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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Athens, Ohio Adele Garrison outrun ing author of n even paper serials i daily feature for thousands. Sty Athens messenger weather showers tonight and tuesday. Cooler tuesday and along Erie tonight. Ltd. 8. We the Bureau report vol. Xxxiv no. 140 Athens Ohio monday May 8, 1939 Thi United press three cents legislators faced with heavy work Columbus a up a gov a nor Bricker control of the general Assembly the Fate of his Relief program and plans for adjournment in the near future will be at stake tonight As the legislature reconvenes for its heaviest work since the regular session began. An Early Start was anticipated in the Job of driving a Relief program through the House and Senate under pressure from both the administration and business interests. The outcome was still in doubt on the key proposal to lower the vote requirement for passage of special real estate taxes. An intensive Campaign was carried on by business groups for this proposal Over the week end however and it was believed to have an even Chance for passage notwithstanding desperate opposition from farm interests. The joint Relief committee meets tonight and probably will recommend passage of a Bill incorporating administrative provisions for handling the biennial Relief program. Immediately thereafter the financing measures probably will be put into shape. If the proposal to lower the vote requirement for real estate levies from 65 per cent to a majority for 1939 and to 55 per cent in 1940 is Defeated the whole Relief plan May collapse adjournment plans will be scrambled and the legislature will be in danger of floundering about in definitely on the poor Relief problem. Figure not set a final decision is yet to be made on whether the annual Cost of the program shall be limited to $19,000,000 As the $318,000,000 general appropriation Bill now contemplates or come up to the $20,-000,000 figure set by the Relief committee. If the latter further cuts probably will have to be made in the $318,000,000 general appropriation Bill. Among suggested reductions were a Flat 2vt per cent Cut in a Tate employ yes salaries and a reduction in the $2,000,000 appropriation for the Public employees retirement fund. Once the Relief program is enacted the appropriation Bill can be passed and adjournment ordered without prolonged delay. Just now leaders Are hopeful the legislature can quit work May 19 or 20, but a decision must first be made on Relief plans. Besides the real estate voted proposal the administration plan for meeting local Relief Quot Matching needs would permit borrowing of 25 per cent of local Auto License tag Money and transfers of local funds including possible borrowing from local Highway Money for Relief purposes. There was some doubt however whether some License tag Money however already has not been encumbered for other purposes. Fires spread in Michigan Atlanta a Forest fires that have burned 100,000 acres of Rich Timber and farm land swept eastward across a 50-mile Square area in the northeastern tip of Michigan slower Peninsula today. A Force of 2,000 voluntary fire fighters and acc youths was driven Back on a dozen fronts by the flames that raced through the tinder dry area after three Days of devastation. Ray Hunt chief of the Forest service office Here said Only a heavy rain would Check the worst Forest fire in years in lower Michigan. There appeared to be no immediate Prospect of the much needed downpour. Diesa Terrestle Ashland a mrs. Rosebelle Cook who operated a Rooming House Here died two hours after being taken from her burning Home by fireman George Justice and patrolman Warren Rayburn today. Italo German pact causes no concern Washington put on one of its greatest shows for visiting president Somoza of Nicaragua. Upper right president Roosevelt and president Somoza Are shown As they ride together in Parade. Lower Birds Eye View of the procession Down Pennsylvania Avenue. Stedman forecasts important miners development contract soon in wage son of former prosecutor faces double murder charge Bricker names members of Pardon parole Board Columbus up a governor John w. Bricker to Tony pointed the new three member Pardon and parole commission and gave the Only full six year term to Lawrence o. Payne Cleveland negro councilman. Sold 7 pigs from this i Day and costing Only 30c just think a Low sales Cost of Only 4c for each pig Soldi i . Kos cheap if taken at once. Call Roy Noland. Phone 3 on is. R. A want and will reach Over 14,800 families living in Southeastern Ohio. Among these a Gnu will find ready Cash buyers for All livestock farm supplies and implements. Place an and today to sell what you done to want to set Cash to buy things that you o want. Market the easy Way that s the want and Way dial 0242 the governor reappointed judge Harrison w. Jewell of Delaware for a four year term and judge Emmett e. Everett former Allen county common pleas judge of Lima a Democrat for a two year term. Both Payne and judge Jewell Are republicans. Judge Jewell was the Only member of the old parole Board abolished by an administration Ripper Bill recently to be reappointed. The governor said that judge Jewell was his Choice for chairman of the new commission. Salaries of the members Are $6,000 a year each. After today a initial staggered appointments All terms of members will be for six years. The governor said the appointments would be sent to the Senate for confirmation tonight. He anticipated speedy approval. He announced that he expected to sign the Ripper Bill abolishing the tax commission within a Day or so. Finance director William s. Evatt was reported under consideration for appointment to the new position of tax commissioner. Former members of the parole Board were mrs. Myrna Smith Kent Secretary to former governor Davey Bishop Ransom judge Jewell and Frank Sotak Cleveland. West Virginia will try Trio Fairmont w. A. A a three accused Missouri Bank bandits and a woman companion who won their fight against removal to Missouri today were held in the county jail Here awaiting grand jury action on a charge of stealing an automobile at Irwin pa., and transporting it to Wheeling w. A. Heavily guarded the four prisoners were taken Here sunday from Wheeling where Federal judge William e. Baker saturday refused to order their removal to Missouri on grounds the indictment accusing them of robbing a Bank at Avilla mo., failed to allege an offence against the Federal government. The Rhen escaped from the Neosho mo., jail taking the girl along with them officers said. Girls a parents object to marriage to Ickes Chicago a a the honeymoon of Robert h. Ickes age 25, Foster son of Secretary of the Interior Harold l. Ickes and the former Marcelle Charlotte Levine age 19, was clouded today by objections from the brides family. The couple eloped and were married saturday night at a methodist episcopal Church parsonage at Lisbon o. The brides brother Bernard disclosed the marriage last night. He said his family had opposed the couples Romance during the four years she had been acquainted with Ickes goes South by United press announcement of a military Alliance Between Italy and Germany caused Little concern in most european capitals today. On the contrary it was regarded As Likely to promote a settlement of Germany a claims on Poland without military Force. Belgian quarters pointed out that Italy is opposed to military action by Germany against Poland and would not enter such a pact of Germany planned to use Force. In Paris. It was believed Premier Benito Mussolini May seek a peaceful solution now that he is in a military Alliance with his Axis partner Adolf Hitler. Germany however pursued its usual course in preparation for wringing concessions from another country. The nazi press in hailing the Axis agreement intensified its attacks on Poland demanding that terrorism against Germany be halted at once. Hermann Wilhelm Goering a National 2>itung of Essen said. A one asks whether Poland will continue to simulate readiness to negotiate while at the same time allowing the rape of germans in Pom Rellen Posen and Silesia. A Warsaw will have to decide whether it wants to create a situation where it is a question of an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth. If the poles answer in the affirmative by continuing acts of violence against germans then Germany would act France rejects demands London reported that Mussolini entered the military Alliance Only after France had rejected an apparent invitation to Settle his Mediterranean informed sources said Mussolini demanded no territory but asked two seats for Italy on the governing Board of the Suez canal a free port for Italy at Djibouti Gateway to Ethiopia a new arrangement regarding the French railway from Djibouti to Addis Ababa and a new arrangement on the status of italians in French Tunisia. An encouraging word came from Madrid where the italian and German troops were preparing Togo Home Aud Gen. Francisco Franco took the first step towards de mobilizing 1,000,000 men he has under arms. The foreign troops were expect Washington a one de to Start Home immediately af-1 got nations in the dispute Between Ter the Madrid Quot Victory Parade to Quot. Be held within the next two weeks International Oil companies and negotiations mrs. James c. Ayer above socially prominent new York widow of or. James c. Ayer wealthy surgeon was named As smuggler by u. S. Customs agents. Solution near in mexican Oil lands dispute in the War in China japanese troops and air planes started a general offensive in Northern Supeh province seeking to annihilate a chinese Force of 20,000 under Gen. Tang in to which is the main chinese Force in the fifth War zone. British to ban Dukes speech London a a the British broadcasting company which controls radio programs in this country decided today to Boycott a speech which the Duke of Windsor is scheduled to make from Verdun tonight. Officials of the company after a hurried meeting decided not to rebroadcast the speech regarding it As untimely coming when the King and Queen Are on the Atlantic bound on their peace Mission to America. Thousands of British listeners who have Short wave sets probably will be Able to pick up the speech u. S. Ambassador to Argentina is Norman Armour former envoy to Chile and minister to Canada. He succeeds Alex Ander Weddell new ambassador to Spain a Franco government. Youthful Bride admits a dare slaying of mate Cincinnati a a a 16-year-old Bride mrs. Blanche tinker told police today that she shot her husband fatally a after he Der de her mrs. Tinker was quoted by police that she thought the safety catch on a pistol would prevent the gun from firing when her husband of More than a year Harold tinker 20, was wounded fatally last night. Before he died in a Hospital tinker insisted that he shot himself. Bricker says Cut is not contemplated Columbus a a at a press conference today governor Bricker denied reports that a horizontal 2 Viper cent salary reduction for state employees had been contemplated As a solution to the state financial problem. The governor admitted How Ever that a 2% per cent reduction in the appropriations for salaries in the budget Hill had been Dis cussed. This possibility he said would not necessarily mean a Defi Nite reduction in All salaries. Mexico Over the mexican governments expropriation of Oil lands have reached a stage where an agreement is possible it was Learned today. Although settlement was not definitely assured the United press was informed that a relatively Quick showdown was almost certain. The basis of adjustment sought was understood to be for management and operation of the properties by their former owners but with sufficient mexican government participation to avoid an actual restoration of property. Such a settlement would be achieved by Long term contract definitely establishing the labor tax and related obligations of the foreign management both immediately and by machinery to be established for the future. Knoxville Tenn. A up Robert m. Burgunder jr., age 22, son of a wealthy and cultured family who Learned about crime while his father was a prosecuting attorney will be returned to Arizona today to be charged with two murders. Burgunder awaited the arrival of Arizona authorities calmly. Tall Well poised with an excellent command of words he would say Only Quot you got me he is charged with murdering two men Jack Peterson age 35, and Ellis m. Koury age 24, near Phoenix april 30, for a new automobile and a few dollars. Peterson and Koury were automobile salesmen. They took a Prospect out for a demonstration in a new machine and were never seen again. Their tidies were found in the desert near Phoenix last week. Both had been bound then shot. The suspect attended sunday school in Johnson City Tenn., yesterday morning and when he walked out of the Church the sheriff grabbed him he had arrived in the Tennessee Mountain town the Day before driving an automobile since identified As that of Peterson and Koury. He took a room in a townsman a House saying he intended entering the state teachers College there. Near mayor s Home the House he had chosen Wab Only a few doors from the Home of mayor Marlon sell of Johnson City. He noticed the Arizona License tag on Burgunder a car and having read of the Arizona murders in a newspaper called the sheriff. Burgunder apparently went to Johnson City to continue hit educate. He had been a student in the Arizona state teachers College near Phoenix where he had distinguished himself As a Campus journalist a Public speaker of eloquence and with an essay on a the perfect Burgunder jr., was convicted several years ago in Seattle of theft and sentenced to the state reformatory. His father got him paroled after he had served a part of his term and sent him to the Arizona College so he could get Quot a fresh Start Quot in a new environment where his first Quot mistake Quot would not be known and held against him. Slew two file Federal charge in a clippers probe Cleveland a a Dan t. Moore regional director for the securities and Exchange commission announced today that an application filed in Federal court at Dayton charged Christian w. Beck of Cleveland and others with the Sale of unregistered securities in connection with Sale of Quot Nassau clippers shares. Sale of the boat interests has been under investigation by the Ohio securities division for several weeks. Poison liquor deaths probed Covington a the Federal alcohol tax unit today investigated the deaths of five men from what authorities said was denatured alcohol poisoning. Police chief Alfred Schwid of Covington said he believed that Poison liquor had been bottled and sold some place in Northern Kentucky. He ordered All available officers into the investigation. Aubrey Keeney Northern Kentucky alcohol tax investigator said he believed the deaths were caused by Wood alcohol. He said tracing the Supply would he difficult because Quot most of the witnesses seem to be Heads officers Columbus a major r. Jamison Field artillery Reserve resolutions of g of c. Hit by Harry Hopkins Washington a a Secretary of Commerce Harry l. Hopkins declared today that the resolutions passed at last weeks u. S. Chamber of Commerce meeting were unnecessarily gloomy and unwarranted in the face of improving business conditions. He was asked what he thought of the chamber of Commerce resolutions which called for repeal of the wage hour act liberalization of tax Laws and modifications of Many other new Deal measures. Quot not much a he snapped. A they certainly spread a lot of gloom around town. A to read them it would seem that apparently some of them done to believe in this economic system. They certainly sound pessimistic and none of this pessimism is warranted on the basis of indications of business improvement on a Good Many Robert Burgunder jr., above age 22, student at Arizona state teachers College in Phoenix ariz., prison parolee and son of former prosecuting attorney of King s county in the state of Washington is held for murder of two automobile salesmen in Arizona desert. Japs and Axis Powers Likely to sign pact Tokyo a War minister Gen. Seishiro Itagaki said today that Japan May conclude a military agreement with Germany and Italy. The Domei news Agency gave out the following statement by the War minister Quot the moral spirit which animated the anti comintern pact is deeply rooted. Therefore if Germany and Italy desire it is not impossible that Japan will conclude a military agreement with the Axis Gen. K. Koiso overseas minister said Quot it is inconvenient and dangerous for Germany and Italy to exer it Cise their National policy in the face of encirclement by other Powers without seeking the full co operation of Japan which is the greatest Power in East Neutral observers considered the statements intended for Home consumption. Al linked to manufacturers former manager Dies Akron a Homer c. Camp-1h Bell age 58, who in 1922 served As of Cleveland was elected president Akron a Only City manager died of i of the Ohio department of the a heart attack in Cleveland yester-1 Reserve officers association yes Day. Ter Day. Corporate Heads take reductions in salaries Washington a Oil a Only two Industrial leaders received salaries in excess of $200,000 last year it was revealed today in annual corporation reports for 1938 filed with the securities and Exchange commission. Walter Gifford president of the american Telephone amp Telegraph co., received $209,350 and Robert c. Stanley chairman of the Board of International Nickel co., of Canada ltd., was paid $204,700. The annual reports for last year from the motion picture Industry which paid highest salaries in 1937, were lacking. General motors corporation executives took Sharp reductions from the previous year both in salaries and bonuses. In 1938, William s. Knudsen president was paid $124,465 in salary and a Bonus of 1,767 shares of common Stock valued at $69,248. The previous year his salary totalled $140,380 and he received a $166,820 Bonus in Stock. Charles f. Kettering vice president received $81,173 in Sal Federal Relief program lauded by la Guardia Washington a a mayor Fiorello h. Laguardia of new York testifying before the House spa investigating committee praised the Federal Relief program today As a the american Way of dealing with unemployment and said its discontinuance would be Laguardia appeared As the opening witness for the United states conference of mayors of which he is chairman. He headed a delegation of eight City executives invited before the House committee. The bulk of which already Are on Ary and a Bonus of 1,286 shares of file with the Sec indicated that common Stock at $39.19 a share in the 1938 business recession result a 1938 As compared with $95,120 and de in salary cuts for most Cor j 3,400 shares of common at $34.61 to rate officials. Complete reports a share in 1937, chinese women troops in drive on japanese Hong Kong a a division of chinese women troops trained by mme. Pai Chung Hsi wife of a famous chinese general has opened an offensive against the japanese concentrated at Sunui in Kwangung provinces chinese sources reported today. The women it was said co operated with chinese men forces in the outskirts of the town after claiming the capture of Kiang Kow and pans Hui strategic Points near Sun jul Washington a the Congress of Industrial organizations made Public today a copy of a letter purporting to link Gilbert h. Montague prominent new York lawyer Colby m. Chester general foods corporation head and Joseph a. Padway american federation of labor counsel in the preparation of the Al Wagner act amendments. The letter allegedly signed by Montague and addressed to Chester said that a a judge Way has now asked me confidentially to prepare for him draft amendments of the act covering the. Points on which he has now received instructions from the aft executive Padway declined comment on the letter before resuming his testimony before the Senate education and labor committee which is conducting hearings on proposed labor Law changes. Blue Pencil club elects Bellefontaine Man head Columbus a Dalton a. Young of the Bellefontaine examiner today became president of the Blue Pencil club of Ohio newspaper menus organization. Other officers chosen at the annual club meeting Here sunday were Stanley j. Morris of the Ironton Tribune vice president and Norval Neil Luxon of the Ohio state University journalism school Secretary. New York a up a j5hn r. Stedman head of the u. S. Conciliation act vice said today a there May be an important development before the end of the Day in connection with the deadlocked contract negotiations for the soft Coal Industry. Stedman refused to amplify the remark which he made at the end of the morning session Between representatives of the United mine workers of America and appalachian Coal operators. He said the negotiations would remain in recess until 3 p. In. He had been in telephonic communication with Washington at intervals during the Forenoon and it was assumed that his conversations had some bearing on the expected Quot important Steelman also was keeping in close touch with Secretary of labor Frances m. Perkins who is in new York As Well As with the White House. Miss Perkins was not expected to visit the conference. A new Ray of Hope for Early settlement of the negotiators differences was seen in a new plan offered sunday by Steelman. Leaders of both the miners and operators factions called off sundays scheduled conference to study the proposal. Terms not known terms of Stedman proposal have not been made known but it is believed that he has found some device outside the closed shop Tor protecting the miners against anti Union activities on the part of operators. Meanwhile the United states chamber of Commerce contemplated taking a hand in the dispute. Or. James h. Green Vic president of the Pittsburgh chamber said today a Elf president Roosevelt can to remedy the situation organized business must do it appeared probable that the development forecast by Steelman would be another communication from president Roosevelt who on saturday urged the negotiators to effect a speedy settlement in the Public interest. The negotiators themselves it was understood were As far apart As Ever on the unions closed shop demands. Mayor f. H. Laguardia of new York meanwhile was in Washington to Confer with or. Roosevelt regarding the Coal shutdown which forced the City a rapid transit companies to curtail subway service 20 to 25 per cent. Steelman had held separate conferences with the negotiators yesterday and talked with the joint conferees today. He declined comment. Except to draw attention to a pertinent part in or. Roosevelt a Appeal which said Quot the Public interest is Paramount and above that of any the president added Quot i caution the negotiators of both sides to keep this in or. Roosevelt said the processes of collective bargaining should be sufficient to bring about an agreement and declared the differences did not appear insurmountable. The Supply of bituminous Coal above ground has become so Short that already several industries and municipal services were curtailed. It was feared that the shortage would grow into a famine of not relieved by the end of this week. President discusses Coal deadlock with legislators Washington a a president Roosevelt today discussed the deadlock in the soft Coal Industry in an hour Long conference with his legislative leaders. Neither the White House nor the conferees would comment on specific nature of the discussions. As a consequence of the fuel shortage caused by the deadlock the interstate Commerce commission today authorized six emergency freight rate schedules to facilitate distribution of emergency rations of Coal to vital Public services. The rates covered shipments of Coal Over new routes made necessary by the fuel shortage. The commission authorized railroads to put the new rates into effect on one Days notice instead of the usual 30 Days. Dem Leader Dies Columbus a Grover c. Maxwell age 53, Active in Ohio democratic politics and an unofficial adviser to several governors was found dead in his hotel room Here sunday night. Begin final phase of methodist unification Kansas City a a conferees uniting the three branches of the methodist Church into one organization of 8,000,000 members began the final phases of their work today. Faced by the necessity of completing the reorganization of methodism by wednesday night delegates scheduled three business sessions daily and announced that Junior chamber elects j hereafter they would devote their Cleveland Wilbur t. Blair energies to laying the foundation Youngstown attorney today be for consolidating various agencies came president of the Ohio Junior i rather than trying to map out de chamber of Commerce. Tailed programs

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