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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 2, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday july 2, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont he ii or in is lets keep it Safe and sane at the beginning of every Long weekend editorial writers urge their readers to take care of themselves so that still be Here to read the following weeks editions. Safety organizations Issue gloomy predictions of the number that will die during the three Day period in Auto crashes by drowning and in innumerable other ways. Experience tells most people that highways Are crowded that Many travellers Are trying to drive too far too fast that it is Foolhardy to swim too far out in the Lake and that a cardboard Cylinder packed with Gunpowder is nothing to play around with. The fourth of july weekend is traditionally the bloodiest not Only because millions of motorists clog the highways As they Rush to the Beach and the mountains but because of the dangerous unfortunate and in Many states illegal custom of exploding firecrackers. When courts punish the helpless drunk a growing body of informed opinion in the United states considers alcoholism a disease and the chronic alcoholic a sick person. So far no one has been Able to single out one cause of alcoholism. Some medical researchers hold that it is rooted in emotional and psychological disturbances. Others believe it has a physiological basis in a deficiency or organic weakness. Still others say a alcoholism is in fact Many different ailments that Manifest the same outward symptoms. If alcoholism is a disease then punishing a Lush for his a a crime clearly is wrong. It is like putting a Man behind bars for contracting tuberculosis or for being neurasthenia. Punitive action can be justified Only when an accused has a editors notes tiny Readsboro is the Only town in Vermont that really knows How to celebrate the fourth of july. This year As in the past according to a Story by Kenalene Collins in thursday s Banner both natives and visitors will compete in contests and games dance watch fireworks and enjoy plenty of Good eating. There will be something new this year though Kenalene reports. A Readsboro women a water Polo team has been formed and Hopes to compete in the traditional water Polo games played by teams from fire departments in the area. The Readsboro girls Are looking for female challengers but unfortunately these Are few and far Between in such a strenuous and demanding sport. We should think though that some of the heftier members of one of the fire department auxiliaries in the Bennington area could get themselves into shape by monday for a water Polo match. Otherwise the Readsboro girls will have to Challenge a menus team. The National safety Council estimates that As Many As 610 people will die on the Highway this weekend. This would be the highest Highway death toll Ever on the Midsummer Holiday weekend. Another 5,000 americans May be injured in accidents involving fireworks according to a prediction by the National fire Protection association. Last year ten persons were killed and of these seven were children under eight. Percy Bugbee Nipa general manager noted that fireworks Are making a comeback and unless the trend is reversed our Safe and sane fourths May be at an end. It will probably be to no Avail but we urge our readers to make this fourth As Safe and sane As possible to drive cautiously to handle fireworks if at All with extreme care and to be alive and healthy tuesday afternoon when the Banner boy comes around to deliver his papers. Substantial control Over his own behaviour. When he lacks that control straight court penalties would appear to violate the eighth amendment to the . Constitution barring a cruel and unusual it May Well be that routine confinement of a confirmed alcoholic comes under that proscription. Challenges to the Validity of the punitive approach in cases of alcoholism have been raised in the courts of North Carolina California and the District of Columbia. The . Court of appeals ruled last january in Charlottesville that helpless drunkenness must not be construed As a crime for a the state cannot stamp an a pretending chronic alcoholic As a criminal if his Drunken Public display is involuntary As the result of this appears to be the conclusion toward which enlightened jurisprudence is tending in other parts of the country. And if the women win which is quite Likely the poor men will never hear the end of it. Bob Gilroy a theory that Bennington could become a a a Hub of the Winter ski Industry has a great Deal of Merit. Gilroy who is proprietor of the bulrushes motor court suggested at a meeting of the Goa merchants division the other night that Many skiers might stay in Bennington if the towns location and extensive tourist facilities were properly publicized. Skiers who stay Here he noted could go to the Wilmington Manchester and Massachusetts ski areas depending on where conditions Are Best instead of committing themselves to one or two resorts. He might have added that prices Here Are also Apt to be lower than in lodges immediately adjacent to the slopes. We have no doubt that a Little advertising could persuade More Winter sports fans to stay in this area. If so then motels restaurants and the Economy in general would get a boost during a normally Slack season. A we heard it Many times Bedore but lets hear it a amp Quot Rod and gun Blue skies and lots of fish by Roy Marsden Plum mass. Quot when did Little Pedro Recd me inter Lap in politic.7 Washington calling Washington sceptical of Hanoi bombing critics fear a evangelistic War in Asia by m Arquisch in is Washington. Except for the private jubilation of the Hawks who have now had their Way the atmosphere in this capital is one of uncertainty coloured by gloomy foreboding. What the next turn of the screw will be no one professes to know. Even those Long advocating a step up in the bombing to the area of Hanoi and Haiphong Are privately sceptical of what the consequences will be. The threat of the punch was telegraphed so far in Advance that surely the North vietnamese were prepared for it with alternate plans to Supply the battalions sent from the North to the South in Ever in creasing numbers. If the trucks can to run because the Oil depots were destroyed then the human Back will substitute since this it must be assumed is in unlimited Supply. A of the scepticism feeds on the arithmetic of intensive bombing for More than 16 months. At the Start in february 1965, the big bomber boys in the Pentagon were saying that within a few weeks the infiltration of men and material from the North would be stopped and Hanoi would be suing for peace. The rate of infiltration then was an estimated 1,600 a month. Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara puts the recent figure at 4,500 to 5,000. In that interval with Day to Day bombing the communists built a two Lane Highway replacing much of what had been a Jungle Trail. Part of it has been hard surfaced. Mcnamara a Stellar piece of evidence in the kind of computerized Chalk talk that is his specially in these crises was a reconnaissance photo showing 51 trucks on the Road. A of the immediate reaction to the newest escalation was predictable. For sen. J. William Fulbright the most searching critic of Viet Nam policy this is one More move closing out a Chance for Compromise and a settlement of the War Short of total destruction of Viet Nam both North and South. If As both Mcnamara and Secretary of state Dean Rusk have said in the past Hanoi and Haiphong were hostages for Saigon the capital of South Viet Nam stands now in imminent danger. For in the estimate of knowledgeable observers Viet Cong up to a full division have infiltrated the Saigon area a positioned throughout the whole society including High Levels of government. At the opposite pole sen. Richard Russell and others of the get in or get out school say this must be Only a beginning. It is essential to hit everything in the North that can contribute in any Way to the communist War Effort. Thus the War will be shortened and american casualties reduced. But As with everything else in Washington it comes Back finally to the reaction of one Man a Lyndon Baines Johnson. In the View of Fulbright and other critics the president has gone beyond a reasonable approach to the War. He has become a passionate crusader an evangel determined to defeat communism in Asia which Means of course China. Rusks evangelism his intensely emotional moralistic approach has communicated itself to the president in this View and he Means to go All the Way to that could be a War measured not in years but in decades. It brings to mind sen. Mike Mansfield a warning in his report of last january of an open ended land War on the asian Mainland. A of there is however still another perspective on the temperament of the Man who makes the final decisions. In the View of fair minded participants in the mane vering in recent weeks a themselves opposed to escalation the president went further than anyone knows to try to get talks started. He tried a variety of channels both direct and indirect. After All these efforts and one is Given to believe that they were formidable peking with an Echo from Hanoi replied with a harsh rejection. Johnson is temperamentally incapable of taking such a Rebuff As anything less than a direct slap at him and his sincere and Well intentioned attempt to scale Back the War both in the air and on the ground. At the same time the pressure of the joint chiefs of staff and their allies in Congress to extend the bombing never ceased. And the Reading of the polls showing a Sharp drop in the presidents popularity was As a demand to use More air Power to get it Over with and Stop the Slaughter on the ground. The decision taken last week and delayed in execution Only because of Cloud cover Over the target was in the circumstances inevitable. A of in his masterful conduct of the Senate As majority Leader and now again in his direction of foreign policy the president does not understand open and avowed opposition. He can Over the lighter Side Helm his critics Here at Home. But this latest turn of the screw raises some grave questions within the Western Alliance. Prime minister Harold Wilson Felt compelled to speak out. His disavowal of the Hanoi Haiphong bombing will get a warm response in other nato countries. The Specter of a go it alone policy is an ominous one. Island the shortest week of the year is drawing to a close Here on Plum Island where i am spending an annual fishing vacation. We have been favored by Good weather no Rains a gentle Breeze and mid Day temperatures in the High 80s. For the past three years the Weatherman has cooperated fully in furnishing conditions conducive to a Good week at the Shore although there were two years in the past when we were Hurricane out before the week was Over. Mackerel have been in evidence by the thousands All week Long and the party boat catches have been above Normal almost every trip. When the winds Are Only slight the boats done to Anchor but Drift along and this produces the Best results. The Macks will Drift with the boat and strike the bait regularly. When the boats Anchor the fishing is spotty picking up Only when a school of Mackerel comes along. My son Jimmy drove Down for a Day of fishing with the a old Man a bringing Down his son Steven who stayed on Shore but will be ready to learn about fish in a couple More years. On this particular trip skipper Sid Fowler out of Hudson at Plum Island Point decided it was Best to Anchor. We struck the tinker Mackerel in such numbers that we were releasing Many More than we kept. During one Lull in the action Jimmy rigged up with Sand eels and went to Bottom fishing. He caught a Fine cod which proved to be the biggest fish boated As Well As a sea Perch. The Perch closely resembles fresh water Perch except for color which runs to a Brilliant Orange and eyes which Are huge in comparison to the rest of the inhabitants of the murky Depths. My week Long fishing companion Johnny Stannard of Dorset has fished this area longer than i have and suggested we try the Merrimac River for a a Schoolie stripers. So thursday morning we went at it. This is done on an outgoing tide which is like fishing the Batten kill during a flood. Rigged with an eight foot Rod a casting reel bloodworm and about six ounces of Lead sinker we fished three hours but came up with Only four stripers All under the Legal minimum of 16 inches. It was fun and a new experience for me especially having As heavy a sinker rolled along the Bottom by the Force of the tides. We saw Only one Legal fish taken a Striper about five pounds. Slack tide at n . Put an end to All action so we folded up and went Back to the cottage. Friday was the last Day to fish so John and i took off on the morning party boat the Brenda with skipper Paul York in command. The weather was muggy even at 7 30 . And rain threatened. The usual half hour run due East found us four Miles out and All hands went to fishing. The sea was very Calm and this combined with a slackening tide made things quiet. Some of those on Board rigged for Bottom fishing and during the morning quite a few Good Haddock were boated As Well As cod and one Ocean Perch. On this the last trip for us not one dog fish was caught. This was in our favor for this particular fish will drive the Mackerel away but fast. My fishing buddy John Stannard was joined by his son Jack who took the Day off from work and drove Down thursday night. Jack was High Man on the Vermont team with 14 Mackerel John had the heaviest fish and i carried the water pail with Only a few Macks. When we docked at noon we Shook hands with skipper York and made a Date for 51 weeks later. Everything considered it was quite a week. More fish than we could count Fine weather Good food excellent accommodations at Kenmore cottages a trip to tile wildlife Sanctuary and learning More about the sea. And so inevitably Back to work monday morning As a delightful fishing vacation comes to Amend. These Days Post office infringes on private sector by trying to double parcel Post limit by John Chambe re Ain new York. Not so Long ago the Post office decided to get out of the banking business. The reason for this was that it was duplicating saving and insurance services that were being More efficiently performed by private institutions. But now quite perversely postmaster general Larry of Brien is making a determined pitch to put the Fost office into Competition with free Enterprise in another Field that is currently being served quite adequately by private businessmen. Specifically the Post office is seeking congressional authority to double the weight limits of objects carried in its parcel Post business. It would also More than double the cubic foot Content. The original reason for the parcel Post was to help country people avoid costly trips to town for objects that could be conveniently carried by postal employees. The More Bulky and heavier a freight Type objects were left to the common carriers who were the heirs to the tradition of the Pony express and the old Wells Fargo freight forwarding business. Practically speaking this now Means the railway express Agency which has been maintained Ever since the 1920s by the railroads to serve some 20,000 communities both in the . And abroad. The re a boasts that it carries anything a from an Emerald to an elephant a and it has been doing its Job responsibly and Well and at no Cost to the taxpayer. A of Larry of Brien does not say that the Rea and smaller private shipment companies Haven to been doing a Good Job. He simply wants More business for the Post office of a Type that would As he thinks permit it to increase its own net Revenue. Whether putting the Post office into the business of carrying parcels weighing double their present limit would add significantly to net Revenue is of course debatable. But even if the government could make a lot of Money by going deeper into the freight business it has no business destroying an existing private Enterprise that is already satisfying its customers. The argument that a government Enterprise needs added earnings capacity could be used to justify almost any tax subsidized raid on private businesses. Think of the income the government could grab if it were motors to take Over general celebrating cordless electric month by Dick West Washington up a you would never know just from looking out the window that this is a cordless electric and apparently you can no longer depend on Congress to keep you informed of such things. Just the other Day chairman Emanuel Ceiler d-n.y., of the House judiciary committee moved to stamp out a Large number of the special months weeks and Days that ares observed each year. Nevertheless the Observance of cordless electric month happened to come to my attention and a cellar no with a standing in a celebrating it. As part of the festivities the cordless electric Industry contracted with ii Robbins a Singer and actor to make a months tour with his wife and four children to demonstrate some of its products. The entire family plus All of their Luggage and 30 cordless appliances Are making the trip in a single station Wagon. In a about to depart on a Cross country Auto trip myself so when Robbins slopped off Here this week i called on him to see How he does it. A a in a having trouble finding room for Only three children and no appliances a i told him. A we have All sorts of gadgets that make travelling More pleasant and convenient a Robbins said. He reached into his bag and pulled out a cordless electric hedge trimmer. A gosh a i said a that must come in a it certainly does a he said. Travel without one. Know when you to Stop to trim a a i you never might want Robbins also showed me a cordless electric lantern that straps around the head. A this is in Case we want to Stop and so some mining a he explained. A Good idea a i said. A i rarely take a vacation without doing a Little mining along the other appliances included a cordless electric flour sifter. A your wife can have fun sifting flour while you Are trimming Hedges and mining a Robbins pointed out. I thanked him for the tips. But there a one item i wont be taking with me. Its an electric toy called a a torture that sounds too much like my last vacation trip. There is of course More than meets the Eye in the pro posed Bill to divert Bulky parcel shipments from private carriers to the already overburdened Post office. The fight actually is Between two segments of the private Enterprise Community. On the one hand the big mail order houses stand to Benefit by of Briens proposed change. Local merchants would lose. As things Are now constituted you can to get a Stepladder or a Lawnmower delivered to you by mail. In the Normal course of events a person will go to a local shopping Center for such objects and the merchant will arrange for delivery if necessary. But if Lawn mowers or ladders could be moved by government parcel Post the mail order companies would in effect begetting a big lift from the government. Cynics have observed that Larry of Brien who was one of the most competent members of president Kennedy a famed a Irish mafia a is not unmindful of the desirability of political support from mail order tycoons. The Small merchants can be left to the republicans. The fear of the railway express Agency is that it will be forced out of business if of Brien has his Way in Congress. If nobody cares about Railroad stockholders it should be observed that some labor leaders Are on the Rea Side of the fight. C. L. Dennis president of the brotherhood of railway and steamship clerks freight handlers express and station employees Al Cio has said that a along with reads destruction will be the jobs of 40,000 employees Many of whom have devoted years of their lives in helping to develop the carriers service. There is involved More than $200 million in annual wages. Rea express now uses the services of some 71 Standard railroads and of approximately 21 Shoreline railroads. Also 37 . Domestic air presumably any displaced personnel could be hired by the Post office. Of Brien has promised As much. But they would lose All seniority benefits. And you and i As the taxpayers would be responsible for the wages of All those added government employees

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