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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Sunny skies a pleasant weekend is forecast with mainly sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s during the Day falling into the 50s at night. Somewhat lower temperatures expected in Mountain areas. Warmer again Early next week with Chance of showers by late monday or tuesday. Benning Bennington Banner saturday july 16, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,120, to cents third term for Hoff a announcement expected today Montpelier up a Hoff narrowly won the gov gov. Philip h. Hoff Vermont a Erno ship in 1962 when he first democratic governor in slipped by incumbent Republican More than too years is expected f. Ray Keyser or. By a scant to announce today his plans to 1,348 votes seek an unprecedented third the Democrat soundly defeat term. De former it. Gov. Ralph Foote political sources said the 42 for a second term two years year old Hoff who was first later by More than 5,000 votes elected to the Post in 1962, will Hoff is expected to Call upon make the announcement at an vermonters to keep his entire afternoon statewide party rally administration in office. It. Gov. In his Honor in Burlington. John j. Daley was the latest his announcement will come incumbent to announce. As no Surprise since Many of the governor is also expected his staff have been wearing to outline his program for the Lapel buttons with his initials next two years and review his up Hhd in Morse code for More achievements of the past four. Than a week. He was a political unknown although Republican Chal prior to 1962, having served lengers Richard Snelling of Only one term in the House of Shelburne and Thomas Hayes of representatives before making fair Haven called on the gov his bid for the governor s chair error earlier this summer to in a state that has consistently announce Hoff always replied voted Republican since the old Quot when the time comes i la have 19th Century plenty to during his four year adminis some 5,000 democrats Are extraction legislation backed by agreement reached by King and Daley petted to attend the rally. Czechs expel american Washington up a the state department announced Friday that an official in the . Embassy in Prague has been expelled by the czechoslovakian government for similar . Action against a czech Diplomat who tried to a but Quot official quarters Here. The czechs have ordered g. Edward Reynolds Sec mid Secretary to the . Embassy in Prague out o the country within three Days on grounds that he has engaged in Quot espionage state department press officer Robert j. Mccloskey said the spy charges against Reynolds were a absolutely without foundation Quot and Hie czechs obviously made the move simply in radiation against the expulsion last wednesday of Jeri Opatrny second Secretary at the czech embassy Here. Hoff has resulted in increased state Aid to education financial support for colleges the beginning of a massive interstate Highway network free textbooks in schools and higher teacher salaries. He was instrumental in spearheading legislation to re apportion the legislature last year. Hoff has gained widespread stature for his efforts to bring regional planning in Vermont and for his bitter struggle to import a massive bloc of Low Cost Canadian Power. He generally supports president Johnson s National policies. He has however expressed reservations about massive bombing in North Viet Nam As potentially dangerous for a full scale global conflict. He is a native of Greenfield mass., and moved to Vermont 15 years ago. Hoff is a graduate of Williams College and Cornell University and is a partner in a Burlington Law firm. Hoff is married and has four daughters. A Veteran of the . Navy submarine service he is a member of the american Vermont and Chittenden county bar associations chairman of the committee on civil liberties director of the greater Burlington Industrial corp. And Cape Kennedy up a director of the Lake Champlain astronauts John Young and chamber of Commerce. Michael Collins won medical Bryan Hassenpflug 10-year-old son of or. And mrs. William pleased Hassenpflug Beech Street Extension gleams with pleasure As he poses with his 13v2 Inch Frog which was the largest submitted in the banners Frog contest but which failed to equal the 17-Inch Louisiana Frog pictured in last saturdays paper. Bryan will receive $13.50 from the Banner for his entry. Hamilton Winner space officials order go ahead for monday gemini to blast off Wilson flies to Moscow today with new Viet Nam peace bid London up a prime minister Harold Wilson flies to Moscow today with a new Viet Nam peace bid but the russians have warned him in Advance that he will draw a Blank. The British Leader wants to enlist russian cooperation in moves to reconvene the Geneva conference which in 1954 settled the Indochina War. Kremlin pronouncements in the past few Days however have made it Clear that the soviets Are in no mood to initiate any peace offensive at this critical stage of the Viet Nam War. The Wilson trip came entirely on his own initiative. The russians did not prompt it and say they see Little Prospect for an East West rapprochement while the Viet Nam War continues. At the same time Canada a member of the International control commission inc for Viet Nam was reported Friday to be conducting a peace initiative of its own in quiet behind the scenes efforts in Hanoi peking and Moscow. These moves known to have begun earlier this year in Low level soundings were said to be continuing through various channels Independent of current British and other efforts. Unlike Wilson s much publicized Viet Nam peace bid and Indian Premier Indira Gandhi a latest visit to Moscow Canada is saying nothing publicly and appease his own is persevering in its attempts which wants to Wilson was scheduled to leave London at noon saturday action altogether. Monday blast off aboard gemini to despite a weather threat from the remnants of tropical storm Celia. Whether or not the launch will be affected by the rain laced Easterly wave left by Celia depends on How far up the Florida Peninsula the squally weather would reach if it continues its Westward sweep ostensibly to attend the British toward South Florida. Clearance Friday and officials the tentative forecast for ordered a go ahead for their launch time is for Cloudy skies scattered showers and 12-mlle per hour winds. Officials said Quot these Are acceptable conditions for the schedule Calls for a 6 21 . Edt blast off of gemini to aboard a Titan-2 Booster 101 minutes after an Atlas rocket is launched at 4 40 . Carrying an age a target satellite into orbit. Industrial exhibition now opened in Russia. He is to have a major policy review with soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin and possibly with other Kremlin leaders monday. He will return to London tuesday. The russians who have just turned Down a Viet Nam peace initiative from mrs. Chandi have made it Clear they have no intention of helping Britain reconvene the Geneva conference of which they Are the co chairmen. Russian commentators have in effect accused Wilson of making the peace bid for Domestic considerations to left Wing dissociate Britain from . Viet Nam one problem which had been Quot we May not know until bothering launch Crews was sunday what the situation is Quot solved. A guidance computer said a space Agency spokes aboard the gemini to space Man Craft received erroneous signals the disintegration of Celia from a computer on the ground however brought a consider during a test wednesday and Bly brighter picture Quot for the called to reject it. Three Day flight of Young and Collins a mid afternoon status report said. Gemini Mission director William c. Schneider ordered launch preparations to proceed on the basis of optimistic reports Given during a final review of Mission plans. Young and Collins underwent a four hour physical examination by or. D. Owen Coons of the spaceflight medical team. He said the pair was Quot in excellent spirits. Physically and mentally they Are ready to Chicago up a or. Martin Luther King and mayor Richard j. Daley reached a Quot Cooling off Quot agreement Friday but a fourth night of racial violence already had begun and National guardsmen moved into troubled West Side negro neighbourhoods. The civil rights Leader and Daley met for 80 minutes at City Hall Ai King s demand As negro youths stoned firemen battling two raging fires in the riot zone and police struggled to control a surging crowd of 1,000 persons. Daley and King hammered out a pact covering a number of civil rights grievances but the effect of the agreement remained in doubt As hundreds of National guardsmen armed with rifles and with bayonets fixed cruised the streets. Police arrested three teenage negro youths for dropping bottles from an overpass onto cars speeding along the Eisenhower expressway. At least two youths were arrested in Rock throwing incidents at the fires. Firemen finally put out the fires. Police reported rioting broke out at a drug store near the Point where rioting first erupted tuesday night. Police with riot guns rushed to the store and surrounded it. Hundreds of guardsmen rolled into the riot zone at 6 . Cd. Thousands More were held in Reserve at armoires. The guardsmen were ordered to fire Back of fired upon. Guard jeeps in pairs four men to each jeep cruised up and Down Pulaski Road. They Rode with their fixed bayonets pointed skyward. Gov. Otto Kerner called out the guard at the request of Daisy after eight hours of marauding and Street warfare thursday night and Early Friday in which two negroes were shot and killed seven policemen were shot and nearly 300 persons arrested. Among those arrested were 12 persons who according to police reports were held on a charge of conspiracy to commit treason. Police said an undercover police agent heard people at a meeting plotting to blow up several buildings in the riot area. Daley blamed the rioting on King denied that any members of his organization had tried to stir up trouble in the area. He said they were committed to a policy of nonviolence. King left City Hall for the riot scene after his agreement with Daley was announced. Most of the Points in their agreement appeared to be relatively Short term Steps designed to solve the immediate problem. Point no. I provided for example sprinklers would be placed on fire hydrants to be turned pm in hot weather. It was this problem that led directly to the rioting which thursday night Cost the lives of two negroes one a 14-year-old pregnant girl whom a doctor was quoted As saying was a about to give the other fatality was a Mississippi Man whom police said was in an area where looting had occurred. Civil rights leaders accused police of being trigger Happy during the thursday night Melee. But police said they fired Only when necessary. The guardsmen �?1,500 of them in the first wave were ordered to move into an area bounded by Kedzie Harrison Kilbourne and 16th streets. As the troops pulled out Gen. Francis Kane said Quot if anybody shoots at my men my orders Are to shoot to Kane a Daley political ally was placed in command of the troops. He told reporters he would rely on the judgment of police officials As to when to pull the guardsmen out of the area. A the men will be returned As soon As there is peace Quot Kane said. . Planes Fly 114 missions Saigon up �?. Warplanes struck anew at North Viet Nam Friday after a record Day of raids in which they flew 114 missions dodged some missiles and battled communist Mig jets in a series of dogfights. . Jets in the big thursday raid smashed two key rail Bridges and attacked a missile site la Miles from Hanoi. A Navy a4 skyhawk Jet was shot Down Friday by heavy ground fire while attacking a surface to air missile Sam site As american aircraft carried their intensified nonstop bombing offensive into its 17th Day. A spokesman said the Jet from the aircraft Carrier Ranger was downed North of the coastal City of Thanh Hoa and the Pilot was missing. It was not known whether the missile site was destroyed. In the South . Marines fought off a Viet Cong assault near Chu Lai in fierce hand to Marine intense hand fighting and artillery poured an barrage on a band of some 300 Viet Cong moving through a Mountain pass. Only 66 Miles West of Saigon a company of Viet Cong overran a Small South vietnamese outpost. But the most spectacular action was North of the 17th parallel where . Planes clashed with communist migs three times and dodged at least two Sams while delivering their record attacks against communist targets. Following up a previously announced dogfight in which two Mig 21s were shot Down . Fliers reported two other clashes with communist jets thursday. In one of the Battles two soviet made mig17s jumped Navy crusader jets 26 Miles Southeast of Hanoi while they were flying cover for a group of Navy bombers. Bank robbed at gunpoint in South Glens Falls . South Glens Falls . A the local Branch of the first National Bank of Glens Falls was robbed Friday at gunpoint of $15,-000 by a robber who shoved a pistol in front of a Teller and ordered him to fill a paper bag with Money. There were no customers in the Bank when the gunman entered and the Teller admitted he was Quot scared Quot when he was ordered to Quot fill it up Quot and then to Quot step on it the bag was Only partly filled mostly with larger Bills when the robber panicked and fled out the front door As another Bank employee stood up in a Glass enclosed Corner near the Teller s Cage. The Man was described As be Auto safety standards announced i by government for All 1968 models As Kington up a the irn ment announced Friday Auto safety standards that d apply to All 1968 models in the United states. The it a innovation is a soft Rumen panel to reduce is and injuries from in standards set by the a ral services adm Nistra Gas specifically apply Fie 60,000 cars the govern buys each year. But Ballon pending in Congress d adopt the is a standards interim Federal safety Irementa for All new autos rth the Senate a passed Auto to Bill and a measure being Ted by the House Coulee committee would set in standards for foreign and . Cars Jan. 31. These standards would be for 1968 models that appear in the fall of 1967. The Gas standards Are intended to make car interiors safer for persons being hurled about in the Quot second collision Quot a the one that comes a fraction on the inside Roy Marsden writes of fishing when the wind is blowing a a gentle 4. Several proposed routes for relocation of . Around Bennington Are shown on 5. Of a second after the car crashes. The major feature is an Energy absorbing instrument panel and dashboard made of thin steel and covered with padding which deforms when struck. Gas standards require similar construction for the Corner posts on each Side of the Windshield the steel strip connecting the roof to the Windshield and the area facing the Knees of front seat riders. The steering column also was included required to conform to a collapsible design that general motors will introduce in its 1967 models this fall. The other Auto manufacturers Are expected to design a similar column which will collapse More than eight inches when struck by a Driver during a collision. Other Gas standards include a headrests to reduce whiplash injuries. A a improved engine emission controls to help prevent air pollution. A padding on the rear of front seats. A recessed or break away designs for such protrusions As Ash trays window and door handles and other switches and controls. A a fail Safe braking system that requires additional Hydraulic or mechanical linkages in Case the primary system fails. A upper Torso seat belts in addition to Lap belts. Hayes makes Hay Thomas l. Hayes of fair Haven one of two contenders for the Republican gubernatorial nomination spent several hours on main Street Here Friday shaking hands and introducing himself to shoppers and when the circumstances presented themselves As was the Case Here passing out to children free balloons emblazoned with a Tom Hayes plug. The party a nomination in which Richard Snelling of Shelburne is the other candidate will come in the september state primary. Hagerman ing about 25 or 30, 5 foot six weighing about 145 pounds with Short hair. He was dressed in Grey Slacks a red and Grey plaid shirt work shoes and a Cap with a hard visor. Local police who were immediately notified summoned state police and and the Fri to Aid in the Hunt for the gunman. Road blocks were set up and traffic was checked on the Bridge leading to Glens Falls but no Trace was found of the robber. Humphrey warns of reprisals fort Worth Tex. Up a vice president Hubert h. Humphrey said Friday that if North Viet Nam carries out its threat to execute captured . Fliers it will Quot set Loose emotions in this country that would be hard to Quot it would be a very very serious development and i can t think of anything More dangerous for them to do Quot Humphrey told a news conference. The vice president would not reveal what retaliation the . Would take. Quot its not at my disposal to do that Quot he said. Humphrey again explained the administration s reason for bombing Oil depots near Hanoi and Haiphong. He said it was done to slow Down the infiltration rate of communist troops into the South and to inflict greater damage on the North Viet Nam Economy. Humphrey said one of the major crises in the us. Was Quot intolerable Quot living conditions which he indicated was a major cause of the Chicago riots. Quot until we clean up slums there will be no peace in America Quot Humphrey said. Humphrey told an audience at Texas Christian University that the United states would be willing to cooperate in developing a prosperous and peaceful Asia with Quot All nations willing to live in peace Quot including red China. However As Long As red China and North Viet Nam persisted in the War he said who it q or mph Al Crit

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