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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner saturday june 5, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont Washington calling correcting income tax inequities for soldiers fighting in Viet Nam Rod and gun editorials How silly can you get representatives from a couple of Vermont veterans groups who we prefer to believe done to represent the majority opinion of their organizational membership in Vermont indulged in a colonel Blimpish display of self righteous indignation the other Day when they protested the appointment of Belmont Royce Pitkin to the Vermont fish and game Board. Will wonders never cease they protested his appointment not because he does no to know anything about conservation matters but simply because he was a conscientious objector during world War n. Obviously the protesting veterans equate that with disloyalty and cowardice and hinted naturally that Pitkin was a Security risk. Wow. Now we wonder what in the name of heaven Pitkins beliefs on War and peace have to do with his serving on the fish and game Board unless of course the veterans representatives believe the Deer Hunting season is Akin to warfare which might not be far from the truth the Way some of our Hunters blast away. A member of the fish and game Board should have some knowledge of con Marin Vav till the Sun Dom in Quot Down to Earth Joshua the biblical Warrior who fought the Battle of Jericho once succeeded in stopping the Sun As it made its Way across the sky. Nowadays modern Man using the Jet air plane can do essentially the same. All he has to do is Fly at the same Speed As the suns apparent Speed and the Sun seems to stand still. And whereas Joshua had to have divine help to perform his Miracle modern Man performs his Miracle As much As he does anything by himself. Such is the lesson pointed up by last sundays flight of scientists of five nations As they photographed the Sun s eclipse Over the South Pacific. They took their pictures at an Altitude of seven plus Miles and some careful navigating was required. But in principle they were a editor s notes it looks like the Southern Vermont Art Center which has opened its 36th season has another outstanding program lined up for the summer. The displays and exhibits offered by the Center Are outstanding and of High Caliper. Bennington area residents and visitors should take advantage of the excellence of its program a one of the most outstanding in the country. We were pleased to read that Village trustees Are Quot pondering traffic congestion in downtown Bennington but we would Hope that before too Long the pondering is translated into an action program. Eliminating traffic problems cannot be done overnight but there a no need to drag our feet on resolving a problem that is obviously needed. One of the new lows in the sneak thief department occurred last weekend when somebody rifled purses left in Church rooms by women participate ser vation and we Are informed that Pitkin holds a masters degree and a . In conservation which we would assume makes him qualified to serve on the Board. Nowhere does the Vermont Constitution or state Law require a Board member to be a Veteran. Nor does the Constitution and state Law disqualify anyone from serving on a state Board or commission because he happens to be a conscientious objector. The loquacious protestations sound pretty silly to us although we done to deny the right of those representatives from making their protests. That a everyone a right. But we condemn their protests As an unfair and bigoted attack on a Man who happens to hold some controversial beliefs. We hold no Brief for Pitkin or his beliefs but we think the attack on him is typical of the Witch Hunting tactics set by the late sen. Mccarthy. We Trust the Senate committee considering Pitkin s appointment disregards the vociferous antics of those protesting his right and ability to serve on the Board. Doing the same As a Hollywood camera truck does As it follows a Cowboy Star on horseback Down lonesome Gulch. These High flying miracles happen every Day now a As witness thursdays gemini launch. They become a part of Normal life a the giant ships that run on a few pounds of atomic fuel the electronic devices that Aid human eyes in piercing the fog and the dark the medicines that add decades to life the sky is literally the limit and except perhaps in some curved space Ein Stein Ian sense the sky has no limit. So Here is Man in the 20th Century Only a Little lower than the Angels a unless he lets his eyes drop. Then he sees Viet Nam on one Side of the Earth and the dominican Republic on the other and the misery and confusion All round show Only too clearly that the ethereal human mind is still rooted in feet of Clay. Ing in Church services. In addition to purses being stolen in two Hoosick Falls churches reports from Raymer town indicate the same somebody played the same trick there. Its the 20th Century version of robbing the mite Box in a Church and equally As despicable. Those who Pine for the Good old Days of the past will find Solace in Joe Paresky a summertime venture to revive the Quot Good Humora business in Bennington. We will be looking Forward to seeing his red and White truck roam through the streets looking for children and adults too who might be susceptible to a Little Cool refreshment. We Hope his business is a booming Success. Ron Raynolds account in his column of the shocking reports of child abuse provided to the Senate social welfare committee Points to the need for legislation to protect children. As he notes the problem May be Small in total but it is nevertheless important. Hers today Jomp tomorrow i is by Marquis Childs Washington. Until a recent executive order the most glaring inequity in the operation of the Federal income tax Law was one that hit comparatively few taxpayers. If you were a service Man in a Jungle Fox Hole in Viet Nam the Federal tax was levied not Only on your base pay but on your extra compensation for a duty subject to hostile this last was a bit of bureaucratic gobbledygook intended to evade the word combat. Protests began to come from Congress about men under fire having their pay subject to Federal taxation. Noting that one of his constituents capt. . Kendrick a helicopter Pilot from Eldorado ark., had raised a question about this obvious injustice sen. John Mcclellan called on the president to exempt men in Viet Nam. A of the president has that Power under a precedent established by Congress at the request of president Truman six months after the Start of the korean War in 1950. President Johnson issued an executive order on april 24 designating Viet Nam and the Waters within too Miles of the vietnamese coast a was an area in which armed forces of the United states Are and have been engaged in the order was made retroactive to Jan. I 1964. This not Only righted a conspicuous injustice but it was official recognition a the Only one thus far a of the grim reality of what is happening in Viet Nam. With nearly 50,000 americans on the ground in the vietnamese conflict the fact can no longer be evaded that this is a War albeit an undeclared War. Montpelier. Most Vermont Republican leaders have virtually written off the party Hopes for a statewide resurgence in the 1966 gubernatorial elections and have set their sights on 1968. And they be done so willingly apparently hopeful they can kill two Birds with a single missile. The gop after years of utter domination of the political scene in Vermont has run into an apparent Stone Wall in the form of democratic gov. Philip Hoff. A of republicans Are hardheaded and they would dearly love to be Back in Power in 1966, kicking Hoff upstairs to a Federal judgeship or Back to private Law practice in Burlington. But they Are also politically astute enough to realize that Hoff As invincible Knight on the White Charger would be virtually impossible for anyone to beat under any circumstances. He is apparently one of the political rarities who command the respect and More important the allegiance of the rank and file of both parties. It s the foregone conclusion of the political pundits that Hoff s third term candidacy is assured. Hoff has proved amazingly agile in Bobbing and weaving around the barbs and criticisms hurled his Way by the party out of Power and his announcement this week that the state has wiped out a $500,000 deficit and will be $2.4 million in the Black this year is not going to Hurt him one Whit. A of the governor is Riding one of those crazy unpredictable cycles of a bustling Economy and an Active state government. To his credit he is taking advantage of every break without breaking his Arm to Pat his own Back. Crusty Republican Samuel Parsons of Hubbardton Dean of the legislature last week just about told his party to pack up its marbles for 1966 and go Home. He forecast Over statewide television that the moderate Liberal Wing of his party would work toward making Richard Snelling the sacrificial Lamb in the 1966 Campaign for governor. Snelling who lost by 32,000 votes in the democratic landslide last fall in a bid for lieutenant governor has obvious political aspirations. The Shelburne industrialist began on the disastrous night of nov 3 to line up political support for an assault on the governor s office in 1966. The moderates with a Little soul searching have decided he should be the Man who is led now a move is on to make the dominican Republic a combat zone. Although whether Congress has any authority in this Field is questionable sen. George Smathers d. Fla., had introduced a Bill specifying april 28 As the Date on which combat began in the dominican Republic and adjacent Waters. Marines and paratroopers in service there would also be exempted. As in Viet Nam this would apply to enlisted personnel. Officers in combat get a $200-a-month deduction. A of when set alongside the income Scales and spending standards of the affluent society military pay appears niggardly. Granted that you cannot recompense men for patriotism duty dedication to service in the armed forces nevertheless compensation should be at least adequate. And the feeling is growing in Congress that even the proposed 5 per cent increase in military pay will still leave most grades Short changed. The beginning pay of an enlisted Man is $78 a month. This goes to a High for a Soldier with 26 years of service of $573.90. That is base pay. It does not include about 40 per cent additional compensation for housing and subsistence most of which has in peacetime been exempt from income tax. Combat pay is an across the Board addition for All grades of $55 a month. It was the ruling that this amount along with regular pay was subject to Federal taxation that caused the greatest resentment among men Dally under fire. Capt. Kendricks had said he had no intention of paying tax on a hostile fire Quot pay. A 5 per cent pay boost will mean very Little to enlisted personnel. To a lieutenant general with monthly pay of $1,614 it is a sizable increase. That is the Capitol jottings inherent injustice of an across the Board proposal a it gives slight help to those in the lower ranks. The same imbalance was part of the last Cut in Federal Lacombe tax rates. those in the lower brackets it meant a negligible saving while for the minority on the top level the amount saved was there has been a lot of talk about giving Relief to the Small taxpayer but so far nothing has come of it. A Large proportion of the 2,600,000 men in the armed forces of the United states Are in this category and except for approximately 50,000 in Viet Nam they Are subject to Federal income tax. Despite pressures to make it so a specific Bureau of internal Revenue ruling held that Europe where most americans overseas Are stationed is not a combat zone. As the War in Viet Nam has escalated so have american casualty lists although they Are still comparatively Small. The latest figure was 396 in hostilities and 166 resulting from non hostile causes. That goes Back to Jan. I 1961. But with More and More men on the ground and with the ominous operation in the Rainy season just ahead the total is almost certain to increase at a rapid rate. the dominican Republic the total is 20 deaths. The pay Structure of the military As engineered by Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara is designed to keep career men with career skills in the service. This is proving More and More difficult in Competition with private Industry that constantly lures away with much higher salaries men trained in electronics and other techniques. Moreover the Mcnamara goal was for a peacetime service and in Viet Nam we have a wartime army. Making Snelling a sacrificial Lamb by Ronald e. Cohen to the chopping Block against Hoff. Snelling fairly Liberal about matters dealing with education and state development is an Albatross around the party s neck because of his uncompromising stand on right to work. Snelling s personal courage in refusing to excuse away his involvement in right to work is laudable. But though he says it is a dead Issue few will argue that his history of working for right to work Laws Cost him thousands of votes and possibly the lieutenant governorship. Liberals and moderates make no Bones about their opposition to Snelling. They feel that he was royally trounced last time and predictions from High Republican sources that he is a the logical candidate Quot is sheer idiocy. If it came Down to a head to head contest Hoff is. Snelling few gop legislative leaders would vote with the party. So they realize their Chance to write off the 1966 elections As a lost cause and still end hopefully they think forever Snelling s political ambitions. All this did no to happen without some internal conscience wrestling. Some wondered if the party could survive a second fiasco so close to the 1964 debacle. Others Felt with reapportionment an accomplished fact that Many Republican state legislators would go Down the Drain with Snelling leading the ticket. And the wrenching decision to withhold one of their own from the race in favor of a sacrificial Lamb and a hoped for Snelling she lacking is still not the perfect answer in Many of their minds. But they Are willing to take the Gamble when it comes Down to the bread and butter decision making time. They feel vermonters know Hoff s third term is assured and the party members won t hold it against the gop leadership if nobody gets close to the governor. They feel sure that reapportionment is going to make a vast difference in the legislative makeup but they Are certain even the Urban democratic areas will elect some republicans to the Assembly. And they know that republicans still outnumber democrats 3 to 2. And feel the moderate Liberal Wing of the party will make a Strong comeback in 1968 when Hoff probably will step out of the picture. Of the question is just which moderate Liberal will step into the 1968 breach it might be House speaker Franklin s. Billings who wields great legislative influence among party members. But the Young Woodstock attorney is St Best an Uncertain Quantity in a statewide race. It might be former gov. F. Ray Keyser but the sex chief executive May have ended for the time being his political aspirations by taking a Job As counsel to the Vermont Marble co. Parsons suggested National life insurance company president Deane c. Davis or retiring Norwich University president Ernest n. Harmon. But Davis would be a bad bet because lots of voters will shy away from the a big business Quot connotation of his Job and Harmon is getting older and has repeatedly expressed dreams of getting away from it All for some fishing. Ralph Foote might be Back but it s doubtful. He took an unmerciful Licking from Hoff in the gubernatorial race last year and has been conspicuous by his absence from the state political scene. Legislative leaders have been willing spokesmen for the party this session but most Are years away from a statewide race. Parsons candidly said the gop legislative leadership has been bankrupt this session and his views May be shared by too Many old guard republicans to make the moderate Liberal lawmakers much of a threat. The republicans Are like this year s new York Yankees baseball team. The established stars All got old real Quick. The potential luminaries Are years from stardom. With a history of Little Competition the yanks and the Vermont republicans have been guilty of a laxity in building a farm system. The Young Branch of the party is not producing the mantles and the Berra the Gibsons and the Aikens. Contrast this with democratic youngsters like Ron Raynolds Bob Wilson Tom Salmon Jack Daley and Dick Schmidt All just beginning to round into form As possible heirs to the Hoff throne and you begin to wonder if any strategy is going to bail out the gop for the next decade. Politics runs in cycles and the present a outs Quot May be a Long time getting Back quote in 1960 we were demanding the right to eat a hamburger at any lunch counter. It took us three years to discover that we could not afford the hamburger and that we needed Money. Money Means economic Power. A John Robert Lewis chairman student non violent coordinating commute snick fishing in Florida in the mail this week i received a letter and some pictures from Wally Wahlquist former co worker at the local Post office who As Many know retired from the service nearly four years ago and took up residence at fort Lauderdale Fla. On occasion Wally and his boys used to be my fishing companions. In fact they were along when i caught my largest Trout to Date in the a kill quite a few years Back. Knowing of my fondness for Salt water fishing Wahlquist a letter dealt mainly with a trip made out of Lauderdale. I quote in part from the jottings a i have just read your nostalgic account in the May 22 Issue of the Banner entitled a Good Days for the article is coincidental and fits into the Wahlquist fishing activities Here in fort Lauderdale too. A until lately our fishing has been More or less spotty but has served its purpose namely the reduction of fishing fever which runs pretty High at times. When we would return empty handed we would say a just like fishing the Batten kill Fisherman s Luck. Last week Ruth a mrs. Wahlquist brother in Law Norman Bickford Young Wally and i left at noon for a fishing trip to Miles off the Lauderdale beaches. The boat is a Beauty 22 foot s22 fibreglass boat with a 150 horsepower Chevy ii inboard outboard motor. When you open it wide you actually Fly Over the water if the Ocean is a bit rough or if you gun the boat into a Wake your sitting Anatomy gets quite a tattooing As we found out on a trip to Miami Beach. A the boat is made Here in fort Lauderdale by North american corp., who will make a boat to your specifications and Price. After we left the Waterways and headed into the open Ocean i took the wheel while Norm and Wally started getting the poles ready. Instead of our familiar lures we used what is called a Balao five or six inches Long. It is of the Needle fish family and makes excellent bait for big game fish of All species. The Balao is threaded onto a five Inch beaded Leader and a three Inch Hook. The barbed Hook protrudes behind the bait and a Fine wire is used to fasten the jaw of the fish to the Leader. A a two of the poles were set in the pole locks while the other two were hand held. The old Man was at the controls and after a few minutes Norm got a strike which gave frantic action for about three minutes then came the Calm. The fish had taken Hook bait and Leader. Wally went into action next with a 30 Inch Dolphin taking about 15 minutes to land it. Next came a four foot Barracuda which took the bait on Oife of the set poles on Wally s Side and he took charge the Barracuda that is. 21 minutes the fish had things tied in knots but from past experience Wally did a Good Job and we finally staffed the 25-Pounder. A in the meantime Norm had hooked another Cuda but it just Wasny this Day for it took off very shortly. Norm took a turn at the wheel and then the old Man tried his Luck. It Wasny to too Long before he was in business with a Large Blue nosed Dolphin. After 35 minutes of reeling and pulling i got the fish close enough for Norm to Gaff. My left Arm was numb and i was glad to Call it a Day. It was four and a half feet Long and weighed 40 pounds. It Wasny to the biggest fish Ever caught but it was considered to be a really Nice prize. The maximum size for the Dolphin not the mammal is six feet weighing 60 pounds. A a when we got Home i had one of my neighbors take the enclosed pictures for proof and posterity. I should have had the fish mounted but never gave it a thought. Barracuda Are not considered an edible fish but with the help of a neighbor we filleted the Dolphin and i must say it is a very delicious dish. A a now for the Climax to this delightful experience. When we dressed out the Large Dolphin we found in the stomach a Hook beaded Leader and Balao intact. It was the same Hook Norm had fixed up so it was the fish he hooked and Wally wound up his letter by telling me that when i get Down there next Winter arrangements have already been made for a few similar trips. This sounds to me like a swell idea. From the account of this trip it is Plain to be seen that the Wahlquist family keeps Busy and certainly Are not withering on the Vine in their retirement years in Florida. A snmamtomsmnhh1mrmw4kmrr i Florida fishing Wally Wahlquist left and Young Wally show their catch two dolphins and a Barracuda following a fishing trip May 18 at it. Lauderdale Fla. the lighter Side Little old ladies Hurt by liquor import plan by Dick West Washington up friends if you happen to have an old lame grandmother who likes to drink and gadabout in foreign countries ask yourself this question would you like to see her hobbling Down the gangplank of an Ocean liner her frail feeble Frame bending Low under the Burden of a gallon of Hooch Well then i would advise you to take heed of a matter that came before the House ways amp Means committee. The Point at Issue is whether american tourists should have to lug their duty free liquor along with them when they return from a trip abroad. Most world travellers As you May know generally pick up a few bottles of the hard stuff while overseas. That Way they avoid paying taxes on it. Which cuts the Price about in half. At present up to a gallon of this bargain booze May be transported Back to the United states free of duty. They May either bring it Back with them or have it shipped Home. Since a gallon of whisky can get pretty heavy if carried for any length of time Many elect to entrust the cargo to a shipper. Recently however the administration sent Congress a Bill to change this arrange ment. It would eliminate the duty free allowance unless the returning traveller had the sauce in his Possession. But when the ways amp Means committee began hearings on the proposal Paul a. Porter a distinguished Washington attorney was on hand to Register a protest. He contended it would discriminate against certain types of travellers such As crippled old ladles. A no doubt Quot Porter conjectured a the average tourist will still be prepared to struggle Back despite the inconvenience with his gallon of duty free liquor for the Sake of the eventual Solace it will bring him. A but Quot he pointed out a the elderly and the lame will not be Able to take on the Burden of extra Luggage so in effect he said Congress would be telling them that a Elf you Arentt fit enough to carry it Back yourself you done to deserve to have it at Porter i hasten to add did not say this simply because he believes in being kind to old ladies. He was representing a group of companies that specialize in duty free liquor. Nevertheless the Point he made retains its Validity. Poor old Granny would be getting her nightly Noggin of discount spirits the hard Way. By Roy Marsden 1

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