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The Blackfoot Optimist Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1912, Page 2

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The Blackfoot Optimist (Newspaper) - March 11, 1912, Blackfoot, IdahoB la c k f o o t Optimist Karl p. Brown publisher. Lac foot Idaho Idaho state news Antonie Silva a Well known Farmer a a r Gooding died last week at Phoenix ariz., where he had gone too his health. While driving across the Railroad tracks in Boise in an Endeavor to see William j. Bryan a train struck Frank Warrens Wagon Warren being badly shaken up. That he was not tast Antly killed seemed nothing Short ? f a Miracle. Within the next few Days the state horticultural department will publish a manual for fruit growers also a pocket bulletin containing valuable in formation about fruit pests and touch ing on other subjects in connection with the Industry. The Telephone War in Emmett came to an end when representatives of the Mountain states company and leading citizens reached an agree ment the company it is said made substantial concessions in order to bring the War to a close. Ponds Are pouring into the hands of the fruit growers of the state who Are making their Light against the la Pean Bill recently introduced in con Gress standardizing the Apple pack a hearing on which will come up be fore the committee March 7. Thomas Burke Fred Murray and Harry Burton were found guilty of robbery and larceny of the Picabo Post office on the night of november i have been sentenced to four live and two years respectively in the Penitentiary at Leavenworth. Work is proceeding on the Challis l As Almarai Telephone system which when connected with the Forest sys tem lines will furnish a service at Challis Mackay Salmon Forney Parker Loon Creeh and later to Sun beam Bonanza and Stanley Basin. H. C. Diesem an Engineer of the Idaho irrigation company has been appointed to take charge of irrigation system soon to be conducted by the United states in Nebraska and Booth Dakota. He will assume the duties of his new office on april 1. Though troops have been sent from fort Sam Houston at san Antonio Texas to the mexican Border major j. H. Gardner in command of the Squadron at Boise Barracks has received no intimation that his men will see any service in the immediate future. Pure seeds Are the Only solution to the question of prices that pre Vail for Grain crops offered by gome of the Idaho Farmers according to Don h bark who addressed the state agronomy association which met in Idaho Falls on Friday and sat urday of last week. The Gilmore & Pittsburg Railroad suits against Craig Cornell and Poindexter & Orr for right of Way into Dillon recently tried before a jury in that City have resulted in. A saving to the Railroad company of about $12,000 Over the former appraisement. Another arrest ton a charge of Boot legging was made in Lincoln county last week which makes nearly a score of such cases within the last Lew months. The accused in the last use is Jess Burrows who has been lodged in jail. His Stock in Trade consisted of Twenty quarts. ? the Federal court at Boise " was Given a genuine sensation where Chas. Lester a confessed Safe breaker took the witness stand in the Picabo Post off co robbery Case an testified that lie not Tom Burke Fred Murray and Harry Burth ,-1 the defendants on trial the Roper. After deliberating on the Case Only fifteen minutes the jury in the Federal spurt at Boise returned a verdict of guilty against Lloyd Griffin. Charged with the transportation of a won a from one state to another for immoral purposes. Griffin was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. One of the most Complete reports Ever compiled by the office. Of tile state Engineer. Has just been aniseed by state Engineer Robinson. The. Re port is addressed to the state land Board and it includes a Brief state ment of the present condition 1 of every Carey act project in Idaho 1.% the famous conspiracy Case 6f Long Valley came to a sudden Termi nation at Boise when five of the six defendants stood before judge Frank r. Dietrich in the Federal court and entered pleas of guilty. They were fined $100 each and sentenced to serve ten Days in the Ada county jail. The Portia club of Payette is arranging for a Rose Day to be held the latter part of March. The committee la charge of the affair has ordered about 1,000 Rose Bushes which will be planted on this Day by the club Aad other institutions will be asked to participate in the founding of this Day for the City. George Glennan youngest. Son of Joseph Glennan of was run Over by a loaded sled on thurs Day and died the following Day. The Little fellow tried to jump on the sled and fell beneath a runner which passed Over his leg crushing h. Alarm a expressed by friends at ithe disappearance from twin Falls Idaho of h. W. Fletcher manager of the Clark file foyer Mill and lease at Jarbidge Nev. When he left Jar Mdge in Naury or. Fletcher had with him the bunion from a cleanup it the Mill to the value of $1,700, suppress Mutiny americans advised to leave foreign tr00p3 patrol the outskirts of legation Quarter in Pekin. The Homes of Many Noblea and princes have been looted and while Many executions have taken place rioting continues. Pekin eight Hundred foreign troops patrolled the outskirts of the legation Quarter for three hours Sun Day but there were no disturbances. There Are now 3,000 foreign troops in Pekin and the natives feel Safe. Five thousand japanese troops have been ordered from port Arthur to tien Tsin where there Are Only 1,500 for eign soldiers. Most of Yuan Shi Kalis troops left Pekin sunday for Poa Ting of i to sup press the Mutiny. The Cann Nading heard on saturday was caused by an attack by the mutineers on Tung Chow which was occupied and sacked. ,-th.e Homes of Many Nobles and princes in Pekin have been looted. More than 100 executions have taken place. For the most part the victims were civilians and included six women. Apparently the authorities Are afraid to execute soldiers. President 8eeks counsel. Wants to bring business men in touch with government Washington president Taft has taken the initiative in a movement to bring business men of the country into touch with the government for advice in the administration of Laws the enactment of new statutes and the development of Commerce. Virtually the president proposes a National Board of Trade broadly representative of the commercial and Indus trial organizations and of such charac ter As the government properly May recognize by a charter from Congress. As one of the Steps in the Campaign. Secretary Nagel of the department of Commerce and labor by direction of the president has called a convention of delegates from commercial organizations in All parts of the country to meet in Washington on april 15 for discussion and to plan the Organiza Tion. Invitations already have been sent to 1,000 local Chambers of com Merce boards of Trade and other com Mercial bodies. So Talion in Mexico so grave bit president Taft Lessee warning to United states citizens. Death Calls noted woman. Widow of fourth president of the mormon Church is called. Salt Lake . Emma s. Woodruff the widow of Wohford Wood Ruff fourth president of the mormon Church died at 2 20 monday morning. Mrs. Emma Smith Woodruff was born at Spring Hill mo., March 1, 1838. Her father Samuel Smith a native of Tennessee was one of the earliest converts to the mormon Faith he and his wife being led into the Church by president Woodruff in Tennessee. They moved to Missouri where mrs. Woodruff was Missouri the family moved to Nauvoo where the father assisted in the build ing of the Nauvoo Temple. Mrs. Woodruff came to Utah in 1850, crossing the Plains with her parents. She was married to president Woodruff at. The age of 15, and they had a family of eight children four of whom Are living. War on White 8laverv organization Back Efi by unlimited capital to begin Campaign w Ashington organized. Wjt. Greatest secrecy and be iced l y unlimited capital the biggest Campaign Ever undertaken against White slav Ery is about la be by the business in the rests the United states working in co operation with the department of ? within the past few 1 weeks Bank Era merchants philanthropists Udu caters and other matters of National reputation new Yorks and Chicago pud compleat. Merger of. All the principal organization lighting the White slave traffic info 1th� american Vigil slice . I j \ ----.1 a 1 p old f o r f a t h e r s b r a y e r y. ? new Yoi a in acknowledgement of an act of bravery performed Twenty seven by his father Chas. A. Tunley of Brooklyn Book keeper for the. Standard Oil con Papy. Has just of a bequest of. $3, 000,000. Made upon him by those whose lives were saved by the hero ism of his talk. Jennings Bryan left for Spokane sunday night. His Only Public appearance was made sunday afternoon when he addressed a menus meeting., or. Bryan confined himself to religious Toplis. Predicts. Dearer meats. Kansas City there is no Chance of cheaper meat next year according to w. J. Tod of Maple Hill one of Missouri is leading stockmen. Or. Tod has just returned from a trip Over the Range country in the West. Mexicans release american boy. San Napierskie the 19-year-old american youth arrested at Tijuana As a rebel spy War released by mexican military author j ties who became convinced of his innocence. Gravity of the situation in Mexico caused president Taft on saturday to Issue a Procla mation virtually warning american citizens to refrain from entering that country and those now residing there to leave when conditions threaten to become intolerable. The decision to Issue such a warning was requested at a special meeting of the Cabinet. The proclamation was augmented by a Telegram addressed by the state department to ambassador Wilson in the City of Mexico. The ambassador was instructed to inform Ameri cans in peril there to withdraw across the Border leaving their effects in the care of the nearest United states Consul copies of the Telegram were sent also to All consular agents. The presidents utterance it was explained was in no sense a recognition of the revolutionary movement in the sister Republic to the South. Neither was it to be looked upon As a declaration of neutrality. It was do dared the utterance was solely a warning to americans to avoid any thing that might savor of partisan ship i the existing state of affairs. 8tand8 on Edge of hade8. W. To Stead predicts Chril War unless strike in England is 8ettled. . T. Stead is of the opinion that great Britain stands on the very Edge of hell. One million Coal miners representing the whole body workmen engaged in Coal mining have struck and if they re fuse to go Back to work until their deman a Are conceded and if those demands Are not conceded the coun try will he plunged into civil War. Not civil War of the Ordinary kind in which two armed forces Appeal to the arbitrage it of arms As to which shall Rule but civil War of a far More terrible kind civil War in which the sole arbiter will be starvation starvation endured not by the combatants alone or even in chief but the starvation of a nation. Star vation is a far More cruel arbiter than War. Stride at strike hearing. Congressman Berger hurls Money in face of millionaire. a $5 Bill from a hat that was being passed around for the Benefit of the wan and Haggard child textile strikers from Lawrence who appeared before tie House committee on rules saturday representative Victor Berger socialist hurled it into the face of its donor j. H. Cox a Mill owner of Law rence. We dont want your Money its blood Money cried Berger dramatic ally. Well take care of our own without your help. Instantly Cox and r. J. Mccartney a banker from Lawrence made a dash for Berger. Adult strikers hurried to the Aid of Berger but members of the committee and Sev eral lawyers jumped Between them and presented a physical dash. Charges May Bei dropped. Los Angeles jury bribery indictments against Clarence s. Darrow former chief counsel for the Mcnamara Brothers became spen meshed in Legal tangles saturday fat according to attorneys there is a possibility that All charges May be dismissed the complications arose when attorney Earl Roger representing Darrow refused to accept Iran montary notes of As a compliance with a court Erdei that the District attorney is Epply the de sense with a foil transcript of foe Evi dense on. Which foe grand Jeiry indict row.,live Stock feeding roughage to pigs Box arranged with holes eight inches apart and one end tilted who be found suitable nature designed the hog to eat nuts roots etc., and to Graze for his rough age. Under careful management How Ever Alfalfa Hay silage and even clo ver Hay May be fed with Good re turns. The ration should always be properly balanced with plenty of Grain in order that it May not be too Bulky Tor the pig has a Small stomach not withstanding the reputation he has for feed Box for pigs. Large consumption says the Home Stead. A Box arranged As shown in the Illust Awuou is very useful in feed ing coarse roughage to pigs. Make the holes about eight inches in diam Eter so As to allow the pig to reach far enough into the Box to secure Nec Essary Hay. The rear Side of the Box is placed sloping to the front so that the Hay is constantly kept close to the round opening. Some fastening should be provided to hold Down the re or the ravenous pigs will crawl into the Box and disturb the others. Mentona Stock suffering. Of tit Falls . Cpd weather that had held not him Tamarin a its Gulfo for two Days tno3e rated slightly set fiday the Thor mini Bow hero rising to. 18� degrees it ova Zero. Snow has ceased falling5 and the High Wanda that caused. Fock to Drift,, subsided. Cattle Are. Suffering because of the heavy Snow. Which presents their reaching the food Bane ave woman burned to death. New fire that started in a Board hgr House in Madison Avenue sunday resulted in the death of one woman the ? spectacular Rescue of Twenty boarders both male and of male and serious injury to a fireman. Powder Keg Mill Burns. Wilmington pulp Keg Mil of the Dupont powder company near Here was destroyed by fire sunday. The loss is estimated at $200,000. Crossed electric wires catered the fire. Bonaparte for Roosevelt. United states attorney general Charles m. Bona Parte who was a member of the Roosevelt Cabinet has declared him self in favor of colonel Roosevelt is nomination for president. Montana bars Wyoming sheep. Helena. a report from the state veterinarian that keeping new e s fleece dry highly important that Breeding sheep should receive Good Shel ter from either rain or Snow the Protection of Breeding ewes from falling Snow is important especially important when it Falls in the form of rain. Winter a alb and also sleet Are always cold. If sheep of the open wooled Breed Are Long exposed to these they May do them great harm. The closed wooled Breeds As the Merino says Thomas Shaw will be harmed much less As the water cannot readily enter the Wool which they carry. The shelter provided up to the lambing season May he of the simplest kind providing it will protect from storms and wind. The aim should be to give Breeding ewes Large Liberty in Winter if the ground is Bare or even partially for it will do them Good to give them Large Liberty. They will make excursions into the Fields in search of grass and the exercise will do them much Good. They should be allowed to lib in a Well bedded Yard at night or la the shed or House adjoining As they prefer. The other necessary attentions in clude regular feeding a Supply of Salt at All times accessible an ample sup ply of pure water and Yards apart from those of. Horses and cattle. Feed trough is shelter de not advisable to confine sheep too much in Winter but they must by amply protected j do not believe in keeping sheep oon sned to much in Winter but i a Jaqw that they must by Yafo fully pro Anict ajl against severe winds says � writer in Faith k it out foot Folt for the cattle is. A refer Able to thib Rafha re k in d. J. Wire and Cut Worms Are numerous in old of Meadowa and pastures. Never loosen or throw out any fours k Lage than you want to feed immedi Tely just now th�1 heavy Iteen is a much the Colts and focused horses should spend ? most it act peasant Day in the pa4dpqk. Rich t. # the prosperous Anil most Success Ful Farmer is comfortable Only when �. Those w h �5 ? a re k Eupr or Belac the longest win Alfalfa on hand will find red Clover to be a satisfactory substitute. A pleasant cheerful fearless disposition is a valuable Quality in a Road s the r or a general purpose horse. Oat Straw that is free from Mold makes an excellent Winter forage for mules Young cattle and boarding horses. Small breeders of limited Means should aim to raise animals that com Bine size Beauty and style with Speed ability courage and endurance. The Meadows look Good for pasture in the fall and Early Spring but the Man who keeps his cattle off of them always gets better crops of Hay. A horse or a Colt will thrive better upon a two thirds ration of Hay and be third of Straw than upon full ration of hav alone. the Coal miners had been Able to gain government recognition of their grievances by threat ening the business of the country the Suffrages late Friday entered upon a policy of menace to Trade. They carried it out suddenly and with an ardor that resulted in heavy financial losses brought consternation to merchants of the most prosperous shopping districts of the City and paralysed business. Before the police were Able to Muster their forces and. Restrain the women streets were covered with shattered plate Glass from the show windows of stores. It was a window breaking expedition solely and a thoroughly organized one. Hundreds of windows in Many of the famous shops of the world and several government offices and. Clubs were wrecked by the Suffrages. The dam age will aggregate thousands of pounds but is largely covered by insurance against breakage. One Hundred and fifteen women were dragged to the police stations by police or excited and indignant Mer chants. Many others however escaped. All those arrested were re leased on bail coupled with promises to refrain from further window breaking. Holds key to situation. General Orozco May be deciding Fig ure in mexican revolution Mexico one Man in mexi co who holds the. Key to the present crisis More than any other is general Pasquale Orozco. If he is Loyal the the Madero government As Madero claims he is then the revolution is not As serious As current reports state if he has decided to Lead the revolutionary forces then Madero and the government Are probably in danger. He is without exception the most popular Leader in the entire country. Lacomette still m race. Madison shall continue in the contest As a candidate for Well de fined principles and for a definite pro Gram of legislation which once enacted into Law will break the hold of privileges on the Industrial life of the people and free them from the Burden imposed by thousands of millions of fictitious capitalization. This is the Gist of a statement under his own Sig nature addressed to progressives and made Public Friday by senator Rohert m. Lafollette. Quiet at Beirut. Law which was Pul into of Bree by the military authorities immediately after the recent bombard ment of this City by italian warship has had a salutary effect and the City now is quiet although considerable apprehension is Felt in regard to the pent up bitter feeling of the moslem against the christians. It is question Able whether the turkish government can continue to hold in Check the unruly element among the moslem the majority of whom Are armed. Powder factory for Salt Lake. Salt Lake City this City be come within a few months the West Ern manufacturing Home of the e. I Dupont de Nemours powder com i any. A ranch factory the building of which will involve Fortune and a which will be capable of supplying of e entire Intermor Taitt mining territory is almost certain to be the result or the visit to this City within foe text few Days 6t h. A. Haskell of Wilmington a director in the Dapont con Fortay. To Fod no Van duh dead. Carson . C Pratt 6ne � Che Best known men in Public life i Nevada died Here fridur after a Sho illness. Or. Pratt was of Arterly us Vayor general of the state. While l never attended school a Days in h Ufa be mastered telegraphy Surve we amazing. And often was Cal cd pin to expert Bogk of Public o Feciale for a Unju Pojer of years 1 conducted newspapers in Nevada an California. Java incident closed. Batava. All the chinese who we Here by the dutch att Thorsti because disturbances during to Celebration of the declaration of1 to chinese rep Fiji were Relief Oil on to ? � omi.n�. 9,. Timeir leaders to prevent. the disturbance. California Winter drought broken ?1l�. W Vav a a Gilt know in Cali Fourqu. I last tem years was ended Friday b rain storm which swung t Toto t Southern end of the state. From t Southwest shortly before Daybre and worked steadily North. Jury unable to agree. New jury in the Case Vernon Cole the Christian seen practitioner charged with practice Medicine without a License was t Ible to agree on a verdict and w discharged. Revolutionists capture town. Marla a dares a honduran revolutionist ongoing to Impala crossed the s Salvador Frontier into Honduras w sixty men and captured the Bon town of a Amelna. A
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