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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1913, Page 7

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - March 28, 1913, Attica, Indiana The Attica edger press. I Here s a dish pan that we guarantee to satisfy you in every Way. It s one of the famous Cream City utensils a made extra Strong to stand the hard usage a dish pan always gets and big and Roomy enough to accommodate a pile of dishes without overcrowding. Costs no More than common kinds but lasts much longer. Always ask for Cream City Garnet enamelled Ware a you la find it the most satisfactory and the prices Are always reasonable. Fv.1. I quart size. 4sc 14 quart size. Soc 117 quart size. 60c r.4. I 6 quart size. 40c 8 quart size. 45c tetum in quart size. 50c i 6 quart size. 8 quart size. Mom a 10 quart size. A of Attica hardware co. N.17 will Bender of Ana George Brown j Davis township were Attica visitors saturday. Executor s Sale of real estate. Notice is hereby Piven that the unders or Ned executor will offer for Salo at private Sale As executor of the ast will of Iva ili Frh. Deceased the following described real estate situated in the City of Attica. County of Fountain and state of Indiana to wit town lots no. One 1 two <2 and three 3l in Block no. Eight amp in the City Survey of the City of Attica Between the hours of ten o clock a. In. And four o clock p. M. On saturday t to 1 2th Day of april. 191 at the voice of Fred s. Purnell in the City of Attica. Of quot Ouri Tain county. Indiana a Aid Sale will he continued methodist Brethren to banquet. The entire male membership of the methodist Church a expected to attend a banquet to be held in the Church basement at 7 00 tonight. The affair is being held in the intent of the new Church efficiency movement which is being pushed among All the methodist churches of the state. Plates will be two Little parents. A delightful discussion of the widespread impulse to adopt children appears in the Atlantic. The writer says that since Early childhood she had the impulse to take into her heart and Home to provide for and protect All homeless children. When she found herself actually established alone in a Home that she was earning dreaming of the possible child whom she might adopt and bring up to be her Joy and Pride suddenly she heard a Little noise at the door As she expresses it and there on her Doorstep sat two lit tie wanderers. She lifted the Cap of one and undid the sunbonnet of the other and to they were her parents she tells in delightful indirection and delicate playfulness How she worked to win from them when she gave them bread something better than that Stone gratitude. She tells of the whole Devotion of her life to their happiness and Well being exactly As parents Are devoted to children. Her Delight in being at last really quot a family Man quot with those at Home who looked to her for what she had so longed to give is something very deep searching. Most people indeed Are like to seek afar for the service which Waits at their very door to look furthermore to formal methods of doing Good while they neglect those simple opportunities of bringing Joy and happiness which the natural course of experience opens to every one. These adopted parents then soon got Over their embarrassing gratitude they soon reached a Point where they Learned to ask with a glee that matched her own when she returned from tripping somewhere. Quot of daughter what have you brought us quot she found the Delight of taking them to places of amusement and watching their pleasure As she might that of the child she had longed i Mac Alister historical Story of the Tower of London by Esther l. Davidson i a >1. ,1, a. A a .1. A a a a a a a will build Fine Bungalow. For the past three or four weeks negotiations have been pending Between mrs. John Mckee and w. H. Powers for the Sale of the Jordan place at Jackson and Council streets. The Deal Laid for one Hundred and a very App Etiz a a a by saturday thru the ing menu has been provided by the ladies Industrial society of the Church. There is to be no charge for the banquet and j Only members of the Church have been invited. The Pas or . W. Postill wiil presume As toastmaster and the speakers wiil be f. W. Hixson d. D., of Crawfordsville. And a w. Wood the from Day to Day until said real estate is sold. The isms or a half in Viand on Day of Sale user into rent. Or. Hixson w�o11 Ane on Lia f in Ore year. The d. Ferrod payment discuss quot Chuich a ii Eicr by quot and supt. To be d by a note Drav in a six percent from Date w ili out Relief and pro Vul ing for attorney s fce., and secured by a Mortt tare on the Pri noises. Or such Tertis May be waived and the entire cum paid n . Ele mar. I quot exc Tutor woo i wiil and his commit in on the plan adv iced by or. Hixson. Mrs. Lee Hii Wiebrand will a iii. The Tilic ency inv Emerit which is by iii pushed Aton in the methodist cirches to do prior Cip Aliy with the Church finances. Heretofore there has been a collection lor this and a collection for that until it seem Ltd to the foun?a7n col Xiv Church goer that Tome new Appeal was in the Fountain circuit court february term a Bein made nearly every sunday. Un-1913. Der the new plan there will be but two notice to non residents Purviance Agency and or. Pov ers secured the Eastern half of the lot mrs. Mckee retaining the remainder. The Price was $1000. This is considered As i practically payment for the lot alone i As it is figured by builders that the old i Brick House which was badly damaged i by the fie on Christmas Day is Worth i about what it will Cost to tear it Down. Or. Powers is planning to erect there this Spring an eight room Bungalow of handsome design and Thorold modern. The location is an excellent one and j residents of the neighbourhood Are de iii Hotd that the old fire scarred House is to be replaced by a new Cne. Loyal attic ans Are also pleased to see that after five years of residence in Attica or. Powers is giving this testimonial to his Faith in the future of the City. Winnie e. Johnson it al . Brown complaint to. 2g99 m. I Ero now come the . By j. W. Whicker their attorney and file their complaint herein Torether with an affidavit of a competent that said defendant m. Leroy Brown is not a resident of the state of Indiana that sail action is to quiet title to real and that said nonresident defendant i a necessary party thereto. And whereas said Plain lilt having by endorsement on said complaint required said defendant to appear in said court and answer or demur thereto on the a the Day of May 1913. Notice i quot therefore hereby Vivena Aid defendant last named that unless he be and appear on the 15th Day of May 1013.the same being the 22d judicial Day of the next term of the Fountain circuit court to be beg a n Cind Boldon on the 3fi monday of april. A. 1913. At the court House in Cov in Irton Ina Aid county and answer or demur to said complaint the same will be heard and determined in his absence. Witness my hand and the Seal of Eaid court at Covington this 19th Day of March a a. 191 Seal Aid Curt Leroy san Deus clerk. J. W. Smith a ii. Atly. For i lit. Mar. 21-. V. Is funds Church Benevolence and Church expenses the latter including the pastor s salary. A double envelope will be provided and a Plede of a definite amount no matter How Small will be exacted from each member and a strict account will be kept of this no matter How Small the amount. This will provide funds from which it is expected that the official Board will have no trouble in meeting All the obligations of the Church As they come due. The pastor will thus be relieved of All necessity of looking after the finances and it is expected that it will no longer be Necess by to hold and suppers to raise funds for the Church. The plan is working out very Succes fully wherever it has been put into effect. Wanted Middle aged woman to do general housework for Small family living in country. Steady residence sold. Saturday Jonathan Davis and wife purchased thru the Purviance Agency the Judy property at the Eastern end of Pike Street now occupied by John Cluster and family. The Price was $3,000 and this is considered very cheap As the House is a Large Brick Structure of nine rooms and the lots were Well stocked with fruit Trees in addition to having a barn and other outbuildings. The property was bought from will h. Judy who inherited it from the estate of his wife the late Kate Judy. Or. And mrs. Davis will occupy the place and rent or sell their property on Mcdonald Street. / mrs. Dan c. Rex of Independence was in the City saturday accompanied by her aunt. Mrs. Susan Rex of new Ville ind., who had been visiting at her Home for a week past. We Are Headquarters for and can promptly Supply your needs in any Quantity and for any purpose exterior or Interior a for Bungalow or mansion from eternal quot Cypress shingles to Unrot table Cypress window boxes. We will cheerfully furnish you any information about this excellent Wood. This Timber Cypress has been known to suffer no decay by a lapse of eleven Hundred years. A biblical encyclopaedia Page 484. A he who builds of Cypress builds but once a also Complete line of Standard lumber products. Attica lumber co. Quot what s the matter with Jou. Klaxon quot quot matter matter enough at any time my duties Are wearing but since the failure of to is scotch rebellion. Wherein Prince Charlie bewitched the people there one and All 1 might better be a Butcher and kill Bullocks Thau headman at the Tower quot quot keep your nerve i Pray you. Klaxon. There Are Many More of these misguided scots to do away with and if you fail me i do not know where to look for one to Supply your place. It would ill become me the lieutenant of the Tower of London commander of King George s principal stronghold to turn head Dropper. Still. Klaxon if you fail me and his majesty insists upon keeping on with the bloody work i shall Hare to swing the a myself. 1 shall not be known More than Yogi for 1 will Wear your quot you re Welcome to it. Sir Percy and the axas Well. I can stand it to Send a be should not pay the penalty of treason. Little More than a Century before lady Jane Grey exactly the same age As this Mary Macau ter. Had been beheaded within the courtyard of the Tower and two of King Henry Viii s wives not much older had met the same Fate on the same spot. Leaving the executioner with a bottle before us with which to stimulate his overstrained nerves. Sir Percy went to look up Mary Macalister. He found her in a cell near her father. Quot Why Are you Here quot he asked her. Quot because i could a leave dear father to Coom alone. Will they behead him sir quot she added looking eager and Wistful at the lieutenant quot Are you charged with treason against the King quot quot i Dinna know As to that and i Dinna care. It they kill my father i Hope they la let me go with sir Percy longed to take the poor girl in Bis arms and assure her that if he had the Power to save her father he would do so but he preserved his equanimity though he could not have done it for Long. Fortunately the Warden announced that another Batch of scotch rebels were at the traitors Gate their guards waiting for it to be opened that they might bring the prisoners in. So he went away to receive the new instalment of persons doomed either to the Block or a Long imprisonment. As soon As the lieutenant had incarcerated these newly arrived persons he examined his list of prisoners and found the name of Cameron Macau ter but Bis daughter s name did not appear. What concerned the Young Man was that the father s name was on the list of those who were to form a spectacle for the populace on Tower Hill the Morrow. Between Klaxon the headman and the lieutenant were that sad Sweet face and the words quot i Dinna care if they kill my father 1 Hope they la let me go with then he fell to thinking How he might save both father and daughter. Locking himself in Bis office he strove to invent a plan for getting them out of the Tower and away. He would be obliged to go himself for he was responsible for Macalister to the King and his own head would fall in place of the Scot. Presently sir Percy called an attendant and summoned the beads Man. Quot Klaxon quot be said when the functionary arrived quot tomorrow you Are to officiate on Tower Hill. When you have dropped the Heads of All those to be executed save one. Stagger catch at the rail of the scaffold As if for support and declare yourself unable to proceed further with your quot give me a reason lieutenant quot quot the last prisoner on your list will be the father of the scotch Lassie of whom you spoke to me awhile quot she with the sad face quot and will that save her father quot quot for the time when Cameron Macalister was called Forth to execution he deemed it a hardship that be was not permitted to bid his daughter Goodby. He was obliged to witness the death of his comrades. Alien when about to Lay his head on the Block the headman broke Down being unable to strike the blow and the doomed Man was sent Back to his cell in the fortress. Quot Good quot exclaimed the lieutenant "1 shall now have time to carry out my the next night at about 10 o clock two men sat in a boat on the thames near the traitors Gate. At 11 the lieutenant went the rounds and finding every one except the guards in bed took a uniform to the cell of Macalister and bade him put it on and Follot him. Stopping at Mary s cell she was liberated and they went Down a staircase leading to the traitor s Gate. They were seen by guards but since they were the commander a guard and a girl no attention was paid to them. Unlocking the Gate the lieutenant gave a whistle and the boat with the two men in it was rowed in to the Steps. The party entered the boat the lieutenant shutting the Gate after him before doing so and they were pulled Down the River to a vessel lying at Anchor. As soon As they were aboard the Anchor was raised and the ship set sail. France at that time was the abiding place of Prince Charlie and any of his adherents who could reach her coast were Safe. The ship Ipri Tanier 28306 this Well known Bay Percheron stallion will make the season of 1913 from april is to july Istas follows mondays and tuesdays at . Small s barn in Davis township wednesdays at Axel Westring s Bam on the Clapham farm thursdays fridays and saturdays at the Steadman barn in of service $15.00 to insure Colt to stand and suck to breeders of two or More mares and getting two or More Colts $12 50 each. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but will not be responsible should any . E. Small owners. F. Small owner 29x quot if thet Kiziri it father i Hope thet Willil. Liet my go with a Man to his Long Home but they Are bringing in Young Fellows with scarce a Beard on their chins and there is a Lassie among them hardly a woman. What they brought her for 1 know not they must have a Jeffreys to condemn such persons. For my part had 1 been a scotsman i would have followed Young Charlie to the death myself. Out with these German Kings i say they Are taking everything they can get their hands on and we giving it to them for ruling us. Would that they would get enough and go Back to Hanover where they came quot be careful. Klaxon How you talk treason right Here in the Tower or perhaps your own neck May lie on the Block and some other hand than yours drop a head in the quot no fear of that there Are too Many real rebels to be beheaded. But i must get some rest tomorrow i shall officiate on Tower Hill in the Case of some of the finest lairds in Prince Charles Frederick who went to Scotland from i race and led the rebellion of 1745 against the Hano verian. George it., was by inheritance the rightful King of England. His Effort failed largely because he was a roman Catholic and England had become by that time almost entirely protestant hundreds of scotch Pris ouers were taken to Loudon imprison _ _ _ Odin the Tower and executed on toj \ cd out party quot had embarked quot Suc or Hill just beyond the fortress Walls j Heaed in getting to the Mouth of the among these was a certain Cameron without being intercepted and Macalister who had taken up Prince Channel. Before she Charlie s cause and was captured at a own in the Battle of Culloden. Which resulted so disastrously to the scotch. When Cameron Macalister was taken to London Liis daughter. Mary seventeen years of age. Insisted of going with iii. She mat Ched beside him All the Way from Edinburgh and on their arrival at London was put into the Tower with the other prisoners it being supposed that she had been sent like him to meet a charge of treason against the illegitimate Sovereign of the United kingdom. It was this Mary Macalister who was mentioned by the headman Klaxon. Sir Percy Manning the lieutenant of the Tower a Young Man Twenty seven years of age. Had noticed the girl and when he heard her name mentioned shuddered. He had been too Busy to inquire into her care though her Devotion to the Man she accompanied her girlish face her Blue eyes Bent lovingly and mournfully on her father had attracted sir Percy so far that she had not been out of his mind a moment since. Though the bloody work of getting rid of the scotch rebels was but half done the lieutenant determined to look into the Case of the scotch Lassie and learn if she were among those charged with rebellion. That she was a girl and very Yoang was no reason Whydra. physician and surf Ceon special attention Given to the ear nose and thi oat. Glasses fitted Solte 1. A Eatonl Asti Siisi Bank nil done. Telephone 376 London that a prisoner was missing and no one could Tell what had become of the lieutenant of the Tower. The party reached the coast of i France safely. Cameron Macalister and his daughter marvelled How it had All come about and Mary was ready j to fall on her Knees and worship the Man who had planned the escape. They went to Paris where they found the Prince and sir Percy announced himself As one of his adherents. But the cause of the pretender As he was called was not again destined to trouble the Kings of England. Indeed As the years passed it subsided into not even a pretence. When All danger from it had passed Cameron Macalister was permitted to return to Scotland and his estates which had been forfeited to the Crown were returned to him. Sir Percy Manning s fault was too great for him to expect clemency and he never dared return to England. But when the troubles consequent upon the scotch rebellion had died out he went to the North of Scotland where he lived in retirement. He met the Reward for which he put Ola head in jeopardy the love of Mary Bia Calister. They were married soon after their arrival in France and went together to brother carpenters and builders work by Day or contract. Repairing a specially. Telephone 39s Telephone office 244 residence 66 c. A Beckett . Physician and surgeon. Suite 6, Central Nat l Bank old . W. Rhodes Dentis l office room 7 Central Bank bldg phone b3 Attica ind Fred s. Purnel lawyer successor to i. E. Schoonover Attica India Nadr. A. M. Sullivan physician and surgeon office Over Mcmahon amp Crisler s drag store phone 365.a. E. Youn lawyer and notary office Over Haller s druse store sold Only by 1 raid Cors Tieres the Spirella Corset selection and fit Tinar done in your own Home. Boned Only with Spirella Bon i Inar. Flexible list it sanitary and comfortable. Admits frequent laundering guaranteed one year Asra inst breakage or rust. Appointment arranged by te1e- phone or postal card. Miss Lizzie c. Simpkins _ 503 n. 6th st. Phone 132 read the Spirella advertisements in ladies Home journal Delineator. Dea Knor new Dea and in effect since nov. 10, 112 East. So daily limited.1 40 a b to. 28 dimly limited.60 a m no. 64 daily except sunday local,.7 52 a n no. 6dauy, local.-.11 49 a n no. 4 Day limited.1 44 p to no. 60 daily except sunday local.7 07 f m West. No. 8 daily limited. L 2i in no. 61 daily except sunday local,.7 31 a k no. 9 daily limited.9h 7 a m no. 1 daily. Limited.4 02 p m no. 63 daily except sunday local.6 40 p m no. 6 Day limited.8 28 p in Covington Branch. A mtg Attica.8 00 a m and 8 40 p m arrived covintrton.8 65 a. M. And 4 35 p m a atm govinston.10 50 a. M. And 4 40 p m axt Tom Attica.11 40 a m and 6 36 a c. W. Greenman. Ant Chicago amp Eastern Idun Oil South. no. 16� local North. Mow no daily a sept snadiv.8m a a is blk local Milit. Umaji t starve your appetite when you Are hungry you should eat. Not just anything you happen to come across but Good wholesome groceries and canned goods that we sell. Feed your appetite on the right kind of food and your digestion will be As Good when you Are 80 As it is now. That s logic. Be our customer and Well demonstrate the truth of amp so phone 60 save Vioney and save time when you wish to make a loan on your household goods pianos horses vehicles fixtures etc., and you keep the Security in your Possession you will save Money and time by dealing with a company that you know is reliable. We give you a statement of your account. We allow extra time without charge in Case of sickness or loss from work. If you owe several Small Bills and wish to get them into one place where the payments will be within your income we will make you a loan for this purpose. Our agent is in Attica and Williamsport every tuesday and would be pleased to Call on you. If you need Money fill out the following Blank Cut it out and mail it to us and our agent will Call on you name address Indiana loan company n. W. Cor. 3rd amp main its. Lafayette. Ind. Bell. 824 phones Law. 418 let me shoe your horse i can Stop his interfering and forging. No horse should do either of these if properly shod and if you Are from Missouri i can show you. All that i want is the Opportunity to show . Mahoney 5th Street Horseshoe junk we buy All kinds of junk and pay the highest Price As Well As hides Felts Wool tallow rags rubber and paper dead animals taken care of free of charge. Pearlman phone 342 Telephone 1539 office 4th and ferry st. Weinhardt secret service Bureau w. W. Weinhardt. Ifs. Thirty Yeon experience in official and private detective work. Lafayette. Ind. Trustee s notice. Logan township. Weber s nor i Panr Atit. In att pm fron 8a.ai.toll p. M. And from 49.111. On toe adar Ikon Daya Fortha to Milia of u q. Biggin

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