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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1882, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - December 9, 1882, Ames, Iowa Of twi of subscript a. Out fee pal i Imp no in War Pirn. A a it a fee Trospy Ais hmm my ii Mlp Ltd a it a 41hte�, Opi Quot a Hof Wmma Fie a Floraa. A flt Eti a Tola pm award. If Aal pod ii two dr4iar to Art Ramst of Mem Sofia Moo Ipp. Builders hardware volume Xiv Ami a Story county Iowa saturday morning december9, 1882 Nimrah 33. A a i our i i pm pm fur. Miking your i,��re�1x a it o Vin a a a to it afloat imm Martato official directory Sixte Josw est Khz Folio. Al i Midge maintain amp kindergarten a fellow a1 tout Washington talks All Erry Ori m in ii a at Woad. Ii. Of a. a a Tokay the toads after his head is off. There Are a Good Many shakers among 1883. Harper s Magazine. Illus f 8 amp Tes. 1888. Harper s Young people. An illustrated weekly�?16 pages. Suited to boys amt Otros of from $100.00 ust Gold Given away. Err if in Naf a a. Awa of of comma. Rat a c a line Aorta r. I. I. Am a a j a. Caum. N in. Mem. A. a Moo. Boa a a a. Ii. A a. Join i Imuro. ,.<vow��. Oom i or Vav rata visor. Ftp Loi i pm 1 a Lrtil town step it of Baku ago. Sopo Osswalt Bop jury Poitr hams the if Licals at Washington. Tile German emperor drinks wine .,., Moscater. Boff. Sup or Al Eolois. . T victim form help a Akpik begin its sixty ditto Rolund with the december number i is not Only the most popular luos trs. ,.Ted periodical in America Ami England that is made in Jerusalem hot Lnig a a unrest in in scheme the Moat a Kentucky Farmer lost four Daugh Beautiful in its appearance. Aud the bests a is. A it Magazine for the Home. A new novel enters in one darn marriage. K.,r the by Oom Taxe the Chicago Herald prints wander Fem Moas Woolso tin author it i ii. A a a a a a a the p lie i it i was begun in november in lit Hilt a epigram this Way i he i. Be k cd Munct he mama. Entered a printing Zine improve with each Aiice eave Durn and Learned to Lier. Snee false of fort have lie. Ii made for the ii it la r entertainment of it readers through humorous stories Attr tiffs a. His a a lie six to sit Elt a years of age. Vol in. Omme Kycej november 7, s2, the foot first soccer Mhz Leaf Ltd to All in is. I liars to t h people s weekly or any person who will Slater la for the palier at the regular Price of2 of per a i year we make this offer ii e will give to has bees from the the party who will Send us by for. The 15th . Mail be of december next the Portr est list of words used in the English Lanc c. Caa Erraa Imal a jaw. I to i ii1 anti. A min twos to a a a t Al Miffy in. Pic a i or a stated meetings. By Sepal mooting. Eve Quot a will mum up. Palm Man Elm Roo at a w ii i. Ort. Past i. M. Church. O Bavico Miff a a after Al la a. A a. A git up a. Twp Ata Meta Wotal is a Hermi pap1&Quot we Denadai Ute a to a amp. Be. Few motor. Huntington Baptist o r. Ivy quotes a i Paoo is a. Film tips sir i it m i a 111 a Church. Ii % a anti i i a Orai eral Pray a Waii Mitat Ava Atea at m a. A Van of. Going Rogalio Sal chs re to _ i a Sarsfi Colp Peen Switaj o e. A. Sis to a u Aud Iii Pablo rat in Mil Ai m a. Of aural ,w�ahdmka9 Abw Ai ish we. �rup"ss5�rr a. Thurlow Weed office at i Quot it ears of age set Type. A Kent key father named thirteenth child e pluribus unum was one of Many. The song. Quot Home Sweet Homey has out Ive it i Hie opera Quot Clari. The maid of Milan a in which it had birth president Porter of Yale College has Iii press a look. Entitle a Evangeline the place the Story. Aud the it is asserted that dime have been i too deaths from smal a in Cincinnati Ainee j Atman last. The Content for speaker will be Between Randall of Pennsylvania Eaton of Connecticut and Carlisle of Ken to eke. A Coil land Man who read at the end of a Friend h marriage notice a no sent him a euchre Leek by the first mail. H Apper s periodicals per year harpers Magazine 4 of harpers weekly. Harpers Bazar. Tilt three above publications. Lay two above named. Ii Creek s Young people. Harpers Magazine i la in per a Young people 11a relics Fra Nell x i Are 4 of 4 get to of 7 lib j people Ful of 1 hmm a Desmet inn get a a which it i Guage that can be Topa etl from any of All steadily adhere Thal namely of sup fan of the letters composing the Naa so Ting the vicious papers for the Young a the people s weekly w Ith a paper More attractive a Well More be toffs journal Sisson amp Gheen. Dealers in a a Kyj jul i of h j Glass an Woodenware Furui suing glad shot curs amp rifles a the sum it get e Rev Dollar in soul to for neatness elegance it engraving and the party senti my the Large ii thirty Hents generally it is udmirpa0ed by Omaar in you Aad to the party Endi Content Genei ail Anc publication Oil kind yet brought to our Pittsburg Cut Fate. Tug terms 150 h Arper s Yuing people per n eau. Pm Raffl Pyrki Aio. Single null or font Cut it each. Specimen copy it on receipt cents. The volume of Harper Young pm Hemda Melv a and of three i 50 pie for Issi and 1hh2. Hand of do land a Walt. In illuminated bub. Will be sent by mail j it Only a a j postage prepaid of refit it of �3 of each. C. 4# for iwi5, 85 cents i age Prei Dot for Young Library one year lit num Liem to of postage by cents additional. ,t.� Ken pittance should is made by Post free to All subscribers in the j a Tjce it ,.v order or draft to Ltd postage i to j states or Canada avoid Manor. A. A m Aru my Mhz Sai m f. J a mama a a a Ltd us Wittko ii is saturday for major to Fiji in r. B Isaac a 4 borne nns-700,0 Ai f . W. M. A mind Quot work in in. a cd i w. To. U Tai Mac on or Mali Over Aimiee. C. B. Tam a. Bee. A. A in in m ii vie Tau fatal in fit a amp Tilden in in. A b a of mite a Rob warn. My. Run an Ltd Friday eve Iii t is ii pm Mem in Bairn i s a i Osro amt we bal a in flow a Climi a a of Usa in or mown a i. -., a i Thayer in imm trial it Baem i de pc Wlee a a Al a we a in Jain. In Marioo turn. #1 a Mam a kit. Iii fifty years the or Aion work a spent1 by i of this has been for the Uei Iii of the indians sad the freedmen. Des Moieties is in a fair Way to get the Diagonal on the basis of a free right of Way through the City. This will Cost about the same As the one per cent tax which was Defeated a Ivov Joti Row re it professional cards. Hays a a Ami a a Bra f drug a a a 8t#v�n� Ai amm wih at Law. Joint Mhz of me Oertly i Connolly nobirkv8 at Law Quot a fid Mattoi Shmu Mem ame. Pm goo. A. Underwood a tto Italy and cart Nysela it a at Law Iii Iii hat Marta of pm a a pm it i in Tow pea Mem not flt in he i to Riel of i a a a it a a a itch to bait ame i brew have just received t. Ii a Cutata real mob a. By fun oreo. Asuan at Law. Mccain amp Thompson a la nil Anim Aillik to in agents s of a a flaws Tom mtg Funai St pc amp filch Patrick. A Quot Foo anal h Asp wk8ww at la a ombre i Ali Vert of of Futao aint cwt it mat a a m att a flirt Fobe Ream tag Inelka Bava Tai in mix a a Pere Iowa. H. M. Tem pie Oil i you Ian ani1 i . Al of qty dra arame Auh. Full Stock of g. A. Meredith prewar a aim Ai by by in. Ame Iowa. Pm Over bal was Bartow a it Al or we Floe but of a a an but Law a wet Noma of Elm. Jam a Bradley i Nhy Suta a and bump Wiki. And. Iowa of pro Tom Joe a sri Moi w eat a bore i. I c ibo re a my big few of a a a Pena too for Fairchild a Kegley to my Ciais Pang actg Bokk ame la. Grim to of whey a m a Ltd Ura. From tax to q my in i Toad i p. In Ltd m,4 in f to a a. In. B. Can baht. I Etc. M n Aby by Bupp amm Jwta. V of lire Ivett it As maim of new i we lion a it a sit Kin of Hite awl Mumy Law a via Ula Attar Imrey Milf a a Tea. Kuh a a a a a a a my Iafe it Cir to awl a Nib c. J Beverly a. M. M a i i by it Ian in f h Ali Oil pm Hawi in a a of a 9mw3f Immke it nil the Onyx a Pennsylvania Coal Miner set a car of dynamite on the stove to thaw out and then left his family at breakfast in the same room. After it a thawed Quot he picked out two children and the scraps of the rest of his family. John Tobin sex president of the Hudson River railway and a few years ago a Power in Wall Street was arraigned in a new York police court last week As a common drunkard. He has become tin utter wreck financially and morally. A Kansas Telegraph operator travelled forty Miles and shot another for calling him names Oxel the wire. This Max have the effect of moderating the amount of Sassy operators Are credited with lending each other when they get mad. My f. Whitney the Marshalltown Justice of the peace who was arrested for prowling around after night disguised and peeping into Hie sleeping apartments of ins neighbors is a Fine Bass Singer and has been a member of the different Cit choirs. It is rumoured that senator Edmunds expects to make a visit to friends in Iowa during the coming Winter. If so j he will meet xxx till As Hearty a reception As Iowa men know How to give. Few men stand As High in the regard and Confidence of the people of Iowa As the j Vermont senator. A news item is going the round of the Iowa press to Hie effect that a lady of Eldora suffered a surgical operation on one of her hands the Bones of which the volumes of Pic a Maxixe begin Whit the a timbers for june and december of each year. When no time is Ltd it it will be understood that the sip Scriber chillies to begin with the current number. The lust eight vol urns it harpers Magazine in neat cloth binding will be Rit by mail postpaid on receipt of $3 by per volume. Cloth cases for binding of cetus each by mall postpaid. Index to Harper s Magazine alphabetical analytically and classified for volumes i to fib. Inclusive from june 150 to june i my on vol., to. Cloth $4 of. Remittance should be made by Post office Money order or draft to avoid Chance or loss. Newspapers Art not to Cap this and or torment without the express order of harpers a Brothers. A Idress Harper a Brothers new York. The third largest list Twenty doll irs in i >l1. The people s weekly is the Cheapo and Best illustrated paper in the country. It it is printed by the Well known h use of Rand Mcnally j co., Chicago ii i., and contains Ever week elegant illustrations of current even a american and foreign scenery views portrait of eminent men of the Day ac., a. Also Choice stories toy tin lest writers sketches anecdotes Ai. At. To amuse please and instruct and Ini per year just half the Price for other illustrated papers. Stud in your subscription for the people s weekly at once Foi your name must in on the subscription list to enable you to compete for the above prizes. The prize will be paid Iii to old Coin and the successful lists together with the name of the fortunate competitors will be Chance or loss. Newspapers Are not to copy this Culver tis ement without the express order of Harper a Brothers. In ful1 in be suf i to item a address Harper amp Brothers of new York. I address Ait letters and make Allro to of prospectus for 1888 first class family Magazine thee order payable to manage the people s we or eely a Hieatt i la a guarantee the above to be carried out in every particular Rand Mcnally amp go. Lippincott s Magazine a s r. Nicholas is above anything we produce in the same London to mks. A popular monthly of general literature. The distinctive reputation of Urpin cod s Magazine As a a eminently readable Quot will it is trusted. It a confirmed and extended during the coming year. The special St. Nicholas Fok Young folks. 1883. Harpers weekly. Illustrated. Aim of its conductors i to secure such treatment of the great variety of topic embraced within it scope As shall Render it attractive to the general Mas of intelligent readers a favorite in the family Cir p a rents who desire entertaining and wholesome Reading for their child Ren and Young Folkes who enjoy accounts of travel and adventure historical incidents stories pictures household amusement and harmless run will find these in St. Nicholas which is recognized by the press and Public of gel in no Piso Quot a Quot a Quot a Cie and a mean of cub unas Well As of both England Ami America As the entertainment. Best Ani finest Magazine for while fiction in the form of serial and children Ever printed. The new volume of Short store holds a prominent place which begins with the november num in it pages it has gained particular no Lier. And opens with a coloured Frontis Tiee by it sketches of travel and Advent piece will be much the finest Ever Issue Ture studies of life and character and a cd. And the attention of All parents and tide on natural history and other Aden All Reading Young Folk s is invited to Trifie subjects written with the freshness the following partial list of attractions the Tinkham Brothers tide Mill h Vrtar s weekly St amp Nesat the head of american ill strand weekly iou in a. By it in partisan position in politics it and Mirate illustrations its carefully Chat sen Aerial Short tories sketch and poems contributed by the Foremost artists and authors to the carries instruction and entertain nuut to thousands american Homes. It will Awain la the aim of the publisher to make Harper s weekly Hie Moat popular and attractive family newspaper in tin xxx Oral. La \ Reers period a als per year Harper s a Eek 4 of harpers Magazine. Harpers Bazar. Tin three above publications. Any two above named. Harper n Young people. Harpers Magazine t harpers Young people a Harper s Franklin Square Library one a arf52 Nii Mbere pout at feet to All subscribers Nitro states or Canada. 4 in 4 of to of of i so ii in Tat til the that Conn from Persona Oti Servatia and experience in a Lively style and with abundant anecdote Cal illustrations. Ona of the chief attractions will la a fascinating serial Story to commence j in the january number entitled a tire jewel in the Lotos a by Mary Agnes Tincker author of a Signor Mon Aldini s Niece a Quot by the tits or a Cli. In which the interest will be found to Center on three finely contrasted female character and american and which besides Many exquisite pictures of italian life and scenery embodies the writer matured views on some of the leading question of the Day in tin Oiler feature of the Magazine the Union of literary excellence with popular attract Benes xviii lie heavily Maikut Ginexi. A new serb Story by j. To Trowbridge formerly editor of a a our Young Ami author of a a the Jack Hazard stories Quot cd. A the Story of Viteau an historical novelette of girl and boy life in the 13th Century. By Frank r. Stockton formerly assistant editor of St of rudder Grange a i Etc. A the Story of Robin Hood. Quot teonian. By of the the Yolo Mea of the w begin with the fir number for january of each year. Wiley no time i mentioned it will be understood that tin subscriber wishes to commence the Numier next after the receipt of order. Tin last four annual Volante Ltd a bind for Sale by All boo and new dealer. Terms yearly subscription. $3.00 single ii mtg i 25 Yenta. Liberal club rate. Ski Cimeo turn Lier mailed postpaid a receipt of to Cento. Postage stamp afford a i in Vencint form of Vinit Lance j. B. Lippincott pc co. Pm Bli huh 715 and the Market St. Philadelphia. H Ohp Kra a m weekly in a neat cloth had become decayed through continued ing will be sent by mail postage Jaid or Quot i Chap the most Audi Dently edited a a Magazine in the Tok nation. N. Y. Sept. Inst pressure of Abroom Handlewit Ianotta my of ii Fin vol.Ted xxi Ethel the pressure was maintained Llma. For f7 mgt Voi unit on account of Ber Hua Tibbs or in per cloth cases for tech volume suitable r rung household work. For binding Xxiii be sent by mail pot a Milf. On receipt off i of each for 188 2-88. Id Wui schooler fit i hic Quot i an and Tak a. Baa Nevada vocal. Pearson or culture p arvo arid Organ in and a pm my a t Baom mat Dot a or wig tilt ring Stew m w. D. Lucas Kokx Broe i to a so Dea i. Or in id a i Reitmi Rettos. A a ten pub my. The Cayen a ail its to nos. Chat e. Hunt ski in a f us to Butch mfrs tog i or. A lid rim to a swim in All lines. A a Fitch pal Rick leg a of min of fftub8 own a of mom cute Setji a Tateaki Bow ties. Iasom Stefl Terea 8l we Quot cd Wuu of i it in a a. Is Luca at loan agent my. Al Kmet Aam tog to Mulla Niv a a rate two it a tax Enisley Wal Ttaha at Low mad Mem Ujj Alai w by Fite Patriek do Tab in tue. Tea i e Ami to Dujic App Al knt. Am Tew in. A St a a to n i n # w Denman Avdem a plumb i at ant App in a batted Towlow i i fms Zfoia l m. Maxwell Money to Ixia a hem capital Ai a to i Pac Aret in Nett to Tram is a ii 11 my time tax a to a ate. Fart Toi Apte Iteal Arite of or a a mime. Mot icy ate a weal a Mem or j. A i n Mua pms. Nichols a Maxwell livery feed when an editor makes a mistake in his paper Al the world sees it. An Calls him a liar. When a private citizen makes a mistake nobody knows it except a few friends and they come around and a a the editor to keep it out of the paper. When the private citizen Dies the editor is ask of to xxx rite of ail i Good qualities and leave out the had. When the editor Dies the private citizen says a now that old liar will get his desert the Extension of Ute system of fits of family tenements in new York City hailed to Ute introduction of the Dan iof Selling goods on the instalment plan nearly sex by where. First it was furniture then carpets crockery a Wiery dry goods and goods of every kind. Lite plan gives people of Small Means an Opportunity to get a Start which they might not other xxi a enjoy. But of course they have to pay higher prices forever tiling bought in this Way. On monday morning last Henry or Maii. Living South of Zearing com a fitted suicide. He had ii ii sick for a Long to Tut and becoming despondent took a head six loaded shot gun mid Deli bet lately shot the top of his head off. J from the lower portion of Hie forehead the brains Bones of the head Aud fish a acre it att red in every direction. Ile xxii unmarried. Tim Coloner held an Inque and the verdict was in accordance with facts. Remittance Shoa id be made by Post office Money order Ltd a draft to avoid Chance or ,.# newspapers an not to Cofiey this advertisement without the express order of llah per a brother address Harper a Brothers new York. 1888. Hableb s Bazar. Illustrated. Thi popular journal is a rare combination of literature Art and fashion. It stories poems and essays say Are the Bret writer of Europe and America its engravings Salt it tithe highest artistic excellence and in All matters pertaining to fashion it is universally acknowledged to to the leading authority in the land the new volume will contain Many Brilliant novelties. The twelfth year of this Magazine the first under the new name Ana the most successful in it history closed with the most successful in its history closed with the october number. The circulation has shown a Large gain Over that of the ire Reding season and 21u venture begins its thirteenth year with an edition of 140,000 t Opic. H Arper s periodicals per year. Harpers Bazar harpers Magazine. Ii per s weekly. Tin three also be publication. Vox two Alane named. Harpers Young people. Harpers Magazine i harpers Young people Quot harpers Franklin ski Are Library. One year 53 Mulier. In 4 ii 4 of 4 of to of 7 of i 5� .5 in p�1am ires to All subscribes in i n id Stab or Canada. The following Are the leading features a new novel by w. In Howe i la us succeed this author s a Modem Iii it xviii lie an International Story entitled a a sea life Iii the thirteen colonies by Edward a Ggleston the leading his Oricle feature of the year to consist of a num Lier of paper in such topic As a the beginning of a nation a Quot social life in the colonies Quot Etc., the whole forming a Complete history of Early life Iii the United states Especial attention will la paid to accuracy of illustrations. A novelette of milling life by Mary Len Lolek Foote entitled Quot the led hours claim a to he illustrated by the author. The Point of View by Henry 1 a tues air. A series of eight Tetter from imaginary person of various nationalities criticising America its people society manners railroads Etc the clip Istian league of Connecticut. Try the Rex. A Hington Gla a Den. An account of practical co opera lion in Christian a work. Showing How a league was formed in a it Naii town in i Quot i Connecticut what kind of work it at an account of the famous Maurice a Thompson author witchery of Arche Quot a the Story of the by e s. Brooks. To be illustrated with Many remarkable pictures. A a Brand new notion a a capital and novel play. By William m. Baker author of a this majesty. Etc. A swept a serial Story of the Mississippi floods of Ksn. By a. S. Ellis formerly editor of Golden a Elisabeth a biographical paper regarding this celebrated Painter of Battle scenes. Illustrated with pictures prepared for St. Nicholas by miss Thompson. A where was Viii Erst Quot a thrilling Story of the Russo turkish War. By Orch Iball Forbes War correspondent. A the boy at the White an account of the life of a Tad Quot Lincoln. By Noah Brooks author of the boy a comedies for a Fine series of juvenile plays. By e. 8. Brooks author of a a the land of Etc., and including a Christmas masque a the false 8ir Santa prepared expressly for Holiday times. There will lie snort stories by i Misa m. Alene. And Many other Well known writers for Young folks papers on Home duties and recreations out door sports occupation and instruction for boys and girls with popular feature and departments. Price. $3.00 a year 25 cents a number. Subscriptions should begin with the november number. The sue reeding Issue. A the wonderful Christmas will Hax e. Also a coloured frontispiece and Many unusual attractions the Century co. A xxv York a. Y. Will give goods away for Cash for tile Neit Silty Days. Believing in the old saying that a a live Nickel is Worth More than a dead Dollar a and As Money is scarce and Roods j plenty we will give All who have a Quot few dollars on hand a Chance to use it look at just a few Prills Only dress goods for to Coats Well Worth 15 cents for 15 cents a bargain at so eat for 20 cents Worth every rent of 25 cents for 30 cents a a a stunner at 85 cents and so they run. Flannels for an cents j sat our Spur Rutiz is the Quot favorite Quot Cook stove Xiv k a iry Tiki to of a Reyre Steff. Be sell Al the Low is possible Prim. Xxx Birtt. I bite Ltd Quot a we strive to Deal fair and i want your Dmitr sniff win try to a miss it. In our tin shop please Rood value at 85 cents for 40 cents Worth 45 cents i or to we a a a tic i the in Tun r it note Ria to de Wark in cents Good at 60 cents. Aik piles of Canton flannels a1 Ivov prices. Cloaking right Down Dolman Worth , for $7m Worth $10.00, for $9.00 Worth $15.00, for $11 Worth $1 for $14 Worth $22, for $18. And millinery Coons the �?Tbot Tom is actually knocked out in fact there Are too Many things for us to mention but a few. Our entire Stock is too Large a for these kind of titties and therefore we will do what we claim. It Ltd me friends and see us. Balls duplex corsets an immense variety. As to pumps Well a Lewt the thie Kiwi Law of Wmk Vogt Urs tog it nip am c. F. Whee drum in this Kew Ake Correct map Proa beyond any reasonable question that the Chicago amp North Western Ray is by All Odds the Best Tiad to you to take when travelling in is her direction Between Chicago arid of of Hie principal Points in the West North and Northwest. Carefully examine this map. The tunic on this Road. Its through trains make Junction Points. Pal cities of the West and norths ire stations close connection xxi la the trains of ail railroads at Shiple aha fun groceries carried and dried fruit costs St Xii of l l i p Erbai i i jew a a no or . I dried apricots raspberries by a Pora of a tit a to Pitt a to Freeh Prmt a a Laeb i if Etc. Pitu Ani Ste frats is t in Alt Choice family hour. To phone orders will receive or special attention. Try sortie of our pure sugar syrups. I Al Iii of Mon refund. 8# Gogos Deli be Keo in Thi City tre 0-3121�?o your groceries xxx Hen in town win fib you Cak to i la cheapest the cd Caco so North Western railway Over All Ohp Trini i pal line runs each Way daily fret two to or our it fart . It i the Only a i Xiv North or no i thu a of Cli Teafilo that be it Imper Al Palace dining cabs. I is Thiv of i that rut Pullman steeping cars North or North or non lures of Tiea a a i has of Rote. It Fortieth Ai Himsl them to ullo Winje to Ink Lite a Council Bluffs of Loralf a it diff Ostia line a Winona Minnesota amp a a trial Fin Quot Sioux City a Northeast n Nebraska i me Quot a of a Lii Eago St k Mina in Elgin. Rockford free pol a Dubuque Lam a Chicago Green Bay a i Ake Setji Erth i be Quot Jil l hirer Valley Pion it Deadwood line Quot Waukesha. Madison a Northern line Quot Hent her to it ask for via of tilt read. A sure they Rem i Over it. Id a i it a la a j. D. Laying w. H. Sennett general vhf i. Curie ago Gen. Pas. Agen. Tiengo n. A. Lark. Agent cd a of. W. Tyck amt he i a. We tha r is at j. L. Bartlett a Forner ii Rou Fry xxx ii you but alway thai a Jorn. S. Q Jeal amp co lumber dealers Mes Iowa. Other y tres at Shell Alil Stori City Ellsworth Roland and Cam Alii Dak. New Tork weekly Herald the Nev it my. A and Estelo stable Opett of the c. E. Taylor loan and insurance a it a Ray line in vol Iii pm i Loane of Tybie Low data and a pm me it in . He at i net the r tog tee Teg or in Mem a me in in. It Tiv Walde Tom Betait Deahr to &1&jltn Hist id i-ia.1t. Wit Witt aft w a Jex in a Msj Jim pm of All mail and Woding few Terttu mapper to . We a. I him a of Punk shipping horses Hie Prospect before Iton Gres in for a rather bustling and to it session in till a great outcome in the Way of work a comply of. The session is Sheet. Anti it will taks a1 part Ai the time to Complete the appropriation Bills. On other important subjects there will be time enough fora Good Deal of talk but not much us in. The democratic minority looking Forward to their speedy Ascendancy will according to their favorite to action Acta obstructionist to any important measures proposed. Y Ester l a a we were informed of a sail and fatal Accident that happened about about two week ago to Joseph b. Bates son of Matthew Bates of Utu neighbourhood. Or. Joseph Bate for several years Pat has Leen a resident of fort the Venine of the Bazar begin with the first Nam bet Tor january at each year. When no Tim i meat toned it will understood that the Suli Scriber i Hes to ont Asenct with the number next ii1 r the i a it of order. The last four annual volume of the i x be x b s Biz a to neat cloth binding will he sent by mail. Pottage paid or by a express fret i As Iju re a vide Ltd Ute to Dight Doe to exceed a i per volume Fin i Obsi r volume. Cloth Case for each volume set Tach for Linding will Taw it Lay mail a a Taidt on receipt of too each. Ii in inner should is made by pot g flee mosey it a it let r or drat to avoid Clumsy of Tom tempted and he a vex ii it a i eat throughout til a vast it Slat. Quot Krider Grange abroad a by Frank ii. Stockton a Continua Ion it i the droll Quot rudder Grange store the scene i aug now in euro get. The new Era Iii american House building a series of four papers. Fully illustrated devoted to i City houses 2 country houses 3 churches and 4 Public building. One Dollar a year. The circulation of this popular newspaper a constantly it contain ail the Lead in new of the daily Herald and i Arrau klt1 to Handy departments. The foreign new embrace pedal i at Hes from All quarters if the Griot. Under the head of american new yen the i he telegraphic dispatches of the ar1 Iriven the Hie Tel Cir. Wee from All part of the Union this feature alone make the weekly Herald the most valuable chronicle in the world a i the cheapest. Every was a is Given a faithful report of political news embracing Complete and comprehensive dispatches from xxx aah Union. Including full Rte ports it get the speeches of eminent politicians on the question of the Hur the farm department give the latest As Well the creoles of Louisiana by g h1 on mid uncover by t Able Anthol id a old t Voie the Vic Day graphic narrative richly ii a Treah and Lustra Levi. Adventures in Zuni Gay la. Cushing government ethnologist. An adopted member of the Zuni tribe of Indiana. Illustrated illustrated papers Ort the a my Frankie i int my to the duties of the Tai met. Hints or raising cattle poultry Gram Trees Vega Able rte., a the suggest a Tif let be. Ping Tanitta tug Fence and running utensils in re per f by is supplemented by a Well edit i depart Lieut. Widely copied under the Bead of the Home hints for Ute meat without the express order of Mak per brother address Harper Brothers. New 1t.rk. Giving recipe Tor practice Dis Tara making clothing and for keeping up with the. Latest fashion at the lowest pm every newspapers Are oat to copy this and Vee tonal capital nil Ealing a i or Cap j it emed a 1 a a tie supreme ourt i lit deportment is Gnu Etc holy test to by f opens Neputi. Ii a a Quot i fore a. Letter from our parts Arnit Btl House do. I rid til Ort up >1 Dei it a i the very latest m e Lons of Southern califor la Shams. The Home powr Tomoto the we Knaffl Quot to a 1 Iii a a. La. The Nom Pinkly in Urrain . Abstract of titles. A i d per a Toi Roig a a do Tel my to rail otomi. Rill tied it to their Nevada la a Union bum or awes Law Prepra Cipior Al of the ,x,sk3 bus 3 trips daily. We shall it Epta stack and for Sale the j. M. 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Tile body was in the cemetery at Al Dodge but the father. Matthew Bates has made arrangement to have Hie body dissenter i and brought Home for final interment the body will arrive tomorrow eau a funeral Sermon will be preached Imi sunday by Rev. Evans at tire Sheffield and Emmerson Calendar for 1083. The former Harn capital portrait and a View <4 i Hongfei Lorav heme us i Aires a View of pm tiers Imp tonne i tet Are admiral4> printed in neb and tasteful Volore. With Cholee select it a f or each Day. And Are so most Destra Hje Cater Mars Ever pro lured Iii America. Price $1.00 each. By booksellers sent. Post Tod. Of. It i Price by lire publisher. Houghton. Mifflin. A co. I Park Street Boston a Valentin a Teaves part in a a Foo bowl at 12 o clock Ai. In. A Smy a to Herald la dub i \ i. Ling i a Kim the choicest goods and latest patterns printed in Beautiful new script at this office richly illustrate miscellaneous. Further Xiv it re is expected from e. V. Stedman Thomas Hughe. 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Wardens Stew it eat Market in Ames Iowa hence Ami fresh hatted Nae Somani meat fish oysters and poultry the new Marke healed in ii in to Fri Oid stand. Next door to la Imster Iffla. Cash did for hides and Pelt something new ii avg i eaten in ame for the p in pore i a till tin Trade and imy tog rag att i a id Metal i w cd lid an Ramoe to the Public in a a i he i have tot largest anti Best selected Tim h inf War Ever opened in Story Dainty. A. Of Hist x -3 w a it i id. Address ctoag0 f7an6 co., 78 a so. A by ten by of Igloo Ili tender beef steaks chops cutlets sausages. And ail Ltd i a it. A can re had ii american statesmen. 1 John Quincy Adams in John t Morse or. $1,23 2 Alexander Himilton by i Loury a Ariot Lim i at a to sub s John c Calhoun by Dell. Von hotel $1.25. 4 Andrew Jackson by prof. W. Ltd san incr Yak a Oller. $1.25. X ii Trubie Brief mom Midi in of leading american to to men in conme Tomt with tile political an to it or i everything n lating to me Chank mad i air jiving in carefully a hot la a. I Ben i a pug Dov Tod to All the late pfc aae of the Liu in Market crop Etc. A valuable feature i found Bith a dial of reported Price and coat Tefoa of prot inc Market. Him i Dory of i . Beautiful he rvs a a several other Volt me in pre Paratte. For tale by ail books in a Iii by mail fart Pai fat receipt -4 i in. Toy rim part her it. Houqhtc9, Mifflin a co. I pm k St ads Din. Mas. Sporting near at ii in Ami an awl t a in a with a a tory every Wick a Sermon by to eminent divine. Literary Fate Oscat lira mat in. Per a in i and sea Ivo Toft. Thiere is no Pelter in the who h -i.utah. So much m a matter every week to Tref weekly Herald. Who it b i rent. Put tag it Frie Tor it in Dollar. V to flan Job Meritie at any time. Sir tort Estill Quot Ost mkt i ism Standard to the Miller by is cutlery co. Me rim Eft copy. Bead s Bew meh1 Musket fresh meats. Smoked hams Sal Tell meats oysters poultry Etc. I Awny keep in Stock rite in a Brattle it it i pamily 3f10.i Bine to. Am rat the Road Aud dts a have Mon u. Hie ii ugly it every tem a Utti rid it do ining a Fisk up Jai lift a1 in Usa my wag in in ill have my name on keep wat it tot my a he a town Call at Xiv Bote Sif a i a in Art Terra Ite the i Imit of x Aiti Ames la. I. W. Que i cd Frazee j Kwh Lui y store Post o office by Loi no May re rated a Large line of la itches. Clocks jewels. Silvei1wabe, Etc. Watch re Fianu a Pamy and 3 of. I a a Gregutt. of i have a fire a proof Tole la or a to ugh to it it Boid ail the Wardish in Story co int Ben. Head opes. Fusak sewing machines repaired l a Fra of. Boots Ani shoes custom made. William Hulett Xii i j la jul Al a Aimre new York Herald la rom or a j Aho hts seer York. I still at the a a to it Al and Tov ire i i afro a i and new Comer it Ltd a All at is Bip Tor cutlery custom made woke Isrin of h3 axes aunt volume with fill top $7 50. I e nil by co. It h York the i we Nave placed in our office a Large assortment of new Type All of the latest Kyle and Are prepare to to do Fine work at living rates. I 5/, a Lodi a be team and Ink Kra cry. steel pens. Xxx How t�.ffxaw>ta#i�mrq>>ffl a be a a Ortr to a atm Bema a a a. A i re a

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