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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 26, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaLegislature oks Feather River funds goes into recess for five weeks Bills offered by James c. Anderson Sacramento up funds for the Feather River project were assured today As the legislature be Gan a five week recess. A last minute Compromise Friday night finally brought agreement on a Bill appropriating for work on the Oroville dam. But the Outlook for Success on other important water issues including future funds for the Fri is less Bright when the legislature adjourned at p. M. After introducing a record number o 7.030 measures it quit on a not of bitterness Between Northern and Southern legislators and the Promise of future fights Ove water. Southern leaders who grudgingly went along with gov Goodwin j. Knight s urgent re quest for funds for Fri prom ised that when the session re Sumes March 4, the vote heavy Southern delegation will no vote to spend another dime of water projects until we set constitutional amendment guaranteeing water for our area. The North was t too Happy Over the final outcome of the u. S. Woman after expelled trial tried by reds Long Beach Bress Long Beach 12, calif., saturday january 20 pages Price 1q cents Telephone he 5-1161 vol. 312 classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions daily Fri Battle either. Sen. Harold t. Johnson a Roseville and a group of Rural and Mountain county senators failed in their efforts to get the South to go along with for work on five Small local projects in Plumas county. Thus they lost their fight to establish the principle that As work goes on on projects like the Fri to ship Northern Cali fornia water to the South work also should proceed on Loc projects to Benefit the North. Gov. Knight appeared to be almost the Only Man in the Capitol satisfied and Happy with the outcome. It justified the Confidence that i have had in their Funda police crush riot in Pakistan students protest hang Nehru in effigy Karachi up police used clubs today to break up a mob of More than moslem Stu dents who swarmed into the streets to protest India s annexation of Southern Kash Mir. A number of. Demonstrators suffered head injuries but no figure on total casualties could be obtained immediately. Effigies of Indian Premier Jawaharlal Nehru were burned i at several Points in the City and the demonstrators screamed Nehru several foreigners were re ported manhandled by the ram paging students. Their nationalities were not immediately ascertained. Throughout the City or mental Devotion to the Grea cause of flood control and water he said. Gani Zed groups burned hundreds naughty words of effigies of Nehru screaming teenage students wearing Black armbands swirled through the streets carrying crudely lettered placards calling for a free plebiscite in Kashmir. A series of attempted raids on the offices of the Indian High commissioner were be Terback Early this morning by stick Hobgoblin on wheels police keep close ear on Parrot Burbank cops have their Eye on this Parrot pretty boy and if he knows any naughty. Words he better not say them. Neighbors of pretty boy s owner Roy s. Bunnell have complained to police that the Parrot is arrogant and a disruptive nuisance with his chatter. Bunnell insists pretty boy knows not a naughty word but admits the Bird does like to command shut police assigned an officer to investigate which he did Fri Day for 45 but pretty boy Wise for i 18 years said not a word Nice or naughty. Even so police Are going to make sure. A detective will be Back for another pretty boy later. Wipers and swiped his hand across the Hood to create this piece 01 Snow scamp Ture. Photographer Phil Wolcott of the Eugene Register guard recorded the press wire photo swinging Karachi policemen. Feeling was running High at India s reaction to the United nations Security c o c i 1 s hands off Kashmir Resolution. According from new Delhi prime minister Nehru was deliberately flouting the world organization by going ahead with the planned hardest hit by the icy blasts Over of the Indian occupied dropped into the Tor of the princely state. A Bill passed by the Montana numbed by 50-Bebw cold associated press constituent Assembly in the Indian held sector called for the integration of the entire state in the. Indian Union at Midnight. The . Security Council 40-to-50 below Range in some areas. The weather Bureau said no immediate Relief was Indi biting cold numbed vast sections in the Western three quarters of the country today. A mid Winter mass of Arctic air sent temperatures tumbling to sub Zero Levels. The below Zero Belt extended from Idaho to Lake -michigan1 and. Southward through Nebraska and Iowa. Montana was Chi 11 rain splatters Southland four missing britons meld by red police yank photographer sentenced for entering illegally Budapest the Budapest municipal court today sentenced an Ameri can woman free Lance photographer to 50 Days in jail for entering Hungary ideally. Because she had been in prison longer than that she was set free but told to of the coun try by sunday Midnight and stay out. At the same time the Interior ministry disclosed it was hold ing four Young britons including a granddaughter of the late sir Stafford Cripps for trial on charges of spying. They had vanished after entering Hungary about 10 Days ago and the ministry s announcement was the first official word of their Fate. Still uhf card from Are Rich Ard Roraback 26, of Dobbs for j by n.y., and Einar Roos of Oslo who were arrested Jan. 12 by hungarian Frontier guards while j trying to Aid exhausted refugees Cross into Austria. The United states and norwegian govern ments have demanded their re lease. The american woman mrs. Georgette Meyer Dicky Chapelle 36, looking Pale and the Middle tast. S tired after 54 Days of comm the committee in a report list imprisonment told the supporting president Eisenhowe Urt or s Middle East doctrine also t said the nearness of Middle East m understand sentence and i do not have any comment to she was placed in custody of the . Legation pending her departure. Ferenc Welsch a hungarian and a co defendant in the one Day trial before municipal judge Lorant Timar was sentenced to eight months. He said he would Appeal. A maximum sentence of continued on Page a-3, col. 5 Georgette Chapelle american free Lance photographer today was convicted in a communist Hungary court of entering the country illegally. She was sentenced to jail for time already served and ordered to leave the satellite nation by sunday press wire photo russian threat to Mideast by House Washington House foreign. Affairs committee reported today that a heavy concentration of military forces along the Southern Borders of the soviet Union poses a constant threat to. The nations of chill Shower s splattered the Southland late Friday and Early today As Long Beach ruefully marked the first anniversary of the big rainstorm of 1956. The pre Dawn drizzle dumped .57 of an Inch of rain on Long were lower through the Ohio far cry from the 4.68 Valley. Readings averaged about inches which flood d -28. Mis Soula mont., reported an All time Low of -31. The cold. Air continued its southeastward movement from the Plains and temperatures nations to soviet Union makes possible the easy introduction of the committee earlier this week voted 24 to 2 to approve a Resolution authorizing the pres ident to use u. S. Troops if Nec Essary to combat open communist aggression in the area. The legislation also would authorize the president to use 200 million Duars As a Start on a big new economic Aid program. Senate democrats mean time rejected As wrong re publican charges that their Crit ical questioning of Secretary of state John Foster Dulles was an attempt to destroy ally and the House committee rated from the state s most pro is degrees lower than Friday. Longed cold Waves. The Mercury plunged to -41 at Montana s Cap thursday approved a Resolution i ital City during the right. Renewing the Call for a Plebs a at in southwestern cite to Settle the future of the Fertile Terri tory. Montana the Mercury Tell to -46 this morning. In Central Washington it was the frigid air headed eastward Jand was expected to cover All but the extreme Southeast Sec Tion of the country by tonight. Temperatures ranged from near Zero in extreme Northern new England to the 30s in the mid Atlantic states. 22 years of Freedom end reckless driving g traps Escapee 26, causing evacuation of Many Homes and snarling traffic hopelessly. But the Rains Aren t Over yet the Weatherman warned. Another storm front moving southward from Northern Cali fornia is expected to bring in soviet backed regime has or Termi tent showers tonight and j dered a get Tough policy against said new secret police purge hungarians London hastily re organized secret police Force some Strong was reported today to have gone into action in Hungary ruthless purge of government opponents. Diplomatic reports from be Hind the Iron curtain said threat in the Middle East to All appearances Hungary committee said adm Nistra British rip Dulles slur on soldiers London Secretary of state Dulles remark that i would rather not have and British Soldier beside him in the Middle East brought a rash of indignant headlines to Day in British newspapers. But editorially the Secretary was seen As a Well meaning Man who Russia is committed to aggressive policies that seek to capital ize upon local playing into in hands Are talks too much. The Dulles statement came As he was. Testifying Friday before the Senate foreign relations and Armieri services committees in support of the Eisenhower proposals for Powers to Block local tensions and expansion in the said. Not the least of these is1 the conflict Between the Arab states and while Russia poses a icon Des Moines driving ended 22 years of free Dom for George Dietsch 54, who walked away from a Wisconsin prison farm in july 1935 to at father s funeral in Only got As far As i could to Leral. If i tend his Oregon. George _ Marquette Iowa. He changed his name to James Arthur West later remarried and worked on farms and As an attendant at Iowa mental hospitals. His secret came out Here Fri Day night As he awaited wis Consin authorities who will take him Complete two Bur Glary sentences. Dietsch was arrested Jan. -8 at fort Dodge for reckless driving and later released. State agents making a routine Finger print Check discovered John Arthur West was actually the Long sought George Dietsch. Agents took him into Cus Tody Friday at Independence Iowa where he and his wife had gone to visit friends and seek a Job i m Kinda glad it s Over Dietsch sighed. I knew the Jig was up when they took my fingerprints at fort Dodge. Sorry now that. I did t go Back after those first four Days when i realized get to my father s funeral lad i d be All Over this but i had a Good life. I did t steal anything. Every thing i ate i paid he added. Anna whom Dietsch mar ried about 13 years ago in Minnesota never know of his past. Of their parting he said i told her Anna forget you Ever knew me she said no i won t i la wait for you " two. Grocery he related. He had about eight months to serve when he Learned of his Dietsch was. Living on a farm death. Near wis., when unable to. Pro vide re orig Nauy got into trouble f5r the trip to Oregon the . With a he joined two i did t want to do it but i just sat in the car while a fellow a i was with burglarized sunday he said. Coupled with the showers will be cooler temperatures the Bureau predicted. Small Craft warnings were sent out for the coastline from san Diego to it. Concep Tion. Winds up to 30 Miles an hour were forecast. Winds aloft would Range up to 50 Miles an hour from the West and Northwest pilots were warned. The enemies of communism. The secret police Are combing the country for suspects in what May develop into a purge of As yet unforeseeable Dimen the reports said. About 400 members of Revo Tion witnesses gave no evidence of imminent overt armed aggression by. Any nation con trolled by International communism in the general area of the Middle the committee is the report said most nations of the Middle East would regard a commitment to the recent uprising were under stood to have been rounded up. Middle East. Every London newspaper re acted with the same safer without British h e a d 1 i ixe theme. Editorial comment contained an almost equal mixture of resentment and amusement. _ under the headline Britain and France not wast the times described Dulles remark As but Dis missed it As another of his irritating the staid times acknowledged Luti onary councils set up during oppose subversion As an assume continued on Page a-3, col. 1 one minute an eternity the Friday saturday brought Long Beach s George Dietsch alias James West Back in custody v storm season other trustees in an escape from he prison farm near Madison. He does t know what happened to his companions. The four Days it took to be to Iowa changed Dietsch s mind. He detoured to Minnesota where he worked on farms for 14 years and met Anna. Since he had 1 heard from his first wife after going to prison he married a gain. They have no children. Moving to Iowa he spent about 4% years attendant at violent wards in state mental hospitals the rest As a farm hand. At Madison wis., Wilbur Schmidt director of the. State department of Public welfare said he expected Dietsch would be returned to face escape charges. Our division of corrections will a tidy Dietsch s. Record while he was in Wisconsin s Cus Tody and then decide what action should be liken when he is re turned Schmidt said. Rainfall total 3.12 inches. Last year the season rainfall at this time totalled .8.22 inches. Elsewhere in the Long Beach area rainfall totalled from .59 to .69 of an Inch. The weather Bureau said the new showers would be caused by a northwesterly flow of cold unstable air along Che coast. Where to find it How the nazis wartime espionage schemes were counteracted by the Fri Are told in today s instalment of Fri Story on Page b-2. Admittedly he was being pressed by the Congress a-4, .5. B-2 to 9. A-8. B-10. Death b-2. A a a-2. A-2. Sports pages a-6, 7. To b-10. Foot caught As train bears Down save Man Floral Park n. Y. A minute that seemed in eternity Early today a new York businessman s foot was caught in a Railroad track As an express train rushed toward him. Then a stranger stepped up and saved him. It was. A. M. When Harry j. Wood 66, vice president of the Randolph shoe co., of with offices in new York stepped from a Long Island Railroad train at the station Here with his wife pearl., u the and they started across the Grade crossing toward their Home a few Hundred feet away. Suddenly Wood stopped. He said. It s it had become wedged beside the express rail. Mrs Wood raised her voice. Charles Gluck 40, of sea Cliff the started toward them then he. Heard Bells signalling arrival of a through express train and dashed Back. To lower the crossing Gates. Mrs Wood tried to Enlace her husband s wedged shoe. Excitement the lace became tightly knotted. And the headlight atthe express loomed ahead. At this Point 23, of Garden City Park happened along. He. Grabbed Waist and with a terrific yank pulled him seconds later the express that hard committee and was no doubt tired and exasperated but a statesman should guard his the daily express said the re Mark is Likely to give offence but the proper response to it is 8 planes delayed by bomb scare san Diego air Iners were delayed several hours Here Friday night by an ther bomb scare. Ari East san Diego mrs. C. F. Seed she received a. Telephone Call. Tell that a bomb had been planted at Lindbergh Field. She said the x juvenile. Mrs Reed said she had no. she received the. Call. She has no connection with the. Airport police searched Luggage on flights scheduled to leave. After . Weather considerable showers. Through times and cooler

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