More often weather per mining. Springfield. Commencement 1965, is bringing Forth a new crop of platitudes and pronouncements on the state of the world. Mottoes filled with meaning Are a part of the decorations in Public High schools across the state and nation. There Are the tears and smiles and frustrations that Are All a part of the graduation scene every year. There is no doubt the class of 1965 is badly needed on the world scene. That is of they have any sense of the problems and confusions they will have to face in their remaining years. The world scene offers Little Opportunity for complacency. The energies of the Young Are needed in a never ending flow. At fair Haven Union High school last week there was reason for High Celebration. Midway in 1965 the new Wing of the High school was occupied. The outstanding feature of the new construction is a Fine Library with ample facilities for books and study. The room is painted a deep Blue in keeping with the handsome stained Glass windows. Stained Glass windows Are rare in Public High school libraries. The windows came from the girls High school of Boston when the building was torn Down. Fair Haven did t pay anything for them. Superintendent Oliver Brown simply asked for them. The windows were to be discarded in the move to the new and modern. One member of the fair Haven Union Board designed the simple but effective aluminium frames which hold the windows in place. Each window symbolizes or illustrates some idea or quotation from the cultural heritage of Western Man. The graduating class had demonstrated a Broad Range of ability in everything from the statewide Edmunds prize essay contest to athletics. The prize essay was on the subject of the childhood imagery of Robert Frost s poetry the athletic Triumph was the Marble Valley league football championship for the record Youthful spirit by Ron Raynolds but the Library was by far the greatest accomplishment of the Community. A of farther North on the Canadian Border Richford High school could Point with Pride to one senior who had won High honors As a Merit scholar and a Fine graduating class which had earned deep respect from the faculty and the Community. The struggle for a Library is still in Progress though there is a collection of books needing Only better physical facilities to House them. Superintendent Forrest Farnum told with Pride of special efforts to work with the problems of Young people from the French English background of Northern Vermont children whose adjustment to learning had been blocked Early by uncertainty and indecision stemming from bilingual confusion. Speeches by valedictorians and. Saluta Orlans revealed All the spirit of youth thanking their communities for the opportunities provided but already per. Ceiling greater opportunities for the future. Youthful impatience it was evident. Their energies and enthusiasms Are Welcome in world where the interracial list of those murdered for the cause of civil rights is already too a a Long. Moon probes and forays into the Hills and Jungles of Viet Nam require new answers to old problems. A nation curtailing its food production while two. Thirds of the world starves has need of new people with new ideas. With ail the Hope of a graduation there remains a lingering question. Has the older generation really done enough to pro r vide an Opportunity for Quality education even Youthful enthusiasm cannot make up for an in adequate education. Humor Progress report one step in a married Progress has been attained he is making As much As he told her he was he proposed. A Concord mass enter

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