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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1882, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 25, 1882, Ames, Iowa Be 5>ntcffij\ciiccr. 11 Duncan publisher. Toms of Subock Iff to. The a Esom it a mrs a a a 0m coff. Tai Tat Obita to a a a one copy. Tour Mem a Taro Hardin volume Xiv Ames Story county Iowa saturday morning november 25, number 31 be Fri St the i Tamta to ao1� Cia Mali matter official directory Utt a run pm. Land tora or. W i Quot a a a. Mayor Nan a Mem to fico. Ceet Ajr audit. Ate if the court. The Foli 1 the King Oak in Windsor Forest Ion years old. County government witness for state Lewis see my. V. Eralio skimmed. A comic amt. Cd. Swim a a it j. A Mina . B h Bona. A a Quot jul k a. Oui o. To ii. In mire. J to i. Htwar Row a a Weldar. Start Ofin pm to of Mai Meta prof. Jet Blip , big up. An work Hata. Com Tori Marti a a. A Ani Fumm fam Mem c. Cd car writ j�., la Oulom. Bim mutate. We Braker is Kline some what for. Amt. Allowed w Downing witness for , Mal foal services us defendant state is Kiln 10j0 Deo. Dowing. Or witness or defendant state a rim Dike $3.00 a allowed Miles Hays wit aeta for state a judge in California bears the sin-1 ghz Beery hire 800 is. Kline Gular name of Pacific Ord. G Tiaw township trustee 85-21 5.00 trickier witness foe state the Council Bluffs nonpareil Calla it w p Gandop. Medicine for pauper m0 is Kline a the Tate John Emmet professional service Imo 0eo. Shad Wrick Witny foe St the manufacture of thanksgiving a it so a a . Id to super 1.11 mince pie has now commenced. General Grant will spend much of i the coming Winter in Washington. Alexander clerk 800 is. Kline the democratic party in Iowa is Fotz Moore. A Ujj it it t l Sellers attorney fees state Protection Protection of the saloons y l Gorge Corm for pauper to wis Peck fees Porter 1.30 a. I 70 is Kline hoc wigs i John Ernest witness for state i t Sherwood township clerk 4.00 i Kline a or. Justice fees mate is Toman 7 of Momnie Kline. Witness for state than Are hu.tedu. student m it Fusi a j h Mccain Jolt we a ? by cant a a up no wide it 36 00 University. Township clerk 421 12.00 stated mbet1ngs episcopal Heel is. E15slst re. A Susas by e. Church. Cut fam a Tat Sa-5. Law Al Ftp a be. Toteh taif it Ai u a a i in a a the win who e juju pm Huntington j Baptist Church. S or Babbs Hajwas 5&Quot"�?olvs p r. Church. Is he so. Pm j it Bro Bale trustee More destruction a Montana firm i Plank Book contracted to deliver 1,000 pairs a Hemstock returning poll Buffalo Boma. hs23 thanksgiving Day Azimi Bubea. Re j j Graves returning poll publicans can this it Cai Apupa Eliise Bouka 83-21 with the Turk is. We Lelieve m wee to ant who said. Lve s i Leat of the year. A a j. C Mason As the fashion for untrimmed tight g Hardin township clerk i Sleeva has come in. Over cuff of White a j Owers it trustee and returning Hue Are again w Orn. Poll go it a Republic Taka used to be proud of Wear Thomas Hemstock. Returning poll my the Blue. They Wear the Blue now i books a Thorn being Puou i. It s. Thatt Ber a Donito pm a it it now is the Tim Quot when Hie greed f Man help Hime ii a it i Exerv 1,1 a sir Gil Jodge election a t Bartlett Justice fee state is. La of i Porter 11.40 q y Korris clerk fees state is. Porter 2 50 j a glares Constable fees stale is Porter 2 70 Charles Boon Conawa Ida Amu d \ Phillips Julge of election 88 23 5.00 j to state is Porter s h Beckwith a a 5 00 a s Mcconi Deputy Consuele fees state is. Porte a a James it Good Deputy Constable fees 500 7 or .20 3.10 350 4 20 Muse Alc. A Limiter a Mauiu a a a a to Nijm. A a i. Tvs Mac a new Al a United workmen. I mob i Mojo or a. O. I. No we a a i Ottiar every ilium i e. Trivia we Bee. A a it wow a a. Kiu worn by by. 4 h mums the it a to a sons a so s1 Cut so in. So a Nao it Aas Soa by. I it a his of a Tbs cd a. A a a h Tsuji Quarter ass tildes to celery in order to secure the heart. People w to know the it. T about oys �00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 7.00 n,60 Quot ass s �?~t2w�4ss5tsl.t�s aunt tas Faai la a fat. A do a a Terry Faaa a Esula. 3 70 professional cards. Stevens a Haya Fob boys at Law ame awl Deyab ass Ike a by. Mccarthy a Conn oily a ass ajl a Tbs re. Aastra aum. Lawa. Goo a. Underwood Fob act and coh nil pm at Law via Timi to All we my ref the la the a Moira la a to it Umu tet of Low Chloe is morn . Hmm hmm. I 24 4%wr.v_______ j b. Groves judge election 84 24 Tern have most to say at it Ltd it their a1 leg w Yir a judge elections h4 24 6 of de poor Quality this Sosoo. J troves township trustee 84-24 a married woman with a baby in Ber a. H Buck. Ink elect com so arms has been committed to the Michi it i Hunter. Gan Reform school Foi girls. James Chapman trustee 8j-. I James Chapman returning poll there is a feeling among some re publicans thai a mistake of 1 Verille returning poll Pean under the caption of thanks lug proclamation. J Wing it returning poll Book the executive Council will canvass s4-2i the election returns on thursday. De h Nelson township trustee 83-22 22.00 Gifth state witness state Comber 7th, that being the Date pre w King. Township trustee 84-21 t of scribed by statute. G. W. Wise a a a up it in Ter James Solesby state witness state 6 00 i is. Porter 6 00 Frank Bishop state witness state the j j. Fbrown returning poll Book 854 3,50 t w Ellie Bute witness state is 3.00 state is. Porter j i Hostetter state witness state is Porter or Jour state witness state is. Porter or Thompson state witness state is Porter. Or Nepper state witness state is. Porter Geo Pointer state witness state is. Porter prank Baldwin state witness state is Porter Geo Smith state witness state is. Porter j h e Madison state witness state is Porter p Good enough state witness state is. Porter p i Granger state witness state is. Porter by k Wood state witness state is. Porter is. J t Graves Constable fees Porter i so i Impi a t it Sellers clerk and attorney fees. Sjo Porter inquest i j i Hostetter Coroner a,50 i a t Hart let Judice fees state so ill j t grave Constable fees state she Iii Ball a Jacobson Bridge work j 40 Johnson a Fatlan supplies to Pau per i to i maths Astrom a Tisdul supplies i to pauper i go j p Wilson Bridge work it la Mitchell county Surveyor Joo m Dougherty janitor a k Banks county sheriff h a Burdick supplies to pauper cd Mccarthy county auditor by la Fifer Coal for jail a Fen end Sund committee work Al n Smith clerk hire i l Smith Board of health statement j t Groves unstable fee slate is. T Laman Anthony Hale freight on Brick Anthony Hale committee work f l Ogden Bailiff fees e b ban Deputy sheriff e ii hunk professional service �23.75 Laid Over c g Mccarthy Cash items Kwh Ballard committee work v a Ballou printing Hill p e Ranger mayor fees. State is. Myers Jethro Bale judge of ele it lion 82 24 j o Severide a a e Sheldahl e f Miller clerk Sisson amp Gheen dealers in he builders hardware get our Crock by Sim a womb we House furnishing Good shot guns a rifles spurns sinus if i a t 20.00 1,50 10.50 20 00 it 12 25 8.00 24 the 4 doors West of the Post office. Wuu to a Stock Tiki fall is moly Complete Thiu a a have Good Doln Hka a of the new Shade and popular sign ies. A t i a raw aft Artive we hafe All the j i i m it is very law1 and ver it inn ouzo. To styles and the new shapes and tile new a a a e colors an it i feel free to say to the ladies of Story come a Mes feathers satins plus Hess svets a ,,- we prot and ribbons has not 145.00 13.32 and our spec laity is Quot a Yoble a Cook Stute i we Gau Armatee to a a by Tell at Hie Swett Smtth my we Bandle the Best goods a of Assyd we strive to Dellft or to mom. We want your Trad and a Tel try Tel ave to in our tin shop we use the Best material and do week in tee woo new a. Pm yes the 7 m i i i heretofore been excelled not even in tile a a a a a to sump wed we Lead the Trade and alway stall. Bing la am of. 60 43,00 goo county. 16 40 17.50 2.75 a Fri win w i ii say Here for tile betwixt of a a j can Tiase Piaf Money of buy g your in u a a of u n 55 1 the a dds Are dearly nil new. My we think our prices wig Mil you Ash a firs. A thai we feel quite certain that we Tor we carry the Stock we have the styles. O. F. I Taw Rara of a Moi Pim 2 15 440 5 00 13.33 is 65 300 in of ii to my to owl. Moi every our of you who Tov m a amm that we thank you and invite. You All to Call and see us often. This new and Correct map proves beyond any reasonable question that the 5 00 5 of Chicago amp North Western it is by All Odds the Best Road for you to take when travelling in either direction be Westt Chicago and All of the principal Points in the West Worth and North Tel i Staple my fac groceries i 50 i 50 1.50 i .50 2.00 2.10 2.50 an epidemic it hog cml Era has been e. F. Farrington judge Ela Tion 83-22 6.00 urine in the Vicinity of Iowa City. A. W ise a a a a a Porter. 14 00 e Belcher state witness state is. 2.60 2,50 raging t. One hog Raiser lost about too head vim. Mathews valued at nearly $5000. Yll Nelson clerk election 83�? 1500 1.30 aaa Essed Sio each for the democratic j return a. Mses he so a f. Harsh Deputy Constable butt Campaign fund. The democrats never rebuke their own club tells. F. Ii ii Nej at Law. Mccall ii Thompson t. Choksi i to Bate Aceta. A lain it and Colls Tjon aft ends. Law Lan i a n in Wulim. Item via usury Amitay. Brim. Dyer it Fitchpatrick. Att Okja 118 a High Abc k my ibb will Pattee in a of torte j hatted Biwan Ott urts Ata awk of weary a most no. A per have Jost received l Metxia Low a Templeton Phi Sci an know Boru j. At be Steta Ains foam in at the full Stock it in Rex. A. D Gaston returning poll Book 83 24 j v Anderson medical service John Evanson township clerk 85-23 g. A. Meredith 4mmse, a in Eraf James Bradley 10vki Ian Ano it b Oon. Ama. Sow. I. 9m�taint sure1 pm Flat leak a to Badty. Fairchild amp Keg Ley Tomtz to. To is p Tai fro i v a it a a aul it Tola in. _ a. Job. B Gramblin Rte 81 a it we Max a Mea. Iowa. Menu him my imitated Tad cd a Beverly a. M. M d. 11 a Multi Quot �?ovt1 tuns taste my open so All a my Lewis Scho ofor Hhd 814 a Anh by Raj Ron. Nevada leva. Vav d. Duca is in 8 v hot k Elk and i Mesa l Elk i sova1 la cac untied. Notary Init la Fon Varjao it to so a 0 is tora. Chat e. Hunt a i is Bora it at Row jul it a a it. . Mem Iowa i build no. Or. Dnia Opp at j. A Fitch Pat Rick e�bm55ffi�sjsz Nevada. Bar Soutar i us a e. Luciand Abd loan agent rate. Tai estate Tau and we. In All lines. Is. Tilton Jas. W. Bowers returning Hill Book a grand order of the anti horse 84-23 to thief association of the state of Iowa for Sheehey. Trustee 83-24 recently met in Ottumwa. The society j is in a prow porous condition. J j Virv Wilson or. Trustee 83-24 life prohibition vote in new y of k a d. Gaston township clerk s3 24 will reach 28,000 Liis year. It was Only a p Gaston clerk election 83-24 4j500 last year. This increase is owing Cal Giddings a a 1 to the Republican did Affelt Tion. Roger Sweehey. Judge election the remarkable electrical disturbance 34 election 83 24 reported throughout the country last Henry Wilson a h week was almost equal to the remarkable political disturbance of november 7. The British National debt has fallen from 830 millions Sterling in 1857 to a a he millions to Day. Terminable annuities which Wall som fall in will consider ? Evanson returning poll ably Dimini Sli it look a solicitor in England has obtained j q Moore returning poll to a a i a verdict of filth Tori against a town As 822 compensation for personal injury Caus Vav m Kelley returning Job booked by drinking impure water supplied 84.22 j by the copulation. S h Beckwith township trustee the mate yellow Dock trotted her 83 231800 mile in 2 11 on the u inst at Nana John g. Nell trustee. Gan sett. Tiie sporting world expects we. Turk. House Ren j to see two minutes recorded As Hie Low #8 00 Laid Over j est time 2 11 now Bai that Honor. E w i Ockwood a prof. Ouch. Polk tag november Snider township tru it tec 82-24 weather said it would per a wild tur Scott township clerk83-24 indent month Quot the 7th. D riving cd aids Deputy auditor. Quot the. Damp and cold. And still Brid ? e Brown a a treasurer coach Doest profess to be much of j innit la a n township trustee j a politician. J an Ohio paper says and probably Martin de Sellers attorney fees correctly the South w ill make 7.000. State is Porter. $100.00laid Over too Gallons of Cotton seed Oil this year. James it Hapman. Judge election and you will buy some of it nicely put s it up and Labelle it i finest italian Olive Oil. J Yozman judge election 82-21 warranted pure y la. Guy with cold weather the troubles of John Alexander clerk the venerable Len. Hannibal Hamlin p Shearer let Egin. Liver acquaintance he meets Jeremiah Olson judge election 85.23 asks him Why lie does t Wear an Over it j Charlessm j coat. He never wears one and is j h Boyd Tough and Strong in his old age. Jin Evans a. Clerk Iii or u a a 5 there Are Tome Sharp advertisers in Nain son w Ier no amp a is. Louts one a it pears in the Post a f. Brown judge e a in dispatch on the evening if election Day. T. Henryson Ai the head of the first Page. As if it might i a democratic rooster with the Cut of an immense revolver with anole to Democrat explaining where that argument can be had. 5 65 2.80 800 8.00 too 33.75 5.00 5.00 5.00 5 of 5.00 2.80 3.00 100 320 2.90 2,50 4.00 5 00 7.50 i 6.00 14,00 95.83 95 83 Porter Sam Granger state witness stale is. Porter mrs. A s Mccord state witness state is. Porter miss Alice Mccord stat witness state is. Porter c p Mccord state witness state is. Porter a s Mccord state witness state is. Porter Andrew Donahoo state witness state is. Porter win. Don Alloo. State witness state Porter g m Hall state witness state is. Porter we. A Namon. State witness state is. Porter Samual Porter state witness state is. Porter mrs John my Al via. State witness state is Porter James Wood state witness state is. Porter j t Graves state witness state is. Porter a k Banks state witness state is. Porter John King. State witness state is Porter 1 d Whitener. State witness state is. Porter d o Elberton state w fitness mate is. Porter James White stat witness state is. Porter 1,00 60 2 30 2.30 2.30 60 2.20 in to 60 but 2.20 2,50 i 50 of 60 i 60 2.10 2.70 1.90 2.00 i of w h. Pit cup to Nix. Kaffir g. H Bunyon a a Sak Tater Mai my -a1 War in a a go. Nuris amp of Bret. An Inbau Pohs coloured Man was Challenge at the Polis of account of his youth but insisted that he was Twenty one years old. A How do you know1 inquired the challenger. A a Well i be had Hie seven year itch three times. W As the cheerful reply. He was allowed to vote without scratching. G m. M a x Wei. L Money to loan in Toto to Ute Toto is a l. Nichols. Nichols i Mayo Ell livery feed Rasmus Jurgen judge election c. S. Brubaker clerk j la Leighton. Gordon Wood judge election 85-21_ 4t a a c n Thatcher. John Adam. W h Golly clerk election j. Q. Burg is clerk we. Golden judge a a 82 22 Jmc Thompson judge election 82-22 win be Aemata judge election 82 22 j q Moore it Fork elect too 82 22 j f Allen a Leek election 82 22 10e e Anderson stat witness state is. Porter i j r Myers witness for defendant 6.00 Bute is. Porter is of John Tipton witness for defendant 5 of state is. Porter 500 John Coonor state witness is. 5 of Porter 4 a e w Gifford state Witheas a Porter 4 of 18 Tupper 4 of John Henry witness for defendant 4 00 state is. Porter 4.00 Charles Mead or. Witness for de 4.00 fend ant state is. Porter 4.00 z Sliu Gart witness for defendant 4.00 state is. Porter 4.00 we. Body witness for defendant 4.00 j stave is. Porter 4.005 Frank Bishop for drawing 4.00 j grounds in Porter Case 4.00 p Goodnow juror fees Porter 4.00 quest n Cut w m Greely Justice fees state is. Sutton w m Greely Justice fees state is. Parks w m Greely Justice fees state is. Purvis 8 t Goodman medical services to pauper $40.uo Laid Over s t Goodman medical services to pauper $12.00 Laid Over 8 t Goodman medical services to pauper 4.25 Laid Over m alien Justice fees state is Butler it a1 e g Day Justice feta stale is but Leret a1 Martin j Argentos witness fees state is. Butler it Al Jesse Placebo witness fees state is. Butler it a1 George Childs witness fees state is. Butler it a1 f l Ogden witness fees stale is. Butler it a1 i k Larue witness fees state is. Butler it Al h d filch witness be it state is. Butler it a1 h Sebastian witness fees state is. Butler it a1 a k Banks witness fees state is. Butler it a1 Don Widner witness fees mate is Butler it a1 m c Allen Justice fees St ate is. Met Ord $2.00 Laid Over e g Day Justice tees St an is. Rankin j h Atkinson witness fees hate is. Rankin r h Rode Armel. Witness Lees state is. Rankin j f Rankin witness fees state is Rankin a Monaghan witness fees not ate is. Rankin Seth Humphrey witness fees a Tate is. Rankin i 0 Allen Justice foes state is. Hill o k Hill witness feta mate is Hitt $ .50 not allowed the following Resolution was offered j remitted that the auditor is hereby authorized and instructed to isue warrants on the proper funds t Rall claims allowed and appropriations mad at this session of the Board and for the mileage and 00 per diem of the members of the i maid for this session. On the adoption of which those vote Jug Yea were et-1 and. Ballard and Hale nays none so the motion pre ailed. Thereupon after hearing read and approving the minute of to Day the Board adjourned sine he on this Road. Its through trains j unit it is Points. Canned and dried fruits consisting on til Hsii or Samu Boh dried apricots raspberries cherries pitted prone prone a a a blackberries Eta. To pub Ai one wit ilk a Mhz Choice family hour. Stephen order we mute of try Tome of our pwn St Tfir syrups. All goods guaranteed jus to reset Baiei or Money refunded. 60008 delivered in tue City free. 00 3.00 3.70 in Trail la the Chicago a North Western railway Over allots principal Linos no Tach Way daily from two to four or More Fate Dpi i h the Only loud went North. Northwest of Chicago that vises the Imperial Palace dining cars. Run Pullman sleeping Cara North or North or Northwest of cml 4 of Road it forms Aorist them the follow ing trunk lines. Winona Minnesota amp Central Dakota line. It it is the Only Road that runs has Over a a a mite a Izz a , so. Norton in Quot to to Quot a of Crete Ria of us. No a. Tok i n laying. W. H. Sennett general 4uptt cd Sago Cen. A tue. Agent Chicago h. A. Hark aet to c. A it. W. My co a ame Iowa. Ask Totty. Groceries when in town who Bitou Cah the cheapest and that is at a j. L. Bartlett a Corner grocery where you will always sad a Choice as80rtmeht also a neatly kept restaurant in connection where you aaa get warm neals at All hours 8.70 60 of 4 00 Johs. H. Heal amp co lumber dealers Crise of the Dat. Give to stall before purchasing elsewhere a l Bartlett the Boyd Bufi Din. A tax Ito Toto of to , Iowa of hts a Yards at Small Story City Ellsworth Roland Ano Cambridge. A is ethos. Wardens first piano. But the people some i i Rte Are patented i 70 5.00 1.20 60 1.80 a solicit Cash Trade and can de Ioanu us Ladin in them they Ara f�5 Geom a the �?T0lle<r� in them Nej Ara. The Coue a Tannin Natl. Have Boi Fht eleven mad Tom More. At this Quot Nihi a a a have two More at Notrem Dame of St meted for the a put fwd time to time the Cincinnati have bought to m am of Chase piano until Aow they a Urani Uty them. Is an evident of the great Dur Ammy and Excel Lewee in the n Quality it ta1 they Are worthy of the name Hster a meat Market in amm Iowa and prompt matchless Choice Ami fresh meat salted and smoked meats fish Oyster and mos ref the new Market while re. Lawlin Zija mints sure rior to any other piano make Mew jilted St Why the la located in Hemstrom of stand Stoat door in Dunbar a me. 30 Day accounts to i 60 i to 1.40 attest. C g. My army. Co. Auditor. Anton Ersland. Chairman of Board we do not Waul an Trade teat we remain on namely the Price. the Chase Aret class pianos iou ask. Mow _ cheaper music for e verb Ody. Or primary 150 of io00 Merrius a ingenious method National music teacher new neat novel and ingenious in 400 method for playing familiar airs on the piano or Organ and at the same time teaching the elements of music. It enables anyone without a musical knowl 4.00 i John King juror foes Porter inquest 4,00 be to play on any piano or Organ. 6.00 by k Wood a a a a a a a any person or child who knows not or Peter Joor i St Portem sex eng 0f music can play familiar airs our books Over thirty Day. Give u Call we will five the lowest figures on the above terms. We keep a Large Stock of lumber Sash doors. M0uld1hgs shinnies lath pickets. Building paper Cedar posts Hafa. Mites for furnishing bridle a Bill a. Not equated. J olm h. Heal amp co Plano Kcf. K first Cottas pianos any Char something new save too per cent. On tto of Tanta the or workmen Are not Motew Lime a a than a Quot he amp in Citi a Monse Mill wit i carrying on us till trod aim buying much less. The Ompa i run their Mui Wila Al i would Ai Tounta to the watery Var no expend steam or h that i have the s�r�s5 is xjss1 the facts to Genbei town Janeway pm a a Wei for Dement. Aid the schools and alleges seek me Charo to show that. In popularity the a Alae Ach. I Ito i it the a a coming Fiano v largest end beet selected Stock of tinware Ever opened in Star comfy. C. 13. Taylor Loci and insurance Flo Eisert. Of. Tina. Low menses Aud pay Sale Statola i it a a a Ltd a is of the City Dray line men to in in Etel in out. W. H Nelson we is a <"�wri4�?~7r-�? abstract of titles hauling Tother Ter the Day Ltd Favorat terms. Retail dealers in a is 15 , 84-22 toed of All Hinds Toad tomcat fat to Ugwa on Apsit Eatie. Mrs a a a 84 21 Edi Wib in touff of Whf. Manes Esi tens at tee mate. Nevada Iowa. Shipping horses a Ell will find a to their and Persini desiring i Tuter Tat to tall to a. Also a of the flit la total. Isdee Crowto we i ciw33r Iglus Jha Rogato Jato so t. Rolos Satoto my Wpm i trips daily .ghnlmlplrp1. I a brim Union Binn of / mis we to Tell Koep a a to the i. W. Nerney carriages if Pou intend purchasing Art w Wuu tip aul us to before was mtg elsewhere. In Chow Maxwell _ �uf$$$j6 the Daven Pkt a s. Itemus in re Udemi it. In a Shah Toto Al total ii Toju k we Cuau Mumuaz up motor i j. Lot i Ltd to Totolua Toug a. To tax i a saw of Taw and farm write a a Genera amp ack Tny Ilii a it Tot psf two gov we Lilli Bridge a Vulto Malm b it is said that Iowa has the oui a Gen j Rich judge elect inn 84-23 Dine Simon put mormon Church it is a i Lang. Located in Decatur comity. At their p c url is a a Semi annual meeting recently Over 1506 jul lure clerk election 84-23 were present. Joseph Smith j w Sowers a a is the head of the congregation and they Job. R Stewart judge election Are a Iid to be a Law abiding company of j 83 to christians not recognising nor Pretie Henry trite tug polygamy. John Reynolds. The democratic shooters i eem to for i Boma Lur ii Constable get that Orton Wao Connecticut. Illinois 8it 2l m Indiana. Massac by set to. Nevada new h urn mugs clerk York Mew Hampshire new Jersey a j Templeton clerk election 8.1 2 Ohio. Oregon. Pen Luvania Aud Vav is we Kelley judge Cousin went democratic the worst Way a h Grimm in 174. And that two years later the in Kuhn republicans nevertheless Ela Ted their k Furnas clerk election Cand Al ate for president. Don the a too f Hehs previous gentlemen. J w King judge of a personal Liberty has of late become of via it the political Battle cry of a Claas of men Cark elation 84 21 who Are needlessly alarmed. Never in. A f judge a a. 1 has personal Liberty Bomi More firmly established or been less in danger or undue re fiction. Than at present. No rl��1a a a a Holt Quot a it a to for for my personal m a a a b Liberty unless by committing a nine a he deserves to be sent to prison. A a a 8iy22 does anybody suf pose that great jn<1 j Hoba judge and suce�8ful party can be built up in j Iowa to March year after year under the Escutcheon of a whisky barrel is Liere any likelihood that men whether prohibitionist or not will allow that drink shall be Hie measure of politics Hie great and overshadowing question in the Stirlie Manshio of a grand com a on wealth of the Issue is insisted in Sam the us tin Vale result tie a matter of a Portem exp a _. 6 �0 lamination a a a a without previous study and learn the 600 or n 5v Knepper postmortem sex notes with ease. This is no Humbug 8.001 Ami nation �-110 it to a snort wonderful do very Tor 6.00 or Frank Thompson juror fees simplicity in the airs and theory 4 00 Porter inquest a 2000 4.00 Alice Mccord witness fees Porter 4 of inquest 4 of mrs a Mccord w fitness fees Porter 4 00 6< a new Bodley Book. Tse Bodley Bah child h 61x1 inquest Geo Smith witness fees Porter in quest Remy Smith clerk by m Hardin a a w v Payne county printing a t Bartley Justice fes state is Kline. J t Graves Constable feta state is Kline Fml w alters wit a to Blate is serious doubt Kline 6.00 did Richmond witness fees. Pm Ter 6 of inquest mrs Richmond witness fees Porter in Tiest Andrew Dunahugh witness fees Porter inquest 4 00 bul Bel her. Witness b is Porter is inquest 4 is James White witness fees Porter 4 of i to Wrt 4.00 i Perry Mccord witness fees Porter 4 00 int stat 4d0 we Smith witness fees Porter in 4 of quest 4.001 Geo Pointer witness fee Quot Porter inquest a a a j mrs Mills witness fees Porter in Piest sol cough Moo witness tees Porter inquest it Mike Ltd Porter witness fees Porter in in a a 5 00 John Porter witness fees Porter 5 of inquest 5 of Elizabeth Porter witness fees pm or 396,08 i tar in<lue8t we Duns Hugh witness fees por 4 50 Ter inquest be Granger witness fees Porter 7 so inquest j Homer Mattenson i m i Porter inquest music children youth Aud the aged will be so charmed with this marvelous easy method of unfolding the i mysteries of the musical world As to 60 exclaim a blessed in Hie Many who invented this new male of instruction in 60 he Art of music. This new method is designed to amuse the million and at interesting 60 the same time teach the elements of music. It does it to perfection. Sent by mail with four pieces of music for $1.00. Address Chicago piano co. 7s and 1st Van Buren Street Chicago Illinois. Joe is to _wja2srrr3s33. Address Chicago piano co 78 4 80 is Barsa by Chiba of ill i have two Kaarns on Tim Road and shall Hay More soon. To of will tall to of Alf 0uta to Tats Sod adjoining count. Pick in you he Ai in talk. Tender beef stems sly wagons will save of a a a for Tebb Dwyta or quarters a Jug. Or. Quick chops cutlets sausages and All Chi oboe meats can be had at am Tekl k journey in Kolean How a by in Misew Riad s his mia1 Manahl 60 american statesmen. By John t 00 a eminent Success. And All 60 60 6 00 6 00 6 of j $.00 editor. Doctors. Druggists who try it unite in Praise. A i have used your Golden Balsam a with eminent Success. I can fully rec in mend . H. Dither m. It. Fit Scott kans. A your Golden Balsam is a splendid though remedy. Ii is highly recommended by reek amp Rankin drug so the a thou ends who have Longfellow Calendar muted Marsh s Golden Balsam in this City. Has Ever made a complaint that it did not do All claimed for it-4kansas City to times. Too i John Quincy Adams Alex aider Hamilton by Henry 3� John c Calhoun by Dell. Von 14 Andrew Lackson by prof. W. G. Bumper Yale a a Liege. $1.2. Admirable Brief it i taste Raen. M Eoto Wenoa with few i of a we a ,u0? of the Oto try. Taut if lib a is Hooks. It vim other volumes in prepare Tail i for Sale by ail booksellers. Sent by wait i wet j Pukl on receipt it it a a a a a a a the pub stars Houghton. Mifflin amp co. 4 Park St Loston. Mass fresh meats smoked hams salted meats oysters Post Utby. Etc. I Law. Quot by in i Quot. O. Tem by Quot a of pamily nov hem. Remix opera House Stock Jet Frazee a jewelry store Post office buil Hng May he of tv-5 a iary a of watches clocks Jill is Silver Wake k pc. Ute a a i 8�t a a a a a sewing my Chin a Torto. I b. Pm. I it. 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