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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1913, Page 6

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - March 28, 1913, Attica, Indiana The Attica Ledger Pressi the Best optical service our optical office is equipped with the Best Apa Ratus and machinery for testing the eyes measuring the face grinding the lenses and building frames. All the work from the examination of the Eye to the finished lenses and frames is done right in our own your broken lenses we will grind you a new one while you your eyes trouble you or you feel the need of glasses or should you need the services of an optician or optometrist give us a trial. We guarantee satisfaction. Omar c. Deselms optometrist manufacturing optician Attica Indian Crumpacker receives his record. Hon. E. D. Crumpacker has received Complete volumes of the congressional record covering the sixteen years which he was a member of the House of representatives at Washington from this District. The books Are bound securely for permanent use. They were taken to the Crumpacker Home from the Post office in two Wagon loads recently. Besides the books ill. Crumpacker has about fifty Large maps which he will distribute among his friends in this District. Many others were sent out before he left Valparaiso Vidette. Mrs. Jesse Baker was a Lafayette visitor Friday. Odd Fellows will mollify. Members of Warren Lodge no. 57 i. O. O. F. Of Williamsport will hold a Jollif cation meeting at its Hall in the near future when All the mortgages and notes held against the Lodge will be burned. The Lodge then for the first time in its history will be completely out of debt. Clint Jacobson ship a couple of Fine Buff Cochins to a customer in Peni asyl Vania a few Days ago. Within the last few years he has ship chickens or eggs to most of the states in the Union. Mrs. Charles w. Zeigler was hostess to the neighbourhood Bridge club saturday ought to know the kind of bread you eat and How it is made. We therefore ask you to come in and inspect our shop and see How clean and How veil we make our bread and cakes. It is our desire to be Able to make the Best that can be made so we spend our time making Good things to s bakery al tone the great worm destroyer and conditioner for by Haller drug store 29xjudy s everything a Farmer uses. 200 horses and mules. 100 wagons and buggies old and new. Agent Ford autos various other autos old and new. Any time any Terpis. Sale Days at Jud Yville ind., every wednesday and Friday for thirty years. Call write or phone. John f. Judy what Are you doing now Why not have a profession the Best now offered. The a Chasae in the i. C. C. S. At 712 Jefferson Avenue East Detroit Michigan quot the College of Quality quot and become an educated scientific chiropractor our graduates Are having wonderful Success because they Are educated and qualified. Enrolment for Spring class now in Progress. Catalogue and information a Killegrew of chiropractic Spondyl therapy 712 Jeffeson avelime e. Detroit Michigan High Cost of Basenau. Baseball was formerly a very simple matter. A vacant Field within or without the limits a few measurements a tramping Down of the base lines a staking off of the foul line the making of Bare places for the Pitcher Batter and Catcher a Ball or two a few bats an improvised Bench 18 men a score keeper a boy to carry water and an Umpire and the thing was done says the Boston Monitor. With these arrangements the game could be called whether or not the Spectator a had arrived and every person engaged in it was assured in Advance of an afternoon full of innocent fun. Baseball today is More Complex. It requires at least a grandstand. Usually it demands an Amphitheater. Sometimes it must have a stadium. The reporters Are calling the arrangements for playing and seeing the game a thus the new quot Plant quot of the Brooklyn club is said by them to have Cost $600,000. This shows How baseball has advanced. From the Point of View of the managers of a league team baseball is no longer a game it is a business. In the Case of the Brooklyn club for instance the matter of nearest concern to president ebbetts at present is How this $600,000 Plant can be made to yield proper returns. He doubts if it can do so by adhering to the old scale of prices. It looks to him As if the 25-cent privilege must be eliminated. Or it May be necessary Only to reduce the number of quot Quarter seats quot available for each game to that the Box office May be out of them Long before the Stiles Are turning. He is re Portt d As saying in a recent conversation with the press quot if we carried out the old policy of charging 25, 50 and 75 cents we lose thousands of in these d Lys of baseball stadiums and High salaried Ball players he said increased Revenue is absolutely necessary. The Patron must Supply it. For Box seats in the new stadium $1 50 each will be charged. There Are 1200 of these. Deserved seats upstairs and downstairs to the total number of 10,000 will be sold for �1 each. There Are to be 5200 seats at 75 cents each. There will probably be some cheaper seats for those who can get them. But As or. Ebbetts puts it quot behave spent big Money to get big results. Basenau is the Public s luxury. It is an entertainment provided at cheaper rates than other forms of Money making the old players on the quot walked off quot Diamond never thought of course that it come to this but it bananas grow. Bananas Are among the most productive fruit Trees or plants in the world. They Are found in Asia but the greatest crops Are raised in the americas. In Jamaica where there Are Many Rivers they grow especially Wel. The banana needs a great Deal of water and along streams in Jamaica banana Trees Cluster Over the water with the heavy Bunches of fruit such As Are often seen hanging in Attica groceries. The Bunch of bananas is gathered in a curious Way. One blow of the Machete a kind of a cuts off the heavy Stem on which the Bunch grows so that the Stem or Branch Falls toward the ground. Then the Bunch of fruit can be easily Cut off close to the Stem or trunk ready for shipping. The Stem is then entirely Cut away from the tree. These Trees grow so rapidly from the branches called suckers that they Are constantly being planted that within less than a year the fruit is ready to be gathered. The Leaf is a huge Long and Broad yet tapering thing. The position in which the Bunches of fruit Are Hung in the stores is reversed from that on the tree and when grow ing the bananas Point upward altho they do not Cluster so closely As they appear in the Bunches As we see them. One tree produces Only one Bunch of bananas and this grows at the top of the main Stem or trunk of the tree which bends Over As the growing fruit increases in weight. Some Home problems. What is described As a quot Home night quot was planned by a lady whose Atory is told in the ladies Home journal. She found that her family and herself were All beginning to spend their evenings As Well As their Dys outside the House. She resolved to establish a night when All should stay at Home and make friends with each other As if they were All company. The daughters put on their pretty gowns the boy his Best Black cutaway Light refreshments were served just As if there were company and the family reunion became a feature of the week for All which father enjoyed most of All. Another Little Home Story which a appears in the same journal shows a Young wife complaining because her husband did not talk to her when he came Home at night entertaining her with bits of news from his Day. But the husband s Point of View was that the details of business could not be interesting to her and she herself said they were Roland that when he came Home he wanted a change of thought and some merry and entertaining Chat from her. This last Story sounds a bit apocryphal. There Are few women nowadays who Are so closely House bound that they do not get out in the world and learn interesting things w ich they Are Only too glad to share with the Home people around the table at night. But the Lack of knowledge of the husband s business or keen interest in his affairs is perhaps something which still persists among women. They take their clubs and other Pei son al affairs quite seriously but do not give so much of themselves to companionship with the husband As would easily be possible. Covington students win debate. The first of the triangular debates of Fountain county was held Friday night Between Covington and Kingman. One was held at Kingman and another at Covington. The question quot resolved that the Federal government shall own and operate the railroads and Telegraph lines quot was debated with spirit by pupils of both schools. Clark Grismore Tinea Weaver and Kate Glascock of Kingman took the negative Side of the question. Gene Bodine Paul Strycker and Bernice Livengood represented the Covington school and debated in the affirmative. The debate was a credit to both schools. The grading was done on two counts argument and delivery fifty counted for each Point. The judges were c. W. Dice Worth Reed w. W. Layton o. S. Douglas and h. K. Fox. After footing up the Points on both sides it was found that the Covington team had won by a majority of seventy two Points. The Kingman team had excellent argument but two of the team were not so Strong in advertising. Among the Many Good and bad things which the legislature did was the enactment of the so called quot pure advertising quot Law. The Ledger press considers this one of the Good things which May be put Down to the legislature s credit. At least the principle of the Law is right and that is that All kinds of advertising should be truthful and not misleading. The advertising business has suffered much from those advertisers who have exaggerated and even lied and deceived until a certain per cent of the Public is inclined to look on All advertising As unreliable. Of late there has been a very rapid Rise in the standards that have been adopted by both advertisers and publications so that the new Law will arouse Little opposition among the reputable business men and on the contrary will be welcomed by most of them As a step in the right direction. All the above is stated on the Assumption that the Law is so worded that its enforcement will bring no hardship on honest men. The Law has an emergency clause and is therefore in full Force and effect now. The full text of the statute is As follows quot be it enacted by the general Assembly of the state of Indiana that if any person firm association or corporation or any employees thereof in a newspaper circular form letter or other publication published distributed or circulated in this state or any billboard sign card Label or other advertising medium displayed on in or near a Street electric car show Case store or other place in this state knowingly makes or disseminates any statement or assertion of fact concerning the Quantity the Quality the method of production the Cost to the advertiser the present or former Price or the reason for the Price of the merchandise of such person firm association or corporation or concerning the manner or source of Purchase of such merchandise or the pos session of rewards prizes or distinctions conferred on account of such merchandise which statement or assertion has the appearance of an offer advantageous to the purchaser and is untrue or calculated to mislead the person or corporation or the member or members of a firm or association causing such statement or assertion to be made or disseminated also the employee making or disseminating such statement or assertion shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour and shall be liable to a Fine of not less than ten dollars nor More than five Hundred dollars for each pensions to increase automatically. Old soldiers who have been wondering if they would be compelled to file special application for the increased rate to which they become entitled when they have passed the prescribed age will be interested in the following extract from the Law which is so Clear As to need no explanation quot it shall be the duty of the commissioner of pensions As each application for pension is filed under this act and adjudicated to cause to be kept a record showing the name length of service and age of each claimant the monthly rate of payment granted to or received by him and the county a ind state of his residence the object being to Advance automatically the rate of pension As provided for by this act with unnecessary expense to the has the paving fever. Even Oxford has been smitten with the paying fever and the town trustees Are trying to figure out whether or not it will be Safe to order the paving of the four blocks about the Public Square. As the Square is owned by the town and the town also pays for the four Street intersections and Alley Crossings about two thirds of the expense will come upon the whole town and be paid by taxation. Of the sixteen property owners concerned All but six Are said to be in favor of the improvement. Oxford went to considerable expense a couple of years ago in putting in a drainage sewer for the town but since Bose 11 decided to pave a portion of its main Street the Oxford folks could not stand to see their neighbor get ahead of Well Well the children of the Pine Village school have been ordered to clean up and keep clean. A few cases of itch has made its appearance in the school. A Pine Villa Sentinel. Miss Agnes Strom principal of the schools of Kingman has been compelled by ill Belth to resign her position. Successful revival at Independence. Rev. Elizabeth Chappelle closed evangelistic services at Independence tuesday night with a Good number of conventions and eight additions to the Church. The work was somewhat hindered by the i Clemancy of the weather an epidemic of mumps and other sickness in the Community and miss Chap Pelle s being called to Indianapolis for a few Days to attend the bedside of her sister who was seriously ill. The services continued and were characterized with splendid attendance and deep interest. The Church is greatly encouraged and is organizing for Active Church work. Orders new stamp design. The design of a new and smaller parcel Post stamp to replace those now in use has been approved by postmaster general Burleson. Numerous complaints that the present stamp All denominations of which Are the same color is hard to distinguish As to value and easily quot raised quot caused the change. The new design will possess no artistic Merit but Bear Only a Large numeral. The various denominations will be in different colors. Approximately $50,000 yearly will be saved by the smaller Stamps it is estimated. Mrs. Fanny Shultz asks the Ledger press to express her appreciation for the Flowers sent by the ladies of the g. A. R. And the Post card greetings sent by Many friends on the recent Crie bration of her 84th birthday. She would gladly acknowledge each person buy Bat time my is too boy of yours he comes into the House like a whirl wind throws his Cap in one Corner and his books in another. He sprawls at his meals kicks at his brother s shins under the table makes faces at his sister teases the cat is noisy and in evidence at All times except when he is asleep. But he is built that Way the vitality that is in him must have its escape valve or his boiler will burst. Let him blow off. Preferably he should blow off outdoors but if not still he must find vent. By and by the boy will need every ounce of his surplus Energy. He must go up against Sharp Corners and Over big obstacles. Do not scold him for what he cannot help. Tho noisy and mischievous his heart is right. He is not bad. He is just superfluous by virile. In fact he is Apt to be a boy of better impulses than if he were quiet and self entered. If you scold him harshly you stir up the Little bad the racial leftover that is in him. It is easy to nag a boy of spirit into retort or rebellion. There s a better Way. Your boy is tender inside As he is Tough outside. He does not Wear his heart on his sleeve but it is not calloused. Down deep under his Vest is a big love for his Mother. There s your advantage. You Are his sweetheart keep him so and he will die for you. You forgot yes i know. You Are worn tired and the boy a Way jangles your nerves. You far up at him. Your reprimand stings. You rumple him. His Quick temper files up in self defense. It is soon Over and the boy still loves his Mother. But have you not failed the boy obeys you but the Cord by which you hold him is loosened a fraction. Can you afford that you have forgotten the scolding and the fault findings and so has he. But is the boy still at the end of Mother s apron string remember soon your boy will be a bearded Man and you will hold out empty arms in by a Tarant Nuu Fred Davidson of Fowler was the victim of a poisonous Tarantula bite a few Days ago. The insect was hidden in a Bunch of bananas and in removing the bananas from the Stock it stung or. Davidson. The hand and Arm were badly swollen for a few Days but no serious int tip resulted. A a Are you thinking Success or Are you thinking failure if you Are thinking Success Vou must begin by banking some Money because Money is the key to Success. It will enable you to grasp a Good business Chance it will give you better standing and better Are lit in your Cornu aty. Do your banking with us. We pay four percent internet on saving accounts. I Peers and merchants state sans died at the dinner table. Death came very suddenly last Friday to George w. Sellers Ore of the oldest members of the l Fayette state soldiers Home. Tie was seated at a Tabie i h his wife in the general dining room at noon and had taken Only a few bites when he was stricken by heart trouble. He fell fran i chair gave Short gasp and his lii Gore. His death was caused by dilation of the heart. He was born in Ohio nov. 17,1840 and was admitted to the Home from Warren county. He lived at Pine Village for a number of years and was one of the first members admitted to the Home. He was a member of the famous Persimmon brigade serving in the 116ch Indiana infantry. He is survived by a widow and a Hal brother the latter being Henry Shafer. Of this City. The funeral was conducted at the Home on tuesday afternoon at 2 30 o clock. Rev. C. A. Sickafoose officiated and the interment was made in the cemetery at the Home. Or. And mrs. Evan Shackleton and son of near Chatterton were guests Over sunday of mrs. Shackleton s parents or. And mrs. Peter county to have Corn club following the Lead of other counties in the state that have found the boys Corn clubs of great interest and help in practical educational work supt. Harry Evans anal the Warren county Board of education have recently organized a boys Corn club and a girls baking club for that county. Already More than a Hundred members have been secured Ard there is every that the boys and girls will take hold of the prop Rositi in with interest. In other county the clubs have Beer in existence for three or four fears and there is keen interest and Competition among the Young Farmers and the girls who Are to be their wives in the a Nual showing of Corn and Industrial it really happened. The King was in his counting House running Over the stubs of his Check Book and berating the Cost of living the Queen was in the parlor eating Ben Zoate of soda the maid was in the Garden exchanging pers Flage with a policeman when along came a Blackbird closely pursued by a number of English sparrows a Pittsburg Post. Or. Mud in. Victor Levor renamed Friday from a Short visit in Chicago. Quot iii Lilily / a sphere is hardly an excuse for any Man not own ing his Home when he May procure one of a most desirable nature in a Good location at practically his own terms. No matter How meagre your salary May be you can by a Little managing put a Little aside each month for payment on a House and lot you May Call your own. If you pay rent you can buy a Home for the payments Are made precisely As rental. The Only difference is that each instalment paid brings you nearer to the desired goal of happiness. We have a Large number of lots and houses to sell in this Way and would b pleased to talk it Over with you. , real estate t Attica Indiana

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