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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1882, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - December 2, 1882, Ames, Iowa Cape . J i Dum k a publisher. Bingham co hardware i to it of of u�scipt10# Omi copy. No year in Advage. ,., Otoscope ii astute in i Retae a oaf a for a Amra. To so Mem 1w i Sci Barf Par Muhm if i Poi in Mim. Of a pm volume Xin Ames Story county Iowa saturday morning dec Ember 2.1882. Number 32. Am in. Mar. Official directory. Pm a men kxi1 it Mem la a a a a w. C. Mum by. Mayor. In Ream. A who r is ,. Ooh do a i j. I is. Geek of we cat note. A a. A. It my Mhz. I iwo a r lit wit c.0. Yucca . A. Mth. A. . K. Ism a. It. Baby. Oui 0. My. i. Ill main nit.4m in in no mom. Agra a flail Tiro i mom vow Atrip a a . Jumbo or . Hop i of ads. A a Rev a. Dirt mar. James a gym. Such is the testimony which the universally in the hands of ignorant the audience was saudi hut Brecht. F to i intr m archives of the War department Bear to and incompetent persons. This should live Means that nobody was precut win Aal is Gallant tidier who it a his comrades not be. For the roads Winch Are so in except the holders of if the Iowa to Toller the hero of Spanish fort. A portent an element of the wealth and a owing to the i clemency of the it Wrath 7 of ruled Soldier with a Noble record a Comfort of the whole Community r the audience wee not what it would his two to and is n age character be is now should not be left to the mercy orig have been. Means that nobody would the faculty is is sol cause from a Post a once of the indolent and false have been there Tad the sky been As t to a a Ita lion which he Bas hued with great Satis Economy of the various districts Clear Aser Ystal. Aud the -�?ze, 3, is tas he a. Practically faction mid la which he hash an sex through which the Road Payee. Again been fanned by Oniey that. A a if is an Indef Nat Sisson amp Gheen. Dealers in amp a comm mime it wag tata Jim. A Ilum Ktal of a a Mcatam pm Dada. . Stated meetings. Episcopal moorings. Mme imm Mai it la him a pop rottau efm it it oaf a a iwo. My. A Wii faster. A. Is. Church. Rowh to lie. We can get some idea of the variety mid magnitude of his Lal a during the thirteen years of faithful and efficient service in the College by s in ply enumerating them. Ile by always conducted successfully the classes in military tactics and free hand drawing to which were added for ten years or longer the burdensome i a1 of connected with the management of dining Boom for two Hundred students at the same time acting As cashier in the department of accounts the duties of which were continued to him As Deputy treasurer Aud finally As treasurer in full for the uni tended experience. Hie aet. Col. John Scott appears anxious to have it known that he did nothing to cause tile removal of Gen. Geddes. He writes to the heir str As follows and we cheerfully give him the Benefit of this according to the Hymnbook a Bleu softly Over Ceylon in the Way of dramatic criticism Quot or. Montgomery shows some crudity Aud inexperience. Will live floods away for Cash for Hie Heil Silty Days. Believing Iii the it it i it i saying that a a live Nickel is Worth explanation edit reciter i was not an apply and another begins in his turn to take cant directly or i in the present system there is the de feet of the annual election of supervisors when men of suitable ability wifi a and a a a a a a a the position. As soon As a supervisor time and Judy in ans that or. M. Plenty we will Tufi be All who have a Ipp dollars of Dana amp has Learned something by his year s a hopeless and irredeemable Stic k apprenticeship his experience is lest finally a a scandal Iii High life has 19 plenty we will give a a Chance to us it a a Well. Iam or indirectly for any position in Ute agricultural College. I am not even acquainted with two of the trustees. I never conversed previous to my election with Botone member of the Board on that subject Aud then Only answered his questions. I told him i could take no position that would i Vicks even a w a m. And Jit. A. Imm. Sate�4 Rnic m. A pm try ohm mss Tsa it Keno Tuuu to papaw. Huntington require close and continuous attention Tege. When it is remembered that ail and thought they could not offer me 1 a inv id a re that i could now afford to a tiie business of the ollege involving a n View 0f these facts i submit complication of details from All depart your editorial Assumption that i in a. of .vnia.1 five Trio Rill cd Imti i amt. Til if. A Taw jurists w4ivv� a a we a or a Menta and a most elaborate system of Tri Gued for tile place is unjust to me the handling carnal of unjust to the Board and calculated to Baptist Church. To Titi wow in a and a hate a t. A ios Teml a. A eve Nam St Tutti ii was a so Hmar immense sums of Money was Conr to t will la no of rated in his office of or the accurate and retract and Kurt bag skilful disposition of which he was re you have authority f Caille Ami that throng Hien j be a Tiro career there was never a Penny in Duk Jjck it very resp con i it a sign rial c by re h. T say is Awn Smia Ikles mall a. A. Mrs it ass s Kov a 0 a h a a r St Sommi to Iii ism. I Mimi pms Tea Amto Ewt a Maraget a soc a Jim it. V by a a a Rrt Moslie spa a Ollie no Sam. K a a. May a a i Amin a Shiwram a care tee full s. I Hal it. Tau us 9mmssarf a United workmen. 4 Mes Loim in emf a. Cd. In w Ico. Isam a a a Tayir eve Tom mass sic St Imam Nkum mob of Pitta ii. Fat amp in lib c ii. Som m a is Tilden Penny acct med for. Ami no loss of any kind factored some notion of the ability and efficiency and till get try of it eneral t Geddes As a Public officer Ltd a great institution May la gained. But this is not ail. For years Nern made responsible for Hie re a Orns and property of the Soliero building had general oversight of the order of the students and he had charge also to of the Book department Ina this he showed himself thorough More than fair that you set the matter right. If for the course you a save future Hun w you would make it Public. Very respectfully. Nevada. Nov. 27. John Scott. Or Hig mw.4 Ith. The following written by g. W. Catt. Is a Kirton of a thesis read at the commencement exercises of the Iowa agricultural College. I As compared with the commercial Polit ical and social position of the state the roads of Iowa Are universally inferior. Not that they must remain inferior for such is not the Case. The direct lessons in . In other occupations skill and ability Are tilings of value w Hile in that of Road supervision the moment the party is chosen he i thought fit to direct a work requiring much science mid practical ability and to do this regardless of the Vagt in Bels making of the capital time and labor of the people further the fun i teen brought to our notice of which we will Hare More to say in a few that Means Well that Means �?obusi-1 a Trow t Hon pm. Music for everybody. Merrill s if famous method or primary National music teacher. A new neat novel and ingenious met Hod for playing familiar airs on the dam in Tai prime prof the Road tax is j of Leone in Ouier Natura the pay e Huaie. Itta ments of rents in kind has Long since been found to be less easy Ami equitable than Money rents. Men Are now taken from their particular occupation in which they Are skillful Aud transferred to one concerning which they know nothing. A Good Farmer does not necessarily consider himself a Good Mechanic lie knows that it is truer Economy for him to pay Wlla a a one for his services. But the Laws As ious As Ables anyone without a musical knowledge to play on any piano or Organ. Any person or child who knows nothing of music can play familiar airs without previous study and learn the notes with ease. This is no Humbug. His a most wonderful discovery for simplicity in the airs Aud theory of music children youth Ami tile aged charmed with this mary61-method of unfolding the k21�w�rtt Polit in Btl ii. A. My no Etc the am mod of turd Atohi a of Heil 111 it a Semi f Dhu it Volt a a la Moi Etc in. Uni Iem worn we. A vary Mit a % a a he amp of Witas it More a Mower. A .1 dec termed my a Skwe in to Vii is Lido. Toi Hothem Ietti Lum Rterle Quot dam St my by capable my True. The. Una Ninou a this infer Rity la found Iii testimony of hism Ocie a Slatha in in the per primitive we to More valuable officer in the it old condition. Their faults Are those of direction of slope of surface and of general deficiency in All the attributes of a got is Road. Some of these defects Are the unavoidable results of a Deli professional cards. Lege. With the students he was deservedly a pillar. There was a secular interest clustering Al out lbs history hat made him attractive to Young people. A Soldier from boyhood he Tad fou Fht it it of a we Abor in Aliew a ii setups on the Plaudis of India and country but most of them arise from he taike.1 instructive and feeling try Ign Simce either of the True Prin and often lectured on thai a off coun. A of , or of the and try. In the tar of the rebellion he vh1, a of putting these principles was successively promoted for valorous Terens amp Hays fam nuts at Law am my imm. A of car my at. Lmh into practice. This inferiority May deeds from the rank mid file to the High uie Refore removed by a More Gener 8d,. M Connolly Tvovi Toevs at my sad ooh Lert wimm. Oboe Ovit by flu a tempt no cd Amma Low a Geo. Al Underwood i Fluffy and cd he use lot at la w. % pipe Clovein All to a a a a at pm mind my vol com Mai Ftp of cd do Triet a of Luw. So Pata i Mia. A Hal Iff have just received est tier of honors conferred in military same time More thorough circles he we in the highest sense a of requiem Uttof a Good hero and a Patriot for there Are those and the Means of obtaining these who do not hesitate to Ray that at one i cements but roads belong to supremely dangerous juncture in the unappreciated class of blessings court of the rebellion in. James l which the value Ami importance is Geddes by his heroic Ami chivalrous not fully Feu i it because of the very great saved the i Mon army from to. Imn Muou t. Cd Moc Ala is Sanmir a l�1 w11 a pm it koranic Thompson a Lani and Roll ration agents j Piew town. Dyer amp Fitchpatrick Lair nov s Aid cd Lun Kolii at Law j Hilr mme Wall Imit of Ute my mud Uoo by cd Kurtti. Auld Minke in a Imit in Folk pm mfr. To Mew no. To a a Ltd a. In i Ltd a a. Baring. Being entirely Cut off. The military Depar Lieut of tile agricultural College were justly proud of the grand old hero of Shiloh him Spanish fort As their instructor in military tactics. And his whole record As a professor in the College is of like character. Ness of their advantages which Are so manifold and As to have limited their universality Only by the extent of civilization Aud As to leave their origin forgotten. There Are few departments of practical mechanics in which every i divid be is or like Ena Meler. Aal. At some period or other of his life. And now in answer to the inquiry immediately interested than in management of roads and pave in. My Templeton a min Shiah Asb or a Pion. Tax our by mews am Laws. Full Stock of g. A. Meredith i Mia m and in my Psi a a a a f a few of cd Over Bawerd Bai a a Walo lout Mil cd mme of shift eat i a Tom Al n a it Iii James Bradley in y a in t a m and Send Fox. Am Iowa he Fol a Imi Affif what Fco of w Psi a hotel. I. A Mew Tut Lff or phys Mhz for Mew which every one of our readers will make As to Why he was removed we regret to say that we do not know. It could not have been on the ground of incompetence nor i recall be lie had grown unpopular with the faculty and students. Gen Geddes is to Day esteemed As highly by the faculty and students As any officer in connection with the institution. No reasons were assigned and when we come to canvass the ments. For one element in the Cost of every production is its transportation either As a raw material or As a finished product. Among the most remarkable consequences of the improvement of roads is the rapidly increasing proportion in which their benefits radiate and extend in every direction. For if the improvement were two fold the same a Siguer mum lieu a Wii u to. We what fair Tad honest Leas expenditure would make a treas porn Fairchild at Keg Ley. In smax and St ammo i. Of in Gates off we. Fehm a vhf Gnu Oil a. I a it set p. In. In a i a in a a a i Mai Tiff 9 win. A. B. Crain Blit a in Imi n Aki St it Bern am to a Ftp a a Awtry a a ii of Mew i h in. Kin ii la the Bra a mar other Midk Lite. Mim awol and car Furty "re11 Fml melt of col Kim unit Tom c. A Beverly a m. M d. Pii i Sliviak Aid sri of tax. Of Tel in a off a a pm r. Iurii. A a. A to it la a men Ai nit theto on might be assigned we confess that we Are completely out at sea. And that suggests some crave matters in connection with the management of this great and prosperous school in our midst to w hich we May recur by and by in which As citizens we Are vitally interested. As a Community Weare in a sense partners in that concern and not silent partners either. Anything done that would disastrously effect the Prosperity of that College would so far be a detriment to the interests of higher education in the state but must most Sensi Tion Over twice the distance and Over four times the former area if the improvement were three fold Over three times the fumes distance and Over nine times the former area. The direct object of roads is a rapid Safe Aud economic transportation. They should therefore be so located and constructed As to enable All kinds of goods to he transported from one place to another with the least possible expense. To attain these important ends. A Road should fulfil certain conditions which the nature of the country Over which it Lewis schooler Affif Moxan and Summ full i Wuu. Mirk w d. Lumm brom kit and do a Lich in us Al i mkt rats. Notes Elm 0�iw��e a in aft a item. Six a a Lively touch the business interests of passes and other circumstances. Our Community an our duty As cedi for Tara Lar it in Lgon late _ is nerf dec Tiv Plain file in one combination but to the most reluctantly do we part with Gen. Imn of which we should Endeavor to Geddes and Lope that his eminent Abib approximate As nearly As Postai Cha e. Hunt Bette Ai wait tee Tai Tiu Ditko t a a a lows. V cities and High character a it meet with so needy and us Uuele appreciation in other lines of usefulness in our state. J. A fit he Pat Rick Kam i nor of Fluk i. Som Mhz off Dion. Us a x a Keef in a my in in a. T Luca in All lines. Am in do Wesh Ible it. De m like Kew to r. The auks ii Luoto sex expended in making feeling of Pei ple nearest the 7. A a in ill. Or acne trial n�k�.d7ta� mat the a a it a a a a a a a port on m the As to their direction every Road tilings being equal should be perfectly straight so that its length and therefore the time and labor expended in travelling upon it should be the least possible. Any necessary increase of length causes a three fold waste in the Aux and Doan a kit Nevada his a. Wan Mbom Ltd Tex iric i. My bin writ a a a it Law Iii mail flite the in Mogk i my my w la. Pitch Patrick mril of the in Kals and Collin lion agent a a. Dmn. A iic�?T1 kits it of a removal is regarded there ass great mistake and one that will ire an injury to the collage. It will be so regarded throughout the state. Let it be remembered that Gen. Geddes is a thoroughly experience i and capable Man who has Long serval the College to per fume every Man to he a skilful Road maker Aud compel him to act As one. Though the blunders of a party w to did the work himself instead of implying a Mechanic would affect Only himself his blunders As a Road maker would injure the whole Community. Skill is Only acquired by practice and successful experience. An Artisan cannot be Etem Porizek. Labor by the Day is always less profitable than by mysteries of the musical world As to exclaim a blessed is the Man who invented this new Mode of institution in Hie Art of music. This new method is designed to amuse the million and at Hie Saint time teach the element of music. It does it to perfection. Sent by mail with Fem pieces of music for 11.00 address Chic Ach piano co. 7> and to Van Buren Street Chicago Illinois look at just a few prices Only dress goods for to cents i ii Worth to cents for 15 cents Worth a bargain St 20 cents for 90 a its. Worth every cent of 25 cents for 30 cents a a St miners at 35 cents and so Tiluy rim flannels Tor 30 cents Good Val be at 35 cents for 40 cents Worth 4-> cents for 50 cents Good at 60 cents. And piles of Canton Ham ids at Low prices. Cloaking right Down Dolman Worth i9.00, for 7.50 wort ii $10.00, for $0.00 Worth $15.00, for $12, Worth $18, for $14 Worth $29, it it a $18. And milling by goods the a Bottom is actually knocked out a in fact there Are too Many things for us to mention but a few. Our nth Stock is too Large a for these kind of times a and therefore we will do what we claim come friends and see us. This new and Correct map prove beyond any reasonable quest iou that the Chicago amp North Western Ray is by All pm is the Twat Toad for you to take when travelling in either direct pm bet am Chicago and All of file principal Points in the West North and Northwest. C awfully of ii nine this map. Tho twin Copal cities of Tho West and Northwest Are boat Julia it ii rough trains Nutku cd use with tile trains it ail rail Ruatos at in tills Road. J action _ _ a fsr. Nicholas to above any lung we the piece when each Man s skill and produce in the same line Al noon Industry secure proportional rewards times w orking on the roads is made a halt Holiday by those who assemble at the Call of the supervisor. Few men or horses do More than a half Day s work the remainder being Given Over to idleness. While half the actual work is St. Nicholas esk Young folks. Wasted by misdirection. These evils impel us to the conclusion that the personal labor system is a curse to our highways. Hen Are Over $2,000,000 of expended every year without any definite plan. System or adequate supervision. Search our stat Over and you cannot find its equal for reckless expenditure. To avoid these evils the general supervision of the expenditure of county should be placed parents who desire entertaining Aud wholesome Reading for their children Aud Young Folkes who enjoy accounts of travel and adventure. Historical incidents stories pictures household harmless find these in St. No Holas. Which is recognized by the press and Public of Boul England and America As fue Best ski finest Magazine for children overprinted. I ii new volume which begins w Ith the november number. And opens with a coloured frontispiece will be much the finest Ever issued and the attention of All parents and a a a All Reading Young Folk s is invited to in the hands of a competent county the following partial list of attractions Engineer. The details of the work the Tinkham brother tide Mill should be Given to competent persons new Seril store of j t. Trowbridge under the Engineer s supervision who fumes editor of a your Young folks. Should devote the whole of the work and author of a the Jack Hazard my so Aton to tile improvement and re stories Etc. Pair of tile Rands. This would give a f 0 St it re of Viteau. A concert of action labourers who were an historical novelette of girl and Box acquainted with the work they were expected to perform and the general supervision would he in More competent hands. I am persuaded that under a judicious expenditure one half the amount now expended upon our roads would give us better returns. Nothing contributes More to the convenience of the people and the general reputation of the state than a Good Aud Well regulated system of Public highways. Life in the lath Century. By Frank it. Stockton formerly assistant editor of ,author of rudder Grange Etc. A tile Story of Robin Hood an account of the famous Yeoman. By Maurice Thompson author of a the witchery of Arche. A the Story of the cloth of by f. S. Brooks. To he illustrated with Many remarkable pictures. A Biland new a capital Ami novel play. By William i m. Baked author of a this majesty my roads from a primary element in the self Etc. A swept a serial Ston of the Mississippi hoods of 1n82. By la s. Ellis formerly editor of Olden a Elisabeth a biographical paper regarding this celebrated Painter of Battle scenes 11 material advancement of a nation being essential to the development of the natural resources of a country. Go to whatever nation you wish whether to ancient Egypt Greece hone. Or to modern England Prussia France or Holland and you find that tie devel Holland and you find that the devel nitrated with pictures prepared for is. Ozment of the country corresponds with \ Nicholas by miss Thompson. A whore was Villiers Quot the facilities for internal communications. Thus the Road of a country Are an exact and certain test of tie degree of civilization to which a people Nave attained. Their construction is one of the first indications that a people have emerged from barbarism and their improvement an Index a of the Progress of a nation in numbers wealth science and Industry. They Are tin veins and arteries it it of tie body politic through which flow the agricultural productions and Rummer 1 a1n,vi� r to it ski Cial supplies which Are the life blood of the state. They Are the Means by a thrilling Story of tile rues Turk Tim War. By Vren Bald forties Var . A the boy at the White an account of the life of a Tad Quot Lincoln. By Noah Brooks author of the boy emigrants a a comedies for a Fine serifs of juvenile plays. By k. S. Brooks author of a i he baud of nod Etc., and including a Christmas masque a the false sir s Anta pre tired expressly for to i id a times. I Bere will in snort stories by Louisa m. A1 Well known writers for Young folks papers on Home duties .111<i do a it a sports occupation and instruction for boys and tee Chicago a North Western railway All omis principal lines runs each Way Dally from two to four or More fal so Vaas to Lins. Ii w Iii Only Mol West. North or Northwest of Chicago that uses the Imperial Palace dining cars. It is us Only Road la. It runs Pullman sleeping cars North or North of Northwest of Chicago has Over Ville or Road it forms a moist them the following trunk lines a it Xit Teil bin its. Colorado California line Quot Quot Winona Minnesota amp Central Dakota line. S mix it try a northeastern Nebraska line Quot a Chicago. St. Amp Minneapolis Una Quot a elfin. It-., dont. Freeport a Dubuque line a a Chicago. Green Bay. Amp Lake Superior line a i to River Valley. Pierre is Deadwood line Quot a Waukesha Madison a Northern line Quot Al in Mitilier to Aik for tickets v la of this mad the sure they read Over it. Take no Oiler. J. D. Laying w. H. Sennett cd neral supt., ii Imago Den pass. Agent Chicago be a. I la la agent a. A s. Vav. Lit it ame Iowa. It John. Ii. Quem i co lumber dealers Chase builders hardware. Blet of prism be tears Biol inf your of Meim Cooke by eat Tad a Woodenware House furnishing goods. Shot guns a Rifle romans sop plus of i Klaud or Spoo Teiter in the a a favorite m Coo stove a Aua Rautar Sowry thing to he As we Sill at Tbs a West pow Ihla i hcs a we handle the test floods manufactured Ian strive til deaf fab1 add please. We it your Trade and will try to keep in in our tin slip we use the beat ambers Al and do work la the Best intoned. As to pumps Well we Load the Trade and always Anan Tobis pita Bingham too c. F. Wheeler aka Lar in Shiple ind fancy groceries canned and dried fruit consisting of in Lins or Ca Limu buts dried Apricot raspberries evaporate cherries pitted French prune blackberries Etc. Tyft Tiwu and in mis stain by Wilt Choice family flour. Telephone orders edit receive or special 4fieniioiv try seme of ear pare sugar syrups. A foods guaranteed just As rep a a Ted or Money refunded. Goods delivered in the City free tar of a Wpm Smisl my temp a Stelte a Mph new Emmma �,335kp Tjem groceries when in tows. We ers Tou can the cheapest and that 18 at j. L. Bartlett Corner grocery where you will always find a Choice assortment also a neatly kept Hest an rant in connection where y in san Trot warm meals at All hours every Bow wow has his Day and so All the old piano makers have had their. Lake an old Man boasting of his achievement in hts younger Days to the old piano manufacturers Are rail toasting of testimonial which Are As old a the ant piano. But a new Light in the Horison of the Mucsi world has appeared and Shine varies Iowa. Fore discovered chaise Llanos have been Bette the people some thirteen years and with the a a other v ii of at i years in Ireat improvements All of which Are patented sad can be found in no other piano made in them they Are fast becoming the Ter Tang pianos of America. The fact that the College of m uric of Nicin Natl. Have bought eleven mid have two More at this writing being constructed for them and the notre Dame of Cincinnati have bought from time to time the Chase piano until now they have fifteen of them. Is an evidence of their great durability and excellence in tone Quality so that ready they Are worthy of the name Mhz. Story City Eudora retail ant c a i into the. To licit die. Then depends in a great degree the Progress of our state. May the time be not far Distant when our roads under a More efficient management will take a a Ftp Rete Tel mpg Tetra Jajw wit a Levator 8.a a in it g. H Eun Yoru keep to hand pin or water me Inglr Meteri pm pc sri Lamar i ftnejtegi�1 a us a. A hdm Quot a a Ter it a i item a Tate i Kite i qual meet of n i h. Max Wal i it a Hoy to Loam. A a a a Sale Iii a a t in m we from Teal in a a ftete1 Tate Taie writ Al Matt Amici with Wom mrm he Wmk it tatar a in a a a we Der otay a a we set Ewe a j a or Teu lows a Ichel ii Maxi la. Livery. Feed recurring expense of repairing it. And in the time and labor employed in travelling Over it. The two requirements of having a Road level and at the same time straight will often conflict in such cases straightness should gear a the i on leg to per ill it a mar Iii a for pin pose of Mak Lumuir Mvi feet satisfaction. Ile is a gentleman of a Llie red be Durer level. The front rank in the improvements of our a Techter a Hap Tad exp Otaw a a. _ Rie need instructor Aud universally pop Goa Elveu Iii us ular Arn the student. Hut be i Oxtot rotated. Snug by to Tomal . In eur More than til is. He in a Man who demanded by the land an expression common in these Days Bas served his comity As gallantly i i a Dere who attach More importance to of nominations is a while a portion of War a he has faithfully in a Aee can of their Fields than to the ticket is not such As we should of the editors and proprietors of the Impre vement of their roads. J have nominated we shall give it our Regii amp or was under Lite command during which the extremities of the system Are girls v till popular feature#2 and the part supplied with materials essential to Inen he ii a Futko Quot a year 2.# it cuts Aitt ,. Number. It a script on should begin their life health and Trigor. And without a Villi the n in Emit a number. The sue a bounteous Supply of which they must reeding Issue a Tim womb Ruilt Bristol the improvement of our roads Mas a und w ill have also a color _ i xxi Priff inti de frontispiece and Many unusual attractions. Track nth i go. N fax vol y. Cash Trade atle in mint matchless to Day accounts while the Cha a pint is equal and in Tome Points Superior to any i it ther piano made in the United states there is another potent reason we do not want any i neb Attiat Wili remain on our books Over thirty Days. The new York weekly Herald i u. Taylor Jan and insurance agent. As lose Dew Batea wad or wants in int ailment. S3o-l� 3�?�lq.to1o operator of the City Dray line one of Tim campaigns of the lab War. And has a vivid memory of the patriotic bravery and service of Gen. James l. Geddes Ami is proud to repeat the recollection now. Gen. Geddes is one of the Gallant men who fell badly wounded at Shiloh. Falling into the hands of the enemy he spent nine months in the hell of rebel leaving their construction Hearty this Means that the let us editor s most hitter enemy who will one Dollar a year. The Ltd slut inn of this popular new Teper in of that Nelly liter awing. It Onn Talon All the i hot ii us to. A sgt of the daily Herald and id arranged in Handy Depar Unen a. The foreign n Evi a pm Brae Ftp Ial diktat he f it us a i Quarter if i to Globe Miller Hilr an of american news Dix us a Call we will give lowest fib or is on the above terms. We act a a Large Stock of lumber Sash doors. I0dldb6s shingles. Lath pickets. Building paper Cedar posts our far i ii lbs for Forni Ahing Bridge Bills Are not equated. .1 Din ii. A Ideal amp co. Why the a Chase Quot is preferred to All other namely Tho Price. A can undersell ail other first Claa piano. You ask How can the Chaaw piano co. In a Flatt Clara piano any cheaper than anybody Elan there Are various Reamona. Tile company a fact by is Knater right in the of the heart of the Bart growing Timber and they save too per cent on the chef of material. Their workmen Are not under the influence of Trade unions and live a great Leal cheaper than in cities consequently the Cost of labor la much Leas. The company run their Mill with water Power a no expense for steam or an Engineer. Thy own their Mill and have no rents or interest on costly investments. They have Twenty five heres for drying lumber. These facts together with Many prove ments and the eagerness with which schools and colleges sock the Chase Plano All go to show that la popularity the Chaa is the a coming agents wanted. Address Chicago piano co., 78 amp 80 Van Bursa St Chiba of ill of the Dat. Give me a cajun before purchasing elsewhere j. L. Baby Lett the Boyd bundt no amen Iowa to th0s. Warden s Elt Lew meat Market in arb Iowa Choice and fresh Mamie halted and smoked Meeds fish oysters and pm nutty the new Market is i hated in Hemstreet s old stand next door to umber Oaks. Cash paid for hide and pelts something new pm general that i have Hie put largest and beat selected awk of tinware Ever opened in Story county. I have two teams on the Road and Teall lava More soon. They will Call at every House in this and adjoining or unties. Consider the present system of Man aging our Public highways. Give tile printing to the other paper ii he can. Is on the ticket and the editor Arr Given the no telegraphic dispatches a it of the week from All parts of the Triton i Bis feature Illic via a a a a a a Way the amount of taxes levied by the Hopes that the Lowdown reptile May be state As shown by the auditor s report beaten out of sight. In the Case of for its was $543.6 of for Road and distinguished orators the remark a Psi for Bridge purposes and in Quot the Hon. Or. Blank was attacked addition to this is the poll tax amount with a sudden indisposition and did Ilion in a i the week Herald the tit a valuable it by a Dele in the world us it a Theta neat every week is Givene faithful report of political news w. H Felson ii att lug. Steer a tee a a a tract Sam on a note terms. Item at a Tawi re us spew nine Moawia in win nun a a Ifim # a t a a a a Thall inn. Annually not speak Means that tile venerated prison Tad tile cow. Of the War be Suetwan a too drunk to i. Bint disabled from Active manual labor. It16 amount of Money expo head in the observation Means the that disability continues to this Day. Romly Bridges. Rag to j when an lied to the lights although it to no Wue Ina a Cut to a him wet Ilo woo of Tach count Tai my Quot it for Hie duties at the. 7lee. He la. Orer wooo for each Utah up. It of the american auge. A we failed to when the state gave him a position in my a it no ora.i2sr jl2stid . Pate id All kit Send b0dtawf>r new Tripp it re whereby he could earn i livelihood be Tel Mem 1 Quot a a a v�a�tei.4j would we nothing More. We ask our distract of titles shipping horses readers in general and we ask old v 1 Eonides of toils and dangers in a it it ?t0mw two m Olar to recall now one instance of Lien. In till Geddes service to his country. It was Zzz a Etta the taking of a finish e Ort toe be to tem teak Vita in omd pm mum set is 3 a reps daily. I we Teal keep to Peteck and few rate the i w. Henney carriages for Bis anti stat Hie College. He has j that the expenditure fro Large catch the last words of the speech a always refused a pension holding that amount 0f Money should insure us Means that eloquence at the critical a much better condition of our Public period was drowned in a we highways than is at present main regret we have not space to publish the fat Tut a tug Eon Pete and a a in pretend Ive Ali Pkt Ehn from Vai Biu Gion. I eluding Filiti to port of us pm a a hot of eminent on the qty pc Tom of Ute hour tin form i in Purl in int of the weekly he fatal g Earth latest a Well m the Moat Png a tidal a a urge troit my la Over a. Relating to the Lulu i a f Tine la a a a want a r rata i tag a Auk poultry Grain % tree vef let Able 1 tv., with suggest sous Flar Al Ping , Felt and farm Teg utensil in repair Fri i supple men. Ltd a a Well edited de Nurt Ruer a widely copied under the head of the Home a new Bodley Book. Tek Booley grand Chilba a tender beef steaks and the la. Journey in Holland i. Hon Ltd k. Sri . Author of the Uther qh0ps cutlets sausages modify Nook Villi mans Illas titration a anti Ai and All Choice meates it be had at very attractive emf. Mea Atte. He High a of ump ant older readers a have a i loved of Prtrt Law by Dey bal dts will tie de to bred with thai which hew set of bad 11 is who lev. I wonderfully it isl time in hoi us to seeing its curious sight and bearing it note rating Terne of it history. To a land ii Natl octet at away to item a a Law teat a. Key aft Law. Gentleman a eloquent Effort in full Quot Means that in the editors opinion the speech would have made a reflective Mobile Gen a j Mulh in his Orti Cia report of thai movement said. A i Wrath Epe Daly mention t �4 Jam i. Hon Bank of Imes in in we bin Puegh Blag mar wite Edtl a lit he Call is is i ntd1#�# cite Ringo Ettere i a Maxwell. Fir pc f. Ste Sutar state tatar ii 1 \ in to ios. in. Ii in a earn. At Iweta a m a sri a Hank f ambs woe frat d la. It a didst m l a Bauk of to. I l mad tee Bank tug h my Oro. Icy a dam in utter Tea Law cd rior tee nuns seem a the Daven port a Genera banking business. May a it a it a a a a a a a a a the Taw Elta Teof Iowa awl Isi Myrtta tet. Mumm usurp. W r i j Tor of Roo Lar Tai 7 tamed. Viewing the present condition of the roads of our state with Tiro Money expended Tad anyone must be persuaded mule leave his Oats and that it would that we need a More judicious expend be an outrage in the Public to print it. Lit lire of our Moevs for highways. A we May refer to the address Here a sound and Well regulated system after Quot Means that the newspaper Man of managing the repairs of roads and feels Happy at getting out of it tin s of tto degree of in time Tad to to that Perdi too a brigade i Dir Tain. R r i gallantry a us with Tiro Iea get expenditure Wixo him of he a i mentions the mat of labor is As important As their Judi Tor again. In obituary notices co generous . The present system Tion of the brain Quot when applied to a of discharging a it and tax by personal ser gentleman of cosy views in regard to vices though customary throughout drinks Means delirium Kremens and the country. Is unsound in its principle a the was his own worst enemy Means unjust in its operation wasteful in its that the deceased was a drunkard and practice and unsatisfactory in its Tiro worst enemy of the people who results loaned him Money. A file had his the present system of expenditure faults who of us has not a is an equiv As vested in the District supervisors Lent expression in regard to perform should be abolished. Among the Rea maces dramatic and otherwise a those sons for this Are the following under who failed to be present missed a Rich the present system the expenditure is j treat Quot Means that everybody a failed. Giving recipe for practice tahe. Hails for making Elm Bing am fat r its pit g up with tin by i fashion. It Tiro lowest Price. By cry it m 1 t on rating or act Raomi suggested in Teal tl7l>anmcnt to practically tented by experts before publication. La a a a Fri i cur Par. And London Orram indent rat the very late i ate iou. The Home i a Par Trent of tee weekly Herald will eave the la it a wife Awre to Tao i Hundred timer the pries of the paper. Quot re Tutere Tut skilled r if re an statesmen. 1 John Quincy Adams by Johnt. Morse or. Amp a 2 Al Vatu or Hamilton Fly Henry Cabot ledge. §1.25. 3 John c Calhoun. By or h von hoist it 1.25. 4 Andrew 1 Acton by prof. W. O. I i in tier. Yale a ollege. $1js5. J winnable flirt biographies of leading Viteri a can state Sra a. La tonne Quoit with the political i Dory of the wintry. Beautiful a Briers botel. J it veral a her volumes in preparation. For Salh by Ai . Hent by mail. Kist i in Kloh receipt of Price by the publisher. J Hon a by on. Mifflin amp co. Reads new meat Market fresh meats. Smoked hams salted meats oysters. Pot Utby Etc. I alway keep in Stock the Best Brand of family Loux Ben. Bead. Opera House Block i Park St Boston. Maw grit to the Eta arge m spa Tab fort. A that ugh Oil Ertry Gfa pm a Ewere chill at the tune he remained upon tee fetid and superintended tee pm it Vonte it after Tho fall of Mobile. Gen. Carr reported col Geddes a first in his list for promotion and wrote opposite i name toe following a distinguished for bravery endurance and activity in pressing Hie siege and being Tiro first to storm with his brigade a part of the enemy s works. Milf Ctet a Laking four Tad a a it primer. Tea Vea part. Law Ted causing the enemy to evacuate Are i Token t Der. Mid est Rythia relating to me t Auk and labor is rants to Lare Gulfy mtg Tad. I Tan i a j my devoted Taall tee latest pm tact of the bump Neil Arar Krte or Mereat Koltse Eta. A Valuate feat Unta found in tee it fall reported i tee and owl it is of the product Market Longfellow Calendar a n i Emmerson Calendar Fob 1883. Boots and shoes custom made. William Hulett in atm at tin old stand and in it Tea att old Friend end new Corners to Call at Itta Stop for sporting Newt of a Quot tue and Abr a1, to it Petter Irith a ctr every week a or atm by Smay erne intent Divide Lite fury Morlote Iii mete Tete Sra Wii a n it to the re Tan it it Papra in tie world which a admin a to wit n in Mnrtrav-1 in week be the weekly Herald which Taw it a a Tage free it r a it a Mir. Tost Omi Salem Rita j at a by to or. In a deftly Lite former a a a re Ritaj portrait and Aview of Sig Fol it via Hon. The latter a View it it pm in a a Sunn Home both Era admirably designed i hated in a t and i a to Lul colors with rho fee it a it for i olt to y. And arc the Nat desirable Catel it to cult a Quot of produce by Anir Ira. Custom made work a Nett bepaib8. So ick swill it Haku pm addle a new York Herald Urot vhf to of it j us hts new Cork Price $1.00 each. Ramose business c0u19i1 by sent postpaid on v rpt of Profe i v Iii Pat Hulban Houghton Mifflin. Amp co. A i la by Street Beta i it n Iowa. Ebe cake apart and Belt in the wept Book killers Petty Mhz and pc report Peri Waghiy sited. Etui # i i rec. Address ski hot a Keokuk town. Fieri up lip Ai by Anlauf. My Wagon will a it my name on keep watch for teem and when in town raft at nay heed quarters opposite the lumberyard amen la. Quick Al t Frazee a jewelry store Post office Bui Udino May be it Mil a Large line of watches clocks jew lbt silverware Eto. Watch rap Aring a aspect att Aai Ell work guaranteed. I a a a Bra pc Farrl to. . A memo a my my Mem Yter no Stab Latow a a Vigh to hold All Tea watches to Story county sowing Machinot Rop Miro. L b. Frazee go base a Tiv tit a v f Vav Al Al x Al a jul Al William Elsie. Peop i prepared to do All triads of teaming and drawing to any of tee City. Mial. Wood Siok Brick Etc a tied both Tow or eos met a Tew rate

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