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Lordsburg Eagle (Newspaper) - September 15, 1887, Lordsburg, California 1 L08DSBURG EAGLE IVERY TUll.SUAY BY E. BiRXES* tuitor Rnd Proprf'v ^ r ! Last Friday, September 9th, Cali* j forniii celcbra^t^d her 37th ITTlthday. íThe event was characterized in this I part of the State by a big. exclusion - ?     ' — OFR XEW DEPOT. TliO California Central Railroad, with that fv/rc*lu)U_ght and busineM | sagacity that characterizes its niHH-' it BSCRIPTION. • t;,Po>t-cflriev ia Lordsburi; :us ittcr. j train from Los Angeles^ San Diego, ^ag,;aent ihrovfghout, is building at where,the Native Sons of the Golden ;large ami ti nmiodions depot at this ■ i:.0(> A YF..VR^H"A\re!5r and others indulged in a grand phvcc. The architectual design is ‘ Ho, for 1 Joi*dsburg I Z^tcred at th ftiCt’ad Clajw M»< THURSDAY, SEPT. 15, 1887. good tihic. In 1900 California will be handsome ami will add largely to the | 50 years old j and at the presentíate beauty of its s’lrroundings. Ihe ! of rapid dovelopineiit, ere that time ar'fives, a new Stale will probably be carved cut of the southern portion. LXTRODVCTIOX. The Lordsburo £.íule sails into the arena of joiirnaliam in Southern Californifa in this year of grace, Sept»^ ember 15,1887. Wc arc not large and pretentious to start in with but expect • to grow as the business of the town increases and shall add iniprorments from time to* time as the necesities of the ease demand. To advance the ' f»‘Owlh and p^gpcrity of our town and the surrounding country will be the chcif aim of this paiicr. To thi.g ¡ end wc envite correspondcnco items of interest. lu politics thb Eaí.lk is Republican Í and will advocate its principles on lul | proper occasions. 5Ve do lidt believe Company has a large .«trip of ground i extending along its track from B x) E | streets. Chi the eastern end ofthUj In that event we know of no r.- >re ^ strip the depot ia located. ThebaUncci sightly or comniodius place for the ' o: the ground, not otherwise occuncd,! THE COMING TOWN State Capitol than Lordsburg. Our! natural advantages, are unsurpassed, j Grand mountain scenery, riel, ooil, an ! unlimited supply of pure water, good drainage and lirst class railroad facilities, will soon make this one of the leading towns in Southern Caliioniia. Count us in. LOKDSBURG ^    .    I Is situated on tl»e California Ccn- i trul Raihvay, midway la;twecn JiOS Angeles and San Ber«hvdino and live \ miles from the cast line of Los Angeles i and ! county. Although hut recently laid out!    ..    . Lord.sbiirg is already becoming a poiht^ of considerable importance. i’’or beauty of situation it is unsurpassed.* Two miles north the Sierra Aladre coald 1)0 ulitizcd made imo a| haiuUcm! • park.    ^ ThcAvniii.ng roon ar te l of'ice^ the former iOxSO and the latter ItkSO j occupy the east end of the buihnngi Next conics on open a'rched pasiage; way «eight feet wide separating the ticket oHicc from the baggage riohi which is 14x30. The freight roon is 20x30 with an open shed 2üx80adoin' ing. An elevated platform, to b«t85gr I facilitate the li and ling of freight, rounds the height room and siod. A T>roiecting roof surrouirds the eitire j The inside of the ofticcmd | waiting room will be ivuinscotedAud ' i bard Unished.    j All ftboi^rd for Lordsburg !    i een eriiardino and the Sea! ■5*Tyf* P in communism, mugwumpism or the I ^iouutains range tlnjmsel ves in majes- ¡ (iOVEKXOR BVIlTf.ETT DKA!^ Gov. Bartlett died last Monny afternoon at 5 o’clock. The funlral takes plade to-morrow (Friday) a 11 o’clock in *8:111 Francisco, lie erne tic grandeur, with Old Baldy’s gray iurceof civil service reform. This is "a    |    towering above them a>! at an government of the people, for the peo-j    altitude of 9000 feet above the sea. - ... ,    \    . .    ,    •    foot    liiils    and    gontlv    sloping    inc.sa, place u certain partv m power tnat    »    •    i    o    .    t.    rc •    •    i    j \    ‘    I    are    to he found the house.*» of wealthy ' Call.onna in liit.I, ana w*as w’.ely , part) shouid control the wer ings o its    .    piospcrous ranchman, fruit farms, |    favorhly    known as a    man    of ter-1 machin^y in all itsramiñcation.s.-aml    ¡    ling integrity.    ^    : when they fail to "run the machine”! The town is laid out with broad avon-i Leiut. Cíov. Watcrinan tookthoj bufiincs's principles^ they    | ues    and streets ,70 to 80 feet wide, with ¡    ‘>f    ofiicc    and    as'-umcd    the dtics , the railroad running through the ¡ of SoVcmor Tuesday morning. i «•    A.    >    ,    #    r Fifteen Indies of.Puie Sparkling Water from the hidian ills Piped Throup'h Pycit on correct ejioukl be iiivit^i to step aside. To the newspaper fraternitj’—here’s* our bow. Please X. . , Col. Fiiho. D. (iUANT has been liominated by tli6 Republicans of New j York for iSecretary of «State. ¡-center of the toivn < n.st and west Parallel with the railroad tlio .streets oii ih*.’ noith side arc named First, Second, etc., and on the south ^ rut Down. W. v\. BIsscll, of the Ailaniioaiul .1. II. Htnt, of Santa Rosa, is preparing to make a largo ^shipment juf apples to Austialia. The Southern California Conference of the M. E, Church is in , ses.sioh i;; Los Angelos this w'eck. Bishop Wal-' lien is tlie presiding oihcer. ide PaJouuii’Ce Pacific, received conie.s of the iiewaas- ¡ avenue cohics tiist with lots fronting jscnger tarilf for the California Cctral; on the railroad, then comes South ¡ Railroad yesfcrday. There is a i First «South .S'jcuikI, etc. Beginning [ erial reduction in the rates to aiuPomi at the west end of town the streets the diftereut points m «Southern hli-.j Ghn. Henry W. Slocum.dech to he a candidate for comniandci Chief of the G. A. R. at the election l< Iield daring the National Kncaihp meiit in «St. Louis this month. running north and soutli arc named rcsDGctivly A B C, running half way tlirough the al^ihabet, and us the town grows we.presume the letremvill all be exhausted. The "lay of the *!uud” is nearly level with jii,-) slope eucugh from north to south to secure good drain-igc. Mountain w ater is already piped through some of the «trccts and ere forni.i. Between Jiao Berna rdino;nd ' Los Angeles the faro will be !?i.75/.;ra | «San Bernardino to Pasadena, |l.ti; to i Raymond, $1.55; to Garvanzo, $Ii5;¡ to Diuirto $1.20 : and to «San.t.a '    | $1.«35. 'Die new lut-. of.$1.75 .¡¡«ieei between Lo.s Angelco and Coltonand i the fare between J.os Angelos and’ol- [ ton* has been reduced tp *'1{175.; This gives a new nUe of|22.7‘^- V./ A Large Depot and a $100,000 Hotel NOW GOING UP. long the whole town will be-uoplied i class, beUveeu v^an Diego and Fur with a first class water sy si «.in. But Francisco, and $19.75 emigrant.—¿oí we have more than* one string to our bow on the water question, as good, TiiE citizens of Los Angeles aie, pure •^vater can be“ had by digging moving in the direction of more hotel | twenty to thirty feet. - Several old accomniodat-Uiiis, and there are pros-; residents l.ere have wdls which we ingelc^ Tirms. THE HOTEL L0RD8BIRÍL ! This magniticont alruiturc wil.be, i when coini)!eted, ona of the uost; pects that they will soon have two j tested and the \^v«ter i.s delicious. | (.ommodous and best appointed hos-i telries in Southern (’aliiornia., I will ■ have a frontage to the south oí 74.H : foot, west side 178, east side 10(3.8 ¿et, I $500.000 hotels, one on the St. Yin-j They h.ivc nevei- hcen Lriown ao go cent property and the other on Main ! dry and the supply is iuexhaustahle. between Ninth and Tenth streets. The Lokdsrlug Eagi.e will be issued next week. Until its town grow^ considerable, it will of necessity live on “Pomona chickens.”—Progress. Thank you, Br6. Stow ell, not any, we are living in a country overñowing w ith spring chickens. Lordaburg is fortunate in having men of large wealth, .culture, and broad,'liber.al views, in the three stories and a basement. E.xtrvme \ verandah exinds around the three fronts. manage-1 Peight 91 feet. THE PACIFIC, LAP The gupretnc court of Illinois ren- i ^ tiered a unanimous decision in the an-archist cases nihrmiug the decision of the lower court. The day of citecntion is set for Nov. 11. Tiic condemned nient of it.s affairs, among whom are : G. H. Fulleri™, ol Vos Ansdes ; J.    jjg    : W. Hogus, H.W.    of.'in the l.is'est ¡ tin, W. S. Arnold, and ,1. S. Mills, oI[^„.j^ ^he dinin; roon, ie ¡lUx-ñ; ieet' Pasadena, and I. W. ^    ‘ Bernardino county, About $200.000 worth of iots liave J. .S., Silver, treasurer of the Santa Fc system of railroads in «Southern California, has- ■7 COMPANY Will Sell Lots on. Favorble Terms. bought a block containing a beatli^ anarcbi.ta aró, VngusL Spies, Samnei    f’ “P*"* Fielden, K. Farso.is, Adoiph Fi.clrer^.'"'*"*''’    I**"''’    '■* Engel and Louis Ling. delice. The west end of town takes in thfi Next Tue.sday a special train cuii Jni'KC orchard lormcrly owned by J. \X. taining representatives of the G. A. R„ iialicc, conEisting of apricots, peache.s, of Southern Calif^ia will pas¿ tliidügh here on their way to,St. Louia. Wc tramped with the boys through Tennessee and Georgia ami are soi ry we can’t be with them on this trip. Here’s hoping you may have a good time, all the same. The national on-,    s    ,    ,    ,    , to be !    dashboard    of    the    cur    and wedged Lori, of San    ceiling. A tower sur mounts the front enterance on Hit* south. The füundüíáoi vand basnjent vails of granite are being built and the work w ill be pushed as raidly as possible. *    j .l.Cb Pelton, .Ir., of Lo.« Angele, is j the architect of this beautiful biiilcng.! A. W. Boggs, of Riversiile, is the on-1 tractor, and La Niece & Beck arc d.ng j the stone work and plasleruig. ■CBseeut. plums and pears, all in hearing. Gj'N. Black, Conunissioncr of Ini-sionp, in liis annual report to^the ec-retary of the Interior, nrakcs scvral car, near the eorner of First and Tort streets. One of the horses rush- campment at St. Louia promi.^cs A gi-anci affair. We acknowledge tfio receipt of a complinientry ticket of admission to the Poniological Fair to be held in Hazard’s Pavilion, Los Angeles, during this week. Owing to a pres.s of busi-u/ess in getting out the first number of the Eaíile we are not able to attend, from reports in the (laiii« s the Fair i«i * grand success, aiul.thoso who fail to attend will miss seeing a fine display %>f, fmits, flowers, needlework, ntaaii -facturcs—and the baby show. Tub ship Langdale, x'-hich sails from San Francisco on Friday for Liverpool, carries what is probably Uie most xaWttlUf gtoeral cargo that has Icftv^hat j)ort in years. The csiimatad Tglue of the cargo is $5(X),. too, and it coniiets altogether of Cali-fornift products. Canned fruit,canned salmon, pfearl *il)ens, eucalyptus oil, «Ik horn, cntKlUy borax, xvool, grape handy. wirW, Vfifmpagne and mint-fxy«Fpings«^Íb<¿h^d in tbe cargo. himself in the ilQor. elderly l|i(ly,. Mrs. A. M. Klli§, An was seriously hurt, her loft leg being broken bet\i*een the knee and ankle. Severn 1 other parties were severely, bruised. Another {rightfn\ runaway occured in Los Angeles yestf iday, the team running into the roar end of a street important suggestions and asksfoün- creased clerical forces and an aprp-piation of $18,000 for .additinal agencies. There were at the doe of the year 400,007 pensioners.' Fty-j five tlmusand one hundred and aiety-four new* pensioners were add<( to the rolls during the year and 1707 names xvhich Lad been dropped ,verc restosed. .Sevenieeii tlioiisand six hundred and seventy-seven »ore dropped during the year. The aggregate annual value c all pensions is $52,.82-4,800, an increav of like vidiie for the year of *88,130,W, The amount paid for pensions dung the year was $73,405,500, an jncnsc MEN OF CAPITAL, MEN OF NERVE,-MEN OF JJRAIN, ) Are Investing in Lordsburg!    ' 'I’hursday, at San Francisco, the stern of iho new pruLscr Charleston was ca.sL at the Pacific Rooling Mills, 'Fhis is the largest casting ever made On this coast., and, H i.*» said, on the continent. This will open Eastern manafftctares’ cye.s to the fact that Californians arc fully able to compete over the previous year of $9,009,50., with them and thuroughly capable    amount paid on 14,019 new yn-l pcriornving their contracts with the,    ' Tim estimates for the first liscal >ar, ¡ ending June 30,1888, aggregate $9,- 045,230. CATCH ON TO THE BOOM! ! ' ■ . /■ government. When finished the stern will weFgh lfi,(KX) pounds. A mortgage for $10,000^000 on all the property of the Central Pacific Usilroad was filed rcco^itly ;ii San Fancisco. Tlio intcrTOit ,i|B 6 per cent per.annnni, payaplc half yearly; and and it is beleivedjhc money is be ii^cd by the company to oofiiplcte projected .rojids ‘    V 'teepi The Ni'-tivc «Sons ..had a spleDdj parade in San Francisco on Tlipruy,.; fourteen p.arlors iwrticipating; buthe exerci^eiN wore marred by an aecicnt to DuVid Nye, Chief, and to Gnd^ Hufsbal Martin. Kye’s harao Irej.at: . .enod and threw bin, breaking his 'g. ! A. T. PALMER*. Geniíkai, AutirK / GEO. H. FULLERTON, President. p-unric I.ASDnMPROViJ((pT m.- ilvoai il, Wilson ni'jck to* ,Aós','l^ C»l.
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