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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 29, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Fair and mild Clear and not quite so Cool tonight with lowest temperatures in the mid-30s to Low 40s. Friday fair and continued mild. Yesterdays High 64, Low 29, today at 7 . 35. Sunset 7 54, Sunrise 5 45. The planet Venus will remain in the evening sky the rest of the year. It has an almost circular orbit. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday april 29, 1905 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,748, to cents Montpelier a sen. George d. Aiken who has been a staunch opponent of escalating the War in Viet Nam told the Vermont general Assembly today that it would be Quot incredible for the United states to undertake a ground War in Asia involving Quot several Hundred million people on the other Vermont a senior senator touched on the International situation in his opening remarks to the legislature and moved on to other subjects in stating a if there is no nuclear War you wont need to worry. If there is a nuclear War you wont be Able to worry in a speech prepared for delivery at 2 ., Aiken said it is still possible that a general world War with nuclear potential can be avoided and noted Quot Lam doing All i can to convince those who Are responsible for our foreign operations that it must not Aiken said he realized there Are people who feel that a showdown with the communist world is inevitable a and that the sooner it comes the More Likely will be Victory a if it can be called that a for our but he said a it is incredible that the United states and Russia who jointly hold the key to the situation will permit any holocaust that would Likely wipe out half the population of either Aiken said it was a equally incredible that the United states after the experience of the French at Dien Bien Phu and our own experience in Korea will under huh considers visit to Vermont Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Roff said today that vice president Hubert h. Humphrey is Quot seriously considering an invitation to visit Vermont this fall. Hoff told his weekly news conference he invited the vice president while in Washington on monday and Humphrey seemed receptive. Hoff declined to say what the occasion for the visit might be but said it would not be a political fund raising function. In other items at his news conference Hoff said if the debate on reapportionment scheduled probably for the week after next Isnit Quot wrapped up in a week we can to wrap it up at he said he agreed with House Hoosick tries to give credit ii Here it s due Hoosick . A Edward f. Gorman councilman on the town of Hoosick Board has taken the Rand Mcnally vacation guide Down a Peg and the town of Bennington too. On behalf of the Board Gorman has written the Well known travel publication asking that its information on the Battle of Bennington be changed because it gives the wrong state All the recognition. Gorman also made it Clear As an incidental matter that Bennington be claimed As a Quot City in the travel guide. He asked the publication to recognize the fact that Bennington Battlefield P.R. is really in the state of new York and the town of Hoosick in the Section known As Walloomsac. Democrats that a reapportionment Bill should be based on population and should not carve cities into Small districts. But he cautioned democrats not to withdraw their support from a reapportionment plan because of these factors. Hoff said the important thing is passing a plan and the changes can be Quot fixed up later on. Hoff said he anticipated the to per cent raise increase for state employees that has a favourable report in a House committee will Cost the state an additional $1.2 million. Hoff has backed a 5 per cent boost but said that even though he does no to know where the state will get the Money hell sign the larger hike of it reaches his desk. Hoff said the recent Rains in the state Haven to helped the dry situation. Quot Vermont is still hanging on the Euge of a precipice of one of the worst summer droughts in the states history a he said. Hoff said the lopping of $12,-000 for the Post of Deputy administration commissioner Paul Guare probably will mean that Guare will become the full time director of poverty in Vermont. Guare has been acting in a dual capacity for six months As Deputy commissioner and poverty director. Hoff said he would sign but is not Happy with a proposed Compromise on his huge District court Bill eliminating the municipal court system. He said Senate president pro tem George Cook a Rutland county Republican convinced the Vermont bar association the entire Bill get through the legislature and urged the Compromise. Hoff said he believes the Bill can get through in its entirety but of it is done piecemeal hell sign it and Hope the legislature finishes the Job in 1966. Take a ground War involving several million people on the other the senator also said that International affairs a Are thoroughly messed up a and that he was tired of talking about them. He mostly confined his remarks to his beloved state. He spoke with High regard for the Vermont Legislatures of years past and urged the 1965 lawmakers to uphold the Fine tradition of years ago and Quot not flunk the reapportionment exams that will change the entire legislative Structure in the Green Mountain state. He denied that the last generation of lawmakers were Quot hatched from Dinosaur eggs a and urged reapportionment be carried out with Quot a vision to building a Bridge from the Well recorded Era of the past to the Uncertain Cloudy but potentially broader Era of the calling the 276 lawmakers the Quot final graduating class under the old method of apportionment Aiken said Quot Vermont is without doubt the finest state in the Union and anyone who tells you different is ignorant of the the White haired Solon said the Vermont Legislatures Quot have never regarded state solvency As retrogressive have led the nation in the Field of True interstate cooperation have made the state one of the first to establish an income tax system and maybe one of the last to enact a sales tax and made the state the first to approve the full social Security Aiken concluded by telling up evacuees . Families disembark at san Juan. P.r., from the . Navy transport Ruchamkin wednesday which brought 200 evacuees from the strife torn dominican Republic. Two Navy transports docked Here with 640 americans and other nationals including some cuban exiles. In dominican Republic marines combat ready at . Refugee Center Quot the final class a you still have much work to do and there Isnit much time left. Your final exams Are coming up. I Hope you pass them and graduate with honors. We want no Blank diplomas in this san Juan puerto Rico up �?. Marines took up combat positions around the Polo ground refugee Center in Santo Domingo today to protect americans caught up in the dominican Republic insurrection. The . Marine Landing was the first in latin America since Senate acts to tighten test for drunk Drivers Montpelier up a the Vermont Senate today passed and sent to the governor a Bill lowering to .10 per cent the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream As a determinant for driving while intoxicated. The move came on a voice vote. The present Law makes .15 per cent the Legal limit before a Motorist can be convicted of driving while intoxicated. The upper chamber also a it proved and sent to the House a measure guaranteeing $250,000 in state funds for Airport construction and improvements in Vermont. The Money to be matched by local sources and doubled by the Federal govern Village school voters decide in june on merger with Rural Bennington Village voters will be asked at their school districts annual meeting in june to give up the districts charter and to approve a merger with the greater Bennington school District. This was the decision wednesday night of the trustees of the Bennington graded school District. The trustees also voted unanimously to recommend the merger to their constituents. The greater Bennington Rural school Board voted earlier this month to put the Issue before their voters at the annual june meeting. One of the three Board members however expressed reservations about the Wisdom of a merger. If both districts vote to give up their Charters they will automatically become merged into a new elementary school District that will be known As Bennington school District inc. It will include All of Bennington except that part in the North Bennington school District. An enabling act that will also be the new districts charter has been approved by both houses of the state legislature and has been sent to gov. Philip h. Hoff for his signature. The new District if approved will go into operation july i 1966. Between july i 1965 and july i 1966 the two districts will be governed by a joint Board composed of All members of both existing boards. The new District which will be responsible for grades k-6, will be governed by a Board of seven members who will be elected at Large. Assistant Village supt. Paul e. Kirsch said wednesday that a citizens committee of Village and Rural residents will meet monday at 7 30 At Molly Stark school. The committee will be responsible for distributing information about the proposed merger before the june meetings. Kirsch explained that school directors from the two boards will explain the assumptions on which planning for the merger has been based. They will also speak about the number of new classrooms the two districts will need to accommodate pupils expected by 1969-1970. Finally they will compare building costs and operating costs each District will have if it merges and Quot goes it the speakers will be Stewart see school vote Page 16, col. 8 ment will provide several new Airport facilities and improve existing Landing strips. Final action was taken on a Bill abating $35,000 in Back taxes owed the state by the Rutland railway. The Money is for land not owned any longer by the railway and is also part of an abatement agreement the state entered into with the line to delay scrapping of trackage so the state could Purchase the property. Both the House and Senate passed a Resolution to meet in joint session May 27 at to . To hear an address by Vermont gop rep. Robert t. Stafford. Several Bills were introduced today including the 164 member House suggested by the Blue ribbon reapportionment committee. It was introduced in the Senate by Democrat John of Brien i it Chittenden county. In the House a Bill appropriating $26,000 Over the biennium was brought in to finance state participation in Vermont watershed projects for flood control and recreation. The Bill gives the state water resources Board the Power of eminent Domain to obtain lands for such projects. Dismal lesson Menlo P.R. Calif. Up a during a driving lesson Sandra Jean Ward 16, had trouble with a turn. She steered through a service station knocking Down a trailer a pump and several signs crossed an intersection leaving More than 90 feet of skid Marks ripped out 50 feet of Fence and crashed into a Nursery knocking Over 75 Azalea plants. 1928 when they landed in Guatemala. Street fighting was reported in the heart of the capital where rebel forces were strongly entrenched. So far the marines have not been directly involved in the Quot very tense and very serious situation. They have fired no shots. An estimated 400 dominicans have been killed and another 1,200 reported wounded in the fighting. No american casualties have been reported. The fighting was Between leftist forces Loyal to ousted president Juan Bosch now in exile in san Juan and military units which deposed him in 1963. A rebel move to return him to Power began last saturday. The so called Loyal Force arrayed against the Bosch sup porters Are under command of air Force Brig. Gen. Elias Wes sin y Wessin. They appeared to have an Edge Over the Bosch forces and wednesday declared apparently prematurely that the revolution was crushed. The military overthrew Bosch originally because he was considered too Friendly with cubans Fidel Castro. Cuban refugees arriving in san Juan from Santo Domingo said the rebels dressed in Green fatigue uniforms were Quot Carbon copies of Castro a revolutionaries. A Force of 400 marines landed wednesday night to protect the 1,300 americans still in Santo Domingo after 1,000 were evacuated wednesday. Another 1,400 marines were available. The americans and other foreign nationals were herded into the Polo grounds across the Street from the ambassador hotel seven Miles from the scene of the heaviest fighting in downtown Santo Domingo. The Polo grounds themselves were being used for a helicopter ferry service. Conference Paris up a France Ana Russia have agreed to Back the idea of a cambodian conference but Are running into stiff opposition from communist China French government sources said today. The sources were reporting on a series of talks Between visiting soviet Premier Andrei Gromyko French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville and other government officials. Gromyko is due to Fly Back to Moscow Friday. The sources said two Concrete developments have emerged from the Gromyko talks so far. One was the agreement which meant in effect that France and Russia have joined the United states and Britain in endorsing the idea of a conference on cambodian Independence which could be expanded to include discussions on the Viet Nam crisis. The other was the Kremlin a backing for president Charles de Gaulle a plan for a disarmament conference among representatives of the United states Russia Britain France and communist China. on the inside final Quot final Highway report expected tonight at regional planning Board a Page 3. An editorial comments on Quot the Era of regionalism in new England and Vermont a Page 4. First Ulm summer school courses to be offered in Bennington this year a Page 5. Resist reapportionment to bitter end Parsons Montpelier up a rep. Samuel Parsons a Hubbardton has urged Small town representatives not to pass a reapportionment Bill until Quot the last hour of the last Day before the legislature lapses into history. Parsons said wednesday Small towns should impede re three major assaults hit Viet Cong hard a Chance to tie it up the pitch works its Way to the plate As Tom Moore prepares to hit the Ball during the Bennington Catholic High opening game with Rutland wednesday at the alumni Field. On base Are Jay Moore first and Al Plante second. The two men on did t score until two batters later when Stan Krawczyk hit a hard single to right Field and advanced to second on an error. The sabers lost the game to the raiders 3-2. Saigon up a government forces aided by armed . Helicopters have killed 231 communist guerrillas and captured 57 in three major assaults against the Viet Cong a . Military spokesman reported today. Two of the operations were airborne and amphibious assaults against communist training centers in the Mekong Delta 50 and 80 Miles South of Saigon. The third major attack was against Viet Cong positions in Quang Nam province 370 Miles Northeast of Saigon and West of Danang in the air War a Force of 57 . Air Force Navy and South vietnamese planes carried out a successful series of strikes against Bridges highways and communications in North Viet Nam All planes returned safely and there was Little antiaircraft fire. In Sydney the australian government advanced it was sending a battalion of about 800 combat troops to South Viet Nam to Aid the americans and vietnamese in the War against the Viet Cong. Australia now has about too advisers and transport pilots in South Viet Nam. In the Mekong Delta Section where the government hoped to Clear out this communist infested swampland South of the capital one american helicopter Pilot was wounded today. The other americans were killed wednesday when the offensive opened. Their deaths were reported earlier. The largest government offensive began wednesday in Kien Hoa province with a combined air amphibious operation along the song co Luong River one of the Mouths of the Mekong about 50 Miles South of Saigon. In this operation government forces reported 86 Viet Cong killed and 31 captured wednesday. American helicopters estimated they killed 70 More with supporting machine gun and rocket fire. Preliminary softening up strikes by . Air Force f100 sky raiders May have killed More. The Kien Hoa Battle began when elements of two vietnamese army battalions up to 1,600 men made an amphibious Landing near a suspected Viet Cong training Center. Then 70 helicopters swooped in under heavy communist fire to land vietnamese rangers. . Army capt. Jack w. Sanford of East Rainelle . Led the strike into the Landing zones with protective fire. Capt. Bryce r. Kramer of Greensburg pa., led another wave which knocked out two Viet Cong machine gun emplacements near the Landing zone. The second Mekong Delta offensive was further West. A to Tal of 34 Viet Cong was reported killed in this operation while the government suffered 18 killed and 51 wounded. This was the operation in which two american officers were killed. A third was wounded. In this action two vietnamese army elements took on an estimated Viet Cong company in Vinh Long province 80 Miles Southwest of Saigon. The third operation was in Quang Nam province 370 Miles North of Saigon and West of the . Air and missile base at Danang. The . Spokesman said he had Only fragmentary reports on the Quang Nam province fighting which began two Days ago and was continuing today. He said As of this morning the government forces had killed 41 Viet Cong and captured 26. Apportionment by not sending the realignment scheme to the governor until the night of june 30 a the hour before the legislature must disband under Federal court order. Parsons addressed the reorganization meeting of the committee to defend the Vermont Constitution Cdv. Some 90 Small town legislators attended the session and $400 was pledged to the empty coffers of the anti reapportionment group. Parsons urged lawmakers to go Back to their Home towns and pass the hat to continue the fight for maintaining the status quo a where each town gets a representative regardless of size. Gov. Philip h. Hoff lashed out at the Cdv cd a action to delay reapportionment As Quot irresponsible and the governor said every lawmaker should be Quot working speedily for realignment and efforts to delay Are Quot a direct slap at the people of Vermont who the Bills for the legislators in Montpelier a it makes a mockery of responsible Public Hoff called the move action of Quot obstructionists and said it is merely an Effort to Quot flaunt the . Constitution flaunt the will of the majority and to perpetuate an inadequate and unduly costly system of government that permits representatives of the few to ride Herd Over the will of the up close Calls a Hole in his helmet where it was struck by a Viet Cong Bullet . Marine Cpl. Robert Crawford of Springfield mass., Sticks to his position despite the resultant head wound. Crawford a patrol ran into the pc South of Danang air base wednesday. Aiken sees . Involvement in asian land War incredible chinese balk on Cambodia

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