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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 17, 1965, Bennington, Vermont I i Bennington Banner thursday june 17, 1965 roller pays Johnson a Viet Nam stand seen Basic to his political future by Lyle Wilson United Presa International the eggheads and the pundits now Are giving president Johnson the scalding treatment that they accorded Barry Coldwater during the 1960 presidential Campaign. The eggheads and the pundits worked Coldwater Over on charges that he was a trigger Happy advocate of stepping up the War in Viet Nam. And seven months after Coldwater was beaten what causes the eggheads and the pundits to boil in angry frustration it is a War. A War is what the eggheads and pundits got soon after they helped Bury Coldwater last november and raise Lyndon b. Johnson and Hubert h. Humphrey to unexampled Heights of political Triumph. The eggheads and the pundits had no suspicion when they were beating Coldwater Over the head and leading the lbs huh cheering Section that full service Hanking a Man needs full service Hanking when he has the responsibility of a Home c a and family get full service at the Vermont Bank and Trust company us i. Lovas pal is c h St k k a Brattleboro Rutland a Bennington a Manchester member Deposit. Insurer corporation there was a War in their immediate future. Candidates Johnson and Humphrey permitted no hint to appear that they would be leading the United states in an Asiatic War within a year of taking office. It is Likely of course that neither Johnson nor Humphrey was aware of what Lay ahead. But they did t hint that to the voters either. The Johnson Humphrey stance was that they were on top of the situation Here there and everywhere. They pictured themselves As the nations Only defense against Coldwater and National disaster. The outraged eggheads and pundits Are blistering lbs now for escalating the War in Viet Nam. Coldwater and the conservatives who supported him in 1960 in general Are supporting the administration s Viet Nam policy. That is a strange Alliance and weakly joined. The conservative approval of the president s bold stand in Southeast Asia will diminish soon unless there is Early evidence in Washington that lbs is concentrating More on obtaining a satisfactory settlement in Southeast Asia and less on winning the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. Politics As usual is the word for it. One is tempted to revive the world War ii Wisecrack say Mack done to you know there is a War on. The nation s survival is no less on the line now than the political survival of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. The Johnson administration proceeds with tax reduction spending and other programs announced in mid january when the citizens surely and lbs perhaps expected the United states to get out of Southeast Asia without a major Bone crushing Effort. Popular peacetime programs at Home and a big and steadily More expensive War abroad Are what the Johnson administration policies now add up to. Moreover the Johnson administration is accused of gambling concealing and otherwise managing the news of Southeast Asia. The citizens cannot Long accept that kind of treatment even if they Are conservative citizens and believe the War in Viet Nam is really a War and that it must be won. The United states entered world wars i and ii relatively Strong. The United states was less Strong and less ready when it stumbled into the korean War. The United states now is in a Southeast asian War and does no to even know it. Berkeley Calif. Up a three fourths of the graduates of the University of California Here earn More than $10,000 annually a Survey has shown. The Campus Chancellor s office took a Survey among 66,000 alumni. It found that most of them held their Alma mater in High esteem 71 per cent said they would Send their children Here. Legal notices up soviet giant three French sailors in foreground watch As russians new giant Airliner lands at the Paris International air show tuesday. The plane the Antonov caused a sensation and is said to be capable of carrying 720 passengers at a crusing Speed of 403 Miles per hour. It is powered by four Turbo prop engines of 13,000 horsepower each. The . Is developing a Large Jet powered transport the c-5, which will carry 1000 persons. The soviets said they plan to use the plane to haul heavy equipment to undeveloped regions in soviet Siberia. Warning Pownal town school District the Legal voters of the Pownal town school District Are hereby warned and notified to meet at the town Hall in Pownal on tuesday june 22, 1965. Ballot articles jul be voted from 1 00-7 00 . And the business meeting jul be called at 8 00 ., . Article i. To hear reports of the school Board and other officers of the District and to take action thereon. Article 2. To see of the District will vote to pay the full High school tuition in the amount not to exceed $580 or to pay the $475 required by Law. Article 3. To see of the District jul authorize the school Board to borrow Money from time to time to meet current expenses before taxes Are collected and to Issue interest bearing orders thereon. Article 4. To vote by ballot to elect one member of the school Board for three years one member of the Freeman appeals for passage of lbs a a farm program reforms Washington up a agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman wednesday called for Senate approval of the administration s omnibus farm Bill including a new plan to switch 40 million acres from crops toothed uses. Freeman testified before the Senate agriculture committee which opened Long delayed Public hearings on the administration Bill. Freeman said new farm legislation is needed because despite Progress in recent years a farm income is disgracefully existing support programs for Cotton wheat and feed grains Are scheduled to expire having a water shortage let us cure your Ater problem Genest Well drilling inc. Percussion amp rotary drilling Complete water systems Kensington Conn. 72 ailing St. 828-3752 area code 203 Bennington it. I of South St. 442-6560 after the 1965 crop season. The administration Bill includes controversial proposals to extend and revise government support programs for feed grains wheat Wool and Rice. While it does not include specific proposals for new Cotton legislation Freeman recommended that Congress add a Cotton plan under which farm income would be propped primarily by direct government payments to growers. The agriculture Secretary also went on record in support of a Dairy Bill which was not included in the administrations omnibus measure. This Bill would authorize the use of a new pricing system designed to discourage overproduction in milk Sheds regulated by Federal milk marketing orders. But Freeman said a the most Basic and perhaps the most essential feature of the entire Bill is his cropland adjustment program for Long term diversion of acreage from surplus crops. Under the program Farmers would be offered a Chance from 1965 through 1970, to sign government contracts under which cropland would be taken out of production for periods ranging from five to to years. Carpenter chips Iii Exeter England up a an automobile association patrolman helped local workmen chop through a massive tree which blocked a main vacation Road for two hours Here sunday. The a Many a name a Chippy Carpenter. Backhoe and dump truck by contract or hour rate Donald Ennis amp son Arlington it. Tel. 375-6079 or 375-6936 Javery memorials 517 South Street Bennington Vermont Call mrs. Ernest h. Javery mrs. Alan h. Page Charles m. Sellz peanuts i ujell.60l0h6. Charlie Broun Quot 5 been Nice Don t grown know ? its beets Nice knowing v0u too r0v.have a 6000 trip Home. For the first time in my life i feel i really helped someone he Jas lonesome Ano i became his Friend us at an accomplishment . There it is. There s it Shell a r ii Jolim Mali i airline has a ice re Leason Abolt passenger safety s Blontie Lair in i Iii in oilily p i37 Welu sometimes Dolfl the Crummy haircuts turn out better than the 600p ones at Sieve Gam on every litter bit hurts the a. Embassy people Abe pulling eve Erv str Ino on behalf of Perdita Rune St eve and Sot. Lakewood. The hero actor accepts adulation with modesty then bios to be excuse ii Milton Caitiff because the one person who knows the whole Story is cheetah still bound and gagged in a hotel he must silence her for keeps. Sure grown know that every litter bit he Quot to. But they forget. And that a what starts the litter mess. Soon there a a shameful pile up that has to be cleaned up always of your expense if you re a taxpayer. What s More a heart of Juliet Jones ii it stall Drake re sp0tuss so is keep America beautify ii o its easy for children to get that careless habit. So dad mom a Lead the Way to the litter Basket. Use a litter bag in your car. Of we grown remember our kids wont forget to keep America Beautiful published As a Public service in cooperation with the advertising Council

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