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The Blackfoot Optimist Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1912, Page 1

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The Blackfoot Optimist (Newspaper) - March 11, 1912, Blackfoot, IdahoMondays the Blag Root Optimist official paper of City of Blackfoot and of Bingham county Idaho. Vol v no. 23 Blackfoot bin Ham county Idaho monday March 11, 1912 thursdays $2.00 per year a Leiter from Hugh enough thl letter be of interval to the Farmer of thle dec ton and the few Pointa herein put Forth should be consid ered by him sheep Camp Elco co., Nevada. Or. Karl Brown Edt. Blackfoot Optimist Friend Krai i receive the Optimist pretty Reg ular and to me out Here it is like a news letter from Home and i cannot help but notice that. Between the Pessimist end Optimist difference is droll for the Optimist secs the doughnut while Tho Pessimist sees the Hole. O or sheep have wintered Good on the tango Here and lasses Are Light and the thin end is Small. Considering the Winter which has been a hard one on account of being so cold and dry the sheep have done remarkably Well. No More High priced Hay for me the take Tho Trail and Winter Range in Nevada first. It seems strange to me that the Hay producers of Black fact and Vicinity will hold their Hay so High in the fall of the year that sheep men Are compelled to go elsewhere for their feed then As soon As the sheep Are out of the country they will drop their Price from $5.00 or $7.00 per ton the prices they held last fall to $8 or $4.50 and sell it to the Hay Bailers and the difference Between the two by Ere is that the sheep men put the Hay Back on the Field in the shape of manure which ought to he Worth $1.00 per ton to the Farmer a t least the sheep help exterminate the weeds and the farm As a whole 1b bettered considerably. Besides the sheep Man buys his cats his potatoes butter eggs and meat of the Farmer rents the farm Erst wagons hires his horses employs help and pays Fer tile Farmers Hay from the top Straw on the stack to the Bottom Straw while the Hay Bailer who is a Good fellow and god knows what the termer would do without him especially this last Winter pays from $2.00 to $3.00 per ton lass than the feeder. Digs the choicest Hay out of the stack and pays for the actual pounds he bails and hauls off and in lots of cases leaves one halt of the stack on the Farmers hands to do the Liest he can with or let it r o t now there is Plant of sheep and cattle own in Blackfoot and Vicinity to con be every Pound of Hay raised and re is plenty of sheep and cattle own up t what would sooner teed a t Home than bit the Trail and go elsewhere int be cannot keep borrowing Money from the Bank continually to feed on had better get Cut of the Stock business. Another thing if the sheep buys the tenders Hay in the Tell and the Winter hods out late and the beep out Baa got to have a a Little Bay up g Ink to me Only w Ith Bine eyes. A r r Par Ariot q uart Ette \ 2. That Pup of Murch sons. Ellis Parker Butler miss Barnes 3. Spirit of the evil wind Indian Legand. Stewart. Or. Bair 4. A two roses. B Hunting song a Edsel. Arion Quartetti 5. Al c a Itan John Phillip Sousa or Erblang 6. Charge of the Light brigade Bergen or. Warwas 7. Hark the trumpet Clueth. Buck Arion Quartetti 4 a Bugle s o n Tonny d ,. Kipling. Miss Barnes $ Masurka de concert. Musin or. Blair 10 until the Dawn. Parks Arion Quartetti program subject to change. F r r ? Basket Ball schedule. The standing at the inter City Bas Bak league is As Folio a the Taylor meetings auspiciou8 opening teems won lost per cent commercials 4 0 1.000 senk $ 0 1,0001 sophomores 2 1 667 town 1 2 333 freshmen 1 3 250 faculty 1 3 250 Junior 0 � 000 watch this schedule and see who gets the Pennant for the Champion ship la the inter City Basket Ball league. The games of this league Are held on tuesday evening beginning a t four Oclock and on Friday evening begin tag eight o clock of easts week. A Fine Pennant is to be awarded to the team that wins the Hampt Onazip. Score cards stationary tablets mod Ern tally cards at the modern phar Macy. Of the Independent implement House we have moved into the Stude Baker building on Taylor Street a n d Are prepared to Supply your w ants in r own h arrows cultivators potato p Lant ers harvesting and threshing m machinery w agony buggies windmills g As engines or pumping r an to of any kind. W e handle Only Standard and reliable makes of m a Chinery always fully guaranteed. G f. Hendrie. Rev. Jupo. 9ff. Raptor ices Between to metro scans Bap diet churches last this relay evening to Good audience which is steadily growing both in size and interest Rev Taylor is a Man of Power and deals sturdy blows a t All forma of fraud and sin yet he is one of the Mest genial of men and draws people to him by his splendid personality. The truths he sets up rth in Bis Igei Vioris Are made cd a r by anecdotes Many of them humorous and the Large audience easily follows Bis Une of thought on saturday evening after a strenuous Days work by the pastors and friends of the movement the services opened in the Progress Hall whore they win continue to the close. Sunday morning or. Taylor was greeted by a Large congregation and preached a great Sermon which was listened to with nip attention. In the afternoon a number turned out in spite of the storm and again listened to the evangelist on redeeming the time. But. The crowning feature of the Day was the evening service., the meeting was in charge a t prof Lane and his chores of Sig by. Voices accompanied by a splendid orchestra. The Hall was Well filled and for More than an hour the people sat entranced at the evangelist who give illustration after illustration on the a que of the Bible. Christiana were encouraged Soho Bua were charmed doubters were restored the strengthened in Faith a or Taylor b found Forth his array of argument in favor of the old Bosk. The Hall is perfectly equipped for such a Campaign As is now on and with such leadership As or. And mrs. Taylor annd prof. Lane supported by the two churches and. The sympathy of the entire City and Cony Unity there 1� no reason Why Tho entire jetty should not be swept with a gracious revival. One of the charming f a Jules of Ohto movement la the readiness with which people respond to do. Anything and Evert tag to make this Effort a great Success. Pm. Lane la getting., the. Large Chor us choir Well 10 band mid to an. Exceptionally Fine Leader hi3 solos Are Sung with a Ful Clear voice., every word can be heard in any part of the Hall and Are much appreciated. The meetings bring an Opportunity to the musical Talent of Blackfoot and All who Stag o r play will find a Wel come in the chorus and orchestra. It is desired to have a chorus of one Hundred voices and the orchestra can Mot be too Sarge. Mrs. Taylor has shown herself to be a Cornet Virues indeed and her playing is a special feature of each service. A meeting every evening beginning at 7 30 of clock. Idaho Auto men will gather state convention to be held in Poca Tello on March 10th, with delegates present prom Many Tion committee named. Operation performed mrs. J. C. Fisher underwent an operation sunday having a tooth re moved which had never come through the gum and had caused her much trouble and suffering. Or. Hoover re moved the tooth. Mrs. Fisher is reported resting much easier the � mor tag. The Idaho state automobile association Alq hold its second annual convention a t Pocatello on saturday March 16, where it will be the guest of the Bannack county automobile club. The convention last year was at twin faqs at which time chair Man a g. Bachelder of the executive committee of the american Automo bile association was present. At the twin fails meeting j. E. Clinton jr., of Bise was elected president Robert w. Spangler of twin Falls Secretary and w. W. Mickelwait of twin Falls treasurer. The automobile club of Boise twin Falls Idaho Falb Montpelier and Gooding were represented a t the meeting. The Pocatello club which a been organized since is now a member of the association and it being the newest As Well As one of the largest of the clubs aided in the decision of the officials to hold the annual meet ing at Pocatello. The american automobile associate Tion which is the Parent organization with Headquarters at. New York is composed of forty two state organizations and Many individual clubs in other states the total individual membership being nearly half a Mil Lien. The National association is de voting a great Deal of attention just now to Federal Aid Fer Good roads and it has already accomplished Many things of vast Benefit to the motorists of the United states. F the efforts of the Bannock county automobile Culb to open Yellowstone Park to motorists has met with Strong support from he american Auto Mobile association and hundreds of Tiwu hands of motorists throughout the untied states have been witching with interest the work of the Pocatello club. At last night s meeting president Snodgrass named a committee on a r � Range ments to handle the state convention the appointees Between or. Earle d. Jones chairman h. J. Peterson and George Grasser. The regular club delegates to the state meeting were chosen As follows Theodore Turner of Pocatello and or. W. �. Patrie of Blackfoot with t. F. Terrell and Fred Murphey As alter nates. Secretary Trist last night read to the Chub the following letter from r. J. Hayes who to spending a Tew Days in Washington i had � conference with senator Boris la this meaning about having the roads. In the Partt opened to Automo Biles. The senator has had several talks with Tito Secretary about the matter and the Secretary seemed favourably inclined but has not said any thing about it lately. Senator Borah promised to take the matter up gain and push it As hard As possible. It will not be Bis fault if the Park roads Are not opened. I Learned from other sources. However that the Secretary to inclined toward the idea that reads would have to be widened or new ones built before the autos could be allowed in. A tit would not be Safe As the reads Jfe now but he May see it in s different Hucht later on. Senator Borah to very muck in sympathy with us and will Spato no Effort to help out. I will be in new York again in a few Days and will Tryr and see president Batch elder on the a a. A and go into the matter Witti Sim. Secretary Spangler of the state association has written Secretary Trist that he and l a Burton will be the twin Falls delegates and that presi Dent Clinton and a Strong delegation will be present from Boise. Clubs in Boise twin phils Mont Pelier Gooding Idaho Falls and s t Anthony will he represented and the meeting will be one of the most important events of the year. In attendance also will be the executive officers of the inter Mountain Good roads association the next an Nual convention of which will be held in june at Logan. Prea Dent Sherman of the Good Roas association and Secretary Wal Lin have both been personally invited to attend the Auto gathering and will make it a Point to be there. The local Auto club is planning big than go in connection with the Logan Good roads meeting. A string of cars will be driven Down there on that occasion and Side trips will be arranged to Points of interest True patriotism by William Allen White editor of Emporia Gazette Emporia Kansas. Addressed to the convention of South Western lumbermen s association. Kan ses City. To " i am exceedingly sorry that i can not attend your convention. It seems to me that the lumbermen of Titi Sec Tion Are undertaking a work that should commend them to All Good Citi Zens. The preservation of the Home Trade to the heme town carries with i t the preservation of Many of our american institutions. I t seems to me that a lot of Good things in american life will pass if the country town passes. And it will pass just so surely As centralization of re Tail mail order business in the cities continues. The american country town the town of from 100 to 100,000 people farm. His Stock would be a credit to preserves better than the crowded City any locality and the Way Homes have and better than the lonely ranch and j been Selling in this locality there will isolated farm life the things that make surely be some bargains. He has us America about Twenty head of cattle a lot Here in these country towns the Spir farm machinery and Many other Artic Les. Any one wanting Stock should at tend this Sale As free rigs will meet the trains thursday and the Best accommodations possible will be extended to the Public. Term or will be the hinder most so i am glad to know that this association is taking up this work a a cheerless thankless but necessary a n � t v patriotic task and to pushing it to a successful conclusion. You have Mac Heartiest sympathy and May Call upon. V me whenever i can help. Compliment National f e d e ratio n s retail merchants j. R. Moorehead Secretary Lexington to c. R. Holst big ale thursday e. M. Kennedy goes to Moore Idaho thursday the 14th., to sell the goods and chattels of c. R. Holst who a m bought a Home in Boise and expects to move there a t once. Or. Holst Bas Long been recognized As one tit the plow Eer stockmen of lost River. He Bas made this business a study and a Suc Cess. He has advertised Thyri weight _ horses which Are the pick of Bis Best mares kept for his own use on his what Are Cash coupons \ it of neighbourliness is the prevailing spirit men come to know one another and when any two human beings come to know one another in the one who is intelligent and Wise respect Al ways rises for the other. To know ones Fellows always to to sympathize with them. Neighbourliness Supeha fraternity. The american country town with its Broad Circle of friendships with its close homely simple relations Between men with its spirit of co operation and with its economic status permits the creation of no indecently Rich and no abjectly poor the Amer clan country town it seems to me is the Mast Hope Ful of our american institutions. To destroy that town furnishing the Market for the Farmer and giving steady employment to labor Means a re organization of our commercial social and Industrial life that wll a be Rev of unitary Ait More a matter of doubt Ful value tie mail order House therefore be comes a menace to this country. The mail order House unrestricted will kill our smaller towns creating great cit ies with their terrible contrasts of Elf with their cruel social relations with their inevitable caste feeling that comes from the presence of strangers who Are Rich and poor living Side by Side. Friendship neighbors takes fraternity or whatever you will Call that spirit of comradeship that comes when on know one another Well a the Cement that holds b Leth e r this Union of states. It to not created in great cities. Great cities give much in Lima but Little in Justice. Only As we know a 4 other Well can we Trust each other just a and the City to & wilderness of care Lees strangers whose instincts of hum Anity Are Dally becoming More and More blunted to suffering nth nature of things suffering in cities Rast a impersonal it is not the suf Fering of friends and neighbors and kith and Kin As it to in the smaller towns. So the mail order House crust ing out our towns is drying up the e milk of human kindness in our hearts. And that brings us Back to first principles of we who live in these Small towns in America Oak not see that our duty to our country lie t i n t of All in our duty to our neigh Tutol ten we Are. Blind indeed to Tho Best of real patriotism for after ail patriotism to Only neighbourly a. Trio ism to not in cheering for the Flag it to not in feeling Nur eyes tilled with emotional tears at hearing the Star spangled Banner patriotism to just old fashioned human duty. To sacrifice our neighbor the Man who helps the town with its taxes with its Public business with its Myr iad activities for neighbourly righteous Ness to sacrifice that Man and to business for the Mere Sake of saving a Dollar on the Purchase of a Hundred dollars Worth of goods is just Asun patriotic a it to to spit at the Flag. For the Flag if it Means anything Means the Golden Rule the Flag Means j Friendly Burden bearing it Meniw my Tuai help in trouble it Means standing together against common foes. The motto at the mail order House is every Man for himself and the Devil take and you bet the Devil will. That Spyrie never fails to work and the weak Man the unprotected Man the Man alone the Man on the farm at the end of the fact when is farm Market is gone when his town is gone when the spirit of selfishness and greed has left this country cold and hard and mean and neg Hortess the announcement we wish to announce to the people of Blackfoot and Vicinity that we have decided to carry in connection with our produce shipping business a line of commercial Coal and will 1 ver at All times to have in Stock the Best grades obtainable and will sell a t reasonable prices. Our location to on South Taylor s to on the track andr we now have in Stock the Best King Lump Coal on the m Arket we wish to state that we will m4� delivery of any order within the City limits. Country Trade earnestly solicited. With the Hope of securing a t least a portion of your Trade and a Guaran tee on our part of fair treatment. We remain. Respectfully a t your ser vice. Bond Bros. A co. Ltd. M4-tt phone n l 103. 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