Ames Intelligencer in Ames, Iowa
2 Dec 1882

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Ames Intelligencer in Ames, Iowa
2 Dec 1882

Read an issue on 2 Dec 1882 in Ames, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Ames Intelligencer.

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - December 2, 1882, Ames, Iowa To a w tue Imell Kuencer Tell 3hm ame Iowa to Mew oat us Llu Lii Mai i Row in tilt in urn pm Tel. Tia Riachi mtg Weir Fri tale Ber apes my Liam i in amry a a a it. A it cd or fam Kim or Tbs from we Oman a air Mai Tom Winf Bra mini to of i Ftp get to Rwm of him to im4 la Ai to bomb fat Mai Iommi Maui to of Grizil in pier my a Tioli i pr1f? let or i Monrre m pm it w�ti4i to it wok few a mud to of Cim to Ira pot mints in inti Fiat Knott by a to Aux of Iii it a met Tat i wimm t t it it a 4wi if Urf Mhz or try Hgt a it Taerud to it War Artim in m a Tomt armm Lmh to no4 a amp a 4tatapmirtev�t Tea Ute. Awn i. A Moose or looks isl re or Tashir fto4 my re life smut or fnilt4rmmi bkw�mb9iit two Ali it sett in t Jon it Kra mall f in fort it Testa of atone Foft no pm at Rwm lift Ikumi Amrol ase Ira Tok Aai incl Tea Rota of us t44ft. 9m mum in to Tom fair Tali Ger ii a a mme in min shafts Immor to makers of i Oft tales. Fetisa and or let the hta4m ital bom in a to mme Rar Ltd dirt ii it tafe 4ma, Liim Fumm Vril ftft<i4�m�4 for smelts Tea adm mfg to fat it a dlr Ftp Shl to tar to Kim of it in Suas limb Rita stat and and in Pricr Bot Sunn Tam a Irp a nut Kim winos Tea us to Efti of is Rita. a Mac or a �?o2f� a a turn Tom of to Tom. I or Jim. I. A. Mytr Taw f. Lnor. Uni of Taiedi Dofton a hot in a tax a a 3lft>-Pftofvd la it Rummi beyond. Tea Friend Foi sad Btl old tar Al Ftp pad us Istir is us of it Van care that Laj on a put get. Tea Ooms Tad a Amft Amft. Met min. Look at of a traded a statist to Ftp Drai taste it Atay a i i do and Tam lorry. In fat told i Tamri waft to wat a is Tea Rocob a d Pill to Brown then put m a Knox look a Arft eked for Tetar Foroi Tea sleek and veni Viii Dot Talaeai of Toom. Him a Nama. Farm Ito fireside. Ii Meta i of a told a him umm and Alder and Isoa farted Tea a Falseni of Toff Ettarose Tea Dot. A moi7 it Uta Frt Taal pm Cut it it Tanan fee Furtas deft. It fid mtg re it Mas of Rob majr. At Etta Aiwood a Tsosic Tea ear re St butt a at Tat commom Fence Aioli pm Taslim if i san hot stat Liis Ursa Kusir Ata Fitas Mople Sill do a Rolf Ami a to Ira feta pm Pikett a Kirlick us tar Parade Cameo my Kofumi. Ttaha sat a faint Man sir of a taint from a it irn mini Osta aide of Tea Sta and a Ftfe soft. A a v of erf Coarm Roo Dosh of pea Wotli so Eon toed i in Tea c As Art of nit a and pail Des Ierio the of fort pail at tar feet. A a Toad to a a Toft Tai Aried that Yoor Leel no a Ara free a Rann Tair Manaj Wladi for a Summ of Tenor. Too Nexer Alf a word a oat the a total data or Tea Oordt Tom of or Arr but let fsr Takt Start a for Teod fair Bla like Sta la to Batail or a Steinc up Ammu Inetti to Meths Dukhi Tutasi Latifur tymm Effreda rim Rise eos la a Sartar. And nos s of re Sumnr to of Sis Toa Hoase to a lot Alliue Mitai Stahm from vew Tork a the Rottari v toss Ems gotta other tide of the few Sere fou cd tears and a plea Aat a Nice ref died it coffees or Tasel Arba to think How us pow it Knirs Raffer crowded Toff Ettar in Dir fair eels shh Nerer a Brett Tyhof a Elonor a d or it of milk. If Jos d fan need Fth to. Relief tone Jos Roant it it a defused Fri riot to Aire them it bit of it her Sao Elim. A Ord As Mook Hare a trite of Zafft outta pm face. It fid Mtsat a and of fwd d take my Nimr Ron self Iota mute. A. Letoe Otto pied bar work for a Monist a of Taim find so tre Oil Ftp one Tow fee met face. One brow Serr Laid Kotte and Arah and of tar Glade Orer the r in the old sir runs prening and Jade la is Coloret Dkl and Rickard in by Wpm and be set Hub Arr of toe baes for Tea Roost of it Foni. I bes i Besta to Raad at.o4l the Froah air fond ii kind of atom a throw All Oner to and Lialin to reads about it Eren Day and to sign a Hia if theft to self of in Oigt. Twatt Stan we Tabard Tea fas a Oft of that a put Rwjr soum come tags Elf placet coaids to found or pm la Anu Opeta it Fth pc for foor sad they la to Beer next to Fedar and to Coina to Amka ii ii tas much a Helsm a i Caa. A Lyon u make too self pick. That Shat 1 u do aft Miida mine a is piled Mtawa re pasta let of met Saat x or Sard a Orer Rua and Roar aural Atto atches and Xor hosta fam of fun. Abd firm so sea Pinwu mod shy it s Amor Faro Faraut. I Moat to to Aud set my started. Miss Roxbury sent in to a mrs totem and entered the Roab wry sent up Tea a h Between Tea of maid. To pick it Imit the ptiri4e�alko Ann a Asim eos Ataik Tatt it am too. Waft a Tab streets Salt woe sky ant Tow mrm. Of r Tutura Aarud Dot. Quot Deal too Fiose that la Kyve to com Rover Mammet i food one gotta it set Cooata Titio Sta Fostor. A it. A tas ans Yoaw la Hast Ait Tea Posen Yoo shot. Dost talk for a a a to sunlit ar�a4r Wolta set Otto Dawn. Tea Otot Tat did oat shoes As Tea Kirbt of Sattar Daj of Stohry it pc lotto Law room she Rahmil tars la of Ona Elbow and or pad lose at arched Tau Stamf As Tampa Leto Shatah it to her fort Keo Aofter Road. And of or had fair to Fomand hands Sod Kavec Tufit is prayer for Rodor Acom is thar work a ast Dobsob Yifei narrow Sindos. A Law Host later ate St my staid a to Basilla of the Craod Oran it a Loimoc with Dot Eta tons Loh Dreat. A crowd of a a a wlm Fisk expo fat. Children Veta Banc Mars Alied into Iiona to Taka the Ploss Oft die Metward hand Tahi. A Rota void Tea to Ekar fre to Dor. Dot pc Moi tar tatar Irinod Hui <�4 Tass Tamereo Shile liw Tara Raa Aown her fee Odd pro Ltd fat Ohmar a aim turned away Naka food Oaie id of Hay. Tro notate Che Lotta world. List stare Xiiao Voo anal at Rhi Tearil Apoc Lff lord. File a deaf Latios was thru mixed Voth Geordt. Aad for rounded by it Nicias Mew Mumm Idle Ravoo train re soph Ito or Char Tai Platano. A Slor Laos Elm dry of said Tea Baptist min later rata it his hta to a Lynitta pm Iasi Faiumi from Bis hmm. 1 ex4s� t that Trasa porn Tait Dren will to a Straat Bie Artas to people Bald the myth Odist Mai 4tcr, Iii by Wadeah Tea sympathies and warns Betta hearts of some who Bare been obit Kim to All interests Tare their own a a Tea. Replied her. Or. Alder. A i Hare a tract Cal of thai not a Stooss throw Frota where we Are Staa Libs. Tea a practical Illust Raimi a Eon Aristod of Tea Roxbury roof Casky drawn up amid the Othar conf Torea Vii mfg pm Imam of the tack Mhz in a state of Tod in Vokk newly. A Edwod sir sickle with a terror of Rassmi fat a. To had come to Tea Conel Toston that tar of to Ita Tai been Onria Trasat a oof Metai Aii Trattou but Tea army of a Rex Bury was a imm Tahle a the histone s Taite on we Iii step Poi from the May Dower in Itji. To Tihe Faut Tai Mea Widd not falter Bow Ai Thrisk a Taoa with dire apprehension a Takerer her eyes rented on the to Tasa bed. It wee Irth a trim Detert Naismi 4o Brace Tea worst Iha Teta await Ltd the Iro Fai Flat afternoon is we Cotta locomotive a it Neais Ltd on Tea Brimire below Tea till my. Tea thou fat of the dreadful boy who was comi of to ints it be tar peace fat Domain Neady Ower Caine her and Ber irs false wits to order the fatted Man in drive Home As Quick or As p a it Tsichle. A to could apr exists Tea Emoi ious of a Bornean Dame at of Apple aet of of Wewe a a Star train s topped at Tea station the peo de it re wet a Forward to Welcome the War foes a mias Roxbury Perei taxi Ouay tron the Rockies a. It was Nota it Papfi Alidaf St baht. Croup of Pale fait e Chil Tren trial Dusty i i Beskit Fawd. If any Eves overflow and As Tea train moved on Aud left thew Wistful face id bed by want and misfortune in the Medid of Tea flu Cert. A share mrs Boubary is a woe Lamb for you is Der. Dow. Miss it Rubury h to not Obe erred Bis and Raeb Hitta crowd Sikl Cave a Start of t in pulse As he St it kid before Ber. As she Lokeil the in was a Coriou sensation under Tea left Side of Lierer pesh it. Aud her cold Crarey Efrew misty. Ita a a treed a1 Bor a had chef i into a Cirl of we heart a frail a a Snowdrop whole coarse Suire e hid Al mar Tea Tore Limm of tar Dok rioted Eye Sod hair of Tancle i Sun hmm. The Little creature stretched tar Arom o miss Kox Burr who readied Forward and took to into the Rex away Tho and Tate a a Nail eau be or Iron into hard Wood a aeon a fair by dipping it into Greato. A when Melfa Are put in the oxen to roast have no water in the pan when tue Roxbury Knelt beat a Tea won a who waft a to make by Flaky mix it two or Only about tarty years of a a a Pojl had been three Day before using a Pron roof which Cemke a with As to dab me it. A Whais your name a Saki miss a tra Fedj awkward Roxbury As stay drove Autmy Arr kit can. Ami aet in Tea pail Hai Itah. The Hoaeae no to pick fed tue alone. A Dot said Tea child. A ton has t kissed him Immi Jami t Mim Roxbury a at and Kiase Tea child. The fwd Katy creaked louder than to Norw. The touch of the child s Mouflis the rite a through the Iron wires outta woman with a Lens Avion Deli fitful. Mist Llo Bury had imagined her life to be a Happy one. She now Dot covered that she had has taken Neitah to a ton for happiness. She was Beti Nitina lobe Happy for Tea tirs time in aft Reaia. Dot was too tired to Tatt by talkative Bot she Leatia a Faeost miss Box Burr i h a look of quiet wider Aad Eon teat in Lier cos. A is foil to stay Taret she asked a the Rockaway a a opt de at Tea r n Bury Fate. And a be surveyed Tea old Stone Leytise with Wood one Damber inf Over Ita Gumy wails. A Faa child a Dot s face Frew Luminous. A Bath a Boa Tofu us open of bread and milk and a walk in Tea Carien kept Ber Joyful no ii in Dight Bat with to Lume came Tea Mcninc former Mouier. A i Swaia my Mamma aay own Mamma a he of Tel. Boa Mesa Roxbury car fail tent to the la a it Etta can never be utterly destroyed in a the had fallen to Taw at Tea i Woania taking Tea child on her Lap she car cased the Wutte face and sunny curia in a re Toul a in it than Way and Talke a so thl shadows fell Fitio the Violet Eves and Art Mcclose said a i love mias Kox Barj Tad not Only Tafuno to to Tappy she had began to live. With Tea Eom inc of this carpet child la Van Tea do i pro a of her a ii ii Bce into Cele. Ial water. La fore using and place in a Tow aug Welva Mija Young furl. To was a j place. It Clui be kept a week a a. A often Day with Good yeu�?T9. A delicious Cream pan cake Are of Ute elks of two egg mixer with half a pint of Tiia Mandow o ounce Sof sugar. Hub the pan with lard and Fry As thin a possible and Sprinkle Well with sugar. A is. Louis Globe. A bread Nimba Foi pastry Many i pudding that Are commonly baked in a Cru it such As Coconut potato Apple i anti Lemon Are equally goo a and More wholesome Marie by strewing grated i bread a Nib Over a buttered Wie plate i or pudding dish to the us Ual depth of Cru to pour in pudding strew another layer of bread Crumb Over the top and Jar Mil a Here is a recipe for a Plain fruit cake which is excellent if eaten while fresh stir or beat a half a Pound of butter with a Pound of sugar then add four egg which Are Well beaten the White and Yelk separately stir these until the mixture i very Light then add half a Pound of English currants and about a Pound of flour stir one heaping teaspoonful of baking Milder in the flour flavor with Mace. Bake in moderate , t. Post. A veterinary surgery is looked upon with much More favor than a the Case thirty or forty years ago. There Are now Many More veterinary surgeon who have a Eti a regular medical College course than there formerly were and to prescribe for sick Horais or caulk is not considered beneath the dignity of a regular m. D. A animals have not usually been drugged or dosed with stimulants they respond More readily to simple remedies than is the Case with Homan in old Tutor. It. H. Hoskins says in the Rural new yorker. A the blackened sap running Down from where a limb has been Bruneti away certainly ionic aug Naething wrong. I once believed that it was due to pruning at the wrong season. But an old or chartist on Lake Tiara Plain dropped the remark in my hearing that a Hardy Aad healthy tree might be pruned at any time without this result Aud that in any Kaaa where it occurred the tree would be found to to Blac hearted. My observation since has con tired that opinion. A the Brest s journal that the show ring a. Been the destruction of i More it isl cattle than any other single cause. The breeder who design to show j selects the Best for that purpose select them As calves show them in the calf a class shows them in the yearling class in the two year old and in the aged if j Thev last so Long. I me will be worthless. Another prac-1 lice has been in Vogue by professional showman Togo into different Herd Aud Catamb of coff on him left hand. Her fair waa a a Naif like Dot a cd Taw featured ii ate v atoned. Tea Lett that my Roxbury balt a writ Fca Lay it Tab led and tear Stol Tad o t Tea . Wurie min a Roxbury faxed the Woma Tawney her Eye Ottav were Tau Tiff eve Tat sad wet i want and a atm True Airai Tat a it cmdr. She tried to Lap and m Saaed a a my baby a thaw five by bit baby jut than Dot to Rifae Pitteli. Prof water to her Aio Fher who drank to if and ear Eric then Boldi Ter Ann to dirt said Feeny to Mim rotary a to Majib. Will Yod Uke cart of by Hula Girt i i think in of no to die Quot a a tour not to die not a bit of it. A Ald i Roxboro a Orlaf ome wine into a Teacup a that re Uke of you Botu. There drink shh and you la fed tatter right away. Mow Long Ainee you be Tad anything Teitt Quot a a Day before Yea tardy Watta faint reply. I had to mop Wrork four Day afo. A a sow or. Knox Quot said i a rotary a lipping her Puree into hand a a just step Lotta Oear eat grocery and order a ome Klod bldg Wood and Tea Aad a Agar. Ill poach a Nice fresh egg soul and Well see about gelling Ter of that finace Quot i the woman face in frightened Bat ate a Ami a Ria a Flag Yon much trouble i a a trouble a it fid mis Roxbury. A a i m All i Aiona la the world mod i be a Boa a a Ith tire try four Rabiaa in it and i Lenty to do wih Aad what in be it twi thinking of ail these Yeara j i can to Siv. In be Bren a Crual a cold Dlaa-1 gree., foil m a Wio Tymn and Waco i j come Down Here Aud find Folk a Aryl big to Denaui and crowded like cattle i wonder the Rood lord a had any Morey on me. D met you worry another Mita. Here i the fire staff . Mist Flo Bury Apter sine vet up an apron Over Ber a ii Akert and while or. Knox Buitt a ire and brought water to Licat she batted or. Tinl Hrop a face mid Taidt Aud Brut bed tar hair. A edit ii loll Why in a bet a already said mrs. To Winthrop with a rare smile. A i f Curac Roo Are child Taid mrs. Roxbury. A pm Eli see what Rood food Aud Mouawia air will d a for you r a few Davs later found an occupant in Tea great East chamber of the Roxbury House. Mra. Win Hrop Aal in Ai easy chair before the open window inhaling Tea fragrance of Ste Uumo Manx hone Anckle that nodded to tar through Tea canc Mctie the morning Auni get fed across her Bright hair and peaceful face. Dot Hung Over tar Boumer Aud Tine w Daralea to tar map Down by Tea Galen Fence Stoot Mise Rox Burn Utzing with Ber neighbor mrs. Tane. Or. Winthrop smiled from her window and there came an answering smite from bed Etui of Tea purple Aud Paticio Sun Bonnet. A a to you re really going to keep Emty said or. Lane. A a Tea in be adopted both of replied Mesa Roxbury with a the deum in tar voice a a and in be a a hit for half a dosed i tiie Girla to Alan until amp Gold a a my Ell it d Lea beat All Quot said or Lane wiping Ber Eyet on the Corner of her checked Gingham apron. A a i a Spost i Nedna Tasky a now. Kadi Anee what Yoa think of the fresh air fund Quot a a what do i think of it of Quot said miss Roxbury favely a a i believe its been the Means of Aavang Raoul i Aii Ould have gone into the next world Boid g my Tarn pretty High and Eon Stiering inns of be Ter than mos folks and the judge would have said a Reliance Roxbury i gave you a Lirar haute Ani a Long Bank aces Ufir. What h Ive you done with i hem i then How Ray Era pm v rooms and k Bury a Gold pieces would have at Rod up against me and he would a have stir a pc did it not onto me. Depart from me and what answer coaids i have malt be Bim his very True Quot she co Oia tied As Dot came flitting ten a the path Tike a fairy a of such to the Eton Dormoi heaven a a a the pair. A a cold cow is the picture of meter a and a sore evidence of no Jno flt. For this reason the cow stable should be got in Remi iness to receive the inmates the Odd nil rats that come so suddenly and unawares in the fall. There is no Point about the Dairy of Elt Ual Ina Ortance to that cd keeping the cows Well led and Wum. A or. N. H. Paaren of Chicago state veterinary surgeon is taking Active Steps to prevent the spread of contagious among the cattle of that state his Effort being especially directed against pleuropneumonia we Rich is Plav aug havoc Amo the cattle of new York Jersey and Maryland. The Nalty for importing cattle into Illinois from these infested districts is ver it heavy and will probably bar the desired effect. A Eveaj practical Dairyman knows full Well the importance of taking pro it or care of his cows. It Mattere not How Well the other Branche of the Dairy Are cared for unless tile Fountain head the cows themselve., Are Mac aged with a proper regard to their care there will surely be a it deficit in the returns of the Dairy at the end of the Awer trait Dairyman. A milk yielding is in some occult Way connected intimately with the cows nervous organization. If she is Banty a tented and comfortable she will do her i just while the least Shock to her nervous system upsets the whole business. The crack of a whip the falling of a Board or other Shock to the Nenes will reduce the yield of milk in a Herd very materially. So the removal of the calf or Ita rough treatment in the dams presence will sometimes peremptorily Stop the flow of milk. This is often attributed to the ill will of the cow in a holding up her milk but doctors Tell us of similar results with Tho human race. A the proportion of water in milk As compared with fruits vegetables and meats is not so Large As any May suppose. Many friits and vegetables contain from eighty to ninety per cent. Of Waler and some varieties of turnips even More while a dry mealy potato is he a so him recipes. To remove oils varnishes re Ian tar Oyster soup currant Jelly and other a elections from the Bill of fare us Ben sine soap and chloroform cautiously with Whitewash Brush and Garden Hose. Then hang on Wood pile to remove the pungent effluvia of me benzine. To clean be Lings that have been smoked by kerosene umps or the Fra Grce from Fried a Alt pork remove the ceiling Wash thoroughly with Borax turpentine and rain water then hang on the clothes line to dry. Afterwards pulverize and spread Over the pie punt bed for Spring Wear. To give Relief to a bum apply the White of a egg. The Yelk Ltd the egg May be eaten or placed on the shirt bosom according to the taste of the Larson to remove starch and rough Ness from Flat Irons hold the Iron on a Large Grindstone for Twenty moments or of then wipe off carefully with a rag. To make this effective the Grindstone should be in motion while the Iron is applied. Should the Iron still stick to the goods when in use up t on it if your hands Are badly chapped wet them in warm water Nib them All Over with Indian meal then put on a coat of Glycerine and keep them in your pockets for ten Daya if you have no pockets convenient insert them in the pocket of a Frienzi an excellent liniment for Toothache or neuralgia is made of Sassafras Oil of organism and a half a of tincture of Capsicum with half a pint of Auxin of. Soak nine Ards of red flannel in this mixture wrap it around the head and then insert the Bead in a Haystack till death comes to your Relief. To soften water for household purposes put in an ounce of quicklime in a certain Quantity of water of it is not Sutlin event use less water or More quicklime. Should the immediate Lime continue to remain Delix Tate Lay the water Down on a Stone and Pound it with a base Ball club. To we Asb Black silk stockings prepare a tub of lather composed of tepid Rainwater and White soap with a Little ammonia then stand in the tub till dinner is Reader. Roll in a cloth to dry. It sow i skin cure is of nov the Arlela to attack the Dlease both Etera Aliy Throo feh Tea blood and external to Throat re the absorbent lad la Tea Aly reliable Aad a Toloai Mode of trea Mev. These or spam lion Are pm y pot a a oeral Usa alter a Viuf been shed of the Dye or Tahi private practice for year Aith to greatest exec a Aad they Faily Pierit the coed ease of All la aet of sufferers from Alin Dale area the la d for mde by All draft risk two Bodt Lea to Terral and Exten Iai Iaone Packa a. Done to be led to Tike any other. It Coats one Polit or. Lavs la life a Norire a Bat in Marfai offrim Rode in i own Carri be Bat la earlier rears he took a Hack at the Cher r War Ansur Gassett. The Man who Ted the Iena Ertta to Cyriax this relic of anti que a at to the Public forgot to meation How be a get a fatter took a Ciutac after Tea Young Van. Mad a about ready to a Leigh him whee George attempted to Aaddie the braime of a in one else a the aider Ioian in it pop a blk that a reined r made of a i re Moo Tempto Paiau m sofa Bucu. Mandrake a Adellon ac., make to Many and Rich Marrella and Woade Fol cure As hop Dot it most be for when Ald and pro apr Rich and poor in Astor Tad doctor Taw or and editor All testify to bating been s ired by them we most Valiere and doubt a i a Cager. Bee other new method of a lox tooth powder grind your Teeth. Ii that soap Pletl the judge. Fak Mea. Teamsters to not Experiment Bot Nae Frazer Axle grease. It is the Bei get. Tot Man who Sci Ivaora genuine Revenue Cutter. It of Cut Kipo is the for thick of ans heavy 4in Achs,bilioa8aesa, a Weld May Apple Pill it cathartic. To an disk. Ch15tmas and the a get Mumbai record Are to Ming. Me could pm Abiy work along without vhf Awa Jerold. Jerk an old f trend. He was afflicted with a lame Back and general debility to waa Thuma i Elk citric Oil which cited him at once. This famous Speciale la a peal Ive remedy for bodily pain. Tbs Flat Case of Blu k urn Coth martial Bullum. Maiet Ham. A a bin about Thiw-fourii.8 Walor Aud Jet most the water prs Bud plenty of Pravy or melted this will Nec state the removal of the butter an acceptable audition to it at Thea Stabl dinner table. Lean meat contain from seventy to seventy Tive part of water in a Hundred and at the prices it usually Sells for in Market is considerably dearer than Good milk to those with whose Constitution and appetite it agree Aii can not digest milk with equal ease and to Vith. The stockings. To remove scars or scratches from the limbs of a piano Bathe the limb in a solution of to Enid water and tincture of Sweet Oil. Then apply a strip of court Laster and put the piano on the in for the children to play horse pm la some in May be even repugnant but there Are records of men who have ii veil upon it almost exclusively for a Long life line. A Exchange. Briuer. Room and the air pure. We Wash Dairy utensils by first using warm water Many of these by this a to Wash off the milk and then in another water As hot As the hand can be Boule in using soap and washing Toro Nakly. Never Wash the churn or tray with soap select the top for show purposes paying i All with boiling water and put Long prices. Many a Herd a Bull and j doors in the Sun to dry in warm weather five cows has Cost the exhibitor from a a $40,000 to $60,000, and a reputation built up by these Means that would not be sustained by his own Breeding. A a eked feed far hog. We have steadily contended that any Farmer would make i Cora go twice As Woolen goods May be nicely washed if Yon put half an of Gall into two Gallons of tepid water. It might be Well to put the goods in the water also of the mixture is not Strong enough pit in another of Gall should this Fau o i do the work put in the entire or it tile first and most important thing if n ,-j.�?zt,, to Upland fruit in Italy. We have fruit upon the table at every meal. Excena breakfast just when who it most. The Markou Are a a a a okie git before a u you _ . the a a tide it Ott in the ear in the i a soon m ear Ream Lur Ever. I to Encl. In us Nail that for fort year Ted Tena Dav tedi to Rifaat and sent into the Seei omit Lair in of to real in Lier Faro Rita of Attis Poverud Rocker. I Reliance rot born Fate hmm for i a re adv bars Arillotta Clee Cioe of a Garil Mier ate ten Emaid Aula a ecu am Btu a ancient atone Dali Dinar tet Fate state for a mum Faaa been turn beneath it a and Naples the Pride of Che Riliane of la fete. Rte am a Stern Aro outa wha hate Tat few Pemie ate Fate a Forror of still Dreili. For and a Mimmia the Mace Fatova Villi a knt peace Pelna of Hor Aat Niv Eattle Hor a old silo my Prate of bar birth and of than Stantial in it pert to death of Ber in Tiger Cid in it tfx Hob nor. By a a Traiber of the Praia Erian Chi Irrett ate rate afar a rental for Sharti Bary Pew Bat with that coat if Rte tha Ber pen husry Obix Wotton to Eta Danae Vetr at As eat a a a neral Hank. It bad not at Faite a on vat my a on Cia an Bojec Fly Long to Trobia Ber. Fast Job bebop avar at Nee Bandar Van the motor to tried Tea Vorac of Tea Freh a a Formant Appal for a to Ami Titi in met Tite a Fly a Quot ate bad Benn Job it id to nut Serou a Rae but ate Ilona. It to Routte Back and fort a in Tea Apat Loua Afu air Raeanin that no Ijar dared to tote ate Notte Tea Jie feet order to a Wisent. Fra a Tea Eulaa teen Tardera on Tea am Tel to Tea a Nide run at Ita doors Nve to Faias Ouen dad Tea Saaw Pnat Uon As la Tea dais of Mlaka Rex butyl a Gir Faote. Alsere a tartar Bitta think it of Haring Tea my e Covar put Davv of a Arigtta tall and prom old Daynor Typ Dain Ranate on the that Nta of Batac a the inc feed la by Aniu feet Arm Eta faded brr Tate Isar pet ate brr Jet ver Lambui Fate instead Fay Aai Rar Yona Nirene a to. Re Rioa ate Konni Mitty Ronld not Aarsand Midi Mac Rubom of Hee. A Ai inv Ita Eami Aita i Nadr to to pal or Quot Moi Haa Oafa at Tea door. Mim Roxbury Row a at onoe., glad cd Aamot lev Tom Tinoi for tar Iho Nataa Bat Ante her Veitz Imp sad Awa at Ina and Ber of Refl Eal Rala feeding old Pool heaps and of Handsone. Shining , in Artitie of grapes re sometime thrown raised for eating purposes far Mare than i with a. Sever Kis of the grapes for a Ltd it Ahmea table u-46 Are of a Pale translucent Greco Ocolor very tender and Pulpy. They Are a ailed White grapes. They Are not particularly Sweet but have a very delicate slightly tart flavor which makes them o a in a am to a a no a to hog As dry whole Corn will go and the feeding Power of a Given amount of com can be doubled with a vast Deal less Mell Way of feeding raw in the throwing it in the mud on a dirty floor up to the present time we Only have experiments made on a very limited scale i in this matter but these have All thus i far fully justified the opinion we have repeatedly , that boiled Cora Peculiar la Gra Toful to he use in the broiling a weather. They could undoubtedly be Cali Vafed extensively in the Southern states of own country and ought to be. We have also some Afifie. Here and there but to far a they have come under neither the italian apples or leaches Are As Tine As own. I hives grow in every Imit of Italy that we have seen Whir i include every portion except the Smiith Wahtera. Die so i pc Orch and Here frequently cover the Side of the Apennine mount flan Arteta tot Lieton. T1i�w�amli of acres re thai. Liar Eola Label Eye Datura in Ute pre re devoted to Olive culture. When we not a of the tiny Iriri we a Lurf by be Kuminir Brut like in it tender ministry. Dot Iff Rte tar Renina Preyer end a put i in miss Kozban Avn 11# r bed. A go id night dear Quot said i Kobary Vita a Fate. I a do Al tila Rbt Quot Ald Dot. Bar Rita lie Faoa log Ita Kitt Bunch of a fall roads Abe had brow he i to be Vita Ber a i feel Elf i d died and tone to Meta Roxboro Paa the a vake fal Nib to Bat a of a re Iez ave. Her mite Vul Alite Vijh Plana and Tea it a Eucil a plea ure to lie and Llster to Tea Ori great Ilner at Ber a de Aad to touch Ita Little hand outta counterpane a dil bold Ina Tea tre Jaared Uon of i bulb ate aoa�4a, Tea Impresa Amiott did not i Aire tar Misa afew Ita Farr Nabad been Poparod into Tea Row of a Binino to Bihar on to Taide to Monte to i or of Tanto Covert Proctar Aud it do Tome Bali it Ink. Took a Tea Bettiie to mad Ber daily Efa aft to a. Off text it Ai Mceoen Ber eyes fall Apon Trasa to feb a it fan Etall he answer them Savanr in aame Efa a be did it not Nail oae Tea least of Tea next Day i got ran nearly fld a Lii de Ifa Rbt she reeled am Meta Date in the deep loft brass and it a pitiful to see Bow mate a object could Barm tar a Ankru mind. God commonest Riff were on Mova Taber la their Bounty and pants. 8uufain�, wet afar Tower and Bird Man vers co Uffe to make Ber Happy amt when a Berutt id the Bro it a that lanced Aero Tea Meadow Tarditi in bladed. After a Day or two i hox Hury took tile Moraine train Iowa to Vradi Cyrille to bus a Antu Kirbt. A in to Reed Iii the Bible about the people who ate bread wine and olives we always supposed you Rera Ember. Liat an ire was a fruit to be e Ripe like a Pencil or an Orange. It seems needs ear to reconstruct Bible belief in till respect. They Tell of Here that an a live is a fruit which must never be eaten raw that in that state it is a Birer a turning. Acid tasting tiling whip a in it Hlf would refuse to like a own. It to a product to be Pic Ped and then eaten. Usual in with bread. In the pickled sure those Aho ath Alee atoned to eating it in it native state say it is Lief Croue. Liere Are various a dam of preserving the Olive. It is Ahio Fly a raised hoax Ever for the a it on which it it ild a great it omit is made. Traore scoop ii to be no gom reason my it cd mild not to Cal Vivatte a Voce Sallly Iii Florida and perhaps in other Iriart of the Southern United states. In appear Aloe the Olive tree is about the size and mum r Bury read no farther on that path Bat pm Amtey is rid Back to which a to Fajt a Periach Atee Amund. In a met Fate a Titi the Kmit Able. Tax a Orimer word Brimm Bella of that the Janod Loisb a Rorai mad Tho a Etta son of blk aah Tea tem of Joel Tea a on of Scariah. Ltd to did it not Etta my of Tatah Tea of Aaili Tea Aoe to be Maatifa Tea a on of Orafa. Eye did la not a Quot finally Tea Wal Paar Amente to Reo olm Lmh to Tate Bear for Mino of am a. Taw Eio ate la Bibi Atefi in it in it Tea Utah Bonte Donth Norfa by Tea to aah on Ita san h by Rush Box on Ita cart by Banyan a a opt Fartak pm area Quot i ate pm urn or by a Baac a to a Orsette Mare Wynier a Irfan cowl to waa Rattai. Ital a Rabi Torru of. She a Bdeau a it Rte ii mad to a a i4f� of a a4e�m Bonaparte Quot Bat Emitta i Auire to Ita Recua an Emit fam waa Lar Kahr a write Root Romp and with bar Awa award con Fly i in Wei Ida y ate Taeubl Orff to birr half Tathel tale dbl Nta of pts Faa dinner. Afam mob Tea Bat or bran Wmk froot Bor Rarden. Ate Tea Salt a rash Terrie Sam Ita Lri i Tatta Sessom. J Safe to d ant Tab Ber a Cost Wimda Fimmano map ate for Ute Olmi time in Zeara Tea 4afiy \ palier wet nos irate. She Exon put it Muta i la the Ebina Cio Aai. A von Derani new i a Prtini in up a work kaon a be Rocky t Moua Iata pattern Eoa i Noi Lasta bar Attan and ill Tea Wax Home Eta to boart of Tea aria a Olav Fiaai Woald we came Ber and Ber face thape of an Ordinary peach tre with a she ordered Tea borne ate Rodd Wax ate a fire fair Tab and a vital do str thai a or Lii i Law the no need a Bor Narrcie Wae a1-Modr a in Rita Berb Ariam at last Tea Amery Day Mem to to rime Bat waa we Elf site to we equal to one am Orti Faie Nti Rbt. Amm Imine t ate Waktor. Mio lok buy Drean sed Ottlia a talc Tate a Teet Abed on to her in Amsl ate of a my. Note Taffani Vito that Taid nit ii Ini Mila Lofto Albi a a to in it Rex. Oomph Alder a Ayrf Irlma soon after Breaf chaat Ita next Amru Timir by the Appel Mph tax la Itol table Rob and to Ita pm Momii porch. Stabins to a balata to Repta Teton Tad a a i a rave i Nowita Lii Fumk Faank ital. I we ital Taaff re take one a Enrita a a of Tina la it a my Man of a no Dot to to Tea Tate note run sea v on Ift few Pitat to a Cir of the room. It we a a Ter Alda Kirbt. And in Tau fac Rva a Are in the a Ioir for the at Ute pit to table a to it by the Ufret to a Glima Tae Taunov a Tel a. There Wae on Burtone. Oat to at Itow Vta-4ow came 1 if Luik dorm. Pale ate fast them uber Beni pork Taj Root item rite dark Waimo diva a Yafo fail a of it Wie Tea Tat Amilta ate lace. Sta be Wori Pil from a pm str Dawn Antii Dyrli Ai Ber Datil Uhul Baitoo hoi Ai Tom Eta a a amm a Miof in a ate croat of byte bad Twat Ber risk Manta for Dot there a a ban Aad an Orang a. Tic Sitab �va1t�tatadaa4b�airta Tao old Bair in the room a we b Avant a tier Anwyl article a bal Tae Man Wyto Traw Waif a Wile of Baa to fled Aronte it a pair my Bra Fri Stock inca a tar Bandke Erlof with a bit tax of r la the Bacilli. A were Pittoff nov Efa Cap in text Ira Bot Emht Pau East late Lolaa a it str. Dot or Aarnink to Tea Ean Wurr Tor in a a a. I lafitt w it a i a ate be Aio Ira Caanal to Xiv Ita inc Phi of the a waiver Oay tilt by Elt we Myu a us Ray adv in to get be Tel a at Gaea. She nned toward tot pallet s a tort est of. T j opine i. Her Aklen Senrt or Ucklet it a the toss Lara Huie Bate on Ita Gitow thai to Fate of Matt i Abed Ink Ift tar Flat Etal of tvs to Rte ant with the new Joy in her soul Bat Xii Eti toe alike Ted Uden with Pateris. At the Graford Eatton. Of Den Iii Bennet in it to Reir Job seber anti be had passed him. A Suall. I a slam Quot lie via a Reliance look a if Abc d Dis leered s Koll mole Quot mite Roxbury reached borne and wooo had Ita a Irod a Itaev a in Ber Arm a f tar Tea the parcel be tube open cd there were paper patterns Roll of Raushan sad Bine Flat Mel a pair of child s Auxter dam a Fayae a raft ribbons and a i Iran it in i. A a it it Oboh i Quot a All tha d u could say but Ber i me exp Romed More tbsp the Moat Exen inc Xoi Urne on the Ever Wavrica. Tim Xii ice arms make a installed in Fawn to for a week. The r cd Dountain Patchwork a to the Csc fusion of Chr hmm Sonoi of Wei and my a Roxbury developed a uate to Stoiber Habtout a Tases Aad refill Anwa that waa Traxl Nta Rielou in Tea mean by wrote a Lemur to Dot Molnar. 0 which Dot added a rdc Tare of the eat., Wimch Ait boat Liae Abe Tanter time Tammii re Ursem Faiia in fact Lite plan for a Bouse Nasa Irma to Tea Yosaji Art t. There teem no reply to Thia letter. I it St Taeka Wmk aet Nii Roey Aad hut Stop tar in. A Tjit Waleah Tor or Nesamma Quot Abc said a i voted no to or Ani to to tack to revert a Ever. M Ben or Eva of the Riili it Niin in cake to tee party called to Bai do would be Rea Otto a tire a the App Ornite time. Mis a Tavel wercely a i can t int Berko. I need Ber. Whf Max i Akl keep Herr a a do not believe Ber Mother Woald part via i said or. Knox. In tax Taffy a Sineat for a few Mon Leo to Aad a mate a a on Tea Lawn where Dot a a to Tikluk in abm Smock with the Dob and eat. A it Lrtil to a Duli b Loae i Toai tile a kind Quot Eta add a stat i Brink Ber to the of tuition. Gnarled trunk. Its Leaf is the shape of a sch Leaf but Small harsh Aud stiff. The Ocolor of the foliage is a Pale bal i Green like Tahiti of a Sage Bush the True i a styptic Shade. J we Hare a a varied exp Ortence in eating fresh Fig. There an several Varices of different colds when i Ixo. We Hare eaten Small Green ones and Large Puiq Ile ones. Readers who Art fortunate enough to have spent to lurid childhood in the country will remember the Little broods fruit we Nacel to Call a a Smitj Well a fresh it Allan Fig Fiat a like that. The Rind is meter to id irritating and must be it cled Oft. Fig Trees Row to great size. Italian orator Row a Lons Are Good very Tike to Ltd dear to the soul of the col Feti brother in August Days. But the Rai ilk Nickins table to As americans like a raw Pui Upkin. There we one fruit we Zeeuw let Pond Fly make for a Wack a Taro. It Sara Uke a Plum and Tain Galik a Toast to it St fifth. Shining and yellow with a Brilliant red chek upon the outside. It was tougher and dryer than a Pei and vet to Dod Uke one mid bras on Ufa Otaie Good and interest on the Ai Betat Jan High. My took rides and had discussions. We Bel bottle of wine on a Msmith peach Plum or apri lot at last we found a solemn old italian waiter who knew Esth Igli English loathe Thi Iid Kir Tant question. He said the nays labor than would be required to raise a double or two crops of Cora. Like any Tice business it will of course in Juire proper fixtures for grinding and boiling the Corn for feeding hogs on a full scale in this Way. As to the experiments that have been made in this matter one of exchanges says a a Long series of experiments made by a Farmer who found i pork making the most profitable part of farming and who submitted everything to weighing and measuring proved that the value of Corn was doubled by grinding and striding. Ninety of hot water were poured on sixteen pounds of meal in Azov ered tub. Where it stood from twelve to eighteen hours according to the weather. He found meal mixed with Bolling water decidedly better than when mixed with cold water. It never required More than five pounds of meal to make a Pound of poll his Long Oon tinted experiments conducted with careful weighing gave the value of Corn in the ear at sixty two cents in meal eighty seven cents and cooked meal $1.12. found that it required a Little less than four pounds of cooked meal to make a Pound of a and about seven pounds in the ear. Till another experimenter found that pork male from whole Cora Cost Twenty two cents a Pound while that from cooked meal was Only four and a half cents a Pound. Sex it years ago Samuel Ilc Lay of Kentucky found by a series of experiments that one Bushel of dry in ground Cora Ras de five pounds ten ounces of live pork while one Bushel of whole Corn boiled made fourteen pounds seven experiments like these ought certainly to set Farmers to thinking seriously about getting up the fixtures necessary for grinding and f Eding All the Corn they May have to feed to Ali Eire a a Hen ten acres of Corn can by this kind of process be made to go As far in feeding As a crop of Twenty acres will go when fed in the old Way. Care of course should be taken by every Farmer to provide himself with hogs of the Best in eds that Are known get of feeders with Good frames and such As Are known to ii Osessa the Early Matin Rita Quality in an eminent proved amp journal Strain the milk into the pans half full. A movable cupboard with a screen door and slats instead of shelves is an admirable contrivance for Dairy use As it can be put into thu co lest place in summer and the warmest in Winter or it = place changed a a Cor Ling to the tempter attire As milk ought to be be it warm j enough for the Cream to Rise in thirty six hours. It should always be skimmed it sours As no Cream rises after and it very soon injures if not skimmed then. If you have neglected to skim any and it is too old do not skim it into your Cream Jar a. It will injure the flavor of the whole. Have a smaller Cream Jar for immediate use in skimming and should not be preserved a an article of diet naps Boomerang. The irrepressible London fog. Yesterday London was visited by h e first real pc of the season and considering that we have not yet Reachi a november it must be admitted that from the fogs Point of View its density was creditable. Nor has the fog lost any of Ita dirt apparently for its old Dingy yellow Hue is As visible As ver and Little or no Chai is to be observed in its appearance. This is very disheartening. But a Short time ago we were led to be lies e that the fog was about to be if not abolished altogether at least thoroughly cleansed and deprived of make your Oldi to big look like new by turds the Diamond d Ca and Yon will be Happy. Any of the fa4 enable Dolor for Kkt Ami Nanaa says a d in s Lanks me the of it . A eat ski xxx my. A a we a a health renewed restore health and sign cores Dye Sepcia. Law a Nette mat Chi Miat which strike Only on the # Edge la escaped i alb death. Wiliam j. Coughlin of Soro Erville a. Ely in the fall of Fiffik i a taken with ble Dixo of a cogs a towed by a severe cough. I Loet my put Ete and flesh and was confined to my be. In ish i a admitted to the hos Pital. The do tora said i had a Hole in my Intig at of a a ref Dollar. At onetime a report want around Clat i a Dea i gave up Hope bit a Friend u me of or. William Hall Balsam for rut lungs. I got a bottle when to my a Ospria i Ltd it mme note to feel better and to Day i fed better than for three years past. Grease preserve it Best. Spa l Els Perment and get the Hale Honey of 1pr�hoand and tar has the largest mile of Ziy Congo Medicine. Pike Tooi Biache drop care la a minute. Send your sons to f. B. Bryants Chicago business College to got. A Borough pact ital education nothing psf better. Think w tot tar ai4-ad l Sewell Chicago Delighta a Chat men a a is harmless. Sad him ten cents for one. Cir Iuan sent Rise. Per Mal the Voltaic by log it Marshall Mich will Send or. Iez a Cele rated electro vol talc Belt and electric a Pili faces on trial for i thirty Day to men Yevg or old who Are of a it a ail to lost vitality and of Kindred troubles a ran teeing speedy and Nome of its most objectionable features i res Alt Mph the and Indahl Vigw. So much indeed is Aid and intended operations against old foot says the old is Good enough Enterprise says give me the improved and prospers. The fog by those who had taken it in band that it was looked upon by the Public generally As one of those a preventable nuisances the Days of whose a Hen full Chi Ute into a larger one be Exi Olence arc supposed to be numbered ins not to let any sputter up on bold re Ted the sides of the larger Jar for if allowed and which Are tolerated with patience pending the completion of contemplated to remain there it become moldy end ,l,.r.o.h��hl�or.h�crp.m_ his inc talk about the London fog hits the new Brand a opting tobacco. Arl to halt and line. A Tonus fruit was called the Nui peace Dot i Ryza Mike the name of limn Mil Kox Tarr Arrate Faer Adf a a one Mae Ute name of Bis owl in her Sowe i Tail Wack ilk pm a few Arie a to a Satchel a fad a Madaii in Kurt i Freak new Bis Uit a Pat tata Ter ate a Tweti to Cut Baal wine ate a gtd to a Mimi a two or Broe Day. Haxe Tai Taal a Attar Boroa Klidy aired ate do it bal Ore i go Badt us Tiram to take a pock of Mai town to i a Starr done to forgot Tome of j Bosn capote a Mph Rrt Bare worked in mate b Tare the Froat door i Keja Boute. Tai frat thai Las Brood of be Kkt of to the Mooon ate keep a Newi Pali Rover Tea ire ii Liutai Blea Tatta a Tea am Tail Quot and Lik Miala to very a waft Tel Capoot fat Ita ate air Hiram to a Lbw to Earth to hot it to tend in Toam a Aba a Motte to Tarot onto . A t i Montio face it Quot a Alakl t Hope repute min a Roth nay Sta apr Maite Jeroo Eartte ate a Alloa ate a Quintey Tabard a nth a Batter in Tea army to Tea Muj Jami. Max mos Root Are Quot said or. Alder data a smote far to Tea pub Fawi a you axe fairy . To Itaf Dalat is Aden a Faaoi to tile Amne bit of Faoa Lintt to at i Saeid to by Ana a ago. Yoa tread i Don t . Owe Cor. C d Cusani Vin ads bar. Wir Roa not in a i Staiko with tar to sew York any Wax Quot said miso Rotten a Latef Doay take a to a a tack Aiono a Attar. Or. Aldo i Tam god in to for Slva ase for Tea a Bapty boat a pre Tad All traae a Baa Bonae Aaela a lonely atari Quot Hilt rap Hod. A i As Kite fear re going Wita Tea Ai am Quot i hat after Eoo i Roxbury ate Dot at Udod by or. Kitow we tend to talk was any to Law of Tea Ai oat of n in York clix a a Ilta lied the by after Sigta of re Acety Aatifa la a far Tara atoll till Totea amp Etta emm of Aii my it a a re Mai Roxbury fat As if a w wow in in it Mem of Tbs Boti Tares oar Fermi get Trade. The tots Export Trade of the Nitte ?i4itufa has never v it re Robt done thou. A Iki Milloch of dollars. In Sikri it was Only some Ven Hui Date and fifty Mil. Rons of dollars but in the two previous rears of or Truax Export were Over eight Liu adred Milaknis per annul. Vast a Mitote appear to he they seem Strnal when compared with the Quot returns i of Irir Domestic com Pic. Itie Tisi a roes of Frailix Ltd Lake. Fixers and i opals Foo i no some to Birls Tive thou a Ai gtd million a of dollars annually that is to say. For every Doliar in the of a or i i Trade of the country there Are from j Ruivo to forty employed in oar Iol ctr Itald Commerce. This coming t ear a a Rill probably ship abroad Nev three Hun Trad minions of by Endru a. Flu cml about Tea same twit we shall read abroad la is beef and pork thaa we have Dame for the Hurt two veam. Itin aet mated that Are shall have a crap of five i Indrei and seventy million bushels of wheat it of which something More Ihmi half will to Roii mimed in you nine Bitt oar omit crap while it will Exee a that of Iati year will it be equal to tile 1 of 187$ Aad 188a�?ivnwrerf�?Tf Motu Kiy. A to prevent Elmol orator from bruises Afi ply a Iota wrung in very Bol Waler Aad renew frequently unto Fop Pahi o9ht9$� the following is recommended a an excellent Omini nation for Fermi listing purposes mix one Bushel of Salt with two bushels of dry Lime under cover and allow the mixture to decompose gradually thus forming an intimate chemical Union of the two materials. Ezor this purpose the mixture should lie at least six weeks before a a a or. Still better two it three months the Heap being turned Over occasionally. This Salt and Lime mixture when applied at the Rato of Twenty to thirty bushels per acre forms an exit client top for crops. It acts pow Erifilly on the vegetable Ratker of soils. E fifty buthals applied to a Tulip Field have prod meal As Largo a crop As Twenty loads of barnyard Bure. It is also very destructive to in so a to and grubs in the soil. Like Salt it attracts moisture from the air and has been found useful against drop it. Its decomposing Power is remarkable and if three or four bushels of it Are i led with a Cord of swy amp muck the latter will soon be reduced to powder. Co Rise manure is in a similar Rannef decomposed and malt a Fine. A an wet Latiuk i hits treated and Cora posted with barn Yang in uitime constitutes a fertilizer Al Numi in a Hesbie As the manure of the Baroyan a Prairie far of a Milf often Vesa Tiea. Imparts its odor to the whole of the Cream. The smaller Jar can then be was thl after each skimming. Set the hire into the cellar summer or Winter not cover air tight As it causes the Cream to be bitter but Lay Over a cloth or Board to exclude flies or dust. Stir the Cream every Day and if you have neglected to do in remove a thin skim Ectore stirring As there is a bitter taste to this skim. I think the neglect of these Little things is the greatest cause of so much second class Butler in the Market. Always churn within a week. Put cold Wajer into the chum in summer and hot in Winter churn a few minutes and draw off the water just before putting in the Cream. In cold weather set it in a warm room awhile before churning in order to raise the temperature to about sixty degn>e8, which is about half Way Between milk warm and Stone Ltd Gold. When the Blitter has come draw off the Buttermilk put in cold water and chum a few times and draw off. Having had the tray previously soaked in cd it la w Ater now take it into it and work Over and Salt. Use a heaping tablespoonful to a Pound of butter. Place in the cellar covering with a cloth or Board. On the next Day until you have Only pure a a beads Clear As rain Vater but do not work so much As to break the Grain causing it to be Greasy. Jyo prevent butter from sticking to the hands Wash first in Strong sums rub them in Salt then in cold suds Aud last in Clear cold water. When butter is made into lumps it should be cons utly kept in a go xxi Salt brine. This is a Good Way to prepare tubs for use scald with Clear put three or four quarts of Salt tub then fill full with boiling putting the cover on tight shaking once in a while to stir up the Salt and let it set a few Days until wanted for use. Bura a Little Brimstone in the tub after the brine is . Fill the tub within three fourths of an Inch of the lop. Keep Strong brine on the Toji of the butter do the . Pouf Ehold. Died away the fog As though it wished to make a display of its in life or ence to the threats levelled against it has opened its autumnal session even earlier than James Gazette. A James Collins of South Lawrence mass., is in his 110th year. Born it Ireland he was left an orphan at the age of six months and Birite the last of his five Brothers Over sixty years ago. After living ninety five years on a farm in his native Erin. He concluded to seek his pc tune in the land of the free making the voyage with Little discomfort. Lie buried his wife forty Yean ago and is cared for by five of Nis children living in Lawrence. He talks hears and sees Well never took Medl Cine and never was sick saws Wood and walks for exercise arid h to still on his head locks of his own hair of which the genuine Irish Auburn has never been silvered by Tima a. Perfectly Amft Ste. In the ban Draucik o evening Lupetin in observe that or. Hiosent Haftl of the Well known printing Arm Rosenthal a Roesch 538 califor Dia Street that City s.,id to one of their reporters a a we Ali know of St Jacota go and Are perfectly Atoa Zed at the Stodde niness of Tea Relief it afford. If Yon know of any one who is inf firing with rheumatism Bruise or sprain Tell them to use St. Jacobs off. To a i to 4 h ii 5 7.5 6 4u 4 2,5 4 co amp i .50 4 i i Of 4 s i i 50 Ufa n4 it St 40 of 43 w of 71 is 94 of 22 of 12 34 of ii 374 5 u 12q is amp 46 ii a 16 to 6 in 4 6 40 a 2� of .5 .75 4 .50 of 5 of 2 7 of 4 in a it 7.5 <5, 3 7i 6 it of 7 to 3 a t a Kkt a Yearou in one of suburbs is so much opium cd to Kim Blenx that he revises to shake off his tract Kripl a Eich Tnge wants to know a a tvs to re Young men Comyok to Quot Cor aug to see girls of course. It Aku trip me. Blitter Waler in the water. Euclid Curtis a Winona miss lawyer read of Thea in and younger Imp hers until his mini i in Ezurike saturated with a belief that the highwayman a life we As one of Honor and profit. Finding a few of incr loafers who fell in with his idea he sigm Niton a Bandit mind of Bis own who started on their chosen career with Tea Rab Liery of i old Farmer named , w to took Steps to have them amt ii. Heating this cart i i and by band went to Ute old Farmers Bouw shot him dead in Ita pre a care of his boy and a seeped. wrote to the sheriff of the county that a a on As he and his followers halt a killed two or three More men Ottav would Etnyre and Fiorit Mui Vifa. Hairy farming. Hon. George I string in an article on Dairy farming says a it would seem therefore in rearing animals for the Dairy care should be t in that the Young Are not so fed As to develop a tendency to great size either in Frame or adipose tvs sue. Or so As to establish in the end a race which a every a guilty exc a get that of producing milk. I would not advocate a deficiency of food for noting Dairy Stock but i would argue against an excess of articles of a highly stimulating Quality. The plan of the scotch Farmer is undoubtedly a Good one to take their calves Early from the dam. Feed them from the dish and bring them to solid food or pasture As soon a the condition of the Young stomach will allow. Instead of linseed meal they use a great Quantity of Oatmeal an article of food much less Predi sex it sing to fat and keeping up a vigorous growth. We have in this country at xxx Quality of Hay everywhere a of Fet Ling and after the calf is weaned or after she has had milk enough to give her a fair introduce lion into life Hay in the form of Hay Tea and afterwards of Rowen is undoubtedly the tast Dikki the animal can have especially when aided by a few Root such As turnips or carrots. In such eases milk is abundant at a very Early age and skimmed milk is Ruseti a a a ii a tits the. I should not recommend the use of Grain. A special la that containing a supera Hund Aiice of oily matter As Indian Corn and linseed for Young Dairy Stock or even for Dairy cows w Hen in the flu a of milk. Per Ami Cornmeal sparingly or Barley or oat Wal. Maybe is a in Winter Quot Bould the animal eem not a thrive Well bul a calf that i Pix Erly fed after weaning and murals Letl with a Good pasture will be carried Throat go Tea first Winter most satisfy Etoris on Good Sweet Hay. Rowen with roots. In this Way can a uniform and Well bal am i animal be Preh Ltd de. Which when put to Dairy , will not Bec Okiw coarse and raw bom d in appear Nncy nor take on Flah a the expense of the a or Mackey has secured a site for the Palace which he proposes to erect in new York. It is to but Niass the Vander Hilt Marat on of. To or Uycic certain it in Elescano remedy for All aches and patios is St. Jackiw Oil says or. J. Turner of Shirrells Ford n. A in Tea ratan a Wood w. A aaa. To Rev. Pens trek me in bin sail erace fal manner and finn Luneed that he was in re rept of several Fri Ftfe letter suggesting that the Llma Kiln club form itself into a a tintary organization an i be Prev red to Rush to the Reffuse of its country in time of peril. Tile idea struck him is Lalji and he impede that it a Ould prevail. A in be of Sieb an Whf Teniz shun have we de right Man for a Kurncie Quot asked the president. A a in in that i a Well i suck i know sunt bin a bout de Kurnel b Lin is Quot stammered Penstock. A a and so do i of a addle thirteen other Luem Bers in Corua a a am Der any member in die Hail to Ekht who know Bow to to a Privat so Dler to a Kate the president the silence for the next thirty seconds coaids have been knocked Down by a crowbar. A de Subj cock am iotpone�1.�?� continued brother Gardner. A six or seven battered kernels and no rank an file won Dnn to be a chord in to either Harley or Hoyle. In Kase de Kentry am placed in peril Well Send fret pm. _ anxiety and dare. It May not be generally known that anxiety and care will break Down even a Strong Constitution in a very Short time yet such is the fact. However Tea pen vicious a floret of debility resulting from these causes can be easily Courter Etc by a timely use of or. Ouy Bott a yellow Dock Sod la rile freshing effect on mind and body is truly wonderful. 11 exp ii rates without into i Ltd Tang. Sowe Bodt say that a women would never 1 do to run Micro ads. As the trains would always to f a a men Are Bot sorry witnesses in their a own the Praise of kidney wort i comes from the Mouth of those who have. Bren in de Strong and healthy by it. Listen ? a a it is curing everybody Quot writes a a racist a Dkl Nev wort is the Moat popular Medicine we sell. A it should be by right for no other i Medicine Bas such specific action on the liver bowels and kidney. Tue a Reeth. New took november 16, five Fig Gate to Choice what la a. A 2 Spring. Ooh a to. I. Gai How a turn mixer. A ten. 1�gu.c-m it a. La it la steam. Thei of. . Uil Jaga been t38-extra. Bovee. Go Oil. A. Ruk a cry a Stock. Soctt Calli a jffog�?live�?o001i t Choice sheep Buri e it or am or of Oil to Choice Dury. Eggs Frosh. Floch Winter. Spring. Of tents. , no. I Spring com. Outs no. 2. Rye a 2. B Zirtov no. 2 i. Big ohm a knt h a lipped Lluri it. Fin or Reid. Info or. Or of it. Pork mss. Lahry steam. Lum blk common ure Tood 8, Ling. Flooring. Rommon bards. Fencing. Eat h i. So i Nitea. slots fair to go i l4 00 ors. Ato pm . 7 34 vhf Eph Bort. 4 25 common. 2 50 balt i Mohr. >8t my Audi. Biog i. By rep poor Toch Oica. 2 la in 24 a s t.5 4 7.4 6.j0 u 64 amp ii it 7j la to 20 of a w 1,4 00 13 01 3 5 Suo 4.50 m t2 j 50 600 7 24 904 5�m �3f4 4 ii 4 75 u 74 17 21 so 37 of in Ai 16 00 2 75 h w the big four. They Are represented by More people har Blore a Joeta eau oftener Star longer sad yet Are the most Imp Eloine guests Yta Eta have on your list of Vittora. The or to of this Inre Loai que Trette of Abel Ltd Gie Gate us Gorc you a bes Desobe Eves to took of atm. The second takes away Yoor appetite Debott Atee Yow Oystein. Glee you s Sallow comply Liob and Maffes Yon truly miser an the aurally. The gird Bytow Sopor Yea a legacy of Akia drop Tiona and disordered set exons. Ste other i too Oan Croos to Mottoa. The Forth takes for ebb Poss Aston of Yoor peace of Ftp Laid and health of to Isad makes Yoo a pet Martyr to i ten Wital it just Goten Ifakat. Ii pm the Glt Max. Sod what utile the others Bare left he robs you of Yon a oat eat without fear Sod trem Birag Aad akiep1ie a Mes a stranger t your Eye. The stomach the blood the Jarer Aad the Kkt Faiers Coom team the big four. They Are Good servant. Tut bad Eye mkt for when they rebel against the Oystein Al tier Toiv Mazuy or col a Lect ively s protecting safeguard must be found Usa Burdock blood Buttera seer Tsuja sell dote for the attaud of the Bio four la say i apr and form. ©041 by a drag gym. We Akk a Botton to Tang lady Zlabes to express that she has toe a Blue Quot site 4mpy remark a a i have kure 25c. Buy a pair of by trn Patent Heel stiffer a is and make a Boot or shoe last twice a Long. Tub to or i locked up aim if for writing a wrong. That Watn Kerful Eathy icim known a mrs. Lydles f. Pokh Atno beget Ible ctr in found has Kiva Tea lady a world wide reputation Tor doing Good. It a like a living Spring to the vital con Tuut Lod. Her blood in Rifle will a More to Tea ask ital Channel of Tea str cola icon Aad purify the life at tile body that to Ali Tea sanitary device of the Board Al health. A leap into pop Lav Vavor. Ii it not a ways Faath what is right Aad Best but kit Nook Buh gtd birr res. By Universal Acque it i ice Tave Bee War tool the Trennum for Cie Aaseng Tea blood i cur no Milt Gestina Coa a Parloa. Regulating \ the Ionela ate Oolite up weak in i tot rep tits a male in of a Snake with its a Tali its a Nowith a the earliest sign of Tea Fml pro Puy cores Sandh sore Ore Shou Idera. Was. Sta oilers Aad lofts Sof wry a Sci air a. Seif Titie grease heed crash. Caarter enc a Boot i Praia Bruise Rte. 1b to is to 11 pm Witch a ouse sat or . Never Qew ii. Nom thie a Hob be without h. Pii a. A cent Ca Bolsted aim a old by ail drag test. Saft Factura by the Boink Matox Oil bin Nivy Elk told for Cir Wittor. Do not Bay sad Usa wine Axle grease Anlo to you want Tea very Best Barr tier m i5tr us we a Send for or Enlar. Hitsu Ctm Iro Fadway Nev lorb birr Plebs of fast Oyabu Are pm pkwy Wirf Fig Gyo Tad be Foiw a a a a a a of us Conte Riff to Erica Aad old Faa Hided ideas in Gard to de pc Tina a a mesas of care Bare he ii Nifte exp Todd of toe sae Erst of to great Ira Vaal who 9l Tara the system. Trs Attru. Tie toe Vertra. Are trim sea Maina de a infers sad nitric blood Roft fuss the Fyer when Dona Aai sad be Monte a no Atar of by to. To Sale by so druggists sad a a in loftily. Rheumatism by Trayia set Africa Lumbago bae Kaehu sore mss of Tho Cost bout Quincy Boro Throat Swo logs and sprains bams and scalds Bonora bodily pains tooth ear and Hoad Acho frosted foot and ears and Aff other pains and aches. No or stantion of Eodyth so gals by. Jascon Oil As a a a a a sure Gimple and cae Aji Kex Tenma Lume a trial tsim Bot the trill so Oltay of 3� cwt Ste Svery Ltd a suffering with sift Caa hav cheap a Post la proof of la Dadaos. is Lle Waii Len Geagea. Bold by ill did y018t8 Aid a Bales in medi0iir a vo01x�r a co., Tiss Sismore. Jim. It. Of. A. Yod Omeica. A a As regards musical compos Ilont of Bote. Inc pics la undoubted Yyoung. Great dear Lisa Hooter during be last few years been accomplish it Fonow lag Are All by native Tinmu Mortiz a Nob ii. Ti&d�?Tf5%n�l,Merll Sis it tort Well Wao Mso. Hyum. A Seboit but Eom Piete and impress care Hess 1� ask by a c. Utter on. / a sacred cantata for car Istria tithe. Fall of strut Alt. . J Cill pcs him cents by Dudly Buck. A i Iii rail i afr strata aft Coni Oft tips. Ralsa to cads m by a p. Bis town. R an oratorio. Koole words and music.,. Biltl Briars let Byj. A. Bottorf Clif grand Aad Ber Aziul Josaphs Bosi mgt. A spin did orc Tai aasved a font Ata Christ the Lor us easy City Kaiim of Atuaia. Don Mun los by Dudley Buck a legend of the crusaders set to in amp Sec. Pic los vol of Imd a shr a Winter Consort. Now Flower Luton. Meta i hew arrangement of a . Born Long ship. Str sly easy and sulking aft Sta. 1.ton a , at Eisaw in. Wait Jim Sita of a ou., Wotawa c. D. Merchants Faro Long of i the of diet Aud Tea Etta tears liniment of the Nitte states. Large Sis it tedium i cents Ami 24 a Enow Small at a for fat Only Usa 25 rent merchant Wurm Jet Tyagi rent. For me by every Ruip Tat ate of Embr in go feral Merchand Fie. For pml1y to the Garling Oft liniment with Wirra wrapped prepare for human Talcah to put unto mall ate Goa not at the skin. Price a but. Tho Gokh fuck Oil Alsaate for Ibbs la now in the Tan Sof Printer and will born it Tey for did tril it Utis in dirt off the Roo to of november and december l its. Taal Manao for Tea a taking y Star will to More was Tut ate Kapta Ructin thaa Ever and Wilt to font from to any add Hoa. Write fur on. Ask the nearest druggist of the dealers in your place do not keep merchant s gargle Oil for a a in rest upon Thrif Sendler to us. Or wik Jiw they fret their Max Waitice or . Keep the Bolti woh pm Rod Aud a Hake it Betcham Usztok yet Kew wrapper for animal and White for Hutu i spell my no Iloo. The mercy Apps Gary inf of Bai been to use to a Intok at for half a Centory. A we ask is a fair Trato but to Aure ate Fonow i the gargling Oji and merchant worm tablets lire for Sale to a1 Druff tet and Feal ers in gear my mercy Randise of Bro Hout the it Loo port a y. By Mer a tot a Ottavi inc Oil company a by j. . Mason amp Hamlin i Wells f cm4�oson a co s i improved i butter color a new Pia Dokery. Haftor sew year we Haw Tanta had few Itai Hymen of America with a cae Belleus Arn a Eta alcefovw>to8 gift it hmm Okiema Tea a nil Witto Gres Succow every Wesr mos iving Tbs Ugi Mut mod easy Prises at two Lute Straat is airy Fri it Tarbat a a Atta we Wie Taa Dwarf bal Root Srch we bar ibid room in set hw1 Pota to ate Bow Oita is me Htun Themert it 1n4h who Mot turn Rante itl⩻w5 or Yeti a Trio re tron Leftt. Rritt it to Ftp to Anit cheapen Grana White at Urc Myrma so Tost it is Tempo wide for u. To imme Rae Al lieyftrl2tob<�ota a said ate spoil the Batter. Ara you Cha amp of a Tbs a Alai pretend Quot write a to know where ate Hoik to get q we thou the to Are certainly Boft but Vang by in to do Rutt at every it fat w re do sift do str Ftp for St Teea films St to o i or Amerun Oprins bail Fig been found of pts St sky. Am . Style .0# 34 Ota aves sufficient comp and Power. With let it Lasity Morfa Opaiser As Currii Sod secular a Tunc a Xiii or fam Flo a Only it. One Hun Otmer it Fri at in to. Tic we met Kirani Tosov , autos ifs it. I a r a by. In si.4 to i to Sod up. A a the7 he str if Attu Are Moily War trait by Ama Asker my fit. Also Tor i i sersted Cost Loiue us Many live free. Oom Rolft cd he of i7>rl�ht claws my pm toil Intro Dutting in Penaat Immer sad a Tuty of to Dow Sod jmj pc mints Soddt Nof to Power durability. Us Moi re a timing me Quot urae my Rier Elurs in my As Otter free. Tho p am a How a Ham Lim o Ftnat plot Ftp �,�?�., Ika Trent i. By. Bost. Latin St., new y of 149wsbftsh arte. Of tics go. Paillard a music boxes Are to Rebeo Taft lers be world m. J. Pa1x.l a few a few Tori the Best. They pc the Only Viies Tost Taro sold by a St a re Rte Over. A retd a a a for rat far Over. Braid Aro do co., City. A it kidney work is a sure cure i for All Lif Teatta of Tho Koft Nooft a of a liver a it a Petita of Toulon on this Dato Iraq Wetti Ltd gun enabling it to throw off Torpi Dity Ana i Taotoai Toneli Ealiah Andret Timof toe bite and by a Csc Twig to bowels la Tram j of Mitten Elf testing its Router disc big. Strom asat of Ting Tram iviclli3riaa ,h&v0 toe Edilh a to amp Obs Dow Pepsi i Day wort re Tevs and quickly ens. In to up Cong every my ahoy old take a too rough Eoo ase of it. To Solo by druq0i8t8. Price in kidney wort be name Famer is Thi j leading agricultural and family journal of amt hoi. It is the Ohms Ato Best i Rexrod a a it it a Raph cab 3s�mbbaoi to new a end to Fra Iii Farmer Annb Aow w. In for or Romai Parr of this fear. Ton it s cd Oita Sample Copert a Tea Maffai list sent Frt Addre Raibis a amp Meb pub co Tate yet Xuy. Fits a. New Dilir pm jew if met a to Hifa Hes us of toe in new to Vic far the x or of Edi Leptic fits. Lintel amt. Sou Manf Measom it. A. 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