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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Fair and warmer fair and a Little warmer today with some possibility of High Clouds in the late afternoon. The Constellation Corona boreal is the Northern Crown appearing like a Brilliant necklace rises in the Eastern sky about 8. Bennington Bennington Vermont saturday april 3, 1965 Banner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,726, to cents Pownal opening eight pacers line up behind the starting car As Green Mountain Park nears time for the first race of the 1965 Spring harness racing season. The 51-night meet is the second in three years run by the track for harness racing photo Hassenpflug in Birmingham dynamite possibly stolen from state Wallace acts Birmingham . Up a gov. George c. Wallace in a move apparently aimed at Birmingham a bombers Friday ordered tight Security a to prevent the theft or improper use of state owned dynamite. The governor acted after officials disclosed that an undetermined amount of dynamite was stolen from a Road department storage building prior to the discovery of three time bombs in this steel City thursday. The governor sent an executive order to All departments instructing them to take imme King orders . Boycott Baltimore my up a or. Martin Luther King or. Friday ordered an escalating economic Boycott against Alabama including a final stage ban against a specific consumer he told a news conference that the plan is for a three stage Boycott designed to enforce the demands of the Southern Christian leadership conference is Csc for equal rights for negroes in the state. The first stage was an immediate Call for industries and businesses to abandon any plans they might have for expanding facilities in Alabama. If this produces no results stage two will go into effect King said. Under this proposal private institutions churches and labor unions would re examine placement of pension funds in Alabama for investments purposes. The Federal government also would be urged to withdraw Federal tax dollars from Alabama Banks. The last stage would be the consumer product Boycott against specific products. King said the a escalated economic withdrawal would be carried out in full unless Alabama guarantees negroes the human rights a we have so Long struggled and died King made the announcement after a meeting of the executive Board of the Sulc. Asked what action he would take of he received a plea from president Johnson to cancel the Boycott King said a i would have to say Johnson said thursday that he would have no comment on the proposed Boycott until he received the details. However he warned against any plan which would harm the Diate Steps to safeguard explosives. He also ordered an immediate inventory of dynamite and other explosives and a report to the Cabinet. A effective this Date a the order said a fall departments of the state of Alabama which store handle use or otherwise Deal with dynamite or other explosives Are hereby ordered to immediately review All procedures with respect to the storage transportation use and or handling of such dynamite and to immediately make regulations. To insure maximum Security to prevent the theft or improper use of such explosives. A fall state departments Are further ordered to effect immediately an inventory control system which will show the amounts and quantities of dynamite which Are purchased stored transported and or used by such departments and to report to the Cabinet member in charge of such department at the earliest possible the explosives which were stolen were taken from a building at Talladega about 45 Miles East of Birmingham. Talladega sheriff Luke Brewer said when he checked the building thursday he found that a Strong lock had been knocked off the door. He said the lock was rusting and appeared to have been on see Birmingham Page 2, col. 6 competing tonight Lillian Hulbert and Erie Peterson play the King and Queen in . Milne so a the ugly duckling a which the Beni thespians will perform tonight at the Vermont state drama festival in Vergennes. Beni won the Southern regional one act play Competition last week for the first time since 1948, and the District Competition the week before. The play willbe performed one final time next wednesday at7 30p.m at the school. More . Troops for Viet Nam seen Compromise on closings seen not effecting it. Washington up a american troop strength in South Viet Nam probably will be increased by several thousand men in the next few months partly to strengthen internal Security american officials disclosed Friday. The United states already has 27,500 men assigned to the anticommunist War including 4,000 marines sent in last month. Word of further troop reinforcements came As ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor wound up a week Long series of discussions with High administration officials before returning to Saigon on sunday. Taylor said among other things that he believed the chances were a very slight at this time that communist China or the soviet Union would intervene in the vietnamese War. Americans were expected to go in. Of these about 1,000 probably would be military policemen to provide added Security for american installations. Disclosure of these plans came Only a few Days after a huge terrorist bomb exploded outside the . Embassy in Saigon killing 20 persons including two americans. The 4,000 marines sent ashore last March 6 were assigned to guard the vital Danang air base from which . And South vietnamese air strikes have launched against military and Supply targets in North Viet Nam. Taylor spoke at briefings for House and Senate leaders and after a White House meeting with president Johnson and the National Security Council. Lie returns to Saigon on sunday after a week of High level conferences Here. Taylor the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told Congress he opposes the idea see Viet Nam Page 2, col. 5 Cost High for . In two Viet Battles White River jct. A Maynard Young department service officer of the american legion tor the department of Vermont said Friday that the regional a office at the veterans Hospital Here is still in danger of being closed Down despite talk of Compromise on the planned base closings from Washington. Young said a was far As we know they Are going to move us out May i. Interested vermonters a he continued a should not get the impression that the Compromise affects us the a Hospital Here has a patient population of about 175. It is a general medical Hospital with High patient turnover according to Young. The administration wants to close the regional office connected with the Hospital As part of an Economy move and Transfer its functions to Boston. A this move will make 43,000 second class veterans in Vermont a Young said. A if a Veteran has a claim to file he will now have to go to Boston at his own in addition the planned closing would take the jobs of about 30 people and reduce the amount to a payroll loss to the Community of $250,000, Young said. Closings of a facilities throughout the country have brought Strong protests from veterans groups and congressmen. The Vermont american legion is currently conducting a mail Campaign to get veterans to write to the president to protest loss of the regional office to Vermont. Physics a these Catholic High seniors said they were giving a physics demonstration in sound but the crowd at the second annual sch Larama Friday seems to think they Are singing Folk songs. The senior class won the grand prize. The juniors won the big school House and senior Dan Higgins took the Public speaking award. The wonder Valley gang Are from left John Longtin Charles Lemoine Jim Daigneault Barry Griffith John Burnham and Ernie Murray. Photo Prandini moving out with help-. Army spec. It class . Spivey of Sanford n.c., carries two South vietnamese children during the evacuation of refugees from the Bon son air Rase. The refugees Are being transferred to qui Nhon. Up photo Johnson outlines information policy it was understood that Taylor a observation was based on the fact that despite their Public declarations neither China nor Russia has shown any signs of preparing to step into the conflict. Also there Are Many reasons Why it would be against the interests of Moscow and peking to have their forces become directly embroiled in the War. The ambassador did say that communist North Viet Nam May be planning new Effort of some sort in South Viet Nam. But american plans he said Call for increasing the efficiency of present operations rather than embarking on any new dramatic counter moves. Taylor envisioned no big dispatch of additional . Troops to Viet Nam. But other officials said several thousand More Washington up a Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen and Pennsylvania gov. William w. Scranton said Friday the Republican minority in Congress will be responsible for passage of the voting rights Bill. The two gop leaders made the statement to the National conference of Republican women a the same audience that thursday heard former gop presidential nominee Barry m. Coldwater assail the voting rights Bill As unconstitutional. Neither Dirksen nor Scranton made any reference to Goldwa terms attack on the Bill. Dirksen a cosponsor of the Bill said republicans were taking the leadership in pushing the Bill through Congress in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln. Scranton credited Dirksen and other republicans with providing the leadership for passage of the 1964 civil rights act. A the same leadership will do a wonderful Job this year a Scranton said. A without them it be Dirksen also attacked president Johnson a concept of the a great it a strange that the great society makes so Little use of the words a Freedom and Liberty a he said. A when you talk about the great society you a better say a the great controlled Scranton said the gop can reach agreement on such issues As sound fiscal policy a firm foreign policy sound local and state government and human rights. The democrats he said Saigon up a South vietnamese troops and . Helicopter Crews that airlifted them into combat killed an estimated 329 communists in two Battles ending Friday. But american losses also were heavy and five . Helicopters were shot Down in three Days of action. . And vietnamese military spokesmen said six americans a four . Army men and two Marine officers a were killed and 23 other americans wounded in the three Days of fighting in two locations. The four army soldiers were killed and two . Helicopters shot Down Friday in Sharp fighting just 20 Miles West of Saigon. Three . Marine helicopters were downed by the communists and two . Marine pilots killed in earlier fighting near Danang. Are weak in these four areas. A the time has come to say that the majority party is responsible for the failures which Dot our National landscape a Scranton said. Manchester regional school meeting promising a legislative panel that sounded like a Bennington county who a who turned into a mild fizzle Friday evening when Only five of the 14 solons that had been invited showed up. The five lawmakers expressed some Surprise at the prematurity of the meeting which had been called to consider school District Region ligation Bills that have not even been discussed in Montpelier. All recovered their aplomb however with the assistance of rep. Marjorie Doyle a Arling ton a member of the House education committee and the meeting continued with some discussion of the Bills As Well As other educational matters such As Etc. About 60 residents from la towns involved in an area regional school study group heard commentary from rep. Robert Graf a Rupert rep. Norman fair a Winhall rep. Barden Nelson a Pawlet rep. George Heaslip a Manchester and mrs. Doyle about two approaches to vietnamese losses in both Battles totalled 37 dead and 20 missing. The two engagements broke a two week Lull in fighting Here and were welcomed by . Officials because in both cases the government forces took the initiative. But the american deaths brought the total of . Servicemen killed in combat Here to 323. Another 126 americans have been killed in non combat incidents. The fighting took place in widely separated parts of South Viet Nam. But both combat zones were within a Short distance of the two major concentrations of . Personnel in Viet Nam a Saigon and Danang. In Kau Nghia province Only 20 Miles West of Saigon helicopters swooped Down on a concentration of 200 communist guerrillas thursday and kept up their support through the end of the Battle Friday. Two . Army helicopters were downed in the action. The casualty toll was four army men killed and six wounded. The rocket firing helicopters killed 29 communists officials estimated although in neither Battle was a count of bodies made. Organizing Vermont schools into regional districts. Missing was a sponsor of one of the Bills sen. Robert m. Wilson a Bennington. Neither the chairman of the House nor the Senate education committees sen. Ellery Purdy a Mendon and rep. Flora Coutts a new port City was present. Sen. Allan b. Angney a Arlington had to go to a University of Vermont trustees meeting and could not attend. According to reps. Doyle and Heaslip the Senate Bill is not Only in committee but is on Extension which Means a it must be in mrs. Doyle said that most of was Hing i k up a president Johnson Friday promised his Complete cooperation in making a fall information possible available to Congress. In a letter to rep. John e. Moss d-callf., the president reaffirmed a policy established by the late president John f. Kennedy reserving for himself alone use of the so called a executive privilege in rejecting congressional requests for information. Moss chairman of the House government information subcommittee read Johnson a letter As hearings resumed on a her information on the Region ligation Bills had come from the Pat. She pointed out the similarities of the Bills a Senate 37 and House 139 and 140 a and also major differences. While the Bills agree on the same ends the Means differ considerably a she remarked adding that a the Senate Bill is a revolutionary a and the House Bill is the Senate plan would set up regional districts by july 1966. It Calls for a majority of those voting in the proposed District to approve a Union and it sets up a see Manchester Page 2, col. 5 a Freedom of information Bill sponsored by him and opposed by the administration. Three news organizations and the chamber of Commerce of the United states testified in favor of the measure which would give the Public free Access to most government records. The president did not comment on the merits of the Bill saying Only that he appreciated the subcommittees attention to a this important but the Justice department has strongly resisted the measure on grounds it would be an unconstitutional violation of the separation of Powers. Moss who had asked Johnson for his views earlier in the week recalled that various government officials in the Eisenhower administration had claimed a executive privilege in refusing to Supply information requested by Congress. Kennedy ended the practice and Johnson said he embraced Kennedy a stand. . On the inside Jean Wassick discovers the treasures of two Small boys a Page 3. A ferment in Story and pictures a Page 5. Ground to be broken sunday for first Baptist Church education building a Page 8. Dirksen sees gof leaders in Vole Bill Manchester school study meeting hears Region ligation explained

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