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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 28, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaIcy streets i i. Here cause Many skids in we Beach pm Darleen Argast 10, and Linda sue Ermert in the Snow on top of a car in los Angeles Topanga Canyon. Sunday s House solons 4-year Federal seek debate on Ike plan Washington a some members of the House rules committee voiced opposition today to Banning the offering of amendments school Aid plan outlined by Ike Washington Eisenhower today called on Congress to act quickly in providing a four program of Federal Grants to help the states build new schools. During House debate on measure president Eisenhower s mid in a special message Eisenhower asked that the asure be enacted on its own merits uncomplicated die East policy Resolution. The congressional Man Euver Jug came against a background of increasing tension in the United nations where moves were afoot to find ways of get Ting Israel out of sections of Egypt her troops still occupy. The rules group met to dear the Way for an expected Start of House debate tuesday. Mean while Secretary of state Dulles underwent renewed Senate questioning plan. On the administration though some committee Mem Bers argued the Resolution should be open for amendment during the debate it was a fore gone conclusion the rules group would reluctantly gag impose the leaders of both parties i 3.l1oo. Usia Aid ousted for blast ilke Washin g t 0 n of the government today fired an in formation officer in the far East who publicly denounced president Eisenhower s Middle ate never East proposal As a Blank Check Gration. By that Means he sought to forestall another such fight As the one in which last year s school Aid Bill bogged Down. At that time the White House proposed a five year plan. The House went up to for four years accepted an amendment by rep. Powell cd by barring Aid to segregated schools and then killed the whole Bill. The sen thermometer Falls to 33 Deg. New storm on horizon a severe Winter storm brought Long Beach its i coldest morning in eight years today. More rain Anc possibly Snow Are in store for tonight and tuesday. The u. S. Weather Bureau predicted frequent showers with some thunderstorm Active adding that Snow flurries Are quite Likely to reach Down into the lowlands late tonight and tuesday w the new storm is head ing Here from Central califor Nia. Earlier today it brought rain and Snow to the san fran Cisco Bay area. Meanwhile hundreds of per sons in Southern California Mountain ranges were still i trapped by sunday s heavy Snow. Most major Moun Tain highways were opened to Day although chains were Neces sary above the level. Principally among the stranded were motorists whose cars were snowbound. Snow plows were at a Premium today. The official thermometer in downtown Long Beach this morning recorded 33 degrees the coldest since 31 was registered on Jan. 5, 1949. Unofficially it was much cold to in other sections of town where heavy patches of ice were reported. An estimated 15 automobiles Long Beach 12, calif., monday january Var Tver in Telephone he 5-1161 vol. 616 r q cents 30 pages Psiol 1u classified he 3-5959 Home edition eight editions skidded and spun out of control on the Alamitos Bay Bridge on Pacific coast Hwy. Early today As ice formed on the Bridge s Concrete surface. One person was injured and three of the autos had to towed away police said fourth limped away with a Bent wheel. Have endorsed the no Amend ment procedure. On the Senate Side Dulles s made his fifth one at a closed the foreign relations and armed services committees. Some committee democrats Are pressing for a full review of Dulles past foreign policy actions. Sen. Wiley a wis attributed what he called an organized attack on Dulles to some democrats with presidential Ambi tl0ch airman Gordon d-i11 of the House foreign affairs com Mittee told the rules group we have no guarantee of How wisely or How Well the administration will exercise the military economic authority it seeks. For one Man Charles Edmundson u. S. In formation Agency officer at Seoul made his criticism in to Kyo sunday. He was fired today with this terse announcement by the u. S. Information Agency there was Tion despite Eisenhower s plea that the fight Over racial in and perhaps Over other be repeated. Police cars were dispatched every Indica to the scene to put out flares halted by snowfall Snow blanketed this foothill area .40 Miles North Hwy 99 Ridge route. This morning the press wire photo an attempt to slow traffic but officers said these had Little effect. The series of mishaps occurred the Public statement in Tokyo by Charles Edmundson violation of Agency school districts cannot sell at reasonable interest ill i Eisenhower already had shown the outlines of this year s proposal in his state of the Union message. By proposing that construction program be car pole 186 feet North of the bring. Ried out in four years instead of five As recommended last year Eisenhower election Campaign but we added refusal to o along with the president s re est would certainly be widely misinterpreted throughout the the Resolution would give Eisenhower authority to use u. A military forces against any open communist aggression in the Middle East. And it would give him a free hand to earmark by june 30 up to 200 million Dol Lars for military and Economy Aid to the Middle East. In the United nations meanwhile asian and Ara countries leading off a new u n Middle East debate demanded again today that Israel withdraw her forces immediate unconditionally from Jig ii the presidential message also Between 6 . And 7 ., a called for 750 Mullion dollars in cording to officers de free and Federal authorization to buy j. F. Carter local school construction Bonds the Bridge is the second one on the Highway North of Seal Beach City limits. Only one injured was Frederick w. White jr., 30, of All saved Asaf ship crash lands Union officers told to reply to probes Miami Beach Fla. Al Cio exec slain girls buried 2nd Man hunted Chicago murdered Iii Dilja Oai i Anchorage Alaska a today ordered its 140 unions to remove from Grimes Sisters were buried to. An air Force cargo plane carry any Union off Cal refusing testimony at a Public Day whue police sought to is in Mem hrs and a sol i Fivi Lieh a self styled Frederick w. Were 01., Kansas City Riding with Robert c. Higgins 31, of san the car skidded hit a reflector ing 12 Crew members and a sol Dier passenger on. Emergency leave to the states caught fire shortly after Takeoff from Al base Here on the ice bound Waters of Cook honoured pledge. He Puju a let i and then another pole 243 feet North of the Bridge. Throughout the Southland the Charles Edmundson recalled to u. S. Ion Hel regulations. His Resigna Timon is being requested and he is being recalled to washing promised to try to make up for time lost because the Meas ure was not enacted in 1956. One Section of the administration proposal carried an additional 20 million dollars to match state Grants for the planning of state and local school building programs. The total Grant and lending authority therefore added up. To Inoru ennui us Oculi Jitni a sunday storm and dropping to safety within 10 minutes after the crash by two air Force Inlet. Inquiry into Union affairs. The Council adopted the policy fugal to has stirred con with one negative vote cast by president Dave Beck of the teamsters Union largest Al Cio affiliate. Beck could not be reached immediately for comment sub committee headed by sen. Mcclellan dark held preliminary already hearings has and none of the 13 aboard was in Jjames r. Hoffa Detroit Mcclellan has. Recommended but broader authority for any new committee. Jared seriously. They were hoist temperatures this morning brought the following helicopters. Snow fell m Oan Pedro Palos Verdes Modjeska continued on Page a-4, col. 4 rain table ton Agency officials said the. Regulations he violated Are based it. By and Egypt. The delegates spoke in the.80 National general Assembly As intense diplomatic negotiations continued privately to find a Resolution which might ease the tension. Informed quarters said no proposal had yet been agreed upon by any of the several groups which Are consulting. Students in time to see school Burn me and Junior High school students arrived in buses today just in time to see their school House consumed by flames. Loss of the Frank l. Besse High school building was Esti mated unofficially at approximately 100 attended classes there. On the Agency s Mission to fur ther and carry out u. S. Policy and not to attempt to make Edmundson handed newsmen his strictly personal state ment during a Stopover at to Kyo. It. Charged profiteers Grafter and politicians around the world Are getting hold of u. S. Aid funds. He objected to investigations of state. Depart ment activity and bans on travel by u. S. Newsmen to communist China. I cannot conscientiously sup port a foreign policy which i believe May Lead us beyond the Brink and into Edmundson said. He added he was prepared to resign if his Bosses objected to his views. Contact restored with danish ship Copenhagen the ship Manak feared lost saturday in Green land Waters was reported Safe today. The Prince christians Sund radio station re established radio Contact with the ship and Aid. the shortage of classrooms is the most critical problem in education Eisen Hower said Federal assistance is appropriate in View of the tem cont. On Page a-4, col. 5 Art Caln Compton Jong Beach. To Al hours .18 .02 .13 .09 the c134 Globe master took Ito off from Elmendorf at . In route to Mcchord air Force base near Tacoma Wash. A few minutes later one engine caught teamster vice president had said in Advance the member teamster group would ignore any such Al Cio policy. Hoffa said the teamsters Felt any Union official had a right 3.h2 3.40 4.si 3.31 3.78 3.14 fire and the Pilot capt. Theo anal film 24 hour .32 Park .37 i 17 Learned All 94 passengers and 38 crewmen were Safe and the ship undamaged Greenland authorities announced. Lundeberg Secretary of sup. Dies Harry Lundeberg Secretary of the sailors Union of the Pacific died in Peninsula Hospital today. Lundeberg 55, had been head of the sup since 1936, and was a bitter rival of Harry Bridges president of the International longshoremen s and. Warehouse men s Union. He was one of the founders of the seafarers International Union and its president since 1938. Friends said Lundeberg suffered a heart attack on Jan. 20. He was known on All coasts As a big Tough Boss of a Tough Union he stood 6 feet 2% and weighed .190 pounds born in Norway he was a Sailor All his life. His interest the sea and seamen was Fullerton .1" in Flen Hunt. By Aeh harm. Newport sch Simla Ana. Tits non i 13 .74 .57 .151 .44 .53 3.g4. 3.bh 4.111 3.k4 1.88 3.14 15.03 3.fl8 3.18 3.02 11.411 0.62 Rake the the Constitution and to the base but was forced Only a couple of Miles from the strip on his final approach. A military spokesman said the big Craft came to rest on the ice about 20 Yards from Shore. The glob master under of possible self incrimination George Meany Al Cio announcing the _., statement said flouting the policy would be hauled up before the executive Council. He made it Clear ouster from the Al Cio would be considered against any violating Union. Four killed in hardware store blast persons the Al Cio policy Declara ll1 corrupt influences d Tion said all1 corrupt influences Elmhurst Albert Richert oration of the strategic air removed from organized command was based at Biggs labor. Air Force Elpaso Tex. All the Crew members were list As being from Biggs. Gave victim gun hold Railroad officer for abetting suicide new York if i had a gun i d kill a 35 abiding no u i hatred o after expressed in fuming Pur ple words. Equalled Only by his hatred of r the trigger and slumped to the floor. He was pronounced dead 3t Walter Ryan 36, a special Patro Taan for the Baltimore Ohio Railroad told police he was dumbfounded and petrified and unable to suicide. He was a Kested on a rare charge that of abetting a suicide. It is punishable by up to 20 years in was held in bail pending a Cou other Railroad , 35, Ponton began unravelling a tale of woe Saia abruptly his fateful remark Ryan reached into his locker and Drew out his loaded pistol and handed it Over. T All officials of the Al Cio and its should freely and without reservation answer All relevant questions asked by proper Law enforcement agencies legislative committees and. Other Public bodies seeking fairly and of act icly to keep the labor move ment free from statement said. We person is entitled in the exercise of his Divi dual conscience to the Protection afforded by the fifth amendment and reaffirm our conviction that this historical right must not be abridged. In is the policy of the Al Cio however that if a Trade Union official decides to invoke the fifth amendment for his personal Protection and to avoid scrutiny by proper legislative committees Law enforce ment agencies or other Public bodies into alleged corruption on his part he has no right to continue to hold office in his a number of Union officers have invoked the fifth Amend ment in preliminary Senate hearings into alleged Union racketeering practices. Their re possibly Ner reported. At. Least eight persons were reported injured and were taken to hospitals in nearby Elgin and of Roselle a Deputy Coroner said at least four persons were killed and possibly authorities said the explosion May have been caused by Gas a Northern Illinois Gas co. Truck was front of. The store and two Gas com Pany men were reported inside at the time of the blast Stablish whether a self styled Singer in jail since feat urday is the Frank named As an accomplice in the crime. Edward Bedwell 21. Known along skid Row As Bennie the dishwasher said in a Confes Sion sunday that a Man named Frank accompanied him on a sex and drinking Binge which ended in the slaying of the Grimes Sisters. The Man located in the City jail where he. Is working outlaw s60 disorderly conduct Fine is William Cole Willingham 26, says he is a hillbilly Singer from Richmond a. Willingham according to Pat Rick decay Chicago chief of detectives denied knowing bar Deputy or her sister Patricia 13, but said he had where to find it. Nazi agents landed by submarine on the Long Island Coas were so fearful of the their plot failed before it go tarted see today s chapter o the Fri Story on Page c-3. Beachb a. Hal a-9. A-9. C-6 to 11. C-4. C-6. Death b-3. A-8. Is. C-6. Cd 2. C-5. Tides to o12. Vital c-6. A-9. B-4, b. Tour a-2. A been with Bedwell on Date s with two Indian girls Deely said another Man Tommy Baldwin 24, has been questioned and said that he could account for willing Ami presence on Jan. 13, the Date v the girls nude bodies were Al Gedly Dumpe d into a Roadside Low Bank. Two sealed White caskets containing the bodies of the is were carried into St. Maurice s roman Catholic. A Church Between an Honor guard f two rows of girls and heir hands clasped in the Rev. D. A. Diedrich Pasi or of St. Maurice a offered the requiem mass at the Flower banked altar. Bedwell who was booked Day night on two murder. Charges said he and a Man known to him Only As Frank beat the girls unconscious stripped dumped their tidies. This was on the night of Jan. 13, the statement said when. Temperatures in the Chicago area were below Zero. The girls bodies were found Jan. 22 tying near a Culvert beside a lonely Road in suburban Willow continued on Page a-4, col. .1 weather frequent showers to night and cider

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