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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 12 1888, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 12, 1888, Ames, Iowa Amp of ii so. A Riichi. A i e8i ii my Pejko .4 i a 5� offt Ramert pad it ail a a dust untie list Chanty w weekly Republican Journa volume vix Ames Story county Iowa thursday Mornes i january 12.1888, n i m b e r 88 its a a Kkt i slew a a a a a j i of j pm a for we Hau to 4o, to ii _ Evi a Mali in cents a line till cads l s s cts it e As too a up a a a a a Quot a a la am i to 5 Boud of Tomao it ski Jim Fth Dpi of of us a 4 Tommi g of a in a ural t i a a a a i i1 so a a ski 4s0��ft�ii a it y a sgt tipi i fad a a of j. A a Jav i o i e c of a. Mimm a is. A strict clerk. A a a a \ it my n. In i pm ii a we a ii in a Wren erd t to of school. Tim,.,.�,.,.iiii�?� Veyo. In. No of in nun i sets. Lton a a pc Tarp Collins tsp. A Howard twp to flow Fin vue la my ply of till Tom hmm fester fro an a te4�jr. So he it v a in Kowl Tiow Iii Linn. Up ppm Dpi a a tent Bat f lass psf. 111 him toll Prat Pate mum is Solai if a a mkt pc i, Ai or Cata amp to. A #38 dry ski lip owls pcs Bop a Kurt g a Vas Kaw wig Jet. A nov hmm we a Tania my fanes tavern Umi Moo Ber a to tvs imm to Mhz. A fill Mmith 1-nit t a a a Quot i a air if # i saw la pfc Wpm to a a a a a a a Quot a to w .#1 Mim of bowl pwn in Mim f pm Jwa a Amu. I of Tok to til a left or Rig act in a Waar tote. Top a a a a a at a Dell Irett to i fora a Wmk of Mew pro a urn or Obi Tow a ppmk�4 i too ii a. To it to to my a in tag tot in Mhz Mira Tom Fem. St it am in Felt mint 0 mom mme in my for my a a lira a Lii a a min a a a of it no. Of Rem Mph. Alto �?T.?�� in hoi its Viacom my text Tofolo up a by Quot to Mew Mot in Timeir whim All i is Sling onto Jota. When Tim Dart Muntown mme pm Tov to Toioi Ami maws la a a it 11 my Otto Ursha in pm Tim it re in mme Whoso in in ack urn a no a Tom mini apm it Tim a Oaie in mama Oom mid i to a irn i Tim to. Elma Tor it to to tort a Toioi of Toto a to top a it pasto Uci me do. Wow life Tat amt is a pm a it to if pm ird a Roar Kin for the Ftp a Bat Ai tot Oatly veto films in Eromm Roo and. Btu in Kab toll of a or might. No Eft. Just Uke a Story. Mayor in # ill a h it # a Tell lain. Item nth i a Ofman Cal a 11 cd i i Ostli of ii no Quot a a a. Qrwiituin., isl jut up Tiu. Ian a a a a Beth Pat members of Coo Ocil. Id i brr Tes. Unto its Escobal quotes i m a morn Ted ?.toit a empty get to it Jap of 8et�?~tmi c \7tolaeaday tit Toto i to Dick. Baptist every smrt morn Bof tier Amie Soudan Emez in. Quot m fan a a a a to mtg Tomt inf of 7 a a clock. H. A a Wilson Raptor. every Sun i a Murn to 5 a tit evening As so up i awaken Imiela a Ter new a re Itig of for once tag Wax must Ever to Jud in Imola a d no a in a. A a sonic Ham u Hoge no. 249 a. F. Ano v a of regular amp to r lit a it Mohmd. E my. Bosworth w. M. Up pts Stu tar. Miteb Mumm. Cuil k a. O la w. No. Tis. Jan wag int even Sig ath. 11. Usu m. W. A a top report ice or the i. A. R kist no. 30g. A. in j. A. It ii i the first and m Tkv Raiem of Tach Man in duh by i a 1 Omi Naad. A e. Movit in adj. Cai. I autos q. M. R of v. He Pomes Cali no. 58 Bons of it Rumba to n. Of a., he acts in g. A a Iii cd Tii Ted Medius a to Ltd i in pah Mon. Hekt a Wilson jr., i Apt. O s. E. Min Stassy cd s. 6#i pts co Iti Relief corp St. Self every Tek Nafe week a Mai Hall. I its g Lopes one Sidcot. Pea Cik Bif Sec Cina Twa Vesi Tress. For obsessional cards. Attorneys. In. A Smith attorney ant Holl Noel in it a at to. Collections pro Pilj Block Ames., a it a Cit a Tomn b v an 0 Ccu a m is -1 -1 or a a t a a jew. In act to Snall lbs Obi 9 tie and. Lit tic it s i Cert r that ills Imp. 06ce Tim Union National Hank a d. Mccartey. F0imbv�?oatiaw am ct>1 Mou Geoit. Oft be in j. I Sieve a piling. Ames lows. A a. Hsia Fitchpatrick Quot ill practice in All the pm Polk of tic state am die i ailed Ctol to Fer lie ducts rat of Iowa. Mud e pm tempera mod Nevada Iowa. Physicians. E a in m. In. Mrs pm 11v Vician Ano surgeon Ames iou a. Ii be Over w eater Manv i 1 Ai a k a met i. D., Emce i Kat or physician and 0f�<.9o�. Mice fit door wow of ctr ttys asm Slimy comity Iowa a ape ii at Sui e. B. Plumb m. 0., a n 0 Sij re Eun. Or no door Softli of Avet he tip i or t ii-<9� it i store if. Jul just Ilch a us Ove to srm in a bal to a in Bro a to a a a a a a it Ottra he it a ill in of a i til it. Dentistry Crai. I. Of fat _ j4mmfs at residence pc Vii of a to hooey Amos Iowa. Ellan de us. Cd m. Pm03p3hi3bu a a a Listii Ier tart Tow Ait Yeti Tampu m the of Mil m Tam re ii As imm Duke cd. K. Tit. Awat Kice hos Huers and Rui Dor Toto to Luh Milia in a a i if twp to Tafito Valet Tatoul i Timm a a a Boito Oney to loan Bill Dpi to rum it Itow �b4 it _ a tire to so a the is Taw Raita Nuin Tim tit Tim Borrower a pay the Pati Isi Ertist fait Doe. A Moab aim anti Taat very a swat la. I so a i Ash wit lows a ooh Der Quot and Bertha Manning threw Down the paper Abe had been Reading. A it Vii cannot people write Onaga a they Are Botas Ute ought to be or a they would like to have them. Nothing Ever in the real world As it in pictured Wilt in the paper and Ink world. In that there Are no lasting disappoint tents and no Lailure the Hani heart i Parent relent Ole Rich nne Dies. The k t letter or ring or Bracelet i Elway found the needy hero begins life a poor clerk without experience and ii a Leas than a year ii my and Salt i it cadent with an o Ter of a Jenniet and the hand of the a Sig How of the House in the near Fedor the raw country heroine either make her appearance tithe so cie5 of the City f4t, a tact Abe takes by storm of she becomes literary writ in some poem or #0111, or Story without preparation. A sea lion or training mind Yew and Idieo Oliie Gainons in a Dight. Ifs heroines line Are cast in to pleasant place there is a1 in ays a recompense sure Swift curtain. We have not it mad it so in the real Wojy Mabel to it Rlaph because we were Biti hero ism Bertin a replied her sister. A then let us become heroine a anon a ii Halo Erol aimed Berlin. My do wild fluid in Nae Jud ouch Loiue thing Conli Teppen t j a just like a Sciury. . I want is a Viriee a Little of the poetic Justice that is pie i tired oat in the Lite in ire of the Day Bat there int any o i it in tire real world Yaboni w take a car own Cane Quot Aho add Tel glancing Over at her sister a a aet How you have i Forke . Struggled to keep Hie Home for of both that noisy wlm to school by Dav and your writing by night do i not know Why your Light fess a Ute ? Bat y new Ere a drug in the Market. Live years since a Quot a week left orphans Yon have dose this and to what and you Hawk supported us both but your health and strength Are broken the mortgage which we have no Means of paying fails due neat week and the fossilized old Humbug who holds it think to Force you into a marriage with his very undesirable self by taking away oar Boma to have done some Good work in those five years a it world have been just As Good a Queen hah if you had bet mar pay for it no Mal there is Umit of the recon pens we read of comes into real life. The real stories my the Ostia that do not Aud Welt and editors will not take them. A think of aunt Max. Now. Was there Ever a Sheeter purer bettor or More lovable woman in the world than aunt Max and just see what her life has Lieen. Be loved Gerald Harding but because of a Tost totter or some such trifle they part of Aid he out of revenge i suppose married that brainless flyaway bras Hal ton and a Sweet tune he had of it too. What a life she led him. Through her jealousy on account of his former attachment until she took his two children and run away for no other Raison that i could Ever soc but that Abe might follow us out a est and annoy a ant Max by her presence. A a Hawk Bertie she a dead a and final i loss. Too Mab. There done to look so horrified Mabel. I never could at Why just because a person Ina Goon a Over Bey a a they must be cutoff cd Tad praised and counted fault to when All their lives they Hail made a Toto As miserable and unhappy a As they co tid and when Tio the beat thing thay Ever did a til to die Sud thew have done that if they Bambi Job Ive avoided it a then torah death with hat part v of Excil zionists almost the Sam a that she was killed to the tollway collision leaving three children penniless orphans in the place where to on knew oven the names of the lilt in Waif. A Quot garb do a was what we might Call Pantie Jetoa in one sense Bertha Lineal Tod. Aunt alas to take the children with no fear that any one Woald think 1 be did it to bring him Back to Ber. Bile is poof and is obliged to work lard for their support Bat caring for them Baa been such a Comfort to a peer Mamma told in once Tost aunt lad never been the same Ainee she attic hit Alma among the killed in that err into disaster. 00-r the Mast have loved him Abe is to Koiki Tony and her hair is White As Slier r. Pear aunt Max i wonder if its knows How near a Saint min is. What pathetic Alary by life would make a Why done to Yon write it Barile i a sri Yon a not i. Id do anything to help or please you Mab but i can to do that i could it write the unreal romances of the Day besides i think it is downright wicket i a i wild write i Tore teds than Tod troth a stories would be t b Toto Leal life and they i a i by editor a. Accept them. A Tod to the Bito to Worth two in the lash even if the cml to band a Only a bit of embroidery very poorly Faid for. Besides a to your experience in that line to a offi Cicil to deter me. Quot i have never written pro a Yon know Bertie. My inclination does not my to that Groove. But i shall give up writing i Mast till i get stronger. It must be th�1 or the school and i dare to give up the school i do Bateste do s Bertie for it has been such a tem fort to May a Job Mab la makes me just wild wild to see you growing so thin Aud pub. I have bean so Little help to you Loo. It will be better for Yon to real More Only for that i could not Bear to let Yon give it up even for a Little White. It will not be for always i Fen Anre of that you have an invisible Demon bist sits on your shoulder mid goods Yew on. A next morning when the girls met at the us a Tost table it was Bertie who was hollow eyed a your Light was out Early last night Queen Mali a aha said. A i thought it would a your invisible Demon i a relied upon my cd lir last night a tortured me into wakefulness. This is the result ail she Laid a Roll of manuscript in her sister Lap it proved to i e a Story or sketch rather bearing the title a Saint Max a Mable Felt her eyes grow wet As she r and the truthful and pathetic line. The old familiar paces arose before Lier mental vision the Eastern Home that they bal loved so Well for Bertie had poured All her homesick soul into those few paragraph describing the quiet Village where Gerald Harding bal first won the Tov a of a Saint Max a a Why do Yon not address the editor by name Bertie a asked Mabel glancing at Tim envelope a i done to know his name in be never seen a copy of the Magazine he publish Ca it does no to matter Mab he w ill not seep it it is a True Story and does not end n Verti Iola. Before the weak was out Abe began to haunt the Post office. She came Back from one of these cd Cura ions her face flushed her whole form trembling with excitement a a us Mah a she cried throwing a Check for one Hundred dollars Toto her Sisters Lap. In be seen Bim that editor i mean he came himself right away you d never guess w to b it to he said there was a Reward of one Hundred dollars offered some time ago for the very in formation contained in the sketch i sent him. He does no to want to really print it be censer because Saint Max to alive and so to he. It to braid Harding himself he was t killed with the excursion lists and he did no to now that bul children were alive lie and advertised for them and offered a Reward but he con id hear nothing except that two children. About the ago of his whose names could not ii Learned were killed in that collision. Has a Rich too for in editor and be a gone right Over to Sci aunt Max new. Arest you glad Queen Mab and was there Ever anything so strange to the whole wide world he a coming Bere by end by to renew his acquaint am a with you. Isnit it delightful you see he recognized aunt Max Aud All of us from the sketch and knew it once that it must be a and something has happened to just like a Story has t it Bertie a a Why to be sure queer tout it had t thought of that at All a him before i bought tuts. I coaids have saved $46 if i had known i was going out of mourn lag so Loon. Aud you know Black Crape is too costly to throw aside but then what a the use of keeping it because of course it Tou t like Black silk or anything to ceders that you can us with other mat Enate to put it Sway might seem As if i wad expecting to need it again and that would be horrid you know just a it ii i were a regular female Blue Ahu. Grundy in new York Mali .fle4j>les a highly seasoned Potpourri dished up especially for the tender sex. Us a any Mhz tuts t in one of the met crowded thoroughfares of tin chinese quart r it of Khan Shah there a Stow Tor forty years a free native Hospital mainly supported by the european Coram unit a very strange its wards look at first t a English visitors. The patients bring their own be tiding consisting of a Bam. Boo mat and a Wadde i quilt those received who can move about Are la Only regu a r attendants of those who cannot. The Hon let surgeon and dispenser is a Christian chinaman for thirty years e Lance Ted with the Hospital an i Oue of Tisz first converts of a miss on school. Yearly about Roo persons j ass through the harsh Ani the proportions of Flea its to a Xii last year there were fifty six. Aud in the dispensary More than 12,030 cases were treated. From very far distances Many of the poor suffering creatures come and Back to their far off Homes Many a healed Oue Baa carried a Blessing greater than bodily Healing for we believe that nowhere at Home or Alverce could better proof be found than to the Shanghai Hospital of Tho Benefit of combining medical Aud gospel work. Dally the waiting room seated for boo is crowded with m a women and children Long before Tho d a a using hour and d Lily an English missionary As conversant with their language As his own acts before this waiting multitude the word of life. A i believe Quot writes a Christian physician who for some years Bud the overnight of this work a that the Chines undergo More suffering for want of medical knowledge than any other nation in the in an Inston iou like this almost daily under a Good surgeon May Tho Blind receive sight the deaf hear the lame . Fain women and their ways. A by of poetry a Usu humor Semi solid chunks of useful in form it Ion. And us Tima i Rypar i. A if to extravagant husband a for heaven s Sake George Don t spend 0 much Money needlessly done to you j know you ought to Lay something by f r a Rainy Day ? husband i have done that dear wife what i Dhoti cd like to know husband a gum e at Blo ii Inion critic. Joof Advent resses the world to full and their cleverness at devices and greater Power of adaptability would seem to make them More dangerous As individuals of society than men. But they Are too often betrayed \ things by that g Nero Day of heart which never ictus Bop entirely deserts a woman an sometimes they fail to succeed through the tier very Gen in catty. Luau there Are Many who do a succeed. The successful ave Lur uses whom one sees in f reign cities Are certain women of society ulv a ave coolness cruelty and courage. There Are Many such in fashionable society who have not been found oui the have Lone fur Lable duplicity. They May not always inspire Confidence but they keep up an agreeable Salon. They arc accomplished in social gifts Anil they generally have an external amiability. They prey no no the benevolent and the careless Tho credulous and the snobbish with a Noble Harper Batman Don t to ant la to it alone. The recent discussion on the subject of railway compartments for ladies gives interest to the following extract Tri m a humorous work by m. Pierre Giffard by which it will to seen that with regard to us subject at All events human nature to the Samo in i Ranee As it is in England there is a compartment for Dames settles. How Many lances have not been broken in the press ten years so in order to induce railway companies to Reserve a compartment in every train for ladies i but have you noticed How Many women object to travel in these compartments ? these objectors Are of various Ages Aud of various classes they comprise elegant Lelies virtuous ones As Well a rightly and simple ones. If you ask them Why Tivey do not travel in a ladies compartment they say a ladies carriages they arc two Dull for anything. One meets nobody but old Matron a battering or the answer is compartments i will not heir of them. Only ugly women travel in them. If Ever a pretty woman Steps in she to scrutinized and condemned by a special personnel of either old Rig wrists or Young maniacs who would not be talked to even if they travelled with a whole regiment of artillery. A a t Rose among the i Ria. A it beats All a exclaimed the manager of an intelligence office a How this craze among the girls to be Type writers and i Sten Graj hers keeps up. It seems As j if All the girls in the country had be Ermine to work to office and As if they had formed an anti household society with death As the penalty for violation of the rate it has got so now that go i sled graph Era have difficulty of getting More than a week and Many competent girls work Tor even lbs. Ltd a the other hand there to no i difficulty in Good places for girls in families at from too to to a week which of course includes their Board and lodging in a Good Home. The secret of the whole thing to that girls As a Rule Are ambitious and had rather starve at some employment which gives them a Chance to make a Good marriage than i do Well at work which according to their notions assures them nothing but Blanks in the matrimonial lottery. Ill Tell you that society needs and need badly and that is a movement among the eligible Young men by which they i Caci 1 shall pledge himself to marry if i he marries at All none but a Young it Civ Ash intr Lurn be. We a discussion is going the rounds of the pres As to the relative strength of wet and dry Timber. We do not Beliera there to much to lie made out of the discussion. Bom kinds of Timber arc stronger when dry White other kinds arc stronger when wet or Green. It is Safe to say that All Woods a c harder and less liable to Bend when dry than when wet or Green. Bat most hard Woods when wet will possess More tensile strength than when dry. Timber thoroughly i Easo nod is More Brittle than when Green and with the necessary fore will break Square off White the same Timber Greta Woald stand about the same Pressor by bending without breaking. Take a Hickory sapling the t it to Init impossible to break to its Green state although it May Bend double Sud thoroughly dry it and you May easily break it almost a Square off a As the boys say. So with almost any kind of limb. Drying makes it stiffer Mere unyielding but to few instances cult in Tor. Lady engaged at housework either helping to r Mother or working out per Day. Just a Long As the girls think the lower thens selves in the estimation of the other s t or engaging As domestics just so will there be a dearth of girls for housework and Aux overcrowding in All other ii a Chicago Herald. 3 or i i t a hmm Rorr of Are grief. Why is it that so Many women of soda culture Are unhappy in their married life and discontented with their husbands is it not because the pursuits and occupations of husbands Are Apt to unfit them to share Tim tested and pleasures of wives who have the ambition and Leisure to perfect themselves in the graces said accomplishments of our elegant society ? As Many a foreigner of cultivation lies observed and is everybody familiar with our social life my lie aware the women Here Are generally Superior to the men in polish nicety of adaptation to their surroundings and even to education especially so far As concerns the More refined tastes to Art and lit a Ture. This is because the women have so my h More time and so Many More opportunities to acquire what to requisite to oui i ration and refinement. The husband must Rush Down town Early to the morning and spends his Day in the rough and ready contest for Money White the wife remain at Home Whit ample Leisure to expend the Money he wi.18 for her use in Gratifying her desire 1 Tor solid or superficial accomplishments and social pleasure Aud exp a a ionic. Of course he is Likely to fall behind her in such cultivation Aud Tho longer he delves and she profits by the opportunities his wealth secures for her the greater Tho Gulf Between them in that respect she to an elegant and he Only a hardworking Man of business whose daily toil loaves its Mark on his mind and his manner. Society is the sphere in which such a woman should Shine. Her Only Chance for a Brilliant Carcer to there and the impulse which drives a Man to seek Fame in politics or affairs to in her an ambition for Power and consequence in the social world. But when she seeks to gratify it she May find that her purpose to walked because her work a Day husband a exhausted i Bergy before the Hoar of her activity Cornea he to tired out at the end of the Day and not until the Day to Over does the great business of social pleasure begin. Aith a too men Are Apt to have satisfied their desire for such occupations at a period of life when social excitement May i e most attractive to a it men. Is it surprising then that conjugal discords occur in a social Soliero where the men Are absorbed to work Aud roughened by affairs while the women have acquired the tastes Aud aptitudes of an elegant Leisure a net Fork nun. Gross frauds charged. The majority and minority reports of the Pacific Railroad Cern Aeto Fliegers. Funding of the debt due Tbs crimes at three per cent. gov their streets by Railroad the Blate my a Titer parties. They belie it that Bey St timing Hemps to. And they a As to protest vigorous ?. A movement to Nee on too a among the people of that locality to Oroen ize Boid an election tend delegates to the nation so aug Ess. And demand admission As a territory ear dirt fist under the old \ Irginia a Halter whish they bold to still in fore. Clarksville next to inc eats to did oldest teen to Indiana. The interstate Law. In Ahi to amp a. A Knarr it my is so taunt. A re Otic arts mrm at Cmar a. Or Sar Washington Gajc Cial the report of Tea i air pc railway Bara la a a a Given of for publication. Thiere Are two reports to the president Otto sign i by commit a Lemon Anderson and Putter til tit cider by Cosmi Schmot part n. The majority report consists of Lio pages. Tho mixer part is a Bittor of the roads Tad of the government Taa Ciai interest a them together with copious refer area to the testimony taken and severe asm tors upon certain indicated Njerve chatims of their trusts by Gould Sage and other former director of Tho Pacific and by Stanford Huntington. Crocker Aud Hopkins of the Centra i pact re i be report first takes up the Baton Pacific system in Besa Ohlig Shioo to tee Gove Nuaert to shown to 1 to ? a Mae. The total funded debt of the system dec 81. Issy it Evo lust is of its of Gaiter to the United Tateel of which a prior to Tike United mites statutory 1 a to assure Tbs nay in rat of Tbs Aam Ami interest the comm Treloa ofter a by ii providing Tov a mortgage upon which Tho Boron Paci Ite company let i the first ten veer we pay the Sam of ,77te,4s#.> Ann Nativ. This being s per cent on the present Worth of the debt to the government anti Naif at i p t cent. Of the outstanding Bonds a after Tost Sal annual payment of the system requiring annual per .0itv.. -. Manta of a percents a of not earning in declared to be unde raid As leading in endless dispute and involving incessant is to cation. A i by h Story of the by Ion parti 1 railway As Dave loped is the second 1 Art of the report will it is churned show mat its assets have been la former years Bigly misapplied Aud that its financial ability to meet us Toddi Gathma has been largely impaired by the set iou of Mea who held Fadu oar relations to the the commission then refer to the Chi is of the United tales supreme Coart that neither the government nor Congress eau Institute proceedings to Empel restitution by any of the officer which Dee Irton i considered a great misfortune in consequence leg tin decision the commis on a inserted in the proposed Hill a Section req Cardig the Union Pacific of Fob a time the puritans daring Tbs reign of Elizal of tic re Umi Boma Treg wit ii Ike Cli s Reb of England Tad a they subsequently refused to by bound or Tbs eel of tit Primacy and of urn form it a tidy became a a v a of a lady Tole of receiving a card in new York n Bidi looked so untidy to at a be asked the car vet what he had be n doing with it its three sides were evidently freshly Cut and the fourth had a deep Black Border. The Man a Xvi aimed that the lady whose card it was bad herself mutilated it. When the hem pm went Down to see her visitor a Young widow she playfully spoke i her about the card. A to yes a cheerfully answered Hie other. T Cut it in that Way after i got to the House because w Ben i took it out i suddenly remembered that i had come to Tell you i am engage d to ii in Arris and i thought it would look too ridiculous when i came on that errand to use a card of mourning for poor dear Harry after i cot off three sides i forgot his other. A it is conjectured she was in the third Quarter of her grief soon to by succeeded by a full honeymoon. She was wearing an expensive Mantle of heavy Bleck English Crape find a Aid motive fully a shoe i v la i had known dear Fred a going to ask me a to St he Kho Kurt. While Riding in a buggy through the country in Northern Ohio we noticed Taal Fence Aud Bridges were adorned with various mottoes painted in Large tetters and calculated to arrest the Eye of the spiritually indifferent on Tho Fence at a certain Cross Road was printed a prepare to meet thy god a and a eternal life is on a Stone abutment of a Bridge appeared the startling injunction a repent or go to other mottoes at different places were a repent you wicked sinner Quot a watch an i Pray a and a lot your Light on inquiry we Learned that this is the work of a zealous old gentleman who drives about in a Canvas covered Wagon spreading As he believes the gospel of righteousness. Thera can be no doubt that some soul is startled Occa Aii Nally out of its lethargy by a sight of one of these sentences. The Farmer driving his Load of produce to the Cit thinking of nothing but the state of the Market May be suddenly reminded that there Are things above Tho Sale of Corn and potatoes. The Butcher driving his cattle to the Slaughter House May suddenly recollect that souls As wed As bodies must have food. Tho careless pedestrian sauntering along thoughtless of any save material wants May be disagreeable confronted by the thought of spiritual needs. The comfortable Man of the world satisfied with his surroundings in time May be forcibly reminded of a existence in eternity wherein worldly Good Confer no Comfort the sensual St the drunkard the robber Ami oppressor May by sometimes brought up standing by one of these Wayside sermons. Scoffing will not obliterate the impression. The let ters born on Tho i rain. Like in accusing spirit they follow the Man and will not Down St his bidding. When he would laugh they silence his mirth. To sees them in the Bottom of the a social Glass a they transform the faces of his by Mer Boon companions and make them hideous. The seed sown by the Wayside has taken Root and sometime must Bear fruit in character. Such a work May these sentences on Fence and Stone perform. And if but one soul is made better the patient Painter will lie rewarded. Many May laugh at his zealots attempts to Reform Tho world by printing his gospel on a Board by the Roadside but it is More sensible to print it in a Book ? this Man has put his mess age where he who runs May read. It will not be silenced nor could any Prophet scream louder. I be Flowers by the Roadside speak the same but men cannot hear their voices. Cloud and sunlight Brook and Meadow paint the same words but men Are Blind to the a a they do not heed them. And so this Wayside Prophet goes Forth t it paint in characters which still mean sum thing to human eyes though even thew Are fast becoming meaningless the gospel of righted Nonea. not Call Bim Over zealous nor enthusiast he recognizes tits needs of the hour and the blindness of men and to conform his conduct to these. When men can read the higher scriptures his Brash will not be needed but when that time comes Many pens will lose employment and the hum of printing presses will by diminished. A Aotoa a ouch be i nit a xes am in England As late As the reign of Charlesie worked for a shilling Twenty four cents a Day and Oft times was come clue to take less. Fiesta in to cup Flag Tbs off cred to consent that Ai to ail cants of a Tun existing or to exist a tical Sny tra tee. Dire t r or officer of the Compaq or any tans whatsoever Tho Coni Pauy shall on application of the department of Hustle of Tbs United Matos bring any suit or take any proceeding that shall is directed by that Ana s u h suit or proceedings 4�r is direction to final consomme ail Ca. The total debt to the government of the Central Pacific company is 71,72,, and the commission prof it be a in Reg act under which the company shall pay Tbs government to 1 j6,58> san ital i y for ten year Aud after that the sum of v240 annually until he debt is paid. The application of the ran so to the outran Pacific railway company is a difficult task. It is hardly to is expected that any Sot resembling Tbs act Sui mined in toe Cass of the Union Pacific will be accepted by the Central Pacific. On the other hand in the event of refusal to accept the application of the entire net earnings resulting from that portion of the Road a con a hieratic til which the Bond Wra issued in in it a aft Irtz of to meet the accruing interest paid and to be staid to the United mate. It is 1 Ines fish Lieut to accomplish a rat payment of the ores ant Worth of the obligation even at the reduce Luce rat of 8 i or cent Par mourn for the reason t tot the eat. In set a rugs will not amount to 3 or cent of the present value of the debt the commission believe that the enforcement of the Gorer Anieul lion would result a a gift of Tho whole amount pm the United 8�?T ates. The Corn Mien. I it a propose that Tho Central Branch of the i Ilion Pacific who to the government in a a a a the a Mort Gage under which 1118.7.0 shall be paid annually for ten yearn and ,0oo annually thereafter until the a Hole debt is paid. The obligation to the in Tod mates of the Sioux City and Pacific Road in $a,3mef. A mortgage is proposed under which the co copany shall pay annually for Tea year of and is g.su0 annually thereafter until the debt i paid i he Bills submitted by the com tote by differ from any pending legislation first in toe methods of computing present value of indebtedness second they direct the discount to he computed at 8 per cent compost Ade i third they and i a mortgage to the statutory Lien fourth they provide for a simpler Bond fifth they give wide reuse in the in Akin fund St nth t n the investment of the they forbid the declaring of dividends except from the earning of the int fiscal year and the a my after the requirements of to. Government have bean met seventh they require the companies to inst tut suits against softies so for mis approx nation of the company a funds eighth toe Amend the Thurman Art so a to Appl to the ext to g condition of a Job company. In Tbs second part of the report Tho commis a iou shows to amount 0# Bonds and the cots a a it qty tidy re land received by the Pacific roads to he a follows nouns. Union Pacl to. 1 Kansas Pacific. To a h,q0q i entre Branch Union Pacific .l,,�?~a0 stops t try and Pacific. 1,628, Central Pacific. 25,3,i Western Pacific. I Eft is Are express is whale pm Titti in Ste referred to Confra a a. A Vbk of a keat a Vest. Total., 61,623,512 a juror. Acres per Union Pacific.,. 11,309,844 1.25 Kansas Pacific 6, to Oji Central Branch u. P 222,360 Friou. I it St Pacific. 48,88# Central part to 8/�0 in Western Pacific. 453,191 rate acre. Amount. �?�14.187,sus 278,200 64.170 10,00 mid 467, Smi 2.25 1. As us i. Ii total.�\�j9,8s4 �?�?.536,918 .1117.16 ,430 total Bonds and lands. The report thou contrasts the management of the Union Cut Iii since ism with the methods of or. Gould which Are discussed in a manner not to the letter s credit the Huntington management of the Central Pacific is Aho criticised severely. A an evidence of the Huntington management the Cost of the Contra a Fie is Given at 1186,87x5�, when the o found u Wail i 8,301,831, leaving a profit of to of Uoo will h or paid to Munford Hun tin Tott Hopkins and Crocker being voted to to it m by their own votes. Other similar transactions Arn liven. The commission finds while tilt re is no proof Oft Actu bribery that Money and j a Ltd Lavo Bren um4 by official of the Union Pacific company for influencing legislation. to the Sioux City and pull Etc company Tho commission find that none of the of the act granting the subsidy have bet a kept. And that toe action of the directors in the Ding among icons Eivis Tho first mortgage Boudin the Road was a Wanton violation of the great _ the minority report of commissioner Pattison is radically different from that of his associates in re-1 Peet to his recommendation for the action of Congress. His report Agapie sixty pates and begin with a Mort sweeping and Earnest denunciation and arraignment of former officers of the Union Pacific and the present management of the Central Pacific whose malfeasance diversion of moneys belonging to the Tov Kab Fider of the roads and deliberate and fraudulent impairment of the governments j ens Are pointed out with Graal particularity and eloquence he Maya that it is not a question of the payment of the do t t to the government Bot of the punishment of these criminals. He recommends As a preliminary Stop that the government shall Institute suit in the court to have die charter of both roads forfeited and for the appointment of a rec i or who of course will then have Power to Institute both civil an i criminal kids against the who have defrauded at once la the the Road and the government to suggest that the Road after the forfeiture of to a Charters shall be offered for sate end belief that they will a bought in i v the stockholder. He discusses St length what he term their present bankrupt condition the practical of Ort a Ting the government s debts Anil the imperative necessity of a aking an example of the Mea who have wracked the roads and defrauded the people at Large. Tbs minority report therefore in not accompanied by a prop red Bill for Congreve to pass holding Appal a atty that the proceedings for the forfeiture of the charter must be bad a the court and Tiro not within the province of Ulfat tilt president will do with Tho reports Cannet to stated with certainty. He May. Of course a .11 or with the recommendations of cd Tor report or in his message transmitting them to Congreve leave the whole matter in the judgment of that Lody. It is known that he has sex Awin 1 both with great attention and care in the four weeks that they Hare been in his hands Ami Abo the voluminous testimony that accompanist them. The tobacco tax. Foregone Conlu Bonnet a amount of traffic la country during the Lait season. Tbs Bereave in rail tray earnings in a la Fleury result in Nome i Neaf Trade its repeal maid toll a a Ion. Washington the people of no the Carolina Are organizing a busies ens menus movement in favor of lha repeal of the tobacco tuxes. The scheme which is icing carried on very quiet la is to have an organization representing both polities parties and primal Xiv the Bonsness men Hough of course the Landing Man in politics will not be left out. And so fur As possible the organization will represent Otto stats As Well a North Carolina. Tvs or Amza Tion will s of a Large delegation Here to bring its influence to i a upon Bough. And possibly be president. Buck in organization does not seem very Nece a Ary m the repeal of in it St or All tie tobacco is a looks like a foregone Rone Iii a but the matter is of so much importance to Tbs people of North Carolina that the will take no chances. Wayt to fori a new state unit to Dun h co. S review of business the dying year has seen Mil s of rat Way timoted in a sin the mileage for the unit d stoles 150,7but change of freight Tate at the West tend steadily downward Lessen a the Prospect for building Mutt year. The Kensyl Vaoia company reports a decrease of ft7h,t00 in in t earnings Tor november and the Erie a decrease of the Iron Industry after to e la must years output of rec re is rapidly it attic g Down production Rel a and at Many Odin is wage since March the average of All grades of Philadelphia Bas declined ?1.42, Tad of rails pm. Sales of is ,000 tons Alabama and Tennessee Iron Art reported out no sales o rails toe which next year s older cover Only 2k0,000 tons. The Western Nail association Lowers card rates from $e27 to i. The Cotton Industry records for the year larger production ?. Sales and p roil is than for 188, and the year closes with an excellent demand mocks Well cleaned up nod Many makes sold Well ahead. But the Woolen manufacture is described As having the most unsatisfactory year it has Ever experienced with business smaller and profits smaller than lust year. Enormous importations have Lait a Large Stock of dress goods on band. Ortere Oating Are moving fairly but Fine goods at a to to per cent dec line. Coal production has been the largest on record but the Market closes with some excitement he Lehigh strike continuing wide dispatches affirm thai Reading miners will strike Jan. I. The grocery Trade has Bren very Large for the year and closes with fair activity notwithstanding the Specula Ion in Coffee and the Rise in sugar following reports o a decrease of 362, tons in beet product. Provisions hold the recent Advance. Beef is again a Shade Diller and to Ere has been a Rise of six cent in Oil. Cotton in spite of Small receipts is n Shade lower but bread stuffs have risen wheat and Corn about one cent each. The Treasury has added $714,000 to its deposits with Banks and #1,600, Khz to Tho circulation daring the week. It has now increased the circulation of Coin and paper about $64,000,000 since july i and $130,,too Fence july i 1887. I lie incomplete returns of Clear House exchanges indicate an aggie a a. Ate tar the year not exceeding $51,0id, 000,000, with a gain of about 4 per cent Over last year out november showed a Small decrease Aud in Lei Ember the de crease in payments has been considerable. The year s failures show a decrease of 2 10 in number but the Large increase of $53,-000,000 in liabilities As follows 187�?h pm Ber 0,634 liabilities $107,-560,644 average $17,302. Imo a number 0,834 liabilities $114,- >44,110 average Rhose the returns for the Dominion of Canada show 1,302 failures with #10/311 745 liabilities average $11,803. The fail Aret in the Dominion were one in every fifty four persons in business in the United states they averaged one in every 111 persons. The failures throughout the United bides within the year As reported by the brads treat company aggregate 0,746, or 7.8 pct Cert fewer than in the year ending with dec. 30, 1686, when the total was 10,568. The total number of business failures this year is just ii times As Large As in 180, a period of some inflation and exceptional Prosperity. The increase of nearly $17 j o too in liabilities this year Over last May be nearly accounted for by liabilities of Central Western and Middle Suttas speculative traders amounting Taal most that sum. Mean White assets increased Over $8, 0,000, More than 5 per cent of the total increased liabilities thus More than maintaining Tho previous years average of solvency. The per cent of assets to liabilities in 1886 was 40 per cent., while in 1887 it is 40, the annual average for three years being 48.1 per cent on the whole Tho exhibit must be regarded As favourable. The commercial death rate has declined As compared with 186, As Well As May be judged to nearly the Normal con a Tenn the recent business conditions and the tendency to speculate to excess and consequent disaster. While Many of the prom oils Appl j is them the Are in bite to Ash la it Cai special the formal decision of the i liners Bitte Mem Mer a commission upon the question whether the express my pans is ifs subject to the provisions so the aet to regulate Commerce was announced i Hami. To the Tuffs commission after describing the k a stares Buri Faraut organization doing express by it Seyu the South growing. Figure which show its remarkable Prosperity during the past Lear. The Afi inn a Tare ref of Baltimore prints a review of the Industrial growth of the South for 1887, win hit Bays was in Many Rte peels the most remarkable year in the history of that he lion As More was accomplish id for the Progress and Prosper to of the whole sooth than Ever before in the Bantu length of time. From Mary and to Texas the Progress was remarkable covering almost the entire Range of Industry and there is scarcely a s ugly line of manufacturing or mining business in which the number of new enterprises reported during 1887 is Trot More than twice As Large As in 188. Of the fourteen Southern suites there Are Only four in which the capital inverted in new enter j irises is not double the amount invested rat year the amount of capital including capital Block or incorporated companies organized during 1887, compared with 1886, was or atm. Is. 1hh6. Alabama. Arkansas. Florida. A. Georgia. Kentucky. I aul a iou Maryland. . North it 1 Rolina 80 1th Carolina. Tonne a. Texas. Yjih Ilia. West 4 i Gin la. Tot .8 �?�47,902,0 a fl9.848, my 15,940,0� y,7 Ai of i ,36, Sty 4 f. 00 b,/18,0 0, 15,,-ob 1,771, 0,76.hoo 5,0 0 so pm eur 1 ,4�p, 23,25xtra a -566, to a 1.659.000 8.599 ooh 28, to i of it. Of ,000 6,765,009 774.000 3,670.110 1,, 00 91.240,01� 5, 04.000 8.514.000 8.367.000 t256,23r 8� Toto sos in cot to manufacturing the cry hat been Groat activity an i seventy seven new Mills have be u projected Many of tic Ai being now under construction. This is the largest number of new in ills Ever reported in one year. Cotton Mills Are reported is having largely oversold their production Ana Many old Mil Are being enlarged to meet the dem Hucl for their goo. In. The industries of to e South Are being greatly diver tiled As Well a increased. Worth Maming vote of. Evert time i spend a Dollar foolishly i am opening a Paup Cne a grave. Every time i pay rent i Ara taking so much away from a Home of my own. Every time i speak a Kin i word i am adding a Brick to my Tempo of manhood. Every time i b in an Art Cie i am encouraging the manufacturer or producer. Every time i pay a debt i am doing right and helping to put Money in circulation. Every time i refrain from speaking in defense of a Fri rid i prove that i am net a Friend. Lofty ammo to of the per it a in Tho locality of Clark Xiii id. Trim Ishii in ii be 1 . J the people of the town of Clarksville ina., which is situated about Midway be Rheea Jeffere Onnolle sad new Albany in the Ohio River Are just it present in a great state of agitation from Fantom causes. One is the a a a Are of Cizik them is nothing in the nature of ate Boer Ness which prevent its being carried on by in Ordinary partnership of even of an individual provided the necessary contracts eau be made with the truss Perteria lines. The most usual cont Art is on which pays to the Railroad company 4d psf cent of the gras receipts of the of pre a company but various other methods of a Etti Emeott Are Era loyell. The feet that express Coni pan Seperena a any other services besides to As neb As the collection of debts etc., is not regarded is a reason Why the acte Aoud not be to sided As a flying to Thea business As Cobu nou earners mass Many railroads also have other business Best Tes that of transportation. The various sections of Tho sri. Cod rid or so with Rei Kioa to la express Brutus a Are found to is in theory is applies by est of 1 to to posit Iofi of to Juilu ii i remely trying on. It writ old Asem As a Rel get a n it to walk with a fora Feeno Dtta i Aud men Boti Humr Sasson pants but the dog Ess a fit . / the Farmer makes his Livia by up Rma in tit held sad la Carpa Atar by a the Grain in the Wood tse Buss Sas of ii. Hetter is we str Tyraa Muse there in adore de Hhd i or sittings. A face that of met tits Tel is a t a fact Quot of it note Tor a. Ii in unit Good any time the Haafez thereto As to the busies is of railroads. fact the express comp topics claim that they already abide of the in Rales established the aet. The re Quiring of annual reports from express companies is said to us it matter con Cern in which the Public have to right to be informed Sod con Giust May particularly Des ire knowledge. At present Little in known shout the sine a at of their capital Stock their funded debt it the Money invested in their Plant or Busine the volume of their Bas inert with the expense thereof the rates charged Sui lha methods upon which toe rites Are contracted. The capita tuntion of Tom of the companies is known to be quite Large amounting to Many Aal hons of Dollar. The difficult of framing ached ales for the information of the Mablie is Ai t found to to greater than in the Case of Railroad cum Antes which have compiled wit ii the act. Three express companies have so complied and their schedules have been placed on hic. The agents of All express compese Are necessarily instructed in to the charges to be made and the Era tie is tej a sittings. _ a new Jim it Man by mrm Dove to carry til the hit. Tutti ire conventional Brick makes to Good heating arrange int no Mattes of your hand to gait knowb>4go on Der Ehy hmm and Der goo Tings do % was in your mind to got tit dots a amp a Carf pretzel. A How it All Coain a Back to me a my attired the Post t sadly a with Prau so anger he estimated tile Titi tones it the potty package of mob Whir i a ired just Tai in from the Post office. By own do you knew Tiro Long Boti Afton has been keeping Hoof a Smitti i a no hut it must tip a rears. I took dinner wish him Liber Day and he carved add Lek without spilling it on the floor. A we put b ran. The were to have Young or. Equally intelligent the bringing of express com am in the provisions of toe act is found to in dab to dinner and miss Travia Des wits _. Tract Sceble and on some account it be Ira Jln. The express companies which Are simply brandies of a rail a so org Vii cd and operated through its Ordinary stuff or dependent Bureau nation with it ii it Railroad by in a Independent Bureau or by a combi a a a a comps Tes Are found to be covered by Tbs provisions a the act. In the Esse of the i Dep n i end organized express companies however pc rotting Nuder son tract a to leu gases of the act a it now stands is found to tie so framed of not to bring them distinctly within its Provis ions. The words a Holly by Railroad in the first Section do not Well define the business of express companies a Toofe Usa very largely lha Sere ice of teams messengers stage coaches Aud Steamboat. The pooling Section applies to the pooling of the business of railroads other sections a peek of railroads a Outin Aslly and of depots and stations the language not being applicable to the business of express companies except Nuder somewhat strained construction. The express baseness was Well known at Tbs time of the passage of be act and a been frequently mention by naming congressional statute. The omission to name it Here to dug firant. The preliminary investigation by the interstate Commerce committee of the Senate did not include the business of exp Rase companies end was confined aim Oil wholly to that of Railroad companies. Upon Ell thee consideration the com Mission has thought Best to refer the bub oed to Congress is in any Cass of doubtful jurisdiction it is far better that the Egisti Tive body should resolve Tbs doubt. Bloody b0wak. The resting place of those slain in a terrible Kentucky vendetta. Lexington or Morehead ky., has been prominent be fore the Public daring the last three years because of the bloodshed and reign of terror in Rowan county and her Capitol. A great cling has come Over Morehead and now instead of the Creek of the death dealing Winchester can be heard the bum of Industry and the scenes of pc. It was six months ago when Craig Tolliver and three of his men were slain by the Law and order men of Rowan county and today Morehead is not like the Tine place. Confidence has been restored and the population of the place has increased until there is not a vacant Bouse in the town. Those who took part in the fight against Tolliver and his gang on june 22 do not appear to gloat Over their Victory in the least Sod treat Tolliver s friends Aud sym path zen with the utmost consideration. In fact there seems to lie Little desire on Tim part of anybody to renew the feud which has in three too it years been the cause of Twenty men losing their lives. The widow of Bud Tolliver has mad some threat against Boone Logan it is True but that Voung Man does no to a a to to care much for them. The a fighting to livers All live in Elliott county but Occas orally come Down to Morehead. White there they behave themselves Aud do not try to run the town As they formerly did. The Twenty men who have been killed since the Martin Tolliver fend began in August. 1884, lie Buri i in several counties and in Many different graveyards. J flatly remarked in Abs of flanged Glass at Lis plate a i mud got a exr. Law de dab soft water. It do for him to drink anything Bard artist who is sponging i month in the country a my de to mrs in rate Blossom you Are an Beautiful Yon bks to have Rny do pm in Oil ? mrs. to take is for a sardine Burlington i rec press. T a can Yon Tell to Darling a tis astute Ai they sat together in the Waak Pofi of the Quot sofa a the exact it i and mathematical duration of a kiss a about a second and a a Ftp of i Belle a toe answered demure1,y, "thaiik�0 to replied. A i will make a a. Nuts of ii Young journalist to old edit successful writing i should think quite a see not. Editor no i done to think so. Quite easy to strike to All you be got to do is to a find but what to people want and then write la journalists you a amp a a to go Rny but say How is a Man to find but what the p�0-pie want ? editor til i a tagged if i know a j r Kart my traveler. I rats father Yon a it member Yon wanted to marry that Book keeper mine about a year Aga daughter yes father. A a pretty sort of a Man you picked out. He has decamped Wrob my whole a you remember father that you told him he could be have me until he got Rich Don Yod a of course the Young a i have just received a dispatch from him at to Kraal saying he is Rich now Bat in perfectly willing to marry a poor Many aha world . A til shades of night were fall lug fast whim through cur Sla Eimm Sones to a youth a f exod in Snow Aid in who scorned the placard # told d#v4�i shot is 00gb1 the Pressman to the a eur dim at Midnight dark i Searer him. Our Estef tee Ai Eatoe Shaft himself had Ops to the draft no to dad tem the Mead trim a Sot Tkv Doo i there is t tie gloom Oil cold Sod Grey lifeless by Bee Atifa Holey while far Shore the legend Ihone close by the Sanctum Telephone by it tse Dak Mil a Macon Telegraph. A Sili Lake City by Acu ated. Removal of troop soot there a 1888 to protect the gentiles. Salt Lake Utah spacial j according to a order issued from army Headquarters at Omaha Bis Cliv wan to Day evacuated Aud company sixth infantry c ape Britton returned to i Ort Douglas three Miles Distant. This Garrison eras ordered to be stationed hers two years age when to mormon outbreak was apprehended and has a it Lett Here Ever since. The causes which led to the placing of troops in the City limits were numerous. The first intimation of trouble was july 4, 1885, when the mormons half masted flags on All Public buildings. Then came vigorous prosecution of All polygamist by District a Horny v Dickson which broke up Many mormon households Sud erected in very hostile feeling against the gentiles which culminated in november of that year in the attempted murder of Deputy a Marsha Collin by four mormon a a a Rio. Ten. E in Murray who Aas then governor Felt con trained to a All upon the government for the Protection of Gentile citizens and a a Ril ugly in order awl issued from tie War department St Washington ordering troops to this City. Their pre veil Cebas always been very Offe see to the mormon parole who Are jubilant at their removal the troops were quartered in a building adjoining a mormon newspaper office. The d o i in \ 01 or. A a Mummy a a d a i tile Chicago boy a he watched a Swallow circling Tigh up in the air a a wish i was a a bad men or boys aright Pat an cod to your life my son if Yon were a a Taft but so pose i flied too High for pm to hit my with a a then some Hawk might pounce upon you and carry you is but impose i flied Clear up dose enough to heaven for god to reach Down and take a my in. A Oulen t that be to joke on the Hawk of a Chi ago Tribune. Mis. Blo of to Ber spouse. A will the reduction of Tho up us thew talk Abbottt put an end to the Snopl Teod choir in our Church ? by eggs of courses a then i am for ii spicy. A Little three year old Ocklander went into Markei last week and helping herself to a Greco Pepper tried to eat it. Alter she had failed the Markot Man asked her what the matter was with the fruit and she replied Between sobs a Yore was a Burnite is Bee in it. A mid die Boro news. Two of a Hud. Minister Aud de yen like to go to Church with your papa and Mamma Bobby ? Bobby inclined to be lion Comini Ial a Well i guess i like it As Well a a does Niter York Sun Ura it i rvs of Mont Tacoma. There is a certain unequalled my Jesty in the lofty Rno gae of the Rocky mountains of Colorado. In Alan a Roe Mountain View of matchless Beauty Shasta Hood Adams St. Helen and Baker Are stately peaks which excite the admiration of a very beholder but this View of Tacoma is entirely unique and Bas a ravage grandeur All it own. For Many minutes we gaze in amazement upon the combined scene or we earn to examine bin detail. We stand upon the Brink of a Clif of naked Rod Bare of vegetation brim and Stern extending Down a Moat it Erpen it Licul Ariy 2,500 feet. The opposite Wall moped steeply up cowered with a Deow growth of Forest tree in the Bottom of the Gorge swiftly flow the turbid a Waters of the North fort of toe Bayal Lup River. The Stream is atty feet in Width but in that abysmal depth it looks to be but a paling Brook Mountain eagles Dart through the air to Aud fro from their nests upon the Arette Fig looking toward the West the Canon stretches away for Miles Down which the Riv it r wind its War glinting in toe sunlight like a Little is Ream of molten liver. Turning and looking a the pm. You Are that the canc abruptly terminates two Miles a vhf where the mighty Mara of mount to from Tbs dome of the moan tin sep tends two Greet Anas or ridges of. Basaltic Rock capped with Sharp peek. Down heir sides run verite a Odu Xeal forming numerous Gorges which frs filled with Snow end ice. From these Gorges run Many Stream Little moan lain torrent up amp a a a Bai As they Turin Dows Rivulet units with Rivulet dream Rnic glee Titi Stream pm three f wanting Cerite e Quot Quot nge into a a Gre i Basic. Out of i Tesi or j larger torn am who Carrow Gorge of Roo my but the Breeze bean to our Sere in 4weling notes lira reef erf us a Merak Star act a toil is Imit c. Hendrick fim. In the m Magazine. I used to it a strange Chili was introduced to four veer old ads Ai in w the a to his entertainment with a Superb dignity the suggestions were checked by a emr Deer. I i Avo played with children All my life. Quot a a Ai Merkwan mag Axine. K Bro us my Ruhi air. Ordety for the promotion cry fac Ria burials Hue just been . Vic and o. Its purpose is to ride funerals Imp its in a a be Rich a is St to alg the exec rails a Berg no York epee i Ira world

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