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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 25, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaSeizes three As russian spies crackdown May involve red envoys report state dept Maynous some officials in d. New York Fri today seized three members of an alleged highly organized russian spy ring and accused them of conspiring to obtain highly secret u. S. Defense documents and photo graphs. There were hints that the Roundup eventually May involve soviet the three a Man his wife and a second Man All foreign born were arrested Fri agents at their new York apart ments Early today. They Weke accused of working with each other the Union and other alleged russian agents for at least 10 years to obtain defense information Lor transmission to Russia. While the first charges placed against them carry a maximum penalty of Only 10 years Justice department officials said it would possible for a grand jury to return More serious counts up to a death penalty. The three were identified As tack Oliie 53, a Natye of Lithuania who entered the United sates in 1941 and became a naturalized citizen in 1947. He was termed a onetime Boss of other red agents and was said to have been trying to get out of this country since 1952. Myra Sable 52, wife of Jack Soble. A russian who came to the United states a few Days fore her husband and also came a naturalized . Jacob Albam 64, lithuanian born Foreman of a Brooklyn Tea and spice company who entered the country in 1947 on a visitor s visa married an american Wom an seeking citizen s s. Atty. Paul w. Williams said the Fri. Has been invest Cating this espionage action for at least 10 years an3 All indications Point that it has been go ing on even longer than he added the espionage ring is a High continued on Page a-3, col. 2 Long Beach 12, Calif vol. 311 42 pages Price 10 cents Friday january 25, 1957 Telephone he 5-1161 classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions of saves 3 after b47s hit off Cuba Miami a three survivors in Good Condi Ilion were picked up today after the collision and crash of two u. S. Air Force Strat Jet bombers which carried six men. They were identified Homestead air Force base spokesman As maj. James me Gree Mcfarland jr., 37, of Watsontown a. Maj. Win red e. Lynn 33, of Paducah . And 1st it. James Edward Rose jr., 28, of Dallas those unaccounted for were capt. James h. Parker of Rock Hill s. 1st it. Earl s. Chris Ian or. Sumter s. C., and maj. W. E. Norris of Lansing Mich. U. N. Chief cites Legal barriers to israeli demands United nations n. Y. A Secretary Gen eral Dag Hammarskjold declared today that serious Legal barriers stood in the Way of accepting Israel s terms Tor pulling her troops out of the Gaza strip. The Secretary general s View was contained m a special report to the so nation general Assembly announcing that Israel has not fully complied with that body s demands for Complete withdrawal of her forces from Egypt thursday night. he also transmitted to the As Whit paper would Hurt u. S. Rejects proposal in effect at hot Senate group quiz Washington a Secretary of state Dulles replying to democratic de mands for a White paper on his Middle East policies said today such a project would irreparably darn age relations with Britain and France and reopen All the old 1 Dulles in effect rejected the requests at a Senate hearing marked . A blast from sen. Aiken a it at the critics of the Cabinet officer. Aiken told Dulles that demo cratic attacks might trued As a concerted Effort to destroy you politically and per panic in fire die four missing Ter Continental bombers which i such defense weapons As nuclear crashed thursday night off antiaircraft missiles and Artil. Cuba s Southwest coast. Rose . Plans new series of a tests Washington the atomic Energy commission is a new series of atomic to include Sembly a memorandum in which Israel stated her troops Sti were in the Gaza strip and the Sharm at the Entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and would remain there until ice interests were safeguarded. Hammarskjold expressed the View that the u. N. Emergency Force would sole to move into these areas in Israel with that they could not some of the questioning of the Secretary Aiken asserted had gone far beyond the Point of constructive Aiken said too that he could Only assume that there was a concerted Effort to harrass and Embarrass Dulles and to delay action on president Eisenhower s request for Advance con Gressional backing to use u. A. Military forces in the. Middle fourth Day Dulles was before a joint session of the sen ate foreign relations and armed services committee to discuss s re quest. Sek. Fulbright dark demanded thursday that Dulles give the committee a White paper on Middle East policies and their background. He said cil Gull Luc a Rhino at past five Earr nent workers were killed bad panic for s wire photo across u. Ana carry out the functions which information was urgent was co Pilot plane. Maj. Ralph Man Mcfarland s d. ,.__. Bryant spokes for the Homestead fla., air base said the three men were being taken to a Hospital As yet a designated. The u. S. Coast guard sighted the three men on a life raft Early today and an air Force Israel had demanded. Hammarskjold said is an dec announcement proposal for the establish Day night gave neither starting ment. Of an israeli civil adminis Lery. Nor finishing dates but said tire tests will begin late in the Spring at the Nevada proving grounds West of Las vegas. Four previous series of tests have traction in the Gaza strip under u. N direction could carried out Only with the consent of Egypt. I 3ul.ji i needed before the Senate could vote on the Eisenhower plan. Sens. Morse Dore and Humphrey a Minn backed Fulbright sfm1qve and joined in criticism of Dulles handling of Tiddle East policies. Their move seemed to have of backing from democratic Leader Johnson of Texas who been conducted there the the 1949 armistice agreement Early today Ana Ken a landed in the in the Spring of 19a5. Would exude the Jacob Al Bajovi sough citizenship water to pick them up. Searchers also reported spot Ting another life raft but were unable whether any men were aboard it. J the two intercontinental bombers were part of a group of planes on a refuelling practice Mission with other Homestead air Force base planes in the Vicinity of the Isle of Pines off Cuba s Southwest coast. Ouglas and a wages going up two cents an hour wage in eases base d on the Cost of Liv g will go into effect monday r hourly paid workers t Douglas aircraft co. Long each Plant and for about t Compton and Downey plants North american aviation inc the increases will reflected n payrolls of feb. 8. The hikes ased on the new Index of the urea of labor statistics also apply to other aircraft factories a the area. Jack Soble bossed ked agents mrs. Soble tries to United nations. From accepting israeli control Over the area even if it . the Secretary general also declared that any widening of u. N. Administrative responsibilities in the Gaza area beyond its responsibilities for the aral refugees quartered there would require the. Consent of Egypt the announcement said the new series Wil involve Low yield nuclear this presumably Means that the explosions will limited to detonations of not much More than 30 Kiloton is the equivalent of the Energy released in explosion of tons of int the commission obviously sensitive to concern Over radiological fallout from nuclear explosions emphasized that tests of High yield devices Are cast about reporters he saw no need to hold up action of the Middle East Resolution pending a review of the situation l b., March Field planes set Marks j j. Riding High Altitude Jet Stream winds two air Al seed Reco Conn. Recovered another body today from the fire wracked ruins of an old four Story factory build ing bringing the toll of known dead to five. Four women Burnell to death in the fast spreading thursday afternoon. I a Cvitam Riding High Altitude Jet Stream wands two air four. Other set unofficial transcontinental Speed records to Missine and presumed dead Day. A six Jet. B47 Miles from March air firemen pressed a search-f9r _ mass. In .3 hours a. See. Force base Riverside to Bedford mass., in 3 hour minutes. A. Turbo prop troop transport flew from Long Beach to Andrews air Force base Maryland in 4 hours 43 minutes fastest time propeller driven 3t Ine i a. The Senate will the Jet made the flight Lor scientific study of the Stream ind air Force officials said Here was 310 specific attempt to set a Speed record. Local air Force spokesmen said the Turbo prop flight Origi was marked As a need expeditiously but not with haste to act on the Resolution continued a-3, col. 1 haircut prices hiked to man4nd la i Cut today is an additional haircut today is an Mac j. N. Diplomats cents in Union shops pensive after Hammarskjold s failure to get israeli troops out conducted in in Gen eral a High yield explosion is of a bomb proportions producing forces As High As 17 million tons of int Way to Avert a new Middle East explosion. Western diplomats studied a plan to empower the Secretary general to deploy3 the a. N. The announcement of the new. Test series came Only the commission said the russians had conducted another nuclear weapons test _ the Price increase to announced thursday Barbers Union local 622, follows. The trend set in surrounding areas where the Price has been in . Force Between Israel and. Egypt. The. United states was. Re ported to have Harskjold to Send the Emer gency Force into the Gaza strip and the Sharm the haircut customers Over 12 years Miles . Maj. Smith said the weather was very Good and that the plane hew most of the Way at Law. About feet. The Jet port apparently took the same advantage of the. High velocity Jet Stream winds As did the b47. There was no connection tween flights. Mont Smith of Cham their bodies. The body found today that of a Man was unidentified. Renato e. Ricciuti state labor said it covered was am orig the the Speed averaged 715ifirst it the scene today. He said the building definitely did Noc have a sprinkler such a system is not required mayor Richard c. Lee about of Usu Cut. Aizic. Dream 5s usually at to that the City had planned feet. Jet streams have Speed run. And that the trans been measured it More than to Purchase and raze the build ing Early this summer As part an Urban development program Sam uru. In Wooster Square once a Tion Riding the Stream except Asra-0nable Section the dry. 230. Miles an hour. Maj. Smith said that there was no Sensa _ a marked turbulence in going into out of it a Tad Al the plane from Long pain 111., in the b47 Beach a yc121f Constellation a tin aia inf know As 3. Transport or for radar Jet plane said he did not know of any previous Speed figures use reconnaissance left municipal Lor Lime. 01 any new is 75 Price is for for the course he flew from Airport on. Its Speed run Mission _ _ and a March fab . An. Air. Force f84f Thunder jul Iii i at . Thursday and a of ave for youngsters under an. Air. Force f84f Thunder Rived Over the., Denim ?2 was Streak set a record of 3.03 . Post today in. The Price to _ Niti Paul Gentry Secretary treas Ury of the local said this is the first prices Long in March 1955 Between los an Geles and new distance of Only Miles. The b47 s time was three seconds less than that but maj Chicago skid Row usher arrested Chicago de actives who posed As skid Row Labitue seized a Rich Hoard of marijuana today and a Man they described As a big he is Apolonio Sorio 58, whom the d e t e c t i v e s had watched operate weeks. The officers Sheldon Teller and Miles said they confiscated about 100 pounds of the Weed in Sorio s Flat. They estimated the marijuana ground Fine for use in cigarettes was Worth Over destination at old run Down buildings now crowd the area. The burned factory was one of the most worn out in the area the mayor said. Pike officials said they believe they know the origin of pile of cardboard partly Cloudy through saturday cooler airtight. Beach area Barbers since 1954 continued on Page a 3 col 5 Constellation with a Crew of five commanded Stanley forester flew in Here thursday night from its Home base of Kelly air Force base san Antonio expressly for the Speed run the said. Cartons and waste paper on the i first not its cause. Air Force How to More this British Motorist hot bed up where to find it when japanese bombs fell on Pearl the Fri was ready with a Swift coordinated Roundup of All enemy aliens the first order of business in an Effort to stave off possible Sabo Tage. Sec today s instalment of the. Fri Story on Page c-4. Beachb a. Hal a a. A a. Death 2. Is. Shipping tables Page is. A Wib. Vital 3-t, 4, 8fire. Marshal Mulligan Yould interview As survivors As possible in an Effort to learn what started the fire but at present has no idea of the cause. In gov. Abraham Ribicoff called a meeting of safety officials to discuss legislation requiring periodic fire drills in factories. E struck that Many lives were lost tin Lair to 1 1 it j necessarily because the Lack of knowledge of what to do in an he said. Here been regular fire drills indicating to take some of these might have been Shigemitsu signer of surrender Dies j Tokyo saturday for Mer foreign minister Mambru Shigemitsu. Died Early Toddjr cerebral Haemorrhage Side Villa in Southwest of Tokyo he was 69. The. One legged signed the peace with Douglas Macarthur aboard Ihei battleship. Missouri

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