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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - September 15, 1887, Lordsburg, California TIME TABLX« CAÍ.1F0RMA CKNTRAL UAILÍIOAD. (Santa Ffc RowíC.) r.ocNT>. Nn. T—Knn-a» City Krt. a—Hñn tara^rdino ArtHiia 7—Sari L-faco Ksjireis So. II—San Rí>mwrriiMo Ac<*inn. >u. l^-Hap Iriego Exprents ... , ~    WFíT norvn. ♦ _^#í A y H.U 9 29 I 10.^ I> X. Tli^r© are Uires gangs of carpentera | S- Gilbert, the local agent of the at work in town. R.^ Wetherill, of Paandena has one,* J. H. Lhw« has charge of anoilitr, aivl CoUina & Den-net I, í^uo-contractor.^ of thft depot the other. a large tjiiinber of,j>«opl«and wc in-1 divided, it jiromises to be, a very sue- A lazy Sastem editor says he euytri Ao: i tlie .yite a passing noiita* Shokld you fee^ so constrained we will be pleased to c-ChSinl enterprise.’ tbeojaiera at this time, for all thsVOugh Among the principal features not'the hot roontlrs of the sunimer he ;« >\n. 2—San IHo;toF,•«v^■o^s Atft. «—Hao BsrnaTUi»!» Affoui Ko. la—flan Dlojto Exfri'si IS—.San Bcrrardino .Ac'om. IS—KtniSi (Mty    ^____ ■ ÁÍI iralDs rúa doily. ~ H. 1!. Wn.KlXS. .1. X. Vli'TOR. .Supc'fiutcii I A M. ! P M. ' .Vi’S railroad at this point, ia the right man itkiha right place. Ho fa a firstclasd tel^rapli-operator and thoroughly i have you subeeribc.    Come^in    and see j-often iK'ard of in connectioji with a ¡ permitted to lie in his bed.—JS'zrA<z)ii^e. ^    nndcretanda the railroad bui’ne*:s. j us.    j county fair, i¿ di<*tiuctly states that ! - it is not accurate to epeak of tho j Mr. Gilbert ¡6 a Buckeve boy, Inúling. Attention is d1reclA*d to llie ad. of Hnderno c-ircumstanccH wiil the oifi-j ^vcathti    “a    little    cooler.''    A J. M. Overman, our blacksinitlil hag j b’’om Hamilton, . O.    .    1    the Mieule IIoui«c. This house is pew, j cers of the a.«í80ciation allow the selling' intle’ess infernally hot, is the truly reput.vtion of being one    '    i    .    -    - best horse shoers going. He pairs w.agons, implements, etc. It s<ct’'of lock and gh ■..,,jwill pay you to palrani/e iiini. Sec j ixist-ofhce. There are thirty lock and ! ^^’bejj^iutliished with the best the | premises. These three items have his caid.    *    I    fifty glass boxes, and they are nearly : ’ná^ket attords.    : brought some of the best fairs in no of t!ie| A!. Coblcr, our eilkient and popular |’‘"d i^tewart, the proprietor, has j of liquor or |i)Oo1h on-the ground,; graphic Itcy of putting it,—.V. Y. le also re-' asBÍáh^t postmaster has put in a fine ; ^”’¡í*i®bed'it throtugh om with new | luilher will any gambler be allowed World. •. , etc. It s<ct'of lock and glass .ho-ves in the furniture anc ntce cleairl.eds. The! to ply his nefarious business on tlie A Student at Vanderbilt t’niversitv pre.^eii.t *ii/ this issue of the .country dmrepute. A Student at Vanderbilt University, in Tennessee, has just.beat the world's record lu Jiigh kicking, having su€- cecdeá bitting a mark at t?ie noprecs-. three and jriioplc a ^Ip Dinpatch. A. Western hunter of extonsive cx-résearch who has lately ail the Western States, deliberate opinion that practically extinct the L'nifcd States except AngéKf , • Hoom 21, Witeon JiloA;.!    'i-«imcli, Ji. A. Scott.l '    •    ■    C. 1..V. . v»rl i„    TI.«yateoli>vean    ofiiQeii,LorcW,urg.!T. n.Tierce, W. C.Holn^aai.d \Vil)r»i I>..»adert», pareMs 0Í ve editor, !«« ! J"" f '    PartieXcairinj to itivesf their mcana I Norton; euperiutendent of pavilion, !    O""'!:aearcity of ; US .i vi.itTast week,    J'' '    P. Kendrick ; auperiutendent of;    «motneea    from tonnectlngPemonn with theis manager of the va'rd “‘.«¡J ;"'Ml>neut sin,old correspond'Srounds E.T, Barnett; general snp-;    ;    - Pen,ral Kallroad.    |    Und    can    always be found at his'pos,    l.ordsh,rg    c.tn end.n.t, th A. Coihnan.    •    |    Chatterton    ^ !    ,    r » 1Í 1 ws ' - ready to supply you with any and rsli 1'*^^P‘'*    .    Downey    tity    is    .so situated thaf    vnaiieriOn, Ihc West (.p>ast lledwooil Cumn- ,    , '■ * kinds of LGUDSBURG A^'D POM(J>XA Stage Line. leaver Pomimn for l.,ord^»urjr «h follr.w.i: j 7,4.’. á. ni. (*onnt‘<*t wltli trains for U»B aVngiJk'f. i any s :id. uj)pear.i elsewhere in' thisl,,. , !».4:>k. U».    “    “    "    .'4ua    !    blinds, etc. See i .s.v.p. 1».    “    i.o«    Anvcitv. I paper. J Ins com puny koci?s a general i ‘    asiorlincnt of Innibcr on liiuul and are i    P^C'a (Till* rvij) only rtiniiptis wlipti tha r».'*! tifsiu fron tpfj    tijiip    or    the .'■itiore •- Id iK'iirteil.f HIhü'o IcBVes I-or(l.,h'ir>: on «rri vni of (riiiii-t linoortautciiaiiKfe hitijiie tulilcHbont ■ y< ptcnilier IStii. lumber, doors, windows, Ihcir ad. pleasure “ iii dircctiiig at- irepared to till orders to any aniount.'lf^ution tiie ad. <>f R. Wetherill J. A. Packrird has a fine fruit fari»y parties living within a radius of nearly ¡ i TI/niT^PA of IGO-i.mes, adjoining Lordshürg on . twenty rpileS can, if they wish, lt\ave -jfTjAvJlliljv the north. Mr. Packard purchased their bcmes in iiie morniijg on the i this land and commenced improving vrrions railroad line.s and, alter spend-i it about four years ago, setting out ing the day at'the fair,'can reach BUILDER. K'ejfiUeact; Mabiti Hgcsl, I.obdjSult.u. riiiuB aiiu e^tirdfiti'.*. íllrili^üe<l. he}^ also fuiT.i».h cslimates on 'nill j tcntr.utoi anu builviv.i. Mi. M etlieiill;    |    their honic.s in good season atniglit; . Oo.,      houses'    "    '    ■    '    ' work. Í1.00 lO'ly. has been engaged pulling ui* r.ouses i •    ,,    .    i    ^    i    -i    i    t    .    > |. , ri •    f    •    ' be east, north and west sides will: tor these v.lu) would prefir. to rcniii 111 A new road is tuihcd of between !    ,m1    smnmer    [ several jj^^ws of eucályptiis trees which ; for {lie whole fair accominodation.^'; here and Pomona, starting from    a.s..(    e..a tapitali>,ts. ^ bas j    spperance.    There is a ^can be fi^ind in the city or can take Bny/iiat iov.-rMii'.s. c.uib i point near the school iiousc and mil-1 *    j ^ineyard of several varieties of j tlieir tents along and camp in a beau-i ^mmmmmmimm.........  ,    i uiiig uciiikv swulli just mi.■?^ing tlic j    i‘‘‘    piop.i.c.l to biii.u <i 111.11. ..jj    orcliHid    of ajiricots,; tiiiil shadv grove, where there is' I point of tlK* h.ill near Pomona. We |. understand a, .sircei car line is to he ! . E. 1). Gibson, deputy collector of Al. Cobler, Fore l.‘cUvo(. n l.or.i.vbitrii aiiti I.o.-v .\nirtlo I'fifli way. .-    -    -    - Fivrc hk'twCkíU Pomonn and I oni.^b’-Oi.', oufdi wfti’i..... nt e/Ai.KiMN LORDSBÜRG EÍGLE. TfICKííDAV. SEPT. 15, 1S87. KA(^T8. The Eagle’s eye is ^:pon you. STATlOi^RY, j ^ici|’vo« BA    v^lvliniAt    VI    n|»i    JWl’5,    Tviiviv,    iiJVJV    t    Cy olice. ; besides plums, peaches, apjdc.s, etc., | ahundance ot water, which bas been j    ^JT|/    .    Q    JHGCO lector of (lu-i eighteen diderent varieties, of fruit in ¡ secured by the association for camping!    ,    V Lngeles, was j all, and all in bearing. Just think of: purposes during the fair. Any infor-akes Bros., Inuisc ’ painters .,nd ^    *0^    apricots    were    ,    nnlticm do.sired can he obtaipeij of or hangers, of Lordsburg ' and    Uncle    Sam.    Mr.    Gibson    w    as    dried ou this place this season. These | the secretar)*, H. A. ¡¿colt, at Doa iicy iiona, Ijtavc/an ad? in thi.s issue born in S.ivannah, east of the old San trees aud vines were raised without City. built on this route. 0 Iii Pi)Bt Oftire Euildin:f. for. Piilonuircs ave antT 15 strocl, they give go Uisfaction. If    you have any    work E. C. Soto,    is    erecting an    «fSOO    cot-: |,j    ^.-u    ^ tagi^.    ..    ^    Uhcm. A light    ehpwcr of rain    fellJieic    last| onr    new press    and    new material . paper j Pomon I This linn is doing consideruhlo vvovk 'in tins vicinity and they give socd¡'‘K”’ wonderfully surprised atTho change th.at is taking place in and around Lorbsburg.    . w ^ G. T. Cartel; has the honor of open- Sa turd ay evening. was furni-hed by L. G. A. Straubc, •'»g up the first, store in'Eordsburg. Deautimlfor situ.ation is Lordshurg, i p,.j,pgr6* Supply House,412 Cominer^ ¡    keeps a generaP .stock of goods, the-joy of the whole eartli. L. H. Bixby ha.s a line iarm betwi* r Jjoril^burg auJ the foothills. ?slnctecn new hnildings have got np in Lordsburg iince last June. R. V. etb^rilh the bo'S carpenter oi' PusAdeíia, was-iu townjast Monday. A imnijier of eagles haye been via! slrcot, l,o.v Angeles. Mr. Strauhe !    “ is,nvolJ.vnde.vi,eri™ce.1 »rinter.and!''’"5’'=“ '>0    “"y    "hereout- of Loá Angeles. H i.s'Store is a ind e.xperienced printer,and ■ uders^ands the needs of the i-m. Wo arc highly plea.scd w ith our mltit. •    >    -    ‘ ,A1 CwMer, comes to the Im . in the isirUe of tlie Eaoi.e w*tli an ad. l)r()(es-r“*'^“ ■ ; lew steps ea.st of the L.uü.k office on in igation aud demonstrates the adapr In its annoiincen^ent to the public, j lability of the soil about Lordsburg to | the association quotqg from its prem- • produce anything in the way of fruits j ium list of last year, in stating that its ¡ and vegetables. We are told that tliis ¡ object «is tp establish a permanent locality is a stranger to frosts, and that i iarmcrs’ fair* and in addition to the tomatoes and potatoes can be Taised! premiums oflered, in many ©asesas! here summer íind winter.    ¡    large a.s those oflered by the Btatel Fair Association, at Sacramento, i states: Our Fruit Exhibit in St. Lóu¡«. . As Uie timr to«a"‘'ncar for thy dc-    «í    faith, parture of the members of the G. A. K. “Beyond these w'e offer our We pledge LOIlDSBURG, CAL. J. M. OVElhlAN’.S Blacksmith Shop. I*3^oninrf" nvo. iiour R LOKDSBURG,    .< AJ.Il'OKÑI a! Hftr'iC .Shoeiue an<l    Wm k n oijcrlalty. OAKES BROS.. to attend the ^alionai Encampment ¡ the producers of Loh Angeles    j    Pftíll'    J ! that in this fair thVir interests shall no't! i Palomares avenue. Drop in and take! at St., Louis, the interest taken in the! subordinated to any sportiag or, ! a lookihrougl» hia stock. Mr.‘ l!arter i exhlbiVtVy will cany with ih^m of ¡ ««’«bfing device ; tliat no special ring 1 -A.- announcing to our readers that hp liasj noticed circlhig over hordsborg lately. I    «'    «ationery,    Aigars, tobacco    ” ! etc., in the postoftico building. Mr*! Cobler is deputy postmaster and local ¡ believes in advertising and bas favored the Eaole with a double column I. W. Lord* was in tow’ir Tuesday looking after the interests of the burg. The Eagi.k oflieo was favored with ,s pleasant call fi’oiii J. A. Packard to-dav.    *    . ^ II. X. Farcy, of Pa.sadena, made the Eagi.e otlico a social call yesterday. Paper Hangers, . ,    .    VI    r    uT ii ÍT 1! ^D-. Earey is a printer, and used to vgcmtorthcArnoWi Mm8to.,rcaU^    consenoently eetate agonls.    ■    .    , ,. .    v    • ,    • but of late years owned a job printing A. B. AushcrniRn, of Los Angeles, office in Kansas Citv. He and, the assistance the frui.s »nd other oroduci, f,o:„ !'»thcdclri-Soulbeme»Iiiivmia, is'largely on the    '0>at    in (he awird ¡ Increase. It is generally understood i of    ‘¥    -    ■ imoifg people at large that this WIhOEDSBURf. .vnt> Pri.MOXA.' tion of the State is determined to OuU \    "*»=    ................. '    '    '    ~    - shine any other evhibUilikelytobeon the    shall,    be    the    promotion    of    JJ,    (J,    SOTO, " -    V    the    interest.^    reprcsenledj    andnot    per-J • JOB AA AGON. very enthusiastic I ! was in The Lordsburg school opens next j. town otfice to-day and a plesiint made tlicl^yriter worked in tiio game oiiicff in Monday with Miss. Uatlie I'ulmcr as a,interested, linancially teacher. call. Air.,'popeka but at diif«rent times. We were gUd to meet him and talk in Lordsbiirg aud was surprised to |^'vcr old times and acquaintances. Ten passesanger Da ins pass Lords- find the place booming as it is. We ! Mr. Farcy and Geo. C. Hubbard have burg every day ou tl.c Caliornia Ceii-1 «honldcu’t be surprised if he made | ^ job ofhce in Pasadena.    ' •taal railway.    ¡‘Lordsburg    his    home in the near future. I    ,    , ^    .1    fi    I    In    our    rambles    about    tow'n the other Lrye Oak canyon, just noro.i of j j-    Pasadena,    is    prepar-1 jj,y we came upon a gang of carpen- town, is a bcautilul place and a favorite j buiKl a brick block ou the cor-! ters at work on a two-story residence resort for pic-mcors.    j3 gtreels. It j for w. P. Rho.ades oh the corner of Shout fo joy: The street sprinkler w¡n be 50.\.80 feet, two stories high.|xiiird and G streets. Mr. Laws, the is getting in it's work on the dust ‘ .uriastic in giving all the I    I they can in «tarting otrthc ^    »t‘he    fair.    Wed- i.I the ccmmiltee in cl.aree ' "««h'-'-. >‘aa been set apartas “Child- Exhibit and the committee in charge; of it in tho best possible manner. !»'•>    «>>‘W‘en Keports from various points in South-1    "nl he admitted free of ern California relative to tlie number 'charge. _ of passengers and ¿ize cf their contri-,    *'*he a • baby sliow" hutiou to the c.\hibit state that Pasa-i    *:i'’'de<l    into    tv/o dena would forward at least, two car loads of fruit and grape LORDSPrui., CAI. Will do iiH kiiiili i*i 'Kuiliiifr Tvitli proiuplítcá» mid CArc.. dT ArME LL? 7 Mr. Hugus Will occupy the corner contractor, inforn^edius.,that the plans front of the Eagle oflicc.    1    room    with    a    bank    and    the    RdjGining    ¡    ^-ei^ by MiW.lihoade.-i.andfrom A portion of' ¡nppection of üiem we are prepar* sed as a pub-! s>/l-frt aov thal. f.Itnv nrn fiillir n'ti tit nnti 'Now i.s a good time to invest in lots in Lordsburg. They are increasing in value lapidly. Make no delay.    ^ D.’A. Mell, brick and stone mr.soii; | lias a card in the Eagle. If you -want I rdliablc work done ejiiploy him.^ . A. A. Me Lain, has rented one of the new cottages, in the Sallee orchard, on the córner of Third and A streets. room will be for rent, thc,^ upper story wiil be used lie ball. pub-! to say that they are fully up to any ^ drawn hj our best architects. The W. P. Rhoades appears in this is.<?ue j house eontain.s seVen rooms, halls, with an ad. The best insurance com-'■ closets, hath room, porche.s, and all Q.¡ panie.? in the United Stares are rep-¡ the etceteras so convenient in a house, j resented by him. Mr. Rhoades alsoj -Judge Thomas B. Xesbit, of I'oino-h.iiidles real estate and wiil show you | ^a, and his brother, Dr. B. B. Neshit, soiiiG fine biirgias in that line in | of .St.Louis,Mo., were in Lordsburg last Lordsburg. Call on him or write and ; Thiusduy takiu|f a look at our benuti-J. A. Coles, a printer on the Times-1 lie will give you partioulars. Hi.v| fi^j gm.rom,d¡„gg. Rhv. A. W. Xc.sbit, oliice is just nortli of iiie depot. I j^on of Judge Nesbit, accompanied by Bartholomew AVhlte has purchased | his, wife, were also of the party, a loton.Palomaiea.avahue, west of A ¡They were all highly pleased with street, and is crocting -a l..iilding to be ! Lordsburg’as i.s everybody that is so used as a restaurant. Mr. AVhite was | Incícy as to pass this way. Dr. Ncsbit witlLlhe first wagon train from the ¡ spent last «winter in Florida but lie States to Oregon, in    and    has    |    that Southern California is far a- ■ to ¡mistóte Mason. about twenty Pullman'' passengers |    '^®coud    class    of babies under 1 j in addition toothers who would táke |    "^Lcro    arc    four splendid; the regular tourist cars. Pomona was ilíremiums for tnc first class and three | heard from, through* Mr. McComas, th.it gentleman promising that hisL In addition to tho regular premium» city would be on hand with eight ton»    by    the acsociation, there is a    '    -    O    *1    I •f grapes and enough of other varieties 1 about fifty special prizes offered * ^    |    RC    tOrÍ    C    CT A fruit to make up' a carload. Tllore!    Inisiness    men    aud, others of this I Inquire at the Po.st-otfice. R,SETHERILL Gf    .    .    , would also be a large contingent ©f j    «I    Il'cm    well    worth    | passengers from that point, among j Others enough Pullman passengers Loj The program is carefully made out tiikc a whole car, *    '    .    |    viisitois may see all the ¡ Mr. Stephens .thou reported the pvincipal events, and net have to miss | completion of the hook for free distri-    thing to see another, as is gencr-, bution at St. Ixmis, “The Heeourccs i    Die case with fairs of thi.-descrip-1 of Southern California," the volume    'H»?    management    has    made    I Estunalcs Furnished • AA^crk. •n all ki:Mlg O’ P. 0. Box 50. PASADEXA, CAL. T being bound in a beautiful cover, so Courier at Pomona, and his family, nmde..tlic Eagle otlice a pleasant call ye«ter(|ay. Oui- laniber yards arc receiving and unloading car loads of Himbcr every day, to meet tlie heavy demands made npon them, v The card of E. CbiUterton, architect I travckd from Puget Sound to San.'head of that country as regards climate and bnilder, appears elsewhere.in this ' Diego througli California. He con-| mid a health resoH. issue. Parties desiring to biiilJ    will    ¡    siders this the best place he h;^ found    | Tlicrc aró^always some draií^-ocks do vvell to consult him.    j    in all his travels aud luoposcs to spend    gpnj,,g out the first number of a T. J. Jones, m.mngcr of the AA'csl remainder of his days here, j    8ince    eoining    to    Lorlsburg, Coast Lumber Co., has a new cottage | Sensible man.    i    three weeks ago, wo have bjilt the hearlyr^dy to move into, on    the    ¡ On the fourth page of this p.T per we    t olllce in which the EagLe is quartered, corner wSocoud ahd K streets.    Sprint the doul^column a<l. of the    | and a manisou for our family to live 1 I Arnold A Milis Co., real estals agents.' in, tho latter nxistly^ with our own M. G. Rogers, ha» a SOO-a/n-e ranch    j    .    , , ,    , .    ,    ri    '    ¡Thev represent a number ot tlie lead-, hands,as carpenters were scat-co and Dorthweet of Lordsburg, near the ban [.    '    '    i    i    L    i    *    *    * ®    I    ing capitalista of Pa.sadena, who, lore-! hard to get. As a consequence we uti.i8 canyon. r. ogers lae a me j    bright    future    in    store    for    ¡    have liod no time to rustle around and i l^ace aqd plenty of spring water. !    ^    acquainted wirii the people and | - Tlie Lordsburg and Pomona stage t    townsitc.    ?Tlicy    have    an    of-¡ the country. There arc somo delight- Une timo table appears this week. ¡    Cobler    in cliarge. ¡ ful noeks and corners in c’.ose prox- rh‘w Í» «i;jeat .convenience to piDties j ¡nteresta loi'itbcntcd by this' iniHy to Lordsburg and we propbse to wjehing to take the train nt Ldrdsburg. I    already    made    ,    snlwtaii-! iHvestigRto them in tho near future. every arrangement possible for the! that those who receive a copy will    of    visitors,    and    therefore bo likely to keep it for future reference bas no kesitation in appealing .to tlio These hooks will be ewelully packed I public for patronage and »upi>ort:— MABHL HOUS G. A. STEHAUr, Prop\ Ou K Street, near T)o;><»i, f,ortli>Lurg •N Pare only 10 ocnt». and put fill the cars under the personal suporviiiiQii of Mr. Sf pheiis, who has promisecl that they shall reach their destination-hi good order. After some discussion a motion was carried to thq eftect that to secure the delivery of all fruits, etc., in the best shape at St.' Louis, the chairmau | should bo authorized to make a i I contract with either the Germain Fruit Co. or Messrs.* Porter Bros., to I    ^ pack all the materials to be used in the exhiiiit, and to guarantee ihcir safe shipment not later than the 24th iiist., that tliey might be delivered in b't. Louis in tinie for the Missouri State Fa r. L..___.    ,    ■ The Downey FHlr-FreparutionH for a Big and Brilliant tSkow. ^Thc list of premiums and the rules aud regulations of the fourth annual L. A. Tirne*. Boaril by the dey or week, mo'latioiis. First clase accom* W. P. RHOADKS. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANC ji ( AGENT- Haviñg Located ih Lordsburg. ! tiiil improvements here, having luiiltj San Antonio, canyon AÍloYds delightful j fair of thj Los Angeles County Agri- N... Come in and subscribe for the Eagij:. | five handsome coltngc.-», a large two- ¡ trout fishing, and just over thqjumgo^ Don't wait for a personal solicita tijn. story business block, and piped wutor is plenty of bear, deer and other largo every household in the upper on their land.    Their, headijuartcrs    game' But we digress, fn our ans- Vornopa valley • made happy by read- j are in Pasadena.    If yoiyvant to make j icty^ to go afishing we came near for- F#agt,k. Bubcriptloti, ^2.00 a 1 gilt-odgofi investmentscorreiqiond with    gctlmg what wo started out to ».iy.    ¡    from    its    rizó    omk    the    mtmber of tho ‘ (his ilrni.    The Kag'-le will fall into the hands of    •    <livitlpns    into    which’ the    exhiM^^ cultural Associatiou, to bo held at Downey City,on Tuesday, Ayednesday, Thursday and Friday, October4th, 5tb, util and 7th, has just been issued, and AVILL BE PLEASED TO SHOW YOU AROUND AND SELL A'OTJ LOTB IN TEE BEST TOAVNSITE bN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 0TA11 cofTespondeflce in r?fcrms to this Iccaldy pn'JopM)* !»n.t*vcrt
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