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The Blackfoot Optimist Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1912, Page 3

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The Blackfoot Optimist (Newspaper) - March 11, 1912, Blackfoot, IdahoM u n r aug soft or the bras or Yvvis " or bust a o r m a r s r Lolma m s c p m m a c t byn0psi8. A Ali a a s s s � � � p � � a 2 � i in of h a a n k an d pressing a t he to-w��.er., �1� Little b to n be Box t e v m r a theber by name. F e t a 1�T addresses her is mass Sophie butt us a a hot � of a Farrell of the f t t. � l ceera1.n r b to nsg1 of l s the is � t 1 the nights later and the has a eft Woons. He wanders "2h fun a ? reaches a Cabin and ree a fms r�?.lta occupant an old Friend whom to last met in engr a i � ? appears to be in hiding. Str Anaina. .,8 one Button to ? angely agitated. Chatterji appears Rutton to a meeting of a body. Rutton seizes a Revol � id ? area after Chatterji. He re .2 a i ii a by. Pc Ted. Says he has killed nuut takes Poison and when dying on t i to on a Lyster of eur and. Amber decides to leave at it tar Odlav 2" the Way he ads of r Liia a 1�rlaber touche. A Zient Flo its. Jil Calcutta by a quicker route. Or in try in he finds a note awaiting him it directs Amber to meet his Friend at a certain place. The utter tells him j., of huf Mission is to get miss Par r�11.01 of the country. Amber attempts to dispose of the Token to a Money Len a a mistaken for Rutton and barely being mobbed. A message from a touche causes him to Start for Dar " la a Way he meets miss a or end at their journeys end asks her to become his wife. A hindu con outs Amber to a secret place and into the presence of a Beautiful woman who mis takes him for Rutton. Later Amber is drugged. The hindus plot rebellion. Chapter xvii. Continued. Hatoor the native quavered in fright it was cold upon the w Ater and you kept me waiting overlong. I landed seeking shelter from the wind. Of your talk was not for mine ears Rem ember the a t you used a Tongue i did not know. So you were listen ing Amber calmed him mind. W heres your boat i thought to hide it in the rushes. If the Hatoor will be for a Little moment. The native dropped Down from the bund and Dis appeared into the Reedy tangle of the Lake Shore. A m minute or so late r am ber saw the boat shoot out from the Shore and swing in a Long Graceful curve to the Steps of the bund. Make haste he ordered As he jumped in and took his place. If i have kept you waiting As you say then i am late. Nay. There is Tim e to spare. Dulla dad spun the boat round and away. I did but think to anticipate your impatience knowing the a t you would assuredly come. A you knew that Dulla dad How did you know in Hatoor who am i to know aught. Nay this have i i heard a e paused cunningly you shall and but one Way to k Athia Pur. Amber realizing the a t he had invited this insolence was fair enough not to Resen t it and held his peace until he could no longer be Blind to the e fact the a t the native was shaping a course Alm Ost exactly away from the Raj mahal. What treachery is this dog he demanded. This is not the Way be not m is trustful l of your slave Hatoor whined the native. I do the bidding of those before whose will i am As a Leaf in the wind. I t is an order the a t i land you on the bund of the Royal sum m or Pavilion by the Northern Shore of the Lake. There will you and one w waiting for you my lord. He landed on the Steps of the bund and waited for Dulla dad to join him it when hearing a splash of the pad dle he looked round i t Litas to and the a to the e native had. Already put a considerable distance Between him self and the so o re Amber called a fee r jul angrily and do Adad rested upon his paddle. A nay heaven born he replied. Here doth my responsibility end. An o ther will presently appear to be your guide. Go you up to the Jungle path leading from ,.bund. T f the Virgin Len lifted his shoulders indifferently and discover a tide. running in land be � tween dark Walls of shrubbery t u t quite deserted. He stopped with a whistle or vexation peering to right and left. What the Deuce he said aloud. Is this another of their con founded tricks a Low and marvellously Sweet laugh sounded at his Elbow and he turned with a s tart and a flutter a Fhi pulses aral i he cried. Tell me not thou a r t disappointed o my King she said placing a soft hand army upon his Arm. Didst thou Hope to m get another Here nay How should i expect thee his voice was gentle though he steeled his heart against her fascia Ito n s for now he had use for her. Had Dulla dad conveyed me to the Palace then i should have Rem ember de thy Promise to ride w Ith me to Kathia Pur. But being brought to this place. Then thou didst wish to ride with mesh i nodded approval and Satis � faction. To it is altogether As i would Nave it be. Lord of my heart. By this Nave i proven thee for thou Hast consented to approach the Gateway not altogether because the voice hath summoned thee but likewise. Think to own heart urged thee. Nay by t Tell me k ing of my soul did it not leap a Little a t the e thought of m meeting m a w Ith a Quick gesture she threw h e r veil aside and lifted he r incomparably fair face to his and he was conscious tha t he trem bled a Little and the a t his voice Shook As he answered evasively thou shouldst know Ranee. Thou w it not draw Back in the end h or Arm s clipped him softly about the neck and Drew his head Down so the a t h e r b Reath was frag ran t in his face he r lips a Sweet peril be Neath his own. Thou Wilt Brave w whatever May be prepared for thy testing of the Sake of n aral i who awaits thee beyond the Gateway. O my beloved i shall not be found w acting. L ithe As a Snake she slipped from his Arm s. Nay 1 tru s t thee n o to she laughed a quiver of tenderness in her m Perrim ent. Let. My lips be mine alone until thou h ast proven thyself worthy of them she raised her voice calling Ohe r Unolt s Inch the cry rang Bell Clear in the still Ness and its Silver Echo had not died before it was answered by one who stepped out of the Black Shadow of a spreading Banian some distance away and Cam e Tow Ard them leading three horses. As the m Moonlight fell upon him. Amber recognised the uniform the Man wore As the a t of the Imperial household guard of k Handsaw a while the horses seemed to be stallions he had seen in the Palace Yard w Ith an o ther but Little the e in inferior in m Ettle or Beauty. Now announced the woman in tones of deep Contentment we will ride she turned to Amber who took her up in his Arm s and set her in the sad dle of one of the stallions. The Sowar surrendered to Amber the reins of the o ther stallion and stepped hastily aside. The virginian took the Saddle w Ith a dying leap and a thought late r was digging his Knees into the b re tees sleek tanks and saw � ing on the bits while the path owed beneath him dappled w Ith Moonlight and Shadow like a ribbon of Gray Green silk and Trees and shrubbery streaked Back on e Ither hand in a Rush of m Elting Blacks and Grays. Swerving acutely the path ran into the Dusty High Road. Amber heard Rush of hoofs behind him and then slowly the Gauze wrapped azure of the Queen Drew alongside. Maro l it him run my King the Way is not a r for such As he. Have no fear lest he t i r e but Amberse t h is Teeth and wrought w Ith the reins until his m out comprehended the fact the a t he had m it a m Aster and m operating his Arst furious burs t of Speed settled Down into a league devouring stride c rest Low limbs gathering and s Tretch � ing with the e Legant precision of clockwork. His rider regaining Bis poise found Tim e to look about him and began to enjoy for All h is cares this wild race through the Blue White night. They circled anally a great round gras8less Hillside and pulled rein in the. Notch of a Gigantic v formed by to � Long prow like spurs running out upon a Plain whose sole vague bound Ary was the vast arc of the horizon. Before them loomed dead Kath map u a Art Island of Stone girdled by the Shal Low Silver River. Like the rugged Pedestal of some Mammoth column its Cliffs Rose sheer threescore feet from the w aters Edge to the foot of the outermost of its triple Walls. From the notch in the Hills a g Rea t Stone causeway climbed w Ith a Long and easy Grade to the Jeves. Of the Arst Greet Gate spanning the chasm Over the River by m eans o f wooden Bridge. /. " a gasp from Jtj tfx of m Anand an oath from the so y k r startled Amber out of som ber Appia tens Una into which he had been plunged by Conte � platoon of this impregnable fortress of desolation. Gone was his lust for peril gone his High heedless Joy of adv Nopre. Gone the. Intoxication which had by cd his who h and d re n k deep of the cup of rom Ance there remained obey fire the a t he alone and single handed was to pit his w its against the invisible and m mighty forces tha t lurked in hiding w within those Walls to seem to submit to the e in designs and so and his Way to the woman of his love Tea r her from the grasp of the unseen and w Ith her escape. Nam uni l cd. Indeed pm need to cry aloud o r clutch his hand in o re e r to apprise him the a t the Eye was vigilant. He him self had seen it break Fortha lurid s to r of Emerald Light suspended High above the dark h Eart of the City. Slowly while they w watched the s tar descended foot by foot dropping until the Topmost Pinnacle of a hidden Temple seemed to support it and there it rested throbbing with Light now Bright now d u ll., Amber Shook him self ,1mpatlently. Silly Charlan try he m uttered irritated by his own susceptibility to its s in ister suggestion. " id like to know How they m Anage it though the Light it8elf8 comprehensible enough but the e in control of it. If there were enough wind. Id suspect a Kite. Thou a r t not dismayed my King he laughed not quite As successfully As he could have wished and not i n aral i he re turned in English a Tongue which seemed somehow be the r suited for service in com bating the esoteric influences a t w Ork upon his mind. What s the nex t turn on the program i like not the a t tone nor yet the a t Tongue. The woman shivered. Even As the Eye seeth my lord so doth the e a r hear. Is i t m get and w ise to speak w Ith levity of the a t in whose Power thou so a it shortly be perhaps not he admitted thought fully. ? to whose Power i shall so o it by be. W Ell of course. And thou w it go on thou a it not m ind to w withdraw thy hand not so the a t you d notice it Nara in i. Eor the Sake of the e Rew Ardna a in i offers thee she persisted dangerously. I dont mind telling you the a t Yourd turn m Ost any m ans head my dear he said cheerfully and be t h e r inter p re t the word As she pleased. She was n o t pleased for her a Quain Tance w Ith English was m Ore in Tim ate than she had chosen to adm it but if she Felt any Chagrin she Dis simulated w Ith her never failing Art. Then bid me Farewell o my soul and go up there he inquired lifting his brows. Aye up the causeway and Over the Bridge into the City of death alone aye alone and afoot my King. Pleasant t Prospect thanks. Am ber whistled a trifled dashed. And then when i be t up there one will m get thee. Go w Ith him fearing naught. And w hat will you do m meanwhile when thou halt have passed the Gateway my lord n aral i will be w waiting for thee. Very Well. Amber threw a leg Structure s Trong enough to Susta in a troop of w warriors but Light enough to be easily draw n up had extended across the chasm rendering the City impregnable from capture by assault. If so it had Long since been replaced by an airy and Well ventilated lattice work of boards and Tim Bers none of which seemed to the wary Eye any too sound. Amber selected the m Ost solid looking of the to t and gingerly advanced a Pace or two along it. W Ith a soft crackling a portion of the Tim � ber Crum bled to dust beneath his feet. He re trea Ted hastily to the causeway and swore and noticed that the Eye was w Matching him w Ith m malevolent in Terest and swore some More. Entirely on impulse he heaved a b it of Rock possibly Twenty pounds in weight to the Middle of the Structure. There followed a splintering crash and the contraption dissolved like a magic lantern effect leaving a solitary beam about a foot in w Width and six or e ight inches thick spanning a flight of Twenty and a drop of sixty feet. The River received the e rubbish with several successive splashes distinctly disconcerting and Amber sat Down on a Boulder to think it Over. Clever invention he m used Oneld think that a fee r Tak ing All this trouble to get me Here the eyed changed the e in m kinds about w acting me. Ive a notion to change mine. T Here seemed to be no possibility of turn ing Back a t the a t stage How Ever. K u Tea Rpu r was Rath e r a r away fld moreover he doubted if he would be permitted to re turn. Having come thus far he m ust go on. Moreover Sophia Farrell was on the o ther Side of the a t sword wide Bridge and such being the e Case Cross it he would though he were to find the nex t world a t its end. Finally he considered the a t he was presently to undergo an ordeal of some unknown nature probably sex 1 away from the portals Between rows of dwellings palaces of m Arble and Stone tombstones and m mausoleum s with m Eaner houses of Sun dried Brick and rubble roofless All and disinter g rating in the slow Terrib be process of the years As Amber moved for Ard Small a Lert ghosts Rose from the under growth and scurried s Ilen try thence a Circum stance which m Ade him very unhappy. The Way was difficult and Amber tired. After a while having seen nothing by t the e jackals an owl a t two Severa l thousand b a to and Craw Ling thing which had lurched along in the Shadow of a Wall some distance away giving an admirable imitation of a badly wounded m an pulling himself Over the ground and m aking strange Guttu ral noises am ber concluded to w Ait for the guide n aral i had prom ised him. He turned aside and seated him self upon the Edge of a broken Sandstone Tomb. The silence was appalling and for Relief he took Refuge in cheap irreverence. Home he observed aloud never w As like this a heart rending sigh from the e Tomb behind him was followed by a rattle of dislodged rubbish. Amber found him self unexpectedly in the Middle of me n c a bin it Herb s a Little word below with letters three which if you will Only grasp its Potency. Will Send you higher toward the goal where you aspire which without its pardons Aid. Youll never see now. Success attends the Man who views it right the Back and Forward meaning dlr Tei quite for this is How it reads to the Man of ready deeds won. Favorite di8he3 from famous Cooks. P i k i c re bake a Light Brown lordly p Leasure houses All m Arble turn out of the cups and serve w Ith tracery and Fretwork standing a a it w upped Cream. G Arnish w Ith a Little in w hat had once been Noble gardens preserved pineapple tanks All Weed grown and rank w Ith slime hum Bler door Yards v7 and cots on whose Hearthstone the � ares for centuries had been cold his destination evidently the tem ple of the unspeakable Eye. H As they Drew n eager the leading i l is Al ways morning ome Shadow forsook the Shade of the Walls and above the t Oken ing continents which he seemed to favor sweeping from Shore to Shore hastily across a Plaza White w Ith me where the Birds Are singing Ever r v i oon Glare and w without pause on into the Black gaping Hole beyond the m Arble Arch. Here for the first Tim e Amber Hung tick ,1k a 8cor� of fee fro i w Hen eggs a re forty and fifty cents not8 Erver a jangle he did a Dob one feels inclined to look of r no t falter in his purpose he was go dishes the a t Call for few o r no eggs tag to Ente r the inky Portal b u t h Ere a re. Would he Eyer leave it and the world was Sweet to him. O. To a l c o o k be a cup of Fine int he took Arm hold of his reason and meal this May be m Ade finer by put w ent on across the dark threshold Ting it through the m eat g Rind Era in ree Incerta a s to ,4eb to to the cup of flour a half cup of Ian or but Lam Otless unknown and pulled up be r and lard mixed a half cup of milk. Eqgle88 f00d8. Few for those of us who m ust economize came toward them leading three horses. Over the Crupper handed the stallions reins to the Sowar who had dismounted and draw n near and dropped to his aral i nodded to the. Sowar who led the Anim Al away. W Hen he was out of earshot t the woman leaned from the Saddle her glorious eyes to am berms. My k ing she breathed in tensely. But the thought of Sophia Farrell and w hat she m ight be suffering a t the a t very m of ent was Upperm Ost of traded itself like a Wall Between him self and the e woman. Goodnight my dear he said am a Bly and turning made off toward the foot of the causeway. W Hen he had gained it he looked Back 4 � see her Riding off a t a wide in Felt from the causeway heading out to to the Plain. W Hen he looked again sole two of three m minutes later. A Rani the Sowar and the horses had vanished As completely As if the Earth had opened to receive them. He rubbed his eyes s tired and gave it up. So he was atone shrug he plodded on. W Ith a chapter xviii. The hooded death. The causeway Down which the horsemen of forgotten Kings of Khan Daw a had c la tiered Forth to War. In its age old Des etude had come to de Cay. Between its great paving blocks g Rass sprouted and Here and there creepers and even Trees had taken Root and in the slow immutable proc Ess of the e in growth bad displaced considerable m asses of s tone so the a t there w Ere Pitfalls to be avoided. O the else a Litte r of rubble m Ade the w talking anything but Good. Amber picked his Way with caution Grum bling. A after some three quarters of an hour of hard climbing he Cam e to the wooden Bridge and halted surveying it w Ith m distrust. Doubtless in the old in Tim e a sub Stan Tia l but movable trem Ely unpleasant and the a t this m at the r of the e vanishing Bridge m ust have been arranged in order to put him in a properly subdued and tractable Fram e of mind. He got up and tested the remaining g order with circumspection and in credulity but it seemed firm enough solidly embedded in the stonework of the causeway and immovable a t the City end. So he straddled it and averting his eyes from the scenery be Neath him hitched i gloriously across collecting up Lin ters and a very Dis Tinc t impression that As a vocation Knight err Antry was not w without its drawbacks. W Hen again he stood on his feet he was in the Shadow of the outer Gate � Way the Curta in of the second Wall confronting him. Casting about he discovered the Sec Ond Gateway a t some distance to the left and s tarted toward it forcing a Way through a tangle of scrubby in de grow the weeds and thorny acacia but had taken few Steps Ere a heavy splash m the River below brought him up standing with a Thum Ping heart. A after an irresolute mom ent he turned Back to see for himself and found his apprehension Only too Well grounded the sword wide Bridge was gone Dis placed by an Agency which had been prompt to seek cover though he con fessed him self unable to suggest w Here the a t cover had been found. H e gave it up considering the a t it were futile to Badger his w its for the How and the wherefore. The import n t fact remained the a t he was a Pris Oner in dead Kathia Pur his re tre a t cd t off and Here he m Ade a Sec Ond discovery to finitely m Ore Shock ing his pistol was gone. Turning h in k a t length be made his Way to the second Gateway and from it to the third under the lewdly sculptured Arch of which he stopped and gasped forgetting As for the first Tim e k Athia Pur the fallen was re � sealed to him in the awful Beauty of its naked desolation. A wide and stately Avenue stretched Short hearing nothing unable to see a Yard before him. Then w Ith a ter Rifici crash like a Thunder clap the g Rea t doors swung to behind him. He whirled about w Ith a stifled cry conscious of a mad desire to find the doors again took a step o r to o to no Stening a w Ard the paused to w Onder if he gifted Apple two thirds of a cup of sugar and a fourth of a teaspoonful of soda Dis solved in milk. A Little grated Lemon or Orange Peel and Nutmeg with flour enough to Roll thin. Apple 8auce half cup of shortening a cup of sugar a cup of sauce a teaspoonful of m o v e d t i m f i a i o n v in r t i r f o u r t a s cup. O f n 6, o 6 a � � a f turn a our and of spice to taste. Add raisins a j91 r reverberating the o r currant if desired and bake in u n t i theve " rolled a r away Bra or in a loaf until they were no More than As w whisper adrift in the silence until the a t was gone. Digging his nails into his Palms h e waited and in the suspense of dread began to count the seconds. One m minute. Two three. Four he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. passed a hand across h is face and brought it away wet with perspiration nine in some Rem ote spot a Bell began to toll a t first slowly Clang Clang. C Lang then More quickly until the Roar of its sonorous Gong like tones seemed to fill All the world and to be t it a trem ble. Then insensibly the Tempo became m Are be Date the first Clam or of it m operated and Amber abruptly was alive to the fac t the a t the Bell was speaking that its voice deep Clear sound metallic was rolling Forth again and again a question couched in the purest sans k rit who is there y. W to is the e re. W to is there. The hair lifted on his Scalp and he swallowed hard in the Effort to an Srbui � h t 8tucv n he thro a to i it actually h a p p e n it i. W re t � l add a 2nd the traditional bet of a Dollar to e eff w y Tuen l Dou Konut was decently made in month take Acup of Spilk a tablespoonful of m filled lard o r butter a half Teaspoon of Alt a to � ble spoonful of sugar and two the a � spoonfuls of baking powder mix to � Gether w Ith flour enough Tatj Tom Ake a b a the r As it Tiff As an Oral Neft a cake Batter. Bake in muffin rings no Foers in Africa. The native of a Africa be a r the e Leo Pard Alm Ost As much As they do the Hon. Once in a while some traveler tells of tigers in Africa. No tigers a re the rebut careless w rite is thus mis Nam e the Leopard which has Terro is o f its own and is scarcely less formidable than the m Monarch of the Ben Galese Anim Al kingdom. Tensely impersonal and aloof accents of an inhuman Bell voice tolling away out of nowhere. Who is there to b e c o n t in u e wants longer no Gate. Have you joined the More Daylight d u b ? he asked. I should say n o t i t is All i can do now to get Home before Daylight re plied the e old Detroit f ree press. The Odds were not so much in his a � Vor As he had imagined. The Dollar was like the doughnut had a Hole in courier journal. New criterion. How about Venice shall we Stop off a t Venice Venice he How Many pages does Venice take up in the guide Book eight. In that Case it m ust be Worth a in ton Herald
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