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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1888, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 19, 1888, Ames, Iowa Musket. La iiiiiiiil1b in Mem a a ii a. To Wim iriv Mac weekly Journae. in dymm Fruto my Ive bum or less per it a a a a v tog ii of trite a i m i toe soft i Piwar in intr far each add Fey tar to foe Chasse a1 a a a _ a a a a. Tuft a a -.>. A. A a a a a Amee Why my Iii to a t i it ? have Mon i i. I am Auy 19. Is. To rn8 Xix. Number 39 suite affairs. 8jti0pfe of Tho Blenn Iid Momge of Totev mar it Milam Lafrania ame us second matter. A a a m Krait it u 0#<3#9 Mai Iford Ai to Jan Maxik Wjk urn ,. Tarot # t Jefe a rip Thiim of has. Of it Iru a a r let a Fel we Farl a Tail of a Mil in fete min a Ltd a a a a a a p mfr twit it form tot Effaw Leitar a a Lux i �14 h Eft a i sri. Ocial directory. It re Mcm. Cwt to adj Tel jr.,Ilott rfcs cleric. Pro i it a to i a i ufos i la Frei la for . A i. I a recorder i. ,. A. Sheriff. Is j a tend Mil of a. I Kwh ip.�., Surveyor. To tuft. Coroner prut a Sofr amp Arafat a i Jtj cute two a. Of it tins tap. Howard Tup. In off Kils. Iry. Mayor. A a writer. 5.1 of. K. I a St Fau in. Its we q a a. Iff Arn is. Amp la Nat Taiyo a. Wick. Jinx we. I. I Revere. Martha i. c a to. Member of leaned. Wemtz Lomax. Soc e i i is. Metros St butt Tom. Service a a Ery >1 Xii a morn Tad a rising. Numb a i a ii hut fir to a i or j we Ieffa Cea for fax desk. Mem. Sices eve sunday morn fad rutty Aik it % amp i c a. I \ d -. Y e Seafa g. School Tift in. I a j or me tag of exp Ftp e Al Quot a if cd. H. W. Wils n. I a Tor. Al. Ices every hmm a Moi n up t��45 mini f veil my at 7 30. San id in it it jul Tely after the 1 Ltd see. Fra Fiir inc my and Newray Cecil it of in cowl i a a . A Mew. A u30ge new. 149 a. F. And Biafra. in if fac fall lit1 a a ii. L. M. Tto wok l if w. M. It Shapr Farj. United workmen. Olao u. 166. Mag h of . O a i d his a Iii Mew. C m. Jaffa to Recorey r. 0, a. R Lapworth i k t i he Rte i to. A., k. To. 30g. A r. Flail the inst and if Sata a. A Iuit a of each month. Pm in j. In us no an it Oramandel. Adj. A ii a in m. 8. Of v. It Geddes Cam t no. 58 tons of # \ in a a a h. Ii a l ukr to Wilm a jr., capt s. In. In Tam a k s. Ill Wilh Fie of Cert no. 98. Meet Iii alternate week ing a it. Hill h we Mimi. Got is or wheat a Cenit Sec. It the i Jia Vei incas professional cards. Atto Rhen s. It. 1. San t1wne\ Ani it Ltd h. Ns1 Flor it i Tvr. Erike Tiwa Prmt Friy made. A siege my i Ike Hiot a Atua-., . A Tutor key or at a ail the Coo ids of the a pop. And ii e in s. I in in the i it met m fifa Wei in ions Nanoni who Mph few 0, Mccarthy a troll Nev a i Laxx am c jul to Ftp Adini Quot. Chace 111 j a i Steve rns s my Heiking. At mme Dyer amp Fitchpatrick try practice in Ali the of if a in my the i Ted . A Mac Colfa nobs %0m no. F <1 in fief opera bloc is of Theca Estev. Purls a Nev Alfa Lowus physicians. Iowa. R. M Temple Tui Sci an Ako surgeon Ames Oafae Over write Rama drug a a. Severity m. 0., a it my kit Eathle physician and Stltt a. Cafee irs door West of to Glt my Ames Sway Conaty Iowa. A Rifaat Ai All in that. E. S. Plumb ii a. Ii Citar and Surg Lon. Off ire berth in Kurth of West he a or a City drug St Ore. Or. Altert Richmond. Irs firm re a s a i. him wow sure a Amu a Boer from of la m and i to 6, dentistry cd is. E we Irr Yak fast. Rooms at residence Wist House Ames Iowa. 1m Lac Al. Lan Tous. O. A. To fam it f Al ital Italie Ione. In fort ii a a Tiff As there ii to Fasmire Fin Reed rate. I in Wundrum pm it we Mica. Rat. It by i i Driller i a is Twat thai Yan to and St mite we 4.��i a a. Money to loan to Kwiw of flow by i it Awe a Stai a a with to the Rowee tapis the up Falls due Ina Awala Wafai a w lows Tratta. W. Rom Terrey a emf in a. Read to the Twenty second Gen a rat Assembly of Iowa on january to. Pm amp Tion of the sire Drill Ufa Ani penal Init Laviona the hell Faa of m rail read chord a other fent pm ueniilifhs., a pm s3 a Sofia it Tola. To i3ail. Re Rcv. State a Simra a wants , list1 lat Mart a. Fae same. Kit fax a in to it of am Acx in a us it Lair taut. St 9.m vat Eraas Oliai Asdig Whf i mss. A at r Lief in Ileal into ii tart. 3 my Mem a Saimi i a Aoa rum Mumm Kkt Mua Eja Aea. Quot a j tier it pm Tai estimate in a Delft for tto teriuo3at�?~�rcia.g july i. Mhz and a Erttis san Iii. T w x ism stat tax mid in two mod a Mem if att Mia i Twu mind la Lal \ Aud from of fir wears at t at said his Attr Mateu �5s.-�u4litore far Tui us Veri Afi use a Aiyu of Al Rantru Turt App Ornail a a Are left Lisa i a arse if for i Lynx it of a Imp do warrants Ami it a Fri a t or. I j or j a i t a imm Quot a. I warrants a Fajr tar i i of fan fam tos Wysa a High pm katmai Tov a it at w Fabi for its Rel mme in a a total Al f is who i asset Faun the Cauca hmm Iii a tuned Isare a it j,7u that Faatz Saneo asm Mumy May safely Tyraa urn a ice astr Xii nary . Their is a eally a. A end a a Jeri in no a1 prfi<4 a of Ali tried mob peas of Afa Ifil it to paksi Aud raw a from Teaa nary. The a a Kwa a of Tea eat july i. A fit waa july i. Fall. It we pm Seth. A. A Guallar aaa Dit Ifa Alii prot by fatal at alow of the Corsaut , and my b��xj��da4tmlaacea, Tift fora us not included to Abo. Mat a already Taud the a Simstad Here a to from state Tai. It based or it it tar and Mills in 1987, and two wills Iii la the total Tati Faiwl Lor is ii Yfim pm. An Gottli Faal half Mill Lee i a to lid in amp a a a a Ravens to total find Joo Aud mafia Toca aum fit r a facial a wife att a a about i i of far Soost Tifuh to to an thas aum of those Affa Imam Tau Tawter Marfa by Lim Twenty a Atawa Traat a emt or. A View of the fact that in Pithy is Aua sad at sea Sale one third aft Acta j a to that two a my on half Mills have beef a fats for six years and that the i Mousy is pm famed to ass a in map Armur the Vari in state Tartt Tifai Aud in pro i or. For their i inns Numil to nut a claimed at two and ims Hraf Mill Quot crept have been in abundant than Moat to two Thutt of the to Verity of the drouth Durn fart last a Paoti and every Effort should lie Matte am u to a Lyle to keep we surf within pre. Par bound. Who the Burt Tat a. Has Onset the Layat Hur ausems. Yet it is in Camban a pm All under present Elit Aiu a Waal a it make no expend Tare that is not realty a be a Ryt and i earnestly urge that no other Faltus be authorized or ,1 Jar a t k i iwo cts o s a. The got Emor Ajeou Panse his is a a with the Rex was of the offal Al the various mat Susfal Tafet in. And says Bav Tnp Hon frequent visits to these int tits thous bet Oom quite familiar with their Eoa i time. Ami management it gives to Filea Eure in ser the i in my of amt they Are Couo i eur Ali Adan july eee Lafaed Ami Are Eer Pmj with Arase wort by Fidelity Che interest for a. Cli they were Mcfaul lewd. Toafa the Taal Anana of required for their sup a Ort May sawn Large Ball w ii in Divi amp.,Ca aggregate they Beaume. Sided Aroon the whole people of the Fate and jul Famble a Money a minded barium a better return it wet Etty a duty Heb Odd be a Pef aare to our nubile Mirtte Eit Iren i it see that tees Are Mala tailed at a High Sfa Sura of Efa Aey Aud granted Rue Aid secs Ary to he Abb them to do Mieir worn in the Best sos ibis Waynw Nede. a to Aff . Should bars your a mad a Tom at Goa. The Iga Rayto of the a Unis cited for Tea Buik Linfs. Improvement two Tam et., earning properly under Bead of special of prop pattern to Quot . These us fas for the Mast part based on the of the St Arata institution a or Way their Eil Eek a manager. Many of them fag by to and can be with. But in the foment own it of the state of causes it v lit us Chi Ith it a in to Grant them i. Sea Reedy indeed Jane half of them. To your Wisdom 3ow win be Able to discriminate be tween the Rifat mrp rut and to fax a which can be safely a fart and Elaml another team. Out Tad tug Waw fac Alwi uld to mid Der no the first by of t be Curry Bio no Jai period. Till pro tuatau Faldu the so Weisl appropriation am be mud. R a safety it mrha a under a Mill Levy to but not a Twat. Itofa. Imfang of Trad Afaf fat rebut de three in my Padg meet will in Sullee Itta Kafa the Public property in Good repair sad Alt toe Fata Husti Notheis in a Amie mud prom Perot Aeu Iitto. I int it will in toe Baa Lute Treasie at the t a neral Assembly to Prcz Biti pay off the ont Landing warrant of tue stator and a it keel the Ain Atatim de�r-1 f Ai Bih the Ltd Ltd a the St mated Lei Enue it they raid. It has Besa to the a the Wise or Ampey a. E of the people amt in the main of the represent amp to a a to keep tile a stats out of de t the departure made from Tola Nate amuse Rulo i f i lie mat two Iten Cral anti Mewies to making Epp apr Atlee a Arnaid Erali to Tacea cry the re in ame it it it my my a a Spaatz there la none be Saith a St. While a Oom Poliey Aud a will of the a Mopie a both do it Deuly anal Al it Bat whoa Ewis a apr q Riata a Are made in la Mem a Auld he secured to meet Theta. Within Ltd a a a it life in sleeved you will have my Boatly concurrence is All measure Dee goed to Strei Gitl in mod promote the useful near of out Mato to fetal Oil. Til b Rintals far the insane Ai it. Pleasant and fad up intone a to As to Good Revti it c n and wader ase heat t. Re rom amp tune mad by the last leg Iaia Turc to been and ludic Momiy exp amid. The he Mem room mad Liberal to carry out Mech needed in i we Asta Ami audit hmm to the Fassitt ularae Lotha v a1 la a Chay May be enabled to meet the inc reamed demands for uns. The fart Ina ans Hospital St Clarinda i Aearl ready of a r recep Tjotjos patient. Tom in to Faxton far p Eeme waded child Reid. T in Soldier heme Tad the Flo diets Orp Bau Bam Ara in a arc pm Twefi Ditcu. Tho latter Tosef Toioi filtered the toes of it main Central building Tor Tea and the game nor urges an a Pym won Foi it restoration. In tut lard to the two stale penitentiaries Tov. Lair a by say a the number of convicts to the fart Madison Peu Itoi Tisev at the beginning it the period a. Sat the dose ski. To average number w s Bath total Serpent Tarini were i i is ult the fait West afim prison to the by at a a it the Toro year after d Troetti of earning so ,. Cd prise Baa been Makaym bit Graff Ingr a it. Tha Trisan Well provided for my treated impartially while everything a been Doneff t a he Pesuth and Tomt Art that could be do Kamfa Fai the did plan l a Bee. Sex eel i we Cen Moi Ute free a been made la the Eon sir Yeti m of the urto Ltd Ai Anamosa. The build toy for is Erfe Matofa Treasie is ready Tor a Root Aud ii dose by a Alana Wail. Weal a atm Faanunu fenced an building Tat female Preo Basra Abeld be made for Ting toe work of and k up to t to con Viet a employed at the beef Notum a the period the oaf Jacw numbered a. And in its a be in Avera. Bbl the expenditure we i my irm. The discipline Bas Besag Sod and fait general Managua oat excellent. Meta a a a in number of it View in the t to Pearte a taste a the beat Nucup of the period a a a jut to is an in a it it both affy of Mustofa in i of i Utano system Bas Lese Gen Tauy Bie i. The Fao re or commends toe Tao jest of com , e ? Cattou to the attend in a of the Law Mae my the people a says. Of renew it in Tom of it features Given Hyk Eltonh Afaf Ackart. Hae Hauld be pre served while Iua Ead us i whiff experience told i a a Hauld be pre. Bas of town to be no be Ary. Abo a Iii be to a to to Render Tho execution of the act Leat our a War ertl delivered is Dennial hmm me to she an tuesday Jan in it to a it Lumina a do a in nut wad a hat afamfafa8ltfa� More Imja Tant Points. The Faaa Cratit to Eubie a of to Usu Cis Aby lha Repir of the stole i manure exhibit Jib Siu Ial Eandi Tion of the Slater the a j Fafa Efu mde amp Iii Diurca Idt the to i Mno Al. Bart of shag of f Hilt Witik h to detail. Whidby the Revenue wee Der a j in the of Tabt Ami Fabor matter of in is St of club fat of it Quot to Quot last report i it i ii or in team a. To toffs a a Pham i a at Nee c-�5ini�lo��. It tax 4ft, fee of Atteo a. I a i r in Tab i and to i Jho mar it a a to a a. A a a a w % from in Faifai you Kaaa. Transfer i i my to in Mary wheel la Noat it Fayae. Of to Vanlier at toe beginning and Ziaee it d the pre Vinos period wan . M an i m a the create of 0 insuring fan period Nadir Jan so Isis to in Viola part a it d ant or the and for Ihal Fai Lingjr optic january i str the whole numb far of convict was Fink these figure ladled the a Grauf Flieg Der my in Tan amp mar at oar Houvk to a result target due i snot not to the the prohibitory a. The Complete aria Hemni it at that Law i a All i of of Hie Tate win. Ali pm hair feb Mintah Kab Ari Ninual class. A years a Tong use pm Bor ii Ike have grated Pai Teh a Bleb May i rav ism at mov ban. To m Enn vhf in by -pi.nsteuts�ptee. The a us panamas were is Aarau a Ramia ahm ii to Stover ears the Industrial Seicol is Dotsey in Mem Werhand were Nondi Prater toil ii fur amp Termaat him hoax depart Mefa. Cut in the sublet it Public school go err r atm Law rep Drift to at to a a Ami a so their Aggei Al Val the number of tee Ber and the a Biol a Attal a Atea Dlly i Mereane i to is a a now Al kid Louft. Valued at tot,.kb,, to lumbered Chauta is 14,�� and the eau hair of teacher Hhd i the Pema neut do fend to pad Ralhp to creasing and new a in it. I of the Quot i As id ton Ara i �3 i Tan still Abs Tea. The average wage paid to a a Tondin la wmb5 and to Fem Ltd di�bbr�effint8 for my a it Raj mind hew fund Amdi ilium i fund j to a ,f4,. 4. Int Kcf Milfait in mane yen to whole a Imber it i fahd Asp a Alwawi the Agal at a my to Wacky Olav a �,m.i.a�4 Tifka Wohn enrol m i the pm Mem a Tom Atli an aver Bike a. Oat stride la their Public school Aal i a the report of to last a Torosi Teaso in Toteh Al owed the a by at then bad Thieve to Tilli see # Abs utahn to la Mon. But Arma we i Faut Hbeo we to k it the Small air race Attu Tan a in oui p a lie cheat in co tap ii of a a with oui a Hool a gulag Toon that we Cha i my Maint afo oaf previous advanced posit us Uncle a a a oui dwelt re a a a Juare take to by. To i into Sebah of toe mate ail. Or at beset a Rueb Burger re tag of Tom who of a t ,.i Lascar t or Ages. It Mita fart a Dueall obit a no tried it. It i in ilk i. A Nauf of a oat it Utah tend id Tuttoi Abfal b ate and built Fiou of in world Aid la May Well few con lured whether the Tiro la i Dir a Ouie lieu it ought to be adopted to Iowa. In my judgment it tut Aud i the Fri Toge of a Ftp taut Law to ref a Retick thereto. That a Educ a a a a in Aaitui in fir All a Ltd a re fib a Ai a Seu uni tog to Dit a. Iff to St amp the the r say Quot the Lofair Tda of several us a Prosje Fiji win by a a i the i Elk a to their Jar Tich Lite Toa at mite bar tenk of recur a Forth i within the la Tyau a a hic a to give to a to it at of toe to Euti Iraci a a a a Alran tag a than a never Batara left a for , it i the detect a nation of the i cd a Degruti to place the t liver try in lha he i ran at lie Ducet much tvs to totems of country. The people it the state demand a High it Tai or i of and. -. Falt. Fafa late s to bet too wants it j Futuik. Auf not bib Tiou d by left in dose to eee wre mom fan Teacie a a honed by a to pie so i it gon of to my but it will Steed i Ina in to provide Efa alb but Tbs Foi ube atm mid be a ill at feet a Matt cab a a Faurow to j n it a a in Iii Tbs an. Tvs to Bason ii Cand Ala . A file a a Las vers Ity the f Mamot id null should hat a at Leaai it it a St Uprate Kiel be to Bat one obstacle to s a namely the n non fore is vat of Tbs i roof to tory liquor Taw to a Fatuado county on a count of which lie maintains Hundred of Etui in Ealek Otto a id Wrt. The Roe Mage the that the agr iou it rat t a a in a is dui is axe Al Leat walk and tight in be a enraged a ti.,-1 ouch 8 of the state exp t ten hats Boe represented Atmo if student in the t Mai Bmat at Cal fail the it Twoy amp re. Nearly All Tbs i graduate of the in Atiim Toa a engaged to teach to or it odium put Iii directly co nested Witt ear a i it in it Otrera r tact of the be gtd lat in ought to Deal liberally with tot into Tel a. Tbs for Hie lies und of sub is reputed to a to be Road Eon Diu a. The svs Rase attendance in increased the a Aalto of � Pupil Aas Boon Good a and to mfr Progre Hee been thai factory. La Rifai Ray had Atta Fate lid and College to by to Iliad in the teat to year. The a a Tuitoo i Well organised hut competent teachers the fat Cndia # a been Lara for than Ever it Afore and the a a a Votsi have been Judie Early expended in reference to toe mileage Aud pm diet of Board he ring t Harge at state in Sis tut. Ohs to governor say t Eleh Ald be of amended Ai to pay a sign no Day fur actually and necessarily spa it la tax discharge in their duties and also in actual Aud necessary exhume incurred Whit in aug aged but in no ease should the latter Eft esd eve cents per mite by the a arest travelled rout it. Tram nod to their Homes. Ureal care should be exercised to that selection of these w to he a it both Tbs Fame and the attend closely to the Ahir Yosuf their respective pos items toe curators at the Blate historical Boc icky rep a of t r increase to the Library a Toto Boumis v i in aaa pamphlets. Pan Tbs of Tor a t the Library the governor say Quot in the past nearly the a re strength of this instil Tun a be it g veil to t. Tow Dei arts edit the eel e Taro to Ibi line Sand Var a justly Tbs a ride of Tilge. Attrib yes and � people generally. Bat i to k too Fame by earn when the Moi of the Library should lie enlarged parti cub. Fly in is i t--r.cn-, lit my aah a dentine deja Talent i he governor h it a a Good wort to say of the w Esther service and Tilinka the von should be colitis lied. Speaking of toe Hite Board of pharmacy a femur Larrabee says Quot the number of Regis fared pharmacists whoa Cirl Fie a were in full Force Bette usher miss a i a september by. Us it a . A Redict on of ill. The Board a to rec id Tiabo t Ane Hundred ease it acute i for via Tattoo of Faro Pham Iacy Law 7$ per cent of which resulted in con riot on i Sac imposed Bai Ama. Fate i to near to a a of which Shoat of he a paid i. To the school , but pm y Yff. Have bum i Ai i into the state Tress cry on the i per cent Anion Ernest fund Accord tog to the of Labe tag in per await of to la. The fun the command of t a boar i have not 1� i n i Lent t prosecute All Viola a of the Tow. And Many eases have i Ces referred to it duty Attoway fur Promie Cutty oat a thee officers do not report to the i Armsey Board int few of eir Case have heard Tiro to Verdi r rec Smoda the ado t cts of amending it to the Tow particularly in refer Mem to the Sale of int it Tenuto. The go Amy the Law Crew diag a stat. Boa of rental examiner la having Good re Multi in increasing lie knowledge and skill of the dental profession an amendment to to jaw is ice res my the fee f r ii end granted upon Esam Lafaton from 42 to Toad it Tor licenses to holders of valid diploma. To order b stable to Board t it prosecute their work with greater efficiency than at resent. A a he in is Ige say toe state Board o 11� Aith a has been ackee in it Effort Ai j r tee and my Matte of the Jav it it de of toe . It has diet Rob Ted a is be number of original pain Piet and air Euler relating to . Maas three nod Dis rates it time y Thorn tugs have undoubtedly a Aardal a Gaius to much Jicky a while its Anfora Euatt of the medical Pic act a done hot a Little Loiro a # the average Cha act of the profession to do to evil caused by that class of meter in Ottose we Jill Only exist for the j or Pone of a Piug uart is and preying upon an Usu spa Pamm a a a la National guard say the cd Vern it r. A i comte a i Ai forty eight companies to e limit i Ennis two by Law Buth strength or each of Spaay i hop at about the Man Tatum number of forty enlisted men the guard of the j state is rapidly coming to a Suha Tautin i is. Taking too a pro to in Iii full a qty equipment and ability to an Tifa Ita Elt an i in All its training to follow the method of the United Blat army. Rather than in on the showy Tolay i ranch one of prevalent. At j re it there is no Law a Hort is payment of the in Uard when can did into the service of the stale. This Shoal i b provided for by an Appi i j nation which umm to drawn no on when new a a. The so an veterinary surgeon that the adj part j in lion or toe exp Ensig of hts office a not sufficient to enable him or by de toy to an a r All the Calls made for his Terne and g in i Arr a c Iez. On mend that the Propri att be increased and ,4 to that an appropriation be made that can be meet in at. Emergency prov Klug �1� i in in a Ijunia should break out i i this mate. Of no prov non of to l kind in made Aud to s dim Salt u d get a foothold in Tho mate. To Bays a to Pecini session of the legislator a might have to be called can no delay an Ltd Arditi Niamat est euro. A a it a Are Row it twp Arfat in la Pion or would by War ii not for the Cut to ration Aiu let Nat Oual government Tho annual fuses fran by cholera in Iowa a variously estimated from n,0v� Tori on no. With a Small Par cent of the loft for a sough year up Noo unit Ier the direct ton of in \ it binary burgeon the governor i Ink to a Dis a a could Bect-1 Mina cd in the Matt the tag Uit Ude and in port once of to is Niter St a Tern and Toad netting which can to Rea portably done for it Protection so mid be lost untried. Addict la ski. Aetna. The Law ought to of perfected and to trained a on of to permanent stat Al of the state. Titer api amp is to be a general and in creasing desire on toe part id Tiro people fir Podl full Felm in i via jew or foam Defato a Piv a for its to an1 fed the am Tito to Quot a to at fat of to in f Faro Matt elections Only. M a Herod year to unmet Sioval Elefant Ca. Mum Ijlal Suffi a co provide for life Letual to tree a booed be held Nath fax us to Tatami and with Cong res Serge for women in of awed by in say of bar Bee Etta a it in under this Bead gov. Larrabee discourse a follow agates or if our chief interest. If it languishes Xii other interest Sutler. Lido serves toe and Atte Tiol of to to Tho Blate Aud natio in legislature. The a it which nne it our live fat Oak Are Gru eral Ai i can be dealt Witt effectual t and finally Only by in a Roual aut Tfir to. I recommend that t Augrea i a by you to mat trople apr a i atoms a ii u it. In Iro ated la emergencies to crash out Pleura pne Monte log choler a and Miter cwt tag on Dia faso i f prom Ai ii e Ariette a Lea a aur millions might be wave i a a the agricultural and horticultural Koci Ehaet v ii a mock a Elsialien and other organism of Mons Good work the with far Tufa 11.slit to ind other methods of Awakening the Pattie mind and Nee tiring my Intel in gent application of Tiro beat moan to prod be the highest pro artly upon toe farms of Iowa and the paste hip Pine in Faro Home which beautify Faro Prairie of our Matt should be liberally Asmo raged both repro entail Vvs of the people to their legislative action. L he to �?T.�?T�?� of the Miry shot is an end a Agit. Condition of that Itu Portal Branch of our agricultural Industry state and no to Alai Laws n Raing lie manufacture and tale of Ole Margarine have annihilated Faust business Faut Aud there Hee been a marked increase to the manufacture Aud sate of genuine Batter. It a it stones i that Iowa proud c l s0.�?~� ,3 it Pound of Hatter during the six month and ii g Jno in iat an increase of 11, 00,000 to my Over the corresponding period of the year be re. Within toe lust yes thirty new Cream roles have been put in or Orathy and h number that Bod Boe pkwy Tossiy closed re of crowned the Deiry Law of t e lad general As Semly Sfa hindi ated the arts Dan of its Jwo Sag and Tiro la sir cd missioner had new a a Collen work Aud at Amau expense to the Coal xxx Witt Cowx the mine a in r Ospow to the governor that a Faro Coal mine Are worked is or Creot to their full capacity. Tho Ceroan i for Toal is jct land Faro us Neil Arall end Foyed. The number of mines la its. The output of Eon in ii o a ?,8j3,-g1 tons in inc it was 4,91 bite tons a Mere a so of 11,11 ton a using toe two there were thirty eight fatal and a Guty two non fatal accidents. The greatest number of men Amplo Yrd at one time wan about i a Ltd the inspector Tetua attn am just of capital invested in the mining interests of toe mat at my Mem the absence of strikes indicate harmonious relations Between o of i and uni Larrabee says Tho new Capitol has Cool ,�7i Soun j the furniture. A a Cit boiler House. It5.s44.l Street in Provensen >2i.- � m a the with some smaller items make to enter expenditure a % Home work remains to be d be the Cost of which is placed Al his of. It at r his so and mme to. The following figures show the Cost of the Matt printing and binding for to a is veal ported t endom Fia 30, in. Ending a Jit. So is a. End Tolg j in a is. Ending june a. Is a ending Jeus a. Itt7. Friuli re. In Fass. ,. .a.tot.j. . To bind lag ?.si. 31 a in met the jaw pm mag amp. A ii Iii Tai is i Fife of Lwow wet a wow a or claimed by Tomro who advocate tills that it is Bot Only right and just but that it would to re enforce Tiro better element of the population of a elite a to teen a Mote perfect enforce to at th1 i liminal Law Sud greatly improve Tiro j of Eit Fui cd far Tiro expel i id Mig at be a Safe on flt if wean a is oui not Avail them Cave of the Tori Latte a we Tinl Rod or if the results wee , Tiro satan pow. R that bestowed to flan Bise could revoke it. It a f k Kirps. We glean from the that the school ten is a. Cei Ved by toe Fiat in or to Coa Groe atonal Grant amount to i ,9, i7.7& Are un-1 there of t rans Nio Cupat Entel 537, 9 11 it. A during the period Slier were a steeled i is a few of school i a la fat i acre of Faro a a y Aero Grant and Iii us of the mortgaged a in Olua of -. User still remain unsold ,u5 Aero of Toca tend Ansi of to a Aina land Grant to uni Var to Ala ban of a a.�, of i and Given in an-1 my Are. A a quire by pore has and of certs Sale the Wahfai amount and land is the Matt by the Railroad companies As donations is 4, id a ii acres of about i be Eig Luth cd the entire acreage of the j St it a the Latte it Tutti at hand pvt the following an. To the number Capitol and deposits of the. Stet and National Bank numb r. I a pitch 37 savings to incorporated Aff savings. M a ?3<g Tell Bauks. In 15 Ufa d Ste posts. 5,747, fad. 97 is total ii a no Arlt rna it Boap . The report of the Railroad commissioners at the i shows that the Humber of mites a railway in the by .1. Line Eim was Lam. J a number of mile built last year was i the amount cd Stock re Prasant a the Road in Iowa is 1147,-�- i a . To. Amount of tend for the Aam i is pm Stock in r mile lag7. In. Lieut to Inrod and unfunded per mile Mimsi. Total Stock and debt p r roil tte.-�j7 to. The Cost it the roads wad equipment in i a is placed by the comm Iantone at ,717,197.44. The Gross earning of the roads in Iowa passenger mail and express. -11.909, freight and la Cellaneous i total la Vul swum. Incer a lire Nous Yew to i . Expenses air it ads .44,1 �.�?T,9fa,71. Net earnings after a Sig All e. Pense fl5,3?a, i. Net earnings i it or mile if 7., taxes paid in Iowa. #1, 11,-�?� . Total nun in r of e a ploy in Tiro it amp the. 2,d?a. Amount Psid Etnah 5es, Amati Van in the Sta a. A of. Cars. Passenger few bad Gate Mutt and express Box freight i Stock 3,11ft Coal Aud Piat orm 7,973 other cars 2,47. Total ,142. Number of stall is in Iowa 1,379. Number of to ism in opt Goa january i i has. #,-2 during the year by person were killed 8 of a bom were passengers to emptor is end a not connected the Ope rat pm of the Roada in Tiro same time 4t> per ions were injured is passengers by employees and 38 not connected w 1th Tho operation of the roads a Idu and Abc Uba . La regard to the i in Brejt the governor prom Ives to speak mar fully in a future Meas age an i for the present contents him of with to e following a c first the d--8uuvtioj of the pass system Root Aud Branch been Flthe limiting of passenger faxes on first class Road to Tao cents a mile third the passage a Law fixing reason Abb Nav Laxon rate of freight on the principal is nmn try a Trout flt no a by Ranii Andeope Uluig rat lond Eom ponies to furnish a cuticle nay of freight curs the governor says that Railroad c it up it it ratio a in the running of trains do not Pas sufficient Recard to Tbs Iva ii ath. I hey not Only deprive Ter,.# not ii is of their employees of the weakly rest which is essential to physical Aud to Bai. Evam Moil Well being but they also set pie to the r Tai the Community. A Large port Burty four injured in coupling . The Cote Soniea Giuld be required to to t More mod a i Are a Era App Lane s. I Lav to Jour attention to toes a objects a Railroad companies Are Public corporation uni the railway should by required to take an onto to a. V the Coil St it Tina an i Law of Tai Matt and of the untied state. The right of the state to it control Railroad companies has been of affirmed by Taa highest judicial authority who. Strident maans air mid be applied i Strong Corpora dons the weak ones Sfedu d be protect to nil l esp Laily Tho new to de making efforts to do business at lower Ratos. Bena ties should a provided and More Jiff Yeti to measures used to it compel to co to panic by comply with tot Laws. Combination should be prevented and Compo i won in a i. The state should assume anti by Ain twin the ii i thorough and Complete Roulat of of railroads by i awl Ive so inst Ami taxation. The assessed value of property in a follows lands and town lots. Personally a. Railroads. Telegraphs. Telephone a. Less exemptions for tree culture ,,137 total for Taxa icon Aam,710,241 All porn. Erv is protected by the Law. A is underrate of a and much personal property is not ii a i Tor tax Aden which is required by Law to be listed Tai. Imit uses an undue pro it Ort on of tax upon those who make full returns t a the assessor the pm lines principles of Good government Are violated when these inequality a whish May Lye reached and of via a i by legislation a still permitted to exist it a a after year pc Section fat Rall pro Rorty is de Irel. And Tho who a e charge of it and toe own re lao Ald not is. Ink from bearing j it share of toe Burden. County a Reasner by id remit to the. Tate treasurer taros col tested Ca h month counties should be held for fat i amount of Lew and have the i end fit of All Intel St Oolie. To i of neb interest in information and Lanny aug. S i fits a to proper legislate it a a of in subset will be found to the cum ii re Ort Fth Bureau of labor , obtained Iron to officers Many of whom have Brod Long experience in assessing property and in i vying find collecting tuxes there is a very j 4 j link Wuu a visa j general feeling that a Dit Oual legislation it needed Ami i again comm rid the whole As utter <4 a a a same it and taxation of of. Pert to j or Earnest Cut moderation. Mach mgr less has be n ran in in then for neut of Tho pro wry Law. Not Only has put ii sentiment in Ich improved in r Latten to it. But judicial officers Are Mort deposed to s it it enforcement. I any id. Is give Strong test in Ray in its favor allowing Chat. Chews if has been Well exec a i to. Re has been a marked reduction in criminal offence and also in court of emes during toe last year will particularly during it latter bad. Tut re has Bern a dec led fall Oft in Penitentiary convicts and a err Large number Ai comity jails Bai been empty some of them Fox the first time in War there has ten a marked improvement i the condition a it four corer Urooj in. in the families of Labouring men addicted to Strong drink. What a formerly squandered in the Saloon of i m a a Kyl Hong. Xxx Hole there it very Little difficulty now in Enfa a Wing toe Law in toe Rural districts nod in a very Large majority of the counties there Ara molders of legislation. Speaker Carli a a completes the stand lag commit the i. And repeats them to Tbs House. Kills chairman of War and weans Itaf Frau of Lejb Pula Lojis Cal hers on of ind Barj the following is us list of standing a Oro Mattees of Tiro rational House of kept Seuta fave As arranged by speaker Carlisle the first baffle Fusil Hon fid in each committee being that leg chairman Way and Means Mills of Texas Similian of Terano sir. Breckinridge of arks is amp a Breckinridge of. Kentucky. Quot i or nor at Gilt i Rita v. Tsoy of xxx list Virginia at of Pennsylva la Bynum Arf Indiana Hailey of brow of , heed of main my Al tile y of Ohio Burrows of Michigan. Banda i of to vim Sylvania Forney of Alabama bump of Missouri for an of Ohio Hayers of Texas Clemente of foils chmpt�e31 of nato York Gay of i a a Liana Bleo of Minnesota Cannon of Illinois by an of Kansas Butterworth of Ohio lung of Maria fun setts. Mccomas of mar Lan i by Beuder Sost or Iowa Judy re of leva Colllns of Heney of it Tea dates of Alabama. Dodgers Arkansas Dower of my Aaan Henderaon of no rth Carolina Buckalew in Pennsylvania p Tew Art of Geo gun e. A Taylor of Ohio Parker of new York. Stewart of it att most Crew Vul of , Adams of Illinois Fuller of Iowa. Banking and currency Wilkins of Ohio West Virginia. Howard at or Dan a Dorgan of South Carolina Button of Missouri Boom of now York Landes of Illinois Mckenney of new Hampshire by Agley of Maine Brumm of Penn synnia Woodburn of Nevada Whiting of me manchus. Us xxx Liber of new York. Coinage it Igeta and Maestu Oak Bland of Missouri Norwood of Hemphill of South Carolina. Trace j of now York xxii rom of Hume Ota. Wilkinson Ltd Louisiana Martin of Texas Bali of Texas Hall of i a a Sylvania Payson of Illinois mean of new York Wandever of California Bolden of new York Wie Bam of Ohio Toole of Mcm Tenn territory t of Mercer Ciao v of Missouri Crisp of Varaney of Michigan. Pal Are of Maryland. A. K. Anderson of Iowa Logan of Louisiana Wilson of mini . Bryce of new York Phelan of Tenner o Neill Ai ton Sylvania Dunham of ii Snofa Davis of a Sac by sett s. J. A Anderson Kau Aas. Davenport of new York Browne of Yagia. Rivers and harbours Blanchard of Lousana Jones of Alabama Tew Art of Texas catching of Mississippi Wise of Virginia Snyder of West x Irginia Gibson of Maryland Fisher of Michigan tuns up Sun of Calif Ornite Henderson of Illinois Baine of Pennsylvania. Grosvenor of Ohio Nutting of new York tej Heuton of Wisconsin Cogswell of Massachusetts. A a a i in merchant la Ria Ami Fla Herle a Dunn of Arkansas Mimi Iii of Tennessee. Morse of Massachusetts Kenn scr of Illinois. Hatch of Missouri Breckinridge of Kentucky Cumming of new York Mcdonald of Minnesota Dan Foley of Maine Hopkins of Illinois Felton of California Farquhar of new York Clark of Wisconsin. Al agriculture Hatch of Missouri Davidson of Boma Stahlnecker or new York Morgan of Mississippi glean of tonnes see. Burnet of Manaen Chusett fact Tammy of North Carolina Biggs of Calif Ornite Whiting of Michigan Funston of Kansas hires of new Jersey Laird of Nebraska Conger of Iowa i grief of Ohio Patton of Pennsylvania. Dubois of Idaho. Foreign a hairs Belmont of now York to Cleary of Kentucky Norwood of clan. Booker of missis i. Russell of Massachusetts Ila nor of Maryland i bit Man of Michigan Cothran of South Carolina Ketchum of now York Phelps of new Jersey hit of Illinois Rockwell of forma. Military affairs town Shea i of Illinois. Tillman of Bouto Carolina Booker of Mississippi Walsh of Pennsylvania Spinous of new York Ford of Michigan Robertson of Louisiana to f the present Banda work of railroads com i and should be discontinued during the year nine persons were killed an i it no Hundred an i Der of Ohio Steele of Indiana Laid roof be bras Ira cute Hemoc Milt a a of new York Carey naval affair a Herbert of Alabama Wise of. Gear of Iowa pitch cling 1 err tory. X , Mcadoo of new Jersey xxx hit Thorn of Tennessee Rufat of Maryland Cochran of new York Elliott of health Carolina Abbott of Texas Harmer of Pennsyl Varite Tho Nefi of i Liloia i Oil of West Vin a. Boutell of Maine Hayden of Massachusetts. Post office and to roads Blount of Dock or a of Missouri Herriman of new York at Pennsylvania Enloe of Ion-ne#�66f Anderson at Ului Iii and ramp we of min Sissi Iii. Montgomery of Ken Tumiky Rowland of North Carolina bin Ham Ltd Penns ban a Guentzer of xxx i o in Fedor of Kansas Allen of Massa Shust tote a Whitt of now York Lind of Minnesota Cato of Utah. Public lands to Man of Indiana i pattern of Kentucky Stone of Missouri melt to of Arkansas Wheater of Alabama Washington of Tab net so Stockdale of mls Sisail pipe a of Illinois Jackson of i it Malvania Al Chou amp of California. of Oregon. Or As to Jturner of Kansas Voorhees of Wyoming Derrr tory. Indian affairs Pele of Arkansas alien of i so we a no ,685,0 3 38,72,74.1 <21.191 159,373 miss Tsaipi Quot High a i of in Siana ferry of South Carolina Budd of Wisconsin my Khan of be 501,950, Iii Braska. Cobb of Alabama Hare of Texas. I or Kins of Kansas Nelson of Minnesota la Follett of Visconti Hartington of pen Syi am t. Alien of Mich Gan Gifford it i Dakota territory. Territories�?borings1 of Hlf Sois Barnes of c x in new York. I b Ott of sooth Carolina Hay of Iowa Kilgore of a is Mansur of Missouri Ford of Michigan nor nil of i a Baker of new York do is a of Nebraska by mtg of col Ralo Warner of Missouri Joseph of new mexico., i Rolla Ai s and canal Davidson of Florida Mcrae of Arkansas Stone of Kentucky pid cock of new Jersey Hay of of Iowa Bryce of new York. Cobb of Ala it Anifet. Carlton of , plumb of Iii Nois. Xxx ill r of new York Mccormick of Pennsylvania. Gaines of Virginias Bussell of it Annec Tant. A a Pacific railroads oath waft of Ohio it rank of i to a it. Bia Hanison of Tinnea of Barnes of . Collins of maim a beset Caruth of i Kentucky Tracy of new York. Oran or of Connecticut. Web r of von York. Hullo. F Iowa Dalziel of i i on Sylvania. Hove of id ians Mason of Lih and improvements of the Mississippi hirer catching of Mississippi. Glass of Tennessee t Arati a of Iii Higan. Daw Jar of Illinois Montgomery of Kentucky Walker of Missouri Robert in of Louisiana. Hall of Pennsylvania we biting of Massachusetts mom ii of Kansas Grout of Vermont cull of Pennsylvania education candies of Mahoney of new York Crain of Texas Caruth of Kentucky Buckalew of Penns it Ivaria. Lane of ii Loots Cobb of Alabama Pennington of Delaware o Donnell of Michigan j. D. Ray Tor of Ohio Bussell of Connecticut Bolden of new York White of Indiana. I i a. J. Of Neill of Missouri. Tawney of us Merna Felix Campi Ell of now York David son of Alabama Compton at Maryland candies of c o of French Sean Quiette sow or Tath support of wife and children id Rede of witnesses to the con be Cit i Attila few a us of till state particular a s in. Of too h Orgei Cita where to Law is u t of orc4. This however. Do a not include All such cities for in Des Momy Sioux City and it a a it a ids. T re of the Jorges and most rapidly grow a cities of the i Gate the prohibitory Law is Bow and bus been for the prod year Well enforced. There is act much difficulty in complying with gds it unction in reference to the Laws generally lha Law Forth suppression of a Temperance however is in some place an exception. Cd tiaras Haws again and vain Call t upon to to enforce the prohibitory Law ii the Tew counties and places where As yet but lit. Tie has i men paid to it i in turn has called upon the judges her drifts and other officer to Aid in accomplish this but i regret to s in without Success. I know of no Means St Tisz ios amp mend of the executive which can in relied upon to so cure better results is the future i therefore Reci in mend that a joint commute of the general Assembly be appointed Early in the session to inquire to nth toe reasons for the non enforce Niento of this Law in certain communities and whether the officers there Aru neglectful of their duties. I think Emu measure should be Ai opted to Tju Ken the cons a a aves of the official who be elect or to peril it pm their a a a. _ _ i a a 4k.l# Ena. A Ort duty Crel provide a Way for their suspension or removal. It is a Dign with wet it re race to the state to inn its authority so openly defied. Our people Are Strong in their conviction that this Law. Should la enforced a Well As others and it is the duty of the legislature to provide the me an a the authority of the leg Telat re in the a matters is in longer a subject of die to the recent Tootsie of the by Rome court of toe United Blate rattle the question and on Grout de to a a a i and St As to make it in Reg num and final i a chief and Honfi deut in i of Ute opposes and violators of the Law has been to at this tribunal of final n Ai,9 in Rasao "4 to of Ifft 44 4,%m 75 there is a constant tendency to incr eos the Amenuel of matter printed end hound St the a a a a Nso of the was a to above figures clearly and for item or tec de. The sub pc. Is worthy if the careful attention of to # general Saeta to j i recon or Aud i hat it to thorough v i n a a. To gated with View of greatly dim a sh. pc # an ant of Blatter printed Road Bug Aud re lacing of ova Aud it amending la Law a to Lessen Torg Fay this now heavy and pawing is Iuit Futios inc a Sam a Aenone to mat ton Tull naw Quot a mama my Man a a would set it aside or at Toast so impair its Ethel a Acy a to Ron i or its further Impo Aalto on the contrary thl decision a stains the Priccie a of the Law so completely an i sweeping by As to Beaume its Strong bulwark of support Aal defense. The a court say there i no justification for toe claim that sack a Law Aims to deprive the Cit Warf Bis constitutional rights a for we cannot shut oat Ai View toe fact within to a in min log of All that the nubile health toe Public moral and the Public safety May i endangered by the general use of intoxicating drinks nor the a t efts dished by statist a accessible to every one that toe idleness disorder pauperism and crime existing in the country Are in some degree it least traceable to this evil. If therefore a Blate deems to absolute j r hit item Ai urn manufacture end Sale within Ber limits at intoxicating liquors for other than medicinal Acton try Maud Quot manufacturing purpose to is necessary to the peace and Security of a a a i t a Tho co it can not without a burping legislative functions override the will a of the people As thus expressed by their chosen re presented is. The by Al 4 in j to Urt farther Delaros that toe i by to loan facture drinks for general or individual Naae Bever be Doe no Tibere in cites Waship and that no a or a constitutional right of Liberty or property ars interfered with when snub Man Factor and Sale Are few Biden by the that with the s Power Ful support it oui re in Tel for the Friend a Rood govt Mielit and Law and order in Iowa to areas patiently yet resolutely Forward with this Ere Reform until the Saloon and All illegal manufacture fart sate of intoxicating liquors a to utterly destroyed. Such Amend meats should be Mode to la Law a fare needed Aud Best Gai Cuitee to make it Toor Waghiy m in of Connecticut. Burnett it Mas Arbue tuft by. Baa an of new Jersey bound of Faun Sylvania i in my of Illinois Nichols of North Carolina Haugen of Xvi con in. Tensions Bliss of new York Hurt n of Missouri i tougher a of Florida Henderson of North Calcite. Barry of Mississippi Bankhead of Alai Ama Bon of . Russell of Mississippi Maud of Iowa. Butler t ten-nos.-�#. Finley of Kentucky Scull of Pennsyl Vama i l Lano of new York manufactures flacon of hew York Breckinridge of Ark Annua Wilson of most \ Irginia Bynum of Indiana Mckinney of new Hamp shit grime of Herman of Oregon Bunnell of i Eun Sylvania Hopkit it f new York i Rouge of Ohio Smith of Wincon Feln. Mines aul mining of la Rel of x , for an of a i in. Candler of . Neat in Ieu-n�8�ee, Green Matt of new York xxx biting of Michigan. Lynch of Pennsylvania Biggs of California. Woodburn of Nevada Magull ngh of Pennsylvania Gist of rain Oil flood of new York Nichols of n rib Carolina fifth of Ari �022jl�?z in Public build no and grounds Dibble of South Carolina t. D. Jota omm of North Carolina Bowden of 1�?Tennsylvaala, Nai of Tennessee now ton of . I Khan of Nebraska Bank Bead Ltd Alabama Hogg of went x Irgin mini i n of Maine. Wade of Missouri i i Biach of new Jersey Kennedy of Ohio fret of Illinois. A a Milit Law my ado of new Jersey Forney of Alabama Bowden of Pennsylvania. Ben y of Ohio Gibson of Maryland Bian Bari. Of Louisiana Stewart of to it As a Pinola of new. By York of now Jersey Wade of i Soun Owen of Indiana it Nevara of califor i in the Navy i apart in Ani a fou of i it u8\ivet, Herbert of Alabama Morgan of Mussi a Ippi. Romiti of Chia Sawyer of Kaw York. May Futi it of pen a ? expenditure in the boat rfcs l Dockery of i Naouri. T a Owlet of be rth it Arolia merry Una of new York Anderson of Malaia Sippi Brown of Ohio Post of Iii Nois Moffett of sew York it is to Interior do pm it i it Hudd of Viii i. Blits at new York. Of Neill of Missouri Jasbir Tor it Tisu Itei Brumm of fellas of Aula we tot hem lot. Brown of Virginia. Expenditures in ii apartment of Justice a cow in of North Arolia. Of Swey of Alabama hunted of mis our. Ort ionian of new York i Zauft writ at Ohio Mie Ruian of new York Hopkins of Al get a Sapau Iturea off fun bad bpm Iii t. A cat Nabeil of new v re i Afghani of for a Bany of Walker of m a turf it to liken of mate Yardley of Fem Sylvia Yod of x Irmi. Acca uate Shaw of m Ryland. Be Wile n of Pennsylvania Hays of Iowa grime of get a Gfa Lee of Virginia o Donnell of Michigan bound of Pennsylvania flood of new York by of Huron of obit la rare in Alt chef of new York Davidson of Florida Gay of Lofits Afi. 0wtm off a Syi Vanla. Owen of Irvi Iana. Enrolled Bills i i a r of Michigan Floe of Kenneas. 1 a j ton of Kilgore of i exam Holm of Iowa Kennedy of Dhilo. Front tug Richard soft of Tenn Ltd a Gibson of Maryland id Estand of Pennsylva i. Reform in the civil Bervie t in meats of a Fargou of a on the Carolina of Missouri Bryce of new York Busk of Maryland. Phelan of Tennessee. Abbott of Texas Soun of or i Liuia. Nia mc�5ormick of Famal vanish patents Weaver of Iowa till a an of youth Carolina Ole of North Carolina Grimes of Green mob of new York i and of Lolli Omartin of Texas Yau nerf connect Cut West of new York Osborn of Pec Syf Tania Thomas of Kentucky Arnold of Rhode Island. Invalid pensions Matson of Indiana pid co k of new Jersey Bip Mau it of Michigan y Der of Ohio Lane of Hinds Lynch of Pennsylvania French of Connecticut Walker of Missouri Thompson of California Al Mil of Kansas. Sawyer of new York. Ballinger of Mew Hampshire Spooner of bbl do is aim Thompson of Ohio ii nor of Kentucky. Init so Lanham of texan. Dougherty of Florida. Shaw of Maryland t. J. It Jinp Bill of new York Taulbee of Kentucky i min on of North Carolina French of comic it Lynch of Pennsylvania Mansur of Bisso re Baker of Illinois Mccullough of Pennsylvania Headie of a Indiana Kerr f Iowa Lowden of it Yginia Laidzaw. Of new York War claims bion a of Kentucky Blite let new York Lawler of Illinois. Brockdale of Mississippi Granger of Conan Oti Cut Call of Indiana Pennington f Delaware Wilkinson of Louisiana i it of of Pennsylvania. Thomas of Wisconsin Rem of it Uio Gaines of Virginia Brewer of Orth a. Arolina. Private land claim a Mccreary of Kentucky Weaver of Iowa Glover of Missouri Perry of Booth Carolina Sayre of Tex xxx Achiu Toti of Tenae Alee Cochran of new York j Atham of North Carolina i Ramsey it f Nebraska Thomas of Wisconsin. Bowen of Virginia. Wickham of Ohio. Amt of Olinda Smith of Arizona. Full a Mem v it a Tam a a a Rem District of col or Quot via ii Emphill of South la. Arf of Missouri Mahoney of now Latham of North Carolina i a a of Virgil a. Quot x. Or Anderson of Louisiana Payne of Pennsylvania Hopkins of Illinois. Olina j. E. Campbell it f f he it or to it no Mary he Fauer of Leland i itch 4 f new Turk i bom a of Kentucky. Flection of presides and Vitro president Erin in Trout of Pennsylvania Cruit of Texas Pel a of Arkansas Cuil Ibik if new York to is coir id no of new York Logan of loss Ai a. Klawier of Iii Nois Cothran of South Caroli us. Kowland of North Caro Iiara Baker of Iii Nois Osborn of Penu i Vam. Biown of Ohio Baker of new y Ork Kean of new Jersey. Eleventh census Cox of new York Brentt of Holman of id Jai a. A Arf of Iii sour Boney of Ohio Taulbee of Kentucky. Ferry of Houth Carolina Newton of Louhi a. Mckenna of Cali Foksim j. In Taylor of ohm Hopkins of Virginia May Fettro la enu Syi a a bbl no a of Kaw v Ark. Indian Lapre Datum claims Whit Larue of Tennessee Dunn of Arkansas. Howard of Indiana Allen of Mississippi Shively of Indiana Hare of texan Bigg of c Alifar la. To Cesnau of new Jersey by me a of Colorado but of Pennsylvania frown of Virginia tto Klai of Kaw York. Wililam of Ohio a Venuti Latsiou and Aco Natica i a of Illinois Compton it Maryland. Davidson of Alabama vane of Connecticut White of Indiana Haugen of Wisconsin Williaa Barf of Iii. Ako Holio liquor traffic a a. R. Campbell of Ohio Bland a f Missouri me Namao of now York Mcrae of Arkansas Anderson of Illinois Mclaminy of North Carolina Hiatte of Ken Tacky cd a to Forf Indiana Maffett of new York Yost of Virginia. Gossip a jut matters in which the dear creatures an interest. Take diseases m Here go. Find tax Ltd a in in acc rated in hts Rantem Emidi a Toj a i Thorn. To Thor i we Mem the to feed if Pear Kueff of Wor Aea and a kilo h to Buff is the Popup zip lad of tile Day and Hie papers fire ritas Fiskio lha louies of the Perment find the past lot d. Script ions of Tuttila Nolff Wott tar with Auburn locks. As vol Balu r h seasoned with a Little wit. A column or two of Titue tattle Anent matronly mothers modish , i in merry Miese. Marking it far a if of a rth miss Clara or. Be amp therly paid Lovely compliment Lay last eyes such a night Ethel. Mitt Ethel yes something about their being like diamonds too Brilliant for Good taste at Tho breakfast table miss Clara yes. Miss ethile he told me the same Jet of York Situ. Met Tarim puerto. Could fight As Well As Pray. An Ohio minister promptly kans oui a Kuff Iii who inuit him. Turban o special. I an unusual Aud exciting scone took place recently at the close of the s i vie s in the protestant episcopal Church known As Jenkins Chapel near Cable this county. While the sex or Des were in Progress Richard Darnel a Burly muralist entered the Church Aud took a Leat in the front Low. He immediately commenced annoying both the preacher and congregation by coughing hacking and making unnecessary noise until the pastor the Rev. J. F. Frederick politely asked the disturber to quit the Church for the evening. Darnell paid but Little attention to the pastors injunction and continued. The services Over both men met it the door. Darnell accosted the Reacher saving a do you know what i think of you a to a Char. Frederick replied that he was not juy parti in far what Bis opinion of Hun was. Well a said Darnell a i think you Are a a i b a words had no too no r left Darnell a he n an the indignant minister landed a terrific blow in Darnel a fact which a it him to the floor. Darnell mad and furious sprang to his feet and was ready for another round. The preacher was in Good condition and did not lose any tune in displaying his science in the mildly Art but again promptly knocked his antagonist Down. Darnell came up for tins Thiol round and Tho preacher was ready to meet him. In Chott r order than before he sent his Man to the floor Ai d when the i picked himself of he arrived at the Wise conclusion that he had Bud enough and the Rev. Frederick was awarded the honors. I i in to on1 minute. A s appointee of god. Mow a ii ii. Bure hard boast i president Cleveland s Good Luck new York special the Ber. Or. 8. D. Bumbard was asked to Day Abo ? his recent meeting with Brea id pfc Cleveland at the White House. To adm ated to it he lad a meeting and some conversation with the president but that both the president a d himself regarded the in eting As entirely confidential and he did not feel at Liberty to state what had occurred. In being naked a bother the req Ort that he had mated to the president at he had experienced a change of heart altogether in political mullers was True or. Borchard said i have always been a Republican. J Clarc by know what in infant i v change of heart Iii Polit or but i May say to far a my political principle Are concerned that they Are about the same a they a1 ways in e re. A s to my i a t Oft Lew with or. Cleveland having altered them in any respect that is not Tine. I had watched or. Cle to undo a administration up to to a time i met h in and i must say itched Given Rny a great Deal of satisfaction. Young wife very earnestly a How toll Rue Charles in your wild Days before you married me and settled Down did you Eyer in re base a dress for another that Cost $900?. Husband i sadly --1 am sorry my Dot a to confess to you that i did and although it was so expensive it did no to Wear Well either. Yourn wife ornamented with sad affiliate a of Ourse it makes to sad Charles but i am Gin i you Are Noble enough to confess it for i knew it All the time. You talked of it in your sleep last night. Now dear Woald you mind telling me who it was f or ? husband smiling a not in the least. The dress for which i paid shoo was for my paper the in i get there and con founded Type was so poor that it did t fest a year and in be got to buy another. Then the naughty fellow got kissed and the Domestic horizon was free from Clouds once Mira Gazette script Ion of Nina i Basel ii Haji escaped. Yet As a in of a Beautiful woman or As a specimen of of Fata turned High English it has no superiors in English literature for her Beauty Reader so midst thou Ever go to borne i Boa Wilt see in the Capitol the picture of the comma Sibyl which often copied no copy can even faintly represent. I beseech Hico mistake not this Sibyl for another for the Bornean galleries Alx mid in Sibyl. The Sibyl i speak of is dark and the face Bas an Eastern East the Robe and turban gorgeous though they be. Grow dim before the Rich but transparent rouses of the Cheek the hair Woald be Black save for that Golden glow Winch mellows it to a Hue and Luster never seen but in the South and even in the South most rare the features not grecian Are yet fruitless the Mouth the brow the Ripe and exquisite con tour All Are human and voluptuous the expression Tho aspect is something More the form is perhaps too full for the perfection of loveliness for the proportions of sculpture for the delicacy of athenian models but the luxuriant fault has a majesty. Get to Long upon that picture it charms yet commands the Eye. While you gaze you Call Back five centuries. You see before you the breathing image of Kina i Baselli i of ouse a ameed. The last session of Tho swedish rigs dad was productive of several Bills of special interest to women Herr f. T. Borg brought Forward one to provide for the election of Independent women on poor lax boards and school boards and also that a Resolution be passed by the National health department that any woman of full age could be elected on the Board of health. The first proposition was supported by the Legal Committer which maintained that women by disposition As Well As experience were fit to undertake the duties belonging to the guardianship of the poor. They have Long since acquired knowledge and a practical training in Tho Case of Tho poor of whom moreover the larger proportion Are women and children. With regard to the 8 cond proposal Tho election of women on school boards the com Mitten considered it to be advisable inasmuch As women were teachers in every District As the motion passed through the big d i i. Tho second chamber voted by Fox votes against 77 in favor of the measure. $12,000 damages. An actress Tern let against a Motel proprietor. The Case of mine. Jan Nichik against Henry Bull jr., proprietor of i e ferry Bouse Newport for $2 1,oh0for injuries sustained by lad Tux Down stairs has been tried in the United stale District court at Providence r. J. Sex senator Bainbridge win Urich was counsel for the Elaine Tiff. The jury after being out an our and hah. Returned a verdict of $12,000 damages for Lim. Janauschek who appeared deeply gratified it the successful Issue of suit. Good tiles. Never begin a journey until Tho breakfast Bas been eaten. Never take warm drinks Aud then immediately go out into Tho cold. To. P the Buck especially Between the should a Blades Well covered also the Chest Voll protected. In sleeping in cold room establish a habit of breathing through the nose and Neu r with the Mouth open. Never go to bed with cold or Damp feet. Never omit regular i Athing for unless the skin is in Active condition the cold will Alose the ports Ana favor congestion Ani other diseases. After exercise of any kind never ride in an open Carriage or near the window of a fora moment it is dangerous to health or even life. When hoarse speak As Little As possible until the hoarseness or. Covered from else the voice May by permanently lost or difficulties of the Throat be produced. Merely warm the Back by the fire and never continue keeping to e Back exposed to the heat after it bus be oms co a for a y warm. To do otherwise is debilitating. When going from a warm aint sphere into a cooler one keep the month closed to that the air May be warmed in its postage through the nose Ere it reaches the Longs. Never stand still in cold weather especially after a i having taken a Slit bad it Getce of exercise and always avoid standing on ice or Snow or where the person is exposed to cold n i Tyrian. Tilt i it a and or Aith mud. Lucie Hall doctor at a assail College on going into the question of hygienic influence of hard study on women with regard to the remarkable diminution of Large families in America has come to the following conclusion which deserves to be examined one Hundred and seventy six families proved on examination to have Only an average of from three to two children. Now out of those families those who had the largest number of children were found to have highly educated mothers not to say educated above the average. Or. Halls experience has proved to her that the health of the people is particularly Good and even improve As the studios increase. She cites the following words of m. Bascom director of the la Wisconsin i diversity a the he Alt ii of our Young people in no Wise diminishes whilst with the on the contrary i have Long Ainee r Otreed that a Young lady who gives up society and takes up reasonably with study at Tho University is in far better condition As far of her health la concerned than the majority of her fearful Murk i by cd Ofifi recurring briefly to the Early Gree k s Simonides of Arao Goa May be quoted for this virulence against the sex. A zeus a he says a a made this supreme evil women. Even though they seem to be of Good when a Man has got one she Becon As a plaints. A la his satire on women Hinton ides classifies them As from ten differ it . A in the be fining god made the souls of woman land ont of different material a the Awin the Fox the dog the Earth the sea the ass the eat Tho Mare the apr Aid lastly the bae. For this ninety p or cent. Of Gall he partly atones w Hen by Adda that Quot a Man can not poise so any thing better than a Good a woman nor anything worse than a bad one. This reminds us of our elizabethan Burleigh a warning to his son when the boy win thinking of Matrimony. A thou shall find there is nothing so irksome in life As a female fool perhaps Tho statesman had not found a much Satis faction in the boys Mother at his Success in Public life ought to have stimulated her into affording him. Barely a Century after Simonides another greek hip Ponas of Ephesus brutally affirm t that a a worn a gives but two Days happiness to a Man the Day of her bridal and her burial a Plato Ako though his authority As an err a la to Mist does not stand High derives All animals from Man by degradations on the first step of which stands woman. This recalls the whimsical saying of a modern cynic that a when the universe and Man pvt to created the edifice of creation was completed. It lacked Only the weather cock so god made matter too soft a lasting Mark to by or Airt Bret by Black Brown or fair in the words of Alexander Pope. But when Pope proceeds to say that a every woman is at heart Arake a much As this Agoras with Samuel Johnson. Opinion that a women envy the our View Quot one is Fain to remember de Quincy a trenchant hat sound verdict upon him that a a pop in ton Many instances for the Sake of some momentary and farcical effect deliberately assumes the License of a one May More readily sympathize with the German Richter a judgment in opposition to Pope and Johnson pm this particular Point. A a woman had much virtue but not Many Virtues she requires a confined sphere and social the year bound. The Sucee Safui Lover thinks in in gutting ahead when heart Boston Courter. Bow Monist Are a to go Roll title of in article going girls who marry dad of amp uis sittings. It a said thai truth d w ills Bottom i n Well but then. To or never get quite i fax Low Iff chafe a Bolton courier. A to world is Sto Wing a Aff born t a a i wed �anre1 rut atm Tiro an aortas a ill Toen packed in trowel Sam Fittl a Betm courier. J i a % i Saab a professor a Ald a graduate trying to be pathetic at parting a i alg be debated to Yon for All i o0 a Quot do not men i Ion such a trifid1, was the not a t by flattering reply. Backslide John Sim being sighted mistakes the weather cock fugitive. From the Depkea to Flady a Eye need a i Roost so High Chicks. _ in ainu to Goin to touch be. Gentleman i done to mkt to pay yet for the Job Uncle Rosins till it la you might go ceo k on me. Bill ast in let a a deed. A deed i won to dts i a new York Sim \ by a new England Parson announced to his congregation on a Day a you will be sorry to hear Ibah the Little can Roll at jobs mile a of a a More tossed upon Tho Waves a Rife Fife without a Shepherd. A sch Rusti it i i a fir vacate. 5i Young gentleman so then if know of a Young lady who is it looking Young Rich and amiable agent interrupting him a allow to Tell you sir All hat in flee i ire to four matches with a Peris Jota Amu san a Are you the head waiter us asked hotel Patron of a Pompo is ind Vidi who Wile posing near Tho dining Roo door. A Well sir t nerve in that Chi parity but my official title i you please is dining room auf erintendenj11 a hotel mail. Bride a of Mamma Ive Batta cruelly betrayed and i wish i were dead Motif Are Bride Augustus is a villain he i been Man led before Mother do you know Bride Why he a Boot he knew that my rustic Wink a Lilac Ball mask a Arcola record. A did she have a Rawhide whoa de assault of you a asked his Honor to Rife Meek gentleman who accused his wifi of assault with intent to kill. Hot our Honor a a Aid the Joor Man. Feel you How -h�w8 my of himself tenderly a a in a the one the raw hide in Faeq a Hir have it still a Buffal fast and that had Honor i courier. A would you believe she Burgh a while i was bathing to the sea other morning a Nasty crab itself on my Quot quite a intelligent crab i should think Quot her Lover replied. A intelligent Why do Yow think so Quot a because it knew he to of catch on to a Nice i then a blushed mid when he attempted pfc Quot take a kiss she made scarcely any Sis Tanee. A sos iou cot it or his Kolo. Perhaps you lid not know it but i m a opera Stager arid on my not and Walls i dearly love to ii in Togo of. Iti <4 v. You porn example of Row to them i cling. And ism you la not deny that my Mission is to slag. Twas on a pleasant Taka Arfy a a a a Raff by that word re Mesa for a Day n _ j drat i to s be d r i Tell our of Fc&Gttoe-0� too Oto turf word is a love they a glib looked at me and a dirt a we get to Glo be to ibid a of Job Mac and whispered words so Sweet i tatty i Moat be dra Esee tag ing Taf Btag. She said to is a of. Fro a Roo Ttoe eee it my name you be i Frod ids. A human fat it. Tai vane of Contee Picut Rowell of Ili Inife Groat of Venont att aeon of Pennsylvania rom of Ohio Brewer of my. Hij an. A Talon of the Law a oat of Alabama Turner of Townshend of Lull cry barn of Missouri it it in of Indiana pm la he of Hoath a Arroita Lanham Ltd to a. Hogg of Wert Virginia. In Taley of Kento Elcy Brewer of Michigan Yan lev of Pennsylvania Boot Amati of Ohio Butler f Tennerlee. Expenditure in the state i up rim in Morse of Belmont of new York Stow Art of la a of View Ina Atkinson of Pennsylvania Brower of Norte Carolina Herr of Iowa. A a a in Treasury i it part not a be or of Alabama. Chi mob of Tex sum Laou of North Fardon. Hall it f . F ar-1ahur of new y Ark. Gailinger of Mew Hampshire be do a Ai Irgon a expenditure Taun Quot War do j Vartou Ute i Affoon of Keef Takev. Joses of Aiah Ataa Wilkins of Gwo Rte Roll to. Wanjo a of Mirtza of a Arnold Ai itch a Maud dry ago run a you a Silver i ii Iii if in infill fan. There is much excitement in southwestern Indian Over the renal of the Silver Minim that a begun there. Hie it Oai Pany is buelting about Twenty ton of 11-Fmmkeariug Rok daily lha product is from sixty ii a to seventy five Point of Metal Bora each blast of to Zeghy four hour. An is to of the reek showed a site ver product of he Jami $-1 in Gold. The ledge of Rook is in the Bluff of White River in Dubois county. In a Battle Between a Bend of robbers and the civil authorities sear san Angia Mexico the robbers were routed and took ret age in the lava Beds. Irir Lead r w As fatally wounded and two of the civilians it re kilted. Two men fought a Duel after a Butch h to # near Tuscola in. Pistol at Short Range wet the weapon. Ona of them Elijah Ulm a a hrs through the breast Ana mortally wounded and the other William Cruzic who a unhurt fled. A nut w of v. Ii Ham Walter Phelps a been detected in rift. Jag of Iii publication of a bogus Marri age it Otto in order to Force a imm heiress to malty him and Bai Iff new York to cd a we done to care about insuring women a said an agent of a Massachusetts company the other Day. A we take women in the company but we never seek them and at in St we Only insure them for $2,500. Sometimes companies refuse to insure them at All lot us Hope i hat none of us will be so nog ii i ant As to say that they arc not As valuable a Man a and tire Obi gentleman bowed with great suave nest a Bat there Are other reasons which com Riel us to be cautious. The expectancy of life is not so great with them. The liability which Thev Are under of bearing children makes the risk in insuring. I have no doubt that the decision of the insulin companies is based on mortuary slatted a though i know that Tho popular impression is that a greater of women live to exceeding old age than men. It is True that Mea Are Mort liable from the nature of their lives to be killed accidentally and it is also True that their vices cause much physical degeneration. But. On Tho other hand we men Are subject to Many complaints incident to their sex which make them bad investments from the standpoint of an insurance agent i am not among those who assert that they will not insure women because they do not wish to have any business dealings with them. I have heard it said that they were not prompt in keeping a their Poltel but that has not been my experience. Ii is even said that the examining agents cannot Trust a woman to Tell Tho truth about herself gift Tho Witt Arthel mum to off Tako it Foh bamm a a in of Are More gently dealt with by dramatists and writers of fiction Mas much As they Are rarely re resented As absolute criminals but they come in very Handy As but to for ridicule or targets for satire. We know indeed quite a Well what the spinster aunt in the play or the novel will be As we do How the irishman or the bumpkin or the Sailor or any other conventional character will co Majiori himself. Bini is certain to be precise and methodical to be of a skittish deportment toward men Aud of a Monitor Al aspect in the presence of women to possess a cat and a Bird in a Cage and As if she had been christened with a forecast of her future Carcer she is Only allowed the use of such names As Barbara or Ursula or Priscilla. If she is not an absolute misanthrope she is generally at the Bottom of All mischief that is going aleut and when Tho hero and heroine on the eve of their happiness have the cup dashed from their lips we Are generally Safe in laying the crawl blow at the door of the spinster aunt fiction however is in this conventional portraiture strongly supported by fact. There Are of course Jovial old spinsters just As there Are crusty old bachelors but the spinsters Are no More Jovial because they Are spinsters than the bachelors Are crusty hexane Thev Are bachelors. At Hie same time when a woman arrives at a certain a and finds herself still unmarried she would hardly Boa representative of her sex if she did not look upon the world with somewhat jaundiced a Yea a Man remains a Bachelor generally because he chooses in to remain Tho number of masculine hearts blighted forever by to Early disappointment in love being in firm Estamal but very few holsters could conscientiously say that they Are so of their ova free will London Queen. Few people recover from Tho neglect or obloquy of their Conie Morarios. The Public will hardly be of till pains to try the same cause twice Over or does not like to reverie its own sentence at least when in the unfavourable Al ill no Congress nor mob nor Guillotine nor fire nor All together can Avail to Cut Bura or destroy that offence of superiority in perils a Tho superiority in Nim ii inferiority the Tok a of a Fawn. A try ii in fill ii ii ii a ii or la Itell Eire i to been so Long Abow it i pc forgot Tou vat a aha staff. To Quot Man. R Khz old by a bamm of cos Wmk a jury of five men sat upon. A Case of horse stealing. Four of the five agreed that the horse should be returned to he j he fifth juror however was a need of the de fondant and held out the majority argued with the fifth Man for a Bour but he positively refused to give in. kept up the argument until the obstinate Roan said a Well boys ii Settle it with yes get a pack of cards id Iii play any one of you a game of seven up Attr verdict one of the four considered himself an expert at cards and the proposition was eagerly accepted. A table Ami pack of card wore procured and with the player started at the till jilt a Thor three Arr a god themselves Back of their representative to watch tics Progress of the game. The majority Side got the Deal and of course made High i it a Jack on the first hand giving game to the . However when the old fellow on the minority Side shuffled the cords and turned j the other fellow became nervous Ani begged. The card were run another j Jack was turned Aud the othe threes Points were quickly made. With the Eye of an Eagle the minority Jurov watched his opponent shuffle the pasteboard As he afterwards said to prevent any a Monkey basins a a and a we the game. The Tom kept the agreement and the jury to the Sunrise of All returned a verdict that the animal was the property of the i i n int and thus not div Clearing him of making him the lawful owner of till animal a Ham York fat a b Lur s to to. Little marry see aged 2-years, is learning to talk Aud picks up everything a he hear a few Days ago judge b. Called on Mary s papa Bat took no notice it a pfc Little aah playing about the room. The judge is Wordy and pompous but titties Mary was not in bit afraid of him edged herself up la he knee where she stood a Ai i in Kin. With f rot a in tilt Coil Versal of when the Juke a ii a big Tjelde a Dan did a go end u gym or fell vae it

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