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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 2, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair fair and warmer saturday with High temperatures in the High 80s. Fair saturday evening with Low in the mid 60s. Continued warm on sunday with a slight Chance of showers in the afternoon. Benning Bennington Banner saturday july 2, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 no. 20,109 to cents it should be in Canada this Canada Goose should be in Canada but it was discovered walking along the Banks of the Batten kill Friday a a Devil May care cuss whose very Independence suits the spirit of this Independence Day weekend. Miss Jean Henry of the county humane society failed to capture the Bird and she speculated the Bird May have escaped from a local family. Despite its indifferent attitude toward the fuss it caused the Bird was quite Friendly and consented to allow the photographer to get within a few feet of it. Ringheiser . Fails in first attempt to orbit Moon satellite Cape Kennedy up a America s first attempt to fire a satellite into Oil bit around the Moon failed Friday and officials said the spacecraft will be kicked into a far reaching Earth orbit. The . Space Agency said the 206-Pound physics Laboratory designed to probe the radiation hazards that Apollo astronauts May face was travelling too fast to be fired into a lunar orbit monday As planned. S it was the first United states try to match the historic soviet Moon orbiting shot of Luna to three months ago. The National aeronautics and Hoff has reservations about Viet bombing Montpelier up a gov. Philip Hoff said today that he has reservations about the latest United states bombings of Viet Nam. Hoff a Democrat feared that red China May be drawn into the vietnamese conflict and he said that if that happened United states would have to engage in a nuclear War. Hoff at his weekly news conference said that based on what he knows a i have reservations about the advisability Quot of the latest bombings. Hoff said that when he was Over in Viet Nam last october Quot it was tacitly understood that bombing Hanoi would bring a on the inside what do the women do on hot Days in summer Jean was sick tells a Page 3. Pictures of the chs horse show a Page 6. A new gift shop opens in Pownal a Page 7. Declaration of War from red China. Quot All i can say is we re awfully close to Hanoi Quot t h e governor said. Hoff said he had been briefed about five times on the vietnamese situation and that always the policy of the government had been to simply prove to the North Viet Nam that the United states could not be dislodged from South Viet Nam with Force of arms. Quot i continue to agree with that approach Quot Hoff said. He said that at All the briefings it was pointed out that the United states government would not indulge in anything that would escalate the War. Quot it is in this context that i have reservations Quot he said. Hoff feared that red China will be pulled into the conflict. If this did happen he said Quot we have no Way to Stop the red chinese Short of a nuclear Hoff said he did not know whether the most recent bombings could be called an escalation in the Viet Nam War. Quot i Don t know if it is or not. I think it could be called escalation Quot he said Quot in a not prepared to space administration Nasa said a Small rocket engine aboard the spacecraft officially named explorer 33, was to be fired Friday evening to place the Craft in an orbit ranging up to 18,000 Miles away from Earth. The rocket had been planned to be used As a Retro rocket to kick the spacecraft into a lunar orbit. The explorer was launched by a Delta rocket at 12 02 . Edt and officials said an hour later that the entire powered flight appeared Normal. But for some reason the Little flying Laboratory was Given too much of a push away from Earth. The Delta was attempting to Send the Craft on a course that would have taken it to the Moon in three Days without the Benefit of a mid course aiming correction. It was the first time a straight on shot had been tried. Nasa officials said before launch that there was one Chance out of to that the Delta might not be Able to put the satellite on the proper path. For that reason an alternate Mission calling for the satellite to be limited to a Way out Earth orbit had been planned. Quot the necessity for such an alternate Mission had been anticipated Quot Nasa said. The Long Earth orbit shaped like a giant Cigar would enable the spacecraft to measure the Van Allen radiation belts encircling Earth and also Earth s far reaching magnetic forces. Two other satellites in the same explorer series were deliberately shot into similar orbits. The United states plans to try again to establish a satellite no Banner monday 4th of july increased Aid pledged by soviets to North Viet Moscow up a the soviet Union said Friday it was increasing military Aid to North Viet Nam to counter escalation of the . Air War on the communist territory. It said the turn of events Quot gives cause for grave concern Quot and warned that the War Quot is a Slippery path. That May bring serious trials to the american the warnings by soviet communist party chairman Leonid i. Brezhnev was accompanied by a claim that Russia had Quot superiority Over the United states in missiles submarines and spy satellites. An official government state ment promised North Viet Nam Quot All embracing political and military Brezhnev s verbal attack came amid angry soviet newspaper articles and mass anti american meetings in a number of soviet cities. At least 20 Small delegations presented petitions to the embassy North Viet Oil depot smashed by . Jets into an orbit around the Moon on aug. 9 with the launch of a 850-Pound picture taking Craft designed to photograph Likely Apollo astronaut Landing Sites. Four other lunar orbiting camera Craft Are also being built and Nasa had planned to launch another lunar orbiting explorer next summer. The $6 million lunar explorer was designed to measure radiation in the space near the Moon study both the Moon s and Earth s magnetic Fields and examine the Stream of charged gaseous particles that flow in space from the Sun. Madden said the satellite s two seven foot Long booms carrying magnetometers had deployed As planned but May not have locked in space. This he said would not affect the Craft s Mission. The satellite was moving Only 36 Miles per hour faster than the 21,135 mph velocity sought an Agency spokesman reported. But that was enough to jeopardize the Moon orbit attempt. There is an identical spacecraft being held in Reserve and officials indicated it May be launched in late december on another attempt. The next . Try to orbit the Moon is set for August with a camera Craft. Saigon up a . Navy jets smashed a huge Oil dump Friday just 15 Miles from the port of Haiphong in the third straight Day of punishing raids against the heart of North Viet Nam. The bombings brought denunciations and warnings from both red China and Russia. . Ground forces pressed on against the fleeing remnants of a shattered red battalion apparently trying to reach Sanctuary across the Border in Cambodia. Air Force planes struck red positions in the South. Military emphasis was on the Hoff defers on Mallary request Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff has deferred action on whether to Call a special session of the legislature to provide additional funds for education to the towns. He indicated Friday that the chances he would do so Are slim. Hoff in answer to the urging of House speaker Richard Mallary to Call the special session to distribute the anticipated surplus for local needs said he does not yet know what the surplus will be. He added also that the school boards prepared their budgets in March and that ii would be difficult for them to absorb about $500,000 efficiently. Hoff emphasized that if a special session were to be called he would want any legislation to stipulate that the Money be spent on education and not to reduce taxes. Hoff said that at the present he does not anticipate calling a session and that he believes that legislation enacted in Early 1967 would take care of the problem As Well As in August or september of this year. Hoff recalled that Republican Mallary was among those who were sharply critical of his budget estimate last year. Hoff said that he was accused then of Quot grossly exaggerating the now Hoff said Mallary has accused him of Quot grossly underestimating Quot it. Hoff said he did neither and Only submitted a conservative estimate. Local guard unit leaves for training among 2,800 Vermont army National guardsmen who begin summer Field training today at Camp drum n.y., Are 135 regular and attached members of Bennington s 86th engineers. The guardsmen left the state armory Here about 4 this morning and Are due to arrive at Camp drum about 3 30 this afternoon. In former years the trip was made by night but this year the army is hoping to avoid the heavy Holiday traffic. From now until july 16, the engineers will be receiving training in Bridge construction use of heavy equipment and demolition. A major break will be on saturday july 9. Following a Parade that morning troops will be on their own until Midnight sunday. Commanding officer of the Bennington unit is capt. John . Dempsey. Men who have not participated in previous summer Field training exercises number about 50. Included among the attached members of the unit Are guardsmen from As faraway As Ohio and Virginia. Air strikes in the North. . Navy jets from the Carrier Constellation slammed Quot All bombs on targets Quot at the Dong Nham Oil storage area Northwest of Haiphong raising huge Clouds of smoke. Raids also were recorded against the capital at Hanoi 30 Miles away where . Air Force planes bombed fuel depots three Miles from the Center of the City on wednesday. There was no word on any losses in Friday s bombing attack. . Spokesmen were trying to estimate the total damage of the raids that began wednesday on the fringes of Hanoi and Haiphong. They said figures might be available saturday. An f105 air Force Jet operating against targets in the South was downed by communist forces. Pilot Lew w. Shattuck a 33-year-old Captain from Vancouver wash., parachuted into the sea and was fished out in Good condition. A seaplane piloted by capt. Duanne a. Miller 32, of Seymour wis., rescued him within 40 minutes. By tragic error three f100 air Force Jet fighters dropped loads of canister Type antipersonnel bombs on a South vietnamese Village killing five civilians and wounding 43 others. They were trying to Jettison the bombs in an isolated area before Landing at bin Hoa airbase. The bombs came Loose Over the Village of to nuyen. The air Force rushed in medical teams by helicopter. The bombings outside Haiphong raised such columns of Black smoke an assessment of damage was not immediately possible. The Dong Nham site held about 14,000 metric tons of Oil approximately 8 per cent of North Viet Nam s capacity. The Haiphong and Hanoi areas hit in raids wednesday and thursday had about 106,000 tons�?60 per cent of the country s capacity. Red China in its first reaction said the bombings brought "u.s. Aggressors one step nearer to their it worked in an attack on Russia too charging the United states informed the soviets beforehand of the raids. But in Moscow soviet communist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev said Russia would increase Aid to North Viet Nam to counter stepped up . Air attacks. Furthermore he warned Russia had Quot superiority Quot Over the United states in missiles submarines and spy satellites. Outside the Iron curtain protests mounted. Left Wing British labovites in London threatened to hamstring the governments Domestic program unless prime minister Harold Wilson agreed to immediate parliamentary debate on Viet Nam. J. Kennedyjr. In fliers Burns Honolulu up a John Kennedy jr., son of the late president suffered first and second degree Burns on his Arm and Back Friday when he fell into a hot bed of coals at a ranch on the Island of Hawaii. The five year old boy was rushed Back from Kamuela to Honolulu by his Mother mrs. Jaqueline Kennedy after emergency treatment by a local doctor. He was taken to Straub clinic in Honolulu where he underwent treatment by plastic surgeon or. Eldon r. Dykes. Protesting the air attacks near Hanoi Haiphong in North Viet Nam. There were no incidents. The soviet Union is sending both military and economic Aid to Hanoi but the Kremlin has never spelled out this Aid. It is known to include antiaircraft missiles planes and other arms and ammunition. Addressing newly graduated officers from soviet military academies assembled in the Kremlin Brezhnev said Quot the further Extension of the Viet Nam War by . Ruling quarters gives cause for grave Quot the . Government is rising to a new even More dangerous rung in its criminal policy of escalating the War Quot he added and warned that Washington Quot should weigh All the possible n. Y. City tax package is passed Albany up a the state legislature Friday night passed a $253 million tax package for new York City permitting the City to tax the earnings of residents and non residents who work in the City. The legislation was sent to gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller who quickly signed it and the City Council stood by to give its approval which would put the tax into action As of july i. The tax package includes a business tax and a Stock Transfer Levy. Final action came when the Assembly voted 95-60 on the local income tax and 99-59 on the earnings tax on commuters. The vote on the business tax was 114-12. Commuters who work in the City were expected to be hit for $23 million annually by the earnings tax which opponents charged was Quot taxation without an estimated 500,000 persons live outside but work in the City. The tax package was passed after a bitter Battle in the legislature. Under the new tax some commuters will be exempt but most will pay the City one Quarter of one per cent of their Gross earnings. The tax ranges up to three eighths of one per cent for the self employed. A ii v in wry a a it c t a 4-t c it hoj not faces full of water Captain of Readsboro women a water Polo team mrs. Mario Cristofolini left and team member mrs. Phyllis Debloise take a fateful of water As they practice against their own teammates in preparation for Readsboro a two Day fourth of july Celebration beginning sunday. Believed to be the first such team in the area the gals Are begging for challengers so they wont be limited to competing against their own husbands. Collins

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