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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�? Bennington Banner saturday april 3, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials changing the guard the Republican party changed the guard thursday when Ray Bliss the successful political technician from Ohio succeeded the controversial Phoenix lawyer Dean Burch As National gop chairman. The official changeover came As an anticlimax to the juror three months ago when the moderate Wing of the party was Hov Ling for burches Scalp because he closely aligned with sen. Barry Coldwater and therefore symbolized the crushing defeat suffered by the gop last year. Bliss lost no time in tackling what will be his main Effort a Healing the split in the gof. He called on republicans to end their wrangling Over abstract ideologies and concentrate on vote winning bread and butter issues. These soothing words that must have sounded like Honey to Unity minded republicans were hardly out of his Mouth when Coldwater got up to say the gop should not become exclusively organizational exclusively statistical and exclusively concerned with popularity polls and reminded his audience that unless a political party stands for principles its failures or successes will be meaningless in terms of Impact on the course of the nation. Goldwater a implication is unmistakable and his words will not be lost on the Many republicans who believe that winning elections is not a Clearing the track for Railroad merger one reason for the wretched financial condition of most Eastern railroads is that they have been obliged to compete with each other for the available business at the same time that they have been trying to Cope with devastating Competition from air and Highway carriers. The recommendation of the interstate Commerce commission examiners for Federal approval of the proposed merger of the new York Central and Pennsylvania railroads is a sensible first step toward solving this problem. If the merger goes through the reduction in wasteful duplication is expected to produce savings of approximately $100 million a year. Of More acute concern to new England is the portion of the inc report dealing with the bankrupt new Haven Railroad. While the examiners said that the Pennsy Central combination should assume the Burden of providing freight service on the new havens 1,652 Miles of track they emphatically recommended that the roads spectacularly unprofitable commuter service in the Bosto editor s motes Ron Raynolds comments on efforts of the Calvin Coolidge memorial foundation to restore Plymouth it. Somewhat in the same manner that Williamsburg a. Was restored made interesting Reading. Development of this project would be a prime tourist attraction and deserves Public support. It will take Many years to accomplish As Raynolds Points out but the benefits would be lasting. In this vein we were sorry to learn the House appropriations committee has rejected a $20,000 proposal to buy the Montpelier Birthplace of adm. George Dewey. This seems like a Small Price to pay for a historic site to Honor another famed native vermonter. Important As steadfastly affirming principles that Only a Small portion of the electorate believe in. The image that Bliss portrays is that of a Man who believes that nothing succeeds like Success and in politics that Means winning elections. As a political technician he prefers to shape issues designed to win votes unlike Coldwater who seeks to win votes by discussing abstract principles with the voters. The november elections proved such an approach is fatal to the Republican cause because the vast majority of the electorate Are obviously of the opinion that Coldwater and his conservative followers Are sadly out of step with the times. The dismaying attitude that Bliss and the unifies will have to contend with is the firm belief held by Coldwater and his supporters that they Arentt out of step but that the electorate is. One can Admire the firm adherence to political principle but in doing so it denies the flexibility scorns the give and take of Compromise that makes politics the Art of the possible. Bliss has his Job Cut for him. It wont be easy and the months ahead for republicans will be tiring and difficult. How Well Bliss does his Job will largely determine the Fate of the Republican party As a viable political Force in american life. And new York areas should be excluded from the Deal. To include commuter service they stated with unassailable logic would amount to a destroying the Basic principle on which the merger is founded a a namely the aim of producing a viable potentially profitable corporation. In effect the inc examiners have thus written off any Hope that Railroad commuter service can be operated in the Black. What they Are saying is what has Long been apparent to most informed students of the problem the proper business of the railroads is hauling freight and Long distance passengers. The Job of getting commuters in and out of the cities is an inherently unprofitable business which can Best be handled by publicly operated rapid transit systems not by privately operated railroads. We have been excessively slow to face up to this need for regarding the railroads freight operations and Short haul passenger operations As the separate problems which they in fact Are. The time is now getting Short. Fast and favourable action by the inc on the examiners report is what is now urgently needed. State legislators Are preparing for the Battle next week to decide How Large Vermont a House of representative will be when it is re apportioned. The 150-member House voted by the House reapportionment committee would seem to be suitable and appropriate and fits into the framework proposed by the governors committee on reapportionment. We Hope the House defeats plans calling for a House made up of 180 or 2io members. Speaking of reapportionment up Montpelier reporter Ron Cohen indicates the Cutts Resolution which caused so much uproar in the legislature in its Early months now appears for All practical purposes to be a dead Issue. We Hope a necklace for tue lady Washington calling Low Wadies decline of farm labor increases plight of negro in South by Marquis Childs Washington. Shortly negro members will be named to statewide agriculture committees in one or More states of the deep South. This will be the first tentative breakthrough in a pattern of segregation completely dominating the Cotton South with its underpinning of Large Federal subsidies. Secretary of agriculture Orville Freeman has been working for weeks on techniques to break the rigid barriers Walling off outside interference with the Plantation system As underwritten by payments from Washington. But he is not precisely a free agent. Like other secretaries before him he must work with congressional committees dominated by Southern senators and representatives. What is More apart from the statewide committees the system within the counties is largely autonomous and self contained. A of both on the land and in the new Industrial South the negro has been held in second or third class status. The right to vote fought Over with so much expenditure of blood sweat and tears is a first step. But measured against what must still be done if the negro is to get anything approaching Equality it is a Small step indeed. With mechanized farming in the Cotton South the system seems to operate As though it had been deliberately designed to create As much trouble As possible for both North and South. Take As an example the several thousand acres of Rich Cotton land cultivated by sen. James o. Eastland at Ruleville miss. Besides being lord of All he surveys in the Rich Delta country Eastland happens too to be chairman of the Senate judiciary committee with Power to pass on All Federal judgeship. Fifteen years ago he employed on his land up to 400 families. Today with mechanical Cotton pickers and cultivators fewer than 40 families have employment and some of them Are kept on merely because they Are too old to leave. Others Are on Relief in the area or the younger members have helped to overcrowd the negro ghettos of the Northern cities. Given virtually no education they swell the ranks of the unemployed and quickly learn the ways of crime violence and drug addiction. A of How much Federal subsidy does Eastland receive the department of agriculture says it cannot answer this question because of a complicated formula permitting a planter to take a government loan on his Cotton at the subsidized Price and later at a time of his own choosing to Cash in on the difference Between the Market value of his crop and the guaranteed government Price. Freeman Points out that the subsidy system was designed to provide a fair return to All Cotton Farmers and not to Correct the injustices of a two class society based on discrimination practice against the negro. In somewhat the same Way the Low wage Economy of the Industrial South creates havoc in the North. At the height of the trouble in Selma ala., Hammer Mill Bond a Northern paper company reaffirmed its intention of building a Large Mill at Selma. Other companies Are following suit. As they move from North to South they leave behind pockets of unemployment including often older workers who have no Hope of finding jobs. Of the 24 or 25 industries in Selma today Only one has a weak company Union. Wage Levels Are far below the unionized North. Negroes have menial jobs As sweepers in the lowest paid category. This says a great Deal about the labor movement in this country which has been slow to clean up its own segregation. It has been even slower in attempting to unionize the South. Any such attempt on a meaningful scale would meet with the same kind of resistance with guns and clubs that the civil rights workers meet. But so Long As the South is a privileged Low wage Sanctuary Industry in the North with Union wage Scales that Are often rigid and unrealistic will be subject to erosion. The poverty program As it evolves in the Rural South to keep families profitably employed on Small farms is part of the answer. Secretary Freeman made a two Day Survey in Arkansas to determine the practicality of a program to raise Levels of living and encourage marginal Farmers to stay on the land. Migration to the cities May in this Way be checked. Part of the answer May be to raise the Federal minimum wage level As the Al Cio is demanding. Conceivably this could deter the migration of Industry from the North to the South. When the negro in the South is allowed to vote in proportion to his numbers these changes can come about. That is the meaning of the present struggle. Techniques used by some of the civil rights leaders May be woefully misguided and calculated More to alienate than reconcile. Yet there is no disputing the fundamental importance of the goal. Without the right to vote the barriers Between the two regions will insure that the War goes re a it Callin Carl the person who demands Complete isolation 20 Miles from the City new York can to enjoy it very much longer not because it is wrong to be nostalgic but because it is futile. A Robert Moses in reply to a letter in opposition to a proposed new Bridge Over Long Island sound. The purpose of birth control services is not to keep families from having All the children they want but rather to permit them to want All the children they have. A or. Donald Minkler University of California school of Medicine san Francisco. Montpelier. It was humorous to watch some senators grapple with their consciences this week before waving aside the pricking feeling. It was also sad. The self torment came in the form of an attempt to purge the Senate Rule Book of a hoary tradition that has proved unsuccessful in the past and probably will become even More unsuccessful in future years. It was in regard to the upper chamber a carefully nurtured cloak of secrecy surrounding consideration of gubernatorial appointees. Under existing rules the Senate closes its doors tightly while considering an appointee. The Senate also votes in secret session but the states right to Kaow Laws not covering the upper chamber specify that while doors May be closed while a persons character or reputation is involved the doors must swing open for the vote on appointment. A of first the lawmakers beat Down an attempt by Democrat James Kennedy of Essex county to abolish executive sessions completely. Then Senate members after proclaiming proudly they Are a not afraid to Tell anybody How i vote a a killed by a narrow margin a proposal to make character discussions executive session material but not a final vote. Then because the press has been particularly Pesky this year in finding out quickly enough what happens in executive session the lawmakers voted to tighten up the loopholes and the Knothole in their cherished executive session Rule. They voted not Only to continue the executive sessions but to make votes by secret ballot so that potentially Loose lipped senators Don t blab the results to the press As soon As the doors open. The move is a futile one. It May work for a while but reporters being persistent cusses and More numerous at the state House then Ever before have a pretty Rod and Guna trip on motor skis by Roy Marsden last wednesday i spent a most enjoyable afternoon in the company of Raymond Armstrong who lives on the Pownal Road and was introduced to a Hus ski Snow vehicle. Early in the week Ray phoned to ask if i would be interested in a ride on his Hus ski and of course i was All for it. Since wednesday is my afternoon off we arranged to make the trip that Day and about i . We left his House with what i supposed to be just one Snow vehicle on a trailer behind his jeep. When we unloaded at the foot of the county Road in East Pownal i found that there were two Hus skis and i was to drive one of them. Except for a Short ride Early in the Winter Courtesy of Ted Demarco i had no experience with this Type of transportation but was interested in finding out More about it. A of with a few terse instructions Ray started the motor. I sat on the seat opened the throttle and took off up the county Road. The rider sits on a seat Over two skis that look like water skis the motor and treads Are the towing vehicle and the seat and skis Are the trailer. Steering is done by a gentle tug one Way or the other and the throttle is controlled by squeezing with the right hand. For about the first to or 15 minutes we travelled Over the county Road and had Clear sailing. After a while we branched off to look Over a new a a a a Frame Camp and when we pulled into the Camp Yard i inquired As to our whereabouts. Ray said the area is Calif d the a Broomstick lot a a a place i had never been or heard of before. We then retraced to the county Road travelled East a while branched off again in the direction of Hask Lnu a Clearing and finally broke out on the path of a High tension line. This was smooth sailing once More requiring Little attention to the Way ahead other than to Dodge stubs or rocks. Our next turn off due North found us on the Long Trail. I never realized How Many up and Down grades there Are on that Trail Between the High line and sucker Pond our ultimate destination. These ups and Downs plus dodging fallen Trees required some Tricky mane vering an Capitol jottings provided Little time for enjoying the scenery. A of when we came to the Pond we found the track of another Snow vehicle and followed it to Robert Smiths Camp where we were welcomed by Bob Willard who had come or for the Day to do just the same cruising that we were enjoying. Bob brewed a most enjoyable cup of Coffee and after about 45 minutes at a chewing the rag a a Ray and i started up again. We took Chi across the Pond to retrace our path Back to his jeep which we had left in Pownal. On the return trip we made altogether too Good time and before i realized it the trip was ended. On the Way Back having become More familiar with this new method of Woods travel i looked around a bit and really enjoyed the Day. A cloudless sky Blue As could be was a pleasing contrast to the Snow. A few animal tracks were noted but not too Many. The most tracks we saw were at the spot where a Beaver carcass had been Hung to attract bobcats. The cats had been there eating shortly before we arrived but the noise from the vehicles that might be compared to the sound of a Chain saw spooked any four footed creatures that were in the area. A of i was disappointed to find the water level at sucker Pond is Way below the full Mark where it normally should be this time of the year. Although there is More Snow on the ground in the Woods now than there has been at any time during the Winter there is not nearly enough to bring the water up much when it melts. I am still sticking to my dire prediction of a summer of a dry up and blow just a few words of explanation about these Hus skiis one was an eight horsepower Job and the other to. They run on a combination of gasoline and Oil mixed and Are pushed Over the Snow by a rotating created Belt one on each Side. Power is transmitted from the engine to the Belt by a centrifugal clutch. To go squeeze the throttle to Stop let go of the throttle. To close just a word to those Hardy souls who treed to new York state streams today. Unless the weather has improved since this column was written May be a Hus ski is just what you need. At any rate Good Luck ending Senate secret sessions by Ronald e. Cohen Good idea How the vote goes in Many cases and can usually make a fairly accurate guess. The nub of the problem really boils Down to the fact that senators Are preserving at Best a questionable tradition which encourages them to be non responsible to their constituents. A of one of the opponents to a move to make the vote a Public matter was Daniel Ruggles a Washington county Republican who owns a Montpelier radio station. As a representative of a news medium Ruggles above everyone in the Senate chamber should be anxious to end the odious practice of secrecy surrounding the making of news. Too often Public officials cloak the actions they wish to hide under an All pervading phrase a executive Ruggles himself was a member of a legislative commission to suggest methods of caulking up the Leaky spots in the states right to know Laws. His arguments that the Senate might Clam up in debating a Many a merits a or that an appointee might be needlessly embarrassed by open debate on his qualifications a appear to be groundless. Even granting these two Points Ruggles still should not be opposed to open non secret ballot that cannot possibly harm an individuals reputation. A of also in a curious position was John of Brien Chittenden county Democrat who loves to claim he a the Champion of the people and who staunchly protested How Little he cares who knows How he votes. Yet he could not support either of the two efforts to let the voting record be Public and to eliminate secrecy altogether. On the other Side of the Coin is Harold Raynolds Democrat from Windsor county who vigorously supported both assaults on the executive session Rule. Raynolds is the publisher of weekly newspapers and has often run smack into the capricious closing of meeting Hall doors to allow members of a committee or Board to cloak their actions. Kennedy and Raynolds argued that secret sessions Are undemocratic and there should be nothing to hide in the Senate with All actions a open and above Board and free for the discussion of our Robert Wilson Bennington county Democrat who battled for the open vote after the executive session ban was murdered was quite Frank about his motives. A a it a about time we stopped closing the doors and making the floor of the Senate a hiding place to cloak our a of the most curious argument was voiced by sen. Irving Eastman Republican from Addison who along with Ruggles castigated the executive sessions last week As being useless in its present form. Eastman suggested setting up a series of roadblocks for the press so that considerate time would be spent surmounting one then another would be tossed Down making gathering of news still a Little harder then another would be Laid out. With each successive press Victory Ever silence the Senate would toss another Nail Down and Hope the press tires Are flattened. Kind of strange thinking for an elected official supposedly representing the people who elected him but typical when you take of Briens Pooh Pooh of the representation theory and remarks that senators represent themselves a or someone else a when they vote and not their constituents. The Roll Call vote on the amendment to permit discussion of the qualifications of the governors appointees in executive session but making the vote Public was 15-11. The narrow margin shows the solons tug of War with their consciences was not an easy Brush off. It hopefully will give those who wish to end the distasteful tradition of executive session a springboard from which to mount stronger and More successful attacks on Clandestine meetings in future years

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