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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 11, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Fair not so warm fair but not so warm today. Fair tonight followed by increasing cloudiness. Low temperatures tonight in the upper 40s or Low 50s. Partly Cloudy and somewhat warmer saturday with a Chance of Light showers by evening. Yesterdays High 79 Low 45. The Star Eta in cepheus is the dimmest but also the nearest a 46 Light years from Earth. Benning Bennington Vermont Friday june la 1965 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no .19, 783 to cents Cambodia phenom Ponh Dono \ Xoai q Saigon All Psi Bahia Canino lbs Congress seen on collision course9 up Good Bye to All that new Yorkus mayor Robert f. Wanner visibly shaken with emotion announces thursday that he will not seek an unprecedented fourth term. Ile said he was keeping a Promise made to his wife who died 15 months ago not to run again. The mayor s decision hit new York and National democratic politicians like a bomb Shell. Rep. John v. Lindsay the gop nominee is now Given a Hetter than even Chance of wresting control of the City from the democrats. For or. A for top . Job Washington up a Franklin d. Roosevelt jr., the Man with the magic name is available to run for mayor of new York City of the right people ask him to. Roosevelt made that Clear thursday during a news conference he called shortly after new York mayor Robert f. Wagner announced he would not run for a fourth term. Wagner a decision threw new York democrats into an uproar. They need a Strong candidate to oppose 43-year-old rep. John v. Lindsay who has entered the mayoralty race As an Independent Republican. Sen. Robert f. Kennedy d-., now the no. I contender for new York state democratic Leader promptly said he thought Roosevelt a would be a Fine and rep. Adam Clayton Powell the sometime Maverick Democrat from Harlem said he thought for or. A would sweep new York and give the breath of fresh air we Roosevelt said a i have not been a candidate i am not a candidate today and i am not seeking to be a candidate. I do not intend to get involved in any contested but when asked of he would accept the democratic nomination of it was handed to him he replied a that depends on who offers it to Roosevelt now 50, is leaving his $28,500 Post As undersecretary of Commerce to become the $27,000-a-year chairman of the equal employment Opportunity commission on july 2, at president Johnson a request. He was named to the no. 2 Post in the Commerce department by the late president John f. Kennedy. He said several times during the news conference that he was a far too Busy to fight for the Washington up a president Johnson whose natural style is consensus and whose theme is a a let a reason together a seemed today to be locked on a collision course with the 89th Congress. The Issue was As old As the United states. And As fresh As today a fat congressional record. The question where does the authority of Congress end and the presidents Powers begin Bias mounts in Britain Cross burned London up a faced with mounting racial tension unemployment and housing shortages the British government May soon impose an almost total ban on immigration informed sources said today. Britain already has banned immigration of unskilled persons from Commonwealth nations who have no Job waiting for them Here. The stringent new restrictions May be instituted before the end of the year. The largest immigration into Britain is by so called a co Loredo persons a indians pakistanis and West indians. There have been two Cross burnings this week in the Industrial City of Birmingham where organizations patterned after the Kun flux klan have come into being recently. Prime minister Harold Wilson was expected to make a statement on immigration after the Commonwealth prime ministers conference which opens in London next week. The daily sketch said Wilson was considering a full three year ban on immigration. The most recent crack in Johnson a relations with Congress came thursday when the House approved and sent to the Senate legislation to give Congress the Power to veto pending and future closings of military bases. The move pointed up a Power struggle that presidents since George Washington and congresses since the first have fought out with varying results. But up to now Johnson and the present majority on Capitol Hill have been S.C. buddies that nobody much but republicans have noticed out loud it was Johnson who was running the country. Most members believe the Start of the rift came Jan. 3, when rep. L. Mendel Rivers d-s.c., took Over As chairman of the House armed services committee. Rivers had waited a Long time for the Job and he served notice at once he intended to flu it. The outbreak of hostilities was signalled monday when Johnson vetoed a Northwest flood reef Biu. He said in a polite Way that Congress had gotten too big for its britches in the bin. The Biu provided that in administering the flood Relief projects the president would have to seek Advance approval in each Case from the House and Senate Public works committees. Constitutionally there is a lot to be said against provisions like that and Johnson said it. But S.C. legislation Isnit new by any Means. For some years now construction of Federal buildings has been subject to the same restriction. A Little bit later Johnson or one of his helpers leaked out the word that this was Only a starter. The suggestion was that other vetoes were in Prospect unless Congress mended its ways. Government forces drive reds from bloody Dong Xoai Relief battalion missing 31 . Casualties reported South Viet Nam South Ufi Battle site eighteen were killed or were missing and to were wounded thursday when 1,500 Viet Cong overran the provincial capital of Dong Xoai the site of a special forces Camp 60 Miles North of Saigon. It was the heaviest single . Combat loss of the War in Viet Nam. Senate recommit periodic remap Bill Montpelier up a the Senate today ordered recommitted a Bill which would set up the machinery for periodic reapportionment of the legislature. The Bill was sent Back to the state and court expenses committee because the group had failed to note an amendment added to the Bill by the House. The Senate also wants to change the measure to allow the 150 member House realignment Falls planners hit official Snag in state bar of Bur Dis contract Hoosick Falls . A the efforts of the town and Village of Hoosick Falls to embark on a planning program ran into another obstacle this week when the new York state department of Commerce informed mayor Leo j. Albowicz that it is unable to enter into a contract with John Calbreath Burdis associates of Albany . The Burdis organization which is serving As consultant for the Bennington regional planning Hagerman should stood in bed a the Driver of the Rig not seen hauling this oversize homemade House trailer probably Felt his Day was a total loss yesterday. Above Ronald Shripka of Westfield ind., parked the trailer on North Street after he scraped the fender of another car As he rounded the Corner from main Street. In the photo below the trailer is pictured where it temporarily became jammed in die Low pass under the Vermont railway tracks crossing . ? North of the Bennington plats area. Hill trucker i Iii had Day Iii he ii n i ii ii to ii some Days As they say you just should a stood in bed. That was the Case thursday for Ronald Shripka of Westfield ind., As he hauled an oversized homemade House trailer or at least part of it through Bennington. Shripka a first trouble came As he travelled through Bennington Village. Turning North from Vermont 9 at Putnam Square according to see big trucker Page 12, col. 8 commission during a two year planning program Here was selected by both the Village and town of Hoosick Falls to prepare a comprehensive master plan. A letter from , director of the Bureau of planning a division of the department of Commerce advised mayor Albowicz that a it will be necessary that you select another the planning consultant and the chamber of Commerce must sign a contract before Federal funds for the planning program Are made available. The letter came in reply to Hoosick Falls application for the government Money. The reasons for the planning bureaus action were not entirely Clear this morning although a spokesman in Albany indicated that they Are strictly administrative in nature. The spokesman made it Clear however that the refusal to sign the contract in no Way indicates lbs hints new bid on disarmament United nations n. Y. Up a president Johnson is planning a major new initiative to break the East West deadlock on disarmament and give proof of the . Desire to halt the arms race it was Learned today. Informed sources said the president Hopes to announce the new initiative in a speech at Crem Onles celebrating the 20th anniversary of the United nations at san Francisco june 26. Exact details of the proposal were not immediately available. Sources close to the . Delegation said it would provide a tangible proof that the United states is sincerely interested in disarmament and is prepared to make major concessions in this Field. It was understood the presidents proposal after being outlined in san Francisco would be placed formally on the negotiating table at the 17-nation disarmament conference in Geneva which Western delegates Hope will reconvene for at least a month prior to the opening of the general Assembly session Here sept. I. That the planning Bureau has a a qualms about the qualification or ideas of John c. Burdis the head of the firm As a planner. A the matter is still in a state of flux a the spokesman commented. A we Are still trying to get things straightened Burdis when contacted in Albany this morning agreed that the matter is a strictly a misunderstanding a and should be straightened out in Short order. He was unwilling to elaborate. The town and Village have been working for three years to get their master plan under Way. The planning and governing boards of both municipalities have met frequently with representatives of the Burdis firm and other planning organizations. They have also appropriated Money to pay the Cost of the first year of the program. Mayor Albowicz has not decided what the next step will be the Bureau of planning has offered to meet with the local boards however to discuss the status of their application for Federal planning funds. Under the provisions of the planning program the Federal government pays two thirds the Cost and the Community one third. Bennington began its work toward a master plan last fall. Baumann trains for a hush hush spot in capital Montpelier up a former state Public safety commissioner William Baumann is training in Washington for a a High level classified position with the Federal government it was disclosed today. Mrs. Baumann revealed that her husband on cumulative leave from the Public safety department has been training for the Post since mid May. She declined to reveal the nature of the Federal Job. Baumann was ousted from his Post by gov. Philip h. Hoff who replaced the 14-year state police Veteran with it. Erwin Alexander. State House sources in Montpelier hinted Baumann will be hired by the state department As a Liaison officer with police organizations throughout the world. He formerly headed the International police chiefs association. Plan passed by both Chambers to be adapted to a population base instead of a registered voter base if the Federal courts Rule. In other legislative action the House appropriated $1,000 for the Vermont Council of the arts formed recently by gov. Philip h. Hoff. A standing vote of 104-58 killed a measure that would have expanded Hoff a inter Agency committee on natural resources by four members. The House gave final approval to a $500,000 Bond Issue for state Park and Forest development and okayed a $5,000 appropriation for creation of an outdoor recreation land and water conservation fund. Final approval was Given to a Bill making License plates reflect see legislature Page 12, col. 5 mrs. Madeline mrs. Harwood named head of gof women Montpelier a mrs. Madeline b. Harwood of Manchester was unanimously elected thursday to head the Vermont Republican women a club. She succeeds mrs. Grace Hill of Burlington. Mrs. Harwood who has been president of the Vermont legislative Council was a state Delegate to the Republican National convention in san Francisco. A registered nurse she has been Active in Pat Oes Bennington county red Cross and the Vermont heart association of which she was elected a Mem Ber at Large this month. She has also been an officer of the Vermont state medical society. At thursday annual meeting mrs. Harwood advocated organizing the club on a regional basis. It is now based on town and county Levels. Also thurs Lay the club voted to change its name to Vermont federation of Republican women. Also elected were mrs. Mary Sykes Brattleboro first vice president mrs. Aline Ward Moretown second vice president mrs. Sue Pearson Middlebury Secretary mrs. Janice Waterbury Ripton treasurer and mrs. Nellie Pierce Barre auditor. Saigon up a government troops drove the Viet Cong out of Dong Xoai today in one of the bitterest Battles of the War and probed northward to try to Rescue what was left of a shattered Relief column. It was feared government Cas Latles might run As High As 500. Eight More americans were killed today when their plane crashed in the Central Highlands far to the North of Dong Xoai. The fighting at Dong Xoai itself Cost 31 american casualties according to a . Spokesman a one known dead 17 missing and 13 wounded. There had been no radio Contact for hours with the american adviser accompanying the government Relief battalion of 300 to 400 men which ran into a Viet Cong ambush when it tried to reach Dong Xoai 60 Miles North of Saigon thursday. The lost battalion had been flown in by helicopters when it ran into a communist regiment. Losses were feared heavy adding to the toll at Dong Xoai where More than 200 of the government defenders were reported killed or wounded. Viet Cong losses were believed High but there was no actual count. . Military sources in Dong Xoai estimated More than too were killed. Dong Xoai itself was a shambles of burned out buildings littered with More than too corpses including men women and children killed by napalm and flame throwers in the Savage fighting. Some of them had been used As Shields by the Viet Cong in the first minutes of their six hour human sea assaults. Bedraggled and bloodstained vietnamese women wailed As they keeled Over their dead. Uncomprehending children stood by and ate american c rations despite the nauseating smell of Burnt and decaying flesh. A gentle Monsoon rain was falling. The Battle for Dong Xoai began before Dawn thursday when Battle hardened Viet Cong attacked in Waves. An american survivor said it was assault after assault after assault with the valiant defenders slowly falling Back. Three Are dead in new Jersey hotel Blaze Plainfield . Up a three persons were killed and 14 injured Early today when a fire consumed a 90 year old rambling Frame hotel across the Street from a firehouse. Police and firemen continued to search the ruins for other possible victims after the spectacular Blaze visible 20 Miles away was extinguished. It was the sixth fire in the history of the Victoria hotel a Complex of eight buildings converted into a hotel in 1875 by a civil War Veteran. It is located in the heart of the City. The fighting raged All Day and through the night by the lurid Light of flares. Only today did tie Viet Cong begin withdrawing. And still today the guerrillas were sending up heavy antiaircraft fire at helicopters flying into the area and at the planes attacking them. By Dawn thursday the communists had overrun the special forces compound where there were 24 americans including regional advisers and a detachment of Navy Seabee sent there to build a new Camp for training vietnamese. Tokyo up a red China today claimed the right to Send troops into Viet Nam if american forces there take a direct hand in the fighting. But it stopped Short of saying it would. The warning was published in an editorial in the peking people s Dally the official Organ of the chinese communist party and broadcast to Tokyo today. The editorial carried the title a South Viet Nam is a graveyard for . it said that on june 8 president Johnson ordered american ground forces in Viet Nam into direct combat. This it said showed the United states was stepping up the fighting to the level of a Korea Type War. Peking said Johnson s order caused panic in the West and resulted in an official denial. Taylor bars official 9 declaration Washington up a Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor told Senate foreign policy leaders today he saw no advantage now in a declaration of War a by anyone on anyone in the Viet Nam conflict. Sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., senior Republican on the foreign relations committee said the . Ambassador to Saigon gave this View in a closed session held prior to a National Security Council meeting at the White House. Taylor also planned to Brief the House foreign affairs committee on the Viet Nam situation before going to the meeting with president Johnson and his top military and diplomatic advisers. Senators described Taylor a testimony As a a Frank and sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., said Taylor made a a very effective presentation As he always Aiken said he thought the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff might have been a Little More Frank. A the did say he saw no advantage in a declaration of War by anyone on anyone a Aiken said. A the still contends this is Viet Nam s War a and he is probably technically Brattleboro Escapee Gandhi in Sunderland Brattleboro up a a 45-year-old Escaper from the Brattleboro Retreat was Back in custody today after a wild four Day police Chase. Robert Bacon described by police As a potentially dangerous a was picked up without incident late thursday at the Home of his father in Sunderland. He had fled the Retreat a private mental Home around on the inside Sam Ogden comments on fallacies in our modern educational system Page 4. Nuhs graduation Story and pictures Page 6. Vermont to get largest youth corps allotment Page 5. Girls take most of the prizes at Manchester graduation a Page 7. Midnight sunday and launched a series of unusual events. When he was arrested Bacon had a 22-Callber Rifle and a revolver and police said he was a very they told the Story like this. Bacon hitchhiked to Shrewsbury mass. Monday and broke into the apartment of his former construction business partner Paul Pendell. He stole a Satchel full of coins a suitcase containing liquor arid perfume and hired a private plane and flew to Manchester vt., about to Miles North of Sunderland. There he abandoned the Satchel full of $400 in coins and the suitcase in a wooded area near the Airport and proceeded to walk dozens of Miles through densely wooded areas in Southern Vermont before calling his father. The elder Bacon picked him up in the Kelly stand area and then called police. Bacon said when police picked him up a a in a tired. And in a glad its i i

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