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Athens Messenger (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Athens, Ohio In \2 i liar Sliv. Jinn i s. 2 u a i or i lit ii mrs ii r Xvi owl news in Bhikku Obama top republicans mount Quick. Bipartisan Rescue operation on president s track Agenda Yvo Ash i no i a vi1 president Barack Obama Ami lop republicans in Congress joined Force Quot wednesday pm a Quick bipartisan Rescue attempt for the Klutinis tettion Quot Trade Agenda left for dead in the hound la Quot neck in a revolt earned inn Binu Vrat Quot and backed by organized labor officials said the Republican controlled Hooe would sole thur Quot a it pm a stand Akrc Bill to give Obama the enhanced negotiating authority the cock Quot a Quot part of an Effort to Complete a 12-nation Trade Deal with Pacific run countries in add it icon. House speaker John Biehner and Senate a fonts i Cader Milch met a on be 11 issued a finn pledge that the Republican controlled t ingress will pass legislation a in .1 time manner providing continued Aid ice workers whee ices their jobs because of import a key demand of let Emo rats Wili Al How Arm the Das he Masi at the Vav hire House. Obama held a pair of meetings with pro Trade i voc rat to try to find up their support for the Rescue strategy sessions scheduled so hastily that the us a place a Quot to before the annual White House picnic for Law nude a there Are times where people have agreements but i Hope that events like ultimately we re All on the same team. Team Obama said in Brief remark Quot at he Amene prosecutor worker charged with helping inmates escape discussed hav ing them kill Lier husband pm att sol Roh \ y a a woman charged with helping two convicted murderers escape from a maximum Secundy facility where she worked had discussed have them kill her husband a District atom cd confirmed wednesday Clinton county District attorney Andrew Wylie said at a news conference that Joyce Mitchell had talked to inmates Richard Matt and David sweat about killing her husband. I vie. Who also works at the Clinton Correct Kina facility in Dannemora near the i acadian Border sweat and Matt escaped from the i a car old prison on june of and remain on the Lam Joyce Mitchell a prison tailoring Quot hop instructor is to befriended the inmates was arrested june 12 i vie Mitchell arrived at the state police Barracks in Malone with i Quot attorney late wednesday morning to talk to audion tics. The press Republican of Plattsburgh reported Pentagon chief says iraqi forces training goal will not be met due to Lack of recruits w Ashing i on a Hie i s will fall was it Hort of meeting it Quot goal of training 24.nt> iraqi Force to tight islamic state militants by Tho Tail. Defense secretory quoth Carter said wednesday on Capitol Hill 1 tical of the Obama adm Misti in the Mideast Carter told the House am i s has received of nov ennui in addition to about 2xxx be lawmakers Are already see s St Rajeev to address threat j serv ices committee that the recruits to train about 7.ooo a service personnel a your training efforts m Iraq have thus far been slowed by a tack of trainees we Quot Impi Haven t received enough recruits. Carter said at a nearly three hour hearing Carter said the train and equip Mission in Syria also lacks enough trainees to fill existing training Sites primarily because it s difficult to make sure the recruits Are people who can be a hinted on and Are not aligned with groups like is at amp to tined is Oom for throttling customers with unlimited data company vows to fight Washington it a at amp to mobility i c has been slapped with a record ski million Tine Tor uttering Consumers a unlimited data. But then slowing their internet speeds Atter they reached a certain amount the company says it will fight the charges the Federal communications commission said wednesday thai the company misled Consumers into buy my plans they believed would give them unlimited ability to Send and receive data. Including web browsing Gas navigation and streaming v Ideo. But Onee the consumer hit a certain level the data on unlimited plans would be slowed Down significantly at speeds lower than advertised the acc said at amp to said it would a vigorously dispute the Tine. Which was the largest proposed in acc history if at amp to can pros Ide evidence that the acc allegations Are wrong the Fine could be reduced otherwise if at a i refuses to pay. It possible the two sides w ill w my up in court a the act has specifically identified this practice As a legitimate and reasonable Way to manage network resources for the Benefit of All customers and has known for years that All of the major carriers use the company said in a statement released to reporters a we have been fully transparent with our customers. Providing notice in multiple ways and going Well beyond the acc disclosure its not unusual for phone companies to slow. Or a throttle a speeds on a network As a Way to manage congestion. Verizon slows Down speeds for its heaviest users but Only on certain smartphones when there is congestion once the bottleneck eases speeds return to Normal. Runaway Tiger mauls Man to death in Tbilisi alter flood wrecks zoo animal count still unclear Tbilisi Georgia apr a Tiger that broke let a it be after severe flix Ling at the Tbilisi Zyx it mauled a Man to death in the georgian capital before being shot by police wednesday a Day after officials said All the Ixia a tigers had died. Xxi director Surab Guric Lidzy acknowledged he was to blame for releasing faulty information and said new counts indicated a Tiger cub and a Hyena could still be on the Loose. Die City has remained on Edge w Ith runaway predators reportedly seen by some residents. The Interior ministry in the former soviet Republic said the Tiger was hiding at an abandoned factory that had been turned into a construction Market when he attacked the Man wednesday. The victim who worked at the Market later died of his wounds at a Hospital. A we entered the depot and. Suddenly a White Tiger rushed out of an adjacent room and attacked one of the workers jumping at his Throat and mauling colleague Alexander Shaw Bulash Iii told the associated press. A we broke the window of another room to flee. And the sound of breaking Glass must have scared it and it ran away. Police commandos rushed to the site and killed the Tiger. Today Friday saturday sunday monday i xxx ill t storm so a it t a Stormy t storm i of Civ y to storm Laxy f to shot in by 84 67 81 65 84 69 of �>4 co col Ivy fat i hmm tfx i Bmat asst Hwy Aal am i ital to % he r i Abmd Nuuma i Al or a i or a vat of met twi in Ackt Xvi of try vat it Fri theft Tai statute Van twu in i int a it Altin his of oath i a Ivor imitation arts Cwm Lulu ftps Towl suet Ludo Tiu Chari Toledo of i to hand Nim i amp or a i Sib Tho ton Columbus 4 min Athens .-mm., 7 _ hubs Frankfurt i it Vinton n t 71 Parkersburg Hait Mark Donn is a a a o a i ii Chu ail h i in in Sill i a w \ i the s2 is t a Yolk n Van Cebu 1 pc or it in 2 Hilo we 74 Bush in 4 i 72 Saju i amp n 1 a Ishi Niclo it a a. In a 73 i 6 of a in 37 pm morn to i p sex presidential candidates lean on Well funded outside groups Washington i a Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Rodham c Linton Are asking donors to w ate the checks to get their campaigns started be these a new Quot candidates have been fueling their presidential ambitions for months a years in Clintonn Case thanks to in inside get hips that w ill continue serving As big Money Bank accounts throughout the race in the 2016 presidential Field creative financing la. Win. K a to i Imon. A Hile donors can give a maximum $2,700 apiece per election to their favorite candidate Date s Campaign the presidential contenders offer generous supporters plenty of other options outside group Quot that can accept checks of unlimited size include personalized super Pac that. While barred from directly coordinating with candidates Are often filled with their trusted friends there Are also a dark Money nonprofit policy groups that keep contributors secret super Pac working exclusively to help individual presidential candidates appeared on the scene in the last race w Ith restore or future supporting Republican nominee Mitt Romney and priorities i a boosting president Barack Obama one 2012 super pal. Funded almost entirely by i As vegas Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Kept Newt Gingrich of limit in the Republican nomination contest by spending millions of dollars on television ads promoting him and attacking other candidates. This time. The influence of those kinds of groups will increase a by a huge Factor Quot said Spencer Zwy Lek. The chief fundraiser for Romney a super pics in 2012 were still not talked about by the Campaign he said not so in 201b a you literally have the same leadership group that s running a super funding a National Campaign while rules govern fundraising and disclosure for candidates and parties a confusing Cluster of organizations with names straight out of the u s tax code can raise and spend freely to get their preferred candidate elected or their pet Issue heard a4 amounts n Fly in or -s01cp Powk a Dreadon group a Mucia social wat Tara group official 5up�,>r if Campaign Pac 527-iau# a. I i rot Fulci pm Attoh advocacy Pontic Al action group Pach Sotico group donor data to la Soi pm group sup Pac to Long a Carid Date 527 group Pac that will then run the Campaign or vice versa a Federal f Lection commis Sion c chairwoman Ann Ravel called it a Vav lid West atmosphere. Fostered by the 2010 supreme court decision in the citizens i listed ease that pm pow ered outside groups to take in and spend unlimited sums she argues this system is insufficiently policed by her political dead linked Agency the Campaign finance watchdog group de mix racy 21 has filed complaints against Many of the candidates working with super pacy its president. Fred Wertheimer. Sees Quot All sorts of edgy. And i would say illegal coordination going others see no cause Tor alarm. Quot Vav hat could be More american asked David Keating director of the Center skuas us Doc Sot it put a Ludo donor and at co ordinal arts Tor competitive politics. Which advocates for an end to Campaign contribution limits. A More Money Means More speech it ensures a robust debate about the future of our country and keeps people interested and involved Quot the Cash to xxi has already resulted in More than is million in negative ads. According to the c enter for responsive politics in an election still More than Soo Days away. This presidential race with the most aggressive use yet of outside groups is on track to Cost More than the s2 Ltd billion Tab for the 2012 presidential contest. Bush s Kickoff this week has come with pleas to help till his empty Campaign coffers but the Republican former Florida governor has already spent six months raising Money for right to Rise. A super Pac that will help him compete by spending tens of millions of dollars on television ads. I nil i he be Calm a declared presidential candidate. Bush was tree to fundraiser Tor right to Rise. And he did so w Ith vigor he told the in nip Stop donors in april that they had helped raise More Money in the previous by Days than any Republican operation in a Ullern times Bush will now distance himself from the super pack leaving it in the hands of his longtime consultant Mike Murphy a a in a going to miss Bush recently said about Murphy. Quot but from Here on eng to not going to be talking to him Quot supporters can also contribute to Bush s separate nonprofit group called right to Rise policy solutions such Quot dark Money Quot groups so called because they done to reveal donors a Are limited in How much election work they can do Gap presidential candidates Rick Perry and kick Santorum and possible candidates Bobby Jindal and John Kasich Are each linked to a nonprofit. Clinton who became a candidate in april and is dominating the democratic Field is Law benefiting from outside helpers fundraising email last week encouraged supp Ruers to become a launch donors before the saturday speech in new York City that was the first big rally of her Campaign. There Are already 135.000 donors a some dating Back two years who might consider themselves her founding backers they gave to a super Pac called ready Tor Hillary which was formed by aides in january 2013 to encourage the former first lady to run for president. Clinton a Campaign recently obtained the sex a Pac donor list. And information on almost 4 million people w to signed up with it. By swapping the information with other groups hacking her. R a Why subscribe to the newspaper a local news coverage of your Community a sports coverage of area teams a stay informed of issues and events in your Community that Impact your family a take advantage of advertisers offers and information a delivery to your Home 3 months 6 months 12 months $44 $81 s-,46 value $71.50 value $143 save $27.50 save $62 value $286 save $140 78 issues 156 issues i 312 issues 2j c suit cons 9300 Johnson re. 592-6612 that aug a lot in county Boma Dai Ivary Only am it data Ara Pra paid 3 to 6 to. 12 to. Full acc a to our on let edition i included in Eubar Letlon a i name i it address t j phone _ a Hsy i exp Date City email

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