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Athens Messenger Newspaper Archives Jun 18 2015, Page 4

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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Athens, Ohio Pair. I i Lii ii Xhon. Jiing is a Joi. Iii. Xiii a tis or a ii to established 1825quicho route 33 North and Johnson Road Athens Ohio 45701 740 592-6612 email letters to the editor to . Com Monica nieporte. President Joe Higgins editor h co Wendy Van sickle design editor a vans cd to up ens messenger com Pete Dennis advertising director Isles it Ensyne Sheriger com Ike Weiss production manager use is then messenger come Dirohi a. Our doughnut. It s no inn crust to kill urn Menean have Cut their m i inept Iii of so i i is v Ouss fats by 85 no i Man ated Labelling. Consumers prefer is and v Han pcs by of a xxx Priluk cts hut the Tai in no he i a s us lie i x it xxi and a of Ftp make on ifs Promise it Haft added we that could save of lives Ope anti fives because fac a re me vex i Sive. Tav solid Al mom temperature and they give a flak texture i his is Why iou still find them Ake mixes sprinkles and of taxis at some Chain has Fried Chicken and red i ohs Era a Cheddar be Wnm traits fats were la ii the i a w Hen reseat i Lenace Thev boost Lin a be less harmful than d them to he an Loie Sterol and lower \ tot Sibai ceded Foi the Sank reason that Lead needs it be banned i on a of i he Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sci Lions that the i d v proposed tuesday could eventual prevent 20jd00 and of deaths per Vear the pattern a it estimates residents a t u vhf banned ?.us at restaurants m nil. And of new Ork k it. W hich did the same in 3wnk, Are better Oft for it the new rec Tine will forbid xxx makers from adding ans artificially hydrogenated oils to of pants will have three years to phase them out Pax act s with natural to curing trails Tat cows have mime in their stomachs As a digestive Aid is milk and meat have tiny a int hints a will remain 01 she Send companies w ill be Able it petition the Foa Tor individual exceptions the Agene will need to be very sceptical of these requests and Consumers should keep a careful eve on the nutrition labels of to mils that used to contain trails Tats As Tinl companies Max be tempted to substitute butter lard or other additives that a unhealthful i his kind of Protection for cardiovascular health would be Worth a Little loss to taste tit the tix xes that have been processed with trails fats. But lodging from the experience of companies from Mcdonald a to Quaker outs that have a tread sloped using them. Consumers probably \ new what makes a heavy Drinker by froma Harrop of t be of a Quot it or but what do these researchers mean by heavy drinking a wine Lover must of for a woman. Head y drinking is defined As More than one class it w inc a Dav for men. Its More than two. Other definitions of heavy drinking use similar measures but hmm in a often a heavy Drinker by these lights but not by in lights Manx Days. Pii have two glasses of wine occasional. Ill have three i Don t think that s a big Deal and i done to see myself in an kind of denial. Is the frenchwoman who takes a Glass of Rose is us lunch and a cabernet at dinner a a heavy Drinker Quot and it she should add an aperitif before dinner and a dash of Cognac when the meal ends two hours later a that is consume four alcoholic beverages in the course of 24 hours Din s that make her a Quot Binge Drinker As Man would define her even doctors pointing to the cardiac benefits of moderate Eon sumption urge people to not Start drinking for health reasons Well. Why not. Unless the person is and dieted to alcohol other health adults should be Able to split a bottle of w me w us a Friend without being told the Are headed to the Gutter. Somewhere in our society a gut lives the notion of alcohol As inherent evil. When experts talk about the one drink a Day limit fora ignore vast differences in the sizes Ages and health conditions of the sisterhood a members. Quot i can to drink anything a my 90-year old aunt Shirley told me during a recent dinner out. A but would you like another Glass of w flite Quot aunt Shirley has Only 102 pounds on her but a ton of w Wisdom. Even getting tips now and then should to the Drinker n own business assuming that he or she does t then drive on that subject campaigns against Drunken driving have succeeded in Sharp reducing alcohol fuelled fatalities on the Road. I Tortu Natl. The Modem Dav Temperance movement has gotten into its head that the a to push these numbers still lower is to make alcoholic beverages More expensive through higher taxes in truth the dangerous Drivers Are typically alcoholics with repeated arrests and Winn alcohol Levels that Are double the Legal maximum or More l Hev Are not real sensitive to the Price of the substance promoting higher prices As a response to Campus Binge drinking is also a non solution the problem of students Downing rot gut until the pass out is not just of too much alcohol but of tin Little civilization ii Anear to Rancho editor in chief of slow wine Magazine touched on this in his criticisms of a european Union plan to discourage Binge drinking with minimum prices and regulated alcoholic percentages. His big complaint was it lumped artisanal wines with Industrial premixed alcohol beverages. A without he drink poorly and we done to even enjoy ourselves because we gulp Dow ii rubbish Quot faxes on alcohol Are. Of course. Regressive. I he Beer Institute an Industry Trade group reports that Beer drinkers pay $5.6 billion a year Iii hidden excise taxes alone a hidden because they Are levied at the brewery. Low and Middle income americans Are Beers chief Consumers. Hie Institute estimates that households earning less than $50,000 per year pay halt of Beer taxes. The Battle is on to define moderate drinking. It that Means dishing out the same guidelines to a Skinny Nancy Reagan at 95 and a Large Melissa Mccarthy at 44. Then they re not going to say much. Rachel Dolezal proud to an s Rac i Al woman comment in Cleveland heartache at Cavaliers loss but also Hope by Kevin Truong Oakland. Calif. Celebrated a pro Tensional title tuesday night something that had not happened in 26 years not since the a a won the earthquake naked Bas area world series in i9s9 with the Colden stale warriors ending that drought As newly minted National basketball association champions Oakland now vacates the Slot of second most Lon Suttor my american City with at least three major pro teams i he top spin. Of course remains unchanged. Much has been written a by hit Cleveland s title drought none of Cleveland s football baseball or basketball teams has won a title since the Brown Quot beat the then Baltimore Colts in 1964 for the National football league Cham priv ship yes. That was before the invention of the super bowl on tuesday Clev Elanders got a front a it a seat to another season of misery As the warriors clinched the title on the Cleveland Cavaliers Home court surely the despair ran through Cleveland As wide As the Cuya hoga River surely seeing Cleveland s nearest Cousin in Long suffering Clinch a title on the shores of i Ake i no added to the bitterness. Right maybe True the Cavaliers loss to the warriors brought heartache and extended Clev Elanders record breaking use of wait til next year a but not All losses Are created equal and for some Clev Elanders this one has come with no Small amount of to the Joy of seeing veal son 1.xbam James Back in a Cavaliers uniform this year when it seemed he had left forever in 2010 to join the Miami heat. The Joy of seeing him put to Gether. By some measures the most remarkable finals performance in basketball history i he Joy of simply making if this tar despite season ending injuries to three of the team s five starters and just maybe the Joy thinking that a wait til next actually might he Tnie this time Quot for Caw fans these playoffs and then finals in particular have been the most joyous raucous and hopeful Heartbreak a fan base accustomed to such pain has Ever wrote slate s Rachael i an More for the past halt Century. Cleveland s it jux a its history has been punctuated most prominently by moments of failure a the drive and the a a the Fumble encapsulate improbable Browns losses in the 1987 and 1988 acc championship games a i he shot was Michael Jordan s first indelible moment and came at the expense of the Cavaliers in the 1989 Aba playoffs a analysis done by the website the to and 3. W High looked at cities w us teams in at least three of the big four professional leagues football baseball basketball and hockey and weighed play off appearances. Playoff series wins and championship w is put Cleveland at nil i on its Quot misery Index other cities have teams that might rank higher on a misery Index like the Chicago cubs not winning the world series since 1908, the Toronto Blue jays not making the playoffs since 1993. But the Cross town Chicago White sox won the world series in 2005 not to mention Chicago won six basketball tules in the 1990s under Jordan and has won three of the past six Stanley cup hockey titles. And the last time the Blue jays were in the playoffs they were winning the second of Hack to Back world series titles Cleveland frankly Hasni to come very close to breaking us drought the Browns Haven t made it bask to the in i title game 1965, when Thev lost to the Green hav packers. 23 12 the a a Ailers Only other finals appearance in history was in 2007 before or James left for Miami and they lost to the san Antonio spurs 4 games to 0 major i Cague baseball s indians came closest losing to the Florida marlins in extra innings of the seventh game of the 1917 world series in their Only other trip to the world series during the City in title drought the indians lost to the at Anta braves. 4 games to 2. In 1995 in that context even the Digap Jhent Man of the Cav so loss tuesday comes As something As a High water Mark to w in two games against a loaded warriors team with a cast of role players and to he Able to watch the Hest basketball player on the planet do his thing nightly brightened the disappointment with no Small drop of Pride in the finals. James did something no player has Ever done he led both teams in scoring rebounding. And assists there was serious talk of Hun winning the most valuable player award even in defeat. Bring Back James s injured cast of supporting characters and the a suit could have been very different. Cleveland area resident Jim Nichols says he has been a Cleve land so this Tan for about 50 years. In other words since about the last time anyone in his town won any thing. But even on the morning after his latest loss. He is a by buoyant there s always the fear that it s not going to Nichols says Quot but i think that if Cleveland forgets about the curse and just Gix a about its business then a championship vill come our Quot i think it the Cavaliers arc All healthy then take the championship next year a he says. Before adding w us a chuckle Quot but i Don t count on it Quot Neil Young to Donald Trump Stop rocking by Jessica Mendoza Christian science Monitor i Ess than a Day after launching his presidential Campaign. Donald Trump May already be hitting the wrong notes or Trump announced his candidacy tuesday to the sound of Ned Young s 19x9 hit Quot Rockin in the free hut Trump had no Jet Mission to use the song said Elliot Roberts. Young s manager i he incident makes the real estate tycoon the latest candidate to butt Heads with a musician about song copyright in a Campaign a Donald Trump was not authorized to use a rocking in the free Roberts said in a statement. Quot Neil Young a Canadian citizen is a supporter of us senator and democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for a Campaign spokesperson said that Trump a fan of Youngs music despite their differing views used the song legally through a licensing Deal with the american society of composers. Authors and publishers escape a performance rights group. Rolling Stone reported. But asap noted that in some cases using a song for political Pur a rises requires a Campaign to reach out to the song s publisher and the artist s record Label Quot the Laws Are i he Washington Post s Emily Heil wrote. Quot it May be it a to use a song in one setting like a convention Cen Tor. Hut taboo in another. How much of the song they use also could be an Issue a and even when a Campaign does get copyright permission artists can still object to the use of their music under other Laws that protect their Brand or image or ban implications of endorsement in this Trump joins a string of politicians whose unauthorized song use has led to awkward headlines and. Iii some cases Legal action. Former president George w Bush used Tom Petty a i won t Back Down Quot during Public appearances for his 2000 Campaign until the musicians publisher sent a cease and desist order that said the use of the song implied an endorsement that Petty would not give. Time re pitied in 2008. The rink duo heart complained about the John Mccain Sarah Palm Campaign s use of their 1977 classic a Barracuda a telling entertainment weekly that the song was written As a Quot scathing rant against the soulless corporate nature of the music business particularly for women. In Here a irony in Republican strategists Choice to make use of during that same Campaign musician John Mellencamp asked or Mccain to Stop using his songs a your country Quot and Quot Pink instead joining in mix rat in candidate John Edw Ards at one of ins rallies. In 2011. Lorn Petty again sent a cease and desist letter this time to former Minnesota representative Michele Baehmann for her use of his 1977 hit a american girl Quot at a presidential Campaign rally in their 2012 campaigns. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich also had to Stop using a Eye of the i Iger Quot by survivor and a Wasin Flag Quot by somali c acadian musician k Naan after the artists raised copyright issues. The new York times reported. The list goes on. And in most eases the musicians involved were As upset about the message their songs were made to Send As about unlawful use. Quot i got a Al Ihl of twitter messages from people who assumed that it was All True that i was now a supporter of Mitt Romney \ Campaign a Kenaan told the times. A to for immigrants in a for a xxi people and they done to seem to be what he a endorsing. My song being his v in tory song did no to seem quite

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