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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 2, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Romans world conversation at the Lake by Jean Kassick just poking around Bennington Banner saturday july 2, 1966 a b Lake paran. Quot maybe ill stay Home Quot Yea me too. Unless its real hot Quot that True. If its real hot i can to accomplish Quot me either. If this keeps up All summer my House is going to be an awful Quot Heck mines a mess Quot Well Messier then. Can you see everyone whereas a of Here he is right Here on the Quot you re getting a Nice Tan. What Are you using a Quot so far in be used Coppertone Bain de Solell and Revlon a Sun Bath a but i think ill switch Back to baby Oil with Quot you going in a Quot hmm. In a Quot guess i will too. If we sit Here much longer the kids will be asking for More Nickels for More Quot every Day i swear that in a leaving the Money Quot me too. But i never do. No guts. I brought some punch in the Jug today though. I done to think too much soda is Good for their Quot Well come on. Done to be Chicken. The children want us to come a of Quot his come join us. We were just getting ready to take the Quot How Long have you two been Here a Quot of since around one maybe. Of course it Means Rushing like crazy All morning to get everything done but the work will wait. Quot i can get twice As much done in half the time if i know in a going someplace can to you a Quot ditto Here. I done to mind that but i hate the retrace after we leave. Towels and suits and blankets to Wash the Jug to clean clothes to take off the line supper a one fun filled minute right after Quot and the Sun and fresh air have lulled you into half a Daze anyway so the old Energy in t flowing the Way it of Quot wed better count Heads again. Of you kids All the mommies Are going for a swim so you stay Here a til we come Back in and then Well play with you and Check the Progress you re Ace pays off Reno Nev. Up a sponsors of the Nugget Golf tournament did no to know what they were getting in for when they offered any Hole in one shooter a new car and his weight in Silver. Roland Quimby a 10-Handl-capper from Modesto calif., aced the 224-Yard 16th Hole at the Washoe course wednesday. He weighs 284 pounds which adds up to $4,828 at $17 a Pound. Quot yikes it feels colder than it did the first Quot hey no fair Quot have you been out to the raft this year a Quot no a and i done to even know of i could make Quot Well i suppose wed better dry off and Start packing Quot everyone find his own shoes and Towel. No i done to know where you kicked off your sandals. No i Haven to seen your Towel. Is this your comic or his a Quot someone come Back and offer to carry part of this Quot see you tomorrow a Quot of i done to know a i . On the other hand if its Nice homemaking motes ill Stop by and pick you up around one of clock. That of with you a a of for the Benefit of any interested males of your wife has a Nice and extensive Tan it is doubtful that it was developed i hanging the clothes 2 picking strawberries 3 working in the Garden. No doubt she has been taking the children swimming whether they want to or not and leading the Long hard Tough life of the typical Long suffering complaining and Over worked american female. If i May be so bold a we have got it made. Speaker stresses value of Rural living by Marion Harris Extension agent one of the outstanding speakers at the recent homemakers Extension Council state meeting held at the University of Vermont was miss Lassa Sergio internationally known lecturer and journalist. Some of the ideas projected by miss Sergio i am presenting to you to think about. In presenting her topic on Quot women a role in establishing Freedom in a democracy she pointed out that women have the responsibility to help family members to appreciate what real Freedom Means. Quot it Means said miss Sergio Quot taking the responsibility of doing some things that need to be no one tells you in a democracy what you must do. The Choice is up to you. In Many cases miss Sergio went on a there is not much guidance in what to do. This is our heritage. The cause for which our Early leaders worked so hard establishing for us and unless we appreciate and exercise this right we May Well lose a of miss Sergio pointed out the importance of Rural life in developing the descriptive that helps our people to maintain a democracy. Rural life helps us to learn that nature disciplines us. Animals have to be cared for crops have to be cultured and in so caring and understanding these things the individual learns to discipline himself. Having a personal re soonest ability and accepting it is essential to Progress. When individuals do not accept the responsibility that is their rightful heritage in a democracy it can be expected that the government May step in and take it from us. Quot in America a says miss Sergio Quot i see us losing our dependability our leadership and our privilege for exercising Freedom because we Lack the Quot mental state to accept responsibility. Happy birthday America 1776 1966 Mihm 9 0 9 0 9a Candle Mill East Arlington. Vermont daily 9 to 5 sundays i to 5. Want to retire later better prepare now hard you re working Why not reap full benefits of that work later with a savings account at this Bank save part of the Money you earn. Put it to work earning More for you. For the leisurely Tir ement years ahead it to save regularly Here. Re pays starting june 30th interest of will be paid quarterly deposits made by the 10th of the month earn interest from the 1st the Vermont Bank Ano Trost company huns aus Nishi Mam Ilono Isham Sumiton Nanc Listii a Umi Nhat Hamit Wynia Sci comma or by Agnes Rockwood Quot Progress in our society depends on women because they have the responsible role of no Turing the children and developing in them the dependability and responsibility needed for Good citizenship. It is important for All women to understand and appreciate their importance in keeping the Freedom which our Early leaders won for a of i know this will be a Long look ahead on your Calendar but oct. La is going to be an important Day for All of you that is of you Are interested in reducing family living costs and getting some help on understanding food prices and costs. What is going to happen a full Day and evening program called Quot the consumer goes to Market a will take place at the Bennington armory from i to to . There will be exhibits from food is drug administration marketing problems discussion of legislation affecting the coi it a Sumer and a Chance to ask questions and get answers into the Why and How of food and markets and prices. So save this Date it is for everyone Margarine magic Burlington a food technologists done to really have magic wands but the Way they manage to put into foods All the things the consumer wants you a almost think they did. Take the new Margarine that a out for instance. Not Only does this spread easily straight from the refrigerator but it also gives cooked vegetables a wonderful flavor makes Good cakes melts in the Mouth and it even smells Good when heated in a frying pan. The Label on this particular Margarine states that it contains three nut oils skim milk Cream Flavouring essences artificial colouring preservatives to insure keeping Quality and is enriched with Vitamin a a quite a bit of information. The question is whether this is enough information to enable the homemaker to choose the Margarine As the one she wants. To answer this we should know just what a Margarine is. It is an emulsion of water and fat. This new Margarine is 80 per cent fat and has three vegetable fats one of which is moderately High in unsaturated fatty acid a a diet essential. In the manufacturing process the doors of the oils Are removed and a Little top Quality Cream is added to the Margarine for the fresh and delicate flavor it imparts. Some essence of butter flavor is also added. This particular Margarine contains one Gram of the fatty acid per Tablespoon. Some other Margarine May contain More. If 5 per cent of your daily intake of calories is in the form of essential fatty acids your daily need for them will be met. This would mean two Tablespoons of Corn cottonseed or soy bean Oil in a 2,500 calories per Day diet. With a lower intake of calories per Day of course less Oil is needed. Of local interest was an item which appeared in the new York times june 24 which was headed Quot wives of Agency a rivals turn models for a former Bennington resident Jonathan Brand son of mrs. Pauline Leader Brand and Millen Brand is mentioned along with his wife and their daughter. Jonathan a relatives in Bennington include miss Sadie Leader mrs. Mary Faller and mrs. Eva Betts Sisters of mrs. Brand. The article reports Quot woman a Day will begin a new Campaign next week in which the starring roles Are played by wives of new York advertising men. And none of the and men work at the magazines own Agency de Gar to inc. Quot the magazines salesmen were introduced to the print Campaign by the Agency this week and also to three of the wives who appear in traditional a homemaker roles a the idea being that woman a Day readers Are not unlike the women found in the Media buyers own Community. Quot each and in the Campaign features a headline like the following a woman a Day talks to unregistered nurses. Like your a woman a Day talks to Short order Cooks. Like your a woman a Day talks Toun licensed decorators. Like your Quot the wife in the first and depicting the unregistered nurse is Monika Brand whose husband Jonathan is an Art director at the j. Walter Thompson company. Mrs. Brand is shown placing a Bandage on the knee of her daughter Ulrika. Quot other a models in the Campaign Are married to and men at Benton amp Bowles Lennen is Newell Fletcher Richards and Young amp Rubicam. Photos of mrs. Edgar May the former Louise Breason of Springfield and a former resident of Bennington appeared Early this week in the Connecticut Valley times reporter and also the Claremont . Eagle. She is a daughter of or. And mrs. Leon a. Breason known to Many in this area. Her husband office of economic Opportunity assistant director and former Vermont newsman was the guest speaker at the Springfield High school alumni banquet. A of the famous Rose firm of Jackson is Perkins co. Of Newark . Is being acquired by Harry and David the gift fruit and food people of Medford Oregon it has been announced by David h. Holmes president of the latter. An agreement has been entered into preparatory to the acquisition he said and the combined annual sales volume would be Over $20 million. The two mail order firms have similar beginnings both entered the consumer mail order Field More than 25 years ago. Prior to that time both were primarily engaged in commercial Trade activities a Harry and David since 1910, As growers and shippers of pears and peaches and since 1872, j amp p co. As producers and Sellers of roses for the wholesale Nursery Trade. The late Charles h. Perkins More than a Quarter Century ago decided the gardening Public would buy roses and perennials by mail and published his first mall order Catalon sending it to people who had visited the firms Rose Garden display at the 1939-40 new York worlds fair. Today the company is the worlds largest Rose grower and the largest mail order Nursery firm in the world. The Harry and David firm is the worlds leading fruit and food gift mail order firm. Their fruit of the Mouth club was a merchandising first and is world famous. The operation of Jackson is Perkins will continue under its present management along with David stump Well known in the Nursery Industry and now with Harry and David. A of pm station wac 90.3 my begins its exclusive Quot live coverage of the 1966 Berkshire music festival today at 8 . With a broadcast of the opening concert of the season by the Boston symphony orchestra. Erich Reinsdorf the orchestra s music director will conduct the concert which includes Wagner s overture to Quot Tann Hauser a suite from Quot pet Rouchka by Stravinsky and Brahms violin concerto with Shmuel Ashkenasi As soloist. On sunday the microphones will be at the Tanglewood music shed for a concert beginning at 2 30 . Monday. The station will carry Tanglewood concerts daily through aug. 25, including chamber concerts and concerts of the Berkshire music Center orchestra. A look at the graduation Issue of Quot the roaring Branch a monthly Magazine of Bennington High school Back in 1906, is most interesting. There were 16 in the class among them being or. And mrs. Rollin d. Jenney of Washington Avenue who kindly loaned me the Issue. Half of the class Are now deceased. The class Roll was Charles Thompson Margaret Loughlin Guy Edson Ella Moon Olive Pope Rollin Jenney Mabel Holt George Mathers Lauriston Wilcox Grace Livingston Alfred Dwyer Maud Bott in Florence Hyde Fannie Hicks Hilda Pratt and Anna Harwood. Of the merchants who advertised in this Issue Only three remain Burt bros., the Drysdale store and Nichols. On the editorial Page appeared an Quot ode to the seniors a Quot four Short years of school life Over four Long years of study gone four Short years memories round you hover four Long years of duty done Good by 06. Quot those you leave behind Are Many but Well never forget i Hope your Brave Quot captains Rollin Jenney Hilda Pratt nor Olive Pope. Quot yes Well miss you much �?T06�? More perhaps than you divine Neer again will we hear Edson coming in at half past nine. Quot then there a Wilcox and a Deaky Mathersn swiftest men in All 06�? Margaret Loughlin Anna Harwood a curleys Dwyer and Fannie Hicks. Quot we cannot forget our Mabel nor our Florence nor our Moon and As for Maud and Grace and Charlie Well not forget them soon. Quot so a Good by �?T06�?T the lower classes say May our Good wishes cheer you on the the proper Way to Wash electric blankets Burlington a before you put your electric Blanket away for the summer remember this Basic Rule washing is the Only Way to keep electric bedding clean. In fact electric bedding should be laundered often enough so that soil does not become imbedded in the fibres. When automatic blankets first came out women found it hard to accept the idea of washing them. Gradually they lost their timidity about putting anything electrical into the suds. If you re about to launder your first electric Blanket follow these simple rules first disconnect the control and shake the Blanket to remove dust. Second scrub soiled binding lightly with a sudsy soft Brush. Pre treat any stains the same Way. Now soak the entire Blanket in Cool suds for about to minutes. Then put it into clean suds a As warm As for baby Sbath. Wash and rinse it at the same temperature using an adequate amount of soap or detergent and plenty of water. Avoid prolonged machine agitation or tumbling. Instructions usually suggest not More than three minutes of machine action. A Short spin Cycle will remove most of the water and any remaining moisture can be gently pressed out by hand. Never put an electric Blanket through a wringer. Convenient Union St. Customer parking and Entrance. Burry. Only i week save on asks Otte Luggage c a c Al i n Kyj i i i a a a it c ill fashion Luggage designer says Hemline hoopla should be chopped off now new York up a Mary Quant the designer who helped Start High rising hemlines thinks the hoopla about Short skirts should be chopped off right now. A i done to believe in this great debate on hems a said the tiny designer who recently was named to Queen Elizabeth a honors list. A the stress should be on the whole look. The hem should fit the occasion so for evening the tendency is Down. A but Short skirts Are Here to stay because functionally they re the Best for miss Quant was wearing a Quant design As she talked a a Sharp Green Jersey unbelted and with neckline and hem banded in White. Where is she wearing her skirts six inches above the knee said miss q want. Mary Quant her husband Alexander Plunkett Green and Archie Mcnair la years ago set up a Small shop in the Chelsea Section of London to make the clothes she had in mind. The a a Mode for modern look to fashion soon enveloped Chelsea As other shops opened and the Young off beat clothes were snapped up. Soon a a Mode became a mood internationally. Dollars and decisions miss Quant insists any size any age can Wear her designs a a you just have to be Young at today the fantastically successful designer who looks about 19 with her boy haircut and trim slim figure designs almost everything in the women s apparel Field including foundation garments a a what women had been wearing was the one exception a footwear. The firm licenses manufacturers but what the manufacturers produce must meet standards the Trio has spelled out. Now they re in cosmetics and pretty soon will launch a Quant perfume. The couple is in the United states to introduce miss Quanta a ninth collection for the j. C. Penney co. For fall the company also is producing designs from another londoner John Michael who does menus Wear and from two Paris designers Ariel an Victoire. To miss Quant a new fashion Quot grows out of the last thing you she said that what is considered Quot sexy in clothes changes constantly. Once she said it was represented in tight fitting clothes where the bosom was All. Now she sees it As a Long fluid line from neck to hem. Quot Chanel was right a said miss Quant Quot when she said that a woman should Wear clothes fractionally Rudi Gernreich the California designer was right also in uns Hackling women from confining clothes and she Wasny to talking about his topless bathing suit. Rather she spoke of the foundations using a minimum of control. Quot of Well never have an Era of nakedness a she said Quot for ifs More sensual to be partly but she remembered How More accepted daring clothes had become. Quot once i was not permitted to enter a Cathedral in Italy a she said Quot because i had on a sleeveless now of course the sleeveless is a classic. For miss Quanta a contribution to British designs Queen Elizabeth presented her the office of the British Empire Obe. I asked the designer where the Queen was wearing her hemlines Quot conservatively a she said Quot As it should be. She must not change. She gives us our feeling of sealed and approved by Faith prior eve family economist four generations of women have read Good housekeeping Magazine and women Are still asking Quot what does the Good housekeeping Seal of approval really mean a this Isnit strange because the Seal has gone through several metamorphoses. And to understand it completely one must understand As Well the Good housekeeping Institute which business week refers to As Quot an object of almost mystical the Institute which occupies an entire floor of the Hearst building just off new Yorkus Columbus Circle includes kitchens testing labs sewing rooms a Beauty parlor living room and dining room. Its chemistry lab was founded some 60 years ago by or. Harvey Wiley father of the first pure food and drug Laws and the food and drug administration. Back in 1902, under the headline Quot an ironclad contract a the publisher of Good housekeeping announced that every advertisement in the Magazine was but he added if in spite of All their care a subscriber is Quot imposed upon or dishonestly dealt with a the Magazine would make Good the full amount of the loss. In 1910, when the Quot Experiment station was expanded into the Quot Good housekeeping Institute a the Good housekeeping Seal of approval came into being. The Institute undertook to test All kinds of supplies and equipment which housewives might buy and to Issue a Seal of approval to products that met their standards. In 1912 the Magazine began testing foods drugs and cosmetics As Well. Seals of approval were available to manufacturers whether or not they advertised in Good housekeeping and up until world War ii advertisers were free to use this approval and guarantee pretty much As they saw fit so Long As their advertising said Quot As advertised the complexities of the exploding marketplace caused the Magazine to curtail its testing beginning in 1941 thereafter they announced they would test Only those products advertised in the Magazine. The approval seals were replaced by one which read Quot guaranteed Good housekeeping. Replacement or refund of Money if defective or not As advertised earlier in the same year the Etc had issued a cease and desist order against the Magazine requiring them to make it Plain what they guaranteed and what they did not. Cars for instance have never been guaranteed five years after that in 1946, the Seal lost the words Quot if defective a leaving the guarantee covering Only advertised claims. In 1962, with Etc Blessing the Seal now currently in use was adopted Quot if product or performance defective Good housekeeping guarantees replacement or refund to dissatisfied buyers account for Only about $10,000 per year out of Magazine funds. A special staff monitors advertising claims made for Seal products in to commercials on packages and in other magazines. The same staff receives consumer complaints passes them on to manufacturers and when necessary backs up the guarantee with Magazine Money. The Institute also assists manufacturers in product testing developing standards and in making available to them the information gathered on research panels All Over the country it helps the developers of new products to know what 20,000 women All subscribers like what they buy and Why what they wish they could buy. in 1958, in a major editorial shakeup Good housekeeping underwent a face lifting of format and policy to make its Appeal greater to the younger woman. Marketing people know that ifs the Young family that a in the goods a acquiring stage and that makes up a Large proportion of the magazines 5.5 million readers. When a Young homemaker can have a Magazine that a slanted to the future but that offers her the same dependability that it offered her grandmother what More can she ask package peeves new York up a hard to open and hard to close packages Are among the peeves of housewives. Sales management a Magazine of marketing found in a study of 1,141 women that 33 per cent complained about difficulty in opening packages another to per cent found fault with re closing and to per cent complained of deterioration of packages. Others complained to a lesser degree however about false representation Label information and inconvenient size. I types of film in Stock Quot hard to find a All types of Polaroid Aga rapid age Chrome minor Minolta = i Noveck Shultz inc. Dial 2-6926 411 main Street Bennington Vermont g in -9 in v \ remember you get double triple a a so Blue Stamps every wednesday at grand Union Empire no minimum Purchase necessary

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