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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 5, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and Cool increasing cloudiness tonight with temperature 25 to 35. Tuesday partly Cloudy with temperature the same As today and with rain tuesday night. Yesterdays High 48, Low 19, today at 7 . 21. Sunset 6 24, Sunrise 5 25. The a big Start near i degree North of the Moon is Jupiter. Benning Bennington Vermont monday april 5, 1905 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,727, to cents in Vrle Oil vulnerable Berlin key. Buds forty eight degree temperatures sunday and Clear skies made Bennington area residents forget about the snowy reminders of Winter that still patched the land. These Beech buds sensing the time of year took the Sun just like the people. Photo Ringheiser North Viet again take to the air reds threaten . Hits no migs Saigon up a the United states today challenged stiffened North vietnamese air defences and sent 76 air Force and Navy planes to Pound military targets on communist territory. There were no reports of attempted interceptions by communist fighters during two separate strikes by the american raiders. Sixteen . Air Force f105 Jet fighter bombers hammered communist rail and Highway traffic 120 Miles South of Hanoi. An Armada of 60 . Navy bombers from the aircraft Carrier Coral sea struck radar installations just North of the 17th parallel Border. One of the fi05s was shot Down by anti aircraft fire but the Pilot was rescued. All of the Navy planes returned safely to the Coral sea As it steamed through the klan chief Morganton n. C., up a Imperial wizard Robert Shelton says president Johnson a if he continues his yakking Quot May become one of the Best organizers of the Kun flux klan has Ever had. Shelton also has accused the president of a using his office to establish himself As a megalomaniac a a Man who considers himself above god and thinks Only he is capable of being a judge jury and Shelton of Tuscaloosa Ala., is head of the United klans of America generally regarded As the largest klan group in America. He aired his views at two weekend klan rallies Here sunday and at Hemingway s. C., saturday night. The rally at Morganton a furniture and textile City of 10,000 in Western North Carolina was advertised for the a White Public Only Quot in a local newspaper. The Highway patrol which kept the rally under close surveil Montpe Lier up a at least one Arch enemy of reapportionment Hasni to changed his thinking one Whit since the reapportionment session of the Vermont legislature opened 14 weeks ago. He is w. Clark Hutchinson a Rochester who prior to the session urged a legislative sit in with Small town lawmakers refusing to relinquish their seats in a re apportioned House. The weeks of the session apparently have not mellowed Hutchinson any. The lawmaker says he will vote for a 210 member House to replace the present 246 member lower chamber but when the decisive vote on accepting a particular plan comes up he will vote straight no against realignment. Hutchinson conceded this weekend he is an a March foe of legislative Quot and South China sea a spokesman said. The Navy planes poured tons of bombs and napalm jellied gasoline on the radar station at Vinh Linh a target which has been hit on several previous occasions. No enemy opposition was encountered. Inside South Viet Nam an american Soldier was killed today in a helicopter crash in the mountains 190 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Two . Army advisers were wounded sunday in a clash with the Viet Cong in Binh dunh province 300 Miles Northeast of Saigon. As the Tempo of the War quickened on both sides of the 17th parallel . Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor returned to Saigon with new plans to boost american military strength. Taylor was in Washington last harangues Lance estimated the crowd at around 1,000 and said troopers counted More than 400 cars. There were no incidents or heckling during the 90-minute rally. Shelton said the klan would neither accept nor heed the mandates of president Johnson who recently warned of a Federal Clampdown on klan activity. The president urged klans men to leave a hooded bigots Quot and return to decent society. A we Are not going to accept the mandate or heed it of Lyndon Baines Johnson who says we must accept the inevitable Quot Shelton told the crowd that gathered on a Field about the size of two football Fields. A if he continues his yakking he will be one of the greatest organizers the klan Ever had. A the president of the United states has the audacity to go on National television when he wants to remove an obstacle by very easily creating a said he does not see How lawmakers who look an oath to support the Vermont and . Constitutions can in Good Faith favor any sort of realignment. Hutchinson said if a majority of the lower chamber members vote anti reapportionment As he does it will throw the matter Over to the Federal courts. He said this will permit lawmakers to be relieved of the problem of possibly breaking the oath to uphold the Vermont Constitution which provides that each of the 246 communities in the state be Given one representative regardless of size or population. Hutchinson is a member of the House reapportionment committee and formerly served on the interim legislative reapportionment commission despite the fact that he makes no Bones about being opposed to the principle of reapportionment. Week for High level strategy talks in Washington with president Johnson and defense department officials. Taylor told newsmen today that president Johnson was a heartened and encouraged by the Progress which our vietnamese allies Are a we have a difficult Road ahead. But i believe it should be Clear to Friend and foe alike that our commitment Here is irrevocable Quot Taylor said. A military spokesman said the Jet fighter bombers encountered no opposition from North vietnamese interceptor aircraft during today s air raid. Two fi05s were downed sunday by North vietnamese Mig Jet fighters when american planes destroyed a Bridge near Thanh Hoa Only 75 Miles South of Hanoi. It was the first time communist planes had downed american Craft. American military sources said planes on sundays Mission also met heavy fire from radar controlled anti aircraft guns. The planes in today s Mission by the 16 fighter a o in b e r s bombed and strafed two Railroad locomotives destroying one and heavily damaging the other. The jets then swooped Down on communist truck traffic along highways seven and eight leaving two vehicles in flames. The operation was described As an a armed reconnaissance Quot operation in which the american planes sought out targets of Opportunity rather than hitting a pre determined area. The helicopter crewman killed today was pinned beneath the wreckage when the Craft crash landed skidded and burned. The rest of the Crew was unhurt. The crash was attributed to a Power failure. The helicopter was flying an escort Mission at the time. The two wounded american troops were accompanying vietnamese forces Rushing to the Aid of two Binh Dinh province hamlets under communist attack. The Relief column encountered an estimated three companies of Viet Cong. The bodies of 37 guerrillas were left on the Battlefield when the shooting ended. Vietnamese losses were placed at 9 dead and to wounded. In other action on the ground communist commandos raided the provincial capital at Tam by 35 Miles Southeast of the big american airbase at Danang sunday. The City a administrative office and powerhouse were damaged. Three persons were wounded when the commandos opened fire on the provincial prison. Sunday s encounter with the soviet migs Over Thanh Hoa was the first Aerial dogfight of the War. One of the american pilots drowned when he bailed out Over the South China sea. The other airman was listed As missing. A third american Pilot flying a propeller driven sky Raider was shot Down during a strafing run against a communist Island off the North vietnamese coast. His plane was hit by anti aircraft fire from a North vietnamese . Negroes ready for registration Selma Ala. Up a negroes said they would March to the Dallas county courthouse today for the first voter registration Book reopening since the dramatic a right to vote Quot March to Montgomery last month. There also was expected to be attempts by negroes to Register at Camden 35 Miles away. Today was one of the twice monthly voter registration Days in Dallas and Wilcox two of the Black soil Belt counties see Alabama Page 12, col. 6 Montpelier up a Vermont legislators return for a night session today to kick off the 14th week of the current session. It will be a working session in the House but Only a Token session in the Senate. The 14th week is the beginning of the second half of the 1965 session since by court order the terms of lawmakers lapse on july i the deadline for court ordered reapportionment. Curiously with the deadline drawing Ever closer this is a showdown week in the Vermont House of representatives where lawmakers representing fewer than 12 per cent of the states residents can control a majority of the votes in the 246-member body. Tuesday specifically is the big Day in the House when a formal secret ballot will be held to determine what size House of representatives will be recommended to the House reapportionment committee. The committee itself has voted to Back a 150-member House but chairman Emory Hebard a Glover said his 25-member group will be bound by whatever decision is made on the size of a House tuesday morning. Democrats and Many of the so called moderate republicans will Back a 150-member House As Well but there is Strong sentiment particularly amongst Rural lawmakers for a House of 210 members thus saving Many of the jobs that would be lopped off by a smaller House. Hebard who himself is strongly opposed to legislative realign the inside Ulm Board of trustees approve new residence Hall a Page 2. Putnam Hospital display wins a prize Page 3. An editor s note praises the kind of a ferment in education Quot described in saturday s picture Page Page 4. Law Day to be observed in local court and schools april 30�?Page 5. Grant approved for Pownal a new Library Page 6.riders�?T Washington up a the i supreme court summarily re-1 versed today the 1961 convictions in Montgomery Ala., of group of White and negro a Freedom riders Quot including Yale University chaplain William Sloan coffin or. Ten of the la a riders Quot were convicted of both unlawfully Assembly and breach of the peace. The arrest occurred after some of them sat together at a segregated lunch counter at a bus station. The riders were accompanied to the station by members of the Alabama National guard. Today s reversal was delivered in a one sentence unsigned order citing a previous decision. Justice Hugo l. Black and Byron r. White did not participate. Besides coffin the group included the Rev. Ralph d. Abernathy negro civil rights worker in Montgomery Clyde Carter and Joseph Charles Jones negroes theological students of Johnson c. Smith University Charlotte . The Rev. Wyatt tee Walker negro executive director of the Southern Christian leadership conference Atlanta and Bernard s. Lee negro assistant to Walker. John David Maguire White assistant professor of religion at Wesleyan University Middletown Conn. Gaylor b. Noyce White associate professor of pastoral care Yale divinity school new Haven Conn. The Rev. Fred l. Shuttlesworth negro of Birmingham Ala., Well known Integrationist Leader George Bundy Smith negro a Yale Law student and David e. Swift White professor of religion at Wesleyan. Walker was convicted of unlawful Assembly Only. The group was represented in the supreme court by the Legal defense fund of the National association for the advancement of coloured people. Ment but looks on it As a necessary evil thinks the House will agree to a realigned legislature of 150 members in the lower chamber. Some other lawmakers have indicated they will vote for a 210-member House and if there is any Chance of going even higher will do so. In the Senate a fourth reapportionment plan will be brought in by freshman Democrat Robert Wilson of Bennington county. A Large crowd of parishioners of the first Baptist Church gathered on an empty lot on East main Street sunday morning for a ground breaking ceremony for the Church s new Christian education building. After a Brief service 15 members of the congregation including five youngsters who will some Day attend classes in the building turned Over Spad Fuls of Earth. Berlin up a the communists today harassed German Road traffic to West Berlin and threatened to disrupt Allied air links to the City 110 Miles behind the Iron curtain. East German police threw the lifeline truck and Auto traffic from West Germany into chaos with slowdowns and Road blocks. At the same time the russians attempted to take Over space in the Western allies three 20-mile-wide air corridors linking West Berlin with West Germany. The communists used Point soviet East German military Maneu vers As the pretext for their actions. But the moves clearly were designed to sabotage this week s meeting of the West German parliament in West Berlin. German ground traffic was the object of the harassing tactics. The United states and France sent military convoys barrelling Down the 110 mile Highway to West Germany without incident. The convoys demonstrated the Allied rights of Freedom of movement but civilian trucks and automobiles moved Only at the pleasure of the communists. The russians informed the Western allies certain altitudes within the Berlin air corridors would be reserved for soviet planes. It was the first serious russian attempt to interfere with air traffic since March 1962, More than a year before the Berlin Wall was built. However the allies rejected the soviet bid for a share of the air corridors the most delicate and vital Western links to this City. A a we re still flying Quot commented a spokesman at u. S. Air Force european Headquarters at Wiesbaden. Civilian airlines said there was no report showdown 14th week Ber Senate a same As it is now a based on counties. But for electing state senators Chittenden and grand Isle counties will be combined As will Essex and Orleans counties. Also three Chittenden county towns Charlotte Hinesburg and Huntington a will be grouped with Addison county for election purposes and Williamstown will be moved from Orange to Washington county. Otherwise present see legislature Page 12, col. 4 construction of the 16,000-Square-foot addition which has been named the Lester h. Nichols Christian education building is expected to begin immediately. The completion Date has been set for dec. I. It will offer Complete educational facilities for pre school primary and secondary school students and for adults. The masonry Structure will be finished with Limestone and Marble trim. Of trouble from their planes flying the routes to Berlin. But on the ground the East germans were having a Field Day. A four mile Long line of civilian autos lined up in front of East German barricades at Helmstedt the West German crossing Point on the main Highway to Berlin. Some motorists turned on car radios and danced on the pavement to pass the time during holdups of up to 20 hours. Communist guards allowed Western traffic onto two other autobahn Only to halt them just before they reached Berlin. The communists kept hands off traffic on the fourth route a Nightmare of too Miles of bad Road. Motorists reported every Bridge and crossing along the main Helmstedt Berlin autobahn was guarded by soviet troops armed with sub machine guns. Berliners did not have to venture out on the autobahn to get a taste of communist harassment. All Day soviet Jet fighters slashed Over the Western sector breaking the sound Barrier and filling the air with booms. Washington up a president Johnson asked Congress today to adopt farm legislation which would save the government about $200 million but increase the Price of bread to the housewife by an estimated one cent a loaf. In addition to the Rise in bread prices agriculture department officials estimated that the new farm measure would mean a hike of a a few pennies per Pound Quot in the retail Price of Rice. The proposed legislation would shift some farm Price support costs from the Treasury to the retail food buyer. The estimated $200 million annual saving this would bring would come principally in the governments wheat and Rice support programs with the consumer picking up the Tab for Domestic marketing certificates. It was expected that the total Cost increase to the consumer would amount to about $300 million. The $100 million difference Between that Cost and the anticipated government saving general contractor for the project is the Connecticut Valley construction co. Of Springfield vt., which submitted a Low bid $239,500. At the service sunday Carroll g. Killen superintendent of the Church school and chairman of the Christian education building Council noted that the Church was organized in april 1827, and that the first building was dedicated in july 1830. The pres informed sources said the russians tried to a Reserve Quot air space in the corridors Between approximately 6,000 and 10,000 feet. The Western allies protested the latest communist move As the communists waged a massive propaganda Campaign against the West in an attempt to sabotage this weeks meeting of the West German parliament in West Berlin. The spokesman said the russians at the four Power air safety Center announced the altitudes in the three 20-mile air corridors. The said the russian planes were taking part in Maneu vers. Western Allied commercial air flights continued to the City. East German Border guards used joint russian East German Maneu vers that began today As a pretext to halt All German traffic to and from Berlin along the 110-mile Berlin Helmstedt Highway the City a main connection with the West. Traffic had been earlier today cleared through a russian Check see Berlin Page 12, col. 4 would represent an increase in farm income. In addition to the wheat and Rice programs Johnson asked for legislation covering feed grains Wool cropland adjustment and Transfer of allotments. There was no request for Cotton legislation principally because farm and congressional leaders still Are sharply divided on this Issue. The Domestic and Export marketing certificates now used in the wheat program would be continued and also applied to Rice. By setting the value of the two certificates the government could Advance the Domestic Price of wheat and Rice while keeping Export prices competitive with world prices. In the Rice program the number of certificates a Farmer would get would depend on the amount of Rice he decided to produce. A big producer would get less taxpayer help than would a Small producer. Agriculture officials said the proposed programs would maintain farm income reduce surplus stocks lower government costs and keep food costs Low. Ent Church was completed in 1878, he said. Lester h. Nichols chairman of the Christian education building program and Franklin a. Riley chairman of the fund raising committee read the first and second scriptures. John Harwood chairman of the Board of deacons said the invocation and see Baptist Page 12. Col. 6 a White Public meeting Hutchinson unmoved by alignment debate House apportionment to highlight sessions Wilson a plan is for a 30-Mem at Baptist Gro und Bra aking Lester la. Nichols right reads from the scripture during ground breaking ceremonies sunday for the first Baptist churches new Lester ii. Nichols building on fast main Street. Completion of the 16,000-Square-foot addition is expected by this december. Buckler Baptist Church begins Nichols building Ilij s farm program some pro Duel prices May go up slightly

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