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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1888, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 5, 1888, Ames, Iowa La 17 Rill Mes licence a ii of i in us semis to . Of a print aids be. My of the testy a Republican journal. Xix am is Story county Iowa thursday morn Ino. J an uary i ass. Number 37 Nous wish i per Jet. Is us i Bat bum i my to to we my i Immitt. Who most a i vim a sat in e a Yub y,r.,.t,� i die ills tonsil a line first j o til a us a Butle of of i West. Lilac in oath Sadi Tioy Yoo Inch Ege dbl Isono. I Wib Imi turn pastas boy wac Issue Wmk Mtawa West a Matt pm of mfg toll by. Posts Tea amp a fee ame Sec Wisd off. Was m we Mil of tsp o fear beat foul Tattam mail of Ute. F Pip he m Var a 4 or . To . We Wuhan a pms leu # a Stefe Marcus cede of afr Irb urn in m in a n ,sz4t of to a Oso a Nib or i wet fee to a Fen of Feti wasps a is Mew by a red mid the my hmm Ftp to auf hid a Weald hmm take Bor a i dust All Yos Wist taef Why that of a Jhm a hmm Naif we r the fair is Mhz am to emf Josh Pix ptts Batara awl Piaf Milf a i i harm of of a Ald a item maw Assis Quot Tum Tityk with and the f to amp of aws awl Erston a to directory. I i jct i or flip Kwh to feel the. A mme auditor. G a -. Dpi. A a . A in # # # sf.._a District clerk Calm a attorney. Treasurer. In altar thai Iii or a # we o sheriff. of schools. Surveyor. Coronet. In Eula traits. Olti. T a coffins tap. Howard top City offices. A or. Tecc edgr. Treasurer. Cam m. Sift . Sham. A id . C ,.,. Van a rsm. A Richmond. A Van ,. His Kut. Haxwell Tex aim. -ta-ta.�?�?& meta>e.rs of Cotati. Societies. My Tom episcopal Eyer Sun Dax morn say Day $clw�i4 2 every wow Binaday elea Ohk eve beg Baptist a amp fuse to Raste Sas Dav evening. I an. Smye meet of r Xuc revery if evening 7 of clock. A by. Welson pm h. Pastor. �8mt�sltn0nal Ivery sunday morn a to and evening 7 30 say a i mined lately Atter to morning paver meeting wedge or evens is 7&k e Moulton Pasuwe. Masonic. Fodia Lodge no. 24h a. F. And Mason v regt for Colima a Atit Rwy in rare Tail mrm. A m. Bosworth Xiv m. Oct weary. Yuei workmen. Lies . Of a 0 la Xiv. No. 166. Pm e c. Be Cater wee no hot tuesday evening a g. A Meredith m. V. Month m. Surv. Reforde i. 0. A. A i Post no. Ioc. A. R. In g. A. I. Hall the first and. A. Of or h us j. E. Duncan. Commander. R have Ittyav adj. Cal ii Etc amp q. M. Of v. I. Geddes Camp no. 58sons of a we saws in s. Of a., meets in g. A. ,1nm and third evenings w i n 1. i s. Eta la Psi Tanto o. A swirl Deltef corps to. 98. Its every Altern i i w Eek to. A. K. Hall. Mas. Geddes president. A my0��8i�yf Sec Cima Shavir Taos. Professional cards. Attorneys. F on into in Aal a avar to Joty a Cheek Smtih i 0m� a town Tram my Nook far White Stipe tailed and Hie my her White atm around Hie neck. A or my my hmm i blow and tie mail Mem would bring no in wed Jmc a. Squi a Jik Jumha vow Tom Lay far i obeah to Imi maim one a toe. Cad pow tap a of ii of Hoot Woald give in a Chi. Maidan Tang Ted out in Hor Lantana glee a Whai a had id Kimweli with the a italic you d for Atar How fluff Mali he to of Tauaa or i Whitla tar what Yoo might take. A pm tit. K Semi uhf a humid. The Schoolman am of Wolf Prairie. M and Eta tuns -1. In i. Smith attorney and cd u Bellor . Collections promptly to Ste two no Quot Idock Banc Iowa. Ceo. A. Underwood. Attorney and col Nellor a or. Voc times in All the Coom of the ate and to the a s. Courts for the do Trot Over Vitae National Bank in. Som aes. Iowa. A a d. If Ccarthy a Thornly Taat lava and Cellec a tvs a int. Hike in j. L. Stevens a War fill Dunc. A by Iowa. Dyke in Fitchpatrick till practice in Ali the coat of this state and the United Coart tar the districts of Iowa. And c dec tits part of the country. 2 opera Block , Iowa. Physicians. M my Nimoh. And surgeon Ames Olive c ewer veda�8� Drog c. A. Kit Rev i. 0�?z physician and so attorn. Tace first door weal of to Simroth a Mea. Story try Iowa. E. Fun w. S., Ian Asp surgeon. Office door of Oil of West House 5 or drag Ston Alsept try person amp s Hoo 0 a Oyer person a met Eteva ame. Iowa. Ions Tram m to is and dentistry a in emf my c. Rat. Jdcx1st.�?rooms resident e. Opposite we Howse Ames lows. The purple among of a Lovely Iii i amp a stun test a wrapped Tho Lusada Sejm and one med to loud an of a fatal Story to the Rioh a gelation that made i l Ruairi in Cut Uther Knusta. Is its Aemi Uno Ottnad Days even that late season to in riling my de right isl i tie later Hbretl family of Thomas Gavor. The Taylor floppy had Homo All Tho Way from Newyl re in a covered Wagon that f til. They were in search of land in Tho West and Outwith Landing the h ii Rej 0rte they fre quench hear of indians in the neighbourhood of Wolf Prairie in that b Anglia stretch of stall Prairie land had been ii a Ingvi 0 in named .Astaa to tier had con Cia dad to Gettta Barc pm Wjt on a certain potion a i re Billowy surface least that bad particularly taken his Eye the Gar or family consisted of Thomas he wife and an Only child Valley Asel e was named a Young lady of 17, Thomas by. Honest hardworking Yankee Farmer of More than Ordinary . With the help of a neighbor Lei soon had a very comfortable log cat in erected on ins was Tam claim int which the family were Fain to move them elves and their belonging aft a Long reddened under tem Var mrs g by for was a Busy careful housewife whom the Kansas wind provoked. Not a Little driving the dust of tile Sandy Road into the Cabin and sifting into lha most secret and sacred places. But Val by wet one to Law worried by the gales of her Western Home nor indeed did die allow anything to worry her. Hers was a cheery sunshiny Ever seeking Hie Bright aide where others lie held a somber one. But she could be very or Ai. Too As you might judge from the cast of her j re a month and snowy Chin. Her dark area announced More plainly to in than words would have done that she meant just what she said and aimed to execute whatever she set her heart to do so Long m her better judgment approved the step imbued with the same spirit of Industry that character and both her parents Valley Taylor determined to be of Small a Burden to them in their new Home possible. Accordingly hearing that the Wolf Prairie school was Iii want of a teacher for the Winter term Valley put on her Bonnet and gloves and set out to Aeo the Board of trustees. Valley Boti been Well educated in the East but the had never taught school. She had no fears but that she could govern tie school and instruct its pupils too she informed the Board when she had. Tendered them her Oral application for the to lion and they Hod Token rather doubtfully with regard to Young in exp i booed girl like her a aging the rude urchins of Wolf Prairie. Valleys self Confidence carried ital Day for her. Re a was engaged to teach the school to per month and Board famished her Jacob Hancocks during the Bod weather other times a when the walking a Good Valley preferred to walk Over thro a Miles Home rather that put lip with the Hancock family who Iii cd lint one mile from the schoolhouse although Jacob Hancock assured her of a cordial Welcome to stay with then throughout Tbs entire term. A wife in Mell he mighty glad to Bevy Beard along with us. Our ranch is Only a mild from the Akule House which 1 in by Over yonder on that thar Little Ria Iii the prarie Hancock said. School opened oui monday on sunday Aret lug or. Taylor took x Alley Over to j Boob Hancock a with his mule team so die might get in earlier Start than if she Alite to the wills two on each Side and j covered with Canvas which h been tacked to amp Rad framework All four of which coverings wars Loose now and creak cd dismally in the High autumn blasts. The door was swinging pm its Runty hinges. The place had a decidedly open loot vary a open reception is recorded me that is Rte Taw said Valier step Ping in and a veering the Interior of her Temple of learning out on Waif prs Ixia a smile hovered Over Tater lips As she stationed herself her desk which proved to lie on mag Italy big dry goods Box. A gentlemen of in a re about town Ere said to find much Pleat Ore to them is scats Bot i hardly be f ii pc i shall Tea Joy Tho use of one As desk. However Lii make the Best of the dry goods Box anti i or 11 my first j months salary then we shall behold some Public improvements a Valley s adaptability to circumstances a helped Ber Over come All i montage men to she might otherwise Hare Felt Over th5 novel arrange ants of her i school room. J Jacob Hancock Nom r is rid id re a took a powerful lib tax to Valley As i mrs. In informed her after on week of Echo ii haul passed i Jake the eldest a robust follow of i 1>s bal told Valley of the i experience of their last teacher who had been forced a git no and bus in a by the largest scholar of Wolf Prairie Bill Warren who in the language of the Sider Hancock was holy terror Sny always run the a Bill always goes armed Quot raid Young Jake. A Hie other boys will All min i be but him. He rules the Roost Home Ami everybody is As a fraid of him As of the old scratch he a Goin on far Twenty and bigger than my Pap. But rough As Bill is hell hardly abase a woman i Low. A is to be hoped he is to Manly to do that a said Valley in reply. The second monday of school Valley discovered Many now tacos the re ii >0 House Cash 3 came walking up. Jake came oat to meet Lier and whirred iou in a Bill Warren is Hare. Valley was All curiosity to Sec this terror of Wolf Prairie As she Bogan to term him a that s him loaning agin the Side o Tbs hosts w whispered Jake a and he a got his sh00?in�?T instruments Aion 5.�?� v Alley gave a Swift glance the tall Bronze faced strongly built fellow lean us by the doorway with on hand caressing the muzzle of a Bright new ride he was quite handsome she decided knee with his flashing eyes so deeply Bine As to lie easily mistaken for Block and hair of the Hoe of a blackbirds Wing. He was dressed some what Brig Andish and wore a richly finished Belt from which protruded an Ivory handled revolver. He did impress Valley of being holy terror by any Means. For one week everything moved along without discord. Valley seemed to have a got on the Blind Side of thet thar Bill Warren Jacob Hancock told Tho neighbors. All the pupils liked their new Taic liar and she ruled them by a wee combination of kindness and firm Ness. Miscellaneous com. Dozier govt Firalio Laiu i Tennis Imra Ace i pm in companies of then Are m4 Awre a Gar i rata. I fowlers in wow Ca. Cai the fit add a of school walked f for her Home. X a ecu. Koe a Boh and pms Clori. Or wed shuls. Iron Fife Tomm x ate and Sanaa y to loan i ism of to m map Keg Twe Al. Tax. Rial Mort men to a amp of Lites to tits to wire in Jay the or part Woss Sawr to my ire to Falls a. Tom eta1 Valsai Wmk Imarn rate of hem1tb get Juno Iowa. A they re Assai of Tough Ani said Loach Hancock before x laity Hod loft for school next. Morning. A yes Sny a Marrelin or set be Haver seed i Snow a put to the voice of mrs. Hancock. A ooh Yak in Bev yet hand foil with Mem miss. Now of i was Loather a the Wolf prarie Akule id Jai a1 tout churn the Daylight oaten Stem Avem. And she wagged her Bead very to Phalli Cally Quot i do Lope be wont Bev any Ira bile with a in but a v re so Pesky All fired rough to my heathenism ii Vin out by a or Mon g the injun with Little Erim Skillin Ter speak on fur s Long a spell pm Kin lev feared fur be miss. But try vet in i pc a lick mine like sin of they Loia Asili be were the parting enc is of ii a Anta a Valley took tip in Anoil and Star in i across Tbs imy of state. By Fontal the schoolhouse % r ugh ? tincture. had Betel Trade o a Green lamber which the fervid Sun of fevers Kansas Summers had the boards were Tach and in half apart in Picot ally we f ump a Venti Letoa. The flow a Glittis better. Tbs windows were the big boys said she was a hard to beat,1 and Bill Hod cd Mitten that die was a datable Fairish like. A How a be Githiri or Keg with thet thar Bill Warren asked Jacob Hancock of Valley As she a wed his Hoise of her Way Home from school after two weeks labor the Wolf Prairie school a very nicely indeed Quot she replied. A the seems to be quite studious so he la break oat All of a in dint some Day like one of our Western blizzards said lie shaking his head wisely. A now be just Mark my word fur of he done to when monday morning came Bill Warren did put in an appearance school. A Little sister of his handed Valley a note from Ilia father. read Mhz Gaydos a i write the a to pot Roo on Jour guard. Bill swears be wont go to school say mow and he is Teyon l my co Tirol he a threat seed to Brake up your a Bool As be did last Winter. Regretfully yours ii l a Nae Quot x alloys face flushed a utile an she and this note Bot instantly took on a determined expression and she said to herself a if to cannot / Ca Rny As soon of school was called she asked if any of the pupils had seen Bill Warren that morning. She learn i from Jake that the a Cindy terror was even then Amr usim himself with his Rifle on the Prairie Back of the j school House. Valley appointed six of her Large boys to go out and deliver Ber command to the big truant. A Tell him i command him to come immediately into the s Hool room and receive punishment for his having played her messengers had a winningly obeyed but soon returned saying a if be please teacher Bui swore us a fat when we told him or say and jest stood us off with his revolver he says be won come. A we Shat a All Valley Sud but her dark eyes flashed and her lips were firmly compressed. Bidding the scholars be quiet and attend to their studies Valley left the room. A Short distance from the schoolhouse she found Bill xxx sri Al s iting Down examining the Load in his Rifle. In Hack we toward her. She slipped noise a astr up to him and a re he was aware of her or Usanee she grasped him by the Cost Collar and Shook him quite soundly. Von rough unmanly fellow to Send in lady such a Massage. Ars you ashamed of yourself Quot Bill a fact was a study. Surprise anger and shame struggle i for Mastery i hem a give me that Rifle and revolver sir and come bark to school Obi. I intend punish you for your truancy and for the use of rough language to your schoolmates whom i sent to carry my he Hung his Bead his Bronx face covered with blushes of shame. He was too utterly confuse to offer resistance even if Tat had been s i inclined As Valley bravely possessed herself of i Rifle and pistol a n in sir March to the school room i once Quot was her next command. Bill started to comply but suddenly halted and confronted her with a changed countenance an expression of Tetens resentment flashed into his eyes and he Saki in a Young one to be ruled Over by any flip of a girl for a Bock East Iii give you to understand Quot Aud he straightened him Elf up like a Young giant a give Rny Bock my weapons Quot Ami by Maie a Hasty step toward her. There was a Little Click of the pistol in x alleys hand and he paused. �?othornier1 you Dai Lief Shoji a fellow is i believe Quot he said and he could help gazing the spirited Little teacher who stood so Imperi ally before him leveling his own revolver his head with some degree of admiration a you will and very safety menace my. I expect to be obeyed and without further trifling. Do you a treader. Bill Barren Quot asked the plucky girl the angry sullen look a led from his face Aud to Wor i was acce Leary to show that he was conquers l for answer be Tunnel Ani walk Bock to the schoolhouse by x Alley s Side. The incr Lului stares the scholars favored Valley with of she marched in with her captive can by imagined More easily than de orb i. She lectured him on the sin of disobedience Liefer the we de school. To humbly stood a d to kit thou when h id finished the crushed bully took his s and was very attentive to his to that night she dismissed them All but Bill whom she sat Down by to hold a conference with. Little Lola Varre 1 harried Home with wild eyes to Tell the news to her papa and Mamma. A you ought to saw Bill Quot she said to them excitedly. A Why. To looked just As scared like Ai could to when miss Valley Maie him come in. And she a kept him in an i she a got his Rifle Ami pistol by her desk Anil i expect Shell nigh about Wear Bill out if he done to mind a god Grant that she May Reform my wild boy Quot sighed mrs Warren deeply. Aud the in band echoed the prayerful Hope. As Valle sit by her conquered scholar that evening she implored him to consider his parents to whom his wild ways showed no respect she Ai pealed to his seme of Honor she urged him kindly to think aul develop the better manhood she assured Birn he was capable of developing. When she cease i talking there were tears in Bill s a Yea a tee been an ugly big brute and i beg your Pardon miss Valley a i said shaking the Hind she offered him As a sign that p a Ace was restored Between them. A you ought to shoot me Down like a Flo for the mean Way i be acted. No Bodif Ever made me set myself As now i do before. I trill make a Man of myself yet or perish in the Bill was faithful to his word. He applied himself diligently to study and his was a Model of gentlemanly deportment. Quot i Jis Bileve be air a Witch miss Yal key a said Jacob Hancock one wet evening is the teacher came Back from school with his children. A a nothing Short of a right big slice of witchcraft would a tuck the stiffen oaten Bill Warren a be have done Quot and he laughed heartily and told her that a clean beats me oaten my socks however be a Little Gal. Done what several men teachers her faded Ter do Ter vanquish Bier holy terror of Wolf one evening As Valley was walking Home Bill overtook her on his spirited Pony. He was leading a Beautiful Black Pony on whose Back was a pretty new Side Saddle. A miss Valley Quot he addressed her a i an up making presentation speeches such As the do in the East but Yon have expressed a wish to own a gentle Pony so please accept this As a gift to a Woald lok Well for me to accept so costly a present a she replied looking admirably the Black Pony with its proudly arched neck. But Bill did agree. He insisted the the i Pony had been trigger up Quot for her with th3 approval of in Parent and having so Many ponies on their ranch they would never miss so Valley accepted Bills gift with sincerely grateful words Valley was exceedingly fond of her new present and soon Learned to know and love its kind mistress. One saturday afternoon she determined to ride beyond the limits of Wolf Prairie and explore the country far West of her Prairie Boma Quot was now Spring and the buds were bursting into cleanly on every Side. Valley lost in her admiration of a scene so enchanting took no heed of the distance she had come until her pour paused by the Side of a Lovely wooded Stream to drink. Looking Over her a Boulder she was a trifle frightened to think How tar she bal heedlessly Ridden beyond the Range of any human habitation. Before she had time to turn her Pony a head homeward a Brawny painted Indian sprang suddenly from the Wayside Bushes and grasped the rein of her bridle a Hugh Quot he uttered leering into her scared face fiendishly. A jumping Fox make a Heap Good take Dis Lima Good Pony pretty White Squaw jumping Fox take both to his the poor girl was too thoroughly frightened As her probable Fate flashed Aero her brain to cry oat for heir. Indeed her fright had deprived her of the Tower to stir a muscle. Bhe seemed f re zen in the Middle. The Indian with another triumphant gleam in life evil eyes turned Valier s Pony into a by path and was fast leading horse and fright benumbed girl deeper within the tangled Woodland. Just As the Indian reached a Crook in the path they came face to face with Bill Warren on his Pony. Bill had been out Hunting for wild Turkey and Providence had led him thither. With his keen wits Bill comprehended the situation once. With a yell of horror the Young fellow raised hts Rifle and fired directly the Indian. But Lief re Bill had pulled the trigger the wily jumping Fox had jumped Anflic and the Bullet which was meant to Pierce his heart buried itself into the trunk of a tree beyond where he had stood. Bill let him go skulking off without farther molestation while he hastened to valleys Side and received her into his Strong arms just As the fainted. Water from Tbs Stream near by quickly restored Valley and they Rode toward horns. She a too grateful to Bill for his timely Rescue to speak much of besides the Brave fellow would Bot listen to thanks. After that there seemed to be less constraint Between thens. Perhaps each understood the others heart better. Anyway the or relations were of the Moat Friendly nature and Valley n ver Rode across Tho prairie3 again unless Bill ten led Ber. After s Hoed hid closed its successful Winter and Spring terms with Valley As teacher Bill sought her Home and manfully lad his heart Liefer bet. A fall i am i owe to you. Wont you help me to continue my struggle to improve who pleaded a How can any flip of a girl from Bick East help you or. Warner a she asked roguish by. A forgive those unkind words and be mine a he insisted. A i will my Dia Motal to the Rijk i do love Yon Aud will help you in your Noble efforts to and Valley was True to her word. Run nor of of so i i in Trio. A i was in Washington a few Days prior to the inauguration of Lincoln Iii i Hui having been sent there by the Harper s to take sketches when that event should come off. I did nothing but walk around the City and feel Tho Public pulse so to speak there was co necessity of saying anything to anybody. You Intuit rely recognized that trouble w As brewing southerners had sworn that Lincoln Shoal i nos be inaugurated. Their utterances had to a the Northern heart an i the people Loyal to the old Flag were just Ai determined that the lawfully elected president should be inaugurated though blood should flow in Tho attempt. Sims an awful time. People looked different Lien than they do now. Little knots of ire 1 could to seen conversing Gether in whispers on Street Corners and even the whispers ceased when a person unknown to them approached. Everybody seemed to suspect every Ona Cis. Even women looked askance each other and the children obliged to be out a old Skerry Home As if frightened probably Baring been warned by their Par. Or the streets night for several nights prior to the inaugural ceremonies were practically deserted. Thoro wis a hush Over everything. seemed to me that the Shadow of death was hovering near. I bal constantly floating before my eyes Sable plumes and trappings of woe. I could hear dirges constantly and thought for awhile that i would have to leave the place or go crazy. I knew All these sober thoughts were but Imaginal in but i Alco knew that the something which had influenced my imagination was tangible really existed. The 4th Day of match came and or. Lincoln was inaugurated quietly and without ostentation. After the services were Over and became known that or. Lincoln a i really teen inducted into office there was a Savage snarl went up from the southerner. The snarl was infection. was answered by just As Savage growls All Over the City. But nothing was said. A tangle yell of Defiance a pistol shot or even an oath would have precipitated a conflict men simply glared each other and gnashed their Teth but wore careful to grit them so could to heard. I went to my room in the Willard and sat Down to do some work. I work. The stillness was oppressive. least a dozen times i picket up my pencils Only to throw them Down again. I got up and Pace i the floor nervously. I heard men on either Side of me doing the same thing. Walking done to relieve the severe mental Strain i sat Down in my chair and pressed my head in my hands. 8ndd<oily i heard a window go up and some one step out on the Balcony of Tho Kibbitt House directly opposite. Everybody in the hotels had hear i him. What is he going to do ? i asked myself and i suppose every one else propounded the same mental interrogation. We Hadnot to a Long. He began to sing the Star spangled Banner in Lear Strong voice. The effect was magical electrical. One window went up and another and then another to i Heads popped out All Over the neighbourhood. People began to stir on the streets. A crowd noon gathered. The grand old song urns taken up and Sung by thousands the spell was broken and when the song wan finished tongues were loosened and cheer after cheer rent the air. The Mon Rooming next to me Raj Ped on my door and insisted that i should take a drink with him. As we passed along the corridors we were joined by others. Men were wild with Joy some of them were weeping and throwing their arms around each others Nee . Others were singing and All were Happy. A Washington was its of again. The Star spangled banners saved .�? Thomas Natl in Denver Semi. War annals. Tell an anecdotal which Hod come Down exact words the South should look from the revolution a Man by the upon Only As a hollow truce to Biow Soldier of Beth armies fighting their in ties Oner again. Name of Smith drove a Sutler a Wagon for a regiment daring the War and he lived Tea great agr. I Hor the veterans died off he began to imagine that he took port in every Battle anecdotes of the of a de Field the weary March and the cheerful Camp fire. A worn a View. To relate among them was this Given in Smiths own words Quot was just before the Battle of Monmouth when Gen. Washington com to me and said a Smith to san i attack the enemy Daybreak and we must dislodge the h . -ii�?1 a 0f a. Sabot no -1 stalk Fig Ament directly in front 0 Al or of a fist 1 i sat up All to a. Night Honing my 01 the to big i is of and was in line promptly in the 1. T�?oi-1 and fives. J a in. In he j but to nun Chimbu s fates Tell of tora Sud the of Brave boys a Urebia a tit in the morning and tying a with u. in i tent i brows Iii by of in Swift death Angel with brie Sharp warn tug scattering Broades ruin Alai blight of Maiden watching Wattling an i weep lag for Havers who never will come again of biters Long 111k for boys who Are sleeping in Gre a Sun Tho Battle Plain morning. When thu Bugle sounded i Start a i ii i cd on a dead run for that hessian mourn my in j regiment waiting for my comrades. I fell upon the ranks of the enemy i Cut and hacked. Legs artus and Heads flew in All i rations great chunks of meat were hurled into the sir and just a i got the hessians on the no i Felt a hand upon my shoulder. I j turned anti there stood the father of j his country who said a Smith in gentle Yon done to want to make a Slaughter House of this whole continent a Quot interrupted Short intervals Tat a Long period of years by wart and thus becomes Southern statesman to so legislate that the entire youth of the confederacy sheiry boy a Jenta a Aud Vildt Iau Iwa i i a and Many thrill int sex per Idle. A he had tamed the age of sixteen of Sivta Macb 7 1 7. R Ronn Irmi of the dread sateen and the awful Anawich that from Aret last is a woman a lot of loathsome prisons what dear on a swish 1. Of is Ipie nights and Days All fraught Lau de with wild con fester a Sod mighty sorrow with weeping an i wailing and hopi tented wit 1 hating the present and dreading the Asor Row and Oft repeating Quot what news have Yon Beard of a cast off garment prize As a Roar Ore pecans a dear on has worn of late of Rivers of tears and grief without a Asmo. Of Bouses and Homes mild desolate. Yes. This i the meaning of War to women Brave Berne in Strong i know a weak no doubt but a 1 is hum in and the Obi time spartans died Long ago. Taking a Battery. By the. Late colonel e. Z. C. Judson. Futek the Confederate batteries had been unmasked they mud. rather Lively for the Light batteries of general Getty for their guns were most of heavy Caliper an h As had been taken rom the Norfolk Navy Yard whoa was captured by them. The artillery Duel did last Long did pay on Side. The intended crossing had been foiled and canned peaches 1 i suppose m of the comrades have a vivid remembrance of the average soldiers hankering after a taste of spirituous liquors or a commissary is the boys called writes Crowell in the National Tribune. was my observation that although while a citizen Home he was usually temperate and Law abiding ret As a Soldier no Laws no orders and no persuasion would pre Cut his risking a tour in a barrel Armour tick in the guard House or even his life to obtain some a com missirly a he holding to be self evident that he should have As much of to drink As his commanding officer provided he could carry and he never had any doubt of his ability to do so. Too often the officer claimed the exclusive privilege of drinking All the a commissary Quot and then the consequences to 1 he private Soldier going under fire were exceedingly disastrous. I knew a major of infant Tov who was a thoroughly drilled officer in tactics and regulations who never could bring his body to face the enemy in time of Battle without having his skin full of whisky and then his regiment fared badly. I a time came when suddenly thrown into Battle he could get i drop and he did no to go. Instead of obeying orders he dismounted Aud sneaked away to the rear years should is required absolutely to give least Throe Vealy of his time to a regular military training so that when these interruptions come we May be a nation of trained sol tiers. Had Hie Greet rank sad til of the confederacy heard that proposition Early in the War would have speedily ended but a remarked by the gentleman who related Tbs above having gotten into the Trombu. And been in for nearly two years the a were willing to stay until its close hoping against Hope that would piss a end speedily but end is their cd sen Leader a i predicted. My Hackensack Ann Hie spurs. Scouting party of Sixte in of us had captured i wont a seven o a the enemy and h i r j -1 w a horses. We were told that general Forrest a As Olive Branch with four thousand cavalry Only a mile Distant to get Back to Baton Bouge a distance g him Wal in he own. Y to ? Taftt was enough for us. So general to get behind a stump and the ranking Getty Drew off his guns Nightfall Captain hearing the orders instantly and the enemy appeared Nett Day to mounted the majors horse and away have done the same. Confederate a gun or even a picket could be seen by Daylight from our Side of the River. Masked by swamp and Forest growth they were there yet however As a night scout in a Canoe made by the writer soon after discovered. In a pouring rain storm the writer drop hid Down the River from Suffolk in an old Canoe keeping close on the Western Shore listening to a very sound keeping a yes open is Well As ears. was pitch dark the River fairly boiled in the Seething rain find Tho dip of my Laddie could have been heard a boat s length away. Nearly three Miles had been e Vered when the sound of menus voices talking in a Low tone and seeming to be very near. Reached me to cheer the wont the regiment with the rest of the line of Battle driving All before them capturing two guns of a Confederate Battery in front and redeeming itself from criticisms on its previous conduct under a Drunken major who never commanded that regiment any More but departed to a Camp where whisky was always plenty and ballets were . I knew a private who was apparently the Model Soldier of his company with arms Aud e Uip Menta dress and buttons All by rid and neat is if he bal just come rom the sunday morning inspection Iii Camp yet his appetite for liquor was us one Over mastering passion lie would steal away from Camp night and tramp Twenty Miles away to get a scanned peach eau the cans really contained Limp but whisky. F in00 by re thing the Muddy Bottom and woe to the party Aho had and with along poll i Felt _ for in the Bot Tom of the boat was my instantaneous action. Then a Glimmer of Light on the Cypress Trees on Tho swampy Shore showed i was near a Camp or guarding. Careful to touch an overhang to Branch or to make any noise for knew How near i might be to a Sentinel i pushed the Canoe to the Shore. Fortune favored me. I found by feeling rather than seeing that i was just under an old Wood wharf where boats had landed to take off Cord Wood such used on the River steamboats that navigated the Stream before the War. Bushing Tho boat in i Laid her alongside Tho land under this wharf and crept out on the Bank after fastening her to a Spile. Listening i heard the tramp of a Sentinel outside of me on the wharf. Safe in the darkness i crept higher up the Bank guided by the lights reflected on the Trees and in a few minutes found myself on an Earth work in the old Woodyard looking Over into a Camp of forty or fifty men just Back of a Battery of seven guns ail masked by Bushes but covering the wharf where i landed and the River front give him some. When once he got a taste he was ret in to commit of Twenty two Miles we must pass them. We Vee Rosse i the Bridge Rode Down the River a mile forded and intended to make the Comite Ford before the enemy were aroused in crap. Here a Little incident occurred to me which though ii x1 Ell enough to laugh about now failed to excite the spirit of mirth in me that time. On of the prisoners whom i was guarding was a toll Swarthy fellow. He called himself Hackensack from Arkansas. A he wore a pair of Silver plated mexican spurs which i wanted and accordingly politely asked him to present them to me Mark of respect to his Superior officer. He to allowed he would keep them and after a few complimentary words passed Between us i finally gave him to understand that he was my prisoner and i would have the spurs if Cost the Price of a Hackensack. He then handed me the spurs about that time we heard a yell and looking Back As far As the Eye con d reach we saw the enemy on our Trail. With Energy we urged our tired horses on so As to reach the Comite Ford when when we would be Safe but All in vain Forrest a whole command was after us so seemed. The prisoners hindered us so we let them go. But when we reached the Ford we found the enemy there awaiting us. We made a flank movement and tried to Gam the Bridge Bat to no purpose. We were ordered to dismount and our arms and everything of value taken from us. I looked around and who should i see coming straight toward me but my a Hackensack a in search of his victim i tumbled once for i dido feel half As big As i did a half hour before. V last when to reached me Aud from his towering height looked with supreme impressiveness Down upon me Aud said a yank i reckon you in remember i done told Ycu in that i allowed i d keeps my spurs a i did no to Stop to argue the Case i handed them to him and courteously thanked him for Tho Nae Chi them for the Short time i had used them. I Felt thankful to get out of that easy. We fully realized now that we were wholly in the enemy Power and determined to make the Best of a bad bargain. Glo. L. Beardsley Youia murder or less to was Given enough to u ii Sci Jiuu _ a play him Cut he would stay by that i Homo of the men were asleep in j apr Emtil he had swallowed All to tits. Blit a few under a Canvas. Met to Tan inns in Hal or ii to Iii Ute,n .un Titrant. Or. My taster recently crossed the Atlantic with her three children aged respectively 3, a its and 8, and the eldest two were soon like their Parent afflicted with sea sickness and sought the seclusion that the state room Grants. Master Willie aged 8, Lay tossing an i restless and groaned out a ooh Why do i suffer so Why do i suffer so whereupon Nellie the Fth Vear old who had evidently remembered the words if the meaning of what she Hail Jeo Nedin sunday school leaned Over the Edge of the bunk and said commiserating by a Willie done to you know what Tho Good Book says Little children and we Ore the Little . Pm shelter tents by a few under a Canvas shod near Tim Camp fire were playing cords despite the pelting rain. They were the night guard without doubt these were talking and laughing in a Low tone Little dreaming that a yank was to near anxious to know if Lades were Trumps just then. To k hic about ten minutes to study out Tho Landing see what guns lore on the wharf estimate the Force by the number of she Ter tents and then i backed off like a Turtle on my hands and Knees and got to the Canoe. Dropping noiselessly Down Stream till i was Clear of danger i paddled across to the other Side of the River landed and concealed Civ Canoe and i made my Way Back on foot to our i Meaut Suffolk he portion Headquarters that there was a Battery left which might be taken easily night by Surprise and sudden assault and which would be a continual danger and menace if left alone plans were once Laid for its capture. Two nights after Tho eighty ninth new York colonel England in command was detailed for the work and with the writer As guide and Pilot. And there was no More to be had then he would follow his regiment and some 1 morning appear Roll Call us Bright and neat As Ever. No braver Soldier Ever faced the enemy in Battle when he was sober. last in a fierce tussle Over a Battery poor Jerry was shot through the lungs. About two hours afterwards his Captain found h in beside the wheel of a dismounted gun just Able to speak and Jerry a last words wore a Captain d d i do my duty a davis1 unpublished speech. Eing an old Federal Soldier writes a Veteran in the Kansas City times and a grand army Man i have Akin the pains to talk to a great Many a old soldiers of the sex Confederate persuasion Al tout the proposed return captured a the flags and i company i fourth Wiscont cavalry Teers. A letter from six erics an. Must say that one and i have talked to a score of them has any desire to Over again even look upon a with in writer As game Ami vmae Derance few Linier they lost started Down the River Midnight in r a an t0 Day they respect the a Small Steamer to do the work. The night was dark and the boat was allowed to Drift in silence until she was actually abreast the old wharf. The men with bayonets fixed were ordered to remain in silence on her decks. When we were actually abreast and Cloes to Hie old wharf then steam was Aud in a minute More the boat the r . Old stars and strict is a they never did before. Meeting an old i oils iranian yesterday the reasons Why the exp on federate Are to Day 0 patriotic was explained and is More readily explained by a remark of Jeff Davis made before the Mississippi legislator j ack Hod nearly two years after the War Between the states had begun and a when Sherman in i Rill was on his March to the sea a clergy Man in Alabama whose horse had been taken from him by a Michigan Soldier Early in the War applied to the general for restitution Aud received the following answer Quot has do . Mil. Big. A the m sire i ,.ista, september is iss. I a Yfe a j. H. Xvi lie re hot a Star 8in your letter of september Lith received. I approach a question involving the title to a horse w Ith great deference for the Law of War that mysterious code of which we talk so Mach Bat know so Little is remarkably Talent on Tho a the is a beast so tempting to the soldiers to him of the wild cavalry the fancy artillery or the patient infantry a that i find More difficulty in recovering a worthless spa ined horse than in paying a million of �?~greenbacks.�?T. To i fear i must reduce your aim to one of finance and refer you to the great Board in Wishington that May reach by the time your grandchild becomes a great Grandfather. Privately i think was a shabby trick in the scamp of the thirty Bret Michigan regiment who took your horse Aud the colonel or his brigadier should have restored him but i cannot afford to undertake to make Good the sine or omissions of my own colonels or brigadier much less those of a former generation. A when this cruel War 13 Over and peace once More gives you a Parish i will Promise if near you to procure out of Uncle Barnes corrals a beset that will replace the one taken from you so wrongfully but now is impossible. Xxv have a big journey before us and we will need All we Naves amp a i fear More too so look out when the yanks Are about and hide your beasts for my experience is that soldiers Are very careless in search for title. I know Gen Hardee will confirm this my advice. A with great respect yours truly a xxv. T. Sherman All that archimedes asked for my the world was a crumbs a 1 mss who Ore a great Tad to Al fugitives from Justice. Moslem her. Earthquakes Are very a least they All belong to Tho upper crust. / ease jump to Slitter How Mph _ he May be will lie about the Hest Good Deal. A bless a six the pies Aksi said the Small boy when he atop a costly porcelain ornament a sittings 1 flub on Pullman cars have grow so excessive that they now have a Bauta be route a Detroit term Frem. In Ireland nowadays Asod b 1 who Isnit ready to edit his pop Elta Fth mistake his sittings. May sound paradoxical but we help remarking that offs never would lie no Burlington free a press. does take a school boy Long to evince a love for division providing the other boy owns the apply. A Starr is sittings. Probably ifs because truth dwells the Bottom of a Well that so Tow people take the trouble to look Tor ii a Baltimore american when the world is Mode Over again and the millennium comes other Popple s children and other people a Tait will certainly be Abri Tautali Ville journal a s a ill wind that blows is total of Good said the thanksgiving Turkey As a Cyclone whirled him Tom under the Farmers uplifted Hatchet Toto he next county. Ltd bite. A a i met Charley to Day. He was dressed up so that i did no to know him. A you done to mean by the Way where did he get his clothes i think in try the same i conscript first Arcola Many what is you opinion of anarchy see id Arcola Man ifs just the thing. Tai a baseball player and my myself with every night to take out the Loren a Arcola Becard. In a Kentucky court judge go sheriff a i wish you would make the men Stop firing off their gnus out there on the Square. The sheriff sop returns your Honor Tho my acobs and the o harrs am killing each other. Judge All right. I thought a parlor i of Idle Fellows were merely firing their guns to make a noise. Did no to know that business was timing transacted. Cedi the next Case. A arkansans traveler. Two discover Blower by fee who frat to waled Steep of Beld Gaucho Panda. And i too we u4 Heap Blessing Tai i honoured head if by Tome Lucky Chance to Vas Bot dead. greatest Ber n he save Tho human race Aud yet to mortal Ever Taw his i me of All i history no of knew a word nor yet tee name i parents Gas Hist heard. Bie stings pm Bim of i sad you la agree in Blessing him i feel quite ear with a j to was our greatest Benefactor stir till time shall end Bis Honor shall endure. Blessings on him., and honoured to his name peaceful i rest eternal be bus fun Bat hang the other Chap whose taste surprising made Nim invent the Art of Early rising. A journal of education. A the East bound train was forty minutes late last evening explain a Texas paper a towing to the fool that the conductor Beld a mile weal of Here the big Snake Cro sing waiting for the regular train robbery he was very much worked up about when he reached this place anti informed our reporter that he waited n swards of an Hoar the a Rostash and blew the whistle several times in co robbers put in an appearance. Ile hoped for better Luck bed ant Canon Oast Here. is understood that a new mme table goes into effect soon which Calla for a Stop of thirty minutes once in every fifty Miles for the Coave Nleona Rob hero. Quot a Fred Carn to. In Fri Dimisa a v a in 1 or. Auckland new zealand is a Lively and enterprising City of 70, he inhabitants. is is treated near the Crater of a Large extinct Volcano which according to scientists May resume Active operations any moment the auck Landers however Are terrific i the Prospect and in tact Are going to Cement the Bottom of the Crater and use in a Reservoir for their water Supply people worry themselves ill they worry themselves insane they worry themselves to death. Ambition is a Good thing Energy to a Good thing Industry is a Good thing. But restlessness fret ulness and worry these tend directly to insanity Anidi s h. Can lie Slid of in old Toper that he Ever Bai a sober second thought. Boston courier. Giro and in a minute More the. Tai was in the Landing and in h a Hee a gentleman remarked most curious thing that none of the Gallant regiment sprang on wharf. The snapping of a Small primer on a gun which covered Tho wharf told of Fortune on our aide. If that gun loaded with grape and canister had teen fired would have cot Down half the regiment in narrow column As rushed up the wharf. As was in a Little lira As takes to Tell the Story the Battery and its drowsy guard was ours. Not a Man i is a the historians of the r hellion Ever got hold of or if they did was recorded. To let Egin with the people of the states were led to let believe that secession was entirely a peaceable movement. And after the first gun was fired they were still made to behave that the a War a would be Only a Small affair and although the gnat majority of the Southern people were heart opposed to Sere Ion. Yet the political i woj. Y pose. Lost a gun fired but seven pieces Yeadt a were Strong enough to carry the proposition and the people Bagay and thirty men captured. A was a nicely planned and Well executed piece of work and the general commanding was delighted with our Success. is often that a capture of this kind is effected without loss of life but such is the Fortune of War. �?chin1 to led or. One of Curtin a stories the martial spirit which the Boston Globe attributes to Lieut. Col. Ames to believe was Only their rights they were fighting for. Having gotten into however they were determined to fight out hence the remark is of their chief above afflicted to were cab mated to encourage those who h id voted Tor secession against their letter judgment in the course of or. Dart speech which were present As Many people As could be crowded into the in Islat be Hall recalls a Good Story told a ban Juet Jackson after telling them that while years ago in Pennsylvania the War had unfortunately lasted Laager some years ago in filch governor Curtin was a guest upon his left sat several quartermasters and commissaries who amused each Oiler with War Zorini sciences. Than anticipated Aud without attempt log to predict when would end he Laid to Tat when did end he had no each writer we a we doubt would end in the As governor Curtin knew that none of dependence of the con federate plates them had been in Battle he was a but a Hen ended a said a and my m Oroliu Dtta in his after dinner Siweha to Formant gives my As Putti toe is Confederate stationery on . De Kati stationery web a thing no less unique and characteristic than the other products of the time. the writing paper i of a Dingy Salmon Tor rough and Fuz a -fe2fejw by was ruled with up a. My. A Keavy Glor no Blue lines doubtless on the principle that the plainness of the landmarks should be in pro port ors to the difficulty of the Way. But with this paper such As was. Tio a quire and envelopes in proportion was resorted to Only after every available tit of paper every Page fid account boo whether already of old account books whether written on one Side or Ami even the Fly leave of printed volume Shad been ferreted out and exhausted. Envelopes were Mode of scraps of Wall paper and from the pictorial pages of old books the White Side out stuck together in some cases with the that exudes from peach Trees. Ink had almost As Many subrt Tahoe As Coffee and with nearly As great s variety of results. Sumac berries to a berries a Oak balls and Green per Siromani set with Rusty nails were often est used in concocting the fluids with which we blotted paper. We found that Mack gum roots made fair e res. One of the very few things if the sole thing that could be achieved with a dime was to \ of a letter. The ten event Stamps which were Small mid Blue bore a profile to Tai appearances a Compromise Between the of the rival president discant a away a x pattern Wab ship. No of jest so thoroughly fascinated me in a visit to Norway Aud Sweden during the summer of 1882 of the splendid example of ancient shipping discovered shortly before Tokstad on one of the Peninsulas of South Ora Norway. A the length from Stem to Stern Over All is to feet 23.80 meter the keel alone measuring 66 feet a to. To meters. The breadth of beam is 161 toot 5.10 in ten Sand the depth about 4 feet 0ami meters. Oak alone was used in the construe lion the body being tin painted while the Stem and Stern Post were decorated. The planks were Laid on Over the Frame timbers in our of Streak style each overlapping the one below and were fastened together with Iron Bolti riveted and clinched upon the inside a clinker built. Is we now Call the planking was lashed to Tho frames by Means of Aith Wickor-1 Ike cords or Withes made from the roots of Trees sad the scam were called with hair of cattle spun into a Cord of three strand and this was driven Tate Tbs eerie to Bab Laid to when the Plank i in was put to Gether. From this method of on sir action Well is from the character Tai my relics found Aud the use of the vessel is a Means of be culture or. Niveo Layseca infers that was built do ring the latter Iron age or Between a in too and Ionthe Early ire age comprises the first seven centrist after the Christian Era the de Ltd orations of Ute trimmings on the prow gunwale Aud Stern Post the numerous carvings both upon the ship and the relic together with the Handy use of colors exhibit a very Strong influence from Irish decorative Art for in her palmy Days before the beginning of the eighth Century Ireland onto ripped every other country of Europe in miniature painting and the or mentation of Metal and Wood. Tbs a Onstad Erstich fixes lilt Date of conf traction Quant to a d. 700. A John 8. We . In Scribner Ifa Ganne. Till i amp my tax Collic or-1# or. Smith to today , s He to Outt Erit tax collector Jat the ton free frees. Good manners to Tho sri a those people easy with whom we Converse whoever makes Tho on Meany to the beat to no p my d/7

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