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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 30, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner Friday april 30, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Aiken offers Good advice Vermont a senior senator gave one of his speeches to the Vermont general Assembly thursday that clearly Marks Why he has been one of the most successful Vermont politicians in this Century. It was an eminently quotable speech that covered a wide variety of subjects and it is no criticism to say that every vermonter no matter what political persuasion could find something in it to applaud. Aiken is no political fire eater and his words Are the words that can be properly categorized As the comments of Vermont a senior statesman. Unlike his speech in Philadelphia some months ago when he was full of dire warnings on the political implications of reapportionment his talk to the legislature thursday was tempered by the recognition that come what May state Legislatures across the nation Are being modernized. Yet it was truly Akenese for him to say a it is my fervent Hope that this modernization will not leave me in the same state of bewilderment As do some of the creators of our modern works of realizing the struggle in the legislature Over the problem of reapportionment and All the changes that Issue portends Aiken perfectly caught the mood of his audience in saying that his talk was a sort of graduation exercise and that a i have appointed myself valedictorian for the acknowledging that he likes and understands the a old fashioned a Vermont legislature Best he nevertheless told his audience that the future while Uncertain and Cloudy is a potentially editor s notes broader Era to contemplate. Because of the heat generated by the reapportionment Issue it has become the fashion to Knock the legislature As an a antediluvian institution a a and it was natural of Aiken to go to some lengths to Praise and extol the past work of the legislature in Vermont As an institution that has in Many instances been ahead rather than behind the times. This must have gladdened the hearts of beleaguered lawmakers who Are swirling in the midst of the most momentous of All legislative sessions that Aiken has had the distinction to address. Yet he notes that the future of the Vermont legislature and state Legislatures across the country will depend on How they act in the future. He acknowledges the Federal government is going to play an Ever increasing part in our lives and a the Best thing we can do is to adapt ourselves to the situation and get the most we can out of he suggests the nature of the Federal government will be a mightily influenced by the manner in which we handle our affairs on the state and Community in essence Aiken addressed himself calmly and dispassionately in his speech to the changes that confront not just the legislature but the people of the state. He does not deplore this Prospect of change he praises the past while looking with Hope to the future. His words come now As a refreshing reappraisal of the forces at work today in our society. He offered some sound words of advice to the legislators it is our Hope they listened Well. De Gorman a town councilman Over the line in Hoosick must have Felt it was the last Straw when he read in the Rand Mcnally vacation guide that the Battle of Bennington was fought in Vermont. The mix up in books and guides and efforts to set them straight constitute the second Battle of Bennington and we share Gormanos concern with editorial accuracy. The Fine Job that Leo Bradley does keeping the Battlefield Park in Good shape warrants a Little accuracy in the vacation guides. We were pleased to read thursday that members of the Bennington graded school Board have unanimously recommended merger of the graded school District with the greater Bennington school District. Voters will ballot on the proposition this june. The idea of comment de rocking the mounties Toronto Telegram from now on about the Only people who will Wear the traditional uniform of the Royal Canadian mounted police Are Canadian contestants in the miss America contest and a few characters in musical comedy revivals. Its True of course that the mounties will be allowed to Wear their boots and breeches and red tunics on ceremonial occasions but for every Day duty they will Wear a uniform which is virtually indistinguishable merging the two districts makes perfect sense As one Means of upgrading the Quality of education in area schools. Banner columnist Hazel wills had thoughtful comments to offer thursday regarding the trend toward centralized government and the welfare state. Certainly this Issue is one that should occupy the thoughts of everyone concerned about where this nation is headed. For persons interested in getting a Little formal exposure to College education courses we suggest you look into the possibility of enrolling in the summer school offering at Bennington College sponsored by the University of Vermont. These courses have proved popular in Northern Vermont and Are bound to be popular Here. From that of an Urban Constable. Its a pity. Canada has Little enough that is distinctive of its history and character. The Royal Canadian mounted police in its special uniform was something that did give Canada distinction. The new uniforms May be More efficient the old Scarlet tunic and scout hat might seem anachronistic today. But it was something that was deeply rooted in in Canadian history. Exit the mountie unmounted with red Ensign flying. Quot this record orc uht to stand for awhile 1 Quot Coulon to we negotiate Quot today and tomorrow Why no cease fire by Walter Lippmann Washington. In his press conference on tuesday the president said that a was Long As aggression continues and As Long As they bomb in South Viet Nam and As Long As they bomb our sports Arenas and our Heaters and our embassies and kill our children and the vietnamese soldiers. We think that we Are justified in trying to slow Dawn that operation and make them realize that it is very costly and that their aggression should cease. The moment that this aggression ceases the destruction of their Bridges and their radar stations and the ammunition that they use on our bodies will if this were a full definition of our policy the obvious proposal to make would be an unconditional cease fire. Under a cease fire All the fighting would Stop including the bom Bing in the South and in the North and could be resumed Only if the other Side violated the truce. A of there must then be compelling reason Why the president has not proposed a ceasefire even though it fits exactly the purpose he declared at the press conference on tuesday. There is a compelling reason Why the administration has rejected the proposal of a ceasefire and has substituted for it a proposal for a unconditional the compelling reason is that a cease fire today would leave the Viet Cong with the upper hand in the eventual negotiations with Saigon and Washington. It might even precipitate a Deal in South Viet Nam Between the Viet Cong and the peace party. The truth is that the presidents advisers have a bigger purpose than the one defined in his press conference. Their aim is to reverse the existing balance of Power in South Viet Nam before the negotiations for the eventual settlement begin. This is the Crux of the situation today and it has to be understood in order to understand Why there is no present Prospect of bringing the War to an end or even of preventing it from becoming a wider War. A of the Viet Cong and Hanoi who have the upper hand in South Viet Nam will not negotiate unless their superiority is acknowledged a perhaps by a willingness on our part to Deal with the National liberation front which is the political Arm of the Viet Cong. And our real aim is to fight on until our military position is As Good or a Little better than that of our adversaries. So we must ask ourselves this question. If the objective of our military Effort is the limited one described by the president in his press conference that we will cease bombing if they will cease bombing then the thing to do is to propose a cease fire. Not Only would this fit exactly the specifications stated by the president but it would dispose of the whole controversy at Home and abroad about stopping or interrupting unilaterally the american bombing raids. Before we make up our minds about proposing a cease fire now we have to weigh the consequences. The fundamental Choice is whether or not we must and can redress the balance of Power in South Viet Nam before we cease fighting. If we do not redress the balance of Sparks from the forge Caribbean pigeons Power in South Viet Nam the Hanoi government is Likely to have a dominant influence on the settlement. The division of responsible opinion in this country today is Between those on the one hand who think that with More bombing and with More american troops the predominance of the Viet Cong and of Hanoi can be overturned and those on the other hand who think that if this can be done at All it can be done Only at a Price which measured by the american interests at stake is exorbitant. A of there Are those who resent almost apoplectic ally the idea that we Are not omnipotent everywhere on the Globe. But the sober majority of our people the president first among them have no appetite for unending and unlimited War in the Pursuit of the Mirage of they want a decent and honorable end to the War decent in that the killing and burning Stop honorable in that we do not abandon our clients and friends to the vengeance of their enemies. Since we cannot a a win the War and keep it won there Are i believe two great forces which we must and can rely on when eventually we bargain out the terms of our leaving Saigon. They will help us preserve the Independence of Viet Nam against chinese Conquest. One of these forces is our own unchallenged supremacy at sea and in the air in the Pacific and in the Indian oceans. The other Force is vietnamese nationalism which whether communist or not is deeply and it would appear permanently resistant to chinese imperialism. By Samuel r. Ogden this is the third in a series of articles that Banner columnist Sam Ogden has written regarding his re cent trip to puerto Rico. De. S. S. Puerto Rico. At sea homeward bound this morning we gained Back the hour we had lost last week on our Way South so up a bit Early on a Fine morning i found the wind diminished to a Breeze and the swells smoothed Down to almost nothing. A flying fish or two skitter out from under the Cut water skimming Over the smooth sea and off to starboard a whale sports sounding and spurting his Fountain and showing his flukes As he plays about in the Bright Sunshine. A of this morning at breakfast we talked of Birds and of wildlife on Board the ship. We heard of the cat lost for love at port Newark of the Cricket called Jimmy who Rode from Beaumont Texas through the canal and across the Pacific Only to be hosed overboard by a careless or Over conscientious deckhand at Bangkok of the Woodcock that found Refuge on late last fall some 200 Miles Northwest of Bermuda and of the lizards now living on the Bow of which i propose to make a study later. But to a. Me Back to the Birds. Two years ago the pigeons of the governor s Palace at san Juan and the sea Birds of the Harbour were the Only Birds recorded but i must report of changes that have taken place since then. In the Harbour this time i saw nary a Bird no gulls no pelicans no cormorants a nothing but in the Garden at the governors Palace although the five storied Pigeon House is gone and the Little Fountain squirt eth not the numbers and varites of Birds had multiplied. The Small flock of exotic Over sized pigeons of two years ago has been augmented by a number of the regular City Hall statue fouling nondescript variety of pigeons such As have become pest Ferous in All the cities in the Eastern . The two varieties seem to have inter bred and As a consequence the place has lost some of its style and distinction. In addition to the pigeons there Are now at least two new kinds of Birds in this Little Garden one about the size of a Fox Sparrow having some of the aspects of a Sandpiper medium Long Bill curved slightly Down legs Long in proportion coloured a Rosy Grey with an almost Pink breast. The others were tiny in size All Over Grey with Darker streaks on the wings and Back. The lighter Side we pickled peaches exhibit urged for worlds fair by West Washington up a ordinarily i am too Busy solving problems Here in the nation s capital to take on problems in other parts of the country. But last weekend As a special favor to Robert Moses i made a trip to new York to see what i could do about straightening out the worlds fair. The fair As you May know has been having financial difficulties mainly because its first season last year did not attract As Many visitors As had been expected. Moses who is president of these Days plenty of work for service clubs by John Chamberlain new York. So the Young a swinging cats of the so called a hard left on . Campuses a a the members of the students for a democratic society Etc., Etc. A Are criticizing their elders for an alleged failure to be a Community this is one of the biggest laughs of the Century Only nobody seems to be laughing. The reason for the Lack of proportion about this is due to the fact that a Community mindedness a since the time of Sinclair Lewis and h. L. Mencken a gibes about rotarians has been scoffed at by the Young of the left the right and even the Center As being a something for the Young of the a hard left have no love for the thing they Call the a Power Structure a which Means they have no love for the thousands of organizations that have All along been doing Good work for the Community in thousands of localities. A of the a swinging cats of the Campus left need to be told that when they Are graduated from College there Are plenty of ways to serve the Community without pulling Down the pillars of the Republic to do it. Voluntary organizations exist everywhere. There Are the Junior Chambers of Commerce for example and the spiritual descendants of Sinclair Lewis and h. L. Mencken laugh at such a a a Square suggestion. When i was in Santa Barbara California in March my wife and i took three children to a local zoo on a sunday afternoon to get them out of the Way of their parents who were packing to move the family to another City. The Santa Barbara zoo is called the child a estate Community Park and it is a fascinating place open to anybody and everybody. Looking into its sponsorship i discovered that it was developed by the Santa Barbara Jaycees who provided the volunteers to build it and who now administer a non profit fund of $300,000 that supports the venture. Herman the zoos peruvian Llama is a gift of the downtown kiwanis club of Santa Barbara the Domestic animals in the zoo Are donations of local ranchers. A of this is just one example of Community work sponsored by the Jaycees the Kiwan ians Etc. It can be matched in scores of places. Eddie May a Connecticut politician who was once a state Jaycee head could Tell the Young Radical swinging cats of the Campus about the medical units which the Jaycees organized some years ago to go to South Viet Nam. This was at a time when the local communist Viet Cong was doing its Best to sabotage any help from the United states that carried a Volunteer Label. There is of course no end to the need for Community work in the . But what Quality of a Community mindedness do you get from the professional picketers and marchers of the a swinging cat variety who show up in Bare feet and shaggy locks to demonstrate Here and there with shouts of a get out of South Viet Nam a when Community minded people in Indianapolis Indiana decided to form a voluntary group to renew local slum areas without going to Washington d.c., for funds did the Young of the hard left plunge in to help they did not. If they had it would have involved cooperation with a a rightists of the local a Power True enough there Are Campus organizations that really do believe in Community work done within the existing organization of society. The Northern student movement and the Western student movement have done Good tutoring work among potential drop outs without trying to tie it up with cop biting or a going Limp at noisy a a confrontations with the police. And some of the Young have gone South to help rebuild burned negro churches out of pure compassion not out of a a a commitment to a phony a existential the Point is that Community work is capable of infinite Extension within the existing . Power Structure. When Herbert Hoover was alive he tried every year to Pep up the support of the existing boys clubs of America. The idea that one must be part of a marijuana smoking Lunatic fringe to develop a Community mindedness is just one More bit of hokum that plays into the hands of those shadowy characters who have absolutely no interest in helping the . Solve its problems in terms that Are compatible with a free Western civilization. From thl x impart Wall which stretches across the front of the Garden one looks Down on the i roofs of the City with the jail 1 House directly below and the a coast guard across the Avenue j with its buildings and Tennis court set among the Palms on Pontilla a Point. As the . Puerto Rico rounded this Promontory in the pre Dawn darkness of sunday 1 morning a rooster crowed might ily the Only sound to be heard in All the silent City. Now As we \ looked out across the Bay from a our Vantage Point the cheerful a cock Al Doodle do of the same a lord of the hens again sounded out from under the Palms. Out on the Morro which Means a a Headland where the Battle a ments of a Tel Morro a the ancient i fort which dates Back to 1633,just Over the Ocean there were some swallows swooping about. These very much resembled our Vermont barn swallows with their Ruddy breasts and these Birds i had not seen on previous. Trips. This huge fortification with j its Moats transformed into Golf a fairways sort of a combination of Golf and Pool one would sup i pos and its Tawny Pink Walls of stuccoed Coral Rock and Large red bricks is a fascinating place a and the Birds were an added attraction. Of course i had to revisit the Plaza Baldorioty i Castro where i had had my shoes shined amidst the statuary and the tropical vegetation two years ago. The Cool Breeze was there and the enchanting Marble nymphs the greenery and of course the artists of the Brush and polish a full platoon of them old and Young and so the Captain and i had our shoes shined. But it was not quite the same As before for on sunday san Juan puts away its cheerful week Day confusion and goes to Church. Nothing is open even the ancient Church of san Jose which was built in 1519 and which i had wanted to look into was closed. So we walked through the old City with its narrow streets paved with Glaze tiles of Beautiful Blue which had come Over from Spain As ballast in the sailing ships of Long ago. Of All the ancient things the most noteworthy is the tiny Chapel by the water Gate with its altar of pure Gold and Silver. We peered in through the wrought Iron Gate at this utterly Beautiful example of the finest Goldsmiths work. It is a jewel comparable with the finest not on the tiny scale of a Cellini table piece but on the Man sized scale of the table itself. The world s fair corp., did not exactly retain me As a consultant to Tell him what might be done to make the second season More successful. But since he has implied that some of last years press notices were unfair to the fair i Felt that i owed him that much. At any rate i Hope Moses will realize that Iam doing this for his own Good. It seems to me based on what i saw during a pre opening tour of the grounds that those responsible for planning the fair misinterpreted t h e mood of the country. Its theme generally speaking is futuristic. The accent is on space Conquest push Button kitchens and other scientific wonders both real and visionary. Which May have been a mistake. It is True that there is a great Deal of interest in tomorrow s Moon landings and dishwashers. But there is also reason to believe that a lot of americans Are getting fed up with always looking ahead and will seize any Chance to escape t temporarily from the relentless i March of Progress. The world s fair or at least what i saw of it offers very Little Opportunity for nostalgia. There is to be sure one exhibit that features dinosaurs. But not Many of us go Back far enough to feel nostalgic about them. I am therefore recommending to Moses that he immediately set aside an entire building for the display of pickled peaches. Experience at state and county fairs has shown that people will come from Miles around to stand and gaze at pickled peaches. There is no reason to suppose their drawing Power would t be equally As Strong at a worlds fair. Moreover they would make the fair More appealing internationally. Not every a i Tion could afford to have its j own Pavilion. But few Are so j poor that they could t Send it Over a few jars of their Best i pickled peaches. To a1 o1-/

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