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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 7, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Warm and humid partly Cloudy and warm tonight with Low in the 60s. Tuesday partly Cloudy hot and humid with thundershowers. Yesterdays High 84, Low 67, today at 7 . 63. Sunset 8 31, Sunrise 5 11. The Constellation cassiopeia is visible in the far North Early evening. Benning Bennington Vermont monday june 7, 1085 Anner founded in 1841 daily 1903 no. 19,779 to cents High court Downs birth control Law Washington up a the supreme court today struck Down Connecticut s 1879 ant birth control Law which forbids use of contraceptives by anyone including married couples. The vote was 7 to 2, with Justice William o. Douglas speaking for the majority. Douglas based his reasoning on the principle that a a governmental purpose to control or prevent activities constitutionally subject to state regulation May not be achieved by Means which sweep unnecessarily broadly and thereby invade the area of protected the Challenge to the Connecticut Law was made by the state s planned parenthood league. It stemmed from the conviction of mrs. Estelle t. Griswold 63, and or. Lee Buxton 59, on charges of violating the Law by operating a birth control clinic. An attempt to Challenge the Law was made in 1961, but the supreme court refused to consider the Issue then because no arrests had been made. Mrs. Griswold and or. C. Al is. Michael s Lee Buxton were arrested and fined $100 As accessories under the 86-year-old Law s provisions. They were operating a birth control clinic. Mrs. Griswold is the executive director of the planned parenthood league in Connecticut. Or. Buxton acted As the clinic s medical adviser and is a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Yale University school of Medicine. They were convicted in new Haven Conn. Circuit court Jan. 2, 1962 of operating the clinic there from nov. 1-nov. To 1961. The clinic was for married women. Three married women testified they were supplied with birth control devices or medication at the Center and that they had been used in marital relations. The Law s Validity has been upheld five times in the past 25 years in state courts the most recent decision a May la see supreme court Page to col. 3 1964 astronauts a feeling great after 4-Day gemini Mission teams converge on floating capsule up after prayers for daddy mrs. Edward White ii and her two children Edward la and Bonn Lyn 9, leave Seabrook methodist Church in Houston sunday. Astronaut White who took America s first walk in space and James Mcdivitt return to Earth today from a four Day Mission aboard gemini 4. Prouty urges closer Campus Congress ties Montpelier spotlight i 7 Quot cd la Winooski up a sen. Winston a Prouty r-vt., told the graduating class of St. Michael a College Here today that a the Gulf Between the Campus and the Congress grows too wide for the country a Prouty who received an honorary doctorate of Laws degree at the commencement exercises said today Quot scholar and senator professor and politician still Eye one another suspiciously each holding Back what the other Quot the politician finds Little time for the Long look ahead from the conning Tower Quot he said. Quot to the academic Man the legislator appears confused. College was never meant to be an intellectual ghetto which the professor enters never to Quot As never before Quot Prouty said Quot the politician needs the scholars help in the Public Arena and in the words of the late president Kennedy the politician needs to have his temperature lowered in the Cooling Waters of the Scholastic the senator was cited for his Quot tradition of of the Many responsibilities thrust on higher education in our Day constant Aid in sponsoring legislation to help the colleges meet successfully the the College conferred degrees on 225 seniors and 43 graduate students. Twenty seniors were commissioned in the air Force. The most Rev. Edward j. Mangin the auxiliary roman Catholic Bishop of Albany n.y., also was presented an honorary doctor of Laws degree. On Senate realignment Montpelier up a reapportionment took the spotlight today As the Vermont legislature opened the 23rd week of its 1965 session. In View of the july i reapportionment deadline the week appeared to be a crucial one As the Senate handled its own realignment question and the redistricting efforts of the House. Also on the Agenda this week were Bills to increase the pay of state employees departmental Heads and legislators tightening of Vermont a right to know Laws a measure to establish a Vermont labor relations act school reorganization and possible methods of financing state expenditures Over the biennium. The Senate wednesday will take up its own series of priorities for the Federal courts on How the upper chamber will be carved. Also expected to pass by the end of the week is the historic House approved apportioning Bill for a 150-member lower chamber. Lbs bids communists think 9 Washington up a president Johnson is engaged in a personal and very serious Campaign to persuade the Peoples and leaders of the communist world to join the United states in Quot a walk toward twice in the past five Days the chief executive has made major speeches entering on the theme that now is the time Quot when the Opportunity is open and beckoning for men of All nations to come and to take a walk together toward peace. Quot Johnson a latest plea came sunday during a commencement address at the Catholic University of America Here. The first Appeal was last thursday night. Space Center Houston up a space aces James Mcdivitt and Edward White Quot feeling great Quot splashed town in the Atlantic from their four Day space ride today 40 to 50 Miles Short of their assigned target but Well within the Swift reach of recovery forces. Mcdivitt quipped and both declined Pep pills in the 62nd and final orbit of the be mini-4 flight. Then the space aces kicked in two mane vering rockets at 12 44 . Edt that slowed slightly their 17,500-mile per hour Speed and would bring them into a Quot fail Safe Quot orbit. It would take them to Earth even if their More powerful Retro rockets failed to fire. A helicopter was within five Miles of it and reported a visual sighting. The official time Given for the splashdown was 1 13 . Edt Mission control said. There was radio Contact Between the capsule and the aircraft Carrier wasps recovery forces in the splash area Between Florida and Bermuda. Mcdevitt and White requested a helicopter pickup. The Wasp made Quick calculations and reported the capsule Bobbing in three to four foot swells. The Carrier was 48 Miles away. Four minutes before splashdown Mcdivitt and White broke through the radio Quot blackout Quot zone caused by the superheat of their reentry into Earth a atmosphere and established voice Contact with the Wasp. The Wasp radioed that the pilots said they were Quot feeling except for falling Short of the target zone everything appeared on schedule at the Windup of the 62-orbit flight was americans longest most dramatic venture space. At 12 44 . Edt the mane vering rockets were fired Over Hawaii. This slowed the Craft from its 17,500-rn lie an hour Orbital Speed and brought them into a lower path. Over Gua Ymas Mexico the four powerful Retro rockets were kicked in. This put the Craft into the Glide path toward splashdown. The Wasp steaming full Speed toward the bubbling capsule reported it should reach the capsule at 2 45 . Edt and hoist it out of the water. The Crew was being fished out of the sea by helicopter and taken to the Wasp where a brass band a red carpet and a Best of ally razors and hot showers were waiting. Neither Man has shaved or washed since liftoff from Cape Kennedy at 11 16 . Edt thursday. The flight lasted 97 hours and 57 minutes. Quot both of you Are in real Good shape Quot the flight surgeon radioed. Mcdivitt said he and White Quot Are a Little but when flight surgeon Charles Berry suggested they take Quot item Bravo Quot a Pep pills the reply wafted Back they would not take them. They were told to spend no More than one hour inside the capsule on splashdown while ships and planes went for them. Then they were to get outside it. They had individual life rafts aboard. Mcdivitt ignoring a faulty computer that forced him reluctantly to switch Landing systems laughed that he was unshaven and referred to their unwashed state. Quot you ought to be up Here now Quot he told Virgil i Gus Grissom at Mission control in reference to Grissom asked if there was anything he needed. Quot yeah my computer Quot Mcdivitt cracked. The aircraft Carrier Wasp 14 aircraft destroyers and other vessels circled in the Atlantic recovery area Between Bermuda and Florida for a mid Day Landing. Failure of a million Dollar computer the size of a Large bread Box in the spacecraft caused the second disappointment of the otherwise near perfect Hight. Officials said that even if it were fixed it probably would not be used. And this meant see gemini Page to col. 3 health of Economy stirs questions Washington up a the burgeoning debate Over the future of the nations current business Boom heated up today with conflicting forecasts from the Al Cion a chief economist and a former presidential adviser. Nathaniel Goldfinger director of research for the big labor federation said he was getting Quot edgy Quot about the nations economic Outlook on the basis of current trends. He urged Extension of the Federal minimum wage Law and an increase in the wage from $1.25 to $2 an hour. He said this would provide a needed stimulant. Leon h. Keyserling former president Harry s. Truman a economic adviser said that despite some weaknesses which need correcting there is Little to worry about. He spoke in a weekend statement criticizing chairman William Mcchesney Martin jr., of the Federal Reserve Board. Martin triggered the current debate last tuesday when in a new York speech he warned of Quot disquieting similarities Quot Between the present period of . Prosperity and the Boom that preceded the great depression of the 1930s. The speech led to a Republican Call on the Senate for Early hearings into the disagreements about economic policy within the administration. Keyserling said Martin was misleading the Public in an Effort to justify Federal Reserve policies which he said were dampening the Economy. Quot the . Economy now has several Points of vulnerability which need correction but its manifold Points of strength Tower above these like pikes Peak above the Plains Quot key Serling said. At St. Joseph graduation seeking meaningful recreation i and modern Many a dilemma Hoffman Baumann s successor seen state police lieutenant Buckler Telephone company on strike employees of the Bennington Branch of the new England Telephone and Telegram co. Picket the company s office on pleasant Street this morning after joining 12,000 other Telephone workers from five new England states in a two Day walkout. The walkout was called to protest the two Day suspension of a Union local president. A spokesman for local 18 of the International brotherhood of Telephone workers said this morning that about 20 Plant employees repair maintenance and construction men from the Bennington area Are taking part. Operators have not yet honoured the picket line. Normal Day to Day business and Telephone office business will not be interfered with according to the spokesman. 20 Bennington phone workers join 5-state protest strike Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff is expected tuesday to name state police it. . Alexander As Vermont a new commissioner of Public safety to succeed William Baumann. Hoff today declined to confirm or deny reports that Alexander had been chosen for the $12,000 a year Job. The governor said however that Baumanns replacement would come from the department. Hoff indicated six months ago he would not reappoint Baumann. Baumanns official status and the identity of his replacement have been a closely guarded secret. He said previously Baumann would Quot resign Quot about july i from the Post he has held 14 years. Baumann has indicated he will take a Job in private Industry. Alexander 61, has been with the Vermont state police department since it was formed in 1947. For 30 years previous he served with the department of motor vehicles. He now is District commander of troop a which includes Chittenden Franklin Addison and grand Isle counties. News Media labor blamed for medicare Boston up a some 12,000 Telephone company workers in five new England states went on strike today in protest against the company a suspension of a Union official. The strikers mostly Telephone repairmen maintenance and installation men set up picket lines at major offices of the new England Telephone co. A spokesman for local 18 of the International brotherhood of Telephone workers i Bow said this morning that 20 Bennington area employees of the Telephone company have joined the walkout. This he noted rep resents too per cent of the Union membership. They began picketing at 7 . And will continue until 7 ., according to the spokesman. He estimated that 385 Telephone workers in the state will picket Telephone offices during the two Day walkout. Operators in Bennington have not honoured the picket line however and Telephone service will presumably not be interrupted. The operators belong to a different Union. A statement issued by the local Telephone company Branch this morning makes it Clear that the company considers the walkout a breach of contract but expresses a willingness to handle the grievance Quot in the Normal plans for maintaining service according to the statement have been completed. The company s statement reads As follows Quot the Union has notified the company that it intends to go out on strike. Nevertheless the company expects that All Telephone employees should report to work monday under existing see phone strike Page to col. 4 Manchester up a a former president of the american medical association Ama said sunday that organized labor and new Media were instrumental in bringing medicare to the Brink of congressional passage. Or. Edward Annis of Miami addressing the wrap up session of the Vermont and new Hampshire medical societies said the . House was "60 per cent elected by the Al Cio Quot and blamed news Media leaders and labor leaders for helping the medicare Bill through Congress. Annis said More than two million Quot older citizens Are being used by labor forces As a political tool Quot and added that the Ama backed Quot eldercare Quot program is the Best Way to provide medical assistance to the elderly. The Vermont medical society also blasted in an official Resolution gov. Philip h. Hoff s refusal to sign the controversial Quot Good Samaritan Quot Bill to protect from civil suit persons offering emergency Aid at the scene of accidents. The group urged the Vermont Senate to follow a move by the House and override Hoff s veto. on the inside let reasonable talk prevail in the raptures labor dispute urges an editorial a Page 4. Lab report is inconclusive on the Quot assault Rock Quot in Manchester Page 5. Third annual football clinic to be held at Hoosick Falls Central school Page 6. Pablo Casals to return to Marlboro music festival this summer Page 7. Concern Over modern Many a growing inability to enrich himself with fruitful recreation was expressed sunday by the speaker at exercises marking the graduation of the largest class Ever from St. Joseph College. Addressing the assemblage of graduating students parents and friends was the Rev. Edward Hoffman c.s.c., Superior and Novice master at the holy Cross novitiate. Quot we Are living in a world Quot Rev. Hoffman said Quot where everything and everyone must be useful. There is a demonic Force a compulsion to take the world into our own what has been lost and what is needed he said is the child s ability Quot to wonder and to the obvious characteristic of life today he continued Quot is the frenzied Tempo at which it has to be underlying the Basic restlessness which frustrates Man from enjoying fruitful recreation the Bennington priest indicated Are guilt feelings that such activity is not of the productive Utility which he feels it should be. Man he said is fast becoming incapable of real pleasure and real pleasure he equated with Well being whereas Mere diversion which is today s objective of spare time recreation he characterized As Quot a turning away from a Lack of the Industrial revolution was More of a revolution than we Are aware he continued. Quot it has made life More comfortable but we have allowed it to make life less he cited earlier philosophies which held acts of pure recreation to be Superior to the fruits of utilitarian labor. Modern Man he believed is vaguely aware that he could recapture the wonderment about the world that a child has of he could override his feelings of guilt and bring himself to do it. While concerned father Hoffman concluded by expressing Hope of a cure from this Quot weakened Hun an noting that Quot cult worship is related to culture Quot he said that the Catholic Liturgy one Day will become fully meaningful once again. This he explained later to a reporter was a reference to the changes now taking place in the conduct of the mass both the change in the language used from latin to the local language and eventually he said in see St. Joseph Page to col. 3 St. Joseph graduation Ruth e. Stockman of 323 Silver St., one of 41 seniors graduating from St. Joseph College sunday smiles for a Friend s camera As she receives her degree from John f. Lonergan chairman of the College s associate Board of trustees. Assisting with the presentation of degrees is sister Mary Barbara of the College s staff. More expansion hinted at St. Joseph College is an expansion of St. Joseph College has been operating in its new building in old Bennington for a Bare two years in the wind was strongly hinted by the it Catholic College s president sister Mary Christine at the schools 1965 commencement exercises held sunday. Sister Christine recalled for the Large group of parents and friends attending the graduation that a year ago the College had graduated its largest class Ever. This year she said a new record again had been set with the 41 degrees to be awarded. And next year she went on the College is expecting a 110-member freshman class to in Roll and some 60 seniors to return for the second year of their two year associate degree programs. Quot two years ago Quot she said when the new building first went into regular use Quot we thought we had ample space. But next fall Well be at or near nodding to the it. Rev. Msgr. Francis b. Flanagan pastor of the St. Francis de sales Parish she expressed thanks for the Large plot of land which the Parish had Given to the 40-year-old College As the site for its new and expanded facilities. Quot i m glad we have so much land a a sister Christine said Quot because it looks like we re going to need

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