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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Woman s world any takers by Jean Kassick maybe it would pay to advertise. In be been thinking of starting up my own personal classified Section although i must hasten to add that what i have in mind would by no stretch of the imagination compete with the regular services offered by the advertising department of this paper. Mine might run More to the following lost found strayed lost one red sock one Gray sock one White High sneaker one yellow handled screw Driver a among other items. Finders please return to either chief Washerwoman or chief maintenance Man. Found three rusted bolts two Gray rocks seven Odd lengths of twine four marbles half a Ball Point pen and various other valuables. Reward offered of owner will immediately claim same. Strayed half a Batch of chocolate Chip cookies. Simultaneously and perhaps connected three children. Professional services sundry treatments available on first come first served basis. Band Aid applications shoe tying argument arbitration Back scrubbing and others too numerous to mention. Personals cuddles and Bruce i loved your card thank you for the birthday wishes. Love nibbles. Help wanted immediate opening for willing household helpers make Beds carry out garbage do Yard work. Experience not necessary will train. Apply to Mother before you Are drafted. Private instruction Young people Here is your Opportunity to be tutored in such refined and cultural techniques As picking up ones clothes washing behind ones ears eating quietly without gobbling closing doors without slamming and punctuality. No Money need change hands will instruct in return for Promise to practising the new lessons. Where to eat try the tasty meals offered daily at the Home restaurant. Prices can to be beat. Best service in town. Just show up on time. Articles for Sale Large Supply of used toys such gems As three wheel trucks dolls without clothes dog eared books puzzles with As few As three pieces missing conglomerate group of tinker toys Lincoln logs and erector pieces and others. Sale will be conducted in dark of night lest previous owners cause a riot. Good used clothing in a wide Range of sizes All smaller than owner is currently. Also includes Box of slightly out dated but still serviceable maternity clothes which previous wearer has been too Chicken to dump up to now and maybe still is. Homemaking motes Odd lot of dishes portions of various sets in use since beginning of marriage. Long on saucers Short on Sandwich plates and completely bereft of cups. Many patterns and colors. Business Opportunity excellent Chance for someone who likes to Iron to take Down washing to dry dishes and to dust to make Deal with person who hates those things but who will hang washing vacuum make pies Wash dishes and polish Silver. Where Are you give away three Lively rambunctious noisy Bright always hungry and ofttimes quarrelsome children. With or without year old spoiled fat Doggy. This offer subject to withdrawal at any time. As a matter of fact it just was. Summer Means planning for Extension workers Daisy of a White Sale mattress pad on Sale Flat twin size Reg. 3.98 Flat double size Reg. 4.98 by Marion h Arris county Extension agent what do you do in the summer is a question often asked of me by folks around the county. E Extension work is education and to most folks education takes place from september through june a with time out in the summer a so its natural i should be asked How i spend my time during the summer. Extension service work is a year round Job and done to fool yourself so is teaching school for Many teachers Are studying or preparing themselves for the school year that is coming. Extension service work is an Extension of University of Vermont agriculture and Home economics education and brings representatives into the county who Are really Are on the spot educators in these Fields. Necking prohibited Buenos Arlo up a argentin a a new military government in a stand against necking in Public has ordered police to keep close watch on couples in Parks plazas and promenades who a behave without the least feeling of North Bennington Rood Bennington Vermont finast facial tissue Whit or coloured 200-2 ply 6 for $100 i Admiral refrigerators freezers $158 All sizes amp models in Stock furniture co. 519-525-529 main Street Bennington phone 442-5346 a open Friday evenings route 2 Williamstown mass. Mum Good cheer Good food visit the longhorn room Steak or roast beef with salad potato. Garlic bread you la never have la a so Good for a so Little closed mondays generous lbs Washington up a australian prime minister Harold Holt told president Johnson thursday that in a recent conversation with Britain a prime minister Harold Wilson a i told him you had been so generous to me that of i had asked for the statue of Liberty you would have Given it to Holt said Wilson then inquired a Why did no to you ask him for fort Knox a a Bennington Banner saturday july in 19hh-3 a lot of fuss Over feathers in fall and Winter fashions by Gay Pauley up women s editor new York up a a lot of the fuss concerns feathers in the new fall and Winter fashions. Feathers dyed into a Rainbow of hues coloured Black or left in ther natural colors form flounces jackets Boas or make the whole skirt of bouncy Short evening dresses. The firm of Junior sophisticates new York for instance produced a barrel shaped skirt All feathers and topped it with a to shirt bodice of crepe. A red Satin Sash and skirt three inches above the Knees completed the Zingy outfit meant for the Young in heart. Some designers cloak the whole body in feathers. Pauline Trigere did a group of elegant whether old or Young we All need vitamins in Home economics especially our summer is spent in writing new plans and arranging a Calendar of work for the year ahead. Our curriculum is based upon what our program committees see As Basic needs and interests of All families in our county. On july 18, the county Home economics Extension committee made up of five people on the Extension service Board will meet to begin studying our county needs and making plans for the coming year. Those serving on this committee Are mrs. Arthur Wickenden mrs. Arthur Pierce mrs. Clare Nolan All of North Bennington mrs. Robert Houle of Bennington and mrs. George Randall of South Shaftsbury. This committee will take a Long look at the county needs evaluate the program for the past five years and Start thinking about what might fill our greatest needs and interests of the Many families in the county during the year ahead. Because Extension work is tax supported All folks in the county need to be considered. Outside of working with Extension homemaker groups your Home agent is available for Home visits and Telephone Calls consultations concerning Home problems. There is also a weekly radio program and this news column through which people in the county Are reached As Well As the meetings a county wide area wide Leader training schools and work with special interest committees. This next year the program will include new textiles and clothing a county consumer education Day on oct. 18 at the state armory Leader training schools on Christmas traditions vegetable cookery Low Cost meats and some interesting a do it yourself area meetings will handle such topics As unusual indoor hobbles and interests and schools on making drapes and curtains. We Hope to have some area programs covering problems in medicare education on cancer prevention and Field trips to the Williamstown planetarium. The work with Youngho me makers under mrs. Donald Belt will continue and become better developed and there will also be some programs on pre school child development As Well. Babysitting schools will be conducted in communities outside of Bennington where interest and needs for this Are created. At present the Manchester welfare association has requested such a program for the Manchester area and a committee is already at work under mrs. Hough social welfare worker in developing such a program for her organization to sponsor. Fall and Winter ventilation a ventilated bosom is the term suited to this dress designed by James Galanos unveiled in his fall and Winter collections shown in new York july 13. Award winning Galanos has achieved the Semi topless look in the jewel Laden dress by using wide straps that end just where the Empire Waist begins. Up Burlington a a person 55 years or older needs the same amounts of protein Calcium and Vitamin a and c As he did at 25, states miss Anna m. Wilson Extension nutritionist at the University of Vermont. These nutrients Are necessary for Good health and Well being at any age. Although requirements for these nutrients remain the same the older person needs fewer calories she continues. The average Man 55 years old needs about 2,200 calories while at 25 years he needed 2,900 calories per Day. At age 55, the average woman requires about 1,600 calories Dally whereas she needed 2,100 at age 25. As a person grows older the amount of muscle tissue decreases. At the same time a buildup in fit tissue occurs miss Wilson Points out. Therefore the dollars and decisions meat inspection in Vermont by Faith prior gym enmity economist Burlington. For years people in the know have been fretting about the state of meat inspection in Vermont a and being darned careful where their own household bought. Much More recently the general Public and the state legislature have become aware of the Many possibilities for trouble in meat produced within the state and therefore not subject to Federal regulation. Anyone whose social contacts include veterinarians Farmers slaughterhouse workers and certain retail handlers can enliven conversation with secondhand accounts of horror stories that will curl your innards into Gastro enteric ringlets. The a Downer cows that Are consigned a Down the Road a before their medical Bill gets any higher the ones dragged in dead from the pasture. The carcasses a a inspected and a a passed even though the vital organs where most disease lesions would appear have been removed. The parasitic carcasses a a treated by freezing. The Hamburg that a Only part meat a the rest being soy meal or Cereal with maybe blood and artificial colouring and a generous Dollop of fat ground in to increase the volume a and the profits. A of Vermont has 27 a a licensed slaughterhouses of which three Slaughter for interstate shipment and therefore must have Federal inspection there Are others which Are operating entirely unregistered. In a 1963 us a report Vermont appears thus Type of Law a none. Meat inspection program a no. No is also the answer under every other column for Vermont including Ante Portem and postmortem examination sanitation food products examination Labelling transportation enforcement disposal of condemned products Etc. According to the us a report some of the worst conditions observed included allowing edible portions of carcasses to come in Contact with manure pus and other sources of contamination allowing meat food products to become contaminated with filth from improperly cleaned equipment and facilities use of chemical additives and preservatives that would not be permitted under Federal meat inspection failure to use procedures to detect and control parasites transmissible to Man such As trichinosis and cystic Rosis insufficient control Over adulteration of meat food products with water gum cereals or sodium Casein ate false and deceptive Label ing failure to supervise destruction of obviously diseased tissues and spoiled putrid or filthy materials working without inspection or supervision. If you be been internally Strong enough to get this far take heart. On the last Day of the last special session of the legislature the lawmakers passed a meat inspection Bill for the state and it was signed into Law. Inspection of retail establishments and slaughterhouses is scheduled to begin this fall the entire Law will be in Force july i of next year. Some of the items on which inspection will be made will be Interior and exterior sanitation of slaughterhouses and retail outlets including Freedom from rodents and insects availability of toilets and running water prohibition of sawdust on the floor. Chopping blocks with gouges and cracks in which millions of bacteria incubate will have to be sanded Down and rendered sanitary. Meat Grinders must be cleaned regularly would you believe there Are in the state Grinders that have been in operation maybe 20 years and have never been taken apart for cleaning. Enamel pans which Chip must be replaced. Animals must be certified As healthy both before Slaughter and on postmortem examination of the carcass including viscera. A state inspection stamp showing an outline map of Vermont will certify that meat has been inspected and passed this will appear in purple Ink similar to the Federal inspection marking on the meat itself or As a sticker on packaged meat products. Hamburg will have to be too per cent meat including not Over 30 per cent fat. Hams containing added water must be so labelled. A picnic hams will be no More they Are really shoulders and must be so called. Wrappings must show at least 50 per cent of the contents without tinting or design in the covering. Look at Frankfurter wrappings next time you re shopping a cube Steak or any other similarly ambiguous Cut will have to also be marked As to primal origin a flank Bottom round Chuck Etc. Pays in pennies Farmington . Up a this City netted 36 cents out of a $1 parking Fine recently. It had to pay 64 cents postage due on an envelope containing too pennies sent in by an irate citizen. The buyer has a right to know the comparative prices he a paying. And a product such As a luncheon meat will have to be just that a meat. Meat is defined As the muscular tissue of animals. Just a few Days ago i bought locally a package of a a a loaf to use in a display the Label listed the ingredients a hog snouts water Green peppers hog stomachs seasonings. At our House neither the dog nor the cat would touch it and they can to even read. Cheer up. July i 1967 is coming. I ans readied for St. Peter s Parish fair la boutique will be one of the unusual Booths at the Parish fair St. Peters episcopal Church saturday july 23 from la to 5 . The fair will be held on the Lawn and in the Parish House on pleasant Street. Handmade and one of a kind gifts will be on Sale. Needlepoint topped pin cushions Large purses lined with Calico pre War liqueur glasses Sun bonnets and shifts for the ladles made from decorator fabrics Are among the few out of the Ordinary gifts. Mrs. William Williams and mrs. Thomas e. Coe or. Will be in charge. For the Christmas in july Booth mrs. Robert Stout miss Cheryl Pratt and miss Cindy Stout Are Busy on decorations. Miss Marlon Hardy chairman with her committee mrs. Loyd Fleming mrs. Gordon Garrish mrs. Leon Jacobs and mrs. Louis Post Are rounding up from attics and barns White elephants which add to the Parish fair. On the Steps of the Church will be the Flower stall. Arrangements in containers bouquets of Flowers plants herbs for the Garden or table and fresh vegetables will be on Sale. Also Garden tools Bird houses and accessories. Miss Juliette Mcc. Shields will be assisted by mrs. Richard b. Leake jr., miss Gwladys Bowen miss Julie Jenkins and mrs. E. E. Sarcka. Miss Bowen is also in charge of the inventory and John r. Stone will be cashier. Madkour scentral Market open sunday 8 to i 2cill Csc of seen and to inc think a a first for one Stop banking service. For Mil ast in Lins mrs Mill hic Mill Willim i North Bennington Manchester member Federcio Deposit insurance corporation w Fust National Dank e a a Joth benni1 Short and Long formals in Bod Skimmer shapes with Small clusters of Ostrich plume floating out All Over from the Basic sheers beneath. Colors included purple Green and Squash a soft Orange yellow Hue. Trigere also bordered triangular scarves in feathers to go with dresses flounced with plumage. Oscar de la Renta designer of Jane Derby died plumage purple to make a Bolero worn with a White Satin floor length formal. Feather treatments from other manufacturers showed As the new York couture business Council inc., tuesday began its 47th Semi annual a National press week a for visiting fashion editors. When the Council ends its series of dress coat suit and accessories shows sunday july to the american designers group unveils its collection through the next six Days. Fur or fake fur also runs through most ready to Wear warming up the inside or outside. Sable and Mink Border hemlines cuffs or collars of Short glittering formals. Coat and jacket linings Range through Rabbit persian Lamb Fox Lynx Leopard Monkey and Mink. And on the fake Side the wider and Shaggie the better. Watch also in fall shopping for less of the belted look than Ever in dresses. Call for Silhouette the tube or the Skimmer a the favorite Way of doing it is in a lean unbelted line from collarless neckline to hem. Usually its sleeveless too. You la see the tube in a multitude of coat dress costumes big item for new season. Most often the coat has some pattern the dress is the solid Hue. Heavy favorite a giant plaids or checks. There Are More full Coats around than last year but the narrow shapes still predominate. Fashion dictates that the a a in evening dress is the beaded one with beads covering the whole Frame of Chiffon or sheer silk. Usually its Short minus any Waistline marking with Loose three Quarter length sleeves and no Collar. Some designers do the Short beaded numbers in tent shapes narrowed through the shoulders and bust line with a lot of swing through the skirt. i Quality i photo finishing j always guaranteed fresh i film i a a Noveck Shultz inc. A 1411 main St. Dial 2-6926 ii person who Learned to like sweets and other calorie Rich foods earlier in life will need to discipline his eating habits to avoid unwanted pounds. This problem of eating foods High in calories can cause several other problems for the older person she indicates. While he is consuming plenty of calorie Rich foods other essential nutrients can easily be crowded out of the diet. Furthermore most older people Are not Active enough to bum up the excess calories from Rich foods. The tendency to be overweight can be partially decreased by planning Low calorie menus which include foods from each of the four food groups. Interest can be added to a meal by combining Crisp foods with soft ones or mild Flavoured foods with Dis Tinct Flavoured ones. An older persons thoughts can be turned away from foods High in calories and Low in nutrients miss Wilson concludes by selecting Bright coloured attractive foods and serving them in pleasant surroundings. When foods Are chosen and served with a Little consideration the older person is less Likely to rely on quickie meals that Are often High in calories. Influential Aid san Marcos Tex. Up a Aubrey Kline admits she might have had some pull in getting her new Job. Last april the Southwest Texas state College student talked to a visiting alumnus about jobs. He suggested she drop him a line. She did. Now thanks to president Johnson miss Kline starts work monday at the . Information Agency. Summer summer Sale Adams Quot or a shoes too everything a coming up daisies you can walk out and pick Field daisies until you Are Blue in the face but you know what happens. They go Bloop in a few hours and your arrangement is dead. For you Daisy lovers we have dedicated this special week. Come see our Daisy tree. Come see our Daisy arrangements in Bennington pottery. Come see if he loves you or not. Come see daisies arranged in Antiques or on Driftwood. See Daisy chains Daisy Bushes potted daisies daisies by the Stem or by the Bushel. For 29 cents and up you can have a Petal picking Good time with daisies this week at. The Flower barn fast Arlington Vermont daily 9-5 sundays 1-5 Tel. 375-2802

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