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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Let Ennington Hann or. Saturday july 16, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials improving Law enforcement a letter in fridays Banner from Rutland county states atty. Robert e. West Calls attention to a number of Law enforcement needs in Vermont and makes suggestions for improving the morale and performance of Law enforcement officials. One of his most important recommendations is that local police officers be Given More training at state expense and that their salaries be increased. This he feels will improve local departments. Traditionally local officers Are selected by local governing boards. They receive their training on the Job and they Are miserably underpaid. This is True in Bennington and in Many other communities. By contrast West Points out state police troopers must pass Tough qualifying exams and attend an eight week training school. They Are considerably better paid than their local colleagues. Nevertheless local police departments have major responsibilities. In Bennington county for instance they cover three villages with about a third of the county a population and it is in these areas that Many of the most serious crimes Are committed. For this reason. West suggests local officers should receive the same training and pay As state troopers. The need for highly skilled local police the Rutland states attorney Points out has become especially urgent since the supreme courts recent decisions concerning the rights of the accused. The thorough investigation of crimes and the careful collection of evidence is More necessary than Ever before if the state is to obtain convictions in criminal cases. A editor s hurray for the Bennington Village Highway department. Acting presumably under instructions from Village trustees department employees this week painted a a traffic Light ahead warnings in huge yellow letters on both sides of the intersection of Valentine and main. This should indeed reduce the number of accidents at the treacherous intersection. Trustees Are continuing though we Hope their study of ways to relocate the traffic Light so that it can be seen More easily by approaching motorists. Rep. Robert t. Stafford is expected to be virtually unbeatable in his bid this fall for a fourth term in the . House and the democrats therefore have been having difficulty finding a candidate to Challenge him. It appears now however that William j. Ryan Long prominent in state democratic circles will make an attempt to unseat the incumbent. Ryan will have As Tough a race against Stafford As the gop nominee for governor will have against gov. Hoff. Nevertheless it is important that neither party give up an office by default. We re pleased that both democrats and the communities themselves As West notes Are largely responsible for local police forces that Arentt As Well qualified As they should be. While setting High standards and High salaries for teachers they have paid police As Little As possible and generally ignored their needs and problems. Bennington Village trustees made a Start in the right direction some time ago when they discussed a plan that would permit Bennington Village officers to attend special training courses at a nearby Community College. They also considered qualifying exams for applicants for police jobs. Like Many Good ideas however these never went beyond the discussion stage. Some Village officers have taken the initiative to improve their knowledge and competency by becoming Active in the auxiliary state police and by participating in a special school organized last Winter by the sheriff s department. But we agree with West that More formal training actively supported by the state is necessary. Until state help becomes available our Village government would do Well to consider its original plan and to take note of the availability of existing state police courses which local officers Are eligible to attend. West also Points out that state police and states attorneys offices Are chronically undermanned and underpaid. Our county state police Are gradually getting the better of their manpower problems and the appointment of a full time criminal investigator this year has helped matters considerably. But both the state troopers and the states attorney need help that we Hope wont be too Long in coming. Republicans Are striving to preserve Vermont a recently established two party system. Judging from the number of people on main Street thursday night the downtown merchants Midnight madness Sale was a Success again this year. Folks seem to enjoy shopping at night and the Hope of finding a few Good bargains is All that a necessary to get them out on main Street at a time when they would ordinarily be preparing to turn in. Mrs. Walthrude Pierce of North Bennington is now Well established in her new position As executive Secretary of the chapter of the american red Cross. As she noted in an interview in thursdays Banner the red Cross sponsors a wide variety of services ranging from blood collecting and providing help to military families to training in water safety. Mrs. Pierce will undoubtedly have her hands full As she looks after the various programs of the local red Cross. An alcoholic is one who has worked his Way from Bottoms up. Burlington free press. Reap the whirlwind Rod and gun fishing is Best w Hen ifs Windy Relief of Ashington ailing will people and technology overwhelm natural Beauty of our National Parks by Marquis Childs grand Canyon Ariz. Down at the Bottom of the Canyon is the dark impenetrable Rock that is at least a billion years old. To a crowded room full of tourists of every age the Ranger is giving the daily lecture on the Story of the Earth As written in this astonishing spectacle like nothing else made by nature or by Man. A you know Quot he says in conclusion a your time on this Earth is very Short. I have just one suggestion for you. Try to find a place on the rim where you can be alone and there for a Little while think about How Long this process has been going since tourists Are coming into grand Canyon National Park at the rate of up to 15,000 a Day this advice is not easy to follow. It suggests the struggle to preserve a sense of wonder a the majesty of this phenomenon defying these puny newcomers to Earth a in the face of a mass invasion. And just now something new has been added with the proposal to build two High dams at each end of the Canyon. The powerful forces driving for Bridge Canyon and Marble Canyon dams have touched off a classic combat Between the conservationists and the Bureau of reclamation in the department of Interior. The Bureau with the backing of every political figure in Arizona including Barry Coldwater is pushing the project with what the conservationists charge is propaganda defrayed by taxpayers Money. Gov. Samuel Goddard of Arizona a Democrat belittles the conservation argument. He says that the reservoirs to be created by the dams would affect Only a few Miles of the Colorado River As it flows through the National Park. And the reservoirs would not be visible at any Point to which tourists now come. Moreover he says that the Lake created by Bridge Canyon dam would eventually attract 600,000 visitors. People versus nature a that is the Frame in which the conflict Over the dams belongs. Mobile America is on the move. They come with every kind of trailer and House caravan tents and camping equipment to occupy Sites prepared by the National Park service. Space is always Short even though campsites and motels Are constantly being expanded. On the whole the Park service seems to have done a Good Job Here. The campsites and the motels Are set in stands of Ponderosa Pine Back from the rim of the Canyon so that they Are More or less concealed. The rangers do All they can to keep the tourist invasion from overwhelming the natural setting of one of this nations greatest Scenic treasures. A of but the time is not far off when restrictions will have to be imposed on the mass movement that each summer swells in volume. The three most crowded National Parks a Yosemite Yellowstone and grand Canyon a each had last year around 1.7 million visitors. About 90 per cent came in their own cars causing for bumper to bumper traffic which hardly fits the concept of the great open spaces. Here at grand Canyon the increase this year is running at about 18 per cent. They Are talking of requiring tourists to leave their own cars outside the Park and come in on buses. While this would relieve the congestion it would bring an outcry from Hardy travellers carrying their own camping equipment. Secretary Udall has gone further than this. He suggested recently that in the not too Distant future a reservation system must be imposed. If you want to visit Yellowstone or grand Canyon you will have to make a reservation several years in Advance and perhaps pay a Deposit to insure a campsite or a Motel room. The Pioneer conservationists led by Theodore Roosevelt who fought to save a part of americans heritage from the spoilers and the exploiters could not have foreseen the age of the motorcar. They saw the solitary grandeur of such a phenomenon As the Canyon and they wanted others coming after to know it. That is the essence of the struggle today. By Roy Marsden when fishing lakes and Ponds i was taught years ago that the Best time to fish was when the wind was blowing a gentle Breeze. This condition was known As a a Pickerel Ripple a and indicated better than average chances of Good Luck. We used to think that when More than a Good Ripple was on the water it was time to turn attention to something other than fishing. Now however the experts have come up with the idea that the stronger the blow the better the fishing. A of a a fishing facts a a put out by the Public relations department of Mercury outboard motor manufacturers Tell us that a prolonged blow can actually be a Blessing in disguise. In Many lakes winds that kick up Large Waves on top also disturb the scheme of life below. Many organisms on which fish feed such As fresh water shrimp Are affected by the continuing water movement and Are literally blown to the Windy Shore. Along this Shoreline aquatic life is dislodged by the pounding Waves. Rock and Bottom dwellers Are shaken free and mixed with other forms of fish food Drifting in. The vigorous water movement also disrupts summer stratification. Fish in the Cool oxygen Rich Middle layer of water Are stirred to upper Levels. The net result of extensive winds is a pile up of food and a following of ravenous game fish. So fish in the wind even if you have to Beach the boat climb out onto a Rocky Point and cast into the Teeth of it. A spinner or flashing spoon will usually do the trick. Chances Are the other fishermen will think you Are crazy and you la enjoy this Harvest All alone. A of according to the july Issue of the american Rifleman the Polar Bear has been removed from the list of animals for which the National Rifle association of America offers awards of recognition to its members who successfully Hunt big game. This action was taken because the Era is vitally concerned with the ethics of Hunting and the conservation of natural resources. The Polar Bear population As most people Are aware has been seriously depleted by Hunters in recent years and conservationists Are concerned about the animals future. I had heard of a new form of insect repellent earlier this season that is supposed to be just about the Best. Now i find that it is a product manufactured by Colgate palmolive and called this new repellent comes in a folded moisturized towelette contained in a moisture proof envelope no larger than a Book of matches. Fourteen Little envelopes come in a Box at drugstore and Are a really compact Way to carry your a Bug juice without the inconvenience of Leaky tubes Spil Lable bottles or Bulky squirt cans to carry. This product is supposed to be equally effective against chiggers Sand fleas ticks and gnats. Just tear open an envelope wipe exposed skin areas with the Towl Ette inside and you Are free from bother by bugs for hours. This is a far cry from the Oil of Citronella Oil of tar concoction of yesteryear. A of i believe it was Back when Bill Burton was outdoors editor for the Banner that he convinced me i should break off one Hook on a treble Hook such As is found on plugs and spoons. The idea behind it was that it reduced by a third the Chance of getting snagged and made it easier to remove the Hook from a fish that was being released. Now it comes out that studies show the treble Hook causes no More mortality among released fish than single Hooks do because the fish evidently done to take them Down so deep. While i think of it i recall Jim Mcmartin who is a fisheries biologist with the Vermont fish and game department telling a group of us one evening that it is not As much the degree to which a fish is hooked As it is the care taken in handling which determines whether or not a released fish will live. Whenever possible the fish should not be handled at All. Rather an attempt should be made to shake the fish free of the Hook without even removing it from the water. If it is necessary to handle the fish the least possible pressure should be exerted to avoid internal damage which is always fatal. These Days Hanoi bombing Cooling off of Economy could deprive cop of issues this fall by John Chamberlain new York. President Johnson is no longer pulling those Public opinion polls out of his pocket to show How Well he is doing with the people. Instead he is taking action to affect the polls of october which Are the ones that Are going to Sway the congressional elections in november. The presidents calculated risks Are momentarily in his favor. In congressional District after District in mid june private polls indicated much voter dissatisfaction with the slow Pace of the vietnamese War. For example in the Waterbury conn., area of rep. John s. Monagan a Democrat two out of three respondents were for bombing the Oil depots in North Viet Nam and four out of five were for blockading Haiphong. Polls taken in regions As far apart As California Virginia Arkansas and Alaska indicated that Connecticut a preferences were also the preferences of the West and the South. But with the recent intensive bombing of the North vietnamese Oil tanks every last one of the polls that indicated frustration with the administration a handling of the War is at least for the Short run obsolete. A of fearing this development sen. Javits of new York warned republicans some time ago not to count on the War Issue next autumn. Inflation so javits Dirk sen and other old hands were saying was a better bet. But now the possibility looms that the inflation Issue will be snatched from the eager hands of Republican aspirants. The Economy indeed is in a strange period in which it is impossible to determine which Way the currents Are flowing. There Are tidal rips and Strong Back eddies and it is easy to mistake one for the other. The tax take for fiscal 1966 has been so Good that As these lines Are being written it looks As though the predicted estimate of a $6.5 billion Federal deficit would be something less than $3 billion. The president is unwilling to Cut Back Cai great society projects for 1967, but even As he spends More on people who vote he is sternly demanding an elimination of waste in the Washington bureaucracies whose employees wont be voting in con letters to the editor but for the passionate conservationists led by David Brower of the Sierra club it is the living River itself that is threatened with destruction. They hold sacred every mile of the Canyon whether visible to the average tourist or not. If the two dams Are built a to help arid Arizona solve its water problem a they will be a precedent and no National Park will be Safe from the dam builders and the exploiters. As the combat reached a critical stage the Bureau of internal Revenue cracked Down on the Sierra club ruling that contributions to the club were not tax deductible since it was trying to influence legislation through newspaper ads. Conservationists Are convinced the crackdown was inspired by the two Udall Secretary of Interior Stewart and congressman Morris k., both arizonans. Brower says the ruling is costing the club $5,000 a week As contributors cannot afford to give unless the gifts Are tax deductible. Sane limits to the editor of the Banner a child knows that a person who tries to kill himself and All others for whom he is responsible is crazy. A psychiatrist knows that each of us has the ability to choose in some moment of desperate mood to do the crazy thing. When capt. Carpenter in Viet Nam asks that he and his men surrounded by enemy soldiers be burned alive by being bombed by jellied gasoline napalm he is called a War hero by reporters and cartoonists politicians and i am confident preachers. A child knows that in a mood of frenzy he May do what later he regrets. But what can we say of persons who endorse crazy actions when these persons Are supposedly in a Calm and detached mood Are they not the sicker capt. Carpenter has been removed from the stresses of com letters to this column Are Welcome. Those of More than 200 words Are subject to condensation. Signatures and addresses Are required. All letters will be printed providing no question of libel or taste is involved. Bat to a desk Job at Gen. Westmoreland a Headquarters. A Man can Only stand so much. But who has the authority to Stop a nation that is so fearful it plunges ahead into Asia so deeply that in a moment of desperation we will ask for nuclear bombs to Burn us and All Mankind into cinders i believe both conflict and injury to others and self is Normal. I believe there Are sane limits. I know that under less stress than capt. Carpenter was i do crazy things. But in saner moments i choose not to put myself into situations where Sui cide seems reasonable. More than that i must aggressively seek to save life not wait passively for others or events to Force my hand. I am one i am Only one but i am one. I cannot do everything but i can do something. What i can cd will do with gods guidance and strength. Rev. Jordan d. Cole. Schuylerville . Enjoyed Weston to the editor of the Banner a group of six aged 13 to 45, from Peru attended the Weston playhouse performance of a ladies in retirement sunday evening and found it extremely entertaining Well acted and not a a dated As witnessed by four teen Ager Sall of which is contrary to the opinion expressed in the banners criticism of july 8 by reviewer Paul hurl Burt. Alice Dibble. Peru. Next Cut or California. Smaller Federal deficits of course mean a lessening of inflationary pressures. They also mean that no tax increases will be needed before election Day which takes a lot of politicos off the Hook. The news from Detroit telling of a heavy hangover of unsold 1966 automobiles is More deflationary than inflationary. And the University of Michigan consumer research Center indicates that car sales for 1967 May fall considerably Short of the 9 million that Detroit has been coming to think of As its rightful annual due. The tight mortgage Money Means that fewer Homes will be built in the coming year which Means that upward pressure Ai a lot of prices from furniture to washing machines will diminish. A of with a a escalation an accomplished fact in Southeast Asia a and with a paradoxical Cooling off of the Economy at Home the republicans May have to search for new issues. What will they be Viet Nam must remain an Enigma until the results of the stepped up bombing raids Are known. If the Viet Coig fails to win ground victories during the Monsoon lbs will have a card in his hand. But if there is no concurrent move in Hanoi toward negotiation and the Hawks begin calling for still stronger methods to end the War the card May not be Worth what it should be. The republicans if they insist on making the War a Campaign Issue Are going to have to play it by ear. They could be caught out As sen. Capehart and sen. Keating were caught out on the cuban missile Issue for a president who is also our commander in chief can always act in ways to Trump any armchair strategist s Ace. As for the state of the Economy in november we could have a painful fall off in consumer purchases even without increasing unemployment simply through a diminution in take Home pay. Thousands of workers Are now dependent for their luxuries and their instalment credit payments on their overtime income. Once these workers Are Cut Back to a Normal 40-hour week the drop in purchasing Power would Ripple through the Economy. It would be a switch if republicans were to win office in november on the Issue of recession not inflation

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