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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 11, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Benninpton Banner Friday june la 1965 the Bennington Banner advice published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials focus on latin America the troubles the United states is experiencing in creating a government for the dominican Republic Are having the indirect effect of making this country think about latin America again. It is Good for the United states to think about its neighbors to the South but unfortunate that it takes a serious crisis to inspire it. The truth is after world War ii we did precious Little thinking about latin America until the troubles of the last few years when we started to think about it in fits and starts. If we had started to cogitate sooner some of the present troubles might never have occurred or at least might have taken a different shape. During world War ii the United states tried to make up for years of neglect by a crash program of attention to latin America and its concerns. A sudden sense of Mutual interdependence had opened our eyes. But then the War ended and the United states was diverted by other affairs notably a whole series of problems both european and worldwide in scope. As a result As John Plank an expert on latin America notes in the new York times Magazine a it reunited states through negligence rather than design nearly forfeited a generation of latin the problems of the latin american countries Are so pronounced and the likelihood of new revolutions so great that it is discouraging even trying to find an approach to solutions. It is hard to find a Way to Deal fruitfully with nations whose per capita income is about a tenth of our own. By its own example of Prosperity the United states inspires revolt through the mechanism of a rising latin americans learn from North americans the taste for consumer goods for ease Comfort and luxury but they also learn they cannot have them As things now stand without social upheaval. Latin America is a part of the world where a few very Rich Rule Over Many a editor s we were sorry to read of the resignation of Paul Kirsch assistant superintendent for the Bennington graded school District. In the relatively Short time Paul has been Here he has spearheaded some excellent educational projects and served with distinction in never flagging efforts to improve educational Quality in Bennington. We Are sorry to see him go but we wish him godspeed in his new Job in Salamanca . Another change in area educational personnel is the appointment of Philip Leonard As superintendent of the Hoosick Falls Central school. Leonard has been an outstanding civic Leader in the neighbouring new York Community and comes to his new Job with a dazzling array of talents that As very poor to a degree that is hard to realize much less ameliorate. Under the Hacienda system As it exists say in Peru the people live under a kind of serfdom and can be sold with land. It is a system the likes of which not has existed in Western Europe since the 13th Century. How to reduce the Gap from Rich to poor in order to make possible stable governments is therefore the Basic latin american problem. The Type of government that most latin americans Are used to seems authoritarian by our standards. The task of creating democracies runs into the obstacles of both the lopsided economies and the prevailing customs. The United states has frequently had to accept military dictatorships As a fact of life. What is unfortunate is that . Policy has had the effect too often of keeping the lid on the status quo regardless of How badly reforms might be needed. But the lid cannot be kept on indefinitely and Here it was that the late president Kennedy a proposal for the Alliance for Progress pointed the Way toward a really enlightened policy. The Alliance through the use of . Aid was designed to arouse social consciousness among those in Power and persuade them to begin the reforms that would help lift up the wretchedly poor. By specifically recognizing the need to promote More Equality of incomes the Alliance picked up the Basic latin american problem by the right handle. If the Alliance has not lived up to its Promise it is largely because the United states has been diverted from the Alliance s Basic arms by Castro and the spread of communism from Cuba. Nevertheless it is Only by bearing in mind the alliances concepts that the United states can Hope to Deal realistically with latin americans problems. The problems of the moment must not be allowed to obscure this truth. Sures the Central school of the same Type of competent administration that has marked its growth under the recently resigned superintendent James Beaverson. News that the newly constructed Wing of the Mark Skinner Library in Manchester will be dedicated on july la prompts the observation that those instrumental in planning and designing the new addition deserve a Long and loud round of applause. Located in a prominent spot in Manchester and along . 7 where the traveler can to miss seeing the Library the new addition blends harmoniously and in perfect taste with the old Structure. It would have been relatively easy we believe to botch the Job by a poor design but this has been avoided so cleverly that it really makes the Library an even More outstanding landmark. Quot Why Alit they against us Chou a we want is Lebensraum. In h a or patrol action air strikes ground Force. Commitments . Involvement in Vietnam \ matter of fact Johnson should demote himself As Field marshal in vie Nam War by Joseph Alsop Washington. It is neither easy nor especially pleasant to say yet there is one More thing that really needs saying in summation of the lessons Learned during a recent visit to the vietnamese War. To put it bluntly the president is asking for very bad trouble by trying to act As both Field marshal and top sergeant in a War half Way round the world in a country he does not know with combatants tactics terrain and an Infinity of other local features which Are wholly unfamiliar to him. For a president to make this attempt in addition to his countless other duties is without any precedent whatever in the whole course of american history. No one has noticed this however because every one remembers the second cuban crisis when president Kennedy exercised the most detailed control of the naval blockade that called the soviet Bluff. A of this is a false precedent for several obvious reasons. The most important practical reason is that the second cuban crisis was near at hand and strictly limited in time and space. Hence detailed control could be intelligently exercised from the White House. The thing attempted was feasible and the results were Good. The cuban precedent no doubt applied last Winter during the first weeks of air operations against North Viet Nam. In the initial period exceedingly delicate political judgments had to be made each Day. Close direction from the White House was therefore needed. But it is simply not feasible for the president to go on acting in his double role of Field marshal and top sergeant. Doing so risks bad trouble not because president Johnson lacks the intelligence or the courage for the task but because what is being attempted is impossible to do Well. The problem is now becoming urgent moreover because the whole pattern of the vietnamese War is changing rather rapidly. On the one hand the North vietnamese communists Only half concealed invasion of South Viet Nam is growing More and More massive and significant. A a of a on the other hand american re Tatary strength is therefore More and More needed to sustain the South vietnamese against the growing pressure from the North. Unless american military strength is used promptly energetically and wisely both on the ground and in the air against the North the enemy can too easily succeed in breaking the will to resist of the South vietnamese troops in one or More of the corps areas that Are now under heavy attack which is How the communists count on gaining the final Victory. But As Long As the president attempts to exercise personal control Over the smallest operations in which american military strength is employed prompt and energetic use of this strength cannot be counted on. The president in fact is too Busy and too far away. Already it must be added the results have been decidedly unfortunate especially in the Case of the famous a pause in the Northern bombing operations. The president ordered this a pause in order to Spike the guns of his Domestic and foreign critics. That was no doubt convenient. But As was clearly foreseen by the american commanders on the spot the a pause also greatly disheartened the South vietnamese and vastly emboldened the communists in the North. The a pause also set another novel precedent which is Likely to be bitterly embarrassing later on if and when the . Effort in Viet Nam at last begins to pay off. For it must Sparks from the forge More fallacies in education be remembered that two solid years of hard fighting intervened Between the opening of negotiations at Panmunjom and the signature of final truce in Korea. The Mere opening of negotiations is highly unlikely to produce a More decisive result in Viet Nam than it did in Korea. But How is the pressure to be kept on As it will have to be kept on with All the twaddle merchants at Home and abroad clamorous by reminding the president that he was willing to relax the pressure for the simple purpose of inviting negotiations in Short this was not a step that would Ever have been taken by the commanders on the spot with their realistic sense of the True course of the War. History bristles with lessons that wars cannot be successfully managed by Remote control even the most voluminous cables Are a poor substitute for hard reality. That does not imply of course that the president can or should relax the careful political and Over All strategic control of the War that must always be exercised by every commander in of but there is a difference a very wide difference a Between exercising political and strategic control and personally passing on every operation however trivial involving the use of american strength. There Are several possible solutions of the problem. Gen Maxwell Taylor for instance could be promoted to be american theater commander leaving u. Alexis Johnson As ambassador to Saigon. And some sort of solution will surely have to be found before Long. By Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. The third of the four fallacies which seem to be firmly embedded in the educationists Dogma of our times is that a the management of the schooling process is not to be entrusted to those who Are closest to it. The Best results Are to be obtained when All Power is centralized and far away. Lip service is Given by the educationists to the theory that the parents and communities have some rights in the matter and they offer As evidence of their concern the Pat. Actually in my opinion this association is but a device similar to the brass ring in the Bull s nose whereby the intractable beast is led where the master wants him to go. As school consolidations multiply and As centralized control strengthens the Community and the parents become More and More alienated from the schools. Proof of the benefits stemming from Home Rule Are becoming increasingly difficult to adduce for the evidence lies in the truly Community school the one room Grade school and the country boarding Academy and these Are rapidly joining the ranks of the Dodo. If the centralized Hierarchy is to continue to grow it must eliminate these schools and in each Case the Point of no return has already been reached. It was in the Rural schools that the Best results were obtained the children walked to and from school and waited not for the bus wherein they now learn to spit out the windows on the unsuspecting bystander. In the Good one room school it was possible to generate a style and according to Alfred North Whitehead a style in its finest sense is the last acquirement of the educated mind. Style is the ultimate morality of the mind. And it is an attribute All too frequently lacking in those who occupy the upper echelons in the educationists Hierarchy and one All too Seldom cherished by them. I would like to go on in greater detail Here but for those who would pursue the matter further i recommend Albert Lynd s a quackery in the Public schools a $1.25 item in Grossett a Universal Library. For support of my fourth Contention i will lean heavily on a magnificent work by the Frenchman Jacques Ellul. Translated by John Wilkinson in 1964 and published in that year by Alfred Knopf. A the technological society a is the most significant Book that i have come across in years and it is from this great Book that i find refutation of the fourth bogus axiom of the educationists. This axiom might be phrased thus a that the child should be educated not in and for himself but in and for what the approved methods of education Are now preparing our children for is some sort of behaviour society such As has been described by prof. B. F. Skinner in his novel a Walden two a wherein a tiny elite manage a wholly contented and reckless Community each member of which is As completely conditioned As were Pavlov a dogs. I will not be sidetracked Here by the non human theories of this har Vard professor who along with other accomplishments can take credit for the a teaching machine which will if the educationists do not illogically oppose its use for fear that it will supplant them take Over in our schools. Of course Mark Hopkins will turn Over in his grave but As a matter of fact if his ghost has had any inkling of what has been going on at Williams since his demise he is already spinning like a demented Dervish for those who want a More devastating expose of prof. Skinner than i can give i suggest that they read a measure of Many a by Joseph Wood Krutch also in Grossett a University Library. The process that our educationists Are now engaged in is turning out de personalized units for a highly organized society which has All the attributes of a Colony of termites. All the evidence Points in this direction and those who would like to can Point with Pride to a fellow vermonter John Dewey As having had a great responsibility in this matter. In spite of Dewey and Skinner i cannot see that a Walden two poses a real threat of becoming a reality in our time but this does not Lessen my distress As what is indubitably taking place. It is All too evident that our educationists Are now engaged in the process of turning out people who Are what society expects them to be rather than individual men. Jacques Ellul says a this Means despite All the pretentious talk about the Aims of education it is not the child in and for himself that is being educated but the child in and for society. And the society moreover is not an Ideal one with full Justice and truth but society As it is. When a society becomes increasingly totalitarian and i say a society not state it creates More and More and More difficulties of adaption and requires its citizens to be conformist in the same degree. Thus this technique becomes All the More necessary. I have no doubt that it makes men better balanced and a happier. And there is the danger. It makes men Happy in a Milieu which normally would have made them unhappy if they had not been worked on moulded and formed for just that Milieu. What looks like the Apex of humanism is in fact the Pinnacle of human submission children Are educated to become precisely what society expects of a of and if we continue in the Way we Are going. Education will no longer be an unpredictable and exciting adventure in human enlightenment but an exercise in conformity and an apprenticeship in whatever gadgetry is useful in a technical this no doubt is a comfortable Way to go but Why should our kids be taught to eschew the divine unease of Freedom and to accept the Security of undistinguished conformity the Way we Are headed leads to the further corruption of our society and the one thing we must do if we Are to avoid the destruction which has overtaken other civilizations is to discard these false dogmas which form the very foundation of our present educational Structure. These Days what s left for a Rainy Day letter to the editor Gypsy Moths to the editor of the Banner i agree with William Brown in his letter to the editor in the Banner on june 2 regarding the need to control the Gypsy Moth. He Straightens out the thinking Caps of our legislators and local officials when he says that Well have no leaves this autumn along with no billboards and no junked cars. I understand that when the Gypsy Moth strips the leaves from a tree three times it will de. Our experience of last summer and autumn a Gypsy Moth damage and the Lack of any Public appropriation to combat the Gypsy Moth is evidence of slackness. Two symbols of Vermont Are the Small farm and the Green mountains. Men and women of Vermont have toiled on our Small farms and were Able to make a go of it when they could take the produce from their Small plots to local stores and Trade them for essentials. Now the super markets have crowded them out. Super highways have crowded them out and the bulk tank system of milk handling has crowded them out. Land speculators have bought up these Small farms and have allowed the land to go into Brush filled eve sores and they Are being paid by the government a goodly amount for not lifting a Finger to work the land. Millionaires come to Vermont and Start farming for a Hobby Post their lands and Are successful because the so called farm organizations and state helps them. But no help has been Given to the Small Armer in spite of political promises since the administration of Redfield Proctor and later when his son Mortimer was governor. In spite of the fact that i Admire gov. Philip Hoff for getting the state out of the red and the Success he has had getting new industries to come to Vermont i have never heard of him doing anything to help the Little Farmer or to help protect our mountains from the Gypsy Moth. Perhaps he knows that our former do nothing legislators have slacked on the problem and it is now too late to do anything about it. According to news reports the governor wants to put part of his surplus into educational programs. I am an advocate of Good schools but i think part of this surplus Money should be applied to help the Small Farmers and to eliminate the Gypsy Moth. If not we shall become known As the Brown Mountain state. Byron a. Harrington. Bennington. By John Chamberlain the Only thing the republicans have going for them domestically is that Lyndon Johnson is passing out favors at a rate that could be impossible to maintain Over any Long period of time. In 1964 it was the income tax Cut. This got the administration past the november election and it has undoubtedly kept the Boom going through the first half of 1965. The forthcoming slash in excise taxes is counted on to make people feel Good for the rest of the year especially when they get some tax Money knocked off the Purchase Price of a car. But since gratitude in politics has been correctly defined As a a Lively anticipation of favors to come a neither the income tax Cut nor the excise tax remission is going to win the Day for lbs in 1966 and 1968. There will have to be new gimmicks. A of no one doubts the infinite resourcefulness of the Man from Texas when it comes to figuring out new a a consensus bait for voters. But the question is has lbs been dipping too far into his a or our capital to permit a continuation of his political largesse the current tax take is Good but Federal spending continues to outpace it. Theoretically Federal outlays for a a poverty cures and make work projects should taper off at the top of a Boom but our present Day keynesian no longer believe in the so called compensatory budget. They believe in spending All the time. But when this is the reigning philosophy there is no Cushion left for bad times. With the tax take shrinking you can to pile new appalachian anti poverty programs on old ones and new Urban renewal projects on last years Federal bulldozing without ruining the value of Money. The brazilians know All about that. The tax cuts that have made people feel Good today will All be cancelled out tomorrow when the bite for medicare takes hold. True enough this wont hit people with full Force until after the 1968 elections. But the spectre of 1969, when the combined employee and employer payroll tax is scheduled to Rise to $492.80 out of the first $5,600 of income will make it next to impossible for the administration to figure out new social Security a a gifts for anybody in 1967 and 1968. The cow can to be milked forever without being fed. Lyndon Johnson is obviously enjoying his current role of Benefactor and protector to the Hilt. But William Mcchesney Martin the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board has a Point when he warns against the recurrence of a 1929 a new Era euphoria. In his role of professional a no Man a or. Martin has mentioned such things As the recent rapid increase in consumer debt the cumulative International deficits and the expansion of the Money Supply that has been a superimposed upon a dwindling Gold feeling that most contemporary Money is a Only paper a people have been stash ing away Silver coins and lying to themselves when they say they Are or. Martin takes due note of the Many differences Between the Boom times of 1965 and those of 1929. The Economy today has the so called a built in purchasing Power can hardly shrink overnight when unemployment insurance social Security payments agricultural support checks and Plain old fashioned Relief mean that everybody can pay the grocer. Moreover the debt in Wall Street to brokers offices is not particularly High and both wholesale and consumer prices Nave been relatively stable. But if the present a new Era should falter or. Martins warning against our loss of elasticity could prove memorable. Says or. Martin a the Rise i government expenditures even in times of advancing Prosperity threatens to make it difficult to be More expansionary should a serious decline in private business activity require translated from banker a Lingo this Means that lbs has been spending his depression insurance Money at the top of the Boom which is the wrong time to spend it. Hamor planned parenthood the happiest families Are those in which the children Are properly spaced. About to feet apart say a Springfield Union i i

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