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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 6, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday april 8, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 42d main Street Bennington Vermont eventual editorials a Long dry summer the Banner s Rod and gun columnist Roy Marsden is sticking to his prediction that this is going to be another a dry up and blow away summer and according to the Vermont Extension service he is dead right. The service is saying the drought this year May Well exceed last summer s dry spell that plagued Farmers and homeowners alike in this area and is urging people to begin planning now for the probable need for emergency action to Supply water. The service notes the very Light snowfall this past Winter was less than a year ago. The first three months of 1965 had a total precipitation of 1.91 inches recorded in Burlington and it was noted the 30 year average for the same period was 5.85 inches so it is obvious the warnings for a dry spell this summer Are Well founded. New England is in the Middle of a drought the likes of which Hasni to been seen for at least 30 years. But the real message of the service is to discourage Public feeling that the drought is too bad for some folks but there Isnit much that can be done about it because there Are a number of areas of action open to a Community to help solve the water problem suffered by Farmers and by those whose Wells have run dry. At the state level emergency pumping equipment is available that can be used frugal president prodigal Congress one of the noteworthy aspects of president Johnson a Well publicized War on waste is a reversal of the roles played by the executive and legislative branches of the government. Instead of being denounced As a big spender the president is building a reputation As a thirty soul who goes around dousing the lights. Instead of being regarded As watchdogs Over Federal expenditures the congressmen Are being shown up As Wastrel themselves. When the defense department announces a cutback of billions of dollars in military appropriations the senators and representatives from the affected states Are first to protest. The administrations plan to close la veterans hospitals and farm research stations has had a similarly incendiary effect in Congress. The result is that the lawmakers Are seeking ways to make the administration spend Money. A Case in Point is the current Flap Over the projected closing of a Federal Catfish hatchery in Tupelo Mississippi. Editor s congratulations to Waldo Holden who has been elected president of the Vermont bar association. Under his leadership it is hoped that the Legal set will be Able to convince the legislature of the need for some Basic reforms in the state court system. Really encouraging was the report from Ray Lovely manager of the Bennington office of the department of employment Security who says that Bennington a Economy is a really on the the increase in Job placements during the last two months is a healthy Symbol of the growth into area a Economy but we wont be Happy until everyone out of work has a Job. Is that just a pipe dream the first Baptist Church is growing similar to the operation a water Wagon that was put into operation in Addison county last summer. At the town level the service expressed a Hope that some municipalities can provide pumping and piping equipment and that Farmers would Pool funds for cooperative ownership of the emergency pumping operation. It was also observed that towns could provide Matching funds to buy equipment if a civil defense plan is on file. And then there is the old problem familiar to most in this area of the continuing need by Many communities to expand their water supplies. Hopefully a solution to Bennington a water problems will be Well on the Way to Resolution later this summer when a plan for expanding the water system to permit water service to areas outside the Village limits with the Cost shared by town and Village residents is expected to be presented to the voters. In the meantime it is hoped that town officials begin thinking now about ways to Deal with the drought that is expected to be More severe than last year. A Survey of area farming water needs and residential needs should be made now and a plan of action set if the predictions of a dry spell live up to expectations. To let things slide now on the premise that a it might rain heaps would be fatal. In itself a minor Issue the dispute raises an important question can Congress Force the administration to spend Money when it does no to want to in this instance the Interior department with the support of the president marked the Tupelo hatchery for closing after july i. But in response to protesting congressmen from Mississippi the House appropriations committee re inserted $32,900 for a continued operations a of the hatchery. Now when the Interior departments budget Bill goes to the presidents desk he will have to decide whether to freeze the Money somehow or approve the expenditure. And if he blocks the appropriation he will risk severe reprisals. The technical question is whether the president has a right not to spend Money on civilian projects. It has been established that As commander in chief of the armed forces he has a right not to spend Money on defense. However that question is answered the presidents stand puts him firmly in the ranks of the Economizer in government. And the congressmen remain stuck in their pork barrels the ones with a a spendthrift written All Over them. Too with its ground breaking ceremonies sunday for a new Christian education building next to the Church on East main Street. The $239,500 Church building will be named for Lester Nichols a fitting tribute for a Man who has done so much for his Church and Community. Six count Mem six Eagle scouts All in a Row. The picture in mondays Banner showed youngsters who won the top scouting award in Hoosick Falls. It was the largest Eagle scout court of Honor Ever held in the town which is a Good indication they take scouting pretty seriously Over the line. Hoosick Falls has always had a group of men who have provided leadership to spark a great amount of Community interest in the boy scouts. Congratulations to this newest Batch of eagles. Letters legislator ates crisis in Vermont agriculture a in so much 60in6 on we miss some of the acts Washington calling Lester Pearson s role As peacemaker bedevilled by internal dissension by Marquis Childs Ottawa Canada. Prime minister Lester Pearson of Canada is one of the Best friends the United states has anywhere. At least twice during the past year and a half he has responded to urgent alarm Calls from Washington with action tipping the balance for peace in a Nasty threatening situation. A Loyal Friend of the great and powerful neighbor to the South he has watched with growing concern As the widening american commitment in Viet Nam seemed to mean a collision course with communist China and full scale War. Pearson knows Well the cruel Burden carried by the United states in Viet Nam. His own advisers have urged caution arguing that Washington resents any kind of advice cutting across the military drive to compel North Viet Nam to announce withdrawal of Aid for the Viet Cong guerrillas in the South. _ of yet in spite of All the reasons for caution he has persisted in the Hope that somehow his Good offices might help to find a Way out. Not Only a Man of Goodwill a he was awarded the no Bel peace prize in 1957 a but in Canadas foreign service and later As minister of external affairs he became thoroughly versed in the intricacies of foreign policy. He was one of the Ablest participants in the indo China conference in Geneva in 1954. On March 5 Pearson made a speech in new York suggesting As an alternative to the present course that the a International Community take responsibility for sealing off the Borders Between North and South Viet Nam to Stop communist infiltration. He noted that a weakness of the Geneva agreement of 1954 was that it had not provided for policing and enforcement that might have prevented the infiltration of both Laos and South Viet Nam. On the floor of the United states Senate sen. John Sherman Cooperr by quoted at length from the Pearson speech urging that his proposal be seriously considered. It was ignored by the administration. A of last week receiving Temple University a world peace award in Philadelphia Pearson again urged that the tools of diplomacy be used to explore Means for ending the conflict Short of All out War. It was the voice of conscience raised at a moment Many observers feel is critical in a precarious balance that can in a Short time slide toward disaster. Pearson a dilemma is like that of other american friends and allies around the world. And like almost every other head of government he finds himself bedevilled by internal dissension and a plague of troubles great and Small. In fact in the year and a half he has been prime minister he has been a kind of Job suffering every form of political affliction. Only recently with the adoption of a Broad pension plan Long fought Over in the House of commons has Pearson a Liberal government got on solid ground. The likelihood of a new election is postponed at least until fall. In almost every capital in the West Domestic discord distracts attention from the world scene. History is Likely to record that As the Drift toward escalation went on in South Viet Nam the statesmen were Busy with the Price of butter and mugging in the streets. The secession movement in the province of Quebec harassed the Pearson government. The restive French canadians Are still unhappy Over their status in Anglo Saxon Canada. Minor scandals have broken out like boils on the body politic. Prime minister Harold Wilson in London with his minuscule majority is fighting an economic War to try to keep the Pound afloat in International Waters. He must take sternly unpleasant action in the upcoming budget if he is to survive. In Germany an election in the fall keeps policy in suspension and in the Bumble Over Israel Arab policy the unfortunate Chancellor Ludwig Erhard looked like a Schoolboy with his hand in the Jam pot. As for Washington attention is inevitably entered on the racial crisis. A of hardly a Day goes by that either Pearson or his minister for external affairs Paul Martin Are not taxed about Viet Nam in the House of commons. Bristling conservatives demand to know whether Canada is merely a satellite of the colossus to the South. Is it Pearson policy simply to follow in the Wake of the United states As for the prime minister the question he raises is a fundamental one. That is whether any head of government in the great complexity of the world today has the time the knowledge and the Energy to direct both foreign and Domestic policy. One gathers that his answer would be in the negative. What tills suggests is that giving a foreign Secretary greater authority a making him More than what too often he is a functionary waiting for directions from his principal a is essential. To the editor of the Banner on thursday april 8 at 2 . In the House of representatives there will be a Public hearing pm a joint Resolution which Calls the attention of the president and Congress to the serious crisis which the Vermont Dairy Farmer faces. It is my Hope this hearing will be a Public forum at which those who Are dependent upon Vermont agriculture will make themselves heard and in which the serious nature of the problem May be publicized. We have lost farms Over the last to years at the rate of 34 per cent until today we have less than 6000 in the entire state. But the percentage decline is not remaining constant the rate is increasing. It has been said that we Are merely shaking out the least successful and the older Farmers but this is not True. We Are now losing Young Farmers and successful ones. The Basic reason is that the Price of milk to the Farmer is too Low. It must be improved or we will live in a state without agriculture. I submit that we should not lightly allow agriculture to disappear that we must and can reverse the trend. Let me review the reasons for keeping a healthy agriculture economic last year farming brought into the state $125 million 77 per cent from Dairy sales. This Money was spent by Farmers within 25 Miles of Home pumping millions at dollars into our Rural communities and Surv porting a Host of suppliers. Sociological it makes Little sense to encourage people to leave the farms and Rural areas when by so doing we Are greatly adding to the problems of Urhan areas in Job retraining welfare services and housing shortages. In 1964 Over 1-3 of the excessive unemployment in the . Was attributable to the number of workers forced out of agriculture. We have a Strong tradition of Independence and responsibility and a Low crime and delinquency rate certainly in part because of our Rural and agricultural heritage. Scenic our tourist and recreation business has depended greatly on the agricultural character of the state. Our Farmers Are Worth their Salt if they Only keep Down the Brush and keep the country open so you can see where you Are is the Vermont Dairy Farmer producing surpluses which the Federal government is buying he is not. All our Vermont milk is used for consumer purposes and the Vermont Farmer is receiving not one cent of direct Federal Aid. The . Estimates the world need for food will double by 1980 and triple by 2000 Only 35 years away. The current world need for Dairy products alone is estimated to be 45 per cent below production. We Are on the Brink of a huge food need of undreamed of proportions and this is no time to throw away our Means of production. I would like to see a a March on Montpelier by All the people of Vermont who have a stake in the Chanticleer a Good mole year la Charles John Stev Enson quote or mass a Croft. A orc Cyc amp All to Cylc All Mth i am a protestant boy playing for a jewish coach Allie Shermann on a last place team and i got a Catholic award. Frank Gifford . Giant halfback upon receiving the sportsman of the year award from the n. Y. Archdiocese Catholic youth Center. Cambridge . If a naturalist Friend of ours is right we have news for you. This will be a big mole year. He says the ground mole will be More prevalent than for some years due to the dryness of the Earth apparently. We Are keeping our eyes open to see whether the prediction will come True. We have seen lawns in our Hometown and in Bennington badly Cut up by moles. This Little animal is Seldom More than five or six inches in length with almost rudimentary ears and eyes a shiny Black coat and an appetite for earthworms. He can eat More Worms in a Day than you can use to catch 20 pounds of fish. He is strictly carnivorous turning up his Long Sharp nose at any kind of vegetable Hay or fruit. He not Only eats earthworms he also likes bugs flies bees and any other insect or worm that he can get his Sharp Teeth into. The mole is not even averse to eating his fellow moles. He must have something to eat every few hours and if you Don t believe he is a Cannibal just make this Little Experiment. Place two moles in a Cage and done to feed them for 12 hours. By the end of that time the stronger of the two will Start devouring his weaker Friend. If they Are at Liberty and placed on Stony ground where they can to dig for their food they will not hesitate to attack Birds frogs lizards and even snakes. The Only living thing anywhere near their size which they refuse to attack is a Toad. For some reason the Toad is taboo. Frogs yes but entirely off toads. The mole is common almost All Over the world except that it cannot be found in Ireland. No one seems to be Able to solve this mystery. We have talked to naturalists and researchers but no one knows the answer. They have been found in the High Himalaya mountains of Asia and they Are not a bit afraid of water. One reporter tells us he has seen a mole paddling a distance of almost 200 Yards from land. In spite of his love of water the mole is totally unfitted for the Job of lifeguard. He a just too Small that Sall. He has a great Deal of strength but not enough to pull some daring Young swimmer by her hair to the Shore. However he can turn Over a tremendous amount of Earth in a relatively Short time. The next time you see the Tunnel made by one of these interesting Little animals wait until dark and then take a Flash Light and go to the spot on your Lawn where the mole seems to have stopped digging. If you Are reasonably fortunate you May find him hard at work because he is a night owl. You often see him scurrying across your Road late at night. Now put your spotlight on his Tunnel. You May catch him hard at work turning up the Earth or he May Stop to eat a Nice worm or insect. He is extremely efficient at both occupations. If you catch him examine his front feet and legs. They Are set Well Forward giving the head the appearance of being set Down Low Between his shoulders. The legs Are Short and very muscular and his feet Are shaped like shovels in fact almost like human hands. The Palms Are normally directed outward and the end of each toe is flattened ending in a Sharp claw or Nail. These enable him to Pierce or break up clods of Earth and displace the soil rapidly to right or left. Some Spring evening you May go to bed with the knowledge that your Nice Green Lawn which you so laboriously rolled that afternoon is now in the Peak of condition. When you awaken next morning it May have been crossed and crisscrossed by a series of tunnels none of which were there a few hours ago. The excavations run in a straight line for a few Yards then make a deft turn at the Lilac Bush go right through the Peony bed and the new Tulip planting. There seems to be no Way of anticipating his arrival on your premises nor of estimating How Long he will stay. It depends largely upon the amount of food he finds in your soil. If your Lawn entertains tills unwelcome visitor soon take it in your stride. You might even sing a merrily we mole along mole along a but you will not expect the mole to join you in the refrain. Let us Hope he refrains from selecting your front Lawn for his next adventure in Good eating. Keeping agriculture alive among us Grain dealers equipment makers so Ore keepers truckers Bankers recreation leaders electric company presidents bus operators Coop members garage owners newspaper publishers conservationists and Farmers. William Blachly. Calais town representative. Montpelier. Kee i b a Man ii to the editor of the Banner with regard to the present decision the governor is faced with As to the appointment of a commissioner of Public safety i feel that the governor has a fully capable and Able Man already doing the Job. Commissioner Baumann has served his position Well working Long hard hours and fulfilling his duties honorable and faithfully. It is a known fact that the commissioner worked on each and every Law enforcement weekend with his own troopers during last summer. Surely the Public feels that the governor should consider his decision carefully and realize that he already has a great Man doing a grand Job for Vermont. The commissioner is known far and wide for his integrity ability and honesty. How about it gov. Hoff Arentt we As the Public entitled to keep the Good Man which we already have As commissioner of Public safety namely William h. Baumann Catherine p. Switser. West Burke it. Dramatic changes to the editor of the Banner a a nothing a said St. Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274a can be absolutely unchangeable in things that Are subject to change and therefore human Law cannot be altogether human Law is framed for human beings the majority of whom Are not perfect in virtue. He thought it futile to forbid All vices from which the virtuous abstain. In the very changes of Law when something better occurs there Are sometimes unwanted Side effects. Law like human custom cannot be altogether unchangeable but must yield to a changed conditions of the most dramatic change in our Law and customs is in the relationship of the american White and negro people. Change is Long overdue in custom and institutions which have been a deficient in respect to the but Law alone is powerless to end vices and prejudice. It cannot make All men accept other men As Brothers. Events of the past weeks have projected the searching thoughts of St. Thomas have projected the Many individual americans of All races and creeds who answer that searching question of four years ago a ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your also these events have truly projected the political hypocrisy that has been the corroding evil of the past and which is still with us. Ours is a country of example. The politician is a Man who demands to be followed a Man who is in the fore front of the american scene. It is time for them to look into the Mirror of their own absolute conscience instead of reflecting themselves in the Light of what they Are. It is also time for the rest of us As americans to look in the Mirror of our absolute conscience for in the events of the past weeks a the example has been set we should recall the words of Calvin Coolidge on dec. 2, 1924, a to live under the american Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was Ever accorded the human Paul Eagan. Bennington. Humor deadly sarcasm after a Young lawyer had talked nearly five hours to a jury which by that time Felt like Lynching him his opponent a grizzled old Veteran of Legal wars smiled sweetly at the judge and jury and said a your Honor i will follow the example of my Young Friend who has just concluded and will submit the Case without International teamster Early Start president Johnson a determination to make the nation More attractive Lias White House staffers asking one another a what have you done today for beautification a the first time the question was sprung on Jack Valenti a top . Aide he snapped Back a i Leslie Carpenter in his political column

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