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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Food Sale next week at St Peters the women of St. Peter s episcopal Church Parish will hold their annual food Sale next saturday april to from la . To 2 . In the Parish House school. Street Entrance. Mrs. Edith s. Bent Heads the committee of workers As Well As 26 helpers for Telephone Calls to the Best Cooks of the Parish. They have responded with promises of baked Beans bread Rolls cookies brownies pies cakes and take Home casseroles. The committee consists of mrs. Earl Denlo mrs. Ralph Dickenson mrs. . Duhamel mrs. William Eleele mrs. Richard Gerken miss Marlon Hardy mrs. Edward Haug mrs. Walter Lagrange mrs. Richard Leake a mrs. Janet Madison mrs. Joseph Richards and mrs. Charles stocking. Mrs. Thomas c. Thomas is cashier. school lunch menus for next week appear on Page 6. Just poking around a Rilan knit the perfect suit for any time which can Behan knit. Classic straight skirt sleeveless Shell Bracelet length jacket Fox Wood has it available for $17.98, but that a Only $3.45 More than if you knit it yourself. Complete instructions May be obtained by writing department tvs chem strand co., 350 fifth ave., new York . 10001. Carleton Carpenter stage screen and television actor who Halls from Bennington has been cast As Quot Cornelius with the new company of Quot hello Dolly a which starts its Road tour of 20 weeks opening in Minneapolis april 19 starring Mary Martin. And after playing in several cities in the United states and Canada the Broadway musical hit is scheduled to wind up the tour in Moscow. Tokyo and Hong Kong Are listed before that. Stuart w. Little reports in the new York Herald Tribune that Gower Champion prize winning director of Quot Dolly a has Cut the butterflies number and says that something new As yet unplanned will move into its place following the shows big title number. Quot everything else a Champion says Quot remains the same for miss Martin As it is for Carol Channing despite the great differences in style Between these two he is keeping to the staging of musical numbers and choreography he did originally but Allaf his casting for the company has been built around miss Martin. Loring Smith is cast As Horace Vander Gelder Marilynn Lovell As mrs. Molloy and Carleton Carpenter As Cornelius. Home demonstration motes where does the Money All go by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent this is the question asked by some folks about famines living on Small incomes. When families receive a Small income their problem in managing that income is always greater and More problems come in making it go around. Unless one has gone through a stage of being in this situation it is sometimes hard for those whose incomes Are larger to understand this. Some of the recent surveys on families who Are struggling with Small incomes show that the Cost of housing takes a very High Cut out of their weekly wage. This includes rent heat and Light. Those families who live outside of Large communities May find lower costs for housing but then transportation to and from work and school takes another big slice out of the weekly income. Another big bite and maybe for some the biggest bite of All is the Cost of food. When food rent heat lights and transportation Are taken care of there is Little of any left for clothing medical care insurance recreation and savings. In fact most of the families on a Low income would say Quot savings what s that a the Prospect for these families improving their situation lies in i. Increasing the wage earner s skill so that he or she can earn More 2. Improving the managerial ability of the family to use what it has in the Best possible Way. To accomplish one or both is a Long laborious process. These two facts fit aay Twenty acres More or less 24 everybody can bake bread by Carlo Wolter just before Winter set in we heard about an electric Kitchen Range for Sale on a Back Road farm. The gravel Road we followed soon turned into dirt and finally was no More than a rutted Trail too narrow to turn around. It wound through dense Woods and just As we wondered whether we had taken the wrong turn it wriggled around a curve and there was the farm. A myopic youth stuck his head into the car and pushing his ice cube thick glasses higher up on his nose sputtered Quot you want to buy a pig a Quot no a said Charles Quot we want to see the Quot the stove a repeated the youth. Quot which one there s a dozen of Mem in that he pointed a thumb toward a Large ramshackle building half of its rickety door hanging agape from a single hinge. Slowly we waded across a dung covered Yard. In the barn were barrels barbed wire tires harnesses palls fuel tanks sap buckets kerosene stoves High backed Gas stoves round and Square Wood stoves Coal stoves and several electric ranges carelessly scattered about. Chickens crackled from the rafters and the stoves. We worked our Way to an electric Range from whose oven a Hen squawked Wardingly. Quot this does no to look too bad a said Charles Quot if it Quot it works a said a withered old woman from the doorway. Quot Only it Hasni to been used Quot How much do you want for it a i asked trying to escape a resentful Hen pecking at my legs. Quot Weill a hesitated the old woman Quot i done to know. What s it Worth to yes Quot Weill a i wavered Quot i done to know. You name a Quot no no. Go ahead. You make me an i Don t remember How we finally arrived at the figure. But we carted the stove away for $30, under protest from a Hen in the oven. While Charles and the youth stowed the stove into old chariots rumble seat i noticed that the farm had no electricity. Quot How do you know it works a i asked the woman again who was busily counting her Money. Quot of it works a she said wetting her Finger Quot of it does to bring it hours of willpower Elbow grease bleach steel Wool and Cleanser uncovered a shiny White Range not Modem but in perfect condition. To me it was a jewel. Quot now you can make lots of pumpkin pies a said Charles smacking his lips. But he did no to know that i make pumpkin pie or any other pie for that matter my first experiments with baking pies were calamitous. The crusts shrunk like Woolen sweaters in hot water and were As Tough As bark. The pumpkin filling cracked like dried mud and had the consistency of Taffy. It took Many tries and Many pumpkins until i could concoct an edible pie. Quot now a said Charles Quot that you have Learned How to bake pie you can bake bread. Everybody in the country knows How to bake Quot i done to i protested. Charles beamed. Quot i can. Its easy. There a nothing to it my Mother made the Best homemade bread in Quot Fine a i said. Quot you can have the Honor of making the Best in he did no to need much coaxing. And it Wasny to Long before he was dusting the Kitchen with flour and punched and kneaded dough with an Quot ill show you my lamentation about the mess brought nothing but banishment until cleanup time. A delicious Aroma spread through the House while i waited and my Mouth watered for a taste of fresh baked bread. At last Charles called me Back. Quot smell it a he boasted holding a hot Golden loaf of bread under my nose. Quot have you Ever seen anything More it looked indeed like a Magazine cover. But when we tried to eat it even the sharpest knife Cut it. It was As hard As Rock. Quot guess its my turn a i laughed. Quot i can do no unlike Charles who had guessed at the ingredients i followed a recipe. But the smug feeling of superiority soon disappeared As i watched the results. Whereas Charles dough had stayed in the pan mine walked All Over the Side of the bowl spilled Over the counter top Slid Down the Cabinet front and gathered in a Pool on the floor. What was left baked to a consistency of rubber with More holes than Swiss cheese. Even the Birds would t eat it. They were As relieved As i when the weekly route Breadman took Over. One even people living on a larger income and the fact that families living on a Small income done to always seem to manage Well is not so much due to themselves As it is to the kind of american culture we live in today. Time to dust done to forget to vacuum your to set. The dust in among the tubes can be a fire Hazard. The process is easy. Unplug your set remove the screws and Back from the set. Lightly dust with vacuum or whisk with a duster to remove the dust balls and then pick them up with the vacuum. For safety a Sake clean out the to set twice a year. Applesauce treat your family with applesauce. There Are lots of ways to use it and its a Good time of year to do so. Here Are a few ideas to give you a Start on the multiple uses of applesauce. No doubt you have your own too. Applesauce is a Low calorie food. It has around 88 calories to a half cup serving. Next time you serve grilled sausage patties heat some canned applesauce and put a generous spoonful atop each Pattie at the moment of serving. Delicious for breakfast on a Chilly morning there a something very heartening about a bowl of canned applesauce served warm with a Nice thick Sprinkle of Brown sugar a flurry of Nutmeg Over the top and a pour of Light Cream. Smells Apple fragrant looks appetizing tastes Good. Goes Nice with Cereal for a change. A simple dessert Topping Well Worth keeping in mind is chilled applesauce frothed through sweetened whipped Cream. Add Marash no cherries or cinnamon candies for a Wink of color. This makes an elegant and Light Topping for Angel food custards Rice pudding Gelatin desserts Gingerbread bread pudding and the like. Here a a Waffle idea for saturday night supper. Prepare eight waffles from your own mix or heat the Frozen kind in the toaster. Then put two together As a Sandwich with this filling melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a pan and saute i/4 cup chopped onions until onions Are Light Brown. Blend in 2 cups canned applesauce 1/4 Teaspoon ground cloves and one third cup seedless raisins. Simmer 3 minutes. Then add iv2 cups diced cooked Ham and heat thoroughly. Serve immediately while everything is smoking hot. Makes enough for 4 Servings. Ham with Sweet potatoes Brown slices of smoked shoulder lightly place slices in slice two medium potatoes Over Ham in Fry pan. Baking dish pared Sweet and Sprinkle with 2 Tbs. Brown sugar. Add i cup hot water to Ham drippings and pour Over Sweet potatoes. Cover. Bake at 350�?T for 45 minutes. Baste occasionally. Remove cover for last 15 minutes. Beef and Over loaf find it difficult to serve liver this might help make your favorite meat loaf using half ground beef and half ground liver May be ground raw or cooked. Bread crumbs egg chopped onion Are added. Place in pan and top with Tomato sauce to bake. 0 continued next week come in today. Girls Coats .0 sizes infants to 14 Dryad ales a Iol free parking a cog pc o. Armory lot next door ,063 Clit if of of of by agne8 Rockwood Latte reports Champion As saying Quot first person i set was Smith to go with Mary. Then when i got my mrs. Molloy i set Cornelius. One had to fit in with the the itinerary at the show is listed after the opening As Kansas City new Orleans Dallas Memphis Cincinnati Indianapolis Toronto Cleveland Vancouver Seattle and Portland afterwards Tokyo Hong Kong and Moscow. Carpenter son of or. And mrs. Carleton u. Carpenter of Lyons District has been located in new York in recent months in the entertainment Field moving Back from the West coast where he had been engaged in All phases of show business films stage television songwriting he is a member of asap Etc. In a Brief visit to his Home Here several Days ago before he went into rehearsal for Quot Dolly a he said that he was looking Forward to the tour. Champion told Little that his biggest single complication for the tour is the bulb lined runway around the orchestra pit that is a startling feature of the Broadway production. He has to have two including an extra Large one for the biggest Heaters they will visit such As the Dallas state fair auditorium. Kenneth b. Slater of Hagerstown md., son of mrs. George h. Slater of 48 Mcelwain ave., Cohoes ., and the late or. Slater who is known to a number in this area is one of five persons honoured this year by being selected for membership in the american bandmaster association. Slaters father a Well known musician was for Many years director of the Bennington High school band and had taught instrumental music in this area. He had played with Many of the Well known bands including Goldman a and conducted Many bands in the new York capital area. Iris son Kenneth is conductor of the Hagerstown municipal band and the Shl Penburg municipal band. Without his knowledge he had been screened by the Aba for a year which unanimously passed him three times before he was accepted. Nineteen bandmaster were considered but Only five were elected. When Only four years old Slater began the study of Cornet under the direction of his father. When he was 15, he won a scholarship for Cornet at the new York military Academy from which he was graduated in 1937. He immediately was accepted into the United states Marine band Washington ., in which he held the position of first trumpet. He studied under the direction of such outstanding cornets to As Leonard Smith Oscar Short and Winfred Kemp. After to years service he accepted the position of Cornet soloist with the United states army Field band and appeared As soloist while the unit travelled throughout the United states Canada Mexico and Europe. In 1953, while in the military service he was appointed director of the Almas Temple shrine band Washington He is a member of the Pennsylvania bandmaster Asso elation and the shrine bandmaster association. He has written three compositions one of which is entitled Quot Mohawk of local interest is an item which appeared in the March 13 Issue of the Plainfield n.j., courier news As it refers to a former Bennington Art teacher Victor Tolentino. Tolentino while in Bennington taught Art classes at the Myca and his paintings were on exhibition there and also at various exhibitions throughout the area. The artist now lives at 549 Mountain Lew drive in North Plainfield and he has been teaching Oil painting and Basic drawing to some 30 senior citizens at the senior citizens Center in Plainfield. Tolentino now in his 80th year was honoured March 12 by the Art club of the Center for his services to the Center in volunteering to teach Art and for helping to form the club. He was presented a scroll at ceremonies attended by members of the club. Philip Grande of North Adams recently passed the certification examination for professional ski instructors and joins his brother eleven to form the Only known brother combination in the ranks of accredited ski teachers in the East. They Are the sons of or. And mrs. Rudolph Grande. Mrs. Grande is the former Beatrice Gibson of Bennington with relatives still living Here. Philip received the second highest score among the 50 candidates taking the pre course and examination at Bromley last month. The 18-year-old attends Drury High school in North Adams. Steve a graduate of Bennington Catholic High school is currently a student at Regis College in Denver Colo. A of twelve dogs have completed a 10-week beginners course sponsored by the Northern Berkshire dog training club received their diplomas at recent ceremonies in the Williams College baseball Cage. The owners accepted the diplomas for their pets. Among those receiving diplomas were Quot cuddles a a miniature Podle owned by Ellen m. Wassick and Quot Franny a a miniature poodle owned by mrs. Lila Sorenson both of Bennington. The other pets were from North Adams Adams and Williamstown. Frederick e. Brooks president of the club was master of ceremonies and Edward j. Coughlin Iii of Williamstown presented the diplomas. The dogs that completed the beginners intermediate and advanced classes this year presented a demonstration. Among these dogs was Quot Teddy a a Standard poodle owned by John Ogil vie of Bennington. In the dogs first show a Sanction match in Delmar . Conducted by the Albany dog training club Quot Teddy took second prize. Enrolment for a new training course class took place wednesday night and the dogs will Start their training on wednesday it next week. A of Vrest Orton sometime Vermont writer and editor Calls attention once again to his Vermont country store in Weston. He has written an article entitled Quot in search of a gentle glow a which appeared in a recent Issue of Quot Petroleum Orton takes the Oil Industry to task for emphasizing gasoline and ignoring kerosene especially kerosene lamps. The article urges people to take the kerosene lamps off the shelves and put them to use. The amusing aftermath of this article took place when the largest department store in the United states in new York City came out with a full Page advertisement in the new York times advertising the self same kerosene lamps that the Vermont country store has sold for Many years by mail. The Remote Village of North Calais 13 Miles North of Montpelier where Orton s father and Grandfather ran the country store now removed to Weston is cited As a Good example of How a Village almost disappears when kerosene is Given up and electricity brought in. For the finest Muffler and exhaust system use Only the Best of Mutton put Couf authorized parts Chevrolet Cadillac inc after we sell we serve 239 main St. Tel. 442-5452 Bennington it. �?o24 hour towing service Quot Bennington Banner saturday april 3, 1965-3 woman s world filling up the niches by Jean Wassick one of the More successful columns Ever to appear in this space St least according to Reader reaction was one of a couple of years Back which merely listed the Quot possessions the original word was Quot junk which one Mother this one had cleaned out of a room inhabited by two Small boys. Well the two Small boys Are slightly larger now and so is the number of things they insist Are absolutely positively essential to ease the rough spots in this difficult Road of growing up. A of a Friend herself used to boys she has four happened to glance into Quot the pen that a a family term of endearment for the boys room one Day and said Quot How do you clean that place a Quot its not easy a i muttered darkly. And she was Only in the doorway. Discretion being the better part of valor she wisely decided not to take her insurance policy in hand and venture in. Some Days i just stand in the Middle of the room and cry. Whatever the tears Wash away i count As one for my Side and whatever is left i say to Heck with. A of one of the boys is a real Quot Saver and of in a not telling the truth May my Gray hairs double overnight in a Carton not a Box notice a Carton under his bed there Are a Horseshoe Magnet two magnets of the kind used by cups in meter boxes two knobs with screws that came off an old Dresser i refinished last year a string less top a half a pair of Handcuffs a rubber devils head he won at a carnival last August a pair of giant Sun the Bennington Banner telephones business. .442-6300 newsroom. 442-2800 advertising. .442-2684 the Bennington Banner is published daily except sunday and Legal holidays at 425 main St., Bennington vt., by the Banner publishing corporation. Member of United press International which is entitled exclusively to use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All up news dispatches. Home delivery by Carrier and motor delivery 10c per Day subscription rates by Mau for 50-Mue radius and All Vermont 3 months $6.30, 6 months $11.70,1 year $22.50 elsewhere in the . 3 months $7.00 6 months $13.00 i year $25.00 special rates for servicemen. Second class postage paid at Bennington it. Glasses two very old wallets a rat Fink in a plastic Case one Dice or is it half a pair or half a set or what Small plastic Case filled with nuts and bolts and washers seven or eight baseball buttons a Caster a great Long knotty Ball of Green fish line and a mess of rubber bands. And that a Only the top layer i can to look underneath because he can always Tell when somebody a been mess no around with his stuff. On top of his bed incidentally is a Rig of three shoe boxes taped together with a Long Wavy cardboard Chute Down the Side which is supposed to be a replica of Fairdale farms big double silo and the conveyor for loading silage. Fortunately he does allow it to go on the floor at night but somebody might step on it of ifs left Down All Day. A a of and marbles there Are marbles in boxes and marbles in bags. There Are marbles in trucks and marbles in pockets. And too often there Are sneaky marbles lurking just ahead of my big feet. And get this for a couple of months there have been two Box us no quotes of dirt in the pen. That a right a dirt. Its not a typographical error after All what Good is All that Matchbox construction equipment without some dirt to bulldoze Load unload and make into roads Over All this on the sides of boxes on Loose papers lying around on the covers of color books on the backs of old birthday cards and Valentines even on the windows where they be steamed up and then been written on and then not washed there Are messages Quot so and so loves names have not been changed to protect the innocent but to protect me from being disowned by a certain Young Man second graders these Days Are so sophisticated its scary. A of i suppose that in two More years the trappings will have again changed. I suppose that in time there will be Days when i wont even be allowed in the pen much less have the nerve to write about it. Meanwhile across the Hall one just four year old is rapidly filling up the niches and Comers with her female Type stuff. More grist for the Mill. Potatoes 50 bag $2 59 t tender Ali Green. La asparagus Bunch 22c new Low a Price a j cigarettes Carton $2 68 Cai rms a super Market la. Bunch a Man s Home can be his Castle in fact As Well As dreams if he re models repairs re paints with the help of a Home improve ment loan from the Vermont Bank and Trust company. The Vermont Bank and Trust company or Attleboro Rutland a Dennington Bellows Falls a Chester Manchester Center Menier Federal de Pou t insurance corporation Star spangled Way to help your baby a future suppose somebody had started off your future with a u. S. Savings Bond. And kept adding More Bonds As your birthdays added up. You would have had a Nice sendoff when you set out to conquer the world its still a great idea. And if you have any new boys or girls in the family you can put it into action now. The Cost is Small. Only $37.50 for each $50 Bonds or less than 11 a Day to buy one every birthday. U. S. Savings Bonds will save More than Money for your baby a future too. help Uncle Sam safeguard his future Freedom. Ask about buying Bonds where you work or Bank. You done to have to wait for a birthday either. Quick facts about Sarlas e savings Bonds $3 you get Back $4 for every at maturity 7% years you pay no state or local income tax and can defer the Federal tax until the Bonds Are cashed your Bonds Are replaced free if lost destroyed or stolen you can get your Money when you need it buy i Bonds for growth h Bonds for current income keep Freedom in your future with u. 8. Savings Bonds the . Government does not pay for thie advertising. The Treasury dept thanks the advertising Council and thie publication Lor their patriotic support

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