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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 12 1888, Page 4

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 12, 1888, Ames, Iowa 4 a i la by Luff in every incr str to tuft Hatton. Yew big. Ladle Lobai Frau toe Broad the slams. A Sonu. Or. A it a a a a of huh of tax ?. A s Tamby Miami of the i emitted i tem if the or the s i Ian a a Mirr in it a �mh�5 a Jam i it a a Mai. To own ii preen Kim ii san ii mkt to a. A it. Mem it saws a a a. A a a it a a of a ii a an ,h4 i i rnai a a a a a a. Ifs to 4 if a r m. A. A tums. A / a. Is. A Siu my �>�?os5 i of state a i Sui Wadi till i Mumm m a rimmed a we. A Clitia i in in i i. A a a grosser in i nil to a Jim a a a re Roll la Wmma a of Tauts Dot Tiff ins Iii in a Agamau a imm a my j a a Sasso Kurt. Gmm4.wamwtm in a dumb mfg a Jim in afet Alum my Daria tads Ream a fish tin to a Tawit Hium red Lew by my Taie pissed % Tau Kroe Mortti in aim Aam to is governor it Huai ii Ftp a taut Nisi my a ii a Dart a tank a w Giar imy rot Lei if Fri gifts a Mimi wits. A Felt a i it prevail Itsou foot Harper May in Mohit Fth latter feet in Between a super i anthems Over the profit my of critic Rosa to a a a i the test atom Hail Harper tata in to a majority of he Vete we Madrid Tiro warn go Kwa int to Aal a at teat Ara Agron nag the Ete Tiou Eft la for amp Wal of fraud Ani aaa a bsh to i War. A few Day ago the iwo of att ahoy i a my my ital end .after1 a Are a of wry met Gurnal of it elitism Gat wooded Tate min a item a Hae. Sea to Atheny pi1� a he no a Selv part la the Maiter Ani when the new of the wite Iii Harper Horn of by j ate re i Are a a to a Fawi hot map a people Ani properly lie Home to a a Atter of a Leif Apar Mlat Ioa. Ii hit 1 tier alter e More Homat a been aware to a ooze Tor of to Mort to Aziah has Varap total Terra of thut it oar Maria. Meta. I. Aral Ottwin was to apt��1 f. A Lam to i Rinto Tae wharf to ii d and aph Lufa to the earns posit Ian a Tor himself tot Here ame a Flam july ii lsj5�ta a Bra Ste my if Muo. Lit Early life a agent alarm. He Norto Sodeman of toy it Jib in a pal a who a a Alii me of them if Aam to broach part of to War Akim Temaat to Tim a too mull to a of Jshii Intro Stoa of m of Nae Teea event la Tea to Hoot Atal practising Lam he a Delegate a the democratic Kama Al 0�r�-Lio�a of 1f?j and Ittu Arni he agreed to toe Leet Haare his toy Toto Oas a been Usa of a Ateo Aat one War to Wutoh pop Tob a a a a t a Teetma on the Tresket with of mama do Ife is Issa a the i Anse tort Penc unto in pm to Tom Ai Topeka pay i Reeola Cone to Eon. Stoma earn eat work for Prohira. T Ieciare-1 against third party aft Tattum. Fill Asci Jil and Industrial a in Ahi to it weekly review of Trade the Mwata Preitl Adewey of urn a co. Lay to Mottoa Teseh Hoyman Thajo my to Toiata Atiar and pm of ared Tore a tempt Maiai of Trade to not Emir a a Eean to a atle i a Tom Imit my i by tort a a Tacti if a to ekae of import Mac Alto to a tax Fri mtg aide to Prio. Noe sea a Mem Tor Motev Aorta the fall. Of the sir to so aaa a Wutoh prevent Aav eee pet Hemre a to Arcie aah. Ept it a i Western rotate. Koto my easy with a Ola Ettroe at Sheet mity what Toto aaa Ai mat Pointe Rem. Bah j ko�4 ohday Trade a pee but. A a a the Raa Aart Chaute to the weather i tame greater activity in a a a Braach a a. Tom die Peotone eur Tow and nut Rovenius Bosit w Sod a to toe tatar to some s the tows Hyto operate Tavorath Esse of Toney and i b3�rf the shot and Shell of of a a to re no reminiscences the War of the re Belion. Of to tint huh that followed. I Taw that would Hasm to fear apis la the i tote Ger my mom to which we All were pm Brad is i Autt Dom it Aquai pipe Riemee Tad colloquial a Rvl Attoa. Ute sold re grave. At Imit Tel a a wow earn Ebenm the trave it t in i Man a tidier to Aeo Tatary pts on the wait of the Jan a a Tver a Toft a Flower pm to a to a or might away to a vhf in. I Bolit de of mkt mud 4orl�? a to Wak of Elar a Goldiere trave who fought and 111 som who Thia Way. I s Lect or mom of no thee Earth in Tom both Des i a a a it j Era Choai h Only a Broad a Etal i bed. Kos i Hwte. My an.-., in a a a a i a of i Quot. A a Tel . And Amli f toe to no Cit at to exam Evite toe duet without a Nam Hor Tongue to Tell for Man to care i rom when it Tate mar beat yet mar live a tar that Mpr Nim in to or pm Bim to woo f Kandt re War la it t Aio Etaf Ber. Of broken Cate Aonia Crim Eon drop Tim a n<4 dred arid Tea Ivory a a a that Wilbere n a tit Btu vim a be think i d rather fell Thi g a by All for Rah then from in grander time or on it a Loo. To cute Eltz he Tel fat of of canes Mort than this to a Roan a Blad or fell a grate be a Abr be. For thou my Bambi Hen is a old Ware a Wreath of Bay and of tar in re of Twenty years i told to Day. Not to be in Ess 3d at. By colonel Alex. I vhf e Bailie. A Largo Verr heavy old a Ahmed Wardro Lmh with a High poo conred Dorntee prot said it top i Appod to As i looked around in Depora Ion and placing a straight cached chair against ii mounted to the top and curled up the Cornic almost completely hiding me Over Law i threw some old lace curtain Long since tossed there and covered with dust hardly had i made these arrangements than ten Muddy angry and Well armed johnnies entered the room. They were raving Over the loss of their pier. Several swore they caught a glimpse of me being tossed Over my horses head others thought i was still clinging to old Black when lie gained cur lines. The ladies a a ribbed like Good Angels and denied All knowledge of my where shout. Mrs. Blank feeling very nervous All the t me the party were in the Bailie room with me proposed thai they should adjourn to the Kitchen where at the fire they could dry their cloth Jug and aha also promised them a Good supper. The invitation was eagerly a Cep Ted a i hands tiled out except the Leader he waited until tile others Hall passed through tile door then patting his Arm about the Waist of miss Josie he Drew her Back into the room and saluted her with Hearty kisses i he girl was Well aware that through the open carving of the Cornice i could see All that passed and she struggled fiercely to free herself. W hat a the matter of you tonight 7 the Man demanded a you never acted to Abs before i what ails you 7�?� and he tried again to embrace her keeping guard on the door All the time to prevent her from leaving the room Aud taunting her with former love passages Between them. I was angry thro High won a cled Init of Tor. I could cot but pity the distress of poor Josie. I suppose a half an hour passed in this Way when the entire party returned from the Kitchen and began again their late adventure. I hey Well knew whom they had been chasing Thev loved me not the Lea Ler was particularly Strong in his statements of what he would do if i were in his leaving our commie Ower it f had Cairney to to called a Jown big deserted betide in order to obtain i limbo for our Hospital shanties and he cursed me vigorously. I still had two shots in the pistol which for across the eyes toking effect in a Little j Dogwood tree beside him. The Captain Rote quietly Aud toking a ramrod stuck it in the ground so that its top would be in the place lately occupied by has none be then went behind the tree and sighted from the Bullet Bole car the top of the Rod thus ascertaining the direction Token by the Ball in its Hight directly in this line Rose the top of a Large Oak with great i sheets and streamers of Southern Moas hanging dependent from it boughs. said Stephenson evenly a your Man is among the branches of that tree yonder. Now taking a Soldier s Cap and placing it on the end of a knotted stick a Avon All Load up and ii Low. When i shove this hat into View he will fire again. There a your Chance let drive. When All was really he slowly elevated the Cap until just in sight from the tree. A pair of White smoke burst from its leaves and the Cap turned round a its sick support letting the Daylight through a Large ragged Hole in its Crown. A moment later six Springfield rifles spoke from the rail pile and a Mao dropped from till Oak tree clutching wildly at Moss and branches Asha fell. Bis last shot was fired. Ftp hot Laurx. A a tre Mencis bite at 4 to Dock the co eternal urn of lotto net the 1 adjoining end it a gtd a Wyt hot favorite a Miter re it in if was to turbos re Ere my As Ai. Steed during to passant a Resit Ian i not contented to French. On i Iii la tet Maimer end Oolite mag gait e Coes Reg la ii of total Cue is sad re Tuit Tael mod by opening to Rouw the pre Chi r netted tot to treated we provided with no Mas. 31 instrument Peris a a a it a present Wou Delert or in in which the segregation tool a Jota. A Toto nan1 in and Nittum Tbs Tion was Oman find St hearing an of strike up in a cracked voice a believing we rejoice to tee la cuss removed. As no on Quot joined in a toe old lady did not proceed to with Iii hymn Aud an a warn contretemps teamed Tommia Olta a to by Man a Quick waited however and tarted til itt Dooroo Rockton to Good or it of by arow aril announced a Ai text Ito word Quot believing we rejoice Froes Hka be preached an exam Deleot a a Mon one that under the Peculiar circa Tea be made a deep top Fri is lady probably never know Why aha eau you each a Gene aha. Kab tved to toe i Mif to Brood Sud being Acen Ehtee to toe i Produn Tatton a ecu so Tor Quot curse Sang it Tost a ome Epin people often run you Lier to we a a of the common Catoma or time worn Porcja dices of society and Are laughed a Tome tunes they Are right Aud society to wrong. I when new Aud valuable ideas a evolved t was when inel bitten Hundred Aud sixty for Well salad Del from decor Surv atoms Camp lad Garrison e jul pm go and even personal a baggage to in a cow Gallant hungry Ami rage ii cent sea. Who whip Tail us right a w0 Usa two How in to Sud cloth t is innately remained in of Boot. I made in. Al tut a a a a. A. A in i a. 4 a up my mind that if disc overed for Thev swore to starch everywhere on a venture i would put two Bullet into this blood thirsty individual i was becoming terribly cramped it e to Ujj a Mem us a i Lii Affie i Bani ,3to a pm Kyi a Umb i flow err Towo of p him Mmith Quot to general a Ctol to. I of aaa a is m it. Ems Bow Rumbf 0f Cmunt m a Rae the Mem mag a pm Ria re cute pfc s great a a Nike prom a to be jets ,9 unt Oler in his Ca Bra a by re a Leby or. Ref Jug say i by Hill item to is Sable pc ova a stews it Stoett a Ltd of Patapes bps amp Lvov he Bpwe Gamim Atar a i a a a in Faiia a t m a up in f Tim ii Tattoo Man there is to toy. I he a Tammi my Iron wort sin t the is us ado ans Aho a Ute a a Jevit of Al the a Moas will tot tool finl to a win Hpe a my a a of it Al. My by to to Roas abort of Eoal i my ism i a 11 to Taal to in studs Aud Iii Ite Rifca a a Ite Woltag or sir la of re Pittstown a a it map fat whom Row Rev their Stejr Entao . Aud. Aith be Sawwa at toe Mem. Trail la a a Townsa la member it to m till e n r. Is. Re Fassig to Quot tot a b swill la by a Hurt Twete at us aah or to 4 k to w i i n be flaw Tow is a sen flt a a Vuc he. Us Sun a in a of ,. T i a a i Tami mto1 Smi Sta if if such pressure Tayja stack Gsry a a fms turn to Fartut Ratum of to Miner Sewjie Ai i Ste Ted that then a it be ir.�?~.ui.tne�. A i r i Echo a i Iteus Taa to Eusibe and Trade the it of us Only ton e in to col sect but �,4� Man worker a Well. Mfg. Encl a us old i Tui t bail. A sue in a of Torper a a in Feite Job and Mer for trial Quot a a i in Tami a a it .a1 i a pm a from Waverly lows Ilita l or pm Atlary a iaibaitas3 of m. E. A Lav a cd a a fed at Waverly on Tessa Day. G. J surf toe Muling attorney of Walsh for Tbs a Fenee. After Eora Tavary 4mmm the tale offered Sti Itab the dumb site a Bush were from Buji when he we or they coast led of the Datesy Ceafer a by to therb fans to thew adm . Hut the turns bedded Ibyl were admin weds on toe 35gjim idling Iii hts spin Mem had Vil it airy to Miaow to toe a Content. Ute Aeu if of t the is fun too waned farther Sud Bahai i bound Ever Tox let tried Coart with it min by win ref Tiff a Pat ii of vet Wib of toe War of Isis los while widows of Vete i survive to we after of 11, which that la. Meddlers very ass Emu. To Sahib for wive ten Atar a is of Oki Fontia Atli alertly fat Rodnon a i task Saab it Ain is to �3s Jer month the makes ear it ring Veteran. A in a Awin in to Mac m _ b a mute a Trike woo m to last he helped Tacas u improve until to any. Wite the Day to Minnif it react ten. Morea at sni Vanee Arter new year s a real Azov Detent of be two Rapstain bit bar word for a a and at Teal Tor toe Taw lit Jim a a brr Trade Asas Teute Talca to Tati a an tests so Tauy exceeded to a we in for to. Dumber Export at j Stew a or i. Per cent Vetaw Leat veer a a eat ast to Porte i i or Erato Butaw ionic ale j Toat a Frost Hamb so tax sea and each pm Pru Babb a in brr said and furs no a a have exp Zsedel pore aaes of it on Ratiee. If Eon so kitted will Effort toe placing St seem Tate in new Road Aud thus talk oct Groat Tail Atria. A a a a at Fttie Fecit of fin1 comparative growth of to dust and Breme. To Hie tenth far the past two yearn Abc Ware Roar aah in Progress. I Taring my toe total amount of new capital employ to to coniing the eat Hal Stock of in Bor port Tad Sesi crib a gto6,30000, sgt at #13,000 for 1086. A Thi Watt at rect magnate pro Osnoe to year jilt Osco one of Wen Knees and Low prices to the Stock Exchange. Fires and incidents a a us Tagatac Aln site Sal says Quot a tand Siide the Snoen Aud Crown Bas Road eau Gilt and buried eight Caw on a freight Traia. Two tin Nita later the Booth bound sex pita ? can caching Doag. Monck the Debria Sa-1 i ii a i two Paa Longcr car taut aug a amp Terri Tamses svs. Now greater Psi of the town of Hicks Rille a Toio a wiped oat 1 Are. The Kies to business my win reach 100,000, mid the inhabitant Are end Felag mortar a Mac Resus a wholesale grocery Bonee at Man aka to in was Lee troyed by 6� Tate i a. H. A a a. Jones ahoy factory at Stratford it he we Bead co lading a lose of Fri min the i Ake Bare and a Ichtman teat Hen depot at Owego Altai an county midb., and to Sto it in Calfon som Panyk a Nineia City. Kew Ian destroys Pam at to toe tatter Case in estimated at tit Odo. Tim Low of ire at Coatna 1ato Tim Ted Al ii 10,000 a Eoli Root on the Cine no a Euthern bail o4 at Lonis nue a. Resulted in toe death of seven persons and aerie injury to Rosa ? other. A or Adful Mah up took Pat ii on toe new York. Pennsylvania and Oil Railroad Ive sail West of meat vile. Pa., the sew Fork limited dashing into a Freij i train both Wain were two hours late five Persona were killed instantly and Ixta a badly injured. Another disastrous a took place at bouts lite., on the Chicago and Atlantic Railroad the second Section of a freight train ran into toe first in a miming Asniw Ettam and a fireman lost i after age Ware boy be property along to Brooklyn water front am noting in value to Llu 000,000 is about to be Pat into the control of is steal Trust fully one half the foreign Coe unfree of toe port of new York will be in in the red by or Campaign that a Large portion of our fore Oruie i a Post at a Bend of the Mississippi and a a. F there built a fort. J from being to Long in one position. I a i figure in no heroic Light in this moved so that i could obtain the pistol Story use of the personal pronoun eau w Jea in my hand the snap Marie in not be ascribed to Vani y. Bringing the Hammer to full cock being Provost marshal of the column i went where i pleased my Ollie on Nging Tao by a Hub a a a a sounded in my a ars like a ten Poundon. Then i shifted my whole body As i did the Only thief in Camp. A pretty Good yarn is told in which general Quot James Morgan of Illinois and a new recruit were the principals. General Morgan was noted for untidiness of dress in fact to merited the appellation of Sloven and went about the tamp looking very much More i Ike on of the teamsters than an officer of rank. One Day a raw recruit went through the Camp inquiring for some books he said some one had stolen from him. One of the old veterans told him that the Only the of in Camp was j in Morgan a teamster Aud that hts tent was Down there by Ilia Blae hag. The raw recruit went Down to the tent and poking his head in exclaimed a toes Jim Morgan live Here yes. Sir was the response that is my name. Wall i want them books you stole from to Quot said the raw re Ruit. I know nothing of your Hooka Tad general Morgan. Its a lie a exclaimed the raw recruit. A the boys say you Are the Only thief in Camp. Give up them books now. Or i will Pound you into Apple a so n Tho pfc general Morgan experienced some difficulty in convincing Tho raw recruit that he was in command of the brigade he relished the joke. By appealing to a member of his staff who came in he establish1 nil rank when the astonished recruit remarked Well hang me if id a Vor taken you for a brigadier a i Wen v uric m. A a a a Mea x Hakh. The gathering Point for All enter it la j involuntarily gave a quiet sigh of a jaw warn re of it by unfortunately the old cur Rte Ted. Miscellaneous notes. The old world. A to be to Winter by be m in we to up diag will Magoo the Chicago Amu a to it full g. Y Tea amt eur i u Mem of a to other a in by Ltd a Lutaf Tubi a ate a in to a a a in a Rita is a it m if res ,t0#c� w a a ii a swum to toe a tatar a n n Afta we Kef ski a St. A a a ame. Til so a Etarl 01 # Vin in in a san Quot feta it a�3 Asta to Taliaa a a Entsmi a 4 we eaten a a ii Nett m in a Tati a Ujj a Quot fl4�ta�l of a ref Jyro an in i into of semm the Torr Tea saute i Tilita a a Phi % a Betta in to Burf Tov .5ow Jutt teen a Aal t be it took Wrt in 1 m i a but # to Sesate ism Wassali item the Tan Tau rata i is where to p. T adore a to woe. Less Lathrop memorial bumming at Alia of. N i erected by Mea Mao Stanford is s Home for working women children bae Here dedicated it coat with Ite fur inure a a via. A movement has been organise in North Carolina for be caring a repeal of the tax on tax and a delegation will be tent to Waubin ton for la a purpose. A the to plot too Pacific in toe Bandi of a receiver created no Terita in Boston where toe owners by a Tim following of gov. Mattteo no a suggestion it my Aid Woald Leal to Twenty year litigation in d Tel nothing. �?ja4ge to Neman of toe United mate u recut court #. Cedar rapid Iowa. A de darod the i a re Giatra Law a the is Var 1�?r�? of St f�1 Are Bere m let to be to sri f .1, too for Hoe. They Are working tip a Elheme to one Olivate the Bat Eta of liquor Al her on to no a a pm cite flip i re were to furnish the capital and five employment to Moo Only engaged to the i my oar lines Aud i quickly be ame acquainted with the few inhabitants of lha Section. A . Blank with her two pretty daughters was a Fie Juenst visitor Obi j lived about two Miles from the Post. During daytime our pickets were Btu turned in front of her door it night they were a drawn in and the it unfed rates advanced to the same spot so the Good lady was Between two fire. She was re acted by both parties. Of her former abundance there re Nain Al Only a Barren Plantation an old coloured to Nan servant and a single poor mule even the House was in bad condition Only a few rooms in front Betag habitable. The rob., poor Fellows Ould give the anally nothing but their company and Good wishes. I supplied them from the a cd statute rations a supple mooted with luxuries from the Sutler stores. Miss Josephine the youngest daughter was Sharp and smart As one was pretty the telegraphic out it in my office claimed her close attention and i soon initiated her into the my tries of dots dashes keys and sounder. Another very steady visitor a old Sharpie a planter living seven Miles Down the buy on Road he wan toil a Perm to bring Good from new Orleans. He wan alway acce in pan led i Gay a Large flask of rare old pure delicious Louisiana rum. Invariably lie invited me to his Home promising that when i came i should carry away with me a Jug of the seductive tipple. Well on Day after a Long con tinned rain storm i concluded to pay or. 8. A visit. I Rode not or own trusty Mare but a big Black United states horse Good in style but nearly worn out. I stopped for a few minutes at Blanks for truth to Tell i flattered myself that there was an electric current Between Mist Josie and myself not due entirely to the telegraphic Good lady and both girls lagged me not to venture so far within the lines of the enemy but i heeded them not wad started ahead through the mud. My Welcome at Sharpie s was of the kindest. Dinner was Justy ready and after the meal we discussed general matters i pro and beverages until Sundown. Then i asked for my horse and he was brought in front of the House a gallon Demijohn of a the Louisiana Quot being tied to the front of my Saddle i was just saying a Good by to my Host when a Little Black Chap came tumbling around the Corner of Tho building. A a mass a Yankee de res a a Bustin outer de Cane Back Dar Dey Sarter to. Aho a i was mounted in a moment Down the Long Lawn i went ten or twelve Grav jackets not a Hundred Yards behind me. The Black boy was at the Gate of the Fence to rat he Beld it open for me to pass through then swung it shut right against Tho pursuing party in it. V. We 4 to Iii Tai f fill in i latest Market quotations. Kaw of i ii tit. I Wsekav--i$0� i White. A. A 3 Stoa. Ito we a. My. It Asres Watte in in min in in a .s3 # a to tata Tai. Ass Stii Quot Penson Al notes. New met. 1a50 Chicago Chol l Roro a a a j i a Gate. 9 Commetta fail a 5 in Horoz fit Rota Jaaes. Ate to so i Uay Imper be to. $ to in a at a Ste he to inter. M c . It. Oxen Les. Bernto-4kirt�# cry Marr. Pm Dairy Tain a covering me or the dust in them was much disturbed and i inhaled a More than generous snuff of the irritating particles and horror i found that i must sneeze. To sneeze then and there i Well knew meant sure sudden death to me and is riels trouble to my kind protectors. I was fighting off the fatal inclination by every Means i could think of when i heard a window at the Side of the room open then i saw miss Jennie Cross the floor and come near the wardrobe soon i knew she was standing at one end of ii for quickly j detected the tapping of a thimble tipped Finger on the Wood. I at once recognized the telegraphic code a Tju my of re in do a ii or be on pcs that is what i spelled out several times repeated in less than a minute i had to do something that infernal sneeze was bound to come. I braced my shoulders against the wardrobe Cornice my feet i planted firmly against the Wall i waited until the moment the sneeze discharged itself. There was a single Candle in the room the enemy stood or sat Ali around two of them were directly in front of my fortress. The fateful moment arrived. A sneeze a terrible yell two random shots a falling crashing heavy Ward Robe smashing two men beneath it a Candle extinguished women or earning men cursing shooting grabbing and fighting each other in the dark a regular pandemonium let Loose and i the Only one with full knowledge of the whole plan was out of the window into the Saddle on the Back of the Leader blooded horse and Twenty minutes later Safe in my own quarters washing the dust Down my Throat and receiving Tim congratulations of my comrades. I have met several of that part since the War and we have laughed heartily Over the scare i gave them though i doubt not i was the worst frightened of the lot my sanguinary Friend the Leader married miss Josie and is now a lawyer in new Orleans. I was his guest for two weeks a year ago. He is As Fine a tallow As Ever lived but he would have certainly Hung me had be caught me that night Aud hanging my friends is a not to be sneezed at. The surgeon 3 philosophy. He following comes from the is or of Ilion regiment it in the Day of the Retreat of Tisz c on federates from Gettysburg my regiment occupied an advanced position near the place where Hun Beds of the the last 44 old Benedict you train in old German came to my company i Ona Hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania in september 1h a Gays a writer a the National Tribune. He in i served Twenty four years As a Soldier in the prussian army. A old Ben Quot As we used to Call him went As a substitute for some Brave fellow of the Type that Are now Bowling so much about pensions Ltd Ben showed himself a Soldier and gained the respect of All his comrades and officers. On one occasion during the Atlanta Campaign near lost Mountain a our regiment got uncomfortably close to a rebel Battery in fire was very annoying to our troops. I was at the to Lyhl atty Bud Wawro wow a a a Ain the Progress of the world # thought Taos who for let Balter in them a often subject j to ridicule Bat Ute Tho who belted who Hay occasion to . A Birny a women it Farmer St Navarino n. I who was prostrated with kidney 4mm. Sud reached Point a re u j Tor my he had Don All he Conul Quot leu a 1888, be write a Baa a last resort i began the Nae of War aet afe cure we l45 hair Lea or a a october la kit he teats writes a Elf it had not Boon for your wonderful discovery of Warner Safe cute i should have Boon in my grave Ted a. I am Taall appearance a from from Acy Trout of the kidneys a soy Man living. The Doc or who doctored is and said i mint die a slue died with Brights die a the honest old Farmer was doubtless derided and laugh a at by the medical Man amt Many of his mends when he own ounces Ira determination to try Warner a a # car a proprietary Medicine but be is alive and Well to Day. Whup Tho. Phy Ician who laughed Al Bim la Wise old Farmer has the la laugh dietetic rules. Solid end id we fowl that be Wollt or injures health this subject should comprise everything thai we take either As food or As drink i must Here warn my readers against taking drinks that Are not foods but poisons. These drinks Are All the i fermented ones such As ales wines and spirits. There Are o her drinks that people often indulge in that Are harmful to the body. I now rider to Tea and Coffee. Of these Are taken in Large quantities or at All Strong they exert a most injurious effect on the human body. I Rue they do not make a Man go Home and assault his wife but they i Deaden his faculties paralyse thought unsteady the nerves and in Many was make Man less of a Van than he should be. The dietetic Nile i advise my patients to follow arc these i aka three meals a Day Only about live hours r i Baa a big flab in his line which has pulled him off his feet and j he Falls on like dog end double Bim All up but the Mas is holding fast to the pole whish is beat aim it doable a. 5 cd lock he is ail straightened out again Bis pole is thrown across his shoulder at d with his fish in the other j hand he warts out for Home the dog following behind with hts head hanging Dows being tired oui the Many a Nam i also painted in the of enter of the dial in rustic letters. The figure i is superseded by the jewelry Jot eoe. Beld by the Teeth. Bride i aah a violin player who a com panted wit it others Sweet Henrietta on musical Tours. She did not love him. Min loved the handsome Salver Tor a Painter. You Rill join us dear Salvator it Mug Ykteb we have a matinee in the concert room of the Royal hotel. Come Down and stay Tull of fatigue and thirsty worn the Long journey Salvator found himself in the hotel. Quot number Twenty a Road the clerk. Salvator Welt into Twenty. The water bottle Psi empty. There was no Bell nor Bell rope. In after i must have he said. It is needless to say that like All you Tim of Bagh spirit he was of a a the army the door of the next room was open. A Glass of Irater stood temptingly in the washstand. He eagerly swallowed this then with a wild shriek he rushed Back into his room. A Lovely female form Clad in a wrapper came Down the hotel corridor and entered her room. She went to the wish Susti a 41 air tooth i silo Cri ocl it in gone. Without that tooth i cannot sing my popular song of a Mother do not spunk tour child. But slav in she cried for a wild form stood in the doorway. I have swallowed it. A it was a Al Vittor. _ Quot wretch Quot cried Hennette i am a nay loved hiders a a a tis the hand of destiny. I have one false tooth that will fit Yon to a t. Take it with my Blessing. A my i Cive a my love Quot Hen net to fell on the violin players head and within a hour the Sweet voice of the songstress below drowns the ravings of tile tooth fed maniac in number Pun to. Quot avatar Abs a malt a St Mafi i to i.�ri4 tata Pew fifth to i Mac Quot up ii Ebata Quot i i Al of. Of a i ii Ell Yam live a them a a of plate. Quot von need Ort Buffer Lur tart the of Fie up us go g i say ii cd Friend to Tea Bitte i Well a a to sex not Zag better Tuu Salt Roar is. Pot et��4 by gift Kraft mad Boutot by Quot Flat late. To Mere a Tso Metli by Bap to a i a i i Tao m Elk Tertul by heart i a bosons by Malm Scheif i quite fat Jolt to tue la a a Geed thing shout viol a. Play lag amp heaps a the Dpi oat to arks. A puck Kuotien chaff frittata taht eau a Tarost Duero. There in to a ors effectual a so ii Kcf for c curb cold ate tit Beewi a a bsh so Aiti. Yno Csata. Said mfg in a am. Price in Eta a Cher Sis or Ai ear i forget be Tourre Oafae eel is be Knees and a tronge a he my Nam ii amp auth a is topic. In Akk brio be blurt a a tet Mutt. Onowu Royton Aud Wallag to Ehi Edrett be gift Emu Leila of Pur Sod Laver a ii with by we Boa White in a most Vela Abl food my Ute cute it creates a appetite for food a tree go pm the a Vou syn ten my tads m the body. Pleader re a a i triad to soul so Mal a a on a voting Mao Boa Nufi Patata at Stamf gave up cym. Steel he began Aday Tate emulsion Hie cough bae e�m4 Gaine Tatak my try both. Nod from att appearance to of will be prolong�1 us to j y�wce.-jo�3� hot Ift a is hoop ital Steward Morral it. Fat red Pepper Nuy not he a f rent luxury huh Severt Neless it Macro one. . K 8 we Sii tarns Fatale or Oates a tw8� my Good he Hasi la i tag rata in pm oct a t m in or i or Lewis die i Edy St s a i fro to reroute d Oil to say affix Lead with fetal Vsev Rte i fair Tollini of Gustv a mum a Bey of 13 hmm to i i the a Ltd fifi up in in St the toe for Over two mown to and affix Fol it it rf1 i i i St i a us Liotte and Dave it to him of Ruben knee. In six Daj Quot a ii bed m pm for Cru folks sad weal Home Well without Sud he has been we Antol to Pawl h in a. I ill a i m b j j a a Quot a the it a Tuple ult now . Mired 1 St 1 in i a a a. Tate Tate is d Wert. T a veg ate <5l$s and is now St work every a Ira Mem or. Ltd i it i hated do Fiji remedy ear to % i Ai in an open Leiter m. In. Brave enemy had fallen in charge of the cemetery Hill a Nam snut Nam him it a of us had got together and were bringing their horse to a halt All Mai Ler of us Nau g Heap. This gave me More Start but soon they were splashing after me in full Chase occasionally sending a shot in Noble and put in sever rail j a it Ca full Croom new. Ii fro. -4, in Utt Teton editor of us a a of be Khvitia Tate a a we so by teen Afitoto i Mil Wei of John Jacob Toter he Quot Tawi filed Tbs Star Rogate Tai new i Ark. Tart ii t a Beta of 4catf a tot # so w Toke of i to by Fie r Slu a of two toy. It growl rvs i in a o in a fief la a j is. I Fin a a a i a of feds Ato Laptef. To Tane mme in by a in. In of we totals a a a a i it # a Ais Efimov is. A to to i he Catafi Drsata amp a a Ltd were Coffi r Quot Quot a a a a a Geek by Utlaw Wabl in Tate Roper or list Dee Grotto Rauti of me i Mem is Roe How Tad Anessi thirty i a i to Tuett or Bete a 11 a tent think o.e�talid _ Tew a in a fed a a a a a a a a pos town Cattee pm it a. Or at Cate. Cow Ste i. Cuts no. 3 White. It Eros no i. Home hmm. R St. In vis. Fflteav�?0 a i he coax mile. ©3--�,Tetei, Toledo. I Taavo Cato. Mist Ute 3mlaws a. to Rob of. Pit Boit. A a Catul. Mite wow 1 in .4� Sirn m in in in mid to a Ai Tern is ,31 Jagt a hts �x5.35 no in in to min m lits mho to .47 tax St to Tia Usa a 15.00 Ian .87 ii a to to. I wow cd a Navy he a i a a. A a a a oat a to. Flu. Pm a ii. Or Rahro. A pc a a Jim. Fen Kitore Quot a care. % a to we # Ste. A 84. A e a Kkt Sfa Buik Btu. Cut of Twete a a i it or. To -w7m to m Tasa Ato it its 4 to in 5.5� Abo # a Afta Tea temm is tet 51 �30�?T six ass Iai #115 75 Aik $ ass in am Taaff # Aso a Airn Ai Tea Tate am to am am it am it am .8� it is Tel a. Tea. Sita Sfa a Sta am Aorta ate Ais # ays Sis m am it amp n s 3 commonly near the old horse did _ his Lieut Macro for never Railes Only two of the enc or seemed to Gam on me. We reached s portion of the Road that was overhung on Ynith Side by great Trees their limbs thickly festooned with Long hanging Moss. Here the gloom of the evening Lucerne almost dark Nischt. My Foremost Pur Suer Wai within five Yards of me my horse is beginning to a wobble Quot of his legs i had a pistol in leg three shot i fired Over so Raider without Effe t. The hard Riding had loosened the cords binding the Demijohn its bumping bruised ice it was about to fall. I seized it and half turning Hided ital the heed of or toe. It did not strike him is Ray but the visor of his can broke the gins Aud his eyes Beard and dress if not his Mouth were deluged Arith liquor. This gained me a few Yards j More ,. But he was closing up did the others were very near opposite the end of Hie i ence surround tog . Blanks House. Our picket fatal already retired. In deepest Shadow of a clump of Trees my horse atom bled Sud i went Twenty feet Over his Road Landing in lot of underbrush by the Roadside. It was dark my Uei form Waibl be a d i had been iring close Down on the neck of a Baieta horse consequently when the animal recon red himself Aud b Hod Afanad those following could not determine it i Wert still on his Back or not and Thev Rode on past me in hot Chase. I knew they Touhl not go far without a clash with our outposts they must soon return. To take to the Woods m Hie swampy condition of the ground was not to be thought of. To soon As the last Man passed toe place where i Jar very quiet i dived through the Fence and rushed into tile House of . Waiting for Coffee which one of the servants was preparing while we discussed the exciting incident of the lust three Dave. The Coffee was brought on in an old tin dipper Bla k and. Smoking and timing much in need of the desired refreshment we eagerly held Forth our tin cup and were served All around. Hardly bed sugar from our Haversack been added when a breath of wind blew in our faces a most intolerable stench. It was dreadful sickening and most of us put Down our cups and looked about in disgust. Bbl o. Us of a a Are ro>�?os0in a a a a a i j on tile Bill there i suppose a remarked or Boot there wee something like half a rebel brigade slaughtered just opposite a Well i can to taste anything Here but that horrid smell a the chaplain said. A let us the stench seemed to or w stronger end the proposition found favor sex Cep with the surgeon a practical old fellow who w As not easily Dis composed. He Rose to his feet stirring his Coffee with his knife Blade looked critically Over toward the locality of the effluvium and observed a Oboh Poh boys a smell More or Leas interfere with a Soldier s breakfast now for my part id be glad to est mind Bere with the whole confederacy rotting Over time in command of my company. Old Lien came to me saying a Captain von let me go out Der to Dot big tree i will learn dem Tam repels so dings already leh can t stand Dot shells coming Ober Here All it asked him How he alone intended to Stop them if he wont to the big tree. It would be very dangerous for him to go out there Asho was fully exposed to the enemy a pickets. But All Ben wanted was permission and he would show us the rest. I consented and Ben armed himself with three muskets and his Hatchet John Smith another private volunteered to accompany and Load for him Smith took the muskets Aud Ben picked up a chunk of a log and shouldered it and Over the breastworks they went on the run. The tree was a Large Elm with great flanking Root and stood Twenty rods in front of our line. They soon arrived at their Little fortress in safety and Lay Down. Old Bon at once went to work with his Hatchet Cut a notch in a Root facing the Battery rolled in log up to protect his he a and to was ready for business. Sticking his gun through Tho Little porthole he began the shooting while Smith loaded the guns. By his unerring marksmanship he actually silenced one gun after another till soon All was still in that direction. That his fire was effective was evident. I he enemy left during the night Aid on looking Over the ground next Day there were eleven grave of men from the Battery. No doubt As Many Mon e were wounded., now what was old Bend Reward for such a Brave act ? the division general made a report that he had at Las silenced those troublesome guns and general Sherman thanked him very kindly for it old Ben was allowed to remain a private Soldier to the end of the War when he received an honorable discharge for i bravery and goo conduct i Hope old Ben is still alive and enjoying Good health Aud should this come to his notice i would be glad to hear from him. C. A. Lake Hor pint company i one Iliad try a ult i eleventh pc Pmj Vania. Coe or Anton a apart a Al the food slowly Chew it Well Stop at the first feeling of satisfaction eat Brown bread alway and drink Cocoa chiefly. Three meals a Day Are As Many As any one in robust health can dispose of two might suffice but find three fair meals allow me to be a ways Clear and Bright and ready for work soon after meals and keep my body in Good condition. I advise them to be taken about live hours apart As food requires from three to Lour hours to digest a think it Only i air to give the stomach a Little rest in i it Etc you. Some May Rind Thia Long at fir at but a Tittle practice will soon make it right for them. The practice of taking toot every two hours or so is Mort injurious sets up s false craving and put per sons in a Low Way if they cannot get food at these Short intervals. I he reason for eating slowly is to gently fill the stomach and when it has had enough it will cry thorough mastication of the food is most it nor taut As it prepares it for stomach digestion. The saliva has also a wonder Ful property of changing some of the starch of toe food into sugar which is thus soon absorbed and gives immediate lore to the system. When our stomach has received As much food As the body requires it makes us feel satisfied to eat More is doing ourselves a Surv As we then eat More than the stomach can digest and than our bodies require. We May As a Rule Trust our appetites to be our guides if we will but eat Plain fwd but if we add season jags pickles sauces i false appetite and overeat. A person is Plain bread hungry to May eat. Any _ values his health will never eat any other bread but the Brown whoa meal or wholemeal bread. It is a perfect food in itself and contains All the elements for heating the body supplying it with muscular Force and it has in it All that is requisite for our Bones and Bony structures. It also raises daily action of the bowels a most important function this and when natural a great Aid to keep Well. Cocoa should be drunk at least once a Day As it has none from Xiv. J. Ito Teru. Fro us Chi in a Frow. Mia uha Estu syrup Ca Jamoo Mick Char Jacra Triy daughter Steed i Hibbard # rhe Umic syrup and pm a bin yen to strongly Imp to try. To by now Broo a to smut wrote a too a u to me acid us i by z Ebenm tiny i nearly Bolga up. Bet limbs wore badly a lieu my the porn Biri we in terrible agony. In the mid of the Jato a wound the Plust Flora about her by amp a 4 in result the a Uin a reduced Rod she became quiz had rested. Tbs Rod Lan Clemed rho urn atle Poi a on from her blood sad she a a Abl to be around the Bouse she us use the syrup Rod plate re amt will con tin us to do to until entirely Well we of Sidar Hibbard a rheumatic syrup Rod part of Groat Irorita Khz. J. In so bus pastor fir in e. Churl. Pm smoke much. Ort. 24 i�7 Little tiling upset the plam of Little men but solid honesty Suud toll i to the ii1.cord. Moaning of the Many a husband wishes that tile tradesmen would Trust him m fully As his Wile fowl. All g Reat men Are attentive listener. Many of them acquire the habit by being journal. A can a Man open his wife a letter Quot is asked again. Yes he can but if be la governed by our advice he California. \ Vermont woman has paid $50, for a husband. To s is extravagant. She mild have paid a Gir to Light the tire for less than washing ton critic. La husbands asked their wives As often a wires ask their husbands a la my hat on straight a there be any More Happy Somerville journal. The woman who wants a new Seal skin Jacque As soon As cold weather sets in should be considerate enough to Stop making her husband buy her Herald. A Law was recently passed by the Ohio legislature declaring thai the husband was the head of Tho family. It will take More than an act of the Ohio legislature to establish that in Many Post. The Man who truly loves his wife will Rind a proper place either up in tii6 Garret or Down in the caller Iii which to keep h a wearing apparel Anc. Not go crowding her dresses out of the closets Aen i Ort weekly. Q d to floridak5vg� of St Jou a a Rwy it Effta agents wanted p"ptosrta��5rtsife Chi i t buoy i vhf Fui Nail i cure fits we a it i it i is i i in Root no Roter la a Obj �sws4v it Worthem no. Hoy Price cover Starit Lahm dyspepsia Dom rot get we a of half a la re ill a a pm re i teat a Tentoa Rod # rro�4y umm Stu a a in lit to throw off the a a a Rod Taro St the i gtd a Ira Wewa to Tiiu a prom their Amu Stu Longly. Amo of the Agua i Ptero a by my Dpi peptic. Urn Dwarf tue Ltd of a Ftp la a of Royell turf i Irett la a of the Taa wind or Gas Rod i the tot my rms a Tom a a of. a tar Ioa a Hiroto i nit witty and it a a . Of yes a dirt Corr cd Haf too to chm Rod try flood it part la. It has Cutti Ai tar i it Stu so ref a a hoods Sarsaparilla sold by ail druggist la j for to mad orly by c. I. Hood or oo., Bowel a too doses one of far pbnsi0ns wow Fierar the a re Pai Agazim. Cans a a a Rall ii Tom betcha is Terri crore. Sere Ofaf Burnt we atom m urn a a All aches and the a v r i re it w of a legs. Pro a 1 Jafor this of a month. Rte ii ill Lri j a maj Orion this Rara $250? boat mull Kuk s. I am i Rte a a -.-j--Tonsom. A troit isto. Myth 1-3�. In Romon this pane mar the Hess a a to mde it Bilitz . Mat 11 we create a As Long As and butter person who Fain i was the musical soldiers. Or Ade Preston tenth new York cavalry gives the following words to the Bugle Call for of ceding borstal a Man tip a tree. Many thrilling accounts Are told by veterans of the annoyance caused by Confederate sharpshooters banging on the skirts of in Alpine its during the late War says the Greensburg a. Press Early in the morning of Thea skirmish line composed mainly of the i Orty eighth Illinois was thrown out in Advance Jacksonel we. A a Joseph Johnston. The men had constructed a few temporary shelters by Katai pc a in to to table Whit to ii turn a the id sine your Bor a bom Cut it in i or of you Don t to tithe col Ltd Al will Abow it Aud Good la Tate b he i in Tbs morn. Now i cannot make the above words harmonize with the music. Here Are the word As we had them Tarn out to the a Tabic turn out White y a a. And feed up Boroh r in oat Rod nay it in oat mod he of Caro. Oat Tate or cd a your Hanm i on con amt and nay. It is a very Stefo Bugle Call and you will find these words fit it exactly. We turn my. Iring Quot near will some Comrade give in the word miss confronting general for the other Daib of a it the. Min v a Check Call guard mount tap Gen enc and Jato the. How of mr., a Blank to Whing and pm or 1 g�,l5ehiadone of these Little fortresses though in a rather expose Ltd position Cap Tain f. D Stephenson of the forty eighth was sitting on a turned in bucket taking i morning Coffee. It ten threw Back his head in drinking Aud a Ball Brood by a fac. Or hotly is in until by my appearance. I admit of eral demoralization at teat time. A Badiner i gasped a my life your Banda. Will you hide me to Morrow morning a hastily i explained then All pro potted different Mode of secreting me until there a a had at the Gate and toe splashing of hoofs could be hear i Etc the Bor Bud words for All these but i have forgotten them. N. N. Hill company third i sort cavalry. I it sri a it. Ohio. Of the injurious properties of Tea or Coll Ana if drunk weak and not too Sweet is not at All bilious. At breakfast on May have Brown bread and butter one cup of Cocoa and an egg if desired while a Little fresh Ripe fruit is an important addition. Another breakfast is Oatmeal or what real porridge and milk to insure mastication eat the porridge with a Little bread finish up with stewed fruit and bread. No drink is required if this last breakfast is eat in. The use of Bacon Ham fish or meat at breakfast in not advisable of these things More or less waste the vital Powers and Are not necessary. I Hose who Are engaged at the desk Allda i v take a Light lunch at noon consorting of Brown bread and fruit or a salad or a poached egg or some milk pudding for drink they mar have Cocoa milk or Lemon water. Those who Dine now May eat four ounce of lean beef Mutton poultry game or fish and two a vegetables always such As Gre a Ami Iota toes. As a second course there Are the various milk puddings or stewed fruit and bread. Batter puddings suet dumplings Norfolk dumplings and Yorkshire puddings should Only be indulged in by persons of Strong digestion Ami laborious occupation. I or drinks take water or lemonade. At Tea time we May take weak Tea coffers or Cocos Brown bread and Bulter with some kind of Green stuff As a salad tomatoes cucumbers fresh or stewed fruit or milk pudding. I a a potted meats Etc., Are not required at tote meal and do More Barm than Good trim should be the last solid meal at nine or ten p. Rn., a drink of Cocoa lemonade or other fruit drink May be taken but no solid food. Suppers mean fee less nights dreams or Nightmare tired feeling in Hie morning Nasty taste in the Mouth no desire for Bren. Fast and More or less miserable feel if \ a wonderful Wau a dbl. A gentleman connected with an Illinois watch company Bas a wonderfully curious watch a a1. Instead of the Bornean numerals to denote the hours there Are eleven Small but very distinct is Louette figure representing a m n out with his dog for a Days sport. At 7 of clock he is seen starting oui with his gun and dog at 8 of clock he makes Ashot at 9 of clock he has a Sandhill Crane which measures As Ion a him self at to of clock the Man and his dog Are scared at the sight of a Jack Rabbit which is sitting upon b a bid legs it with his big Long a Are raised above the Boshes at i of clock the Hunter taken a drink and while to this attitude the dog sits in front of h s master with Lim nose pointing directly at the flask at ii of clock the boor Tam an is seen silting on a stump and is eating a lunch Tho dog is eying the piece of bread which the Hunter has to i hand. At i of clock he Start out to fish the rest of the Day and so he takes Fate dog and a priest revenge. Mil Trollope tells a very singular store told by Blanco to bite. A priest was condemned at Seville to capita punishment. That the Public might be properly impressed Market Day was selected for the purpose. To be degraded from his Sacerdotal character he had to pass through the Market place while the Power deemed inherent in tie Priesthood were still in his to session. I degraded As yet and unrepentant he dealt a malicious blow at tile people assembled to witness his degradation. A suddenly in the Market place he stretched out his arms an i pronounced w Ith a loud voice the in Cancellable sacramental words a hoc est All the contents of that vast mass were instantaneously Tran sub Sta a treated i All the food in Seville was forthwith unavailable for any baser then eucharistic purposes and Seville Hail to observe the vindictive priests last Day in Earth As a very vigorous fast tem pie bar. King i an Sud the newsboy. A Boggy stopped at the door of the Imperial hotel at \ Ienna Austria and Tho traveler had not yet opened the door when a newsboy vociferously offered a programme for the races. A meter issuing from the hotel gave aim a twist that sent him whirling around to a most uncomfortable fashion and before he recovered several other porters gathered around him appear a a a Igess Naoa. Frau. Stowell Oik Ely Scata Cream Balm offered from pm tar re 12 year. In a dropping Tat id Throat Mer Nau teat info. My rum bled Al a Noite daily. Fruda i Morbly Cream Balm have had no bleeding the a rust is entirety gone. A o. Davidson with the Boston budget a particle a Pali it Al into Etc i nostril Anet is a of of a a a to cts. #1 Ani Rort toy a wort a Ltd olm. 0.1 of a it Misiek it my i ant. _ Kidder a a a i entry preparing to inflict a castigation King Milan of Bervie who had alighted from the buggy perceiving the Edern a a of the boy put his hand into his pocket and beckoned to the sufferer who mime at once and received a Gold piece i Ike an Arrow he darted across the Street and hold no up his programme Iii one hand his Gold piece in the other be started a War dance accompanying of with the requisite Arar whoops. I be King laughed heartily at the spectacle. Preparing and spinning flax. Flax gives us two classes of yarn Ita Melv Linen or Lino yarn and Tow a Arn. The processes of preparing Linen Varn Are very similar to those of preparing worsted of course the machines arc different in their construction because of the difference to the length and character of the fiber. Flax is a shackled a beat or rushed to make it flexible it ii then a a scotched an operation equivalent to combing. In some cases Hie fibres Are too Long to work they Are then broken by a saw. After t he Scute Bing the Short fibres Are carded for a a town yarn in the same manner As the a Noil a or Short fibres of Wool after combing Are carded for Woolen yarn. Popular education. We to must Loza with the Tori rag Whir to often into tin to Baroi Tim country nem grow up in vet it i # Foci the Many poop who Vesro Larned to red and write Hare of a tog he to a Selve to think. A Man who Roff Ewi from Catarrh Monsam Ptim brooch if a Coful. Or a a Over or it a paint might read fill i eyes dropped oat Bow Fri land Moor other clip Ore Hava been a or a Hyde. Sis Cloyden mad Cal two ovary but if he Tad Bol Tike the Leboeu to him Rolf Rod Trot the Virtu. Of the great Medicine by time would be thrown away. _. In lore Mokras it i a i misfortune to i fail with the right person than to succeed with the wrong one. do face s Catarrh remedy aures every other so called remedy fails a Sirk Ouk Foh indigestion and do Stephia. Is is amp digest Vun Waukon the a rot cared. For Cholee irim Tuu. A in r tule the most aggr4vatjh cataud Dimzon it a a a Trot it Mph thro Tat a i a Tig a Kaftas amp so As. Ass ass Quot we. R. Khi i mar a it manufacture this c a mud. S3 Anim ss., w. A a Cimon Nta my warn _ Stemb teen a dry bitters make your own Bittor. A Lar v a a Del a for a Buu in i of stomach kit is. Robot Anim a thug Ike or Wiki my vhf fatal wok in in Aono is rot. A info Idrovo. Guj a is of of he sri is . One in loaf to in Abr my Phass Stem of. Ulock. Deo is to a or a a it # trial Tjin Mihu Frka s Rita. Mirk. A Ai a sep stir visas Asp fess a a a a a Are of in a a Pec Ufi Ute or. Fierce fit pc Rufic fre Erl ii Tho outgrowth or remit Jot a Slu Abl caper Tahoe. Who Imam i re Ai us Civ re in i e ii a it a a Chin who have tested it in to Awn off a ated Aud octet Tofte sea which bad pm a be Floriba women it it a a it or Atli a but As a met by demo no w3ws a a la it ads for or a a a it wbole.v27s Bod to the run lows debilitated so Ssiss to Giffis Lapeas disco of the womb it lady a r �3fep and Reri evos in dirty . A verite it revert Piton i. I is a Sih icim Toropow Oiw by in a pole a Ltd a physician mad adapted Uria Airport a. It tape re g a a t7i foul a Sec done or oat l re Quot sekt. Wrote Stoma 4 in Igeta fun Djup Psia my worded a to s s i a 1 in Ualia Tam Offu five cur for the Row a tin ate Aas of leu sex Rafte. Exeter Mia us wife painful Cri Vor fair Imp of the womb a at fir iss Quot a rank Mac or to a Lis. Retro Trioa Basss t ifaltc5ss.�a5 at Ochap &js&i2i. A Quot Quot of Tais of djs Fly Stalwi Feit Etao a i to Pirn Ilmis Uver Ink Ley and is f their com filed use Aho Cern blood Tai ate and a Hertta a Crof Neth bum ors from the a we it favorite the flt r Home by Nigg teak Upwey a r �?z�.44iw aaa Ranart from the a to Rorers. That it w la of it pc Rev .7 tremor my ref1 it the to amp Ewa Bee print it a it god faithfully of arise out Tor j far a bottles Wofle yes m Itai women cd Paft Quot a for Ai a wats in roam a. At vow a apr sri a tical Memen 663 31�la m Wuy a aia of Rory Joiy we a a Tbs Roy Rort Nerr sri we i old Worth turd up inn. I �4lire Cir ii in i i Nold Tai ii Oft Atta to Bol by a Man by e v i to a la Mustang Tat Cai Uhn liniment the fruit peddle never a Ort Ait Peddie a Pat ii. To fishing the Queen Regent of Spain has sent to Queen Victoria for a jul Bitae gift a widow s esp of pref Tea old St Asaiah lace with a embroidered rail reaching to the ground and a Pearl diadem the jewel of Winch were embroil Etc on the Lack by Queen Christina herself. At his egg -. Mro sures a letter from the Palter of them la Chu Refa. Fafty Klyr of Tavo Ca. A i it a. % Irani. I Bra Unrot syrup comply Tousty Igafo or. A. A. In we of Funru Iahey me of Bolt of year Hsu Trotty syrup Hava taken about two thirds of to ii for taking it the alighted Chaae a urn weather affected Rue very Mush. I am _ now almost entirely free from of of Rheum has a and changes in the tar of Tutor co dist Church Frank a mesh. The receipts of a walking Steh Are is ius. com pitas 8wef crowd to the Bdl Tor Timm that i bar a Poa Tiv Rwy by for jaw a mod data a a. Of Cati Airt v Uro Chouaa Udalof n sit it Sand two Teques c f my Man a sell w Trott Rotea who have Eon Suje or wirrt.1 exp a a a a a i 1. A. A cd cock the do master bus Hook by an attempt Loch is Whin i a caught with the to throw in a Tine at 3 of clock Fie Anil the log Are All straightened twit again Aud the line in the water he has both hands on the pole and hts foot braced on a stump by the water s Edge As though he by id Cata Rah can pm Psi amp hmm v1 &7x� a a apr. i it re Law tart ins ims a Al is j r cum i ,. It Vij ral Sikl tymm a Tam Itta m with Iii my bomb amp by Naye leg ,. Irl lure Fri to -1 ? i warn Efta it Ore in. To Mort pm. A be a sex Ioka Quot Quot a infill Art i Sass s pc ii he a a Fig a r g of e Iju of g la cm2 i Irir \ i it re i. A Sfax or. Of. A i j Ahe ivs to. N it Mimi a my we it a mum is Tim Essmer. New incl to ail i Tram Muse

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