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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 4

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Athens, Ohio Fage four the Athens messenger Athens. Ohio to monday. May pc Lac Suzette messenger Raymond Clapper s comments on news b table uhf a to Frederick w. But to put lib her. 18s6 to it a pow a had of a a a a a a moot. A a a a it a a a turd. A my sunday i turning it it Lois a Chi 4thins Messing is Herald printing co. Oar Don k. Bush put Clahar and Oan. Tag. Czarist h. Heme mba age no re Tor main str Avoir icon newspaper publisher association. Obi mires us to audit Bureau of Ortu Latina Ohio raw it per a Moutlon. Inland deity pre Zaami Auw member of try United priss Ratto Eai Berra Santal Jahn w. Cullen company. Calcao. New York. Detroit Cleveland advertising rata on application at homa or few reign off Tae nominal cd arg lot obituary aard of thank. At entered As Athena swat Ollie a Samond Clara Matt of undue Aas of Iii. Washington by bouncing lit Vin off a foreign minister Stalin is mad himself a much of an Uncertain Quantity a Hitler to official hers who Are trying to anticipate Sventy in Europe. In Stead of having constantly to Bear in mind the big uncertainty As to what Hitler might do now the administration must also wonder qjao$tion3 end what h ascription rates is Carrier. To a weak. Heil Aube Notton Rase is Asa Anea Athena. Moalli. Hocking in. Morgan. J00 Washington counts year ism St month Mao Tan weak Llos Ona Waal 1s� extra postage rates in Othar Amie on applies ties a but the Tail must go with the hide the starry eyed Don Quixote who have been for a Fugg a time. Even if he had Tome into Dia hell Bent to make America Over Are turning re favor he could have been put on ice secretly and act onary Bays Merle Thorpe in nation bum the world would not have known the difference. In be. That la. A Little reactionary. They Are like Russia such important change Are not announced lot wife just taking a Quick glance Over the without reason. Shoulder Ai the flesh pot. They look bark Orff health hints and diet by or. Morrin ref Lubkin with the coming of summer More people begin to travel the seas and the lakes. Again Many of them will become victims of seasickness. Recently the assistant surgeon q How Many musical in tru on the adult anal a made a rec Stalin intends to do. It All has hearing upon How it it it pan the orchestra Leader Ord of some of his experience with far this government will care to go in Quot measures Sammy Kaye play. People who Sutler with nausea and Short of a. The violin Bass Horn Saxo distress that accompany it voyage Washington is certain that the move by Stalin phone Banjo guitar and trumpet on rough Waters. Was a gesture for some purpose not As yet Clear q. Was the registration of he is convinced la Al a h. It foreshadow an edging Over toward Hitler United state citizens and Declar Ness when not complicated Tor a that it foreshadows an edging Over Imam Niue residing abroad during the hangover from too much celebre by the soviet Union is strongly doubted. I world War obligatory ton before getting on the boat it w 1. Due to unusual reactions that of n ? Ulk Many citizens Ruf n App Vnye a Yates because in All part of the Quot a orb from f a Timu Afton reaching those parti time to time voluntarily Chota to Quot Register and thus patriotically placed themselves at the Call of the government. Q what la the population of the Matakuska Valley project in Alaska a. There Are about Iso real. A a Dent of the City of Palmer and a pfc a a a population of about 1,000 with Hood 0rpurp in a ten mile radius of that City. Q. What Industry was est feb Sines and excess flow fished first in the american i sometimes a sudden attack of theory held by official Here is that Stalin May have been trying to frighten Britain and prance into closer collaboration. The shift was made with fanfare while London was wavering As to whether to enter into a military Alliance with Moscow. Although the official Moscow version is that Litvinoff had asked to be retired because of Iii health it must be remembered that he has been 111 before and has quietly taken leaves of Amienee singly at the so billion Dollar income of 1925 29. They have begun already to talk of the grand thing they will do for the country when the country again produce the big Money with which to do them of the body that Ara concerned with balance. The Ordinary Case of Seasly knead begins with a constant and severe headache a feeling of fatigue and lassitude and then general depression. The body temperature Filiti Etlow and the blood pressure declines. With this come a feeling of Dis v of saliva. Colonies a. Lumbering which resulted from the necessity of Clearing the ground before agriculture could be it would not Surprise officials Here if there is a revaluation of the situation in Moscow. J Here a a always has been considerable scepticism As to hut j undo Akert Sia s real desire to become deeply embroiled in the q does aluminium paint act As existing to it Ianc of Power struggle in Europe. Her an insulator against heat interests Are recognized As primarily internal de j a. It reflects Between do and when that Day Cornea they May. Taxes won t i Vei Ozment with an outside i Towt Only in con is pee j 1 and Hurt defied will disappear and All will he m of a ,.ne, of Power a a Rich wow a. Rad�"�?~n5tels to state Happy a a marriage hell. A a Quot a Quot it a a a a Quot re keeping the in error at a a a Opportunity for carrying Forward Industrial de tempt re Ture they Are ready after ten Long year to and be Jops enl of the countr it i1� temperature. Mit that there was at least aspect o t e doubted whether Russia is in terrible twenties to be commended. A business l0 port her full potential strength in mod activity which enabled a nation to earn tvs mechanized warfare she needs More years billions is beginning to Appeal to the political of be face m which to Complete her Industrial de planner Vei Ozment. They fear the awful lightning of a Swift no vember sword when the people realize that their income have decreased $140 per capita and their taxes to pay for such planning have been hopped up $38 per capita. They can Only justify a 17.5 per cent increase that Russia would encounter in lighting a major War under modern conditions Are suggested in her current difficulties with motor transport of the most important supports underlying modern warfare. Department of Commerce reports contain re in the number of Public employees inca 1930 j via Ling data from soviet sources. An article in and a 9.1 decrease of private employees by sex j a a pravda Quot the official paper describes the diff pressing a Hope that someday somehow an 80 cultic which Are being encountered with motor billion Dollar income will come along again and transport. Here Ore some of the conditions report aet everything that soviet Quot it Urce but while glancing Back enviously at a a i facilities for repair of car. Tion earning a generous income they Are not yet ready to accept the conditions under which such business activity flourished. They would like to have their cake and eat it too. They in their hearts desire an 80 billion Speed but Are Loath to loosen the brakes to confess the ways and Means necessary to attain such a consummation devoutly to be wished. What in naked truth and simple Worda were those conditions in 1925-29? Are we yet ready to accept the answer to this question of so it will mean Public confession that the Market place is mightier than the District of Columbia that there has been no substitute for hard work since the lord spoke to Adam and that there is no easy Road to Prosperity by political magic. There is evidence aplenty that the country is becoming Quot reactionary enough to accept the conditions precedent to an 80 billion Dollar income. Popular dolls indicate a desire to return to the common sense policies and practices that gave us not Only in 80 billion Dollar income but along with it that sense of the dignity and Worth of the individual to which the historian Morley referred that made possible the individual s economic and political Freedom. A Posy for Alf Ami trucks Ara grossly inadequate. The annual expenditure for repairs is almost Throe times the original Cost of the machine. There is not a single Well equipped repair station in the Union. It is necessary to haul automobiles thousands of Miles for repairs sometime from Siberia to Moscow. Money spent in shipping broken Down cars Back to Moscow for repairs would pay for construction of repair shops. The Cost of spare parts now used for car in a year amounts to 20 to 50 per cent of the original Cost of the Caf Drivers Are poorly trained. Only 3 per cent Are rated As first class la per cent As second class and the remainder As third class. Last year there wit demand for 150, More Drivers than could interned out of training schools. Bruce Cattan surveys Washington scene Washington. If Congress goes ahead with present House leadership plans and reduces the undistributed profits tax to a Skeleton of or. Roosevelt a most prize a a reforms will go out of the window. The Treasury department apparently is ready to consent to virtual elimination of this tax. In the interests of restoration of business Confidence. The departments attitude is if enough business men think the tax a deterrent to recovery it actually does operate As a deterrent regardless of Treasury sex few men have had a worse Licking in a presidential race taken it with better Grace and i pert a opinion As to its merits. Looked better afterwards than Alf Landon of Kansas. Speaking purely of the political race might almost say of Alf Landon As Shakespeare said Quot nothing in his life became him like the leaving nothing of Landon a splendid record As governor became him quite so much As his admirable spirit since his defeat for the presidency in 1936. The real innate Caliper of the Man has been amply shown by his Complete Lack of any Quot grudge spirit a and his obvious and simple de and of the White House gives open or tacit assent to the change it will he retreating on an Issue which barely three years ago or. Roosevelt regarded As vital. Q. How Many a a dead end kids Quot Are there and what Are their names a. Six Hunt Hall. Gabriel Dell Billy Halop Bernard Puna Ley Leo Gorcey and Bobby Jordan. Q please describe the climate of Denver. Colo a. It is dry and equable and the air is Clear and invigorating with abundant Sunshine. The yearly rainfall averages Between 14 and 15 inches and the mean annual temperature is 50 degrees f. The exceptional climatic advantages and the High Altitude have made the City a favorite resort for persons suffering with diseases of the Throat and lungs. Q. What paint colors May he mixed to make any desired color a. Any pigment color May be fairly matched in Hue though not in purity by proper mixtures of yellow Blue and red. These Ara the pigment primaries to them White and Black must he added to lighten or Darken the Hue to be produced. Q. How Many shares of Stock were sold on the new York Stock Exchange in 1938? a. Reported Stock sales were 297,466.722 shares. Q. Who Are the so called a Liber Al justices on the United states supreme court a. Harlan f. Tone. Hugo l. Black Stanley Reed Felix Frankfurter and William o. Douglas. Chief Justice Hughes and associate Justice Robert sometimes join in the opinions of the Liberal members. Q. Are there any Trees in Iceland a. Iceland is sometimes referred to As a treeless country since the Woods consist Only of stunted Birch Mountain Ash and Willow. Trees More than 20 feet High Are rare. Q. How Many persons took Federal civil service examinations in 1938, and How Many appointments were made a. The civil service commission examined 408.928 persons during the fiscal year ending june 30, 1938. There were 34.051 appointment made to departmental and i Field services. Q. How Many persons died from Parrot fever during the 1930 epidemic a. Thirty three. Nausea and vomiting. In another Type of seasickness nausea is constant and pronounced vomiting occur Over and Over again accompanied by a severe headache. Burh rates Are restless excited or agitated. Or. W. G. Zorah says that this group of patient Are terrified that the ship will sink while the other group is afraid it won t. With these people the pulse is usually rapid and the blood pressure raised seventy five per cent of women suffer with this Type of seasickness rather than the depressed Type. Or. Zorah give some Good advice on the prevention of seasick Ness. He says fresh air is Moat important As is body warmth. The person should have plenty of sleep before going on the boat the fatigue worry and excitement that usually occur 24 hours before sailing help to increase the tendency to seasickness. Because of uneasiness around the Center of the Abdomen Many people find the wearing of a firm abdominal Binder comforting and helpful. It is also necessary that voyagers he moderate in their diet and in their drinking before going on Hoard. If the bowels have not been working satisfactorily that too May tend to increase the intensity of the symptoms of the seasickness. Alcohol lends to take the Edge off of apprehension hut it is not by any Means a preventive of seasickness. Most prescriptions for seasickness contain sedative drugs which Are in themselves somewhat dangerous. These sedatives should not he taken except when they have been prescribed by the doctor ape dually for the patient concerned. Serial Story Border adventure by Oren Arnold. Copyright Tai Nia scr Vick Una j cart or character Betty Mary Jordan to by Yeeg Berger a i re Ter Etc a Rrt by. Sheridan Starr mignon. Berger petrel of firer. Hops Kildare Star re a fellow Etc Lear Al e Bachelor. Luis Barros neatest a a uglier. Poet s Cornery he eel rib teg by me Werner Reese re ate Welcome a a Iii Calwa. Each aul Bee Nam a Thiim. Yemer Gay hog reaches the Barre Rancho Oats off by flare then a cites a Barre Berat to Rig with the Allen thwarted acred the Blo Orange chapter xxviii the Rio Grande like All Rivers frequently forms islands by its shifting currents in flood time. Usually these Are Little patches of half an acre or less and May be washed away again before anything but grass can grow on them. They Are of Little consequence ordinarily. But when the Rio Grande slashed hard into its Eastern Bank during a flood several years ago it struck a Deposit of soft Earth the tax was originally passed in june 1936. It called for a graduated Levy of from 7 to 27 per cent on undivided corporate profits with a corporation income lax ranging from 8 per cent on the first $2,000 to to per cent on All in excess of $40,000, it was . Herbert Hoover charged that it tended to Quot stills honest Enterprise to Lessen National assets to help the powerful in Votion to his country even though his time Stead of the weak to Cost men the United rival with Many of whose policies he does hot states chamber of Commerce assailed it As having agree is running it j Quot a retarding effect on business Landon accepted with real Grace Hiap or Roosevelt warmly defended it declaring Point mend a a Delegate to the pan american i th8t Quot we mu9t choose it Between democracy and Spe your questions answered enclose a three event stamp Tot reply when addressing any question it feet or information to the messengers service Bureau at Washington. Legal gag medical advice cannot be Given sir ran extended research be undertaken. Re sure All mail is addressed in is sex nuke s service Brit eau. Kus 13th St. Washington. D. C. The Forroi All through my childhood my troubles she shared. A kiss from her healed each Little Hurt so tender and kind so Loving so divine that dear Little Mother of mine. The years have passed by and she a growing old. But to me she is still divine. Now i too am a Mother with a Home and a family to guide on through time but i give thanks to the father above. So lets All resolve to be to her the Way she feels we should be Nice to her. And do the things that makes her heart feel Good. For a Mother near is a Mother deaf. And if god Calls her Home there can never be another like our own dear Sweet Mother. Dora Maye Redick. Logan. O. Many of the 350 varieties of cheese in the world Are unknown outside of their native lands. Had slipped into the line of March himself. Still he possibly have worked his Way Back to Al peso in time to join his fellow officers in the mobilization which his red signal flares would surely cause. He would have been afoot and he would have had to keep under cover lest he be caught or detained. This Way tiding boldly with the smuggler and aliens themselves he would certainly be on the scene of and when any action occurred. The thought gave him a certain Boyish exultation. Quot in be just got a pistol a he told himself glancing around. Quot i wonder if i could conk of these aliens on the head and take his he considered that at length but Fili ally gave up the idea for the time being. Maybe later if the Chance presented. Or maybe at new Channel Island he could glory maybe he could Man Euver theft to ride in the darkness right beside Luis Barro himself and Render a genuine service to the United states Border patrol hot Dawg a breathed Hope thinking it out in detail. Conference and served without rancor making friends for the United states and commanding the admiration of those who met him. His recent statement on foreign policy even though he does not completely agree with the president is another evidence of i admirable Devotion to our common country. Elal in taxation Quot and asserting that opposition to the Tux was spread a by those who have used corporations in the past to build up their own economic a year ago Congress modified the Law thus bringing on the president s famous speech at Arthurdale w. Va., when he turned an address to a High school graduating class into a defense of his Side glances by Galbraith a Posy for Alf Landon a Man whom defeat j six policies and asserted Quot the administration does could not sour in whom disappointment could Only bring out More strongly his Many admirable qualities. Not want Large closely held corporations making Large profits to lie used As a vehicle by the Small number of their owners in order to avoid legitimate income what people want i two of the most determined Hatchet men in ,. Washington got on Earh others Trail when ten most people Are not very ambitious. They a feb a Mckelly a and int Flor sew try Don t want very much. 1 icp5 clashed Over the personality and qua Ifica a Magazine cover brought it to mind. I finns of Ross Eakin superintendent of great showed a spotty Cluster of Little people before a Smoky mountains National Park Small town hardware store. They were All intent j Mcneilar charged that funds in a akm a office on onion sets and screen paint Lawn Mower had been mishandled Lekes investigated and announced that it was t so. Mcneilar tried to Amend the Interior department appropriation Bill to provide that Lakin should get no salary but the amendment was voted Down. Eakin has been in the National Park service for years. He was formerly superintendent of Glacier National Park. And when great Smoky was set up he was put in charge of it. Ickes likes to Point out that he cannot inquire into Eakins politics or the politics of Eakin s employees without violating civil service regulations. Mcneilar who complains that Eakin has hired Many republicans is popularly supposed to have obtained jobs on the government payroll for More people than any other Man in the Senate. On the floor his desk is beside that of majority Leader Barkley. Six weeks ago Lekes issued an order Transfer i my Eakin to Shenandoah National Park on the and cabbage plants. You could feel the Spring Sunshine smell the Chicken feed and fresh Earth. And that is what people want. A Little place to live in in peace and Putter in the Garden. Every time we Aee at this time of year of those pictures from Europe showing a vast sea of people gathered together at somebody orders we wonder How Many of them Are really thinking about onion sets. The supreme court i being asked to decide whether scotch must come from Scotland. Remember the Days when it used to come from american basements if you have a quarrel with your wife says a sociologist go out and kick a Radiator or an Ashcan. But professor a wife is much easier on theory that Mck Eilart a attacks had made Eakins the foot. I position in great Smoky highly uncomfortable Mother Mother to me to Haft a a wonderful word. To me it Means someone divine i cd Over into an old Arroyo and there never was a Mother More with a sudden dramatic Rush left f1ear> its old bed completely. For an As that wonderful Mother of mine hour it flooded a big Field then began slowly to eat out a new route. Soon it was Back in its regular course but removed a mile Down Stream. Meanwhile Silt and debris had completely dammed the upper end of the now waterless stretch. The result was that a piece of land nearly a mile Long and averaging 300 Yards in Width Lay now on the West Bank of the Rio whereas it had formerly lain on the East. This Oblong area was matted a new Channel Island a even though the River sold bed remained dry. There were some Large boulders on it and countless smaller rocks and Little patches of Trees scrubby like most of the growth in that Western arid zone. Hope Kildare had a Good mental picture of this place and As he Rode along in Barros cavalcade of aliens he realized anew that this new Channel crossing was Ideal for smugglers to Send Over their human contraband. The Island was Miles Down Stream from Elpaso or any other settlement. Yet it was relatively near a transcontinental Highway in Texas and near open Fields suit Able for air plane landings. More Over the terrain on the Eastern or american Side of the River was almost entirely Clear of Trees and rocks because a Farmer had cleaned it trying to make a dryland crop there. Abandoned now it still was Fiat Abd Barren and so held no place where Border patrol officers for instance might hide. Quot it Barros idea to Lead his men right to that River Bank where the water ii Broad and shallow enough for wading and Send them across a Hope was thinking again. Quot As usual he probably wont Croft himself even if he thought no officers were Over there. Hell play Safe. But this May be once where we hold a Trump card a a a Hope had kept a sent As he Rode. The cavalcade moving at a fast walk Rode four abreast and Hope mane Vered Hill horse to follow an inner Row the better to escape suspicious glances from Barro or Bas henchmen. Beside him now Rode two chinese and another Asiatic whose nationality he quite guess. None of them spoke either English or Spanish he discovered. Apparently they believed he was in his mexican disguise another of the aliens anxious to be sent across the International line. In the darkness he was simply another human term. A keep moving and make no unnecessary noise Quot Barro and his interpreter Gonzales urged the line of riders Riding up and Down speaking in Low voices. Quot no talking no breaking line. We can t j Hasni to married Quot afford to scatter. If strangers a of they do imitations at the party and you imitate me a Fri try nothing 1 flu hand a Don t repeat what i said to your father this i Hope Wasny to at All sure Why he that waft at hand of that to Ltd look ing out a window Over the City lights she tried to interest herself in the radio equipment. But it was futile. A i think i la walk outside a Lettl while a she told the operator. A but in a an Lou to know of any Hunt Quot yes a outside she paused for another moment of silence alone. Then with sudden snap decision so walked a Block and hailed it taxicab. To be continued news your dad read Tun years ago speakers at the meeting of the Meigs county women a Republican club were miss cad Whaley president mrs. L. J. Heiner Rutland mrs. M. E. Rathburn or. Ralph Windsor mrs. Oliver Hartley. When the radio Call for mobilization was sent out Sheridan Starr paused Only to drop a few More clips of ammunition in his pockets and to say a last word to Betty Mary. Listen. Yank a he had slipped into calling her that pet name a we re about to have some fun and i have a Hunch it May be the old rooting tooting two gun shooting variety before its done. You la naturally be jittery to know what happens so done to go to your hotel. Hang right Here you can doze in there on the old Couch of you like and the radio operator will Tell you everything that comes in. Every bit of news. Hell get every Telephone report and put everything on the air that needs to go. In be asked him to keep you posted right up to Quot but Sherry a a a it Sall right done to thank me. Just wanted it fixed so you a know it promptly when i Bat Down Luis Barros ears. Or get mine batted Down. Well Hellas a Popple a so Long a he was out the door whistling before she could get in a word of protest. He had been unusually sober of late seemed actually Happy now about the impending Battle Down the Rio Grande. His face had been More animated his eyes had held a Devilish teasing expression. The last thing she saw of him was a Wink and a Quick smile. And yet fear gripped her in that instant using steely hands. Dutifully she went Back to the radio room and sat Down. The operator was Busy and so ignored her until once he turned to say a a they re coming together by now at the appointed place. Ill Tell you when i learn anything a thank you kindly a she said. After that Abe just sat and thought. She tried to envision Sheridan Starr in action. By now he would be in a car. She wandered what car with whom. His teammate Hope was in Mexico. They had Long functioned As a Border patrol team. Would Sheridan be confused now without him Sheridan was fiercely Loyal to his Friend she knew. She admired loyalty. She envisioned Sherry s very Broad shoulders his Lithe Grace. He moved in an easy flow of muscle Quick effortless. His fact was at once refined and Strong his lips full his eyes deeply set his Chin chiselled As if by Tome sculptors tool. A the carried me across the River last night As of i were a baby she was thinking now. A i wonder Why he Hasni to already Why he or. And mrs. E. A. Cottingham and Little daughter Martha Isbell returned from spending the week end in Columbus. Plans were made for Iso men members of the Columbus manufactures and wholesalers association to visit Athens in a Good will tour. Thirty five kites made by members of the manual training last at the Athens High school Werft flown in a Kite Competition on North Hill. Twenty yearn ago More than 15,000 enlisted men doctors nurses arrived in new York aboard six transports. The Victory loan was dragging a in nearly every Section of the mrs. A. E. Price principal of the High school at new Vienna returned to her Home in Athens for the summer. Mrs will Lloyd Jones Eugenia Mae Liston received a Cable from her husband lieutenant Jones in the dental corps stationed in Russia saying that he would be Home in june. Headline a judgment Day Kaiser is near at hand.4 for or. J. L. Henry received a letter from his brother major w. H. Henry former Hamden physician who was at archangel Siberia. He told of temperatures 52 degrees below Zero and Reindeer for pulling sleds. Bidwell Porter to give play May to Bidwell a on May to the senior class of Bidwell Porter High school will present the play a College the following cast is announced Eugene Martin Virginia Sprague Earl Dabney Raymond Thomas Dorothy Rose Betty Evans Howard Cline Ches Ter Penney Clara Glassburn Paul Pullins Esther Stewart John Irwin Lawrence sheets Thelma Neal Mary Rife Frank Berry Columbus Wheeler Sara Thaxton Tom Clark. L. D. Fresh Orrt is sponsoring the play. Athlete so Columbia s. C. A the proprietor of a Small grocery her did no to mind losing the cigarettes and chewing tobacco thieves took from his store night. However he objected very much to the robbers having dumped a sack of for another half hour she sat sugar to a sack of Rice to get an there quietly but after that she empty bag to carry away their could stand it no lodger. She tried j loot. He spent several hours sifting to interest herself in a Magazine the two substances

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