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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Tax assessments of Manchester motels raise tempers for second year in a Row Bennington Banner. Saturday. June 5. 1963-5by Chester rinc3hkisfr Manchester a for the second consecutive year listers Here have been besieged by aggrieved taxpayers at traditional grievance Day hearings which began monday night and ended late seven of the 250 property owners whose taxes were adjusted this year made appearances. Of these the eight Motel owners who figured in last years Case before the county appeals Board were Back again with new and hotter blood in their eyes. But according listers chairman Walter s. Clemons the number of protests was not a most of the complaints Are not that the assessed valuations Are too High a says town clerk Clara May Hemenway a but that they Are too High when compared with assessments on similar accusations of arbitrary taxation a personal vendetta and general criticism of unscientific listing methods filled the Hall at tuesday nights session in the county court House where the hearings were held. Selectman Orrin Beattie also one of the aggrieved said he feared that the rising tide of resentment toward the property taxation system and the listers themselves would prejudice the it. Summer Heaters Are waiting w Ings Montpelier a the 1965 Vermont summer theater season is waiting in the wings and in a very few weeks the smell of the greasepaint and the Roar of the crowd will again permeate the ratified atmosphere of the Green Mountain state. The playbill for this summer s theater fare runs the Gamut from a Slick sophisticated comedies like a Mary Mary the tragedies of Shakespeare from Light Lively musicals like a once upon a mattress the gripping melodrama of a the spiral a the a Dorset playhouse rings the curtain on the 65 season with a fast paced production of a the pleasure of his company scheduled run june 24 through 27. Other highlights of the season at Dorset include Moliere s a the miser a a the chinese prime minister and a the Man who came dinner the Weston playhouse company now firmly ensconced in its new theater embarks on its 29th season with a production of the Jerome Kern musical a leave it Jane scheduled open a four Day run on july i. Other successive offerings of note Are a never too late a the Waltz of the Toreador and a Send me no Flowers. The annual shakespearean festival in Burlington will again present three great works of the Bard on a rotating basis nightly from july 27 through aug 31. This year s repertory include a the merchant of Venice a a Anthony amp Cleopatra a and a Henry Vin. The Light Lively off Broadway hit a Little Mary Sunshine launches the 1965 season at the Stowe playhouse on july i with six other note Worth productions scheduled run through sept. 5. In Winooski the a St. Michael a playhouse Steps off on the right foot with the Zany comedy a auntie Marne opening on july 5, followed by a a hateful of rain and a enter laughing among others. For a Complete listing of Vermont summer Heaters As Well As information on curtain times and rates persons May write the development department desk t., Montpelier. Town against the new Knowles system which was adopted by the town at last town meeting and is scheduled go into effect in september. A people May think that the listers Are using the system now Beattie said. When the Knowles system was adopted it was understood that assessment Levels would remain More or less constant so that the Knowles method which examines in detail the Structure of houses and placement of property in a standardized method could be instituted with the least amount of a a Shock on the taxation system. Though this was the understanding Clemons rays that there was no obligation binding on the listers leave assessments unchanged. The major storm Center however whirled about the eight motels which had appealed tor and won reduction in taxes last year from the county appeals Board. A they did no even Send a notice that our taxes were being raised a complained Eugene Krenz part owner of the Avalanche Motel. With the exception of Hans palmers Palmer House at which new construction had increased its value the other seven Motel owners got no notice of a hike in taxes. They claimed they got their information on the tax increase from the town clerk s office. The listers according Clemons Felt that a notice was unnecessary because in fact there was no increase in the assessed valuations of the motels concerned. A we merely used the assessments made by the county appeals Board last year and taxed them the motels according our oath at 20 per cent a Clemons said. The moot and somewhat Complex Legal Point is questioned by the Motel owners. One said that a Courtesy alone should dictate that we get a letter indicating an increase in the listers though they claim they followed the recommendations of the county Board in the Case of the motels actually Only followed one part of it. The county Board found after an examination of Manchester properties that the taxation ratio was actually 16 per cent based on the fair Market value of selected properties. It was the determination that listers used a straight assessment value and a ratio of 20 per cent determine proper taxation. So while the listers Are using fair Market value in amounts established by the county Board they Are using a taxation ratio of 20 per cent or 4 per cent More than that determined proper by the county Board. Lister Henry Robinson owner of the 1811 House an inn said in a statement thursday that fair Market value was being used As a basis for a fall however in two specific cases the Equinox hotel is listed for this year at $135,025. The Elk Wank Golf course is listed at $25,350, which Many of the aggrieved claim is not based on fair Market value. In the Case of Small property owners taxes were raised on the property of Edgar Warren Johnson in Barnumville from $5,200 $10,000. The property includes two acres of land and a three room House with Bath. According Johnson he has made no improvements on the premises this year. After stating his grievance listers on tuesday night Johnson commented that the Asphalt shingles he bought at a bargain Price because they were damaged in storage might be the key his tax problem. Johnson cleaned and bleached the shingles and put them on his House. Now he says he May have rip them off and sell them at a profit a pay my tax in another Case the property of Robert n. And Kathleen Parkinson in East Manchester was raised from $3,500 $5,-000 assessed valuation. Parkinson claimed he made no improvements. His three room House with Bath measures 28 x 20 feet and is located on three fourths of an acre of land. According Clemons Many Homes have not been re assessed in recent years and were this year and so this May account for what May seem abnormally Large increases in valuation. Nor Are the complaints based strictly on the financial aspects. Krenz of the Avalanche reported that listers told him after his 55-Mlnute grievance session that he could just As Well have a stayed Home and that he would get the usual a form Clemons confesses that he does not recall the remark being made. On thursday Krenz said that he has been told by some longtime Vermont residents that he a has no lived in the state Long enough understand the tax substantial jumps in Manchester Motel valuations have occurred Between the years 1962 and 1964. Three examples the Avalanche Motel was listed at $12,000 in 1962. After substantial improvements it was valued by listers in 1964 at $160,-000 with a listed value of $32,-000. This year the listed value is $30,000. The listed value according the county appeals Board last year using a ratio of 16 per cent was $24,000. Included in the 1965 listed value for the Avalanche is $3,-000 in personal property taxes. The Avalanche the Only Motel which has a dining room was the Only Motel charged for personal property taxes. Lister Robinson said that the reasons for including the personal property item on the Avalanche listing were a internal and not the subject for a news the Manchester motor court was listed for $8,000 in 1962. In 1964 it was listed for $11,-100 on a ratio of 20 per cent. The county Board listed the property at $8,000 at a 16 per cent ratio. This year the listed value was $10,000 and the 20 per cent ratio applies. The four seasons Motel was listed for $6,450 in 1962. In 1964 listers set the list at $10,-400. The county Board lowered this $8,540 on the 16 per cent ratio. This year the Motel is listed at $10,800 on a 20 per cent ratio. Chairman Clemons says he expects there will be a some run Shelser tax Doliber at ions a taxpayer states his Case Manchester listers Henry Robinson and Walter s. Clemons seen through anteroom door at grievance Day hearings tuesday night. Each of the 57 aggrieved taxpayers was heard individually and in private during the hearings that were conducted evenings from monday wednesday this week. The problem of eyeball Eye Ball conflict Between listers and taxpayers is not confined Manchester. In a recent statement tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon said that some local appraisers Are driving property owners out of the state by meting out a Type of a Kangaroo court he added that a vindictive re appraisers give the entire state a Black Eye and will destroy our property Appeal system unless the legislature acts a Bill in the House judiciary committee would prohibit listed from raising an appraisal Hight than that of a county Appeal Boa for a period of three year the Bill sponsored by the administration would also a it place the present Board of Tov listers with a county Board it ii i Jno be Londonderry and Weston a voters decide june 16 on states first elementary Union school Londonderry a voters in Union school District no. 20, the first elementary Union school District formed in Vermont will vote on the construction of a proposed school and Bond Issue on wednesday june . The school Lias been designed House kindergarten through eighth Grade and includes room for special education classes and other instructional areas. Union school District no. 20 now compromises the town school districts of Landgrove Londonderry and Weston. The proposed school will eliminate the four present school plants in these towns Many of these with Multi Grade teaching situations. The adjoining Andover and Peru school boards have indicated an interest in joining this Union though this will not be considered or studied until after the present school building is voted. The estimated total Cost of the new school will be $565,000. The Union District voters will be asked Bond for $275,000. The balance of the Cost will come from state Aid estimated at $165,-000, and a gift of $125,000 from or. And mrs. Willard a. Riggins of Landgrove. This Cost includes construction a modern equipped Kitchen and fixed equipment in All classrooms. The Cost further includes site development driveways and parking areas sewage disposal system and water system. The architects and engineering fees some needed moveable equipment for the classrooms and other areas and a contingency fund of $25,000, Are also included. The proposed school will contain 13 classrooms a special education room an arts and crafts room a school Library and a suite of Small rooms including an office teachers room and nurse s room. The plans contain a gymnasium auditorium with a playing court surface of 46 by 74, a stage modern Kitchen janitor s room two storage rooms and locker rooms for boys and girls. The school will be located at the land Grove Londonderry town line also the Bennington Windham county line on route la West of Londonderry Village. The 11-acre site was donated by or. And mrs. Riggins and mrs. Kathryn Riggins of Landgrove. Recently the Riggines have offered an additional 15 acres adjacent the original site As a conservation area for the school. Voting on the building and Bond Issue will be by ballot from . To 7 . On wednesday june 16. A regular meeting on the same Date will be called at 7 . To vote on the acceptance of the Riggines gift of $125,-000 and the two parcels of land totalling about 27 acres. A separate meeting vote on the acceptance of these gifts is necessary. The anticipated enrolment when the proposed school opens in september 1966. Will be 275 pupils. The building plan will provide for an anticipated enrolment increase. Both construction costs and operating costs will be shared by the member towns on the basis of the number of students enrolled from each town. At the present time these costs would be shared by Londonderry 65.2 per cent Weston 30.4 per cent and Landgrove 4.4 per cent. Serving on the Board of Union school s in Quot wort Tetter Noti ight legend a ail b Koto talk Ikonom 0 comi d ,4 Timtim a a Emit i m j Jam Ito. In kit Sci r n Iii 1 ii l. I a a. Y n cd u., a it c o off in b p play a see a Topi a e St Taat Toi it w Wom loom 1"8 cd a 4a.api oni i out 3l i ski St Ieav Etc o a Vij d m a it a l a a a it Wack a a a a a a a a a 196 5 pp<pp<3veo Fop. Union a Uoo l pit act Twenty Londonderry it. of Mooi myi pm Altman kit nit e a 4 l i be first Union elementary school a this architects sketch of the proposed elementary school for Landgrove Londonderry and Weston will be built at an estimated total Cost of $565,000 if voters in that Union District approve it june 16. State Aid would pay for $165,000, and or. And mrs. Willard Riggins Are donating $125,000, leaving taxpayers with a Bill of Only $275,000. The location is just Over the Bennington Windham county line in Londonderry Between the Home of a gust Schorch and the University House Motel on route la. It is the states first elementary Union District. Directors Are John Myers of Landgrove chairman Edward Grover Roger Holton Edward Janeway and Ernest Abbott of Londonderry and William Kemsley and mrs. Marianna Lloyd of Weston. Or. Raymund Harris of Landgrove will replace Myers on the Board july i. Other officers of the District include mrs. Lucy Baker clerk mrs. Eileen Peck treasurer and mrs. Shelia Ogden mrs. Jean Roberts and Everett West auditors. Landgrove and Londonderry voted form the original Union on nov. 3, 1964. On april 5, 1965 Weston voted join and was accepted by the member towns. The organizational meeting of the Union was held on dec. 14, 1964 called by or. A. John Holden jr., state commissioner of education. At this meeting the Union was formed officers elected and Money authorized operate the District. The first annual meeting elect officers and authorize Money for the operation of the Union was held on March 23, 1965. The next annual meeting will be held on the first tuesday in february feb. I 1966. The annual Meetin Date was advanced so that each Tow May appropriate its share of the operating costs at its annual town Choc District meeting. The architects for the proposed Choc Are Charles Lench associates of Man Chester. A three room addition necessitated b the inclusion of Weston will be locate on the Northwest Side of the Origina plan. The newer floor plan and sketch will be posted in each town previous the vote. Londonderry Vermont elementary Aoh ool a proposed

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