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Laredo Weekly Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 4

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Laredo Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Laredo, Texas From 7 an effective despite the disclaimer of the Brit ish government of any connection the rubber monopoly and the declarations of the British rubber producers and factors that the Story f was pure it is evident the attempt of Secretary Hoover to arouse the american people to the situation had its effect Hoover yesterday called Atten Tion to the prices obtaining when he called upon the people for cooperation to Force prices downward through Economy in the use of new spot rubber was Selling on december 20th at and rubber for three months delivery at on Jan nary six weeks later spot rub Ber sold for 68c and three months rubber for 64c or a drop of 41c the robber monopolist will declare that this was the effect of the Law of Supply and by this fundamental statement but there Are times when the Good of service demands a technical Viola Tion of the and in View of the testimony of several aviators concerns reelect of and Oil concerns Ake elected who supported the colonels ibis was one of Tho army officers Are Apt to have to Jarbou and the Buen illustrated from the Days when general Braddock refused to accept the fail ice of one colonel Washington directors and All make Good reports to thei shareholders and planning Exten Sive development for the five of the Oil concerns Bavin and insisted upon marching their Headquarters to Laredo Tor Thel forces through hostile territory in operations in the Laredo District held close order and to the accompany ment of Fife and the result were and had it cot been for the skill and resourcefulness o the militia officer who later Rose to be of the tha evidence strongly supports or hoovers Contention that it was an artificial appreciation and As such broke Down when faced with the probability of losing the Market a Appeal to the Public in and Tain touching the pocket Booc of the in Day Iduss is ice by certain to bring results some tears the Hoase wives upon the women of tie off Leatry to a Strain from buying Batter sea Law of exorbitant prices Terrott was effective Cay a few at the of i Tiki Liias the Price had come Serfy 55 per cent of such a weapon is Only when Price fixing has been used to gouge Tho and its 1 effect Irenesse demonstrates that the Price boost was artificial and did not depend upon Supply and there Are few things the people cannot do without if they Only make up their minds to that and As a Rule the cessation of buying has an immediate a nation that could do As the americans did during the world War Cut Down its consumption of several articles supposed to be of prime necessity in order to help win the could easily Cut Down its con sumption of new rubber and the effect on the Market would be within a few in this particular the people had not begun to diminish their rub her but the response to hoovers Appeal was such As to warrant the conviction that they use less and less the foreign Supply of crude stilts were taken out from under the causing them to fall More than it is snot Likely that the rubber producers will suffer because of these lower for those Best informed that rubber can be produced sold at it profit around which leaves a Good margin at the present whether the British colonials government was behind this restriction or not is of Little the British people have a habit of look ing to their government to Back them tip in and while it used to be that the american Constitution follows the it is certain that British Trade follows the to be backed up later by the British but we Are an Independent people we dont object to paying a reason Able Price for anything we we buy anything that units we mortally hate to be the foreign opinion of americans Continental none of the expedition would have been Down through the military history of our country has run the tale of disasters because of adherence to old when the first Battle of Bull run was fought there was a Victory for the Southern not because the Southern forces were stronger or better for that was not the but the Northern commanders were insistent upon the methods that were Laid Down in the and the Southern command More resourceful and quicker to Ake advantage of were to drive Hack the Federal forces upon the City of the successes in most of our wars Nave not been due to following the strategy and the tactics taught in the but to the resourcefulness and the Brilliant Genius of our com the Indian fighters of the past won out because they were Able to out chink some and of outguess the whom were Savages skilled not always has Victory perched upon the banners of the army that was Able to get the most men tar As one of our noted strategists the ability to think to adopt new methods when the old were found to be hopelessly behind the to be always oni jump ahead of those who stuck to the old has characterized our successful and Many of them were guilty of jus what has been criticized in the Case of colonel were Noi backward in saying what they thought of those who followed the old the air a something thai is still looked upon by Ninny of the old school As a Novelty whose Valu has not been to the skilled aviator it is no More of in innovation than the modern Rifle they know How to use annual meetings of their stockholders in this City on monday and tuesday afternoons of this week and elected boards of directors and officers to serve for the ensuing fact in All instances the same boards of directors and the same officers were chosen to serve for the year Al reports made by the various companies showed them to be in Prosper Ous condition and planning extensive develop Mont work and extensions for the coming As Well As improve ments of various the follow no were the directors and officers reeled for the ensuing year Mirando Oil George Charles Colon Oliver w Clifford t Shlemmer and w direct Colon president e Vic president Killam and treas to establish studio Here and make motion pictures first Texas motion picture corporation Headquarters and studios in Laredo stars Are expected to be developed from some local pimply faced people learning new method we stand on the eve of an unusually Large i Hereit is simply a question of knowing by designate All of the remaining what it takes to Clear out those Dos Days before the As clean eases of the like ing up and request every breaking citizen to do his and the makers of Black 1420 phone and cleaning during this so that and White and Black and to May show our guests a clean san Iwhite soap seem to have just what watcher think of that the tary cite the inspectors have been the skin needs to get rid of them the times is pleased to announce Sood old Days have returned to la instructed to visit every and the the fact that More than that in the very near future the cityjred0 Lor the first time in five City will cooperate in every Way pos two million packages of them Are of Laredo will be the Cradle of to were greeted by a morning Sibler also request the display of sold every year proves How popular first Texas motion picture Corpora an Industry of which our citizenship will be and to our Young and elder people a this will be tie first the expansive state of Texas vill Lodge within its boundaries one f the real motion picture Aud Laredo a supposed to be the eat for such a the promoters believe that Laredo fill give to the Industry scores of perfectly eligible there Are everal girls and gentlemen among Laredo society whom they have a Cretin admired who Are perfectly when Jack Frost was conspicuous by our National Flag in every and they his wont we have cause to particularly i urge that no adj Black and White ointment and celebrate next Vantage be taken of our visitors in soap Are economically in lib of alexanders the Way of exhort Bisnat prices and Oral the 50c size ont charges for but ment contains three times a much not do not Pluck the oranges As the Liberal 25c All dealers from the Trees until after the celebs have both the ointment and the suit and overcoat Sale while have a variety of kumquats ton and other Citrus Trees and most com plete line Ever ready for Price list Fairview farm Mlasko kill Colon Jacob p o president Coblentz vice president John Sec and Texo Oil Colon George m Schott and directors president Colon Vic president Killam Secretary and Tex Pata pipe line Colon Georges m Robert Hinnant Robert Vic president w Secretary and Nuevo Oil k11 t Killam and Robert directors president Kil vice provident and treasurer Robert the companies represented in the foregoing operating in the Webb Zapata and Jim Hogg counties Fields of this District and represent valuable qualified for the screen they will in be course give our people a proof f Tius the first Texas motion pictures corporation Wil he the first legally constituted organization of its kind hat will develop into one of the industries of the just As several other organizations been organized and developed in los Angeles and new they now that the Street sweeping machine has had a Good Long rest and has no doubt thawed out by this the rhythmic music of the nocturnal whirr will again be heard and the mayor notice to the accumulating dust should Vamoose quite prolific on i Only have the pure pedigreed san Posi Tion Only in answer Abc give a Chance to every one is that we Are a Gullible and some of our it does Dot do to follow that opinion in every we have been known to get mad and quit looking for something that will do just As and evidently the foreign rubber monopolists got the idea that we preparing to use something in place of the Mitchell broadcasting station is to boost Tel Celebration musical Novelty team left Laredo this give numbers on broadcasting stations of state and mention redos big Tho general committee of tin Washington birthday association of bus arranged to Send a musical Novelty composed of Brand Robert on an automobile tour of radio broadcast ing stations throughout the will include san Pon Beau Mont and then Back to ran it is expected that when giving musical numbers on the broadcasting stations the announcement will men Tion he Washington birthday Cele Bra lion festival in Laredo in Fob mention will be made in the from Day to Day in order that Laredo radio fans May listen and Skiles Lect hero thin Forenoon in an Essex ear supplied by the Beckham motor the Nuto the Hunting and fishing rights to Mann tank have been All former per mils 1273l last vestige of Snow is since last saturday morning Snow ins covered the ground in Laredo ind surround ing or Ever Ince the snowfall began just before last saturday and was aug by Tho heavy snowfall of sat i Day night a local of about 7 inches if Snow fell within 24 the freezes that followed the Snow All congealed Tho White up 10 this morning Many rooftops still evidences of Tho but noon today Tho last vestige had had thawed under Lio Bright Sunshine of the past two to become a screen Star Young and will have Access nto their Rich will have the same Opportunity All will be Given a Young men and from All Over thu state will presently be coming to Laredo to live a try out on screen and some of them will develop into Eal stars under expert the most important from proper capital is a experienced there is i product of one of the Pioneer pictures of the his knowl and reputation la the Best he will make real Creen just As Well As any other Rector has made screen stars in other this organization will be incorporated in accordance the Laws of the share raiders Are perfectly guaranteed a real my will become a Center to which several Hundred amateurs will a Migrate from every Al ther states of this country will them while our organization to the proper All they i feud is your valuable cooperation first in the Way of imparting them your share until the proper capital lock is then by becoming i real Booster of the corporation of Whlor you have become a watch these columns for further a formation concerning their Preli care Laredo of cold weather now is your Opportunity to buy one of our suits at 25 notice is hereby Given that the corporation name of Moore has been changed this Date to James Moore in announcing this we wish to Avail ourselves of this Opportunity to thank our patrons am friends for their substantial sex pics Slons of Confidence in the past and to express the Hope that we May be Able to conduct our business in the future in such a manner As to Merit a continuance of James Moore reduction the rotogravure Section of the times now being prepared every handsome appearing business House in Laredo should appear with the name of the occupants beneath this will be an edition that will be As much in demand As the illustrated Booklet of Sale or present office building located at 1211 Farragut can give Possession 1 Laredo electric a rail Way when you Are in need of pure fresh will be delivered to your phone the Star car urinary works business some of our Well men will constitute a Board of directors of this Corpora ton this is one proof that they have carefully studied the project and Bat they have found it to be perfectly 1121tf of the refinery and pipe line concerns having Headquarters in Laredo have held their annual elections of boards of directors and officers for the ensuing read the list that appears to Liis Issue of the he stitching 6c a firs class Del bar 118 Hidalgo phone 429tf Flowers and Floral shipping orders our night mud Day Crockett 2896 and Crockett the Broadway at 8th san remodeler building now ready the former Villegas building it Tho Cornor of Farragut Street and Flores purchased by the Texas Power and remodeler and made into modern appearing and attractive with plate Glass fronts and commodious office quarters for the Laredo electric railway the Laredo water and Consumers ice is being completed and will be occupied by the three utilities on february manager Alexander and his Force of assistants will have cozy of fice quarters in this attractive build citation by the state of to the sheriff or any cons tile of Webb you Are hereby commanded to sum Mon it lion Rodriguez by making publication of this citation once in each week for four successive wee previous to the return Day in some newspaper published to appear it the next regular term of the District court of Webb county at the court movie manufacture Strong Linen by associated manufacture of Strong Linen for the filtering of extra heavy oils and other fats is Tho latest use found for Miladys Beau Titus Tho Supply of women hair being totally inadequate to meet the demand of Tho it is now being mixed with hair obtained in China from Thi fast disappearing queues of Rio Durn card spinning and weaving of hair for the manufacture of cloth a an Industry just established but which has made great the cloth or Linen obtained from very close weaving of hair is but parable and is in demand in refining plants Aud distillers of by which require that the the used As filters be subjected to a fury High several washing operations Are required before the hair can be sent to he carding thereafter it is inn led just like Wool and Woven on Pucul encouragement for nervous women have never found a remedy for feminine trouble As Good As pierces favorite Prescript nor anything to built up my Gen eral health like pierces Golden medical i Vas rundown in weak and Mobile is appropriately lettered Call attention to Laredo Celebration i february 20 to 23 and or Skiles will put in Sparn time on the trip distributing invitations and other matter concerning this novel advertising stunt should real estate two Good business Corner and one Block from City Hall and Ono Block from Kobert Lee hotel right in the heart of the for Sale Justo Laredo times 120tf As was president j be Tho Means of attracting Many Vlasi Coolidge with tors to Laredo for the big event icim the sentence of the Cour Martia in the Case of William thousands of visitors will Como Here in private court had sentenced the aviator from All sections of this state and to five years suspension from the while Tho exceedingly Low with loss of All pay and roundtrip of Carslon rates Bolus of while Tho president to differed by the various railroads lied the sentence to give the colonel bring thousands of other visitors to Ell his allowances and on half the Laredo for four Days of mall Dallme pay he would draw while Tost Lenl next month Tho program of amounting to something Over the Celebration will probably appear a and then publicity from inasmuch As the colonel is wealthy this end of the line can be com and does not need us pay and me cod by Laredo people readiness for opening big hotel on february 6th business men interested times publicity n heard a wild Mart in an enthusiastic radio fan who was Fry us to Tuno u of a foreign station last night got to work at in of 10 and soon had something on lie listened intently for few minutes and then exclaim have South and i can hear a fellow making a sound like a Muncy finally he with Pencil in to Jot Down the Call Nuti Iborti and the station and he Hoard hem cell out a station hard Luck they had a Monkey on the the weather 1 he through the chamber of receives the United Staten the modification May be who will Send copies of the pro Raml taken As an example of new England broadcast Over this country and Amber Burea forecast for the a that could not hear to see the co and got friends and relatives inns we Tea the of the station at plucky aviator without some Terestea in the forthcoming blg3ort even while the president in his approval gave Yent to much that was including the original declaration that discipline is the whole basis military but he was careful not to acknowledge that Mitchell Auto when your Nuto needs to had Good grounds for his statements pairing or adjusting bring it rotogravure of times strikes popular chord and will be photo graphic record of is being whipped into it the new eight Story Robert 1c Leo hotel by mercy the for Tho Grant opening of the hostelry on february and As will to bin by advertisement in this is Tyrrell is advertising for the help to have everyone in grand opening lakes plume Tho times in preparing to do us athletic Cut suits and overcoats offered in this Laredo water is at this Timo engaged to laying Addi Tion feet of water Mains in which Means that they Are doing their utmost to Supply All the people of la Rodo with a Bountiful Supply of Aqua Pura from the Rio Grande if Artesian water int paint with genuine Duco phone Floral potted Rose Bushes and Citrus fruit the 1s03 St to in 11 act mod and Purl in s in Laredo february Ura Vun Iun ill is Niode ii Hoti ton birthday Rii to appear after attention to this will photographs of up Odate hos and about a Beautiful Rota 111 behalf of both and Tho washing edition opening of the ahead of in numerous business phone notary at times 1020 Corpus Chrystl residence phone 427tf you desire Comfort use elec tric lights and Many people going into parties returning to from visits to different portions of Mexico report that the trains going into to in on with Mon Day after the first monday in feb the same being the 15th Day of then and there to answer a petition filed in said court pm the 2stu Day of in a suit numbered 73so wherein Minnie Forno Butler de Rodriguez is plaintiff arid Mellon Rodriguez is said petition alleging As follows that plaintiff and defendant Are husband and wife having been married on tie nth Day of in state o Republic of Mexico that on or about the 31st Day of defendant by his harsh and cruel treatment toward plaintiff without any provocation from her Torci d plaintiff to leave from which Date they have not cohabited to Gether that plaintiff Lias always since their marriage born kind Ami affectionate toward but that defendant Many times during sold marriage Baa Boon guilty of the utmost inhuman and cruel Tren Lineni towards plaintiff As More specifically set out in plaintiffs petition filed i took two Buttles each of f these remedies and was completely mrs 2112 Gould obtain Trio pc remedies of pierces from nearest you will soon feel their beneficial effect write free medial for herein that such cruel from defendant has made treatment impossible for plaintiff to live with him As Hia wife that there is one the of said a girl born on the Lith Day of named Kari quota Ullin May Rodri Guez that plaintiffs in Den nume was Minnie fee Ilni Nolff prays for for the custody and control of the said Kari Quieta House appear Laredo either interiors or and the first Days soliciting for this business yesterday brought excellent this motion will be a photo graphic recent of Laredo business houses in rotogravure improves even in photography and gives tonight increasing cloudiness Sonuia Wlms thursday partly i u Al on a limited number of photographic advertisements can be for the h and if the times has not Hipbone tug 67 32 general direction of wind Mexico these Days Are fairly May and that her filled with people while the trains i Maiden name of Minnie fee Butler coming out carry Many less Passen the reported hiatus on account of the troubles being encountered by to restored to herein full but have before said it its aforesaid next Rog the big Oil companies in not term the with your return their injunctions stick in the High How you have exe mexican courts seems to have Little cited Tho of Eft on Tho traffic into Mexico witness clerk of the these District court of Webb Given under my hand and the Neil of said court in the City of this the 2fith Dixy of Davis clerk of District by Pedro h As to the air service and its of 1210 Grant Street or phone he closed his statement no7fi3 i run Job my baying i personal attention Nurt guar the country has every reason to Nateo nil work turned out of expect that its especially my those who have held positions of High rank and have had Long experience in the will it All times be strictly obedient to the provisions the Law and the requirements of the be will High official visited Laredo Walter District Deputy grand exalted ruler of Tho Ben Ovolon and protective order of in Laredo yesterday of Vernon and last night was Tho guest of Honor of Laredo logo at n smoker hold in their Tho distinguished who barred from marriage by associated pcs no a new statute designed to raise he Standard of Iowa state officials ure compiling a list of Lowans unfit to marry and rear fam May contain As As will be a Iun god in alphabetical order and in the bands of county clerks who will be instructed to decline to i Xiii marriage licenses to any per sons Whoso names Are inmates of slate institutions who to persons who Are or have been dependent on the county for financial help arc among the first to be persons who Are known to have social diseases will be inherited Art collection by associated press than 350 ancient autographs and paint part of the collection inherited by Inouye from his Fath write sold at auction for a total of the Art object which sold for the highest sum was a Toa bowl of quaint design which wag brought to Japan from about 350 years it told for yen and was purchased by a millionaire mine of sixty articles wore sold at prices in excess of yen and More than 83 for sums larger than i Rock for have for Sale a Large rules by which they Are i watch thib times everyday for All will agree with the president in too per amount of Good Alze suit Able for cheap can to eat Illy loaded for hauling and is in Tho Amedee county court this Section will Long j brought an important message from kept n the business House and the the grand exalted William lots a Hoot for Atwell of made an Intro Hting Nuny extra copies win be it address to Tho elks will Imp iras a Section of the times each Julih Cribar will got Ono in1 apr Ted m i he regular every bus Lnch Man seen yesterday gave his approval of the Section and also his Brindle Bull Liberal Reward for return to Fred 1101 Zaragoza phone sure Relief for indigestion want i t me Kim 111 6 Bellans hot water sure Relief Elland today Contti Iviry of Tho birth of Richard son of Zachary Taylor and a noted Confederate com in a my seventy five years ago today died John Jamoa the greatest of american and one whose Fame is Wilhelm last of the will observe his sixty seventh birthday anniversary at his Homo of exile in and the world of music in today will observe the Twenty fifth anniversary of the death of Ono of the greatest com posers of Tho 19th improved of farming and Home Malme for the negro will Fea Luro the annual Tusk no negro con which meets it Tuskegee today for n session of two the first National convention of the of Tel millinery association of Amer Ica will la opened today at the hotel in now York in conjunction with the annual Spring fashion of that

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