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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 11, 1965, Bennington, Vermont On Viet Nam Dirksen sees no alternative but to a Quot follow the president Bennington Banner Friday june la 1965�?3 Kennedy bloc seen Black Cloud on horizon of Happy Humphrey by William Theis Washington up a Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen believes Congress has a no Choice except to follow the president a in carrying out . Policy in Viet Nam. The 69-year-old Illinois Republican also feels strongly about the necessity for maintaining bipartisanship and the spirit of International cooperation set Forth for republicans r Stop saying a wish i had Cable tax Call now 442-9395 better to 317 main St. Bennington by the late sen. Arthur h. Vandenberg of Michigan. In an interview with up Dirksen was asked if he would be willing to support the bombing of Hanoi or red China if the chinese communists should intervene in Viet Nam. A there no Choice except to follow the president he replied. 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The Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chi Sukk Brattleboro Rutland Bennington # Manchester member fee Al Deposit insurance corporation does that leave the country a and the free world a a what about bombing red China a specifically knocking out the communists new nuclear Complex of peking enters the War in Southeast Asia a that would have to depend on recommendations of the military leaders. If there a careful recommendation by the joint chiefs of staff the president and the officers out there where does that leave Congress do you just drop the president and say a no a a Dirksen a Veteran of world War i then added a a in a like Macarthur a there i no substitute for Victory. Either we get Victory or about bipartisanship the Veteran of 31 years in Congress said a a. The Way Congress and the country Are oriented you have no Choice. Our Western states almost All agricultural have no deep interest in civil rights. And our Southern friends forget that there a Black revolution All Over the world not just in the United states. In the United nations the votes of african countries Are just effective the Illinois senator said he did no to think it was a mistake for republicans to follow the bipartisan role created by Vandenberg during the 1940s. A you have to look Down the Road and there no escape from International cooperation. I have Only one exception a i think Bill Fulbright Senate foreign relations chairman wants to go too far with multilateral Aid. We need a congressional Check on the Aid we provide. The interview took place in Dirksen a Capitol Hill office the Republican Leader ended a work Day that had begun at Moon toe Lester los Angeles up a before two legged Man sets foot on the Moon a three legged Surveyor will gingerly dip in a toe so that a space a a first keeps safety first. An unmanned Surveyor will soft land and scrutinize the lunar terrain to determine of it Dusty or crusty before Man risks his life learning whether the Moons sea of Tranquility truly tranquil or its sea of serenity surely Serene. Seven Surveyor spacecraft Are being built by Hughes aircraft company for the . National aeronautics and space administration under direction of the Jet propulsion Laboratory. The first will be launched before the end of 1965 from Cape Kennedy by an Atlas Centaur rocket for a 64-hour flight to the Moon. 5 30 . Edt. He sat at his desk a Large portrait of Abraham Lincoln Over his shoulder. He paused to take two Telephone Calls. The first was from a negro youth at Belleville iu., who wanted advice concerning a multary service problem. The senator asked the youth to Send him the details in a letter. The other w?.s from a hotel dinner Host who asked Dirksen what he wanted for supper. Dirksen ordered quickly a Steak Lima or Green Beans salad ice Cream and Coffee. Dirksen a final formal appointment for the Day had been with French ambassador Herve Al hand an old Friend. The ambassador on the receiving end of congressional criticism levelled at the anti american actions of his Boss Charles de Gaulle. Although Dirksen did no to say he was assumed to have applied some Balm to Alp hand a feelings. He also May have added a touch of astringent advice because Dirksen also has had enough of de Gaulle. Other questions and answers a a what of president Johnson a Bill to guarantee negro voting rights does not completely fulfil its a a then the next step will be to build up the Justice department and Start the enforcements wheels. There still some respect for enforcement. Actually resistance breaking a a what about a resurgent Kun flux klan a a it will die of its own weight. The members can to get enough Money to sustain it. I done to think it gaining ground. The Best thing that would happen on the klan would be for the press not to report its meetings. It would die on the a a what changes or improvements Are needed in congressional machinery or practices a a about the Only thing i see our staffing problem. We should augment our professional staff especially on the minority Side. There a nothing you can do about the seniority system. Election of committee chairmen would mean cutthroat quis there any other Job he would resign his Senate seat to take a a the answer no. The morning after the 1948 election Tom Dewey called me to say he did no to feel sorry for himself but for me and others who had helped him. He said a if we had won id have made you Secretary of i told him a Tom you a not make me i done to want to be bothered with administrative Young lady zoologist Jows about crows him by a club amp cottages Iii Vermont Northeast kingdom open 1965 june 25 to sept. 13 four lakes great forests Quimby famous for warm hospitality real fishing Riding Tennis and All water sports. Memorable meals pleasing service american plan reasonable rates see Vermont first a . Quimby Averill la. Vermont or phone 8028224335 by James Ryan Boston up a it just ainu to so about that old Black Crow. The much maligned Bird not a crop destroyer fact he eats 19 bushels of insects in a single season on an average sized farm. The Crow actually far smarter than the owl which apparently has had an undeserved reputation for Wisdom All these centuries. And the Crow family including Ravens magpies Rooks jackdaws and other similar Birds of a Feather highly developed socially and because of its keen intelligence can be trained a pet. Says who says miss Phyllis k. Linnemann of Lynbrook . A 25-year-old attractive blonde Hudson Valley Community College summer session june 30th through August 13th College preparatory mathematics trigonometry Chemi Stry b i Oil by English German philosophy sociology rus Sian accounting marketing Reading improvement physics College Transfer credit engineering graphics analytical geometry and calculus economics and human relations Western civilization United states history american government technical writing Steno script principles of real estate chemistry Phy sics mathematics French Spanish psychology russian history Litera lure typewriting business Law Hudson \ Alley Community College Troy new York phone 283-1 too who fighting a one woman Campaign to dispel the widespread notion that crows Are crop destroyers. A devoted zoologist miss lineman a member of the society for the preservation of the Crow insists that crows help save crops by eating beetles cutworms grubs and other insects. Getting a Bird Eye View of the City atop the new 52-Story Prudential Tower she reported that Long Island Farmers now import crows from new England to eat insects. Miss Lunneman was accompanied by her 3-year-old pet Crow a Lucky a who flew Here the Crow flies from new York aboard a commercial Airliner. A a Lucky described by miss Linneman a a character whose conversation limited to a a own and a hello she said she hoped to train him to say a hello Lucky old miss Lunneman received her first Crow at the age of nine. She went on to graduate with an a in zoology from Adelphi College in new York. During her four years of College she also worked at the Bronx zoo teaching animal lore to children. She noted that the Crow a enjoys a unique position in folklore where since time immemorial he has been regarded More symbolic of Good Luck than a four Leaf a the More indicative of abundance than a horse shoe a she said. A the More reassuring of Fortune than a rabbits drought plagued new englander perhaps should listen for much crying of crows at Sunset it Means the watershed level will Rise and rain imminent. Indian Hill Sacramento Calif. Up a the California Assembly has voted 71-0 to protect the indians from the White traders who make blankets and curios. The Bill forbids anyone from saying his goods were made by indians if they were not. By Lyle Wil son United press International nominated herewith for most Happy Fella of 1965 vice president Hubert Horatio Humphrey of whom it must be said that he never had it so Good. Horatio Alger improve much on the Story of Horatio Humphrey. Humphrey near the top after Long years of striving so near he can reach out and touch it. Better than that president Johnson expected to order the appropriate democratic National convention to nominate Humphrey for president so that he May succeed lbs in the White House. If the vice presidents slumber haunted by dreams that All of this too Good to be True there May be some substance in such a fearful presentment. The curdling truth that there another Kennedy in Humphreys future. There was a Kennedy blocking Humphrey from the White House in 1960, you May recall a Kennedy who came from nowhere really to Challenge huh for the democratic presidential nomination. That Kennedy was John f. And he beat Humphrey in Wisconsin where Humphrey was supposed to be a big big Man and he beat him in West Virginia where Humphrey was supposed to win because he was a protestant and Jack Kennedy was a roman Catholic. That would have been the end of Hubert Humphrey legitimate Hopes for the presidency except for factors wholly unforeseeable such Johnson a tragic accession to the presidency in 1963 and his urgent need in the 1964 presidential Campaign to establish himself a dependable left of Center Democrat instead of a right of Center Texas Democrat. So Hubert Humphrey one of the founders and spark plugs of the left Wing americans for democratic action Ada was tapped by Johnson for veep. Meantime the Kennedy Brothers Are going their Way building right to work excise taxes pass oui Iii it Lees Washington up a the House education and labor committee thursday overwhelmingly approved legislation to repeal a right to work Laws that ban the Union shop in 19 states. The committee acting Only two Days after the end of Public hearings on the controversial Issue voted 21-10 to repeal Section 14-b of the Taft Hartley Law. That provision allows states to enact Laws forbidding labor management contracts which require workers to join unions. Chairman Adam Clayton Powell d-. Said he would not seek immediate House action on the measure a major legislative goal of organized labor. The Senate finance committee thursday approved a $4.7 billion excise tax Cut including an extra big Bonus for new car purchasers. The Bill differed from both the plan presented by president Johnson last month and the version approved by the House earlier this month. The Maln differences Are on Auto excise taxes and the effective Date. Committee members said they discussed the possibility of restoring the Bill to the form proposed by Johnson but no motion was made and no vote taken. recommended by the administration the Cut would have amounted to $4 billion. The House version would provide for cuts totalling $4.8 billion. Political Strong Points in new York and Massachusetts fortifying them seems necessary and maintaining close and Friendly Contact with the racial labor and related voter blocs which provide the democratic party with much of its political muscle. Although it seems reasonably certain that there a Kennedy in Humphreys future there a assassination motives explored in mete Hook Washington up there Strong evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald a mind turned to thoughts of murder whenever he wanted to impress h i russian bom wife Marina. This May have resulted in his fateful decision to assassinate president John f. Kennedy. These possibilities were raised in a Book by Gerald r. Ford r-mich., House Republican Leader and a member of the presidential commission which investigated the assassination. In a portrait of the Assassin Simon amp Shuste going on the Market this week Ford said that a in All likelihood history will never be Able to judge the cause of Oswald a decision to assassinate Kennedy. He presents a critical View of Marina and cites mrs. Oswald a testimony before the commission having a possible bearing on Oswald a fateful decision. Oswald had returned from Mexico City where he had been refused permission to go to communist Cuba. Marina had been living with mrs. Ruth Paine in a Dallas suburb while Oswald lived alone in a Rooming House and worked at the Texas schoolbook depository. Slimmer school for professors University Park a. Up a College and University professors of the Earth sciences have a Chance this summer to update their knowledge in a special session at Pennsylvania state University. A summer Institute in mineralogy geochemistry and Petrology for College teachers of geology will be offered june 28 to August 7 under a Grant from the National sciences foundation. Applicants for the Institute must have had some formal training in mineralogy optical mineralogy and Petrology and must be involved in teaching the subjects at the College or Junior College level. After reason to wonder at this moment which Kennedy it might be. Robert f. Kennedy got the biggest build up during Juk White House years and he kept himself on Page one by raiding new York state for a . Senate seat at a time when he was not himself qualified to vote in new York. Edward Moore Kennedy the youngest of the clan earned More jeers than cheers when he announced in Massachusetts for the . Senate. Edward Moore Kennedy Teddy and he has proved to be quite a Man. If you had to bet right now it might be safer to bet that the Kennedy in Humphreys 1972 future will be Teddy despite the fact that brother Bobby right now better known. It make much difference to Humphrey. Either Kennedy would be bad news for him. $200 n r weekend special june 12th amp 13th Choice of appetizers Fried Chicken i French Fri toss salad relish dish dessert 8t beverage be a Cebu Lutile y i j Mon. Frl.4.30 8 30 a Sun noon 8 30 . Tel. 828-7853 u. S. Route 7 Pownal Center open tonight till 9 Nichol for fit Rogers dress shapers in met Esi i \ pkg by \ Iii Iron a Jurl it it a a a Erklie. Hive do ii. A Hax up Iii hark. Imm Iii a i i Iii to a i leaped Liaw. Cd in e so Pek i it curse a Lia a Efi lining in lower nip. 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